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Madoka Kaname vs Lightning Farron
Season 4, Episode 16 (Season Finale)
Vital statistics
Air date February 1st, 2016
Written by Ahomeschoolingroudon
Directed by Ahomeschoolingroudon
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Madoka Kaname vs Lightning Farron is a What-If? Episode of Death Battle, featuring Madoka Kaname from Puella Magi Madoka Magica against Lightning Farron from Final Fantasy


PMMM vs Final Fantasy! It's a duel between Goddess and Demigod, in a clash of transcend being protagonists. Will Lightning Farron at her absolute best put an end to Madoka? Or will Madoka's wish live on?


Wiz: Born ordinary girls, but turned into warriors, and those warriors getting turned into goddesses. These two heroines are legendary beings.

Boomstick: And one thing I can say, is that the ones that should fight with conceptual beings, are conceptual beings themselves.

Wiz: Madoka Kaname, the most powerful magical girl

Boomstick: And Lightning Farron, the savior.

Wiz: Just like our previous magical girl battle we will be analyzing all of the content that these two have. Which includes the anime and movies for Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and the entirety of the Lightning trilogy from beginning to end.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their armor, weapons and skills to find out who would win, a Death Battle!

Madoka Kaname[]

Wiz: Sometimes the average 14 year old girl can have the most bizarre of dreams, and more importantly, the most bizarre of lives. And that was the case of Madoka Kaname.

Boomstick: I think you know how this goes. Madoka’s dream depicted of a young girl with long black hair clashing against a very powerful deity, set in an apocalyptic future. Madoka had no idea what the purpose of this dream was, until she awoke the next morning.

Wiz: It was there that she met the very same girl named Homura Akemi, who had moved into Mitakihari Town in middle school. They quickly became best friends, as later on a, cat-like, alien, thing-

Boomstick: Please, just call it Satan’s Asshole.

Wiz: ...What?

Boomstick: Just trust me on this one.

Wiz: O-kay? The creature named Kyubey, who was also playing a part in the dream showed up, and offered Madoka to become a magical girl. She accepted this without hesitation, or at least until both her and Homura encountered the witch Walpurgisnacht.

Boomstick: Walpu-...Wal-purr-jis-ni-okay fuck it. Waffle House Night.

Wiz: Boomstick, what are you even saying? You obviously have been paying too much attention to YouTube comments.

Boomstick: Hey, with all of the reading your comments videos on YouTube. There’s gonna be; Boomstick’s Golden Chalice Drinking Game.

Wiz: Wait, you still have that? Wasn’t that just a one-time joke?

Boomstick: Hell yeah I do! Why wouldn’t I keep that around!?

Wiz: But anywho, while Madoka might have killed Walpurgis, she died in the process, which caused much guilt for Homura, and her wish ended up being to go back in time, and fix the damage that was done. But she ended up failing countless, countless times.

Boomstick: But Homura tried and tried again, until in one of these tries, Madoka would end up meeting with Sayaka Miki, where the two of them would find themselves in a labyrinth. But not just any labyrinth, the labyrinth of the Wicked Witch of the Wes-I mean, a witch. ...What? Why are you staring at me like that?

Wiz: But then the fanservice of the anime, uh I mean, Mami Tomoe showed up, who managed to save them from the purgatory of the labyrinth. Which both her, and the, ‘Satan’s Asshole’ informed both Sayaka and Madoka about becoming magical girl, which instantly caught their interests.

Boomstick: But for Madoka in particular, it was difficult to determine what she should have wished for, and it was advised against to simply wish for ‘becoming a magical girl’ so she should put it on hold as if it was some fucking library. But it would be later on that Madoka expressed doubts about becoming a magical girl after Mami’s death against the witch Charlotte. Oh and the series may or may not have introduc-

Dark Pit: The character I can’t go for two seconds talking about without getting an “OH MAH GAWD I SHIP IT!”

Boomstick: Dark Pit, the hell!? You’re supposed to be dead!

Dark Pit: What? You honestly thought that the Axe Cop analysis infiltration killed me? It obviously didn’t, what did you expect, me using a ‘Get out of hell free card?’

Wiz: You’re an angel, that technically doesn’t make sense-

Dark Pit: It’s a metaphor, get a grip.

Boomstick: Well I’ll look at it this way, at least I don’t have to deal with that scumbag Aluc-



Dark Pit: Yeah, as you can clearly see, because this was a ‘Season Finale’ or some shit like that we were forced in here to take part.

Wiz: Hugh... What kind of drugs would somebody have to smoke to do this...

HG: ...Tee-hee.

Sounds of fleeing and a door being slammed shut is heard

Wiz: ...Well it’s not like we have a choice. As Madoka learned more about the magical girls, the more horrifying it became. Such as when a soul gem would break, the person who wore it would die, as it is like a soul jar rather than for decoration. And that it was magical girls themselves that turned into witches, and the hulking Walpurgisnacht could bring all sorts of destruction if it wanted to.

Boomstick: But what Madoka would also discover, is the true magical potential she wielded, being the most powerful magical girl out of the five, Madoka, Homura, Mami, Sayaka & You know who, and Dark Pit knows who.

Dark Pit: Blah blah blah, I get it by now.

Wiz: But while some of the magical girls use close ranged weaponry, and others take the form of guns, Madoka decided to be slightly unique, and go with a traditional bow and arrow set up with the Rose Branch Bow

Alucard: I can think up of all forms of bullshit! Are you SERIOUSLY implying that bows and arrows are greater than guns? Bite me!

Dark Pit: I’m standing right here you know!

Wiz: Well, in Madoka’s case, yes. As it is her main weapon throughout the series, with just one arrow it can destroy large buildings, at a range of several hundred meters. Overall it might not seem like much, but Madoka has plenty of arrows she could use in her arsenal.

Dark Pit: Madoka may normally use one arrow at a time for accuracy, because after all it’s my way or the highway. But she can also fire homing arrows that obviously lock on to the target, and explode upon contact. And she can fire more than one arrow at a time, being able to fire them in a fan-like pattern, and fire giant laser-like arrows for extra power. Though it trains her magic considerably. Oh, and the bow itself regenerates.

Boomstick: Since when had Dark Pit became an analyzer on this sort of equipment? We didn’t even need to bribe him that time.

Dark Pit: Ever since you learned to shut the hell up.

Boomstick: Okay, now that’s the Dark Pit I know more often.

Wiz: But even so, one of the pluses of becoming a magical girl is the extra physical abilities that it granted the user, which includes superhuman strength, speed and durability. While Madoka might not have many strength feats, she is at the superhuman level, and she’s faster than the eye can track at movement and reaction speeds.

Alucard: She’s just too busy focusing everything on that damn bow and arrow, though admittedly if I could I would use my own arrow to shoot through her-

Wiz: For fuck sakes, she’s FOURTEEN.

Alucard: And I’m Carmen Sandiego, guess where I am.

Wiz: But the most complex form of this stems from their superhuman durability, like we said about the Soul Gems, they’re like soul jars that keep their souls intact and keep them alive. Well, if someone were to attack them somewhere that is not the Soul Gem, they wouldn’t take damage unless the gem was affected in some way, this even escalates to tanking getting knocked through buildings.

Boomstick: Hell, even the soul pickle jars are still durable as hell without that small gimmick, seeing as how the weakest of the Magical Girls prior to Rebellion, Sayaka, managed to keep her soul gem intact after a fall from a high bridge all the way down to the top of a truck so, it can still take some form of punishment.

Wiz: But aside from this, Madoka’s power despite being the strongest that they could offer, was still not up for the job that was ahead of her, all of the witches, and most importantly, her own. Kriemhild Gretchen. The planet-sized cataclysmic witch that beats out even Walpurgisnacht.

Dark Pit: Overall this seemed like another screw up attempt that Homura had attempted to fix the problems, until she remembered the wish she was still able to use, and how that she had figured out that Homura’s wish was to protect her using alternate timelines.

Wiz: With Sayaka, Kyoko and Mami having been killed, Madoka decided to do the best thing she ever could for her wish, to erase all of the witches in the past, present and future from existence. Because there was one catch, Kyubey, the person who was trying to have people sign their contracts wasn’t so they could become magical girls, it was so they could become witches.

