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Mario vs Iron Man is a what-if episode of Death Battle between Mario from Mario Bros vs Iron Man from Marvel Comics.


Nintendo vs Marvel! Which red popular hero who are very powerful and have a ton of powerups/suits will win?


Wiz:Mario,Nintendo's #1 video game mascot and hero of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Boomstick: And Iron Man,Marvel's Golden Avenger and genius,billionaire, playboy philanthropist.

Wiz:These two scarlet-cladded humans heroes have proven their power and worth time and time again,being able to regularly stop the likes of monsters and even being able to rival gods. But today we find out who has the skills necessary to be victorious when we pit these two at their best?

Boomstick:And having plenty of powerups and armors to utilize and wield in order to combat the forces of evil that threaten their world is definitely also handy. He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz:And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle.


Wiz:Born and fabled as being one of the Seven Star Children gifted with immense power,Mario,also known Mr.Video and then Jumpman in 1980,has had multiple occupations throughout his life.

Boomstick:Ranging from plumber,doctor,racer,basketball player,soccer player,baseball player,martial artist,to even a CEO of his own toy company! Now that's what I call marketing merchandise.

Wiz:However,his most important occupation is that of a hero,specifically the Mushroom Kingdom's hero,stopping and thwarting the evil forces that threaten it's people time and time again,specifically the villainous King of Koopas himself,Bowser.

Boomstick:Seriously,if I had a nickel for everytime the princess was always getting kidnapped by Bowser or some other dangerous villain and had to be saved by the Mario Bros,I would have 23 nickels,which isn't a lot but it's weird it's happened so many times.

Wiz:But more often than not,the Mushroom Kingdom was in pretty good hands under the safety of the Mario Bros. And Mario has the abilities necessary to go up against and combat these forces of evil.



•4th Wall Awareness

•Can breathe in space and underwater

•Expert Hammer Wielder

•Can touch and harm ghosts

°Such as Boos.

•Toon Force

•Time Travel

°Owns a Time Machine.


•Fate Manipulation

°Is protected by The Desire, which defies time, space, and the laws of the universe.

•Afterimage Creation

°With Zone Speed.

•Low to Godly Regeneration

°Has reformed from confetti and tiny pieces. Can come back from nothing.


°With 1-Up Gloves,Retry Clock,and Earlier Times.


°With Cappy.


°With Mushrooms.

•Statistics Amplification and Statistics Reduction

°With Battle Cards.

•Skilled Vehicle Driver

•Water Manipulation

°With F.L.U.D.D.

•Wish Granting and Truth Manipulation

°With the Star Spirits.

Boomstick:Mario's most iconic and well-known ability is his pyrokinesis. With it,he can unleash deadly fire from the palms of his hands that can cause whoevers within Mario's vicinity to be scorched. While he used to rely on Fire Flowers to shoot fire from his hands,he can now use it naturally thanks to being taught by the Fire God.

Wiz:Mario is also very athletic for a man his size,being able to platform through different levels and worlds across his multiple games and can jump very high distances. And like his ghost hunter twin brother,Mario can harm ghosts with his attacks such as Boos.

Boomstick:And as of Mario Odyssey,he can throw his hat onto his enemies and possess them in the form of Cappy whether it be Bullet Bills,Goombas,or even entire dinosaurs! Why doesn't my hat do that?

Wiz:And in the manga,yes that's a thing,Mario can time travel to different time periods or track down his foes if they have time travel capabilities of their own with his Time Machine.

Boomstick:He also owns one in that one educational game called "Mario's Time Machine" but we don't really like to talk about that game...

Wiz:Mario also possess some sort of Fate Manipulation,which allows him to always save Princess Peach. Basically,this means Mario is always destined to be reunited with Princess Peach no matter what situation he's thrown in.

Popup:It should be noted that Mario's Fate Manipulation does not mean Mario's always going to be fully protected as he can still be knocked out or even killed if he's not too careful with whoever can ignore or negate this.

Boomstick:So wait,all those times Mario has rescued the Princess and defeated Bowser was because of some wish he made in his games?

Wiz:Well,halfly. Before he wished to always protect Peach in the RPG and Paper Mario,Mario had to rescue the Princess through his own determination and effort. But technically speaking,yes.

Boomstick:Well damn. If the off chance Mario's enemies DO manage to kill or defeat him,he can use items that can restart the fight by using the Retry Clock and Earlier Times. However,their stats and health restart just as Mario does so it basically acts more like a do-over if Mario makes a mistake.

Wiz:He can also use his 1-Up Gloves,which automatically let's him revive himself with a 1-Up Mushroom if he does get KO'd. Mario also has access to the Star Spirits,which allow for Mario to grant him wishes by using a Wish Star. Basically think of Timmy Turner's Fairy Godparents.

Boomstick:Sweet! And in the Mario and Luigi:Paper Jam,Mario can pull a Yu-Gi-Oh and use Battle Cards to amp his stats and lower enemies own while in battle. IT'S TIME TO D-D-D-D-DUEL!

Wiz:But sometimes,when Mario needs to bust out more firepower,he can access a wide assortment of weapons and power-ups at his disposal to help him get the job done.


•Mini Mushroom

•Mega Mushroom

•Bee Mushroom

•Boo Mushroom

•Spring Mushroom

•Propeller Mushroom

•Rock Mushroom

•Fire Flower

•Ice Flower

•Superball Flower

•Gold Flower

°Shoots Golden Fireballs that turn enemies into coins.

•Cloud Flower

•Power Flower

°Makes Mario swell up with air.

•Boomerang Flower

•Tanooki Suit

°Can temporarily fly.

°Can turn back and forth into a stone statue.

•Frog Suit

°Allows Mario to swim much faster and easier.

•Hammer Suit

°Allows Mario to throw hammers.

°Can duck down into his shell for protection

°Shell is fireproof.

•Blue Shell

°Can spin in his shell to damage foes.

•Lucky Bell

°Can slash enemies with his claws.

°Can run up walls with his claws.

°Can turn back and forth into a golden statue.

•White Tanooki Suit

°Gains unlimited flight.

°Has the invincibility of the Super Star.

°No time limit.

°Can still be killed by lava and long falls.

