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Mario Sprite Battle Royale


In case you don't understand the title, it means animator's Mario series of sprites. Example: King Asylus' SMBHotS Mario sprite series. I'm using the multiple series of those combat characters in a Death Battle.


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Boomstick: Now he looks really detailed!

Wiz: This is Mario from "Super Mario Bros. Heroes of the Stars." His journey began with a letter from Princess Peach, asking him to come to the castle and have a picnic. After arriving, Peach had told Mario about her secret that she wanted to share, and soon after, Bowser, Bowser Jr., and the Wario Bros. attacked, which ruined the fun for everyone entirely. After a long fought battle, the heroes prevailed, just for the Shroobs to show up and cause even more trouble. Both heroes and villains headed for Bowser's Castle, which is where a lot of stuff went down. But, in the end, the Shroobs prevailed and kicked the heroes and villains out. Now, their on a massive journey to get the Star Sprites. This of course leads into this Mario's abilities.

Boomstick: Holy hell! That's a long backstory! Anyways, this Mario is very skilled in hand-to-hand combat, and prefers to overpower his enemies! And it normally works, as he's very strong, able to overpower even BOWSER!!! WHO CAN SMASH MASSIVE ROCKS AND HILLS!!!!

Wiz: Mario also has other abilities and weapons, like the Warp Star. It comes to him nearly instantly, and is able to move at extremely fast speeds. Mario also has his Ultra Hammer, which can smack around huge enemies like Bowser and Goomboss!

Boomstick: He also has the Fire Flower! This allows him to shoot countless fireballs at enemies, fire the Super Fireball, which can demolish piles of boulders, and it let's Mario teleport! Not to mention it doesn't go away until Mario decides to power-down!

Wiz: He also has his Secret Flame Technique. It takes a short while to prepare, but it is like 2 rocket fireballs, and he can also use it for unexpected attacks.

Boomstick: And he also has the Pipe Block! So he can actually run if he needs too! As he's shown to be very smart, as he has taken the time to think of ways to beat his enemies!

Wiz: Not to mention he's extremely durable, able to literally get up from Bowser or Goomboss smashing him like it's nothing! And he wasn't really effected by the Dark Star's first attack, like everyone else was.

Boomstick: He's also very good at dodging, as he was able to dodge attacks from multiple enemies.

Wiz: Although he is very slow. He can dodge attacks, but can eventually have difficulty dodging multitudes of attacks. Even so, the Warp Star makes up for these 2 flaws, not to mention it can fly.

Boomstick: Making this guy a pretty damn hard rival!

Mario: I will not let ANYONE replace you as King!


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Boomstick: This guy looks evil… And a little scary…

Wiz: This is Mario from "Power Star." He was possessed right off the bat in the first episode, and commanded to destroy all living beings. This was all done by a bunch of Boos that took control of Mario's soul.

Boomstick: He then went on a rampage, killing Toads, Yoshis, and eventually Luigi & Princess Peach.

Wiz: The entire universe seemed doomed at that moment, but it all ended. When Mario took control for a split-second and did himself in with a nearby sword. But this leads to his abilities!

Boomstick: This Mario is an extremely skilled hand-to-hand combatant and swordsman! He can block basically any attacks, teleportation, and multiple enemies all at once ranging from 1 to 20 enemies still couldn't take this guy down!

Wiz: He's also extremely strong, able to rip heads and spinal cords out of Toads seemingly effortlessly and smash through entire castles!

Boomstick: But, he can also further enhance his abilities. Once he absorbs the Ultra Power Star, he becomes engulfed in a piercing red aura, and moves at the speeds near light, can teleport, triples his strength, has laser vision, and he can take all kinds of blows and sword slices!

Wiz: He is also extremely fast without the Ultra Star, as he can battle Luigi and knock him to the ground, before bricks only 10 feet high can hit the ground! Not to mention he isn't stupid, as he knows a battle isn't over until it truly is over.

Boomstick: He also has a sword, in case you're wondering, and he's extremely skilled with it, like said before.

Wiz: While he seems nearly unstoppable, as stated before, he died from a simple impalement. Meaning he may be able to take slices, but he cannot take things through his body, or else he will die. Regardless, he never let's enemies get even close to beating him anyways!

