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Maka Albarn vs. Ruby Rose
Season 3, 6 (Rematch), Episode 5, 8 (Rematch)
Vital statistics
Air date March 26th, 2015
Written by ParaGoomba348
Directed by Anonymous
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Maka Albarn vs. Ruby Rose is a What-If? Episode of Death Battle featuring Maka Albarn from Soul Eater against Ruby Rose from RWBY


Soul Eater VS RWBY! Which scythe-wielding action girl will reap the life of the other?


Wiz: Of all the girls we've used in this series, none of them take action quite like these girls. Like Maka Albarn, wielder of Soul Eater-

Boomstick: And Ruby Rose, the red-riding-hood Huntress. He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick!

Wiz: It is our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to see who would win in a Death Battle.


Wiz: In Death City, Nevada, there is a school where students learn how to hunt souls of evil spirits, and also witches. This school? The DWMA, Death Weapon-Meister Academy.

Boomstick: Two of these students were Maka Albarn and Soul Eater, a happy couple-

Wiz: They actually never get together in the series.

Boomstick: It's canon to me, okay?!

Wiz: Anyway, Maka and Soul are two of the greatest students there. You'd think that they would fight as a duo, but they fight in a very unique style - You see Maka's scythe? That's actually Soul, after transforming himself into a scythe. And Maka wields him.

Boomstick: You think that if she holds the scythe the wrong way Soul could see up her skirt?

Wiz: Boomstick, you better not start.

Boomstick: You were thinking it too, Wiz.

Wiz: ...Anyway, not just anyone can wield Soul as a weapon. The reason Maka uses Soul so effectively is because of a thing called Soul Resonance, which is where the souls of the weapon and meister resonate with each other at the same frequency.

Boomstick: And if they don't? Well, Black*Star found out the hard way.

Wiz: This also effects Maka and Soul in battle. One time, the two were arguing with each other in a battle against Free, making their attacks less effective due to a lack of coordination.

Boomstick: But if things get real bad, these two are really, really protective of each other. Like in their battle against Crona and Ragnarok! Wiz, look at this scene and tell me SoMa isn't canon.

Wiz: It's not. Maka actually gets with Death the Kid in the manga.

Boomstick: Well screw that.

Wiz: But you have a point there. Soul is capable of reverting to his human form in order to protect Maka, and Maka will go to great extents to protect Soul. Soul took a sword slash from Ragnarok across the chest, and ended up with something called Black Blood.

Boomstick: Black- OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT?!

Wiz: Black Blood is a type of demon blood that gives the host body a gigantic increase in physical abilities, but also causes insanity. Tapping into the Black Blood is difficult, but when done, allows Maka and Soul to square off with foes such as Medusa and Asura.


Wiz: Uh, no. This is a different Asura.

Boomstick: Oh. I'm less impressed.

Wiz: When Maka and Soul truly begin to resonate, they can use powerful abilities such as Witch Hunter, Genie Hunter, and Kishin Hunter. But the problem is that it only works on evil, as Maka and Soul discovered in their battle against Stein.

Boomstick: But Maka and Soul don't need Black Blood or Genie Hunter or anything like that! Even as a scythe, Soul can talk to Maka and make strategies and stuff. Maka and Soul can even see souls! Isn't that awesome? Wiz! I wonder what your soul looks like?

Wiz: Um, I'm not sure. In addition to seeing souls, Soul himself doesn't call himself 'Soul Eater' for nothing. He literally eats souls. Apparently they don't have a taste but they have very nice texture.

Boomstick: Mmm, souls...

Wiz: As far as physicality goes, Maka is very athletic despite being more of a bookworm. She can run very quickly, she has faster-than-eye reflexes, and is surprisingly strong. As a weapon, Soul is very tough and cannot be broken, but in human form he is almost useless.

Boomstick: Still, two fighters in one means that they are able to make strategies. And Maka's really smart, so that makes it even better. Hey Wiz! Wanna be my weapon?

Wiz: Uh, I'd rather not. I don't think I can turn into one. But Maka's ace in the hole is actually very well-hidden. If she is, for some reason, to lose Soul, she is actually capable of wielding herself as a weapon.

Boomstick: How does THAT make any sense?!

Wiz: Her father was a weapon, her mother was a meister...

Boomstick: Ah, I see.

Wiz: Maka's weapon form was able of defeating Asura even though he'd defeated Soul, Death the Kid, and Black*Star previously. During this form, she seems to be capable of acting subconsciously and is faster and more durable.

Boomstick: Her arms are freakin' scythes!

Wiz: But don't think these two are invincible. Maka and Soul have lost a very fair amount of battles, including against Stein, Crona and Ragnarok, Medusa, Asura, Giriko, Mosquito, and Asura again. Also, while these two may complement each other near-perfectly, they still often fight with each other. If that begins to happen, then their Soul Resonance will decrease and Soul will be less effective as a weapon.

Boomstick: But would I be complaining if I could turn into a badass scythe? I think not!


Wiz: In a small town, there was a young girl named Ruby Rose who wielded a mechanical scythe known as- the Crescent Rose.

Boomstick: Then she kicked this guy Torchwick's ass, and after some help from her hot sister Yang Xiao Long, she got into this awesome school, Beacon.

Wiz: This is where she would meet her future teammates, Weiss Schnee and Blake Belladonna. Unfortunately, they didn't all get along at first. It only got worse when they were all forced to team up with each other, with Ruby of all people as the leader. They formed- Team RWBY.

Boomstick: Even though it seemed like Ruby would be one of the absolute worst choices as a leader - trust me, she is - she actually does kinda okay at it. She often fights and kills huge monsters, takes on powerful fighters, and HER SCYTHE TURNS INTO A FUCKING SNIPER RIFLE!

Wiz: It sure does! Ruby may seem like an adorable girl with a scythe, but in reality she is someone you really don't want to mess with.

Boomstick: In the Red trailer, she took down a ton of giant Beowulves! The exact number is estimated to be at around one-hundred. Man, this chick's a badass!