•Wing Cap

•Vanish Cap

•Metal Cap

•Super Star

°Makes Mario rainbow colored.

°Gives Mario temporary invincibility for a few seconds.

°Boosts Mario's speed and jumping capabilities.

•Rainbow Star

•Red Star

°Lets Mario fly.

°Can use a spin-attack mid-air.

°Can attract nearby items by spinning.

•Cape Feather


•Double Cherry



•Ultra Hammer

•Bottomless Gloves

°Allows Mario to use items without them being removed from his inventory.


•Magic Broom

°Allows Mario to wipe objects out of existence.

•Magic Wand

°Can turn people into frogs.

•Star Rod (Mario Party 8)

°Can be waved around to charge up on a large blast of magic which it can then fire off at enemies.

•Super Scope

°Can be charged to fire out a bigger more powerful blast of energy at enemies.

°Needs a few seconds to recharge.

•Mushroom Sword and Star Shield


°Allows Mario to stop time.


°Has a a parachute/hang glider to glide across long gaps.

°Comes with a propeller in the back to help Mario under water.

°Can ride up walls with anti-gravity technology for driving up walls.


°Triple Mushroom

°Golden Mushroom

°Green Shell

°Triple Green Shell

°Red Shell

°Triple Red Shell

°Banana Peel

°Triple Banana Peel

°Fire Flower




°Spiny Shell


°Bullet Bill

°Boomerang Flower

°Piranha Plant

°Super Horn

°Crazy Eight

•Star Spirits



°Star Storm

°Chill Out

°Time Out

°Up & Away

°Star Beam

•Zee Egg

°Can summon the Zeekeeper,who's comparable to the Dream Stone,which holds countless dreams that are considered an entire world on their own.

•Star Rod (Paper Mario)

°Can grant Mario wishes.

°Has the ability to wish people out of existence.

°Also gives the user the ability to transmutate enemies into objects.

°Can heal Mario.

°Has reality warping capabilities.

°The Star Rod can change the plot of the story.

°Can create forcefields.

°Allows the user to create duplicates of themselves.

°Can increase the size of the user.

•Pure Hearts

°Used in order to stop Super Dimentio.

°Is the equivalent of the Chaos Heart and equal to it's power.

°Allows the wielder to break and shatter powerful barriers.

°Can heal the wielder.

°The Pure Hearts are also the embodiment of hope.

Boomstick:With his standard Mushroom,he can heal himself. With the Mini Mushroom,Mario can make himself microscopic enough to fit into tight areas he usually wouldn't be able to enter. And with the Mega Mushroom,Mario can become the size of a giant and stomp anything that comes his way like Godzilla although this does have a time limit.

Wiz:With his Boo Mushroom,Mario can turn into the ghosts that usually antagonize Mario known as Boos,which can fly through walls,turn intangible,and attract other Boos. With his Bee Mushroom,Mario can turn into that of a bee and hover around with his wings.

Boomstick:Using the Rock Mushroom,Mario can turn himself into a boulder to roll around and crush enemies that come his path. With the Propeller Mushroom,Mario can fly vertically by spinning the propeller on his head and when he's descenting,can spin to drill through enemies.

Wiz:Mario can also channel other elements besides fire with his assortment of flower powerups. He can freeze his enemies in a block of ice with his Ice Flower and skate on water by freezing on it. He can platform off and create clouds using the Cloud Flower and turn enemies or objects into coins with his Gold Flower.

Boomstick:He can also take on the appearance of a Boomerang Bro with his Boomerang Flower and throw boomerangs at his enemies. And whenever he like cosplaying,he can dawn the Tanooki Suit,which grants him temporary flight and the ability to turn into stone.With the Frog Suit,he can swim much faster and easier underwater,with the Lucky Bell,Mario can turn himself into a kitty cat with claws that can scratch you and turn into a golden statue for protection.

Wiz:With the Hammer Suit,Mario can throw hammers at his enemies and hide in his shell for protection,which is also fireproof. But his most powerful suit in his disposal is the White Tanooki Suit. With it,Mario gains the ability to fly endlessly and gains a form of invincibility,making him difficult to hurt really and can kill most weaker enemies just by running into them. However,Mario can still be damaged by lava,poison water,and long falls,meaning he can still take damage with it on.

Popup:While the White Tanooki requires Mario to die 5 times to obtain it,he has been shown to use it in New Super Mario Bros 2 in the mini game,Coin Rush and in the Super Mario-Kun manga.

Boomstick:With the Super Star and Rainbow Star,Mario also becomes temporarily invincible with also making him rainbow-colored as well in addition. Now that's what I call a walking seizure!

Wiz:Mario can make up to five duplicates of himself with the Double Cherry,which can also be used to stack on other power-ups as well. With his Stopwatch,Mario has the ability to stop time.

Boomstick:But my personal favorite is his Super Scope. It basically fires energy balls that can be charged for extra firepower,shooting enemies to cause devasting damage. It's basically the Mega Man arm cannon but with a rifle!

Wiz:Mario also knows a variety of magic that he can use at his disposal. With his Magic Broom,he can wipe away things from existence. With his Magic Wand he obtained in Mario Party 2,he can turn enemies into frogs. With the Star Rod from Mario Party 8,he can shoot large blasts of magic powerful enough to hurt Bowser.

Boomstick:But all of that pales in comparison to the two strongest items in his arsenal from the Paper Mario series.

Popup:According to an interview with Shigeru Miyamoto,it has been stated and confirmed that the overall franchise has no canon and that Paper Mario is still the same Mario from other games despite appearing alongside Mario and Luigi in Paper Jam.

Wiz:After one of his battles with Paper Bowser and thwarting his plans,he gained the Star Rod,the paper one not the Mario Party one. While wielding the Star Rod,Mario has the ability to grant himself wishes,erase enemies from existence,duplicate himself,increase his size,heal the user if they get too damaged,change the plot of the story,warp reality,create forcefields,and has transmutation capabilities.

Boomstick:But if Mario's star magic isn't powerful enough,he can bust out the Pure Hearts. He can heal himself like the Star Rod can but unlike the Star Rod,Mario can now bust through shields and forcefields with Shatter and grants Mario the ability to nullify power or any negative power like the Chaos Heart.

