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Lloyd Irving vs. Kirito
Season 1, 5 (Rematch), Episode 1, 8 (Rematch)
Vital statistics
Air date November 3rd, 2014; September 28th, 2015 (Rematch)
Written by ParaGoomba348
Directed by Anonymous
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Four swords. Two heroes. One winner.

Lloyd Irving vs. Kirito is a What-If? episode of Death Battle, pitting Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia against Kirito from Sword Art Online.


Tales of Symphonia vs. Sword Art Online! The ultimate duel between two dual wielders. Who will win? Who will die?


Wiz: There's no doubt about it, heroes like weapons. Some heroes prefer guns, bows, or axes, but these heroes like swords.

Boomstick: Swords are badass! You know what's more badass than one sword? Two swords! And you wanna know what's more badass than that? Two people wielding two swords fighting to the death! Like Lloyd Irving, the dual wielder who saved two worlds-

Wiz: And Kirito, the dual wielder who beat two virtual reality games.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick!

Wiz: It is our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to see who would win a Death Battle.


Wiz: Raised by a dwarf and poorly educated at a poorly-funded school, Lloyd Irving didn't have a lot of promise as a hero. Then, one day, his friend Colette, who happened to be some sort of chosen one, was called to regenerate the world and Lloyd decided to go with her along with some other people.

Boomstick: Then Lloyd found out that this mercenary guy named Kratos was using them the whole time then nearly killed them! Then Lloyd met some new people like a guy who looks like a girl and hits on girls and sometimes Lloyd, a convict who only fights with his feet, a girl who looks twelve but is actually like thirty or somethin', and some chick who uses cards for weapons! Seriously! Cards!

Wiz: Anyway, in addition to that, Lloyd then went through many, many different quests, such as blowing up Desian human ranches, forming pacts with Summon Spirits-

Boomstick: Getting on some comet angel haven named "Derris-Kharlan", finding and using the Eternal Sword, and even beating that jerk Kratos who betrayed him in a duel! How's that for revenge?

Wiz: Lloyd's journey was truly an epic one, but it was really his prominent skills and weapons which helped him through. The obvious one being his two swords, otherwise known as the Material Brand. They are two single-edged swords, one having the element of Fire within it and the other having the element of Ice. As Dirk, Lloyd's adoptive father said, "I doubt you have a sword as strong as this in your possession".

Boomstick: A Fire sword and an Ice sword? Where can I get a Material Brand?

Wiz: Now, don't let what Dirk said fool you. In actuality, his swords aren't the most powerful in the game. He can get a different set of swords from a recurring boss known as the Sword Dancer. These swords outclass the Material Brand completely despite everything we're told about them. Unfortunately for Lloyd, he canonically uses the Material Brand, so that is what he uses in the battle.

Boomstick: Hold on there, Wiz! Lloyd still puts the Material Brand to good use! Lloyd's not your average slash-slash-thrust kind of swordsman; he has tons of cool techniques up his sleeve!

Wiz: That is correct, Boomstick. The first notable skill is known as "Demon Fang", which is not much more than a small sword beam which sticks to the ground and slides at his opponents for little more than a small annoyance. Then he has "Tiger Blade" for hitting airborne opponents, "Tempest" for hitting several times and outmaneuvering, "Beast" for immobilization-

Boomstick: "Sonic Thrust" for a really powerful thrusting move and also for-

Wiz: And then there's "Sword Rain" for catching his foes off-guard, and "Guardian" for blocking magic-based techniques. However, that is not all that Lloyd has to offer! In-game he can either go "Strike-type" or "Technical-type" and get different variations of his techniques depending on which one he gets, but because it fits his fighting style more and it's the one he leans towards without any sort of player manipulation his skills for the battle are going to be Strike-type. There's "Fierce Demon Fang" which is more of a sword shockwave rather than a beam, "Twin Tiger Blade" that hits twice, "Psi Tempest" which is stronger and faster, "Hunting Beast" which is much stronger and allows Lloyd to jump high before striking, "Super Sonic Thrust" which is just better than Sonic Thrust, and "Sonic Sword Rain" which implies that he strikes with his swords at sonic speeds.

Boomstick: Wait a minute... spiky hair, big attitude, all these moves with the word "Sonic" in them... Is Lloyd related to a certain hedgehog?!

Wiz: ...Not that I know of. Moving on, given how fast Sonic Sword Rain is and the name it implies, Lloyd can theoretically thrust a sword approximately 343 times in a second.

Boomstick: Wow, Lloyd must be really good at se-

Wiz: Shut up. Anyway, the world record for most sword-thrusts in a second is ten. Yes, Lloyd is over 340 times faster than that guy. Before you say that Lloyd is broken and has this match won, though, remember that Sonic Sword Rain drains his magic points, which means that he can't keep up the technique for long and will eventually have to rely on more reasonable slashing and thrusting speed.

Boomstick: And Lloyd wonders why so many girls like him. In addition to the Material Brand, Lloyd also has something called the "Sorcerer's Ring" which is just a regular ring that he wears and fires small fireballs out of. The fireballs aren't powerful enough to do any damage but stun foes temporarily so that Lloyd can run away from 'em, kill 'em, or if they're hot and female, take 'em home with him!

Wiz: However, enemies are never stunned for longer than a few seconds and the ring has very short range, making it an impractical support tool at best.

