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It's-a me, Mario!
~ Mario in Super Mario 64

Thank you so much-a for-a playing my game!
~ Mario in Super Mario 64

Welcome, welcome new galaxy!
~ Mario in Super Mario Galaxy

You know what they say, All Toasters Toast Toast
~ Mario in Hotel Mario

Mario Mario is the titular protagonist of the Super Mario franchise and mascot of Nintendo. He previously fought Sonic the Hedgehog in the 13th episode of DEATH BATTLE!, Mario VS Sonic (2011) and the 100th episode, Mario VS Sonic (2018). He also fought Luigi in an episode of DBX and Sonic in an episode of One Minute Melee.

If you are are looking for other characters named Mario, see Mario (Disambiguation).

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Battle Record[]

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 51
  • Losses: 31
  • Draws: 0

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Death Battle Info (2011)[]


  • Height: 5'1"
  • Can Jump Over 20 Feet
  • High Stamina
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Skilled Combatant

Fire Flower[]

  • Grants Pyrokinesis
  • Can Create & Manipulate Fire
  • Bouncing Fireballs
  • Ends After Absorbing 1 Deadly Blow reverting Fire Mario to super Mario.

Frog Suit[]

  • Increases Jump Height
  • Increases Swimming Speed
  • Can Breathe Underwater
  • Resists Water Currents for Better Control
  • Slower on land
  • Looks Absolutely Ridiculous!

Cape Feather[]

  • Wears a Yellow Cape
  • Can Fly for Unprecedented Amounts of Time
  • Can Deflect Projectiles
  • Can cause mini earth tremors when Mario dives straight downward(similar to the POW brick) that take out most enemies on the ground.
  • Razor-Sharp Edge

Metal Cap[]

  • Becomes Living Metal
  • Nearly Indestructible
  • Incredibly Heavy
  • Power Increase
  • Speed and Maneuverability Remain Unchanged
  • Can breath underwater(which Mario can't do normally in the game this power up appears in.)


  • Invulnerable
  • Increases Speed
  • Instantly Kills Foes
  • Short Time Limit 10-20 seconds depending on the game,


  • Stored in Mario's Pocket
  • Can Crush Practically Anything
  • Smaller Hammers can be Thrown

Mega Mushroom[]

  • Mario Grows Giant
  • Invulnerable
  • Can Smash Through Almost Any Obstacle
  • Lasts for a Short Time

Death Battle Info (2018)[]


  • Height: 5'1" | 155 cm
  • Weight: ~200 lb | 90.7 kg
  • Species: Homo-nintendonus
  • Age: 24
  • Versatile multi-talented fighter
  • Appears in 362 games
  • Qualified jobs: Carpenter, plumber, doctor, umpire, chef, brewer, soldier, pilot, submarine captain, animal trainer, NBA player. baseball player, stunt biker, artist, toy maker, theme park owner, referee, rapper

Arsenal & Abilities[]

  • Ultra Jump
  • Super Jump Punch
  • Ultra Hammer
  • Cappy
  • Megavitamins
  • Bottomless Gloves
  • Lazy Shell
  • Pyrokinesis


  • Super Mushroom
    • Increases height & power
  • Boo Mushroom
  • Mega Mushroom
    • Increases size by 10 times
  • Ice Flower
  • Gold Flower
  • Superball Flower
  • Stopwatch
  • Super Bell & Lucky Bell
    • Transforms him into a cat
  • Tanooki Suit
    • Grants flight & an indestructible stone form
  • Vanish Cap
    • Makes him invisible
  • Frog Suit
  • Vanish Cap
  • Metal Cap
  • Wing Cap
  • Cape Feather
  • Earlier Times
  • Retry Clock
  • Double Cherry
    • Creates a perfect duplicate of Mario
  • Starman


  • Restrained a 5,731 ton Chain Chomp
  • Crushed buildings as Mega Mario
  • Lifted & punted Larry's castle
  • Became Sensei of Jinx's dojo
  • Quick enough to run up walls
  • Piloted the Star Driver at Mach 375
  • Survived a 2.4 megaton explosion
  • Defeated Bowser, Wario, Donkey Kong, Cackletta, & Smithy