Wiz:The Pure Hearts also drastically increase Mario's power,allowing him to take on and defeat Super Dimentio,who according to Tippi,was going to recreate every universe with the Chaos Heart,which also had the power to swallow all of existence,worlds,and dimensions in the Marioverse,which we know to be are infinite.

Popup:It should also be noted that in the Mario Party 5 manual and in Mario and Luigi Dream Team that dreams in the Mario universe are considered as universes,with Dream Depots containing an infinite amount of dreams,backing up the Marioverse having infinite universes.

Boomstick:But his wand and eight hearts aside,Mario has proven himself to be a deadly force in battle and doesn't always need powerups to reach his full potential.

Wiz:He's bested and defeated Bowser on multiple occasions,who can survive the reset of the universe and has stated to be capable of destroying dream worlds in Mario Party 5.

Boomstick:But Bow-Wow isn't the only enemy Mario has gone up against! He's defeated Antasma,who can manipulate entire dream worlds and consume them,Culex,who's power can control all of space and time,and the Megabug in Mario+Rabbids,which was destroying and corrupting also space and time.

Wiz:Mario's also surprisingly pretty ridiculously fast for a man in his 20s as he was capable of catching up with the Millennium Star,which flew to the center of the universe! Assuming Mario's planet and the center of the universe are at the same locations in real life, that distance would have to be 46.5 billion light years or 1,667,561,308,807,440,400 times faster than light!

Boomstick:And remember that evil paper jester that we brough up earlier that Mario fought,Dimentio? He's able to freely move through and travel entire dimensions like's it Tuesday and given Mario has shown to get stronger and stronger throughout his adventures,he should be capable of scaling to Dimentio.

Popup:Mario has also shown to be fast enough to inside of the Void,which also exists in every universe simultaneously and is constantly growing.

Wiz:But Mario isn't just some headstrong powerhouse who likes to resort to using his bruteforce only as he's been shown to be skilled enough to take on an entire alien race when he was no less a baby.

Boomstick:Let's not also forget that one time Mario defeated a master sensei in combat known as Jynx,who was so impressed with Mario's combat skills,he renamed his entire dojo after him and then made Mario the master. I guess that's one way of climbing to the top.

Wiz:He's also intelligent enough to outsmart and figure out the mystery on Pi'Illo Island best scientists and archaeologists couldn't figure out,which left them simply baffled and confused.

Boomstick:Alas,despite his rocking mustache and ability to defeat fire-breathing,spiky,dragon turtles and even reality warpers on occasion,he has some major drawbacks.

Wiz:While many of Mario's powerups are unique and quite handy in certain situations,they can disappear if Mario takes too much damage or run out due to their time limits.

Boomstick:Not to mention,some powerups Mario has are pretty useless in a fight or just outright not usable whatsoever.

Wiz:Mario can also be a bit somewhat brash and impulsive to a degree,not thinking through things initially and isn't really much of a strategist in combat.

Boomstick:But still,never let it be said that if the princess is being kidnapped under the evil clutches of the King of all Koopas himself or even other much deadlier threats arise that threaten the entire universe,you can count on this whimsical,Italian plumber to save the day.

Mario:It's-a me, Mario!

Iron Man[]

Wiz:Created in Tales of Suspense Issue #39 by writer Stan Lee in March 1963 and having his own titled series starring him as the main character of his comics by May 1968,Anthony Edward Stark...

Boomstick:...Who fun fact,was actually meant to be a vehicle and not the comic book superhero we all know and love today during the Cold War era,also he prefers Tony.

Wiz:...Tony was then adopted by wealthy Howard and Maria Stark,who after their failed attempt of genetically altering their first child in case advanced alien races would attack the Earth,Arno Stark didn't initially panned out as they hoped he would.

Boomstick:Being raised and taken in as the son of Howard and Maria Stark had it's pros and cons. For one,Tony could afford all of the booze and women you could ever dream of and obviously,being stinking rich! Cons? Well,his parents died in a horrific car crash and he sometimes suffer from severe alcoholism. As a wise,purple,Mad Titan who looks like Grimace from McDonald's once said "a soul for a soul"

Wiz:Tony's main source of income and profit initally was selling weapons to the highest bidders in the form of military arms. However,since he didn't think much of it or regard the type of people he was selling his weapons to...

Boomstick:...It blew up in his face! Literally! Well actually,the shrapnel was lodged inside of Tony's heart,not his face but still.

Wiz:Kidnapped by the same terrorists he sold his weapons to in the first,he was given two choices:be left to die by the shrapnel in his chest or construct weapons for them and receive medical attention later. Being the genius he was,he made his choice...

Boomstick:...By sticking it to those tyrannical scumbags by building himself a giant suit of armor along with his first arc reactor to replace his damaged heart and busting the hell out!

Wiz:Soon after,Tony would then eventually quit selling military arms and dedicated his entire life to being a superhero. From then on,he would then widely known as the Golden Avenger and founding member of the Avengers,Iron Man.

Boomstick:But if you think he went out saving the world in that rusty,grey tin-can he built to escape from his capture,you'd be mistaken.

Popup:Although Tony has gone through various armors throughout his run in comics,the Marques Armor aka Armor 51 will be used as a starting point to begin with.

Wiz:He did eventually make the first armor that he used to break out of captivity golden later on but would soon later show his more iconic crimson and golden design. But one of his more flexible and reliable armors he has is the Model 51.

•Genius Intellect

°Said to have an IQ of 270

•Standard Iron Man armors come equipped with:


°Repulsor blasts







°Smart Missiles



°Electro-Magnetic Pulse


°Ai companion




°Phasing Nullification

°Psychic Dampeners

°Anti-Magnetism Safeguards

°Nano-Sprite Clouds

°Ice Resistance

°Acid Resistance

°Electricity Resistance

°Heat Resistance

°Sound Resistance

°EMP Resistance

Boomstick:But before we go into how awesome the Model 51 armor really is,let's see what Tony's armors usually are capable of,shall we Wiz?