Boomstick: Are we forgetting that Lloyd has one of the most badass sword techniques in the entire universe?!

Wiz: To top off Lloyd's diverse sword technique list, there is an extremely powerful move known as the Falcon's Crest. It traps all foes in about a ten-foot radius of Lloyd and then he strikes with his swords. This technique does OBSCENE damage and cannot be avoided if landed.

Boomstick: No freakin' way! Why doesn't Lloyd just do that against everyone?!

Wiz: While the Falcon's Crest is extremely powerful, it has its own flaws. For starters, it fails to do anything if the opponent is too far away from Lloyd. But more crippling than that is it uses up a huge amount of Lloyd's mana points, meaning that one failed Falcon's Crest and he'll need to get those mana points all over again. To do this, he must continually strike at his foe until he has sufficient mana.

Boomstick: What is mana, anyway?

Wiz: Mana is a form of energy which exists within all beings, living or not. Lloyd gets more as he hits his foes because the more he strikes, the more mana he steals from them.

Boomstick: Then why doesn't Lloyd just strike at some grass or somethin' until he has enough mana?!

Wiz: I don't know, probably because mana exists in higher concentrations within sentient opponents. Anyway, Lloyd is statistically shown to be more offense-oriented, with very high attacking and speed stats but rather low defensive stats. But the selling point of this is the Exsphere, which is sort of like a stone that is embedded in one's skin that drastically improves his or her physical abilities.

Boomstick: Whoa! I should've gotten myself one of those back in gym class!

Wiz: Yeah, then you realize that Exspheres are literally human bodies in stone form. Lloyd's Exsphere is crafted from his mother.

Boomstick: I could make so many Yo Mama jokes with that! Yo Mama's so, uh, yeah, I got nothin'.

Wiz: Now, the Exsphere is quite the power boost, but at the same time it creates an obvious weakness. If the Exsphere is to ever be removed, Lloyd's offensive abilities will be significantly hindered.

Boomstick: And won't he be turned into that twenty-foot one-eyed green monster thing?!

Wiz: No, that's only if the Exsphere doesn't have a Key Crest, which Lloyd's does. Speaking of Exspheres, that thing has helped Lloyd accomplish a lot. Possibly his first real achievement was releasing the seals of Fire, Wind, Water, and Light in Sylvarant. He defeated many different opponents with extreme power, including the Five Desian Grand Cardinals, the five strongest members of an already superior-to-human race. That's not even mentioning Four Seraphim Yuan, a giant monster under the influence of a faulty Exsphere (which we just discussed), ten godlike Summon Spirits (canonically, that is), and a hero of the worlds of Tethe'alla and Sylvarant who is pretty much a demigod.

Boomstick: But none of those even compare to him kicking that traitor Kratos' ass! That guy's an angel who's thousands of years old and biologically immortal, and Lloyd fought him by himself!

Wiz: Very good point there, Boomstick. For almost the entire game, Lloyd fights alongside all of his party members. In this battle against Kratos, it's one-on-one. Just for clarification, Kratos was able to almost kill the entire party at earlier stages in the game. Then, towards the end, Lloyd came in and defeated Kratos on his own.

Boomstick: Is there any stopping this guy?!

Wiz: Unfortunately for Lloyd, not everything is all perfect and rosy. For one, Lloyd is a bit of an idiot. He's not exactly stupid, but he's been outwitted and out-gambitted by many foes in the game. He also has a bad habit of letting his ego get the better of him, which makes him rush headfirst into most battles without giving it a second of thought. Sometimes that's a good thing, but many opponents were able to put up a difficult fight for Lloyd as a result. Also the mana that Lloyd collects from his opponents as he attacks them is minimal and it will take many sword strikes to recover if he fails a Falcon's Crest or Psi Tempest. Finally, Lloyd's defenses are rather shoddy even with the Exsphere and can be overwhelmed with an onslaught of physical attacks. Even with all this in mind, the hero from Sylvarant might just pull a victory.

Lloyd: It just wasn't your day.


Wiz: Born Kazuto Kirigaya, Kirito was little more than a gamer who was lucky enough to be chosen to beta-test the new virtual reality MMO, Sword Art Online. After the real thing was released, Kirito and thousands of others found that they were trapped within the game and could not exit the game until it had been beaten or they died in-game. If they were to die in-game, they would die in real life. From the beginning, Kirito and a large group of others fought a large boss, only for their leader, Diabel, to die against it. Because Kirito seemed to know its tricks he was branded as a cheater, and upon learning that he was a beta-tester he was given the nickname "Beater". But he also met this girl, Asuna, who was in the game with him and prefered to go solo, and they teamed up for one day before parting ways for about a year.

Boomstick: And then Kirito just sorta did whatever the hell he pleased and ended up getting tons of women to like him! Then he reunited with Asuna and they fell in love and almost had sex and adopted a virtual child and joined the same guild and almost died and then lots of other stuff.

Wiz: That is correct. After that, Kirito beat Sword Art Online when he defeated the game's developer in a PVP duel. Kirito was technically supposed to die in the battle but he somehow managed to come back from the dead in an instant and win. For some reason the same thing happened with Asuna. Then a new MMO opened up called Alfheim Online, where players could fly and die without dying in real life. Kirito joined this one and learned that Asuna was being held captive by this game's developer.

Boomstick: And he teamed up with his hot cousin! Also did you know that his cousin was in love with him?