Alucard: So much for a ‘cutesy’ anime with a character that looks way too much like the big titty police girl. I mean seriously, what the fuck is up with the resemblance.

Dark Pit: Madoka’s wish was too powerful for the assbag known as Kyubey to handle, which caused Madoka to ascend to godhood. Where she gained all sorts of abilities, such as unlimited stamina, flying through dimensions, omnipresence, healing and other attributes that push her up towards universal and multiversal. These magical girls are just something even I can’t compete against... I... God damn it I didn’t mean it like that you little sh--!

Boomstick: And the Rose Branch Bow would see the same buff as Goddess Madoka, or alternatively, ‘Godoka.’ received. As it ended up becoming the Holy Bow, which had the same capacity, but instead of being for several meters, it stretched across the universe. And that’s not even mentioning that Madoka’s soul gem in this form, is a comet.

Wiz: And let me tell you, Godoka or not, Holy Bow or not, Madoka is one of the most recognizably overpowered magical girls for good reason. She’s defeated countless witches, defeated Walpurgisnacht in one shot during one of the timelines, and was able to save Magical Girls from their fates and watch over humanity, while fighting her own witch; Kriemhild Gretchen all at once due to not living in a single plain of existence.

Dark Pit: Who the hell comes up with this stuff?

Alucard: Zip it you angelic buttmonkey dick waffle, you’re just jealous because you can’t be a ‘Magical Boy.’

Dark Pit: Did you just call me a--?

Various sounds of punching, kicking and shooting are heard in the background

Wiz: Ahem, but even with Madoka’s godhood and being the strongest magical girl in the series as of yet, she still has her faults. Her soul gem as described earlier can still be used as a hit point, and can still be used as a target if it’s spotted.

Boomstick: Plus using more and more of her magical energy will provoke Kriemhild Getchen more and more as time goes on, and despite not thinking a goddess would be naive, Madoka’s, just that.

Wiz: Clearly not showing professionalism, but she is a middle schooler who is barely under 5 feet so, can’t expect too much.

Sound of a door opening

Dark Pit: Alright, we’re back.

Boomstick: Weren’t you two fighting to the death, or something?

Alucard: It got annoying for the both of us, as all we could do is whack each other with boxes of White Chicks. But oh well, we’ll think of something soon.

Wiz: ...Riiiight. But for one of the darkest animes, this is one of the strongest protagonists that the genre has gotten in a while.

Madoka Kaname: Can I ask one more thing? Don't let... me turn into a witch. There's awful, horrible things in this world, I know that now. But there's a lot of things worth protecting too. 

Homura Akemi: Madoka! 

Madoka Kaname: Finally, you called me by first name. I'm so happy

Lightning Farron[]

Wiz: Fourteen not enough? Then we might as well go up a year, or in this case, we will be talking about the fifteen year old, Claire Farron.

Boomstick: And keeping up with the whole tragedy shit, Claire’s father ended up dying at a young age, and her mother ended up dying of an unknown illness at the age of fifteen. Which caused her to turn to her sister Serah, having no other option. I almost wanna say Yuri-

Wiz: Boomstick, that’s incest.

Alucard: Incest is wincest.

Dark Pit: Nobody was asking you, dumbass. Ahem, she ended up raising Serah while concealing her own identity, changing her name to ‘Lightning.’

Boomstick: Who the hell names themselves Lightning? Might as well go all out and change it to ‘Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii.’ I would’ve gone with Rusty Cuntz, but it’s a female, so.

Wiz: Just no. And she would hope to grow up to an adult as quickly as possible-

Boomstick: Like D-Pitty can’t do. His stones will never drop.

Dark Pit: Oh shut up.

Wiz: Lightning Farron would then to go on to graduate high school, and joining the Guardian Corps Bodhum Security Regiment, under her superior named Lieutenant Amodar. And she would gain a sergeant rank for her new unit.

Boomstick: But during this time, Lightning would begin to lose sight of her own goals, working many hours with the regiment while spending hardly any time with Serah, which began to show the day after Lightning’s twenty-first birthday, where she met Serah’s boyfriend named Snow, while Lightning remained unimpressed.

Wiz: Lightning would continue to regret leaving Serah for so long, as she would promise that she would wake up for her. And will be able to see her together, as Serah revealed that she had been branded a Pulse I’Cie. While Lightning did not believe this at first, she later discovered it wasn’t a lie, which was right before Lightning’s 21st birthday mind you.

Dark Pit: Oh, and because this is a Final Fantasy game, let alone a trilogy, there’s all sorts of wyverns and gods which we’ll be getting to in a bit. Déjà vu.

Alucard: We get it angelic buttmonkey, how you think you’re so great by facing off against gods that aren’t even godly in power.

Dark Pit: You are just asking to get smacked.

Alucard: Hit me~! Woop~!

Dark Pit: Don’t even go there you little shit.

Wiz: Well, technically it’s because the Sanctum plans to Purge everyone in town to Pulse, as Serah had been held captive in the Pulse Vestige, otherwise known as the Pulse fal’Cie. Not to mention that Lightning felt like the I’Cie was a curse.

Lightning Farron: This l'Cie curse, it took everything from me. My future. My dreams. I didn't want to think. So I fought instead. As long as I was fighting, nothing else was real. I was running away.

Boomstick: This Zechs shit again? ‘I have this divine ability that allows me to do awesome stuff, but I’d rather be doing some boring academics shit with my life instead of being a badass like I should be, blah blah.’

Wiz: To each their own, Boomstick. Now, for Lightning in combat her best usable weapon are what’s known as Gunblades. Which are, exactly what you think they are, a fusion between a sword and a gun.

Boomstick: Holy shit, that’s my fucking wet dream.

Dark Pit: Calm your farms, will you? 

Wiz: And Lightning’s signature weapon out of all of her Gunblades in her arsenal is the Blazefire Saber, a sort of jack of all trades weapon. While it lacks in abilities compared to other gunblades, it makes for balanced strength and magic, and she can switch from it’s Gun-Mode to it’s Blade-Mode. And more importantly, it can be upgraded to the Flamberge, which fires higher velocity bullets.

Alucard: But if you thought that was all to the christmas list, you would be incorrect. Because fuck you, of course there’d be more on the christmas list.

Boomstick: There’s Gladius, which was based off of a weapon from a Pulse Vestige, Apocalypse, a gunblade that sacrifices mobility for sheer power, Lifesaber is an officer’s gunblade, and Hauteclair, a replica of an ancient weapon with limited offensive capabilities. Yeah, that last one doesn’t tickle my fancy.

Dark Pit: But Lightning’s most useful weapon is the Zantetsuken, which has elemental abilities and can be connected together facing the opposite direction, forming an “S” shape for, Serah? Ahem, but when it’s connected it can also perform the eponymous attack, which can sometimes be used as a finisher.

Boomstick: Connected? Finisher? Oh the material I could work with that.

Alucard: Please, if you’re gonna have a dick fighting competition with a physically 13 year old, you’ve started with the worlds most serious handicap. And that’s not even getting into every three and a half weeks.

Dark Pit: For fuck sakes I can’t talk for two seconds without sexual innuendos heading my way.

Alucard: Yes, they are heading your way~

Dark Pit: Eyugh.

Wiz: Ahem, anywho. When it comes to Lightning outside of the Gunblades, she has tons and tons of moves up to her disposal. Like, the Reimu kind. She has attacks like Razor Gale, Thunderfall, Lightning Strike and Crushing Blow.

Boomstick: A blow doesn’t crush you, it s-

Wiz: Just don’t. She also has different Paradigm, otherwise known as role related attacks, which include Commando. This consists of attacks like Blitz, Ruinga, Smite, Blaze Rush and Deathblow. Though there are numerous others.

Boomstick: So much material to work with, still.

Dark Pit: For fuck sakes, the sooner we get this done the better. And with Ravager, she can use elemental attacks. Such as Firaga, Flamestrike, Blizzara, Froststrike, Thundaga, Sparkstrike-Okay, I think you get the idea by now.