Wiz:The usual Iron Man armors are equipped with jet boosters in the legs to allow for flight,whether it be for traveling the skies or even reaching outerspace. It also comes with repulsor blasts that Tony can fire from the palms of his hands to damage enemies with powerful beams of high density muon shots.

Boomstick:He's also got lasers that can multiple targets at once,forcefields to give him protection against long-ranged weaponry or physical attacks,flamethrowers that can shoot streams of fire to burn enemies,and drones to spy on people. Ok...

Wiz:But if all else fails,Iron Man can release a powerful blast of energy from the chest piece of his armor called a Unibeam. But if even that doesn't work,he also has much more powerful variants of this attack.

Boomstick:But the most powerful and deadly of these Unibeam alternatives is the Omnibeam. Along with sounding like a attack from Final Fantasy,the Omnibeam can generate heat over 25,000 degrees Fahrenheit,which is also 14,000 Celsius. That's hotter than the chromosphere of the sun! It can also cause irreversible blindness and even disintegrate at full power.

Wiz:Iron Man's also implemented Anti-Magnetism safeguards to prevent his suit from being manipulated by powerful magnetism users such as Magneto,Psychic Dampeners that can block powerful telepaths from reading his mind such as Professor X,and Phasing Nullification that prevents people from phasing into his suit with an engineered countermeasure that even Ghost and Vision can't get past.

Boomstick:Iron Man also has various A.I.s onboard such as J.A.R.V.I.S. ,F.R.I.D.A.Y. , and H.E.L.E.N. They can hack into an enemy's technology,control and remotely summoning other suits,detect magnetic and energy fields, scan large areas, hack, rewrite & decrypt info with ease and even destroy other programs. Talk about programming your own friends!

Wiz:But if one suit of armor isn't enough,Tony has plenty of other suits at his disposal that he can call to switch into using one of his A.I.s or even summon an army of other Iron Man armors to fight alongside him without a pilot.

•Marques Armor

°Modes:Stealth,Samurai,and Hulkbuster

°Can create different types of weapons using nanotech technology’s shapeshifting function such as blades and cannons

°Can negate energy

°Equipped with remote hacking

•Extremis Armor

°Gives Tony technopathy,being able to hack into almost any system

°Healing factor;potent enough to grow back limbs from within a day

°Integrated in Tony's bone structure and can be manipulated with just a thought

•Bleeding Edge Armor

°Comes with a gigantic gun that unleashes multiple beams

°Can predict the moves of others

°Comes installed with a computer that helps Tony think of strategies and weaknesses in battle

•Heavy Duty Armor

°Has a stronger and wider array of weapons than the War Machine armor

°Comes with Heavy Duty cannon

•Endosym Armor

°Symbiote mixed with liquid metal

°Capable of absorbing and resisting energy

°Can be summoned telepathically

°Suit is capable of being used as a makeshift prison

°Endosym can increase to the size of the Hulkbuster for more power

•Thorbuster Armor

°Powered by an Asgardian Crystal

°Capable of fighting King Thor briefly

°Asgardian Crystal can absorb energy from Thor and channel his electricity to power up his suit

•Iron Destroyer Armor

°Modeled after The Destroyer

°Forged and made of Uru,which is a magic-absorbing metal

°Enchanted by Odin and is durable enough to take hits from him

•Virtual Armor

°Capable of creating anything he can imagine

°Powered by the eScape, a virtual universe

•Godbuster Armor

°Armor comes with energy cannon

°Is powerful enough to fight against cosmic beings

•Godkiller Mark 2 Armor

°Based off of the original Godkiller armor

°Celestial-sized and temporarily fight off Celestials

°It's self-destruct is powerful enough to take out several Celestials

•Phoenix Buster Armor

°Created for the sole purpose of defeating the Phoenix Force

°Energy blasts are powerful enough to blast away the Phoenix Force into pieces

°One of Iron Man's largest armors

•Iron Legion

°Can call all of Iron Man's avaliable armors

°Armors are controlled by J.A.R.V.I.S.

•Sol's Hammer

°Planet-busting laser from outerspace

Boomstick:Now we can get into all the cool armors Tony has avaliable! His standard Marques Armor is capable of forming into several modes such his invisible stealth mode,a Hulkbuster mode for extra firepower and a Samurai Mode?! Talk about badass!

Wiz:The Marques Armor is also equipped with remote hacking,can negate energy,and using its nanotech technology’s shapeshifting function,it can create blades and cannons.

Boomstick:With his Bleeding Edge suit,he can unleash multiple beams with the armor's gigantic gun. If only my guns did that...

Wiz:But Iron Man's no stranger to magic either. With his Thorbuster armor,he was capable albeit briefly contending with Odinforce Thor and is powered by an Asgardian Crystal,which allowed Tony to absorb energy from the God of Thunder and power his suit.

Boomstick:His Destroyer armor is also modeled after the actual Destroyer Thor fought and was forged and made of Uru,and was enchanted by Thor's daddy himself,Odin.

Wiz:Powered by the eScape,which is a virtual universe,the Virtual Armor can create anything Tony imagines so it's very likely the Virtual Armor can do anything past Iron Man armors are capable of.

Boomstick:But what's more impressive is the armor Iron Man built inside,the Godbuster armor,which comes with a powerful energy cannon on the back of the armor and can fight against celestial beings.

Wiz:Iron Man even has a more powerful suit of armor called the Godkiller Mark 2,which is capable of fighting the Celestials,being who are stronger than Odin,who can tear apart the fabric of the multiverse and was threatening infinite planes of reality in his fight against Seth,while weakened nonetheless.

Boomstick:The Godkiller Mark 2 should also be as quick as the Asgardian Skyfather since it preformed much better than he did against the Dark Celestials and Asgardians such as Valkyrie are fast enough to scour every point in the ten realms in the blink of an eye! Holy crap! Are you sure this isn't a history lesson about Asgard and we're still covering Iron Man?

Wiz:Based on the ratio and given Valkyrie would have to be visiting every star ten times given she's moving across ten realms in the blink of an eye,that would mean the amount of light years she's crossed would be around 9945832509694078624292447259 light years! Or 3 undecillion times the speed of light!