Wiz: ...Yes, I did, let's not get into that, please. Then Kirito defeated several strong players and even hacked the game's system to save Asuna. Then he defeated that game's sick and demented developer in-game then killed him in real life! He deserved it, too, after trying to rape Asuna. That bastard.

Boomstick: And now they've finally met up in the real world and are happily in love.

Wiz: That's right. Where would he be were it not for his battle skills and weapons? Kirito's weaponry is the top of the line in SAO - his first sword, Elucidator, was shown to be well-above the caliber of the greatest sword in possession of professional blacksmith Lizbeth when Elucidator broke said sword.

Boomstick: Then Kirito got a second sword made out of dragon crap!

Wiz: Actually, that is correct. Kirito and Lizbeth went to go collect new materials for swords only to get trapped in a dragon's keep. Then they found some petrified dragon feces and turned it into an extremely powerful and durable sword known as Dark Repulser. As shown in the anime, these swords are beyond the strength and durability that any other character has. They're quite possibly some of the greatest swords in anime history.

Boomstick: So what else can Kirito do?

Wiz: Kirito's fighting style is relatively straightforward - he prefers to let his opponent strike first so that he can block the attack and get an idea of what his opponent is doing, then follow up with a simple slash-slash-thrust combo to make sure his opponent never gets a chance to strike.

Boomstick: What?! Then how does anyone defeat Kirito if he can kill you before you an even strike?!

Wiz: Despite how effective this tactic may seem, it's still a rather juvenile method. For starters, it's extremely predictable, especially by other dual-wielders, and he's not exactly the fastest player in the game.

Boomstick: Yeah, isn't Asuna called "Lightning Flash" or something like that?

Wiz: That is correct. Asuna earned the nickname "Lightning Flash" after showing that she was much more agile than any other player, and that includes Kirito. Things could get quite troublesome if Kirito fights someone too fast for his regular strategy to work.

Boomstick: Also, "Lightning Flash" is a much cooler nickname than "Beater"!

Wiz: Moving on. Kirito isn't just a one-trick pony. In Alfheim Online, he picked up a few cool abilities. First off, Kirito learned how to fly. In the game, players can fly for a few minutes before their wings give out and they tire. Kirito struggled with flight at first, but was able to get the hang of it in time. In addition, he chose to be of the Spriggan race in-game, meaning that he also got the powers of night vision, wall-running, and treasure hunting, which probably aren't going to be of too much help.

Boomstick: Are you forgetting that Kirito turned into a giant monster?! It took out a whole squadron of players in just a few seconds! Talk about a game breaker!"

Wiz: This is correct. However, this spell takes time. It also requires the user to chant several things before using. But it is possibly Kirito's most powerful ability under his belt.

Boomstick: Kirito doesn't even need that though because he's such a badass! Remember when he defeated that evil Santa thing by himself?

Wiz: Yes I do. As a matter of fact, Kirito spent a long time in SAO solo. Most players were in large guilds and Kirito managed to be stronger than most of them anyway. He was also responsible for the defeat of all bosses up to the seventy-fifth floor, which housed Skull Reaper, one of the most broken bosses ever because of its ability to one-hit kill any player. Not long after that, Kirito defeated Akihiko Kayaba, who was actually cheating the whole time.

Boomstick: Ha! Who's the Beater now?

Wiz: And then in Alfheim Online, he managed to surpass even that when he hacked the system and got past several firewalls which were designed to be impossible to get passed. He also endured pain equal to ten times the amount felt when being impaled and managed to defeat Sugou Nobuyuki despite the fact that he was cheating as well. Kirito is, indeed, one of the greatest fighters around.

Boomstick: Does this guy get any more badass?

Wiz: Indeed he does. Kirito is also smart and analytical, and unlike those who think with their hearts Kirito is a lot more pragmatic and will think things through when he needs to but also land the finishing blow when required. He's also very durable, being able to take hits for days and survive many things, from impalement to poisoning to even death. That's right, Kirito came back from the dead.

Boomstick: Clearly Kirito can't be perfect, right?

Wiz: Certainly not. Kirito's fighting style is more defensively-oriented, being able to take a lot of hits while doing nice damage himself. However, he's still rather slow. Also, Kirito is rather predictable in fighting style and his attire isn't exactly suited for fighting. Finally, let's not forget that while he spent most of SAO solo most of his best feats are greatly credited to people like Asuna, Yui, and Leafa. However, this did not deter Kirito from defeating Akihiko Kayaba and Sugou Nobuyuki so it might not even hurt his chances here.

Kirito: I'm the hero who just saved the princess. I suppose crying and running into my arms would be a start.



Kirito and Asuna are taking a walk in a town in Sword Art Online, about to face a boss. Just as they enter the boss room they see that the boss is gone...

Kirito: That's weird. Where'd the boss go?

Asuna: Maybe it's one of those bosses that's invisible at first and it surprises us by revealing itself to us?

Kirito: That's a possibility. Stay on your guard, Asuna.

Lloyd Irving approaches them and walks towards the door behind them.

Lloyd: Huh, Sword Art Online's pretty cool. I wonder if you really do die when you lose?

Kirito: The boss... is a human? And another dual-wielder like myself?

Asuna gets in battle stance.

Asuna: Ready for battle, Kirito?

Kirito steps in front of Asuna.

Kirito: He's a dual-wielder and he's by himself. I'd like to give this a shot by myself as well. If things get bad you can always come in and help me out.

