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Dude, holy shit! Is that why Demoltri took my memories? Because the only thing that could stop him was inside me all along? MOTHER OF GOD, I'M A GOD DAMN BADASS!

Luna Trisni Thates is an OC created by Gliscor Fan, from the story About Time! You can read the story here.

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  • Lucina (Fire Emblem)


After surviving a large meteor shower wiping out most of humanity, Luna resorted to thievery and tried to rob an abandoned 7/11, which she met R.O.T.E, a robot capable of traveling through time. Without any memories of her birth parents, she decided that she has to travel through time to gather historical artifacts in order to regain her memories.

Death Battle Info[]


  • Birth Name: Trisni Thates
  • Age: 20
  • Height: 5'4"
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Species: Galordian


  • Advanced Senses
    • Very Quick Reaction Times
    • Can sense the presence of any known person
  • Enhanced Intelligence
    • Is able to understand weaknesses quickly
    • Can learn fighting techniques just by watching others
  • Small healing factor
  • Non-human body
    • Superior Strength, Superhuman durability
  • Generating electrical currents
    • Can generate up to 1000 watts
  • Galordian Culture
    • Has enough energy stored to keep a Goddess inside of her soul for nearly 20 years
    • More than enough to protect an entire planet


  • Spear
    • Can withstand 320 watts of electricity
  • Sword of Desire
    • Specifically designed to defeat immortal gods
    • Creates an aura that can be used to poison, paralyze, or burn enemies from the inside-out.


  • Single-handedly defeated MechaHitler in under 40 seconds.
  • Durable enough to withstand instant time travel
  • Falls from 100 feet (often) from the air onto concrete without a scratch
  • Defeats Superhumans on a daily basis
  • Able to stop the Chaos God Demoltri from destroying history


  • Can get too emotional
  • Only good with quick thinking, brain has a hard time strategizing.
  • Quick to Anger whenever someone insults Mira
  • Due to her Galordian Heritage, She's susceptible to both heavy light and dark attacks.

Mary-Sue Test Results[]

Score: 30

Retake: 25