Boomstick:While it didn't technically destroy or bust it,the Phoenix Buster is one of the largest if not the largest Iron Man suits that is the size of a mech! And it's energy beams were powerful enough to blast the Phoenix Force and shatter it into five pieces!

Wiz:And that's easier said than done considering the Phoenix Force entity is stated to be of creation and beyond reality,and guards the M'kraan Crystal,which is the Nexus of Realities,a threat to all of existence!

Boomstick:There's also the Iron Legion,which calls upon all of Iron Man's avaliable armors to fight alongside him in battle without needing to pilot them and is controlled by J.A.R.V.I.S.

Wiz:It's also likely Iron Man could just switch into another set of armor if the armor he's wearing is too damaged or unable to function properly,making it useful for Tony to be flexible.

Boomstick:And despite being a mortal man,he's proven his place in the Avengers amongst super soldiers,skilled archers,kings,and even gods on several occasions and has even lead the Avengers initally before Captain America was added onto the team after they unfroze him in the popsicle he was in and thought to be dead.

Wiz:Iron Man's armors are capable of fighting the likes of the Sentry and the Hulk,even causing them visible pain and even making them bleed. The Hulk and Sentry have stalemated each other before during the World War Hulk storyline and Hulk can channel the power of two universes!

Boomstick:And Sentry's no slouch either considering he's the same guy who once contained the Cosmic Cube and is roughly on par with Thor. Man,take a shot for everytime we keep bringing up everything related to Asgard.

Wiz:Iron Man even fought against an opponent Thor was knocked out from,Taurus. And Thor's capable of creating a Big Bang by clashing with another Thor,which was felt across infinite planes of existence!

Boomstick:And for all the Iron Man armors's firepower,they're also pretty ridiculously fast as well and has even been said by the Sentry how fast Iron Man is.

Wiz:What's more impressive is the fact Iron Man has been able to fly fast enough he could reach the moon in a picosecond. Using the average lunar distance and given Iron Man is starting from Earth,he must be traveling at speeds well over 1,282,227,053,000 times faster than light.

Boomstick:But let's not forgot this is the Tony Stark we're talking,who's said to be a genius,billionaire,playboy philanthropist. And...he's not wrong. When you're able to hack the great Doctor Doom and beat Mister Fantastic in chess,twice might I add,you've definitely got a contender for one of the smartest people in the Marvel universe.

Wiz:Tony's also much smarter than Peter Parker,who's IQ was said to be 250 and is considered to be smarter than Hank Pym.

Boomstick:Iron Man's also somewhat able to predict certain events in the future along with being a brilliant tactian and strategist in combat,capable of formulating different strategies for certain situations he's thrown in.

Popup:It's likely possibly Iron Man's even much more intelligent with Extremis,which allows him to be able to process information at a much quicker rate.

Wiz:That being said,the Iron Man armors and Tony himself are far from flawless and the armors that he has designed for their purposes whether it to be to combat a certain adversary don't always come out on top.

Boomstick:His arrogance is also something that sometimes comes to bite Tony in the ass several times and has lead him to underestimating his opponents before.

Wiz:Iron Man also has severe alcoholism that while not usually a problem in battle,is still something Tony slips with now and again. He's also responsible for two Civil Wars among other superheroes like Captain America and Captain Marvel.

Boomstick:His Extremis is also vulnerable to technological assaults considering it's biologically attached to his body.

Wiz:And while stronger Iron Man armors are able to fight on a certain level with celestial beings and even gods,they have shown very little to no resistances to their reality warping abilities.

Boomstick:While he can be a bit of a smug,son of a bitch and physically made of flesh without his armor,his heart,while artificial,is still made of gold and he'll always be prepared to save the day. Why? Because he's the Invincible Iron Man!

Iron Man is seen pushing a giant AIM robot into a building,knocking it down before flying over Spider-Man.

Iron Man:Sorry I'm late.Hard to find a cab at rush hour.


In the middle of the Mushroom Kingdom,Nintendo's mascot in blue overalls along with a red shirt and cap,Mario was seen at a table alongside Luigi,Yoshi,and several Toads while enjoying some cake Princess Peach made since she was rescued thanks to the Mario Bros and as a token of gratitude,baked a cake for this special occasion.

However,as Mario was about to continue eating his cake,a large explosion occurs behind the castle and the shockwaves caused Mario's head to be covered in his cake. He then sighs before cleaning himself with a napkin.

Mario:I'll check it out. I'll be right back. It's probably Bowser again.

The whimsical plumber said,running out of the Mushroom Kingdom. When is Bowser ever gonna just give up? He's beaten him too many times for him to count after all. However,for once,it wasn't Bowser or even one of his minions or Koopalings that caused the explosion.

In a sleek and stylish but red and yellow suit of armor was the Model 51 and who was donning it? It was none other than Tony Stark,aka Iron Man and he had made a crater upon landing and looked over to see Mario coming his way.

Mario:Wait,you're not Bowser? Who are you and what's all the commotion about?

Iron Man:Tony Stark.Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist? But most people know me as Iron Man. Apparently,there's a magic artifact around here that Doctor Strange needed me to find called the "Star Rod". Know where I can find it?

Mario:Yes,but the Mushroom Kingdom has it guarded and protected so Bowser won't reek havoc again with it.

Iron Man then rolled his eyes behind the mask of his armor and then scoffed,doubting the security and protection of it's people could guard such a powerful weapon.

Iron Man:Oh,please.You honestly expect me to believe that a group of mushroom people who fail to guard their ruler from a giant,dragon turtle in a clown car can keep such a weapon that powerful from falling into the wrong hands? It's better trusted with the Avengers.

Iron Man's snarkiness was really starting to get on the Italian's last nerve and he would get into combat position,ready to fight against the Golden Avenger to make sure he didn't get it.

Mario:Look,I don't know how the "Avengers" are but if you wanna the Star Rod,you'll have to get through me first!

Tony then sighed. This plumber wasn't going to even phase his suit in the least bit. Iron Man then held out the palm of both of his hands defensively in case Mario tried to get to close with him,causing them to light up,cyan blue.

Iron Man:Alright,the hard way it is!


