Master Windu

Mr. Red


It Takes Place In Darth Sidious’s Room.

Mr. Red: Where Am I!?

Mace Windu Walks In

Mace Windu: What is this?

Mr. Red: I’m Mr. Red. Dumbass.

Mace Windu: In The Name Of The Galactic Senate Of The Republic, You Are Under Arrest.

Mr. Red: C’mon then Police Officer!


Mace Windu Brings Out His Lightsaber And Uses His Lightsaber Skills, Mr. Red Dodges And Brings Out A Staff, They Had A Lightsaber Duel But Mr. Red Had A Staff Instead, Mr. Red Whacks Windu With The Staff, Mace Windu Uses The Force, Mr. Red got slammed into a wall. Mr. Red: Wow...You’re Tuff...Well, It’s Your Problem. Mr. Red Ran And Punched Windu In The Face Which Slammed Mace Windu Into a wall. Mace Windu: Enough! Mace Windu Uses The Force Again. Mr. Red got slammed into a wall a little bit close to Windu. Mace Windu was gonna finish off Mr. Red, But Mr. Red Used His Shock Ability. This Made Time Slower For Windu. Mr. Red Punched Windu In The Face, Then In The Leg, Then A People’s Elbow, And Finally A Roundhouse Kick. The Shock Ability Stopped.

Mr. Red Grabs The Staff Mr. Red: Any last words?

Mace Windu: No! Windu Kicks up knocking Mr. Red Into A Wall. Mr. Red: I...Dang...Im Getting Worn Out... Mr. Red: No. I am Not! Giving up.

Mr. Red Activates The Shock Ability Again. He Took Windu’s Lightsaber Off Him And Stabbed Mace Windu With The Lightsaber.




Wiz: The Winner Is Mr. Red

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