Death Battle Info (Fanon)[]


  • 5' 1" (155 cm) according to Nintendo
    • (this height varies, however: in Mario Odyssey he's about half as tall as a fully grown adult)
  • From Brooklyn....maybe?
  • One of the seven 'Star Children'
  • Former Plumber
  • Possesses knowledge of a LOT of different careers, some of which require degrees
  • Master of Plumbing
  • If your princess is in trouble you can call him on the double

Natural Abilities[]

  • Jumping: Mario's original name "Jumpman" is accurate, as Mario's lowest jumps clock in at almost 10 feet. Some of his highest jumps come from Super Mario Sunshine, as when he jumps out of the sewer he launches himself many feet into the air, covering the distance of the sewer pipe itself, and then more feet once he reaches the outside of it. Mario can use his jumps to stomp on enemies using both his strength and his weight to attack them. While he normally jumps in his signature pose with his arm extended upwards, he can also easily perform somersaults and the other special jumps listed below.
    • Spin Jump: Allows Mario to jump on some harmful objects such as spikes and not get hurt. A newer variation of this introduced in Super Mario Sunshine loses the original ability that protects Mario from damage, but gives him much higher instant jump height and makes him at least slightly more floaty in the air. Other uses include being able to clear the fog, the ability to spin downwards extremely fast using the Drill Spin technique that does more damage, and even to attack in mid-air.
    • Super Jump/Ultra Jump: The Super Jump is a jump that is stronger than a normal jump. It can be chained several times. The Ultra Jump is even stronger and can land up to 100 hits.
    • Wall Jump: When Mario gets close up against a wall, he can go up against it with his side and his arm and slide down it or jump off of it, hence the name Wall Jump. Mario can chain Wall Jumps across two different surfaces (such as the sides of two buildings in an alley) to gain height and reach the top or a ledge.
    • Other Jumping Techniques: Mario can also perform the Triple Jump, the Long Jump, the Backflip, the Handstand Jump, Somersault, and the Power Squat Jump which give him even greater mobility in addition to easier platforming.
  • Other Acrobatics: Mario's acrobatic abilities extend far beyond his jumping techniques, as he has shown impressive acrobatic feats like flipping himself from a series of poles over lava at impressive speeds, continuously tumble rolling across the ground, and more.
  • Ground Pound: Mario spins once mid-air and then slams downward in a curled-up position. This is stronger than a normal jump.
  • Fire Manipulation: Despite needing a Fire Flower to use fire in some games, Mario has shown many times to be able to shoot fire in different ways without a Fire Flower in other games. ([1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], etc.)
    • Fireball: A simple fireball around the size of Mario's hand that can be tossed through the air or sent bouncing across the ground. He can throw these extremely fast and combine them into a large fire sphere.
    • Fire Orb/Super Flame/Ultra Flame: These special attacks are stronger and a bit bigger but slightly slower than Mario's normal fireballs. Mario controls his fire power, sticks his fist out, and shoots out a barrage of these special fireballs. Each level is bigger than the last. The Fire Orb attack is bigger than Mario's hand, the Super Flame is bigger than that, and the Ultra Flame is around Mario's size.
    • Super Strike: Mario empowers his kick with fire for a devastating attack.
    • Mega Strike/Fiery Metal Mario: Mario turns in to Metal Mario and does a fiery kick even stronger than his Super Strike.
    • Fire Swing: Mario ignites whatever weapon he's holding with fire for a powerful fiery swing.
    • Firebrand: A source of some of Mario's fire powers. With this, he can go up to something, stick his hands out, and prepare a short-range fireball blast to hurt his opponent.
    • Fireball (Special Move): Mario's special move in Double Dash, he shoots out several large bouncing fireballs in a row to hit opponents.
  • Fighting Style: When not attacking with cartoonish or downright crazy abilities/techniques or weapons, Mario has shown proficiency in street fighting/martial arts/hand-to-hand combat/etc. He has been shown performing jabs, uppercuts, sliding dash attacks, flying jump kicks, three-hit punch-punch-kick combos, knockback kicks, sweep kicks and more. When dodging isn't an option during combat, he can reduce the damage he takes from attacks using a well-timed block by putting his hands over his body and shielding himself.


