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Magneto vs. Silver the Hedgehog
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Season 4, Episode 12
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Air date July 20th, 2015
Written by ParaGoomba348
Directed by Anonymous
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Magneto vs. Silver the Hedgehog is a What-If? Episode of Death Battle, pitting Magneto from Marvel Comics against Silver the Hedgehog from Sonic the Hedgehog.


Marvel VS Sega! Two telekinetic extremists go head-to-head in this battle of large proportions!


Wiz: Many people want to do things for the world, for the greater good of everyone. Some of these people go about this in a normal, casual fashion. Others... not so much.

Boomstick: Like Magneto, the magnetic enemy of the X-Men-

Wiz: And Silver the Hedgehog- *sigh* I don't want to do this...

Kyoko: *Crunch* He's a telekinetic hedgehog.

Excalibur: Fool! He's also a time-traveler.

Wiz: What the-?! Neither of you guys are in this battle! Get out!

Kyoko: It's these idiots' job to analyze their weapons, skills, and armor-

Excalibur: Fool! It's "weapons, armor, and skills."

Boomstick: Just... stop. All of you. Get the hell out.

Wiz: (Quickly) He'sBoomstickAndI'mWizardAndIt'sOurJobToAnalyzeTheirWeaponsArmorAndSkillsToSeeWhoWouldWinADeathBattle.


Wiz: During the dark times of Nazi Germany, one Jewish mutant named Max Eisenhardt was placed in a concentration camp, where he developed a hatred for human beings after seeing exactly how horrible they could be.

Excalibur: Ah, I agree. Humans are fools.

Kyoko: You said it, Excalibur. *Crunch*

Boomstick: Well anyway, Max and his girlfriend were freed from the camp a few years later. Then they left for a mountain house, banged, had a child, and then Max changed his name to Erik, and then his wife and kids died. Man, this is sounding more like a superhero backstory.

Kyoko: Excalibur, can ya hand me the popcorn? This is getting good.

Excalibur: Fool! Always ask politely.

Wiz: Ugh, can we not? Anyway, Erik met Charles Xavier at a psychiatric hospital for Holocaust victims, where the two became friends... until their opposing views on the coexistence of humans and mutants came in, that is.

Boomstick: The professor believed that humans and mutants could live together peacefully... but Erik thought that humans were weak and cruel and that they should all die. Hey Tabuu and Cell, looks like we've got another Hitler clone!

Wiz: Oh, the irony.

Boomstick: Well around this time, Erik discovered his magnetic powers. So what did he do? He became his own superhero, named "Magneto", going out and tracking down Nazi war criminals using his magnetic powers. But then he lost yet another girlfriend of his, and then he decided he didn't want to be a superhero anymore. So he became a villain! Or an anti-hero, it's hard to tell.

Wiz: Magneto has been a recurring enemy of the mutant team, the X-Men. However, that hasn't stopped him from occasionally helping them out as well.

Boomstick: Like Magneto's name implies, Magneto controls metal using magnetism. But it's not just magnetic metal he can control, otherwise he wouldn't catch bullets using magnetism on a daily basis!

Wiz: ...When are they going to wise up and stop shooting bullets at him? Anyway, Magneto can control all forms of metal by controlling the electromagnetic spectrum. This includes metal on a molecular level, as well as metal in large numbers. He's been known to control the iron in a person's blood, as well as even move planets with metal closer to the Earth.

Boomstick: He can even completely shut down a person's nervous system, take apart machines and put 'em back together with magnetism, and he even has control over gravity! Damn, maybe that's how I'll achieve that dream of being able to fly.

Wiz: Well, it's not so much flight as it is using magnetism to levitate, but I'll give it to you. Magneto can actually reach speeds up to Mach 40 while levitation, as he was able to catch up to Northstar.

Boomstick: Then he said that Northstar wasn't even that fast. So Magneto is even faster than that!

Wiz: That's... actually even faster than Ruby Rose.

Boomstick: ...Ruby vs. Magneto! Let's do it!

Wiz: Uh, probably not a good idea. Anyway, Magneto can also use the same kind of magnetism to create a magnetic field around himself that repels anything that tries to come near him. It works on the level of photons, meaning that it can stop anything up to the speed of light.