Boomstick: Holy shit… I'm scared of this guy now…

Mario: *Demonic Voice* You never stood a chance to begin with!


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Boomstick: Ok. Seeing this guy lightens the mood from the last one a bit.

Wiz: This is Mario from "Super Mario Bros. Z." This adventure occured suddenly, as Mario & Luigi were racing Wario & Waluigi and suddenly Bowser showed up. After awhile, Sonic & Shadow were introduced, thus beginning a big adventure to stop the main antagonist, Mecha Sonic. Which leads to abilities.

Boomstick: This Mario can fight hand-to-hand decently and also has the Ultra Hammer he uses to attack!

Wiz: But let's not forget his power-ups he's shown to use. He used the Fire Flower. This Mario can channel it into massive explosions of flame, rapid fireballs, and it takes extremely powerful hits to make him lose it. Also, if he focuses his energy when he first grabs the Fire Flower, it's effects are much more potent than normal.

Boomstick: He also has the Feather, which allows him to fly, teleport, and attack using his cape, and it isn't lost through simple hits either. Like the Fire Flower, it takes strong hits to lose. And the Hammer Bro Suit, which allows him to throw hammers as weapons and use them as swords too!

Wiz: Then there's his strongest, the Star. This grants entire invulnerability for 30 seconds and triples his strength.

Boomstick: He's also very durable, able to survive hits from Mecha Sonic when he has 4 Chaos Emeralds which were shown to be island busting! And strong, as he threw enemies extremely heavy, like Bowser, hundreds of feet high!

Wiz: Even so, this Mario isn't very independent. During battles, everyone looks out for one another. And when any of the SMBZ characters are alone, they seem to lose a lot of fights. Even so, that was also shown to really happen mainly against crazy strong enemies in the series like Bowser, Bassilix, and Mecha Sonic.

Boomstick: Meaning he isn't that bad of a fighter at all!

Mario: LET'S-A-GO!!


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Boomstick: Now this guy seems in between everyone!

Wiz: This is Mario from "Mario & Sonic: Worlds in Danger." His adventure started with a quiet day, until Princess Peach sent a letter asking for Mario & Luigi to join for a picnic with her and Toadsworth. After starting the picnic, very soon after, Bowser arrived, and they had a long fight. But, Bowser ended up nearly winning, but a blue blur came running in and saved him. Mario, then finished his battle with Bowser, to find out his real plan was to bring another world and collide it with another to bring ruin. Right after that, the blue blur appeared again, and helped Mario finish Bowser. He was later introduced as Sonic. After this, they began telling each other everything and began their short lived alliance, until Eggman showed up. But let's just get into abilities.

Boomstick: Another long one, but it sounds a bit familiar. Anyway, this Mario has minor hand-to-hand combat skills. In order to prevent him from being defeated, he uses his Ultra Hammer to attack. He also has the Fire Flower which can shoot rapid fireballs and big fireballs!

Wiz: He also has the Tanooki Leaf, which gives him the Tanooki Suit, allowing him to fly and use his tail to attack. He also has the Feather, which gives him the cape, which allows him to fly, and teleport.

Boomstick: He's quite strong, able to match Bowser's strength! And he's also very durable, as he wasn't knocked unconscious from Dry Bowser's blast while everyone else was!

Wiz: He's also collected Earth Tremor, which makes the ground shake and harm enemies.

Boomstick: And he's got Clock Out, which stops time, allowing one hit, before it allows the victim to move again.

Wiz: But, he also has quite a few crucial weaknesses. He isn't very strategic, he isn't very fast, and he isn't the best in dodging either. Not to mention he actually loses his power-ups in one hit, and he's a bit too dependant on others!

Boomstick: That might sting his performance…

Mario: WAHOOOO!!


Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set. Let's settle this debate once and for all.





Mario [SMBHotS] walked towards Peach's Castle, thinking about the threat note he'd received. Apparently Princess Peach was going to die? Not on his watch. As he got closer, 2 other Marios approached the doors as well. "Who the hell are you?" Mario [SMBHotS] exclaimed. The other 2 simply sighed. Mario [M&S:WiD] jumped at Mario [SMBHotS] and tried to punch him, but he missed.