Alucard: Gee, that was so descriptive.

Dark Pit: Like you could do any better.

Wiz: And this is home to Lightning’s most devastating attack, Army of One. But rather than an actual, y’know, army, it instead has 11 sword slashes along with heavy kicks that vary in strength depending on Lightning’s strength. This is Lightning’s ATB skill, which is similar to that of Limit Breaks, as it ignores physical resistance, and this also can be used in the air as a bonus feature.

Boomstick: I guess she really gets a kick out of it.

Alucard: Don’t make me have to shoot you with a new gun. And the bitch’s cannon. Because bitches love ca-

Dark Pit: Okay, we get it.

Wiz: And with Sentinel, Lightning will primarily focus on blocking attacks, and counter-attacking. And Medic allows for, well, healing obviously. And lastly, Saboteur is used to weaken enemies. All of which have a ridiculous list of moves, as you would expect.

Dark Pit: And all of this allowed her to carry all the way, and after a fight with Orphan, the source of the Cocoon’s power, and the main power source to the fal’Cie, Ed-... Eden!? What did he have to do with all of this?

Alucard: Oh, don’t even tell me. You are seriously falling for Eden’s bullshit after all? Even after he, you know, murdered that goddess you may or may not know?

Dark Pit: That was in self-defense you little shit, now wait here while I smack the shit out of you.

Sound of a slap is heard

Alucard: Ouch, the feeling of not getting hurt at all.

Wiz: Hugh, can you two pull it together? We have an analysis to get through, and correct me if I’m wrong Dark Pit, but it was your idea to get through this as fast as possible.

Boomstick: Hey, I wouldn’t mind having a Death Battle before the actual one even starts, it would help spice things up, wouldn’t it?

Wiz: Well, technically yes, but still no because we have a job to do. Anywho, they ended up defeating Orphan, which sounds like the wrong name for an antagonist mind you, but at the cost of getting crystalized. But, Lightning and her party get, uncrystalized anyway, so meh.

Boomstick: Again, Wiz, I’m the funny one.

Alucard: I’m standing right here.

Dark Pit: So am I.

Wiz: Kids these days... It was there that Lightning would then reunite with Serah, having the I’Cie is no longer a factor. And while Lightning began to apologize to her, Snow managed to cut it short with them having a wedding planned, and telling Lightning that she would make Serah happy. And this time, Lightning is much more pleased.

Boomstick: But in the future installments, Lightning would end up becoming a servant to the goddess named Etro, and in that case, she ended up getting a garb of armor. And instead of the Blazefire Saber, she wields the Overture, the weapon that was basically forged for Lightning once she watched over Valhalla. With this, Lightning now becomes, the Knight of Etro.

Wiz: And she has her own attacks this time around, such as Snipe, Lightning Strike, Ullr’s Shield, Focused Bolts and Graviton Mines. And most importantly, the Knight of Etro has her own list of Commando attacks. Such as Ruin, Mind Piercer, Ruinga, Ravage, and an upgraded version of Army of One known as Legion of One.

Boomstick: But it gets even crazier than that, eventually she would end up hating the likes of gods, and felt like the world shouldn’t have been ruled by gods. So instead, she ended up practically becoming a god herself. Known as Savior Lightning, in order to usher in the new world, being the savior from the harbinger of doom who will attempt to destroy the world. Because, Dragon Ball Z, I dunno.

Wiz: She was able to make the world free of gods, needless to say. As she is tasked with saving the soul of her sister, Serah, not to mention the world; no, the universe...

Alucard: Who cares, I get omnipresency after absorbing Schro-

Boomstick: Don’t even talk about that. Just, no.

Wiz: But aside from literally defeating all of the gods, including the deity with the power of all human souls, and Bhunivelze. And even with that aside, she’s still bested against the Large-Planet Caius Ballad, Orphan, Warrior of Light, Garland, Kuja and several others, some of the last being from the Conflict of the Gods.

Boomstick: And she has managed to take the death of an Anima, which can produce the likes of 233 gigatons of TNT and walk away. And let me tell you that the number right there is ridiculous, as it is more than 33 times the amount of the destructive capacity the entire nuclear arsenal in the world would have.

Wiz: Even though she can sometimes be head-strong or impulsive, it really doesn’t matter much when she’s basically the likes of a universal savior, who will do just about anything to make the world, and her sister Serah’s life, a better place to behold.

Dark Pit: And she’s overpowered, did we ever mention that?

Lightning Farron: Even in this dying world, plenty of people still believe in God. They believe that they are special, and that God loves them unconditionally. They believe he is looking out for them. Gods exist all right. But they've got their own agenda. They sure didn't make this world and put people in it because they love us. They just wanted to create new tools.


Boomstick: Hoo-man, I miss doing this.

Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set.

Dark Pit: Let's end this debate once and for all.

Wiz, Boomstick, Dark Pit and Alucard: IT'S TIME FOR A DEATH BATTLLLLE!


“In the world where I once existed”

“Time’s path is no longer certain...”

“Guide me Serah.”

Mitakihara Middle School, Mitakihara Town


It seemed that there was only a few minutes left before school would be out, at least for a while during Summer Break, as this day would mark the last day of school for Mitakihara Middle School. And as some of the students could tell, a blue haired student named Sayaka Miki was already taking a snooze during class.

But as someone was about to make a comment on it, it would not matter in the long run,  as the bell blared in the ears of all the students just sitting there and waiting, as Sayaka sprung up from her slumber, as this bell was a good thing, for most of them. But for five of the students in particular, this meant that they had to get back to their usual routine of fighting against witches.

And this especially was no good sign with one of the students in particular, as she knew that she had lost a fair share of her friends to them, for good if it were not for Homura’s alternate timelines, and this girl’s name, was one that many people would remember throughout the ages as the most powerful magical girl, Madoka Kaname.

“Madoka!” One of her friends called out in an attempt to draw her attention, as Madoka turned to a slim classmate with very long black hair, and the very person that Madoka meant about the best friend with the alternative timelines, Homura Akemi.

But the reunion proved that it would not last very long, as the disturbing ferret-like alien creature, not to mention the alien creature that just about everybody on the planet (And the viewers of Puella Magi Madoka Magica) despised. This was none other than Kyubey, who ended up informing the magical girls surrounding him, “H.N. Elly has arrived.” 

Elly’s Labyrinth

Right afterwards, before the magical girls could even utter a word, they were switched into a different scenery by a barrier. But even though this was familiar to the magical girls, this still caught them off guard, why would Kyubey tell us this right before they got sent in there? “Dammit! How could this happen, talk about a killjoy.” The magical girl Kyoko jeered in anger over the lack of rest, taking a bite out of a pocky she has kept around with her.

“A witch’s labyrinth...” Madoka muttered, before she drew out what seemed to be a branch, or a stem, in the shape of a bow, with the bud of a pink rose. This was none other than the fittingly named, Rose Branch Bow, Madoka’s signature weapon. The magical girls ventured forward through, what seemed to be a Snowglobe designed Labyrinth, itching to just get out of there and continue the plans they had.

But even so, this still just did not sit well in Madoka’s stomach, there was still no rhyme or reason as to Kyubey just sending them there, it just happened, but the Magical Girl’s suspicions had to be put away for now, as the minions of Elly began stumbling towards them, as the message ‘Look at me’ appeared within the labyrinth.

Madoka knew that this would just have to result in the usual duel with the witches, as she drew out an arrow, and inserted it into her Rose Branch Bow, there was only one way out...

Archylte Steppe, Gran Pulse

But during the chaotic hell that the magical girls had gotten themselves into, there was one other pink-haired girl, just resting outside from the exhaustion that she had gotten. She already had to clash with gods themselves, and needless to say, she was tired after all of this. But after healing, she would be ready if anything were to pop out.

This girl’s name was, none other than the legend herself, Lightning Farron.

But before she could doze off where she was, the sounds of a loud screech came from above, causing her to perk up from what felt like nails on a chalkboard, only to see a wyvern heading directly towards her. Lightning quickly drew her signature gunblade weapon named the Blazefire Saber, as she switched it to it’s blade mode, slashing the wyvern’s left wing as it swooped down.