Wiz: Ruby is paired up with Weiss, who is pretty much her complete opposite in terms of personality and fighting style. She was also trained by her uncle in terms of fighting, so she's a very adept fighter.

Boomstick: Ruby's also kinda smart. She built the Crescent Rose by herself during her time at Signal, and she loves weapons like I do. I think I'd get along pretty well with Ruby.

Wiz: You probably would, Boomstick. But her weapon isn't the only thing she has going for her. Ruby's physicality is far above that of a regular human, being able to tank laser beams, explosions, and falls rather easily. She also shows no signs of fatigue in battle and has superhuman strength. But what Ruby REALLY has going for her is her speed.

Boomstick: Remember the most awesome food fight you have ever seen?

Wiz: ...Best. Food fight. Ever.

Boomstick: Well Ruby ran so fast that she actually caught herself and her friends in a vacuum suction! How the hell does that even happen?!

Wiz: She would have to run at Mach 20 in order to do that, which is about 6,805.8 miles per second. This is far faster than even the likes of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Boomstick: Sonic vs. Ruby confirmed, guys. The hype is real.

Wiz: Not actually confirmed.

Boomstick: ...Possibly?

Wiz: Anyway, Ruby's speed doesn't even stop there. Using her Semblance, she can actually make herself so fast that it appears to be like teleportation.

Boomstick: And she can even use something called Aura. Totally not a Lucario ripoff.

Wiz: Ruby's Aura and Lucario's aura are two completely different things. Ruby's Aura increases both her defense and offense, making her even more powerful.

Boomstick: What a badass.

Wiz: But as powerful as Ruby may be, she comes with her own flaws. She is extremely reckless and naive, rushing into battle without really knowing what it is she is doing. This has led to her downfall in several occasions, and it's only worse when factored in with her love of weapons.

Boomstick: Kinda reminds me of Sol Badguy.

Wiz: But Ruby is capable of getting her head in the game when really need be. In the end, Ruby is one red riding hood you don't want to mess with.



"So this is Death City!" said Ruby Rose as she approached the DWMA, excited to see what kind of weapons she'd see. She walked a little further, and accidentally bumped into the DWMA's best student, Maka Albarn, who was standing with her best friend, battle partner, boyfriend, and weapon, Soul Eater.

"Hey, watch it!" Maka angrily said to the Beacon student, then noticed her scythe. Was she... dangerous? Did she do that on purpose? Was she inciting a battle?

Soul quickly transformed into his scythe form as Maka grabbed him by the handle, then took a battle stance.

"Oh my goodness! You TURN INTO a scythe?!" Ruby asked excitedly. "Oh boy, I want to fight you now!" She likewise wielded the Crescent Rose in battle position.



Ruby started the battle off with a slash at Maka and Soul, which Maka blocked easily. Maka returned the favor with Ruby similarly blocking the attack. Before Maka could attempt to strike again, Ruby ran behind Maka and slashed at her. The slash sent her down to the ground.

"Huh, good fight!" Ruby said to the grim reapers. She was about to walk off, but then Maka got back up. "Huh?"

Maka glared at Ruby, and was about to strike. Then she looked at Ruby's soul, which appeared as a cute red orb with Ruby's face on it. "Soul." She said to her meister.

"Yeah, Maka?" Soul asked, being seen inside his weapon form.

"Her soul. It's the soul of an adventurous girl with lots of potential. We need to be very careful, Soul - she's more powerful than she looks." Maka said to Soul. Soul nodded.

Maka was about to strike again, but Ruby interrupted by slashing at her. Ruby struck at Maka a few more times, but then Maka dodged one of Ruby's strikes and proceeded to strike at Ruby. Ruby blocked the strike and every subsequent strike after that.

"Huh, you guys are pretty good!" Ruby told the duo. She attacked Maka again, but Maka blocked easily. Maka was getting increasingly stressed, as Ruby was currently winning.

"Soul! Let's do it!" Maka said to her weapon.

"Alright." Soul replied.


A blue soul with Maka's face and twintails appeared next to a yellow soul with Soul's face and messy hair as they began to shake and resonate wildly.

Soul began to glow white as a crescent moon shape appeared over the scythe. Maka swung Soul as hard as she could, but Ruby blocked the hit once more. However, this time the sheer force of the swing sent Ruby down to the ground.

Ruby got up, and simply dusted herself off. Maka continued swinging Soul at Ruby, and she blocked each attack until Maka got one lucky hit in. The force of the blow sent Ruby flying into the DWMA, collapsing part of the school onto Ruby. After all the dust cleared, Ruby got back up and dusted herself off. Soul reverted back to his regular scythe form.

"Uh, Soul..." Maka muttered. She was suddenly frightened of Ruby's surprising durability.

"She's good..." Soul replied, mostly speechless.

Before Maka and Soul could try to attack Ruby again, she an at them - actually, it's more like she blitzed at them. Actually, if we want to get technical, she ran so quickly that Maka and Soul didn't even see her move. In fact, she was so fast that she caught Maka and Soul in a vacuum suction as Ruby ran even faster and further with Maka and Soul right behind her. Ruby quickly turned and slashed at Maka with the Crescent Rose, knocking the two of them into the DWMA as Maka had done to Ruby earlier.

Maka got up, then wiped some blood off her face. "She's so fast... and our Soul Resonance attacks won't work-"

"Uh, Maka?" Soul turned towards Ruby, who was now wielding the Crescent Rose as a sniper rifle.


"Maka! Black Blood! Now!"

Maka and Soul's souls resonated again, and Maka's wounds started to leak a thick, black liquid rather than red blood. The wounds suddenly healed up back to normal, and Maka felt rejuvenated.

This was exceptionally good timing too, because that was the time Ruby fired the Crescent Rose. The bullets all hit Maka, but they all disintegrated upon contact.

"What?" For the first time in the battle, Ruby was surprised. She was just winning the battle, and now had to figure out how to defeat Maka in a different way. Ruby ran towards Maka again, and transformed the Crescent Rose back into a scythe. But this time, when she attempted to slash at Maka, the Crescent Rose stopped before it could even pierce her skin.