Iron Man would then shoot several controller lasers from the palm of his hands to hit Mario but he jumped to dodge the first two,reacted while running past the other three and went to jump on his head only for Tony to fly out of way,rocks still flying by the power of Mario's boot stomping the ground as Tony flew up in the air.

Iron Man:Hey,fatso! These heat-seeking missiles should burn off some of your body fat!

Iron Man then fired several Smart missiles from his shoulder towards Mario's direction before he rolled out of the way from the first one,only for the explosion to hit him from behind and caused him to faceplant on the grass.

Mario then got out his Ultra Hammer and began hitting some of the Smart Missiles back at his direction,now seeking onto him only for Stark to attempts to fly away from the missiles but no such luck.

Iron Man finally lands on the ground and defends himself from his own Smart Missiles with his Forcefield. Mario takes this opportunity and suprises the armored Avenger by knocking him back with his Ultra Hammer,sending him flying into a tree and breaking his forcefield.

Iron Man then quickly got back up and flew back into the air with his jetboosters and Mario soon pulled out his Lucky Bell,turning into Cat Mario,doing a little meow at he was then sprinting on his fours before rapid repulsor beams from Iron Man's hands fired at the kitty cat,who ran past them,dodging left and right and doing a quick diving pounce before Iron Man activated his Stealth Mode,disappearing from the cat's sight.

Mario:Hey,where did that tin man go?

Iron Man then reappeared on the ground,deactivating his stealth and formed an energy blade using the shapeshifting capabilities the Marques Armor has on the weapons.

Iron Man:Right here,furry!

Iron Man remarked before slashing Mario across his chest using his energy blade he created,knocking him into the fountain of the Mushroom Kingdom,drenching him and making him lose his Lucky Bell powerup. He then ate a Mushroom to heal the cut on his chest.

Iron Man:Friday,activate the Model 51's Samurai setting!

Iron Man's suit then changed to have some grey plating around him before wielding a cool lightning samurai sword in his hands and dashed forward to cut the poor plumber into ribbons only for him to give a confident smirk as Mario blocked it with the Star Shield while holding the Mushroom Sword in his right hand. Now it had turned into a sword fight.

Iron Man:What?! You have a sword too and a shield? How?

Mario:I don't know but all I know is that I'mma gonna win!

Iron Man:Keep dreaming,overalls!

Both red-cladded kept trading blows with their sword,going back and forth with their blades. Iron Man fired some powerful streams of fire from his palms,who tanks it head-on and powers through it with his Star Shield and charges at Iron Man,only for Tony to fire a Unibeam that overpowered Mario's defense,making the beam blast Mario away,seemingly falling to his death.


Iron Man then checked to see if his mustached enemy had truly fallen off by utilizing his scanning interface to see where Mario's body was,until he was whacked violently in the head by Mario,who had his Tanooki suit on,meanwhile Iron Man's helmet was busted pretty badly by Mario hitting him with his tail and skidded on the ground,his armor being badly damaged.

Mario:Take-a that,soup can!

Iron Man then threw his busted helmet to the side as Tony's Endo-Sym assembles around him,discarding the Marques Armor as he then reshaped it into a giant Hulkbuster form and stood behind him. Iron Man justs laughs.

Iron Man:Well if I'm a soup can...then get ready to taste 100% Whoop-ass!

Mario then turns around as Iron Man proceeded to punch the Mushroom Kingdom's hero hard enough to push him out of his racoon costume and hard enough to send him flying into space,causing him to scream.

Iron Man then takes flight as his Endo-Sym armor formed back to it's default appearance and flew towards the plumber until he winced at the impact caused by being punched by an armor that big and wiped the blood off his mouth and grabbed a nearby Red Star,becoming Flying Mario and now had black and red clothing.

Mario:Woo-hoo,just what I needed!

Iron Man came flying towards Mario's direction and Mario did the same and both clashed their fists together,causing massive shockwaves across the universe to be felt as Rosalina woke up from the shockwaves while she was sleeping in her bed.


The ends with both combatants pausing for a second,waving their hands in agony due to their respective strength and took a moment.


Iron Man then fired two red repulsor beams from the palms of his hands but Mario flies past it,dodging it all before comboing Tony with several spin-attacks before breaking out,headbutting Mario and tossing him back into Earth,sending him into New Donk City,causing Nintendo's mascot to rebound off of a taxi.

Iron Man then used his scanning interface to look for Mario and find where he was only for a flying hammer to move past him,and spotted Mario in his Hammer Suit,tossing hammers at him.

Iron Man:Fooound you.

Tony said,in a sing-song like tone before Iron Man charges at Mario full speed with and shooting a powerful,red Unibeam at the Hammer suit equipped Plumber,who blocked with his shell and before Iron Man could release a second Unibeam,Mario lifted Iron Man and slammed him on the ground several times,pieces of the street scattering as he does this and throwing him in the air and tossing another hammer at his chest,destroying the chest piece of the Endo-Sym and causing the suit to malfunction,sending him through a billboard with Pauline on it.

Iron Man:Friday,blast that plumber with the hammer!

Tony's personal Dyson sphere fires a massive laser beam towards Earth and Mario could only react in shock at the beam directly hits him.

Mario:Mama mia...

A massive explosion was created and demolishes all of the nearby buildings (luckily there were no causalities since people weren't there) and Mario stood,covered in smoke,laying on the ground,completely lifeless as Iron Man's Endo-Sym continued shortcircuiting but he was alive and flew over his opponent.

Iron Man:Finally,about time that plumber stayed down!


However,Mario's 1-Up Gloves came into play as Mario automatically revives himself using a 1-Up Mushroom,coming back to life and preparing to battle the Invincible Iron Man.


Iron Man:Ok,this is getting idiotic.Friday,send the Asgardian armor my way!

A giant,metal suit of armor with bulky arms,legs,and was enchanted crashed down behind Tony and he soon disgarded the Endo-Sym. It was also modeled after the Destroyer and was grey and had spikes in certain parts of the suit. It was the Iron Destroyer armor.

Iron Man:I'm not playing around this time,meatball! Hand over the Star Rod and we can all home and live our daily lifes.

Mario:Over my-a dead body!

Mario pulled out the Wing Cap and began flying around the world and Iron Man followed in pursuit,both traveling the globe until they landed in Boo Woods.