  • Mario's usual weapon is his Hammer(s) that he stores in his pocket. Its size varies between being as big as himself to even bigger than himself.
  • Mario can equip badges that give him special powers. For example, the ulti-free badge gives him an infinite amount of all the Bros. Items from Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time and the Spike Badge gives him the ability to touch spikes and not get hurt.
  • Mario has a ghostly friend named Cappy that can possess his hat, and when Mario throws Cappy on to a person or even an object he can capture/possess them, such as people, taxis, or Goombas. When enemies are possessed by Mario, they gain his eye color, his mustache, and, of course, his hat.
  • F.L.U.D.D: Watering machine that sprays water from its nozzle and acts as a jetpack
  • Battle Cards with various effects
  • Various karts
  • Boomerang
  • Various caps
  • POW Block
  • P-Balloon
  • Spin Drill
  • Shells
  • Various Blasters
  • Items such as Mushrooms and Candies from the RPGs
  • Power Stars


Mario has an extensive arsenal of magical items called power-ups. These allow him to access new forms with different attributes, like increased strength, elemental powers or invulnerability. Mario can keep many of them on-hand at once.

  • Boomerang Mario: Using the Boomerang Flower, Mario dresses up like a Boomerang Bro and can summon a boomerang to hit enemies, destroy projectiles and obstacles, and collect items from a distance. He can only throw one boomerang at a time, however.
  • Cape Mario: Equipping a cape after using the Cape Feather, Mario can fly through the air, knock away incoming projectiles, descend slower, divebomb at an opponent, divebomb at the ground to cause an earthquake/shockwave that damages everything near him, and spin around like a top to strike enemies with his cape.
  • Cat Mario: Using a Super Bell, Mario puts on a catsuit that allows him to run quickly on all fours and scale walls as well as slash at opponents with claws.
  • Lucky Cat Mario: Similar to Cat Mario, but instead accessed with a Lucky Bell and the transformation gives Mario a bell collar. It has all the same powers, but it can also turn Mario into an invulnerable golden statue of himself. He can use this in mid-air to crush opponents.
  • Cloud Mario: Using the Cloud Flower, Mario can walk on clouds and jump farther. He can also spawn up to three temporary cloud platforms. This amount can be refilled with more Cloud Flowers.
  • Fire Mario: Using the Fire Flower, Mario's pyrokinetic skills are given an upgrade. He can shoot big fireballs slightly faster in this form (The M&L series shows that Fire Mario can shoot big fireballs faster than he can in his base form using Ultra Flame, but he can already shoot out normal-sized fireballs at this speed according to M&L:SS+BM's Fire Bros attack) and shoot out two fireballs from both of his sides at once with a spin jump. Considering he can do most of what his fire form usually grants him in his base form in a lot of games (excluding the previous two things mentioned), it is not very useful in a Death Battle scenario though it is still useful to a degree.
  • Flying Squirrel Mario: Using a Super Acorn, Mario dons a flying squirrel costume and can glide, stick to walls, spin jump higher, and give him a large mid-air boost upwards.
  • P-Flying Squirrel Mario: Similar to Flying Squirrel Mario but accessed with a P-Acorn. This form has a shinier appearance than Flying Squirrel Mario and has a big P on the hat. It has all of the abilities of the Flying Squirrel Mario but also allows Mario to boost up into the air an unlimited amount of times.
  • Gold Mario: Using the Gold Flower, Mario becomes golden and can shoot out powerful Gold Fireballs that can create large and destructive shockwaves when they hit something. It can even turn some enemies into coins.
  • Ice Mario: Using the Ice Flower, Mario can create and manipulate iceballs.
  • Raccoon Mario: Using the Super Leaf, Mario can fly temporarily after reaching enough speed and hover downward.
  • P-Raccoon Mario: Using a P-Wing, Mario can achieve this form is the same as Raccoon Mario but with a big P on the chest and unlimited flight.