Asuna: Okay. I have your back.

Kirito points Elucidator at Lloyd.

Kirito: I challenge you to a duel!

Lloyd shrugs.

Lloyd: Sure.


Lloyd rushes toward Kirito, both swords drawn. He strikes Kirito with the fire sword, but Kirito blocks the strike with Elucidator.

Kirito: So he's more offensively-oriented. I know just how to deal with those types of fighters.

Lloyd continues striking Kirito with the Material Brand but Kirito manages to block every single hit. Lloyd jumps up and does a front-flip sword-slashing technique.

Lloyd: Tempest!

Kirito blocks every strike but Lloyd manages to get behind him. Lloyd thrusts the ice sword forward.

Lloyd: Sonic Thrust!

The sword pierces Kirito's cloak and skin and blood is drawn. However, Kirito is still standing and seems to be completely unfazed. Lloyd looks puzzled.

Lloyd: Wh-what armor are you wearing?

Kirito grins.

Kirito: That's a secret.

Kirito draws Dark Repulser and slashes at Lloyd several times. Rather than blocking the attack, Lloyd dodges every strike.

Kirito: Hm... he doesn't block. Given his offensive approach and his high speed, then if I'm correct-

Kirito jumps up and prepares to strike Lloyd from above. Lloyd jumps back expecting an oncoming strike but instead Kirito extends his wings and flies above and behind Lloyd, then strikes him from behind. As Kirito was expecting, Lloyd falls to the ground with a slash wound on his back.

Lloyd: *panting* This guy's really strong...

Lloyd quickly gets back on his feet then makes another offensive towards Kirito. It goes just like how it did earlier, with Kirito blocking every strike. Suddenly Lloyd jumps up in the air.

Lloyd: Hunting Beast!

Lloyd lands down on the ground and creates a large wolf head out of blue mana and it strikes Kirito, knocking him to the ground. Kirito manages to get up but finds himself taking an onslaught of Lloyd's sword-strikes but he still doesn't seem to be fazed.

Kirito: That the best you got?

Kirito blocks a strike then delivers his own onslaught of attacks directed towards Lloyd. Lloyd dodges a few strikes before getting hit by Dark Repulser and Kirito traps him in his slash-slash-thrust combo, leaving Lloyd mostly unable to escape. Lloyd, realizing that speed can't win every battle, blocks an attack.

Lloyd: Pretty good.

Lloyd draws his swords then the exsphere glows brightly.

Lloyd: Watch this! Sword Rain!

Lloyd thrusts his sword at Kirito several times, leaving holes in Kirito's body and drenching his black coat in blood.

Asuna: Kirito!

Asuna tries to rush in but is blocked by a wall. She realizes that the two are in a duel and Lloyd is not a boss.

Lloyd raises fire sword to the air while the exsphere is glowing. Kirito takes note of this.

Kirito: That thing on his hand... is that where his power is coming from?

Lloyd: Fierce Demon Fang!

Lloyd brings his sword down and connects... with Elucidator as Kirito blocks it. Kirito begins slashing at Lloyd's hand but can't get it to connect because Lloyd keeps dodging his attacks. Lloyd's exsphere glows again.

Lloyd: Sonic Sword Rain!

This time Lloyd stabs Kirito many times at sonic speeds, leaving holes everywhere in Kirito's body and painting his entire coat red. Kirito still doesn't seem to be in pain. Kirito grins and raises his swords.

Kirito: Your attacks don't even hurt.

Kirito gets ready to strike but finds himself on the receiving end of Lloyd's Sorcerer's Ring and is left immobilized. Lloyd raises his sword once more as his exsphere glows again.

Lloyd: Fierce Demon Fang!

Lloyd's sword is cloaked in a red light as it pierces Kirito's skin and annihilates his body, sending pieces of him scattering all around. Lloyd tosses his sword in the air and withdraws them.

Lloyd: It just wasn't your day.

Asuna's eyes widen as she sees her husband dead. Tears are forming in her eyes.

Asuna: Kirito!

Suddenly Kirito respawns behind Lloyd, with zero HP but still alive somehow. This catches Lloyd off-guard. Kirito begins slashing at Lloyd continually, not allowing him a chance to strike. Lloyd's body is likewise covered in wounds and cuts. Things look bad for the Iselian hero...

Kirito: I won't let you kill me! I won't!

Kirito begins chanting something and turns into a gigantic Gleam Eyes-type monster. He attempts to crush Lloyd with fist and tail attacks but Lloyd manages to dodge every attack. Lloyd jumps up and delivers to blows to the head.

Lloyd: Twin Tiger Blade!

Kirito's monster form diminishes and he is reverted back to his original form. Lloyd thinks he has this battle won, but...

Kirito slashes at Lloyd's Ice Sword and shatters it. He is about to deliver the finishing blow but Lloyd dodges it with not a second to spare. Lloyd counter-slashes at Kirito and then the exsphere glows more brightly than ever before. The ground around Lloyd is is covered with high concentrations of mana as different-colored energy balls are blasted towards Kirito, trapping him.

Lloyd: Falcon's Crest!

Lloyd jumps up raises his remaining sword.

Lloyd: Time for you to to face divine justice!

Lloyd lands his sword attack on Kirito and the field glows with a bright light. Nothing remains of where Kirito once stood as the words "YOU HAVE DIED" appear. Asuna is still standing, heartbroken and with despair. Lloyd withdraws his sword and walks out of the room.