Maka grinned and slashed at Ruby in a combo, then hit her with one slash that sent her flying at the DWMA again. Ruby quickly landed back on the ground, and clashed with Maka in another struggle. The two repeatedly blocked each other's attacks, when the camera zoomed in on Soul.

Suddenly, the setting was inside of Soul's mind. Soul was in a dark room, dressed in a red-and-black suit. A little red Satan-esque demon walked inside, dancing.

"Ah, Soul, you're using the Black Blood, I see!" The demon said with a grin.

"Yes, I am." Soul replied.

The demon giggled at Soul. "Don't you love insanity?"

Soul's eyes widened.

Back in the fight, Maka was fighting less effectively. Soul was getting heavier and he was, for some reason, kind of hot to hold. Ruby saw her advantage and slashed at Maka, but the Black Blood made sure she wouldn't take much damage.

"Maka!" Soul said to his meister.

"Soul?" Maka replied.

"We need to stop using Black Blood." Soul announced. As Soul said that, Ruby slashed at Maka and sent her to the ground. Maka, bruised and beaten, appeared to have lost this battle.

Ruby stood over Maka, and grinned. "Looks like ya lost, huh?"

Maka breathed what she believed to be her last breath, when Soul reverted to his human form and stood in front of Ruby, protecting Maka.

"I'll never let you hurt my meister." Soul angrily said to Ruby.

Ruby slashed at Soul across his chest, and blood splattered everywhere. He fell down to the ground, supposedly dead.

"Soul!" Maka screamed. She got back up, and began to breathe heavily. Her eyes widened and she could hardly even move.

"Your turn!" Ruby ran at Maka and slashed at her, but then-

Then Maka blocked. With her arm. That was now a scythe.

"What?!" Ruby couldn't hit her. She slashed again, and Maka blocked with her scythe arm again. Still Maka said nothing. Maka, still silent, slashed at Ruby with her scythe arm and Ruby blocked with the Crescent Rose.

"Whoa, hold on there!" Ruby then activated her aura. She was stronger and more durable now. "Now it's a fair fight!"

The two exchanged blows for a good while. Maka would slash with her scythe arms, and Ruby would slash with Crescent Rose. Still the two could never seem to get a solid hit on each other.

"I know!" Ruby ran off, and jumped on top of the roof of the DWMA. She transformed Crescent Rose into the sniper rifle form again, then fired at Maka. Maka blocked the bullets by cutting them in half with her scythe arms, then ran after Ruby. Frozen by shock, Ruby could only watch as Maka came up after her pretty much subconsciously. Maka grabbed Crescent Rose, then with mighty force ripped it out of Ruby's hands and threw it off the DWMA. Maka looked Ruby in the eyes.

"No one. Kills my weapon." Maka glared and grabbed Ruby by the shirt, then jumped off the DWMA with her. Maka held her scythe arm to Ruby's chest and pierced it as she hit the ground, splattering blood everywhere. Maka got back up, and saw that Soul had gotten up too.

"You alright, Maka?" asked Soul.

"Yes." Maka replied, smiling at her weapon.



Boomstick: No, Ruby! She was supposed to fight Sanic!

Wiz: This was a very close match. These two held specific advantages over each other, with Maka and Soul having more destructive capability and overall strength, while Ruby was superior in terms of durability and speed. However, Maka could match Ruby's durability with Black Blood, even if it made her insane.

Boomstick: Maka and Soul are also better strategists than Ruby, who tends to be reckless. That, and by being able to see Ruby's soul, they could make strategies as soon as the battle begun.

Wiz: If nothing else, Maka's weapon form was the ultimate trump card. It enhances her speed, durability, and power so much that it would overwhelm Ruby, and combined with Maka's training in hand-to-hand combat and superior smarts, Ruby stood little chance.

Boomstick: A moment of scythe-lence for Ruby?


Wiz: The winners are Maka and Soul.

Thumbnails (Winner and Reg.) (4).png


  • This is, so far, ParaGoomba348's closest battle.
    • It is, by that note, ParaGoomba348's closest Season 3 battle.

Screenshot 2016-01-18 at 7.09.35 AM.png
This is a What-If? Death Battle written by RioluCraft FTW aka Riolu-San


These two scythe wielding huntresses come int the battle field and which of them will cut themselves a victory and which one will become red like roses?


(cues: )

Riolu-San: The grim reaper is depicted as a cloak wearing figure that wields a scythe and guides spirits to the afterlife.

Dark Riolu: And these chicks are worthy as HECK to have that title. Maka Albarn, Soul Eater's top class reaper.

Riolu-San: And Ruby Rose, RWBY's silver eyed scythe wielder.

Dark Riolu: He is Riolu-San and I am the REAL reason you read these fights.

Riolu-San: And it is our jobs to analyze their weapons armor and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle.


(cues: )

Riolu-San: Death city, one of few safe havens left in the world of Soul Eater.

Dark Riolu: But of course monsters witches and evil humans run through it at night. So they started to teach people how to fight and transform into weapons and how to use them. Quick loser turn into a mini-gun.

Riolu-San: I can't but you could try!

Dark Riolu successfully transforms into a Mega Buster.

Riolu-San: AWESOME! I can finally be Mega Man now!!!

Dark Riolu: Now lets go kill some stuff! After this......

Dark Riolu transforms back into his normal self.

Riolu-San: And so began the legacy of the DWMA and their top students Maka Albarn and Soul Eater Evans.

(Cues: )

Dark Riolu: After killing 99 kenshin, they were almost ready to upgrade SOul to a Death Scythe, and had to kill a witch. Long story short the witch turned out to be a cat that wanted to have Soul i-

Riolu-San: How about no DR. After failing Maka and soul were sent to capture Dr. Stein, who turned out to be a teacher. Who trained them for the long road so Maka could achieve her dream of making Soul a better Death Scythe than her father, who got dumped by her mom because he was cheating on her, which caused Maka to hate him. Maka is a skilled user of the scythe, and prefers to strike the opponent in their weak points and usually works well with Soul unless he gets too bent on eating the enemies soul. In which the fight..... a lot. But otherwise Soul will think of a plan that tricks both the opponent and Maka, which would cause them to bicker more.