  • Bee Mario: Using a Bee Mushroom, Mario gains a bee-like outfit while able to temporarily fly, climb honeycombs and walk on flower petals and clouds. This form can be canceled by water.
  • Boo Mario: Using a Boo Mushroom, Mario can turn into a Boo with the same powers as the ghosts themselves.
  • Super Mario: Mario can use a Super Mushroom to increase his size, whether it be to return to normal after being shrunk somehow or to temporarily increase his size by more than two times to access a large, invulnerable and powerful form for 20 seconds.
  • Mega Mario: Using the Mega Mushroom, Mario can enlarge into an invincible obstacle-smashing building-sized giant for a short time. Mario is powerful enough to destroy entire levels by rampaging through them and instantly kill Bowser with a stomp. The time limit ranges from 25 seconds in games like Super Mario 3D World and New Super Mario Bros. DS to 1 minute in games like Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash and Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam.
  • Propeller Mario: Using the Propeller Mushroom, Mario gains a propeller helmet that lets him fly upwards. He likes using his previously mentioned Drill Spin attack more in this form as well
  • Rock Mario: Using a Rock Mushroom, Mario can encase himself in a boulder that allows him to spin around and crush enemies at high speeds.
  • Spring Mario: Using a Spring Mushroom, Mario is encased in a spring coil that allows him to jump even higher.
  • Bunny Mario: Upon using a Carrot power-up and gaining a pair of bunny ears, Mario can run faster, jump higher, and flutter in midair.
  • Superball Mario: When Mario uses a Superball Flower, he gains the ability to shoot harmful bouncing superballs to attack enemies.
  • Mini Mario: After using a Mini Mushroom, Mario is reduced to a smaller size that allows him to run on water and go through small passages. However, he is weaker and less durable in this form but he still maintains enough strength to harm enemies with his ground pound.
  • Frog Mario: Putting on the Frog Suit, Mario can swim underwater more effectively without needing to breathe. But Mario's movement on land is limited to jumping.
  • Hammer Mario: Putting on a Hammer Suit, Mario gets the powers of the Hammer Brothers with an infinite supply of hammers. Mario's shell he gains in this form is fireproof.
  • Metal Mario: Putting on the Metal Cap, Mario becomes metal-skinned and nearly invincible. Upon his feats is withstanding strong winds and underwater currents. But while his speed is unaffected, the downside is that he can be injured by a fall and he can sink easily (Though Mario has used the latter as an advantage.)
  • Penguin Mario: Putting on the Penguin Suit, Mario can swim underwater more effectively, slide on his belly for faster travel when he is on ice, have better traction when on ice, and create and manipulate iceballs. When using a spin jump, he can shoot out two iceballs at once that bounce away at both sides of him. While the iceballs are effective, they are not quite as effective as his Ice Mario form's iceballs.
  • Shell Mario: Putting on the Blue Shell, Mario can swim fast, dodge attacks, and slide through enemies.
  • Luigi Cap Mario:Putting on theLuigi Cap, Mario turns into Luigi and can use all the abilities Luigi has
  • Wario Cap Mario:Putting on the Wario Cap, Mario turns into Wario and can use all the abilities Wario has
  • Tanooki Mario: Putting on a Tanooki Suit, Mario becomes a version of Raccoon Mario with all the same abilities but it gives him a full-body costume and he can temporarily transform into an invulnerable stone statue and fly for an unlimited amount of time (according to the ending of Super Mario 3D Land)
  • Wing Mario: Putting on the Wing Cap (or using a Power Star), Mario can fly and descend slower until the power-up runs out after some time.
  • Star Mario: Through the use of a Super Star, Mario becomes enveloped in a flashing rainbow aura, giving him invulnerability, added speed, and enough power to one-shot basic enemies just by touching them. It can also be stacked on to other power-ups. It has a time limit of around 20 seconds, however.