Lloyd: You picked the wrong guy to mess with.



Boomstick: Whoa! I told you Lloyd was unstoppable!

Wiz: Kirito's defenses were more than enough to take a few of Lloyd's weaker attacks, but as soon as the Exsphere came into play there was little Kirito could do to defend against it.

Boomstick: Also, Lloyd's Falcon's Crest is possibly one of the strongest abilities that Kirito would ever have to face and he has little to do to counter it. Kirito's strongest and least predictable ability, his turning into a giant monster, is easily countered by the fact that Lloyd has defeated similar monsters without much trouble.

Wiz: That's right. Kirito had a bit of an edge when he came back to life but there's not much that Kirito can do with zero HP and little way of beating Lloyd once he had enough mana. Now, Kirito might have had a lot more solo experience than Lloyd, but remember that Kirito stopped doing things solo after reuniting with Asuna, and his best feats couldn't have happened without her help and others'. Lloyd, on the other hand, was able to single-handedly defeat Kratos Aurion, who is pretty much an immortal angel with over four-thousand years of experience under his belt. I don't think it's much of a question that Kratos' power outmatches that of Kirito.

Boomstick: Kirito just lacked the proper Exsphere-ience.

Wiz: The winner is Lloyd.

Advantages and Disadvantages[]

Lloyd Irving[]

  • +Faster
  • +Less predictable
  • +Better battle clothing
  • +More experience fighting stronger opponent
  • +Sorcerer's Ring is weak, but helpful
  • +Falcon's Crest, that is all
  • +Could restore MP by hitting Kirito
  • +Can counter Kirito's flight
  • =About the same strength
  • =About the same reflex speed
  • -Less durable
  • -Limited MP


  • +More durable
  • +Slightly better weaponry
  • +Smarter
  • +Flight is helpful
  • +More solo experience
  • +Ability to resurrect himself is nice
  • =About the same strength
  • =About the same reflex speed
  • -Improper battle attire
  • -A bit predictable
  • -Smartness diminishes when angry
  • -Gleam Eyes was almost useless
  • -Slower

Interlude (Rematch)[]

Wiz: Almost one year ago, we did a battle between Lloyd Irving and Kirito to see who would win in an epic duel between dual-wielders.

Boomstick: And just like every company in the world was EA, of course new content was released, forcing us to do all that work again.

Wiz: This time, we will be taking into account Lloyd's abilities from Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, and Kirito's abilities from Sword Art Online 2.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick!

Wiz: It's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to see who would win... a rematch of this Death Battle.


Wiz: In the year 2003, the most famous game in the Tales Series was created. This game was called Tales of Symphonia, and it starred possibly the most iconic character in the entire Tales Series. His name was Lloyd Irving.

Boomstick: You know the story. He was a normal guy living with his adoptive dad, until one of his friends turned out to be the Chosen of Regeneration. Man, it's nice to have a chosen one who isn't the main character.

Wiz: Lloyd Irving was created to be a wide-eyed idealist whose thoughts and intentions were quite noble, but were far too idealistic for the world he was living in. As a result, he made many friends, but many, many enemies.

Boomstick: However, Lloyd was willing to fight for what he believed was right anyway. Equipped with two swords and an Exsphere, and a heightened ability to channel mana, Lloyd couldn't wait to save the world of Sylvarant. Or so he thought, until he and his group found out that a parallel world called Tethe'alla existed.

Wiz: This marked the beginning of Lloyd's constant reminders that the world he was living in was too far on the cynical side for his ideologies. However, this hardly stopped him, and he would take down foe after foe all the while learning more about the worlds of Sylvarant and Tethe'alla, and even a comet known as Derris-Kharlan. Throughout all of this, his idealism stayed intact.

Boomstick: Lloyd eventually picked up the swords called Flamberge and Vorpal, and together, they were called the Material Brand. He also got something called the Sorcerer's Ring really early on, something that allowed him to stun his enemies in place.

Wiz: He also learned a wide variety of Artes using the mana he could channel, and combined with his added strength, speed, and durability that the Exsphere gave him, he could take down just about any opponent.

Boomstick: Or so he thought. It took him a good while, but he eventually did become the unstoppable force that was Lloyd Irving, the Eternal Swordsman.

Wiz: Then nine years later in 2012, the anime Sword Art Online was brought to the world as an adaptation of the Light Novel by the same name.

Boomstick: The main hero of this went only by the name Kirito, a highly antisocial kid who spent all of his time playing video games. In the real world, he wasn't anything special, but in the video game world, he was considered to be one of the most powerful players.

Wiz: Much like Lloyd, Kirito's journey wasn't chosen, but rather thrust upon him. Kirito was one of very few to beta-test the game Sword Art Online, and when the game was officially released, he was very surprised to find out that he was unable to log out. Even more surprising to him, if he were to die in the game, he would die in real life.

Boomstick: This pretty cool concept for an anime, as well as its appeal to gamers everywhere made SAO a big hit.

Wiz: Gaining a massive fan following from gamers and anime fans everywhere, SAO took off faster than you could call Kirito a "beater". What wasn't intentional, however, was that Kirito was discovered to have many similarities to Lloyd. Kirito was given a pair of dual swords, called Elucidator and Dark Repulser, he found himself protecting a young girl who ended up becoming his most valuable partner, and he would take down monsters much tougher than him all the time.