Dark Riolu: Oh please. THat guy is just a fancy tool, he never compares to me. Maka can eliminate anything evil with the Anti-Demon Wavelength, and can change the appearance and ability of Soul but only uses him in scythe form because that is one of the only weapons Maka is comfortable with using. And also she can fly for a short amount of time using a special meister scythe technique. And has Superhuman Strength, Speed, Durability, Endurance. And has the ability to see and locate the souls of anything with one.

Riolu-San: She has multiple attacks, like the Maka-Chop, which causes the spine to shake and some minor head bleeding. And she can resonate with Soul to use the Witch Hunt attack which launches a crescent shape beam out of Soul. She can use the improved version called the Demon Hunt, which covers Soul with spikes, making him more dangerous. And she also can use the Kenshin Hunt Technique which can kill deitys, but it is useless against those with a pure heart.

Dark Riolu: Soul will sacrifice his life for Maka, and if he goes down, Maka will not join him. She is decent in hand to hand combat, and has a weapon form of her own, well, only her limbs can become the ends of scythes. That and she has another secret ability. The black blood. The black blood doubles all of Maka's stats, can heal minor wounds, and can be used as a weapon, with the downside that if it is used too much, it could drive Maka insane and be possessed by the evil witch Medusa, and because of her good will, Maka would either commit suicide or force her opponent to kill her.

Riolu-San: She has taken down multiple Kenshin without sweat and has taken down with help from Death the Kid and Black*Star. I wouldn't want to get on the bad end of her scythe.

Maka Albarn: People need fear to survive. We experience it so we can grow stronger!


(Cues: )

Riolu-San: The world of Remnant, there have been multiple legends of heroes who have fought against the Grimm. There have been legends of maidens of the seasons. But none of these stories can compare to the legend of the warriors with silver eyes.

Dark Riolu: Before we can get all in that awesomeness, we have to talk about another schoolgirl. Ruby Rose is a naive young huntress in training that has one goal. To kill all the titans, every last one of them.

Riolu-San: No that is Eren. And we are talking about RWBY not AoT, Ruby's goal is to become like the heroes in the fairy tails her older sister Yang read to her. And after being witnessed preventing a robbery in a Dust Store by the headmaster of Beacon, she got to go there 2 years early. And she became the leader of the team RWBY.

Dark Riolu: Okay, then if she gets a team named after herself I DO TO!!! BOW TO TEAM DARK RIOLU!!!

(Cues: )

Riolu-San: While she seems like she is harmless, she is no slouch when it comes to fighting and killing. She wields the scythe and rifle hybrid Crescent Rose. It can launch powerful magic powder called dust. And the dust is presumed to be fire dust because of its appearance. She also good with most other weapons that relate to her scythe, like a knife.

Dark Riolu: Finally! THE AWESOME STUFF! She has superhuman strength, speed, durability, and endurance. But she also has two traits, Aura and semblance. Aura lets her heal minor wounds and lets her have her semblance. Her semblance lets her become faster than the speed of light. Heh, I wonder how she compares i speed to-

Riolu-San: We are not copying a joke that Para used, okay DR?!

Dark Riolu: People would ignore it because I am so much more awesome than everyone here.

Riolu-San turns to the audience and says something before going back to normal.

Riolu-San: Just ignore him when he says that, just let him think that. It is easier this way.

(Cues: )

Riolu-San: When Ruby has had enough of her friends getting hurt, she will unleash the Silver Eyes. They only activate when she is traumatised by something nut the will permanently freeze whatever is around her in time, which is pretty much killing it. But it will leave her in a weakened state. And while RUby may be an amazing fighter, she has her flaws.

Dark Riolu: SHe cannot do well with hand to hand combat, and is not great at controlling her speed, usually relying on her scythe to stop her and if she uses her aura too much she can be rendered useless in battle. Even though she is an awesome huntress, and it isn't likely she will let anything stand in her way of her reaching her goals.

Ruby: I don't care what you think! We WILL stop them, and I WILL stop you! BET ON THAT!


Death City, 9:30 PM

A group of four wandering hunters and huntresses are wandering around trying to find clues to how to get rid of a giant dragon like creature that is frozen in time permanently. One of the hunters is wielding a shield and a sword looking down at a map trying to figure out where they are. That hunter is Juane Arc former lover of Pyrrah Nikos.

Juane: And we are lost.....

A ginger headed girl dressed in white wielding a giant hammer looks around just in case they found something. That girl is standing next to a boy with black and pink hair. Those were Nora Valkyre and Li Ren.


Juane: Okay then Nora where are we?

Nora: We are LOST!

Li Ren: Nora.....

One hooded young girl walks up and is walking towards the rest. Her hood is red, as she is walking she is carrying a giant scythe with her and she takes off her hood revealing her blackish-red hair and her silver eyes. This is none other than Ruby Rose.

Ruby: Let's see if we could find a place to stay for the night. Maybe this place would work guys.

The four hunters walk up to the building known as the DWA. As they are walking up two of the students are walking up. One is a laid back teenage boy with white hair, the other is a young school girl. These two are no other than Maka and Soul.

Soul: What are we doing here Maka, there have been no reports of Kenshin or witches, we do not need to be here.

Maka: Soul we could always check for ourselves and besides, they always come out at night.

As the two groups are walking closer and closer Maka and Ruby see each other. Maka sees Ruby and her group and then sees their weapons. Maka knows the dangers of armed people at night in Death City and gets in a battle stance.

Ruby: May we stay the night here? We are just a few wandering hunters that need shelter for the night.

Maka: Okay then, have your weapons turn back into people then.

Ruby: Our weapons don't exactly do thaaaa-

Soul: They must be Kenshin and Witches in disguise.

Maka: And they are getting too close to the DWA. Soul you ready for this.