Boomstick: These shields have blocked nuclear explosions, and the strongest attacks from Iron Man and Cyclops, and even some from Jean Grey! Jean fucking Grey! You know, like, the most POWERFUL mutant alive?!

Wiz: These shields can absorb lightning and electricity to give Magneto power, and allow him to fire lightning bolts himself. Magneto can also change the magnetic resistance of his clothing the durability of adamantium.

Boomstick: Fucking adamantium! You know, the metal that not even Hulk can break!

Wiz: Unfortunately, this durability does not really carry over to his body. While he's very physically fit in spite of his old age, his durability doesn't even come near that of other characters in the Marvel universe. Still, he has taken blows from Colossus, if that's anything to go by.

Boomstick: But in terms of mental resistance, oh boy this guy is a pain! He has matched Professor X in battle of telepathy, and he has a magnetic resistance as well as a helmet he built specifically to protect him from any perverts who might be reading his mind!

Wiz: The guy's like ninety-something... who would really be perverted towards that? Well, anyway, Magneto also has some other strange powers. He can cause earthquakes and volcano eruptions all over the world, freeze entire areas to absolute zero... somehow... and create wormholes.

Boomstick: Then there was that one time where he could astral project, but we don't know what happened to that, or if he could still do that.

Wiz: Being one of Marvel's more popular villains, Magneto has achieved many high-scale feats. He's removed the adamantium from Wolverine's skeleton perfectly, ripped people in half using only the iron in their bodies, deflected Mjolnir, defeated Iron Man through his anti-Magneto armor, survived a psychic vampire draining his life force, and is even a highly intelligent strategist and tactician.

Boomstick: Magneto may be strong, but he doesn't have a resistance to soul attacks. Damn. But worst of all, he was once defeated by Mr. Fantastic... with a wooden gun.

(Magneto's wooden gun scene plays)

Wiz: ...That's got to be embarrassing.

Boomsick: For who, Marvel or Magneto?

Wiz: Both.

Magneto: Your appearance reminds me of my son. Let's see if you can best him in battle.


Wiz: 200 years in the future, in an apocalyptic future with only a few survivors, one survivor stood among them. His name... Silver the Hedgehog.

Boomstick: His head looks like a weed plant.

(Cue for about 30 seconds)

Wiz: ...Never. Again. Anyway, it's actually based on a Japanese leaf, not a marijuana plant.

Boomstick: So Silver won't be blazin' it. Okay.

Kyoko: So I can't call him pothead?

Excalibur: Fool!

Wiz: Just... shut up, both of you. Anyway, among Silver as one of the few survivors was Mammoth Mogul, a former enemy of Sonic's. As he was growing weak, he needed to pass on his skills and abilities. And who better to pass on such knowledge to than Silver?

Boomstick: Then Silver learned how to use psychokinesis! No, it's not where he becomes a deadly psychopath, it's where he becomes a deadly psychopath... who can pick stuff up with mind powers!

Wiz: Silver's psychokinesis lets him fly at supersonic speeds, lift a wide variety of objects with his mind and throw them at high speeds, and can even paralyze others using powerful psychokinetic shockwaves.

Boomstick: He can even use this to teleport, using a move he likes to call... Teleport Dash! Extra points for originality.

Wiz: Silver's psychokinesis lets him move almost any object, ranging from small objects such as oranges on the ground to even entire buildings, quite effortlessly. In addition to this skill, Silver's power tends to get even stronger when he's enraged.

Boomstick: He can make fists out of the things he picks up with his psychokinesis and even fire knife-like blasts of it! But when he's done with the whole "base form" thing, he grabs the Chaos Emeralds and goes into his golden glowing super form! Which is kinda weird considering he's named Silver, and his... super form... is gold...

Wiz: Yeah, I guess it's a bit ironic. But his Super Form is just like Sonic and Shadow's, getting a 1000-percent power increase as well as full invincibility and flying at faster-than-light speeds. He also has a shield of psychic energy around him known as the Shield of Light. This shield catches anything that comes at him in a much wider radius than normal and fires it at great distances, at much greater speeds than before.

Boomstick: It kinda has a time limit, but after it's done, it restores Silver to full health, meaning that nothing else matters after it. Huh, that's always nice!