Boomstick: But most importantly, Kirito had that same sense of idealism that Lloyd did. Even though Kirito's world was arguably just as hellish as Lloyd's.

Wiz: And so began the debates. The battle between these dual wielders... well, it wasn't as hotly debated as Goku vs. Superman, but it definitely had its own debate circle in there. The two of them seemed almost completely matched, all the way down to the cores of their characters.

Boomstick: With no clear winner in sight, we decided to try our hand at the battle.

The ending of Lloyd Irving vs. Kirito plays

Wiz: However, this hasn't at all been the last we've seen of either character. Tales of Symphonia got a sequel with Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, and Sword Art Online was continued in a new series called Sword Art Online II.

Boomstick: As such, both of them gained new abilities. Lloyd learned how to channel fire using his mana, and became a smarter fighter. This wasn't that much of a change, though.

Wiz: Kirito, on the other hand, got a new avatar, this time from the game GunGale Online. This game gave Kirito's avatar a lightsaber-like sword, and laser pistol for long-range fighting. He still prefers close-range swordfighting, but isn't at all against using his gun.

Boomstick: But even more importantly, both of them were stripped of abilities in their first battle, simply because they were both game-breakers. Literally, in Kirito's case.

Wiz: By combining Flamberge and Vorpal and therefore creating the Eternal Sword, Lloyd was capable of fusing the worlds of Sylvarant and Tethe'alla together through a form of reality-warping. He also gained wings that he could draw at any time, and allowed him to fly to the Exosphere in a matter of minutes.

Boomstick: Kirito was able to hack SAO and ALO as if it were The Matrix, allowing him to bend his own universe's rules. He did this to cheat against his opponents, and even the coding of the entire system!

Wiz: Naturally, these abilities that were conveniently excluded from their previous battle have sparked a few more debates, and have had people wondering how much these abilities would change the battle. Will Kirito's hacking abilities and his expanded arsenal be enough to defeat Lloyd? Or will Lloyd claim victory once more?

Boomstick: Find out, on the rematch of the dual-wielders. It's time for a DEATH BATTLE!



Lloyd Kirito Set

Sword Art Online, somewhere on the streets

It was a rather normal day in SAO. Well, normal, considering that it had been over ten months since one of the most prominent players had died in-game. Everyone was beginning to adapt to his absence, and no one was dwelling on the fact that he was gone anymore.

He was dead, and would not return.

Or so everyone thought.

The one who killed this player, Lloyd Irving, walked through the streets of the game, holding a strange crystal in his hands.

"So I can revive any player with this crystal?" Lloyd asked himself. He thought about it for some time. "Who would I want to revive?"

At first, he had the idea to revive Colette. She had been killed shortly after he killed the prominent SAO player, so he thought he could revive her. "I'd like to resurrect Colette!" Lloyd shouted at the crystal. Nothing happened.


He waited a few more seconds. He figured by now, he would hear Colette's childlike and innocent voice calling his name. Sadly, even after a noteworthy amount of time had passed, he could neither hear nor see any trace of her. He sighed, then remembered what had happened between him and an SAO player just ten months prior.

"I'd like to resurrect The Black Swordsman - Kirito!" shouted Lloyd. Within seconds, a bright green light flashed in front of Lloyd, revealing Kirito right in front of him. Somehow, even though he should have been dead, he was standing as if he had been alive all this time.

Kirito looked around for a few seconds and remained silent out of surprise. Then he spoke.

"What the-? I thought I was dead! And where are we?" asked Kirito.

"Well, you were dead... but I brought you back." Lloyd replied.

Kirito nodded, intrigued. "Alright, how long have I been dead?"

"Just ten months." Lloyd replied, with a sheepish grin on his face.

Kirito stumbled back and gasped in shock. "Holy hell, ten months?! Shit, is Asuna still alive?!"

"I, uh... I don't know..." Lloyd answered, scratching his head.


Kirito's face was beginning to tense up in anger. "Look, Lloyd Irving - she said she'd kill herself if I were to die. If she's dead now, her blood is on your hands."


Kirito drew Elucidator and Dark Repulser, then got in a fighting stance against Lloyd. "No matter what, one of us will be dead."

Lloyd's expression turned serious as he drew Flamberge and Vorpal. "Ready for a rematch?"


Lloyd Status Do
3058419-kirito 2 sword art online by zerolshikumai-d5dj8gv1

Lloyd made the first strike, slashing horizontally toward Kirito's stomach with Flamberge. Kirito blocked the strike with Elucidator, then pushed Lloyd back using a swing with Dark Repulser. Lloyd caught his footing on the ground, then went for a thrusting attack.

"Sonic Thrust!" shouted Lloyd, thrusting Vorpal at a sonic speed. Kirito quickly sidestepped around the thrust, then slashed Dark Repulser into Lloyd's side. The slash splattered blood around the area and knocked Lloyd down onto the ground. Lloyd got back up, ignoring the massive wound.

"Can't teach an old dog new tricks, huh?" Kirito laughed. Lloyd sighed, deciding to just brush that off. He rushed toward Kirito with both swords ready, and then slashed both swords in an "X" shape. Kirito quickly blocked the strike by crossing both of his swords in an "X" shape, resulting in a blade lock between the two.