Ruby: So leave? Oka-

Soul transforms into a weapon as Maka grabs his blade and slashes at Ruby who jumps back away from the slash.

Ruby: So we are going to fight?

Maka: I won't let you enter into the DWA and hurt the other students.

Ruby: So this is a fight. Okay then, I will fight to protect my team no matter the cost.

The two girls start to run at each other as the fight begins.


(Cues: )

The two start to rapidly swing their scythes at each other while dodging and jumping until Ruby rushes at Maka with her semblance while using the jet end of her scythe to boost her knocking Maka onto the ground.


Nora: GO RUBY!

Juane: DON'T DIE ON ME!!!

Ruby launches herself from a distance and starts launching shots from her scythe. Maka launches some Kenshin hunts in respond to counter them. As this seems pointless and endless Maka jumps up to where Ruby is and slashes at her giving a her a small rip on the bottom of her skirt.

(Cues: )

Ruby: Wew that was close.

Maka: I can't get close enough to finish her off.

Soul: Can we hurry up, I would like her soul.


Ruby fires a few shots at Maka and Soul who were able to jump out of the way just in time to avoid the blast. As Maka advances towards Ruby Ruby blitzes around her slashing at her knees until Ruby uses a blast fro her scythe and her semblance to rush towards Maka and blood is seen eject from where Maka is.

Ruby: I guess that is over.

Ruby looks over to see that Maka is standing there with Soul bleeding out at her feet. As Maka looks over at RUby she looks like she was in pain and angry wanting revenge.

Maka: You will pay for what you did to Soul.

Maka's arms become scythe blades as Ruby readys her scythe.

(Cues: )

Maka rushes at Ruby and starts slashing at her with her blades as Ruby counters by shooting her with her scythe.

Ruby: Wh..what are you doing?

Maka: Avenging my friend.

The two slash at each other a whole bunch until Ruby's scythe breaks and Maka starts to get tired. Maka then activates her black blood and uses it to maul on Ruby who starts to dodge every attack and constantly get more tired out in the process. Until Maka misses while Ruby dodges knocking down a giant building nearby where Juane, Ren, and Nora are.

Juane: RUN GUYS!!!

The three start to run and almost make it away but are covered by the rubble. Ruby watched this all happen.

(Music stops)

Ruby: JAUNE!!! REN!!! NORA!!!

Ruby's eyes glow pure white as the whole area starts to shine so bright that the area whites out. When the area is no longer white Maka is seen in place about to unleash an attack but has no signs of living. A couple of kids walk out of the DWA and sees what has happened and drag who ever could still be alive inside to get instant medical care.

As one of the survivors starts to open their eyes they are surrounded by 9 people. Jaune, Ren, Nora, and Soul were all there. Along with a kid with a tuxedo and two girls standing besides him. Another kid that was dressed like a ninja with outrageously spiky hair with a calm looking young woman behind him.

Juane: Are you okay?!

Kid in tux: She is in no fightin condition, and won't be for a while.

Ninja kid: Heh, she will be fine.

The survivor looks around to see that her friends were their, alive and well, but that other girl was gone, and that boy, didn't she kill him?

Soul: I am somewhat impressed. But you will pay later for what you did to Maka

Ruby: I...i didn't mean t-..... I a-

Soul: Sorry, just please leave her as soon as possible. I don't want to see your face around here anymore.

Jaune: Lets leave before anyone else attacks us.



(Cues: )


Riolu-San: While Ruby may seem like she is clearly out matched here only having the edges in speed and range. Maka was almost clear to take this match.

Dark Riolu: Except one thing.

Riolu-San: Maka has no way of countering the Silver Eyes. But Ruby is in no more fighting condition. So this is kind of a draw.

Dark Riolu: NO it was not! Ruby lived trough it!

Riolu-San: Lets have it your way then.

Dark Riolu: Well I guess Maka didn't get the edge of the battle and now is red like roses.

Riolu-San: The winner is Ruby Rose.

Dark Riolu: HAH.



Riolu-San: *Whispers* This battle was really a draw.

Ruby Rose VS Maka Albarn is a What-If? episode of Death Battle by AgentRedhead, featuring Ruby Rose from the RWBY series and Maka Albarn from the Soul Eater series in a battle between teenage scythe-wielding heroines.



Ruby Rose

Maka Albarn

Death Battle


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Maka Albarn vs Ruby Rose is a What-If Deathbattle featuring Maka Albarn from Soul Eater and Ruby Rose from RWBY. It is Friendlysociopath's first fight that uses an additional tab of someone else's previously made page.


Scythe-Users- the battle of the Rose and the Reaper?


Wiz: Welcome to yet another rendition of Deathbattle, this time bringing you a pair of the most unique weapons ever seen in fiction.

Boom: It's a battle of the scythes! And the girls behind them are nothing to sneeze at either! Give em a few more years and who knows what could happen!

Wiz: While Boomstick's attraction is sketchy, it's actually not all that inappropriate as both universes are substantially darker in tone than they initially appear. Despite being somewhat typical schools for gifted children learning to fight- both RWBY and Soul Eater grow dramatically more sinister as they progress.

Boom: I guess you could say they get more Grimm!

Wiz: Is that a pun for Soul Eater or RWBY?

Boom: It's the best pun! Two in one!

Wiz: Today we're pitting the scythe-users and leading protagonists of either series against one another. Ruby Rose from RWBY.

Boom: And Maka Albarn from Soul Eater!

Wiz: These two girls have both trained for years in using their respective weapons and it's time to put that training to the test.

Boom: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and abilities to discover who would win a Deathbattle.

Maka Albarn

A sound soul dwells within a sound mind and a sound body.

Wiz: Maka Albarn is a Death Meister, a student that fights alongside their weapon weapon in the hopes of turning it into a Death Scythe to serve Lord Death.

Boom: Fights... alongside her weapon? How do you fight with a weapon?

It's not hard, not when you're as cool as I am.

Wiz: Maka's weapon, and also her partner, is known as Soul Evans. Together, he and Maka travel the world, claiming evil souls and fighting off malevolent forces.