Wiz: In addition, Silver also has access to Sonic's Homing Attack and Spin Dash. He's also defeated Sonic and fought Shadow to a standstill, defeated Iblis and Ifrit with help, is tied with Jet the Hawk as Sonic's youngest rival, helped to defeat Solaris, saved the future from a sure apocalypse, is one of the field leaders in the Secret Freedom Fighters, and even defeated Enerjak.

Boomstick: You know, the guy who's defeated Sonic, the Freedom Fighters, G.U.N., and the Eggman Empire all at once? Yeah, that guy is OP. Oh, and Silver beat him by himself.

Wiz: Unfortunately, that doesn't all come for free. Silver's psychokinesis still has limits, and as such he can't use it forever. If he grabs too many objects at once, he may have to throw it all in order to pick up new objects. Silver also isn't the best close-combat fighter, but his biggest weakness is his naivety. Smarter opponents CAN trick him and his arrogance, while helpful to his psychokinesis, also eliminates most of his ability to create strategies.

Boomstick: But would you want to mess with the guy who almost killed Sanic?

Silver: To kill someone to save the world... Is that really the right thing to do?



Random city

There was destruction everywhere in the big city. Buildings were destroyed, there were many police cars flipped over and/or burning, and several dead or exhausted policemen were lying down on the ground.

Over in the center of the city, the X-Men had been defeated in battle. None of them had even stood a chance.

Wolverine spit on the ground and growled. "If this guy thinks he can win, he's got another thing comin'." He tried to get up, but he was too exhausted and hurt to even get onto his feet.

"I shouldn't have even tried..." Gambit struggled to get the words out. "He's a lot tougher than that Demoman..."

Suddenly, another policeman showed up in a police car. He was holding a megaphone. "I order you to leave now, or face justice!" he shouted skyward. The megaphone was lifted from his hands by a magnetic force, then tossed aside. The policeman quickly drove away in his car.

Up in the air, the master of magnetism Magneto was controlling several large pieces of metal, including a few flaming police cars, some building debris, bullets, guns, and some steel crossbeams. "Step aside, humans! Mutants shall rule the world!" Magneto laughed.

City outskirts

From the outskirts of the city stood a short, silver hedgehog. He watched all the destruction take place, as Silver the Hedgehog had flashbacks of a dark time. He remembered the destruction that took place in had become known as "Crisis City", where the fire monster Iblis had wiped out almost all life on Mobius.

Silver knew that he could not let this magnetic guy do the same thing.

"I... can't let it happen again..." mumbled Silver. He ran toward the city as his rings and boots began to glow a bright blue color.

Random city again

The whole city was now almost completely in ruins. There were police sirens blaring everywhere, and a news van had pulled up right around the corner from Magneto, hidden from sight.

"The magnetic mutant Magneto has been causing trouble in-" the reporter was saying, until she saw Silver run by toward Magneto. "But could this hedgehog be our hope for him to be defeated?"

Silver looked up at Magneto, then jumped on top of a few buildings then floated up to face him.

"Alright, Magneto," Silver began, lifting a few objects off the ground with psychokinesis. "It's over."

Magneto laughed and grinned at Silver. "Let's see what you've got."



The two fighters began by throwing their objects at each other, each time with the other catching each others' objects and throwing them back like a game of ping-pong. Neither one was looking to have a clear advantage over the other.

"So you're a psychokinetic too, huh?" asked Silver, throwing a car at Magneto.

"That's... not quite what it is." Magneto replied, catching the car with his magnetism and throwing it right back for Silver to catch again. As Silver was focusing on catching the car, Magneto struck Silver with a bolt of purple lightning, throwing the psychokinetic hedgehog off of his balance. All of Silver's objects fell to the ground as Magneto threw a large steel crossbeam at Silver, hitting the hedgehog in the head and knocking him to the ground.

"Ow!" Silver rubbed his head, then quickly got back up. He picked up the steel beam with his psychokinesis and threw it back behind him, then jumped up and flew toward Magneto. Silver then grabbed hold of Magneto with his psychokinesis. "It's my turn now!" He concentrated hard and moved his hand, but he found himself unable to move the master of magnetism. "Wh-what?!"