The wyvern howled in agony from the impact of the Blazefire Saber, as part of it’s left wing ripped open, with the wyvern trying to properly steer itself despite just dragging itself against the ground. Lightning decided to end the pain that the wyvern felt as it was dragged against the ground, as she switched the Blazefire Saber from the blade mode, to the properly named, gun mode.

Lightning used the Blazefire Saber to fire a magic-like projectile after taking aim at the helpless wyvern, knocking it down to the ground, effectively putting an end to the wyvern. Lightning sheathed her Blazefire Saber back to it’s hoister, thinking that would be it for surprises.

But it was there that Lightning heard the sounds of speaking coming from the far end of the Archylte Steppe, it was there that the previous magical girls were standing there, having managed to got out of the labyrinth that they had gotten themselves stuck in, with Madoka having managed to slay the witch named Elly, along with the minions.

“You did it, Madoka!” Sayaka and Mami cheered, shortly after getting out of the labyrinth, as Lightning inched towards them, having sensed some sort of divinity, which seemed to be impossible to her, she already had taken care of all of the gods, had she not? But Lightning would rather not take chances, as she drew the Blazefire Saber back from it’s hoister.

“Oh look, it seems we have another killjoy.” Kyoko muttered, taking a bite out of chips she had stored in a bag, which caused Madoka to turn to Lightning, who was wasting no time approaching the small legion of magical girls. “I sense divinity coming from this area, more specifically the pink-haired one out of you lot.” Lightning remarked, which caused Madoka to step forward.

“Oh, you mean me? The name’s Madoka; Madoka Kaname!” The magical girl in question introduced, as Kyoko just crossed her arms. “One of these scenarios again? Looks like nobody else will learn.“ Kyoko thought to herself, just standing there, expecting a fight of sorts to break out at any moment.

“Well, I have dealt with my fair share of gods before, as the world is better off without them passing judgement onto anyone, like Serah.” Lightning ranted, as Madoka tilted her head at this, almost unsure herself how to react to a situation like this. “You better have a good idea as to what you think you’re doing.” Homura snapped at Lightning, the last thing she wanted was Madoka to get herself killed due to her naivety.

“Don’t worry about it. I still have plenty of time to fight if that’s what you wish!” Madoka replied cheerfully, almost coming off as a bit too nice for Lightning, but she just could not help but start the fight going easy. “I have made my choice by now, I will fight.” Lightning responded, as Madoka drew back the trusty Rose Branch Bow, still up for fighting even after the duel against the witch, Elly.

The rest of the magical girls were unaware of the strength that Lightning could or could not have from the start, as they took a few steps back just to make sure that no harm would be done to them, they were sure that Madoka could take this by herself, right? Only time would tell, as Lightning kept her Blazefire Saber gunblade in gun mode, ultimately kicking off the cataclysmic duel for the ages...


(Cue: Those Who Fight Further - Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children)

Madoka decided to waste no time on standing around, as she inserted one of her magical arrows into the Rose Branch Bow, taking aim at Lightning, who was just idly standing there waiting for the first move, as she had granted it to her. “I’m ready, are you?” Lightning asked, as Madoka gave her a small smile that appeared on her face, “Yes.” She replied, before firing the arrow at her.

Lightning took a step to the side after seeing the magical arrow traveling through the air at almost blinding speeds, which despite the sister of Serah managing to avoid the full force of the attack, it still grazed her left hip before blazing back. “Alright, that was a good attack, but now it’s my turn!” Lightning remarked, before firing her own magical projectile towards her foe, which forced Madoka to back herself up from it.

But Lightning was not just gonna stand around and let Madoka just dodge all of her attacks from a distance, even if she seemed innocent in her own right, as she began making a break for it towards her, making a point-blank shot at her, aimed almost directly at her face. 

Madoka stumbled back from the force of the magical projectile, causing dust from the ground to form due to skidding back a few meters from Lightning, but something was off from Lightning’s perspective, her foe barely even seemed to be hurt; if at all. “Hm, you must be a very capable foe. This will be a new experience for me.” Lightning assured, as Madoka nodded. “And I’ve never fought against a fighter like you, either!” Was her response.

Madoka got out another magical arrow, making sure to only fire off one at a time for the best accuracy she could possibly pull off. Madoka once again turned herself towards Lightning, as she steered her Rose Branch Bow in the proper position to fire, launching an arrow from the bow towards her foe’s direction.

Lightning leapt up into the air in an attempt to avoid the oncoming magical arrow heading her way, and much to Madoka’s shock, it would prove to actually work out in her foe’s favor, as the arrow harmlessly passed by into the skies, “Target acquired...” Lightning muttered, before once again pulling the trigger of the gunblade, firing another projectile at Madoka, before pulling the trigger a second time, adding another one to the mix.

Madoka continued to get bombarded by the projectiles that the gunblade was producing, but she managed to twirl herself just enough so that each of the shots, while it would still hit her, it would manage to avoid her Soul Gem. After a few extra projectiles Lightning fired with her gunblade Blazefire Saber to add onto the previous two, she plummeted back onto her feet to the ground of the plains.

Lightning now attempted to try and get back in range, dashing towards Madoka without any warning signs given to her, which caused Madoka to get out another magical arrow out of instinct, with this one seeming having gotten an extra spice of magic to go along with it, as Madoka fired it, a pinkish magical tail followed as it soared through the skies, heading towards Lightning while she was still attempting to reach her foe.

She found herself directly struck by the arrow, causing her to fall backwards to the ground, getting the back of her outfit covered in dirt, as she attempted to lift herself back to her feet.

“Not always the same arrow each time, huh?” Lightning asked in intrigue, unaware of how Madoka used her arrows at the time, “Yep! I use my own magic with these arrows.” Madoka replied, as the rest of the magical girls watched, with Kyoko crossing her arms. “Why don’t they stop dancing around each other and fight.” She muttered, taking a bite out of the last chip she had in her bag full of them, seeming to have eaten the rest already.

“Well then,” Lightning began, as she instead switched out her Blazefire Saber to the upgraded version of it, Flamberge, as she switched that out from it’s gun mode to the more appropriate, blade mode. “Why don’t we kick things up a notch.”

(Cue: Magia Kalafina - Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

Lightning once again tried the same strategy she used previously, as Madoka noticed the determination she had in her eyes, as it almost seemed to be near infinite. She certainly was gonna be nobody to let up on a fight like this.

But Madoka ended up remaining distracted enough for Lightning to get the upper hand, having managed to reach her without getting struck by any form of attacks, swinging her Flamberge gunblade forward, which caused the magical girl to jump back in an attempt to avoid the oncoming blade.

“Take this!” Lightning exclaimed, as she swung once more, as Madoka clearly realized that it was a bad idea to let Lightning get as close as she managed to, attempting to get out her Rose Branch Bow, this time she would rather not want to bother with accuracy at that point, she just wanted to try and make a successful strike as quickly as she could.

Madoka ended up loading up the Rose Branch Bow with not one, not two, but three separate magical arrows all at one time, as she fired them all at once, spreading out in a fan-like pattern, as they struck Lightning all at the same time, making it three times the impact as normal.

Lightning was still attempting to fight back despite this, as she had drifted herself across the ground, but she sure was not gonna let up anytime soon. Lightning decided to try and focus her energy onto not Madoka herself, but the Rose Branch Bow, as she swung the Flamberge forward.


The Rose Branch Bow was immediately snapped in two upon impact of the Flamberge, as the two halves just harmlessly fell back onto the ground as Madoka watched, as Lightning just looked on. “Is that it? Most of the gods and monsters I fight pack more of a punch than this.” Lightning bragged, but Madoka held her hand forward, as after a burst of pinkish energy, another Rose Branch Bow dropped into her hands.

“Not quite!” Madoka commented, as she twirled the Rose Branch Bow within her hands, as Lightning gritted her teeth. “Well then, it looks like it is time for a change in action.” Lightning commented, before she ended up switching her role as a combatant, performing what was known as a Paradigm Shift.