Boom: Is 'Soul' and 'souls' going to be confusing for this?

Wiz: Oh definitely, pay attention Boomstick or you'll face a dire fate.

Boom: Fanmail?

Wiz: Worse.


Boom: What the hell was that!?

Wiz: The penalty for idiocy. While Maka and Soul's powers come from one another, Maka is still a superhuman in her own right, capable of leaving a dent deep into your skull by smashing a book into it and even cutting aside some attacks with it as well. Estimates put this at almost a thousand pounds of force when she uses her hand, and reaching nearly four thousand when she uses a book.

Boom: Who needs Soul with that?

Wiz: The relationship between Meister and Weapon is compared to a guitarist and an amp, as the series greatly enjoys the use of analogies for how the souls react to one another. In the case of Maka and Soul, Maka is the guitar, capable of making music on her own. Soul however acts like an amp, allowing her to take this music and greatly empower it to levels unreachable on her own. In this state Maka's strength in enhanced to the point where she can break through attacks that shatter mountaintops.

Boom: The two accomplish this by using Soul Resonance, making both their minds and souls move to the same beat, allowing Soul to grow to freakish size and cut through even multiple pieces of stone like a 2000 degree knife through butter!

Wiz: In addition to this normal use of the technique, Maka and Soul have several unique features to themselves-

Boom: Please start with Soul so we can get past this soul and Soul mess!

Wiz: Nope, Maka first, it'll make sense; trust me.

Boom: Boomstick trusts no one- I'm like Batman that way.

Wiz: Right, anyways, Maka has two unique features that distinguish her from other Meisters. The first is her Grigori soul. After killing Arachne and absorbing her soul, Soul (Boomstick can be heard groaning in the background) gains the ability to manifest a pair of wings when used by Maka, enabling the two to fly and even fight in mid-air.

Boom: And then we get to one of the big guns- shame Maka's guns aren't very big-

MAKA CHOP! (Screen shakes)

Wiz: Maka herself can not only sense nearby souls and killing intent, which is somewhat common for Meisters, but the range she can reach is astounding- at one point reaching over the entire world.

Boom: Please... please get to the weapon now...

Wiz: Soul's powers are more varied than Maka's, however, we'll be focusing on the abilities they use together instead of Soul's solo showings. For starts, he's a musician-

Boom: Alright! What sort of badass instrument does he play? He eats souls so there's got to be some serious metal stuff- Drums? Guitar?

Wiz: Classical piano. The interesting part is how Soul and Maka's powers interact. Through his exposure to black blood and eating Arachne's soul- Soul (Boomstick groans again) can use Maka's Soul Perception to target individuals and produce an 'opposite' Soul Wavelength. This has the effect of basically attacking the opponent's soul until they stop moving and fighting altogether. Also known as 'Noise Canceling'.

Boom: Damn- that is so METAL! Why does he have to play classical piano?!

Wiz: It's the cool thing to do. However, that is not the only role black blood plays. When linked, Soul can transfer this power to Maka, granting her the ability to almost be immune to cutting entirely judging by her battle with Crona. At one point they run one another's faces down the edges of their weapons but take no damage from such an attack.

Boom: Even if you do manage to break through the black blood- Maka can regenerate the injury in seconds thanks to the black blood dress. Even Asura punching a hole through her chest was healed in seconds.

Wiz: They also can target soul-based weaponry, taking control of them and turning them against the user, Soul could target the laser-firing moons and cause them to fire against their owner.

Boom: What a pair, what a combination-

Wiz: What a Soul Eater.

Ruby Rose

We’ve all lost something, and I’ve seen what loss can do to people. But if we gave up every time we lost, then we’d never be able to move forward.

Wiz: Ruby Rose is a Huntress in training, being taught at the prestigious Beacon Academy to take her place as an elite warrior dedicated to hunting down Grimm, malevolent creatures without a soul that attack on a regular basis.

Boom: Pfft, 'prestigious schools', buncha rich kids whose mommy and daddy bought their way in.

Wiz: While presumably true for some, Ruby got in based on her own merits. When accosted by Roman Torchwick and several thugs, Ruby didn't exhibit fear or panic, instead just asking if she was being robbed. Upon being assured that she was indeed being targeted for illegal activity, Ruby attacked.

Boom: And by god is Ruby attacking someone cool to watch or what!

Wiz: Ruby's weapon is known as the Crescent Rose, a weapon deemed unwieldy for most Hunters and Huntresses, but in Ruby's hands it's a powerful tool of destruction.

Boom: It slices- it dices- it SHOOTS!

Wiz: The Crescent Rose is a twofold weapon, able to be wielded normally like a scythe or fired like a rifle. Ruby is found of using the rifle bit to help move herself around the battlefield- sending the small girl veritably flying around at high speeds.

Boom: She's not above cracking off a round while swinging it either- just to give her strikes that added BAM!

Wiz: 'Bam' sums it up rather nicely. When using the bullets to enhance her strikes, Ruby can easily cut through large creatures like Grimm or even straight through a tree in a single blow.

Boom: I love a gun that can cut people.

Wiz: The Crescent Rose is specifically referred to as a 0.50 Cal, which means it fires big bullets at fast velocities.

Boom: Speaking of which, Wiz, I heard the bullets have to be really fast to through Ruby around; so how fast are they?

Wiz: Considering RWBY invented magic bullets and have the characters use their souls to change the power, plus they cited a real gun with real velocities behind it as the inspiration for the weapon- it's more than likely the bullets just move the characters around via their magical properties compared to the speed of the rounds.

Boom: Wait- Ruby uses her soul for her weapon?

Wiz: Sorta. You see, RWBY characters use 'Aura' to do basically everything. Want to hit harder? Use more Aura. Want to be harder to hurt? Use more Aura. Their weapons channel their Aura as well as their Semblances.

Boom: What's your point Wiz? I thought you said the soul was involved?

Wiz: Auras and Semblances both come from the soul. In fact, it's rare that any two Hunters or Huntresses have the same ability because everyone has their own soul.