Magneto laughed and then extended his hand, pushing Silver back with negative magnetism. Silver tumbled backward, but quickly regained balance and began to fly toward Magneto at his fastest speed. Magneto quickly put up a magnetic force-field, and Silver just... stopped in mid-air as he collided with the force-field. He didn't move forward or back.

"Ugh... I... can't... break... through..." Silver grunted. He was sweating as his rings and boots started glowing brighter and brighter, but he still could not pierce through Magneto's force-field. After a few seconds, Silver was repulsed back and down onto the ground again.

The master of magnetism grinned at Silver. "Silver the Hedgehog, you are quite mistaken," Magneto taunted. "Your silly psychokinesis has no hope of breaking through my force fields."

Silver then began picking up pieces of debris on the ground and formed them into two giant fists, each one facing Magneto. He jumped up and raised the right debris-fist, punching Magneto in the chest. Magneto gave a firm "oof!" as he was knocked back. Silver continued punching Magneto over and over as he delivered one more debris punch into Magneto's stomach, knocking him onto the ground. Silver floated down to the ground, holding his fists to Magneto.

"It's over, Magneto." Silver said to Magneto, holding his fists to him.

"No, Silver... I didn't know you were so powerful..." Magneto wailed. Though... his voice sounded a bit... fake.

Silver's rings and boots glowed as he put down his fists. "Looks like I win." Silver was about to walk away, but behind him, a flaming car was hurdling toward him at full speed. Silver turned just in time, but the car still hit him and knocked him down. Magneto floated back up, as if he was never injured in the first place.

"You're so gullible." Magneto taunted. He picked up a street light using magnetism, then swung it at Silver horizontally. Silver quickly jumped over it, then flew up into the air.

"But I'm not finished yet!" yelled Silver. Silver flew toward Magneto, and Magneto began flying back. The two of them flew around each other, dodging each others' attacks. Silver picked up a tree that had fallen over from off the ground, then swung it at Magneto. Strangely enough, Magneto didn't take control of it. The tree hit Magneto square in the chest, knocking him down onto the ground. Silver then got an idea. He... only controls metal? Silver grinned as he floated down toward what appeared to be an old toy store, then pulled out a wooden gun from inside.

Magneto quickly got back up as Silver aimed the gun at him.

"It's over, Magneto!" Silver yelled. "Your reign of terror is over!"

Magneto spit out a small laugh, then quickly burst into laughter. "A gun?! You're using a gun?! With but a gesture, I can pick it up, or turn it against you!" Magneto tried using his magnetism on it, but nothing happened. Then he rolled his eyes and groaned. "Really, Silver? A wooden gun?" Magneto sighed and then concentrated harder, then picked the gun out of Silver's hands and tossed it aside. "Never. Again."

Silver's eyes widened. "Oh no... looks like that didn't work..." But before Silver could finish what he was about to say, Magneto lifted Silver up using magnetism, then hurled him against a building, then onto the ground, then threw him up into the sky as Magneto picked up a flaming car and threw it at Silver in mid-air, knocking Silver in through the window of a large skyscraper.

At this point, Magneto would have gloated about victory. But he was smarter then that. He watched the skyscraper for a few seconds, and then he saw a yellow glow emerge. Magneto made a fist with his hand, then completely crushed the skyscraper into bits as it collapsed onto the ground.

"There's no way he could have survived that." Magneto boldly stated. Then Silver flew out of the rubble, except now he was golden in color and his power had tremendously increased.

Silver had become Super Silver.


Magneto just stood there, astonished.

"You about ready to give up, Magneto?!" asked Silver, with a grin on his face. "I'm invincible when I'm super, and I'm way more powerful than you!"

Magneto's astonished face turned into a grin. "Let's test that."

The two picked up more objects, then hurled them at each other at speeds not yet seen in this fight. At a point, the objects were moving so quickly that they could not be seen with the human eye. Silver then grabbed hold of Magneto, and then the magnetic mutant could no longer break free.

"Wh-what?!" Magneto gave his astonished face again. Silver grinned as he flew right through Magneto's magnetic shield, then hurled him around the city, through several buildings, cars, and then down onto the street. Silver then lifted up everything on the ground into a large ball of debris.

"This is the end for you, Magneto!" Silver taunted. He threw it all down at Magneto, who was still astonished. Magneto quickly grabbed hold of the ball, but Silver's control trumped Magneto's and the ball crushed him. Magneto gave a yell of pain as Silver gave a sigh of relief.