Mario pulled out his Star Rod from the Mario Party Series and waved it to charge,shooting several blasts of magic at Iron Man,who just tanked them with no damage,only slightly pushed at best.

Iron Man:Man,you just gotta love Uru. Same as Thor's hammer. Good for absorbing magic.

Iron Man then blasted the Star Rod out of Mario's hand,destroying it and continued to send repulsor beams at Mario's direction,who kept flying past them with his Wing Cap and dodged them before one repulsor beam split Luigi's Mansion in half,Boos swarming out and spreading out like wildfire.

Mario:Oh no! I hope-a Luigi wasn't cheap enough to get insurance! Wait,I got it!

Iron Man then finally flew up and landed a wicked uppercut on Mario's face,knocking him to the ground before he got up and pulled out the Boo Mushroom,becoming Boo Mario.

Iron Man:Oh,no! A ghost! Whatever shall I do?

The sole owner of Stark Industries said,sarcastically as Boo Mario attracted other nearby Boos to swarm Tony only for Iron Man to blast a few coming towards him and slamming two together with his hands and blasting a Unibeam at the remaining Boos and grabbed Mario firmly by his ghost tail.

Mario:Hey! You can't-a touch me when I'm Boo.

Iron Man:Oh,really? Then what's this?

Only for the Iron Destroyer to thrash Boo Mario like a ragdoll and eventually flung him outside across Bowser's Castle,dazed and losing another form.

The Iron Destroyer landed in front of the dizzy plumber,ready to throw another punch his way towards Mario,his attack is stopped short,revealing Mario had stopped time with his Stopwatch,freezing Tony in motion before hitting him in the back hard with his Ultra Hammer,knocking him to the ground as time unfroze.

Mario:Now! Cappy,possess!

Mario then threw Cappy on top of Iron Man's head,possessing Iron Man's body and he tried resisting his body being possessed but ultimately failed and Mario took over and began beating himself up by punching himself,over and over before ripping his armor,piece by piece and dumping it in the lava below and making Tony jump in the lava to his death before leaving his body and watched Tony Stark burn to his death.


Mario:That's-a so nic-

However,Mario was grabbed by another goliath and was rammed through several walls of King Koopa's castle before ending up in the room with the giant axe at the end of the bridge but the area was much wide unlike the original games. Holding his head in pain,his overalls were damaged and he had gained a few scrapes across his body. Iron Man had his arms crossed and he had equipped the Godkiller Mark 2 and many other Iron Man suits were flying beside him.

Iron Man:Forget Destroyer,this armor's definitely a Killer!

Mario then equipped the Pure Hearts,giving himself a massive boost in his stats,along with healing himself,then used the White Tanooki Leaf before using the Double Cherry to make 5 duplicates of himself and both of their armies started clashing with each other.

The Godbuster start blasting some clones away with its energy cannon before being ran into by a White Tanooki Mario,destroying it as both of their armies had finished each other off completely,eventually leaving Tony himself to engage with the Godkiller Mark 2. Clashing with the Pure Hearts amped White Tanooki,Iron Man slapped him away before charging a powerful Omnibeam from his chest,standing his ground.

Iron Man:Omnibeam! FIRE!

However,the Zeekeeper appeared at Mario's side when he used the Zee Egg,firing an equally powerful Wake Beam from it's third eye and fires a rainbow-colored laser at Tony, then finishes off by cloaking himself in rainbow-colored energy and charges straight at the foe,causing a massive beam struggle between the two until the Wake Beam pushed Tony into the Comet Observatory and noticed Mario flying towards him with the actual Star Rod in his hand,flying where Tony was with the Cape Feather.

Iron Man:Wait,I thought you didn't have the Star Rod!

Mario:Yeah,I-a lied.

Mario then began using a Battle Card,lowering Iron Man's defenses by 20% before he grabbed the pesky plumber by his overalls and with a spinning throw,he launches him through several planets in the solar system,destroying them in the process,losing his Cape Feather.

Mario,bleeding out heavily then used the Star Rod to completely replenish his health before getting another bright idea only for Iron Man to fly towards him with a meteor coming in hot at him.

Mario:I wish that-a metoer was a gone and I can fly!

Mario's wishes were then granted and Mario no longer needed a powerup to achieve flight and the metoer that Tony was planning to charge with poofed out of existence.

Iron Man:I got to get that wand out of his hand...Friday, initiate Self-Destruct!

An Iron Man suit formed around Mario's body as an Iron Man engulfes Mario,trapping him in place as his body was unable to move but was still floating in space.

Iron Man:Buh bye,now!

Mario's entire body explodes from being exploded by the Nano Armor,causing an entire explosion from across outerspace to be seen,killing Mario.


However,it was then revealed that Iron Man had returned back to the Mushroom Kingdom,only to find out he was in his Marques Armor this time instead of the Godkiller Armor 2. Well,at least he was at full health and his armor was still combat ready.

Mario had revealed he used the Retry Clock to restart the battle but that meant he was also starting fresh as well and was in his regular and usual attire.

Iron Man:Will you cut that out?! Friday,send in the Phoenix Buster!

The giant mech would soon be called to Iron Man's side and he would fly up to it,activating and striking a battle pose.

F.R.I.D.A.Y.:Phoenix Buster armor,combat ready!

Mario took out the Rainbow Star and the Mega Mushroom at the same time,becoming Mega Rainbow Mario and sizing up the plumber who also left a rainbow color glow when he ran but also requipped the Pure Hearts in.

Mario:Here we go!

The two goliaths were pretty equally matched,blow for blow with their attacks,Iron Man shoots giant energy beams from the Phoenix Buster's cannons but Mario runs through it and rams into Iron Man,who knees him hard in the face,pushing him into a pool of water.

Both ran towards each and tried to outwrestled one and other,before a final clash caused their super form and armor to run out/be destroyed,creating a massive explosion.

Iron Man then was knocked back,his Phoenix Armor destroyed but his Marques Armor was luckily still intact and had some energy left and he began to use his scanning interface to see where Mario was,AGAIN.