Lightning had switched out from her being part of the Commando role, to now focusing on the elemental related attacks that were heading Madoka’s way, otherwise known as, Ravager. Madoka stayed on her guard, as Lightning now attempted to perform her first attack with this new role.

A burst of flames appeared around Lightning, as she was about to use the physical fire attack, Flamestrike, as she attempted to impact Madoka with the flames. Lightning seemingly managed to still remain in control, as she switched from fire attacks, to the likes of thunder attacks, as Lightning attempted to strike Madoka, this time while she was still reorienting herself from the previous attack.

“Thundaga!” Lightning exclaimed, as a shock of lightning was all that Madoka could feel traveling through her system, before she dropped down to the ground in slight pain, as a small part of the attack managed to travel into her Soul Gem, but Lightning could not see this with her own eyes.

But Madoka was still trying to get the fight done, as most of the magical girls attempted to help her by cheering her on, as she managed to get back to her feet once more. “She is relentless, definetly more than a match than her appearance would make her out to be.” Lightning thought, as she put Flamberge into her hoister.

Instead, she would end up drawing out the weapon with ridiculous amounts of power, but sacrifices movement to have such power, Apocalypse. “Well then, it’s time I shall go a bit more serious than I have been.” Lightning thought out loud, as Madoka pointed her  Rose Branch Bow forward, attempting to load up another arrow into it.

But Lightning was still close enough to utilize the blade mode that the brawny gunblade had to offer, as she swung it horizontally as she could tell from her line of sight, which once again managed to strike Madoka, but she would not budge from her position, as she shot a point-blank arrow at Lightning.

This caused her to feel a sharp pain at her chest region, making her fly back from where she was standing, getting scraped across the ground and once again getting her clothing getting covered in dirt from the Archylte Steppe plains. 

She almost felt like the wyvern that attempted to challenge her before she would discover Madoka and begin the fight that was going on at that moment, but there was no time to worry about that now...

Madoka loaded up yet another arrow for Lightning to try and deal with, as she once again shot it forward like all of the rest beforehand, but the usage that this arrow managed to provide was nothing like your ‘average arrow’, as once Lightning managed to hurdle herself away from the oncoming arrow, it snaked it’s way back towards her even after it missed.

“What the--!?” Lightning called out in both amazement and shock, almost as if she had never seen anything like this before, who was this ‘Madoka Kaname?’ Lightning attempted to roll sideways at the last moment in an attempt to get the arrow to hit the ground instead of her, and it worked, just not in the way Lightning was intending...


Lightning was sent flying backwards by the explosion, but the direction that she was facing at that moment meant that she was heading straight towards Madoka as she was attempting to put in another arrow for more offense. “Huh?” Madoka questioned after she perked up after hearing something heading her way.

Lightning managed to adjust herself in order to face Madoka as she was soaring through the skies, as she readied Apocalypse for what was about to come. “I’ll make this quick, Madoka, I control my fate.” Lightning commented, before beginning to swing at Madoka over and over.


Constant slashes came in one after the other, as Lightning was able to pull off her Full ATB Skill, the one that she was most famous for, the Army of One. But among all of the slashing that Lightning was using, all it took was one heavy kick to do the heaviest damage, as Lightning unknowingly managed to make the second attack to Madoka’s Soul Gem.


Madoka once again felt intense pain, and she closed her eyes out of instinct, almost expecting that the gem was gonna break any second now, as she heard herself topple to the ground beneath her feet, but she just continued to wait for a good couple of moments, as she was relieved that after that, all that happened was...


Madoka opened her eyes back up, having noticed that her Soul Gem had not managed to sustain any crippling damages. As Lightning started to back up a bit from her challenger, something she was not at all known for. It seemed that something within her, had changed. “Well, it has been fun, but it’s time to go back to my servitude.”

(Cue: Valor In Courage And Gallantry - Bayonetta 2)

The garb of armor that could only belong to that of the goddess Etro’s servant appeared on Lightning, along with the gunblade known simply as, Overture. The normal Lightning was nowhere to be found, there was only, the Knight of Etro. “Well, this is gonna be fun!” Madoka cheerfully exclaimed, aiming the Rose Branch Bow towards her.

“Indeed.” Lightning replied, as Madoka loaded up an arrow into the Rose Branch Bow, and firing it forward, once again letting out a pink-ish trail as it soared through the skies. The arrow managed to make contact with Lightning, who decided not to bother with stopping it in it’s tracks, as it grazed across the garb of her armor, but aside from the pink residue that it left, no real damage was done.

“Well, you certainly have gotten stronger after all!” Madoka commented, as she attempted to start a full on barrage of arrows. But despite Madoka putting in one after the other, and firing one after the other, it only continued to graze Lightning’s armor, not even leaving a dent, as Lightning perked up. “Now!” She exclaimed, before she decided to scatter the magical arrows with none other then a...


The magical arrows that Madoka had attempted to fire were successfully scattered with the help of the ability simply known as Graviton Mines, before the Knight of Etro Lightning decided that now was no more the time to just stand around and look pretty, instead it was the time, to attack.

“Ruinga!” The Knight of Etro exclaimed, as she decided to follow-up Madoka’s attempted magical barrage with her own magical attack, the difference to this one being that this would prove successful rather than get blocked, or in Madoka’s case, the barrage get scattered into uselessness. 

Madoka attempted to resist the Ruinga attack, but Lightning followed this up with a physical attack in the form of Blitz, which launched Madoka backwards, with the knockback causing the magical girl to get flung back before falling flat on her face, as she dusted the dirt off of it. “Boy, this new form of her is much tougher than the first...” Madoka muttered, before she turned to her foe.

“Please, call me Lightning Farron, the Knight of Etro.” She introduced herself, before she switched Overture from the blade mode back to it’s gun mode, wanting a bit more of a fair fight rather than just overpowering Madoka while she’s defenseless. As Madoka and Lightning both got ready to fire away with their magical projectiles.

Madoka ended up going back to her usual routine of firing her magical arrows one after the other, after the other, after the other, and it was there at that point that Madoka felt like she was starting to exhaust her magical energy to no use, as Lightning continued to fire her own magical projectiles to counteract Madoka’s own projectiles.

“W-what’s happening to her?” Sayaka started to question in panic, as all of the magical girls started to get concerned, even Kyoko stopped munching on what seemed to be an apple after seeing this, but most concerned of all was none other than Homura herself, whose eyes seemed to be completely blank in that moment, “D-don’t tell me she’ll...” Homura thought out loud under her breath.

“Launch!” Lightning exclaimed, which caused her to get back up close as Madoka seemed to start weakening, as the Knight of Etro launched her off of her feet, and as the name of the attack would suggest, launched her into the air, only for her to begin plummeting down to the ground.

It was there that Madoka looked down to her neck, as she saw none other than her Grief Seed sitting there, which Madoka ended up clutching it with her hands before Homura’s fears ended up projecting itself, as Madoka had used too much of her magic at that point, as Madoka herself was now no more.

Instead, her witch had ended up taking her place, Kriemhild Gretchen.

(Cue: Surgam Identidem - Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

Lightning could not believe that the sight she had saw to be true; but it very well was, as Kriemhild Gretchen let out a loud screech that filled her foe’s ears. “So, it seems like she was carrying a dark side after all.” Lightning muttered, as she decided to just accept what she had gotten herself into, before making the first strike at the witch.

But what she remained unaware of is that this was not even the all-powerful witch form that Kriemhild Gretchen was taking on, it was simply taking the form of a giant creature the size of a mountain, and even then it was something that Kyubey would describe to ‘Obliterate the planet in 10 days.’

“It is time you feel the wrath of Odin.” Lightning remarked, as the Kriemhild Gretchen responded with a simple screech like it gave off the first time, as the servant of the goddess Etro linked two separate blades into one, one simply more powerful weapon, otherwise known as the Zantetsuken.

Sparks of electricity shortly began to generate from the merged weapon, as the Knight of Etro leapt towards Kriemhild Gretchen blindly, as it started to emit what seemed to be a black smoke around the battlefield. But the Knight of Etro pressed on, unaware of what she was getting herself into...