But it was not over.

Silver watched the ball of debris he had created, but then all of it went spreading out into different places. Magneto had never even been touched by the giant ball.

"My turn." Magneto grabbed hold of Super Silver, then threw him miles away. Magneto flew toward Super Silver, but Silver then flew around Magneto, each time hitting him with knife-like waves of psychokinesis. Magneto grunted as he repelled the waves each time, then suddenly Magneto grabbed hold of Silver then hit him with a gigantic blast of lighting. Silver found himself completely immobile as he was reverted to his base form.


At this point, many people would give an "Oh, crap!" reaction. However, Silver had something good going for him as he smiled.

He had been restored to perfect health. Magneto had suffered a lot of damage.

"Ha, looks like you're finished!" Magneto taunted. "Welcome to die!" He fired another bolt of lightning at Silver, but Silver quickly broke Magneto's grasp and landed back down on the ground.

"You know, Magneto, if you're gonna taunt me," Silver began as he picked up every single object he had once picked up, arranging it into a giant spike. "You should at least use correct grammar."

Silver fired the spike at Magneto, with the spike spinning around like a drill. However, Silver's moment of happiness was quickly broken as Magneto just caught the spike in mid-air.

"Ah, you've learned nothing." Magneto said to Silver, tossing aside the spike. He gave a few gestures, and then a loud CRACK! was heard from Silver's wrists.

Silver screamed in pain as his rings were crushed on his wrists, sending blood splattering all over the ground. He looked on in horror as his hands became completely useless. "No..."

Magneto removed his helmet, then threw it at Silver. The edges of the helmet pierced through Silver's stomach, leaving a gaping wound across his body. Magneto then ripped off Silver's arms using his rings, then arranged the rings into a bladed disk-like object. Silver could only watch on in horror as Magneto threw the disk at Silver.

Maybe it wasn't meant to happen... I'm so sorry... Silver's eyes began to water - partially out of the pain his wrists were in, partially out of regret.

Silver had failed.

The disk severed Silver's head from his body and splattered blood around the city as his body fell over, lifeless.

Magneto gave a haughty laugh.


The news reporter had still been there this entire time. She had barely any words to say. "Well... it looks like that hedgehog failed. Is there any hope at stopping Magneto? Why don't we ask this man?" She pointed the microphone at a man in a red jacket. "What are your thoughts on this, Mr. Valentine?"


Kyoko: That was freaking awesome! I'm gonna need more popcorn!

Excalibur: Ah, I could have taken either of them easily.

Boomstick: Holy hell, that was awesome!

Wiz: Magneto and Silver are both extremely adept telekinetics, being able to lift very large objects around effortlessly. They have also fought against some of the most powerful beings in their universes, like Iblis, Solaris, and Enerjak for Silver, and Iron Man, Thor, and Jean Grey for Magneto.

Boomstick: But Magneto is way smarter than Silver, and he has way more experience too. However, Super Silver made things pretty damn difficult for him. Being completely invincible and his speed surpassing Magneto's didn't make things exactly easy for Maggie here.

Wiz: However, Magneto has been shown to be able to endure some tough punishment before by way of his magnetic shields alone. Super Silver's time limit didn't help matters either, and as stated before, Magneto has fought against Jean Grey.

Boomstick: If you recall, she is the strongest mutant ever. You know who Jean Grey fights just like? If you guessed Silver, you're correct!

Wiz: Finally, Silver's rings and boots, well... we've thought about this before, and there's really no explanation as to what they are made out of. However, Magneto's control isn't strictly limited to metal, and he can control just about anything, it's just that nonmetals take up more energy of his to control. So Magneto could always just use Silver's rings against him. And if they are made of metal, then... Silver never had a chance to begin with.

Boomstick: Silver was a bit psycho thinking he could win this one with kinesis!

Wiz: The winner is Magneto.

Magneto wins


  • This is the third battle where Kyoko interacts with the hosts and the second where Excalibur interacts with them.
  • Cameo Appearances:
    • Wolverine
    • Gambit
    • Vincent Valentine
  • This is the eighth of ParaGoomba348's battles where a character who was mentioned or made a cameo made an appearance was a combatant in a future episode, in this case Wolverine.