"Trying to start a fight huh? Fine." Mario [SMBHotS] said.

Mario [SMBZ] tried to kick Mario [M&S:WiD] but he had missed as well. A fight was beginning to unfold. Suddenly, a fourth Mario smashed into the ground near the rest of them, making a huge dent in the ground.

"Are you all ready to die?" Mario [PS] said in a demonic tone.

They all got in a fighting stance, ready to finish whatever had just been started.



The battle started quickly with Mario [SMBHotS] & Mario [PS] ending up in a battle, and Mario [SMBZ] & Mario [M&S:WiD] ending up in a battle. "Come to me Warp Star!" Mario [SMBHotS] shouted, and it appeared next to him. He hopped on, and it flew upwards, but before it could fly up, Mario [PS] jumped on as well. Mario [SMBHotS] made the Warp Star tilt in his favor, and he swung a punch at Mario [PS], who blocked the blow and delivered a swift kick to Mario's [SMBHotS] stomach. It pushed Mario [SMBHotS] off of the Warp Star, and he began falling, and Mario [PS] pulled out his sword and jumped off of the Warp Star as well. Mario [SMBZ] started unleashing punches and kicks at Mario [M&S:WiD], with most of them succeeding in hitting him. Soon, they both brought out their Ultra Hammers, and began swinging them at each other, which was all in vain, due to them continuously countering one another. Mario [SMBHotS] smacked face-first into the ground, but almost immediately got up and dodged to the left. Mario's [PS] sword stabbed into the ground, but was easily pulled back out. Mario [PS] began slicing his sword at Mario [SMBHotS], who was having a hard time dodging. Finally, Mario [SMBHotS] was sliced open, and kicked, which sent him spiralling backwards, and slamming into the ground. Mario [PS] began slowly walking over to him.

Was this the end?

Mario [SMBZ] then pulled out his Fire Flower, and Mario [M&S:WiD] did the same. They both backflipped backwards to gain a little distance, then opened fire.


Fireballs were colliding everywhere, and causing all the grass in the immediate vicinity to burn. Then, they charged their big fireballs.

"Your attempts to stop me, have failed. And now you will DIE!" Mario [PS] shouted and dashed towards Mario [SMBHotS].

But, before he got close enough, flames erupted around Mario [SMBHotS]. He had used the Fire Flower.

"I don't think so!" Fire Mario [SMBHotS] said. "Then face me! One last time!" Mario [PS] shouted and threw his hand to the side.

The 2 Fire Marios now threw their big fireballs, which resulted in Fire Mario's [SMBZ] busting through Fire Mario's [M&S:WiD] with relative ease, and hitting Fire Mario [M&S:WiD] in the face, resulting in him smacking into a wall behind him and losing his power-up. He got up, slightly weak, and pulled out the Feather. He transformed into Cape Mario, and teleported behind Fire Mario [SMBZ] and hit him with his Ultra Hammer. Fire Mario [SMBZ] slammed into the wall as well this time, but got up and began throwing tons of fireballs at Cape Mario [M&S:WiD], who just kept teleporting out of the way.

Mario [PS] jumped into the air, dodging the fireballs thrown at him, and landed in front of Fire Mario [SMBHotS], then punched him right in the face. He skidded back a few feet, pretty much fine. Fire Mario [SMBHotS] began charging his Super Fireball. Mario [PS] then pulled out his ultimate trump card, the Ultra Power Star, and absorbed it. He became engulfed in a piercing red flame-like aura, and glanced at Fire Mario [SMBHotS]. Fire Mario [SMBHotS] then fired the Super Fireball, which was easily dodged, and before he knew it, Mario [PS] was behind him and impaled him. Mario [PS] then threw Fire Mario [SMBHotS] off of his sword.