  • Every time a new world-threatening evil appears, Mario always prevails.
  • Has defeated Bowser dozens of times.
    • Normally rescues Princess Peach each time after defeating Bowser.
  • Has defeated thousands of different types of enemies.
    • Has defeated the entire Koopa Troop multiple times despite being significantly outnumbered.
  • At least 100 occupations in his resume [7]
    • A professional athlete; dominating in tennis, golf, basketball, soccer, baseball, and more
    • A doctor and archaeologist
  • Has become one of the most iconic and recognizable video game characters of all time.
  • Has defeated BOTH Sonic the Hedgehog and Crash Bandicoot in the Console Wars.






  • Most power-ups can be lost after getting hit, though it is up to interpretation whether it takes one simple hit or a fatal hit for the power-ups to go away.
    • It should be noted that his power-ups can at the very least withstand small attacks like fireballs backfiring and scorching Mario's back (pun entirely intended) and long falls without going away. This would seem to imply that Mario's power-ups can withstand simple hits and that it really would take a fatal hit to get rid of a power-up or at least a strong hit.
  • Invincibility power-ups have time limits.
  • Can only equip one badge at a time
  • Was once hostile when he was overshadowed by Luigi.
  • his durability is very inconsistent across different games(such as when he almost died to cackletta'sbomb)[8]
  • Not everything can be Captured by Cappy. Most bosses (including those about the same size as Mario) cannot be captured at all. Though considering it is a boss fight and many other creatures larger than Mario like T-Rex's can be captured, this could just be game mechanics.
    • Mario cannot Capture something that is already wearing a hat, though he can simply knock their hat off with attacks like Jumps and Cap Throws.


  • Despite rescuing Peach multiple times, he has failed many times in preventing her capture in the first place.
  • Has been kidnapped by Donkey Kong, Bowser, and King Boo.

Alternate Versions[]

Paper Mario[]

Physical Appearance[]

Paper Mario is almost identical to Mario, the only difference is that he looks more "cartoonish".

Powers & Abilities[]

  • Paper Mario can become a paper plane.
  • Being paper thin, he can get through very narrow passages.
  • He can turn himself into a tube to roll into small passages
  • He can turn himself into a paper boat, to move over water.
  • His ultra hammer can break through very powerful blocks and use a spin that knocks opponents back.
  • He can jump on his opponents as his main form of attack.
  • He can perform the spring jump which sends him shooting high up into the air.
  • He can perform the ground pound, where he slams down on to his opponents. He can also perform the tornado jump, a much more powerful version of this move.
  • Paper Mario knows the super guard technique, which completely negates any damage if timed correctly. If Paper Mario super guards a physical attack, it does a small amount of damage to the attacker as well.
  • He can flap his arms to increase his jump height, very similar to Yoshi's flutter jump.
  • His paint hammer can splatter paint on things. Paint can be seen in the dark and can bring color back to colorless objects.
  • His copy block can clone himself. He can have up to 9 clones of himself, but the clones all die in one hit, though they can still manage to survive VERY weak attacks.
  • He can turn in to a ninja star.
  • He can use stickers to gain power-ups and damage enemies. Some stickers include the scissors sticker which cuts through enemies, the Pow Block sticker which causes a miniature earthquake and the Mushroom sticker that heals Mario.
  • He can "flip" to go between dimensions and become invisible to people.

Power Ups/Power Up stickers[]