Boom: I'm getting a soul-theme here.

Wiz: In essence, yes. Auras are produced by all living things, which is why the Grimm do not possess them. And even 'living things' is a work in progress since Penny, an android, was capable of generating an aura as well.

Boom: So how good is Ruby's Aura?

Wiz: Unfortunately, Ruby's feats are usually part of her team and often involve other members- so getting stuff we can be sure is her own is rather difficult. For example, her hauling the Nevermore up the side of a cliff involved Weiss using glyphs to enhance her run. Since Ruby previously needed help to even knock the creature backwards to the cliff face- it's unlikely the feat is entirely of her own power.

Boom: But don't knock the little girl out yet- she can cut through trees and Grimm with little better than a backhand slice and she's been able to cut through even Nevermore after the timeskip. That thing was bulletproof and took being dragged up a cliff to decapitate!

Wiz: The Crescent Rose also makes her highly mobile, allowing her to change direction almost instantly while darting around the battlefield at high speeds. Such speed can also be used while melee-attacking, firing rounds increases the power of the weapon to cut through things easier.

Boom: And she's surprisingly durable- even Torchwick blasting her in the face with a grenade only knocked her back- otherwise it did nothing to her thanks to her aura!

Wiz: But by far Ruby's greatest asset is her speed- her Semblance is linked to making her go very fast.

Boom: She zips around faster than the eye can follow, leaving a trail of petals in her wake and even throwing people around by speed alone!

Wiz: While judging those feats is far from clear, we're comfortable using Mach 7 as Ruby's speed as a majority of her feats fall into or below this amount of speed. Her lifting a Gorilla could be achieved with going 4.2x the speed of sound for example.

Boom: What a badass.

Wiz: What a Huntress.


Ruby ran through a deserted forest, not an animal in sight and no sound reaching her but her own breathing. Behind her a trail of petals fell, to disappear with the coming dawn. The young huntress kept her eyes peeled for the enemy she knew was nearby. Soon she saw Maka and Soul approaching through the trees and jumped outwards in a shower of leaves and petals.

"AHA! Found you!"

Maka and Soul paused at the girl who had suddenly appeared in a burst of petals and destroyed shrubbery- a few leaves stuck in Ruby's hair. She noticed and quickly clawed them out as Soul mumbled to Maka.

"This chick is seriously not cool."

"I heard that!" Ruby yelled, stamping her foot in frustration. "I'm plenty cool! I'm the cooliest!"

"That's not a word." Maka retorted, "Regardless of how cool you may or may not be- inventing fake words isn't going to change it."

A noise alerted all three characters to a presence before a Grimm leaped from the bushes and slashed at the group. In a flash- it was sliced cleanly into quarters- both Ruby and Maka stood on either side as it fell into pieces. Ruby straightened up with a cheer.

"Told you I was cool!"

"Not cool enough." Soul's voice echoed out from the scythe Maka held, "Give it up and leave it to the pros."

"That does it!" Ruby whirled the Crescent Rose into ready position, aiming the business end at Maka. "I'll show you something cool!"

"Soul..." Maka groaned, "why do you always start these things?" She likewise swept Soul upwards into a ready position as he continued speaking aloud to taunt Ruby.

"It's not my fault she can't keep her cool."


Ruby fired Crescent Rose, hurling herself forwards at blinding speeds to cut horizontally at Maka. The strike was parried to the side with Soul, along with the subsequent slash. Maka gave ground to the furious assault, backing up as Ruby continued to press the attack.

Soul- I can't keep her back!

It's okay, looks like we need some protection.

Ruby vanished in a burst of red petals, appearing behind Maka and slicing downwards right at her head. The blow landed and Maka lurched forwards. Ruby momentarily smiled before she noticed Maka standing back up- the Crescent Rose sliding off of her skull like it hadn't even penetrated. Ruby frowned and slashed again- just for Maka to catch it with her bare hand. A giggle escaped the Death Meister for a moment as she lashed outwards with Soul, slamming into Ruby's mid-riff and sending her staggering back in a flash of Aura. Ruby kept her feet together as Maka drew back Soul- the Death Scythe growing in size and changing to a glowing blue outline as Maka called out her attack.

"Witch Hunter!"

The strike struck Ruby, hurling her back through the air. Ruby thrust the Crescent Rose into the ground, bringing herself to a stop and glaring at Maka. She noted a single bead of blood falling from Maka's hand where she had caught the attack- it was as black as the night. Ruby tapped into her semblance, distancing herself from Maka as she planted the Crescent Rose and opened fire with the sniper function.

Maka jumped to the side, using the trees as cover from the hail of bullets that obliterated them.

Soul- we need more mobility!

The scythe in her hands grew a pair of angelic wings and the two took to the air just as Ruby ceased firing for an instant. Maka broke from her cover and flew towards the Huntress. With a scattered wake of petals- Ruby repositioned farther away, continuing to fire round after round at Maka. While she dodged most, several landed on Maka, causing her to scream from the shots and for Soul to tilt wildly from the hits. The two frantically flew off through the trees, trying to evade the bullets. Another salvo was fired out- catching Maka again before she stumbled to a stop behind a larger tree. She landed on it and allowed Soul to return to his normal form, the better to brace against the branch. She leaned against Soul, panting slightly as she recovered her breath.

Maka- we need to do something about that gun.

I know!

Maka closed her eyes and sent out her soul perception ability, her senses issuing outwards, through tree and dirt and air until she located Ruby and noticed something about her weapon.

Her weapon is linked to her soul!

Soul's inner voice grew amused, Is it now?

Soul and Maka matched their wavelengths, Maka honing in on Ruby's soul, and by extension her weapon, as Soul likewise began utilizing his own wavelength to dig into it.

Ruby emptied another clip firing at Maka before the Crescent Rose suddenly shifted back into melee form- without her hitting anything! She triggered it several times to no avail- it was stuck. Her eyes flared with rage as she understood the implications.

"You messed with my weapon!"