However,Mario was revealed to be missing his hat,his clothes ripped,and a black eye along and he used Lullaby with a Star Spirit,singing and putting Tony to sleep.

Iron Man:I think I'm gonna take a nap.

Iron Man then fell to the ground,completely asleep and unconscious,snoring as he was put straight to sleep and couldn't wake up.

F.R.I.D.A.Y.:Boss,wake up!

Iron Man then woke up from his A.I. shouting before turning out to see Mario holding the Super Scope in his hands and his eyes widen in shock as he attempted to fly out of way before Mario used Time Out to summon another Star Spirit to freeze Tony in time before Mario charged it at full power,releasing a powerful blast of energy from his Super Scope.

Mario:Bye Bye!

Time unfroze and the blast connected,hitting Iron Man's entire body,causing Tony to scream as the blast of energy causing his entire body parts to scatter around the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario:Yes! I'm the winner!

Real KO!


Boomstick:Alright! I guess you can say Ninten-do what Marvel don't! Eh,eh?

Wiz:Really? This was a surprisingly tough fight to call. Both of these red-cladded heroes have various methods of getting past each others abilities. With the Iron Destroyer,Iron Man could likely tank energy blasts from the Star Rod's magic from Mario Party 8 considering it's enchanted by Odin himself and his armors had methods of resisting a good array of Mario's elemental powerups like the Ice Flower and Fire Flower,along with being able to hurt opponents with phasing capabilities and invisiblility,he couldn't rely on the Boo Mushroom or Vanish Cap to get through Tony's armor.

Wiz:Tony could also likely get through even the White Tanooki Suit's invincibility since his Omnibeam was stated to be 14,000 Celsius,which is hotter than the chromosphere of the sun! And given the White Tanooki can be harmed and by lava and long falls,Iron Man could still likely grab the plumber and drop him off of a hill,even without the Omnibeam. Bam! No more White Tanooki.

Boomstick:And his strongest armors were far more stronger than Dreamy Bowser,Paper Bowser,and even Super Dimentio,given they can shatter the Phoenix Force and keep up with Celestials,who can tear apart the fabric of the multiverse! And the dude was also smarter than Spider-Man,who's IQ is around 250 meaning,along with an A.I. to help him form strategies and plans of attacks,Tony could possibly outsmart and do Mario in. But why did Iron Man lose?

Wiz:Well,while Iron Man certainly had the advantage in raw power and durability with his strongest armors,and being far more smarter,Mario held the other more important advantages that let him take the victory.

Boomstick:Mario had speed in the bag,surprisingly for a chubby plumber in his 20s. While Iron Man could fly and reach the moon in a picosecond,well over 1,282,227,053,000 times faster than light,Mario was capable of catching up with the Millennium Star,which flew to the center of the universe,which would be around 1,667,561,308,807,440,400 times faster than light!

Popup:Mario could also tamper and mess with Iron Man's stats using Battle Cards to lower Iron Man's power,defense,and speed as well as boost his in the process.

Wiz:Even when factoring their strongest items/armors such as the Pure Hearts and the Godkiller Armor wouldn't give Tony the speed advantage. While Valkrie is capable of moving across ten realms in the blink of an eye,which is 3 undecillion times the speed of light,Mario was capable of keeping up with Dimentio,who regularly move through and travels entire dimensions and could move inside of the Void,which existed in every Mario universe and kept constantly growing,putting the plumber above numbers.

Boomstick:Meaning Tony was going to have a really difficult time landing hits on Mario in the first place,especially since he could also stop time with his Stopwatch or use the Star Spirits to sing a Lullaby that can put the Golden Avenger to bed.

Wiz:Mario's powerups were also far more useful and versatile to deal with Tony's vast array of firepower considering they allowed him to come back to life and reset the fight if he really felt like it with the Retry Clock and Earlier Times as well as his 1-Up gloves,meaning while Iron Man could kill Mario,he couldn't permanently put down Mario in the first place and gave him the ability to control the length of the fight.

Popup:While the stronger Iron Man suits can keep up with gods and Celestials such as the Thorbuster,Godbuster,Godkiller,and Phoenix Buster,they had very little to no actual resistances to their reality capabilities,as shown with Odin.

Boomstick:Mario also had Time Travel on his side with his Time Machine,meaning there was really nothing stopping him from just going back to the beginning of the fight and killing Tony right there.

Wiz:He could also turn Iron Man into coins with the Gold Flower,turn him into a frog with his Magic Wand,possess him with Cappy,or even just erase him from existence by using the Star Rod from Paper Mario and controlling the plot by making wishes.

Boomstick:So we know Iron Man's stronger armors could definitely take on Mario if it came down to who was physically stronger but what about usually?

Wiz:This was surprisingly even given both can fight on par with people capable of threatning multiple universes and even destroy space time and space with their strength but the Zeekeeper was strong enough to defeat Antasma who had access to the Dark Stone,which was the dark equivalent of the Dream Stone,which held countless universes inside.

Popup:Since most people dream 4 to 7 times a night and given people on Pi'illo Isle dream multiple times and assume they all sleep twice. Multliplying 36,525,000 and 8 would mean there would be around 29,220,000,000,000,000 universes in the Dream Stone. And given dreams are worlds and the Zeekeeper defeated both Antasma and Dreamy,it should be likely multiversal!

Boomstick:Mario also had skill and expierence in spades given he's fought reality warping threats in several of his adventures usally alone and only requiring back up assistance like Luigi at worst meanwhile Tony was usually a team-player. Not to say Iron Man solely relied on his team for all of his fights but for greater threats like the Celestials,Thanos,or Galactus,Iron Man usually was backed up by the Avengers or other allies by his side.

Wiz:Iron Man was an incredibly unique opponent for the face of Nintendo and given his strongest armors like the Godkiller and Phoenix Buster dwarfed even the Pure Hearts and Star Rod,it was possible he could kill Mario if he could outspeed and bypass his resurrection and ability to restart the fight but his overwhelming speed,skill,expierence,arsenal and variety of ways to deal with the Invincible Iron Man were too much for him to counter.

Boomstick:I guess you say he wasn't assembled and prepared for this Odd to see battle.

Wiz:The winner is Mario.


Battle Track[]

Hearts of Gold