Lightning successfully managed to strike the Kriemhild Gretchen switch, as it ended up wailing with the still ear piercing screech that it continued to utilize. “The storm is here!” Lightning exclaimed, as Zanketsuken was used to perform the ability that kept it’s namesake, none other than; Zanketsuken, what would you expect?

Kriemhild Gretchen knew that now was the time to go into it’s ultimate formation, with a comet-sized grief seed and the left side of it’s face getting covered in shadow, with her open mouth seeming to resemble the moon and her right eye resembling the Earth, “Be my shield...” Lightning muttered, as this new form forced her to use Ullr’s Shield to replenish herself.

It seemed like now was the time where they would both be going at their peaks...

But amongst the combat that was present in the battlefield, there was still one other magical girl who was practically heartbroken by this sight, the sight that Madoka had turned back to her witch Kriemhild Gretchen, with the magical girl in question being her best friend out of the lot of them, Homura Akemi.

“This is the power of the goddess!” Lightning exclaimed, as she attempted to pull off the upgraded version of the Full ATB Skill nicknamed the Army of One; but with the upgraded version, it was simply known as Legion of One. With all of the heavy kicks and sword slashing that soon came out of that, it only seemed to put more pressure on Homura’s shoulders.

But Homura knew that she just could not keep it like this, as all that would happen is that Madoka, if she had not already died from the releasing of Kriemhild Gretchen, she surely would once Lightning managed to get the upper hand, which came ever so sooner by the minute. She knew that Kriemhild Gretchen was on a lower league than the Knight of Etro.

And she had to do something about it. Anything, about it.

It would end up right there, as the Knight of Etro was about to finish off Kriemhild Gretchen with the last attack of the Legion of One, that another timeline would appear right before their eyes, as the two warriors ended up getting taken straight to it. Only this time, it would be much more intensive than the Knight of Etro clashing against the witch attempting to consume the world.

Outer Space, Alternative Timeline

(Cue: Necrofantasia ~ Remix - Demetori)

“Y-you are back...?” Was the first thing that Lightning could say as she was forced into the alternative timeline, but this time Madoka still seemed like she had gone through a change, she had pinkish wings that resembled that of a pixie, or an angel, with a large white dress instead of a basic attire, and two ribbons attached to her even longer hair.

It seemed like now, the only thing that was standing between Lightning and victory, was the true form that Madoka possessed, Goddess Madoka.

Now Lightning knew that this was where the divinity that she could sense from Madoka was coming from, and she also knew that her normal form nor the Knight of Etro would help her get passed this threat, so she had to call upon, no, the universe had to call upon the one that would save all souls from the day of salvation.

‘Sent up from high above

A name like a precious poem

Let me sing this song to you

Gracious savior of our souls.’

Lightning’s attire would also see a change, as she seemed to have a different set up of armor than previous, with a seeming shield attached to her left shoulder, as she wielded the sword of the savior that had awoken from it’s sleep with ultimate power, appropriately named the Ultima Weapon.

“I was chosen to rescue lost souls and guide them past the end of this world and into the next. I became... The savior.” Lightning commented, as she almost seemed like she had become void of emotion, “And I have become a goddess of a magical girl!” Madoka replied, before she pulled out the upgraded version of the Rose Branch Bow that stretches across the universe, the Holy Bow.

Madoka inserted a magical arrow, that seemed to be much more magic heavy than the ones that she had been using previous to her godhood, as the Savior followed up on this with her usual strategy, but this time instead of being able to switch from gun mode to blade mode, the weapon bestowed upon the Savior was no gunblade, so it was not an option.

The Savior began to lunge forward at the magical girl goddess as she was attempting to take aim, using only one arrow for precise accuracy for the first shot, unawarely giving her foe a perfect opportunity to make a strike.


Goddess Madoka however, while she was still struck by the full force of the Ultima Weapon, felt only a minor pain as he hair ended up fluttering from the force projected from the Savior’s weapon. The Goddess then saw the opportunity to fire the arrow at Lightning while she was still vulnerable from the attack she made.

Madoka loaded up yet another arrow into her Holy Bow, making sure that this one would not miss, as once again took aim at the Savior, who was just staying there idly, almost as if she was simply asking to get hit by the devastating arrow that was about to head her way. Madoka fired what seemed to be a homing arrow, but due to Lightning remaining idle, that would not be necessary after all...


The full force of the magical homing arrow took it’s toll on the Savior and the environment of space around her. It seemed almost as if she was never gonna come back after all of that, as the smoke just continued to circle around where she was standing, but it was best for Madoka not to assume.

Once the smoke managed to clear out, what seemed to be that of souls just ended up appearing all around the Savior as she began inching towards Madoka, seeming to have taken the full force of the cataclysmic magical arrow and the explosion that ensued soon after impact, “Don’t play with fire.” Was Lightning’s only response, and it still felt blank.

“There’s no need to seem all down like me, Lightning... We can still have fun with the fight, can’t we?” Madoka asked, as she was actually concerned about Lightning’s well being at that moment, it was supposed to be a fun fight to break up the tension in Madoka’s eyes at the start, but was it really that anymore?

But the Savior just remained as emotionless as before, as she attempted to swing the Ultima Weapon up to Madoka’s neck, “I have a job to do.” The Savior boomed, as Madoka ended up sighing, she did not want to come to this, she just wanted a fun fight. But, if this was what her foe wanted to happen, so be it.

Madoka swiftly readied her Holy Bow with another one of her absurdly powerful magical arrows, as she fired it as soon as the Savior managed to get into point-blank range, but it managed to surprise the magical girl goddess once she saw that the magical arrow was being blocked, with the help of the Ultima Weapon.

“I fight for the souls of the people, fate is what it is.” The Savior remarked, but Godoka just attempted to block this out, she would rather not be distracted, after all, especially with emotionlessness.

Madoka would rather end this debacle with the Savior as fast as possible, as she tried to ready another magical arrow into the Holy Bow, or at least she tried to, as she felt a sharp pain grazing across her stomach, which was none other than the Ultima Weapon slashing the stomach of Godoka.

But she was still able to resist the pain that she felt, as much as it might as stung, she just continued to press on. She knew that herself nor Lightning would rest until the job was done, as she armed herself with the Holy Bow and, this time with a spread of arrows, even exceeding the likes of three that she had the first time she tried this in the duel against Lightning.

The Savior quickly caught on to the strategy that Goddess Madoka had in mind, as she went from going on the offensive to switching straight back to defense, “You can’t break me down.” Was all that Lightning would say, despite the few moments that Godoka ended up giving her, expecting this to be the shot that would put an end to the Savior, so she just sighed once more, before firing the spread of arrows.


Once the gigantic fan of arrows managed to soar through space up to where The Savior was stationary to in the void of space, Madoka ended up closing her eyes as the explosion engulfed the entirety of where she was standing. It was to the point that Madoka began to tear up, why was she so sympathetic over her?

It mainly had to do with their similarities in a way, both just defending over what they thought was right, over the people they loved and cherished and them becoming godly figures just to keep them in check. Why must it have to end this way?

Once the explosion began to clear out, all that Madoka could hear was the silence of her own thoughts, she began to question, who or what was Lightning fighting for? Was it perhaps the ‘Serah’ that she had mentioned right before they entered combat? All these questions would seem to be left unanswered, and just stick in Madoka’s head for the rest of her days, at least in this timeline.

But luckily for Madoka, the smoke managed to clear up, and once again just staying there was the Savior herself, Lightning, perhaps they would manage to resolve the issue? “Lightning Farron, may I suggest that you forfeit this match? You have your own people to protect, they mean a lot to you, just like the ones I protect mean a lot to me.” Madoka attempted to reason.

But the protector of Serah’s soul continued to stay in her emotionless state, as she just drew back the Ultima Weapon, which was seemingly unharmed from the magical barrage that was previously used. “I refuse, no looking back.” The Savior objected, which caused Madoka to widen her eyes, there was no way that it would have to come to this, right?

