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Dr. Langstrom: I want to be like the Batman. Bruce Wayne: You want to be a crimefighter? Dr. Langstrom: I want to be feared! The birth of Man-Bat!

~ Dr. Langstrom before transformation

Man-Bat is a character from DC Comics and enemy of Batman.

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Dr. Robert Kirk Langstrom, a scientist is chiropterologist who was working on a cure for deafness and other diseases through bat DNA based on the T-99 mutagen he developed with Dr. Emile Dorian. After imbibing the serum, Langstorm suffered a horrible side effect that transforms him into a hideous man-sized bat-human hybrid. The serum also takes away his intelligence, reducing Langstorm to a crazed animal that mad rampage until Batman subdued the creature and injected Man-Bat with a counter-serum. As long as Langstrom refrained from imbibing the formula again, despite having developed a nightly addiction, he would remain in his human form.

Death Battle Info[]

As Man-Bat, whose genetic makeup uses DNA of various bat species that include vampire bat, Langstrom has vastly increased strength and the ability to fly and use echo-location. In a fight, Man-Bat uses his razor-sharp claws and fangs. While Langstorm manages to maintain control over himself, he would gradually submit to his animal instincts and be driven to harm friend and foe alike.


  • In one alternate universe, Langstorm's serum had a less mutative effect and causes him to be his universe's vampiric version of Batman.
  • Has beaten multiple other villains of Batman, including Killer Croc, Deadshot and Rick Flag
  • Can easily throw vans around


  • Can be controlled by sonar designed to control bats or a mechanical collar designed to administer a suggestive drug.
  • As Man-Bat, Langstorm's eyes are degraded to the point that he sees solely in black-and-white, with objects flaring up solid white if emitting heat.
  • Langstorm's research was stolen by Talia al Ghul for her purposes to create a personal army.
  • Hearing is highly sensitive