  • Pal Pill
    • Makes a bunch of small 8-bit clones of Paper Mario that mimic his every move, but die in one hit.
  • Slow Flower
    • Slows time for awhile.
  • Fast Flower
    • Speeds up time for a while.
  • Mega Star
    • Turns Paper Mario into a huge invincible 8-bit Mario that runs out after a while.
  • Super Star
    • Turns Paper Mario into Invincible Mario and makes him invincible for a short amount of time.
  • Fire Flower sticker
    • Lets Paper Mario shoot fireballs at enemies. There is also a much more powerful version of it called the Flashy Fire Flower sticker
  • Ice Flower sticker
    • Lets Paper Mario shoot ice balls at enemies. There is also a much more powerful version of it called the Flashy Ice Flower sticker.
  • Tanooki sticker
    • Gives Paper Mario a tanooki tail that he can use to hit projectiles and send them in the opposite direction, and he can also use it to hit enemies as well. There is also a much more powerful version of it called the Flashy Tanooki sticker.
  • Frog Suit sticker
    • Gives Paper Mario a frog suit that improves his jumping ability. It also improves the power of any sticker used after it. There is also a much more powerful version of it called the Flashy Frog Suit sticker.
  • Spike Helmet sticker
    • Gives Paper Mario a helmet with a spike on it. There is also a much more powerful version of it called the Flashy Spike Helmet Sticker.
  • Super Boot
    • Improves Paper Mario's jumping ability, and as a bonus makes his jump attacks stronger. There is also a much more powerful version of it called the flashy Super Boot sticker.
  • Poison Mushroom sticker
    • Poisons Paper Mario...but anyone who gets touched by him is poisoned as well.
  • Leaf sticker
    • Makes all of Paper Mario's attacks successful for a limited amount of time. For example, he won't be able to accidentally mess up the throws of his Fire Balls for his Fire Flower stickers.
  • Beat Box sticker


  • Defeated the Shadow Queen, super Dimentio, and King Olly
  • Survived being attacked by slurp guys and having nearly all his paint sucked out(paint is his life force)
  • Can outrun sound waves and is far faster than his non paper self
  • Outran a giant fan that could spin the earth(though this is possibly a one-off outlier/gag for comedic effect)
  • Defeated hole punch, who removed the sun from the sky
  • Conquered the pit of 100 trials in super paper mario and the thousand year door.
  • His attacks can push back shiny Robobowser


  • Paper Mario takes double damage from fire in some games
  • Can be blown away by especially strong wind, though his immense speed can negate this weakness.

Mario Mario (1993 Hollywood Pictures movie)[]


  • Full Name: Mario Mario
  • Age: Around his late 30's or in his 40's
  • Residence: Brooklyn

Tools, Weapons, Vehicles and Equipment[]

  • Wrench
    • Meant for plumbing, but I'm pretty sure it hits HARD
    • If it somehow happens that Mario's gotta do plumbing in a fight, it'll come in handy
  • Mario's Van
    • Mario's trademark vehicle
    • Pretty sure it hurts if it runs into you
    • Allows for transportation
  • Thwomp Stompers
    • Shoes given to Mario and Luigi, by Big Bertha
    • Allows Mario to leap dozens of meters into the air
    • Can fire Bullet Bills
    • Grants short-time fly
  • Bullet Bills
    • Explosive missile
    • Fired from Thwomp Stompers
  • Flamethrower
    • Yes, you read this right, Mario owns a f*cking flamethrower
  • Flame Gun
    • Variation of the Flamethrower
    • Shoots fireballs
  • Bob-omb
    • Remote bomb
    • Walks a distance before exploding
    • Has to be wound up
  • De-Evolution Gun
    • Shoots out rays of energy
    • De-evolves victims


  • Knocked out two guy's with one of his plumbing tools
  • Kicked out metal grate
  • Smashed through icicles
  • Scales to Koopa, who survived a point-blank Bob-omb blast that sent him through the air
  • Got clonked out by a flashlight and got right back up moments later
  • Fell a few stories with little to no injuries
  • Got punched in the face by Big Bertha
  • Crashed through a window
  • Endured being zapped multiple times by tasers which would knock a normal man out cold
  • Constantly dodged fireballs
  • Dodged a shot from the Devo-Gun
  • Reacted quick enough to pin down his wrench in an ice tunnel to trip dinosaurs
  • Outpaced a speeding car


  • Is still effectively human
  • Can still be killed by things that would kill anyone of us
  • Easy to anger
  • Was drunk the whole time

Mario (2023 Illumination movie)[]

Background =[]

  • Full Name: Unknown
  • Age: Around 25 years old, similar to his game counterpart, considering pictures of his graduation in his house
  • Residence: Brooklyn, Mushroom Kingdom