The two swordsmen grunted as they tried to push the other one back. Suddenly, the Exsphere on Lloyd's hand began to glow a bright blue as he pushed Kirito back with more force. Kirito's guard broke as Lloyd stabbed Kirito through the stomach several times at once.

"Sonic Sword Rain!" Lloyd shouted. Kirito attempted to dodge or block each stab, but he found himself unable to maneuver around it. Fortunately for him, he seemed to be taking little damage from the attack, and all the damage he would take he would heal from quickly. Lloyd was rather surprised at Kirito's reaction, or lack thereof.

Lloyd Reaction

"B-but... how?" asked Lloyd, barely managing to spit out the words.

Kirito smiled in confidence, delivered a fast punch into Lloyd's face.

"Ow!" Lloyd covered his face instinctively, then Kirito slashed horizontally toward Lloyd's midsection. With no time to spare, Lloyd slashed upward, parrying Kirito's sword strike. While Kirito was left wide open, Lloyd delivered an upward slash through his chest, then ran behind Kirito and slashed him across the back. This strike knocked Kirito down onto the ground, his health bar diminishing. Kirito got back up and dusted himself off.

"What can I say, you make a pretty good dual-wielder yourself." Kirito complimented Lloyd.

"Heh, well than-" Just as Lloyd was about to finish thanking Kirito, the Black Swordsman slashed at Lloyd from the front, then from the back, and from the front again, and from the back. The trails of his swords left blue-black streaks of light. Lloyd then hunched over, gripping his wounds. "Why you-" Lloyd angrily got back up as both of his swords coated themselves in a flaming mana.

Kirito tilted his head in confusion at this attack. "Huh. That's new-" Right before Kirito could finish what he would say, Lloyd was now spiraling mid-air toward Kirito with both of his swords ablaze.

"Blazing Tempest!" Lloyd shouted out, spinning around in the air with his swords extended. In just a moment's notice, Kirito held up both of his swords in defense of the attack. Lloyd ended up right behind Kirito, who turned to face him.

Lloyd rushed at Kirito with his swords in an "X" shape once more, and Kirito blocked the swords with another "X" shape of his own. But right when the two were about to be blade-locked, the Exsphere glowed a bright blue once more. Lloyd broke Kirito's guard with an upward slash, jumping up into the air. Kirito raised his swords in an attempt to block the strike, but suddenly a blue beast-like figure emerged from Lloyd's swords, suddenly sending Kirito to the ground and stunning him.

"Hunting Beast!" shouted Lloyd. The force of the blow suddenly shattered Dark Repulser and knocked Elucidator out of Kirito's hand. He was face-first on the ground as he saw Lloyd looming toward him.

"I... can't... lose... not this time..." Kirito said in between pants. Lloyd alighted Flamberge with mana.

"Fierce D-!"

"Gotta... change... the game..." Suddenly everything stopped. Lloyd seemed to be frozen in time as Kirito selected some options from his SAO menu. He clicked on an option which read "Change game", and underneath there were two options: ALfheim Online and GunGale Online. He selected ALfheim Online as the surroundings suddenly changed.

ALfheim Online, somewhere in a plain

"-emon Fang!" Lloyd shouted, bringing down Flamberge upon Kirito. Suddenly, Kirito's avatar shifted. He had shorter hair and a shorter jacket, but otherwise nothing was too notable. Nothing, except he was now wielding a much larger, black sword rather than the dual swords of Elucidator and Dark Repulser.

Kirito ALO

"Now, for round two." Kirito said aloud while blocking Lloyd's Fierce Demon Fang with his new sword.

Lloyd was suddenly surprised, and during this moment of weakness Kirito pushed Lloyd back with his larger sword. Kirito held his large sword at his side, now smirking.

"B-but... I..." Lloyd looked at Kirito's new avatar, confused.

"This is my game, Lloyd," Kirito taunted, rushing toward Lloyd full-speed. "My rules."

With not a moment to spare, Lloyd held up both of his swords in an "X"-shape, blocking the slash. He struggled to keep his footing against the heavier and stronger sword.

Kirito pushed his sword with more force, knocking Lloyd back again. With Lloyd's guard broken, Kirito rushed at Lloyd with his sword ready. He swung his sword with all his might, but Lloyd fortunately managed to weave around it. While Kirito's back was turned to Lloyd, the Eternal Swordsman slashed at Kirito's back, then thrust Vorpal with a blazing mana emanating from it.

"Demonic Thrust!" shouted Lloyd, the force of the attack knocking Kirito to the ground.

Kirito looked at his health bar. He was shocked to see that it had fallen to 50%. Holy crap... it might just happen again... Kirito quickly got back up, and then drew his wings. He took off, leaving Lloyd on the ground. Lloyd's Exsphere glowed again, and then he jumped up and delivered two vertical slashes to the aerial Kirito.

"Twin Tiger Blade!" shouted Lloyd. Suddenly, Kirito's wings dissipated as he fell down to the ground.

Kirito quickly caught his footing, and right when Lloyd landed he slashed at Lloyd across the midsection. The force of the sword knocked the Eternal Swordsman down to the ground, and then Kirito walked toward him while chanting a spell.

Lloyd got back up, only to be surprised as smoke filled the area. Lloyd coughed as the smoke filled his lungs, and then through the thick smoke he could see glowing blue-white eyes.

"What is that?" asked Lloyd. As the eyes came closer, he saw himself face-to-face with Kirito's Gleam Eyes form.