Maka stood upright, Ruby's scream reaching her even at this distance.

Noise Hack success- we're using my beat now. Soul's voice smugly echoed through Maka's mind.

She nodded, even though such an action was irrelevant. Yeah- let's see what she can do now.

It turned out, it was quite a bit. A red blur rippled past Maka and Soul, the sheer winds created by the speeds hauling Maka, Soul, and a decent few trees after it. The collective mess slammed and rolled along the ground, eventually coming to a stop with Maka being slammed against an upright tree by a smaller one. She collapsed to the ground as the red blur whirled around her, creating a localized storm to pick Maka up into the air.

Maka! Come on- move!

Maka opened her eyes and grabbed ahold of Soul's winged form as he burst free from the tornado- flying off into the woods to get a moment's respite. Ruby landed a distance away, her face a mask of anger at them daring to tamper with Crescent Rose. She focused and became a rippling red form that flashed away to leave a storm of rose petals in her wake.

Maka and Soul landed a fair distance away, contemplating their opponent. Maka spread her senses wide and noted the furious soul making a beeline straight towards them.

Soul- now!

Soul Resonance!

The two of them felt their soul wavelengths combining into one, imbuing them with greater strength as they turned to meet the incoming Huntress. Ruby sailed past, aiming high for a decapitating blow. Maka ducked beneath it as Ruby brought the Crescent Rose through and around- making a new strike downwards. A burst of dust obscured the two before clearing in the wake of Ruby's attack, revealing a Maka that seemed to be breakdancing around the blade of Ruby's weapon. She kicked outwards, wielding Soul not with her arms but her legs, lashing out at Ruby and causing her to stagger back slightly as Soul grew larger and larger. Maka spun to her feet and grabbed hold of Soul as he reached his full length.

"Warlock Hunter!"

The glowing scythe whizzed past as Ruby disappeared in a flurry of petals- the Death Scythe slicing a part of her cape off just before she disappeared. The crimson shape returned- whirling around Maka and Soul as she rebuilt her vortex again. Maka felt an impact as the Crescent Rose struck her from behind, along with Ruby's scream.

"You-" a slash upside the head knocked Maka backwards, "stop-" another blow to the legs took Maka off her feet, "destroying-" a rapid series of blows sent Maka rising into the air in an uncontrolled spin, "my-" a single shot hit Maka in the stomach, flipping her around until she laid in place at the top of the vortex, looking up in a daze as she beheld Ruby plummeting straight towards her, "treasures!"

Ruby's final blow pierced cleanly through Maka, driving her into the ground and fracturing the stones around them as a fountain of black blood shot into the air. Ruby bent down low to scream in the still Maka's face.

"Did you hear me?! Leave my stuff alone!"

Maka's eyes opened wide, "Maka Chop!"

Her hand struck Ruby in the top of the head, a flash of Aura burst into being as Ruby stumbled back from the hit. Maka regained her feet, the hole in her chest sealing itself up as she struck at Ruby again- sending her stumbling back. Both girls panted for breath as Ruby began to flash away again, her petals hanging in the breeze as she circled around in a wide arc. Maka shook her pigtails out of her face.


I know Maka- time to slow her down.

Ruby was tapping into her semblance, keeping up the speed and waiting for a chance to get through Maka's defenses. She bust through that black blood once- she could do it again! She suddenly stumbled, her speed slowing as she caught herself before she face-planted. She shook her head- puzzled- it was almost like she could hear a piano...

Ruby tried using her semblance but it was out of reach, harder and harder to activate... she stumbled and fell to her knees as Maka stepped out from behind a tree- the source of the sound as she raised Soul into the air...

The music slowed... slowed... and finally stopped as Ruby became very still. Maka closed her eyes and dealt the fatal blow- Ruby disappeared with a scream to leave a floating soul in place. Maka gently cupped the orb in her hands, marveling at its hue and how it seemed to be shedding petals. Soul regained his human form and cocked his head at it.

"We don't do human souls, do we Maka?"

"No..." Maka lifted the soul closer, "But look at it- red like roses."



Boom: Noooooo- my rose!

Wiz: Sorry about Ruby Boom-

Boom: Not her- the gun! I loved that weapon like a daughter!

Wiz: What about Ruby Rose?

Boom: Uhh she lost Wiz- we just saw it. Keep up.

Wiz: Keeping up was pretty much Maka's main disadvantage as Ruby's semblance allowed her a significant speed advantage. Combined with the Crescent Rose' ability to fire from long-distance- it almost makes Ruby untouchable.

Boom: She's not 18 Wiz- she's definitely untouchable.

Wiz: Unfortunately, Ruby's use of her soul makes her a potent target for the Death Scythe's abilities. Since she channels it through her weapon and to use her semblance, Soul's ability to 'cancel out' opposing souls and to take control of soul-based weaponry became almost too perfect for the job.

Boom: But what about the Crescent Rose?

Wiz: While a potent weapon- it didn't have anything new to Maka- in particular her black blood. It's already withstood superstrong beings cutting at it without a hitch and even magical bullets have no effect on the user. It might not be unstoppable- but Ruby doesn't have anything to match it.

Boom: It seemed like Maka could match pretty much anything Ruby had in terms of strength- and the few things Ruby had an advantage in Maka could remove.

Wiz: Even without her ability to negate Ruby's semblance, Maka's ability to perceive souls at long-range would give her more time to react to Ruby attacking from a distance than someone limited by sight alone.

Boom: Guess Maka had all the tools to win.

Wiz: Not just any tools, her tool, Soul Evans makes all the difference for Maka; allowing her to increase all of her attributes, use black blood, and fully power their various soul-related abilities.

Boom: Maka Albarn and Soul Evans- partners.

Wiz: Two in one.

Boom: The Death Meister won!

Maka Albarn vs Ruby Rose is the first episode of the first season of SoMaShadow's Death Battles. It features Maka Albarn from the anime/manga series, Soul Eater, and Ruby Rose from the web series, RWBY.

Maka Albarn vs Ruby Rose
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