Main Character (Also known as Absolute Victory Unlosing Ranger) is the main protagonist of Z.H.P. Unlosing Ranger VS Darkdeath Evilman. He doesn't speak.

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  • Main Character can use any weapon he is given: like swords, pistols, mini-guns, fists, spears, drills, even pieces of armour. He can even dual-wield any two weapons at once.
  • Morphing Belt: Not only does the Morphing Belt transform Main Character into Unlosing Ranger but it also powers him up if a female cheer for him.

Skills and Abilities

  • Unlosing Punch: The Unlosing Ranger unleashes a rapid barrage of punches.
  • Unlosing Typhoon: The Unlosing Ranger uppercuts which can create a small tornado.


  • His determination is so strong that he will continue fighting Darkdeath Evilman who beat him several times in his weakest form.
  • Survived being beaten by Darkdeath Evilman, several times (Darkdeath Evilman can destroy a galaxy in his weakest form).
  • Has tanked being hit from the opposite side of the Sun to Earth.
  • Held onto a rocket that travelled to the other side of the Sun in a few seconds.
  • Beat Giant Darkdeath Evilman with Dangerama's help.
  • Deflected a Nuclear missile into space with a punch.
  • Beat Giga Giant Darkdeath Evilman with Dangerama's help.
  • Pushed Giga Giant Darkdeath Evilman into the Sun.
  • Survived being exploded by the self-destruction of Giga Giant Darkdeath Evilman (Which was stated to be able to destroy Earth) and being pushed into the Sun.
  • Beat Asagi on his own.
  • Compares Pirohiko, who fought the Disgaea 4 cast.


  • Has been beaten by Darkdeath Evilman several times.


  • After joining the World Hero Society, they provided him with several things, like a wife and child, by the way, his wife is a Prinny.
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