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Oh, good, just what I was looking for: victims!
~ Machinedramon

Machinedramon is a villain from the Digimon media franchise.

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One of the strongest Digimon in the Digital World, Machinedramon was created from parts of various Cyborg-type Digimon. His malice-filled DigiCore being the source of his limitless power, Machinedramon was a member of the Dark Masters. After his defeat, Machinedramon's remains were used to create Millenniummon. He is also a member of the Crack Team, alongside his digivolved form, Chaosdramon.

Death Battle Info[]

Mostly machine, Machinedramon's power is at a level that would overwhelm other Digimon with an intellect which boasts incomparable throughput. His trademark attack is firing superdreadnought-class energy waves from GigaCannons. He also has a built-in self-destruct mechanism that he uses in his last resort attack Catastrophe Day. His other attacks include using his right hand for his Dragon Fire drill punch and Giga Hand energy punch.


A stronger version of Machinedramon, his body turning red from consuming Digimon data with his Giga Cannons upgraded into Cosmic Cannons.