Madoka just shook her head and sighed, just thinking to herself the simplest question out there, why? Why must it be like this? “Well, I can’t agree with you on that decision, but if you insist...” Madoka responded.

Lightning ended up making a break for it towards the ultimate form of Madoka, with the determination in her eyes still evident as always, despite Madoka thinking it was all just for a lost cause. Madoka wiped the tears off of her face with the palm of her right hand, before she drew back her trusty holy bow, as she continued to watch the Savior get closer and closer.

Madoka could tell that now she was going on the offensive, and it was time for her now, to just put aside the unchangeable factors of this duel, and do the same, despite the pain in her gut desperately telling her not to...

(Cue: Walpurgis Night Event - Puella Magi Madoka Magica Online)

Goddess Madoka fired another one of her absurdly powerful magical arrows towards the Savior, expecting it to strike her directly and get it over with, or at least that was what was originally intended, as Lightning managed to twirl herself out of the way of the oncoming arrow.

The Savior ended up retaliating with a counter attack, using, none other than the most appropriate abilities for this sort of attack, Counter. Where she ended up swinging the brawny Ultima Weapon in a downward strike, causing the goddess magical girl to almost stumble off of her feet.


She kept her balance, as she attempted to fire another magical arrow at point-blank range, but with Lightning managing to make another swing with her Ultima Weapon, this one being in almost that of a forward stabbing motion rather than a downward strike, she certainly was not allowing that to happen.

“The power of the goddess, is within my grasp...” The Savior muttered, as she was about to make a heavy kick at where Madoka was currently standing, but once she tried, she had already managed to zip past her, being able to put her nigh omnipresence to good use.

She ended up utilizing this time to start healing the injuries she had sustained from the Ultima Weapon strikes, as she was blazing past The Savior in a glow of pinkish energy. But Lightning was no stranger to energy herself, as she attempted to pull off Ruinga a second time. But Madoka had an arrow already inserted into her Holy Bow just in case at that point, as she shot forward.


The void of space that surrounded the Savior was once again engulfed in a large explosion, as all of these explosions that were taking it’s toll on deep space, to the point where it was starting to seem as if it would just go beyond repair. Holes in space were getting formed around the two of them, as Madoka knew that this was not enough to keep the Savior down for good.

But by the time that the smoke had cleared out, Lightning was no longer where the explosion had taken place, had the magical arrow actually taken her out? Was it complete vaporization--?


Before Madoka could determine this on her own, the answer was already answered by the Savior with a ‘No’, with this answer being in the form of a slash from the Ultima Weapon right at the back. “Time to repent.” Lightning ordered, but Madoka just continued to block this out. As she also had a job to do, just like the Savior did.

Madoka attempted to fight back with Lightning, but it was very clear that this was a fight that Godoka had never seen the likes of before, But even besides this, there was one magical girl that was still attempting to locate the two, the one that brought them to this alternate timeline in the first place, Homura.

But the two of them just continued to zip around the void of space, as they were continuing to face with each other, with Madoka firing her trademark arrows out of the Holy Bow while Lightning was still attempting to make contact with the goddess magical girl with the Ultima Weapon.

Madoka managed to fire another one of her magical arrows at point-blank range, but the Savior ended up managing to do the same thing as before, and just putting the weapon that was exclusive to those of the likes of her kind, the Ultima Weapon upwards to block the arrow shot at her.

The goddess magical girl still had no idea how she was able to pull this kind of stunt off, showing how much strength and endurance she had gotten from not only her base form, but also how much she had improved from her Knight of Etro form, whom Madoka thought would be her toughest form. Almost felt as if she was that Etro.

The Savior decided to change her tactics once more, she still remained going on the offense, but rather than just relying on her Ultima Weapon, she would also help utilize her elemental capabilities with Ravager.

A multitude of ice ended up appearing around the Savior, as she was kicking off using Ravager abilities for the second time by using Blizzara, as she fired the barrage of ice towards the goddess magical girl that was in range in an attempt to freeze her in place. But Madoka just continued to press forward, able to resist the amount of ice.

“Why won’t she just admit defeat...” The Savior muttered, as she knew that at this point she had used all of the elements that would prove useful in a fight like this one, and she figured at this rate that something like Aerora would not do much in the long run, so she just switched to the role known simply as Saboteur.

“Imperilga!” The Savior exclaimed, as Madoka felt herself start to get slightly weaker, before she got struck by magical damage, due to her elemental resistance getting weakened by a small margin. But the goddess out of the magical girls would rather not take risks, as she ended up loading another arrow into her Holy Bow, not bothering to take aim before firing.

This was another one of her homing arrows, as the Savior was about to use another one of her Saboteur attacks, but this planned strategy was cut short as soon as the protector of Serah’s soul saw the magical homing arrow directed towards her, and it was too fast for her to avoid...


Even more holes in space and time were starting to appear, as the Savior herself was starting to feel like she was taking one too many hits for comfort, but she had gotten so far that now was no time to end up blowing it. As she ended up using the Ullr’s Shield ability to heal the damage that the homing arrow managed to cause, before she went back to her usual close range strategy.

“You just do not have what it takes.” Savior blurted out, before her Ultima Weapon was once again beginning to be used, as Madoka attempted to fire another one of her magical arrows, this one being another one of her standard arrows rather than having any gimmicks.

The Savior decided to make use of the shield that was on her left shoulder this time around, as she shifted herself so that the shield was where the trajectory of the arrow was aiming, as it simply grazed off of the shield and into the further abyss of space, producing a large quantity of pinkish sparks as it did so.

Madoka still however could feel the silence coming from the fight, as there were no other magical girls to cheer her on at that point due to them being in the alternate timeline, and Homura still yet having to arrive to where the two god-like powerhouses were dueling, to the point where it seemed doubtful if she were to arrive at all.

The Savior still kept on attempting to make several swings with the Ultima Weapon, before she decided that now was the time that she were to attempt to land a successful Full ATB Skill, like she had the previous two times. “Blade of the goddess...” Lightning muttered under her breath, not even Madoka could catch that line up close.

But she would end up finding out the plans that the Savior had in mind once they ended up coming into play, as Lightning ended up twisting and turning her Ultima Weapon in order to make the proper swings she needed to make this move count. And surely enough, it would manage to count.

The first strike managed to catch Madoka off guard, as it struck her directly in the lower chest region, before two more followed suit in the exact same position, as the Savior ended up making a heavy kick to the goddess out of the magical girl’s face. Godoka had no idea what to make out of this, it did not necessarily hurt, at least not on the outside.

The Savior ended up making not one, not two, but three separate strikes up to her upper chest region, as some blood ended up leaking out of the wounds that Madoka was given, which caused her to try and heal herself in the midst of the Full ATB Skill that the Savior was using.


But after ten fast strikes that the Savior managed to pull off, in terms of the pain factor, the last one would prove to not be the least. As Lightning managed to make one horizontal swing of the Ultima Weapon near the neck and thorax of Goddess Madoka, which managed to strike the Soul Gem that she was attempting to protect, and now Madoka started to feel true pain.

The Savior took a step back from what had just happened, as Madoka tried to reorient herself from what had just happened, but it was tough for her to bare, and that was when she realized...

...She needed to end this, as soon as possible.

(Cue: Numquam Vincar - Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

Madoka drew back out her Holy Bow as soon as she possibly could, before she tried to shoot at Lightning with one of her magical arrows, which managed to graze her garb granted to her by being who she was, the Savior. The arrow managed to make the defender of souls feel a sharp pain in her stomach before it blazed off into space, trailing as if it were pinkish light.

The Savior continued to try and retaliate as much as she could, swinging the Ultima Weapon, swing after swing, miss after miss, it seemed as if Lightning was starting to get exhausted, but she was not the kind to let up. “Please, just, stop...” Madoka tried to reason, trying to reason with Lightning, still remaining oblivous to her emotionlessness.

“Never have, never will.” Was the Savior’s response, before she just continued to swing at the goddess, who still managed to avoid each of the several swings, as she continued to think to herself, in her head.