Fire Mario [SMBHotS] hit the ground, and barely got back up, being weak now. "My hand-to-hand combat isn't going to work. I need to use my Secret Flame Technique." Fire Mario [SMBHotS] said under his breath, before pulling out the Pipe Block, and disappearing down a pipe. Mario [PS] seen this, and simply teleported next to the other 2 Marios, and impaled Fire Mario [SMBZ]. He fell to the ground, and lost his power-up, but pulled out the Star as a last ditch effort. Mario [SMBZ] began sparking, as he was now Star Mario. Mario [PS] then teleported into the air, and cut Cape Mario's [M&S:WiD] back open, causing him to fall to the ground, and lose his power-up. He pulled out Clock Out, and stopped time, got up, while holding his cut shoulder, and began running. Time returned to normal after he gained some distance. Mario [M&S:WiD] then activated Earth Tremor. Mario [PS] then punched Star Mario [SMBZ], which had no effect, and he noticed it. He teleported away before Star Mario [SMBZ] could land a hit.

Suddenly, the ground began glowing red.

( )

Then, a pillar of flame erupted around Mario [PS]. He survived with little, to no injuries. Then, the Star wore off, and another flame pillar erupted around Mario [SMBZ]. He was sent into the air, and once the flame cleared, Fire Mario [SMBHotS] was there, and stomped right into Mario's [SMBZ] gut, and smashed him into the ground, electing a bit of blood from the latter. Suddenly, the ground began to shake. Mario [PS] teleported right behind Mario [M&S:WiD] and started spinning his sword, rapidly slicing into his back, then punching, and destroying, his spine. Mario [M&S:WiD] was sent right into the ground before him, and the Earth Tremor attack stopped. Mario [PS] teleported in front of the near dead Mario [M&S:WiD] that was on the ground. He grabbed him by the throat, and held him in front of him.

"You never stood a chance to begin with!" Mario [PS] said, and then ripped Mario [M&S:WiD] in half.

Fire Mario [SMBHotS] then vaporized Mario [SMBZ] with tons of Super Fireballs.

Fire Mario [SMBHotS] & Mario [PS] are the only 2 left. Now the true battle BEGINS!!



( )

"Come, Warp Star!" Fire Mario [SMBHotS] shouted, and leaped onto the Warp Star as it arrived, then dashed towards Mario [PS]. Fire Mario [SMBHotS] then pulled out his Ultra Hammer, and took a swing as he got close, but Mario [PS] had teleported right onto the Warp Star. Fire Mario [SMBHotS] threw a punch, but it was caught, and Mario [PS] then punched his elbow, nearly breaking it, and swiftly kicking him in the gut. Fire Mario [SMBHotS] stumbled back in immense pain, but wasn't going to give up. He charged a Super Fireball and threw it at close range. Mario [PS] seen this coming and teleported into the air, then fired a blast of his laser vision, causing a huge explosion from the 2 blasts meeting. As Fire Mario [SMBHotS] kept riding on the Warp Star, there was nothing but flames and destruction left from that collision of the energy blasts. He kept looking for Mario [PS] but didn't see him. Suddenly, he did see him.

( )

Demonic laughter echoed as Mario [PS] kept teleporting around the path of the Warp Star, slowly catching up. Fire Mario [SMBHotS] seen this, and began worrying, but then started firing tons of fireballs to hold him back. Mario [PS] seemed to have no problem avoiding them. Fire Mario [SMBHotS] then thought quickly, and began blasting the trees, causing them to fall in Mario's [PS] path. But, he simply teleported past them. Then, Fire Mario [SMBHotS] threw a Super Fireball, which missed. Fire Mario was shell-shocked as everything he tried failed.

( )

Suddenly, Mario [PS] was behind Fire Mario [SMBHotS] and impaled him, threw him into the air, teleported above him, and stabed through his back, then stabbed the sword into the ground, and began stabbing Fire Mario [SMBHotS] multiple times. "Muhahahahaha! Hahahaha!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!" Mario [PS] laughed, and his demonic laughter echoed throughout the universe.



( )

Boomstick: HOLY SHIT!!! MY NIGHTMARE HAS COME TRUE!!!! *hides under bed*

Wiz: Anyways, here it is. Mario from Power Star won, mainly thanks to his pure ruthlessness, shear speed, brute strength, and so on. He just plain had every advantage except durability, and regardless, it wouldn't matter. Thanks to basically every single category being his, he was plain unbeatable. Not to mention, he only died because of Mario, and any killing restrictions would be removed, meaning Mario wouldn't try to kill himself in this battle. It was plain inevitable.

Boomstick: Wiz, is he gone?

Wiz: The winner is Mario from Power Star.

This is a What if Death Battle

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