  • Acrobatics
    • Even in his base form he perform acrobatic techniques like flips and tumble rolls, though not to the level of his game counterpart or powered-up forms
  • Jump
    • Mario can jump around his own height in the air and stomp on enemies from above and bounce off of them
  • Determination and Resilience

Tools, Weapons, Vehicles and Equipment[]

  • Plumbing Tools
    • Wrench, flashlight, plunger, etc.
  • Van
    • The van for Super Mario Bros. plumbing
  • Kart
    • A custom kart with gravity-defying capabilities made by the Kongs, though it was eventually destroyed
  • Power-Ups
    • Super Mushroom
      • Doubles Mario's size, increases his strength and maneuverability, and lets him do a Ground Pound to crush opponents below him even harder than with normal stomps or disorient those standing around him, but the effects go away after a strong hit
    • Mini Mushroom
      • Makes Mario the size of a bug, but leaves him very vulnerable. The effects go away after a strong hit
    • Fire Flower
      • Although never used during the events of the movie, he is capable of using it and attempts to before being interrupted by Donkey Kong. Gives him the ability to throw fireballs. The effects go away after a strong hit
    • Super Bell
      • Gives Mario a cat suit with extremely sharp claws and increased maneuverability, as well as presumably increased strength. The effects go away after a strong hit
    • Super Leaf
      • Gives Mario a Tanooki suit with a tail that he can spin around like a propeller to fly at extremely high speeds. He can swat opponents with his tail to damage them. The effects go away after a strong hit
    • Super Star


  • Graduated from college and learned how to be a plumber
  • Saved the Mushroom Kingdom and Brooklyn from the Koopa Kingdom
  • Stomped a Koopa so hard that it retreated into its shell
  • Physically strong enough to jump relatively high in to the air and do impressive acrobatics
  • Pulled two all-nighters over the course of the film with relatively little fatigue
  • Survived getting rag-dolled around the entire movie by the bizarre obstacles and quirks of the Mushroom Kingdom and by hulkingly strong characters like Donkey Kong and the even-stronger Bowser
  • Survived and nearly completed a Super Mario Maker-esque obstacle course with the help of Super Mushrooms, smashing through solid brick blocks in the process
  • Defeated Donkey Kong to the point of humiliating him with the help of a Super Bell
  • Drove go-karts across Rainbow Road while fighting for his life
  • Defeated numerous Bowser troops with the help of a Super Mushroom and a Super Leaf
  • Outsped a Banzai Bill with a Super Leaf


  • While demonstrating feats and attributes that are all above that of what a normal human can do, in his base form he is mostly just a pretty good acrobat armed with only his wits and resilience, making him not much of a natural fighter. He is reliant on Power-Ups to put up much of a fight against most opponents
  • His Power-Ups either go away after a strong hit or, in the case of the Super Star, run out after a certain amount of time
  • He is not seen keeping Power-Ups on hand, relying on getting them from his surroundings during the events of the movie
  • The Fire Flower can be rendered useless by a gust of air
  • Can be brash and overconfident



  • Donkey Kong (Mario's first game) was supposed to be a Popeye game; Pauline as Olive, DK as Bluto and Mario as Popeye.
  • Mario's iconic voice actor, Charles Martinet, almost wasn't Mario. His audition was last-minute and improvised. Charles didn't know anything about videogames at that time.
  • While Mario is officially human; Nintendo jokes that Mario is a subspecies called 'homo-nintendonus'.
  • Nintendo officially bought the rights to Super Hornio Brothers I and II; pornographic parodies of Mario. Nintendo did this to stop all future sales of the film indefinitely. Despite this censorship, VHS copies were sold before the acquisition. These two films are some of the rarest films in the world.
  • March 10 is officially recognized as "Mario Day" as March can be abbreviated as "Mar" and adding 10 to the end of it makes "Mar10", with the 1 and the 0 appearing similar to an i and an o to spell out "Mario". Fans of the series have used this day to celebrate the video game star and his series by sharing Mario-themed memories, memes/jokes, and art in real life and on websites such as Twitter.
  • Mario has more fights than any other character on Death Battle Fanon Wiki.

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