Madoka knew from the bottom of her heart, even though that they were not there, they would still be cheering her on all the same, as Madoka readied one more of her arrows, putting it into the slot of the Holy Bow as quickly as she could. She was tireless in this fight, but still emotional despite this.

“Then, it looks like there is only one way to resolve this...” Madoka muttered under her breath, still trying to keep her head in the game, but also trying to keep her head keen on what is important. Savior Lightning continued to lose her stamina as she swung more and more aggressively, as Madoka fired yet another arrow, as Lightning had no time to block unlike most of the time.


The explosion resulted in more tears in the fabric of space, as well as more damage to the already battered Savior, now was no longer the time where any normal person would continue fighting, as instead they would just withdraw. But Savior Lightning still stood by the fact that she was no ‘normal person’, she had her tasks, and this was one of them she had to get done.

She remained relentless, determined, more determined than anyone that Madoka, goddess or otherwise had ever seen. And in a way, that was what made her special in Madoka’s eyes, as the goddess pulled back another one of her magical arrows after inserting it into the Holy Bow.

“Well, Lightning Farron, if this is the way you want it, I will grant your wish like mine had been granted long ago.” Madoka pledged, before the arrow began to scale up, gaining a gigantic amount of magical prowess.


That was all that Lightning could have in her head that moment, as she could swear that she could see the soul of her sister appearing right before her eyes, having her head down with tears in her eyes, almost as if she was, mourning, as Snow was by her side, disappointed for the same reasons.

The oversized magical arrow was fired from the Holy Bow, as it started to head towards the Savior at blinding speeds, as Lightning could only have in her head the image of the souls of Serah and Snow side by side morning, illusion or not, this was a very real sight for Lightning to see.

On top of all of this, space itself began projecting it’s own images, the images of the past, long before the duel between the two ordinary pink-haired warriors turned goddesses duking it out in the duel of ages, as it showed the previous duels before this one came along.

Two vampires were in the midst of a very large scale mansion, one of which has managed to infiltrate, the other was the owner of said mansion, as the latter of which ended up grasping the former by her neck, as she pressed the palm of her hands harder down on the neck, before it ended up bursting open.

After that image ended up fading away, the image of two titans of power floating through space came up, with one of them being held in place against his own will, as the legendary yellow gem known as the Reality Gem ended up vanquishing the other from existence itself as we know it, effectively putting an end to him.

And lastly, two insanely bulky warriors were getting launched through out space, while trying to maneuver themselves around it, before the slightly more pale out of the two ended up getting flung into the likes of a comet, before the incredibly angry foe of his ended up tearing the warrior to shreds right on the spot, showing absolutely no mercy before the comet was obliterated by a wind up punch.

But both Madoka and Lightning would rather not bother reacting to the images that were appearing in front of their faces, but rather what they had to say, as the savior turned her attention towards the goddess, letting off a faint smile.

“Protect them... Madoka Kaname.” Lightning ordered as a sort of dying wish, and by ‘them’ she meant Serah and Snow, who she knew would be mourning her death, especially the former of which, as she was her sister figure. Madoka nodded in response to this, before the gigantic arrow ended up making contact with Lightning...


The explosion that resulted from the gigantic magical arrow would prove to be stronger than even that of a supernova, as a blindingly shiny light ended up not only filling the Milky-Way Galaxy, but it also began engulfing the universe itself, just as Homura managed to approach the two of them.

“M-Madoka, what is--!?” Homura blurted, before she found herself engulfed by the massive explosion, even though Madoka managed to save her from the upcoming fate, the last thing she wanted was all of this to result in even less gain than expected. But now, this was all put aside...


After the universe found itself completely covered in the blinding white light, it seemed like all had been gone in this alternative timeline. All of the planets, all of the stars, all of the galaxies, all of it. The only things that were left, were Goddess Madoka, Homura and the drifting body of Lightning.

She had been reverted from her Savior form back to her base, where she seemed to have more emotions, as Madoka knew that what she said at the end was genuine. But Homura noticed that one of Lightning’s fingers on her right hand ended up twitching, “Madoka, is she still--?” She tried to ask.

Madoka only smiled, as she soared through the destroyed space to where Lightning was in a zoom of pinkish energy, as Lightning’s eyes opened. “H-huh? I thought I was...” Lightning blurted, after seeing her surroundings, and Madoka standing over her. “I saved you from your fate.” Madoka replied, as Lightning got up from her limp position.

“Well, this is the only time where I am fine with losing a fight, against you.” Lightning admitted, as Madoka once again flashed a smile. “Come on Homura, we should go back to the proper timeline.” Madoka told Homura, which caused her to tilt her head. “But, your witch...”

Madoka once again nodded, “I can handle that, it is my responsibility.” Madoka replied, as the three of them were about to leave the past behind, and continue to press forward with their objectives, but out of curiosity, Lightning decided to ask one last question. “You know, why did you revive me anyway?” Lightning asked.

Madoka ended up turning towards her, still having a smile printed on her face, “Because, Lightning, you have somebody to protect.” Was Madoka’s response, which caused Lightning to get relieved, Madoka truly was pure of heart all along.

“I won’t let you down.” Lightning vowed, as Homura was able to let them all go out of the alternate timeline that they had gotten themselves in, as if they were to be a trio of sorts. “Also, Madoka. You really know, how to put up a good fight.” Lightning complemented, which caused Madoka to sheepishly smile. “Thanks, Lightning!” Madoka replied, before the three of them ended up entering the timeline they started in.

And Madoka and Lightning, the former of which after she finishes dealing with her witch Kriemhild Gretchen, will have quite the story to tell with their comrades.


Boomstick: You know, I think that’s actually the first time we’ve had a happy ending on the show. I’d call that bullshit because it’s Death Battle, but that fight was destructive enough so, whatever.

Wiz: This one was a surprisingly even match, with the two of them having different forms that worked with fighting the other, but the ending result out of the three was the most important.

Dark Pit: Going down the line, while Madoka in base is the strongest magical girl out of the bunch, it still was not enough to keep her from the strength that Lightning had in base, especially because she had no real way to take her down just in that form.

Alucard: Take her down, to pound town-

Dark Pit: You gotta be shitting me.

Wiz: But their second phases is where things started to get tricky, as Kriemhild Gretchen while not having that many abilities to speak of, at best she is like the size of a planet, and considering she aimed to consume the Earth, we could assume she’s a planetary threat. But in the case of Knight of Etro, scaling to Caius Ballad would make her a Large Planetary threat.

Boomstick: But the deciding factor was their god-like forms, as you would expect, with Goddess Madoka against Savior Lightning, and this was where Madoka gained a much greater chance.

Wiz: Lightning would have an incredibly difficult time trying to destroy the Soul Gem, as not only is it like a comet, but trying to get past Madoka’s sheer destructive potential and nigh omnipresence. Must we remind ourselves that one arrow used against a witch managed to destroy the universe in one timeline?

Dark Pit: My overpowered senses are tingling. And no to you Alucard, in advance.

Wiz: Plus, Savior Lightning having unlimited stamina like Goddess Madoka’s tirelessness has not really been confirmed, so on a plus side Madoka could use that to her advantage as well.

Boomstick: Now, don’t get us wrong. This was still a very difficult match to determine, in fact it’s the most difficult Season Finale match to decide thus far, and one of Madoka’s toughest match-ups she’s had in a while. But sadly, while Lightning has overpowered the likes of Bhunivelze on her own, nothing could prepare her for what Madoka is capable of.

Wiz: Indeed so, Wiz. And the last nail in the coffin was that, once Savior Lightning came into play, she would remain heavily close-ranged. But when Madoka’s concerned, once she kept her distance with Nigh Omnipresence, along with her superior long range capabilities, Lightning could only delay the inevitable.

Boomstick: As sad as it may be, Madoka just won fair and (Pronouncing ‘fair and’ as Farron) square

Wiz: The winner is--

Deadpool: ‘Sup guys! This is Deadpool, and as this is a Season Finale with all of the sub-hosts, can I join in too?

Wiz, Boomstick, Dark Pit & Alucard: NO!

Deadpool: Aww...

Wiz: The winner is, Madoka Kaname. 

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