Demon Kirito

The now-transformed Kirito approached Lloyd, and as soon as he was visible to him, delivered a solid punch.

Lloyd attempted to block the punch with his sword, but the sheer force of the blow sent Lloyd flying several feet back. Kirito ran at Lloyd at an alarming speed, punching the airborne Lloyd several times. Lloyd attempted to block each punch, but failed each time. Kirito punched him downward, driving him down into the ground.

The Eternal Swordsman slowly got back up, and dodged an oncoming punch from the Gleam Eyes monster. While he was dodging, Lloyd jumped up slashed down upon Kirito's head. "Rising Falcon!" The Gleam Eyes monster covered its face in agony, and then Lloyd landed behind the fearsome beast, then covered his swords with the blazing mana once more. "Rising Phoenix!" He shouted, repeating the motion.

The Gleam Eyes screeched in pain and swung its fist at Lloyd again. Lloyd fell down as the Gleam Eyes looked at him angrily, but then slashed horizontally across its legs. The Gleam Eyes screamed out, and then Lloyd jumped out and delivered a powerful "X"-shaped slash across the Gleam Eyes' chest. It screamed in terror as the smoke disappeared and Kirito was reverted to his base form.

Kirito fell down onto the ground as Lloyd walked toward him again. Kirito once more opened up the options menu.

"Gotta... change the game... again..."

Lloyd was about to slash at the downed Kirito, but suddenly the game paused once more. Kirito pressed the "Change Game" option again, and clicked on "GunGale Online" this time.

Suddenly, everything around changed again.

GunGale Online, a bridge in the night sky

Lloyd finished his slash, but Kirito then blocked it - with a lightsaber-like sword. His outfit looked rather similar to his last one, but now his avatar had changed - Kirito now looked rather... feminine. Kirito continued blocking Lloyd's attack, then with his other hand held up a laser pistol to Lloyd's head.


"I've got you right where I want you."

"Wh-what?!" Lloyd suddenly put his swords down, now rather shocked. Kirito, in a similar shock, put down his gun.

"Lloyd! What's wrong? You have to fight!"

Lloyd nervously chuckled. "Well, you... how'd you turn into a girl?"

Kirito then wore a face which could only be summed up with this:


"I'm... not... a girl..."

Lloyd was still in shock, but during Lloyd's moment of vulnerability Kirito slashed at Lloyd with his lightsaber. Lloyd fell down onto the ground, his shirt now being torn. There was now a gash on his chest, and he could ever-so-slightly feel the pain.

"Agh... that's not good..."

Lloyd held his wound while trying to get back up, but then Kirito fired a shot from his laser pistol. With not a moment to spare, Lloyd weaved around the laser blast.

"Damn, that was close-"

But then Kirito fired again. Once again, Lloyd dodged the attack. Lloyd then rushed toward Kirito and slashed both of his swords simultaneously, and Kirito blocked once more. However, he could not take the force of the attack and was knocked down to the ground.

"Demon Fang!" shouted Lloyd, firing a white-blue blast of mana at Kirito. Not a moment too soon, Kirito fired a blast from his laser pistol to dissipate the attack. Lloyd's face turned rather irritated as he fired five more Demon Fangs, and Kirito countered each one with laser blasts.

Kirito grunted, and then paused the game as Lloyd was mid-Demon Fang.

"I need to buy me some time." Kirito said between pants. His health bar was now at 25%, and he wasn't going to last too much longer.

Kirito ran behind Lloyd and then stabbed him with his lightsaber. He unpaused the game, and Lloyd hunched over in agony.

"Agh..." Lloyd grunted, blood spilling out of his stomach.

Kirito then held his gun to Lloyd's head. "It's over, Lloyd Irving," Kirito said to Lloyd, about to pull the trigger.

Right as he was about to pull that trigger, Lloyd held Flamberge and Vorpal together. After a few seconds, the two swords merged into one glowing, purple sword-

Eternal Sword

The Eternal Sword.

Lloyd gripped his sword then swung it back. Kirito was knocked down but then he got back up as well. Kirito ran toward Lloyd, and then suddenly Lloyd punched Kirito in the face.

Lloyd punch

Lloyd's punch caught Kirito off-guard, and the Black Swordsman struggled to keep his footing as he felt the force of the blow.

Kirito then paused the game once more. He jumped up several stories high, landing on the top of a tower stories above the paused Lloyd. Kirito then aimed his gun, then unpaused the game.

But to his surprise, the shot missed as Lloyd had drawn large, blue angel wings.


Lloyd flew up to catch up with Kirito, who was growing increasingly surprised with Lloyd's abilities.

Lloyd slashed the Eternal Sword at Kirito, who attempted to parry the blow with his lightsaber. Sadly, the lightsaber did little to protect him from the attack as he was launched several kilometers back. Lloyd flew to catch up with Kirito, who then paused the game once more.

"If he's allowed to have that sword, I'm allowed to break the rules." Kirito muttered to himself. He clicked many different commands at once, and then in only a seconds' time he managed to land countless blows on Lloyd. He unpaused the game once more as Lloyd's wings dissipated, and quickly began his descent down the chasm.

"No!" Lloyd attempted to grow his wings back, but was failing. Kirito fell down with Lloyd, and fired his pistol several times. He delivered a stab into Lloyd's chest, drawing blood.

"Y'know, Lloyd. There's a consequence for everything." Kirito told the Eternal Swordsman.

Lloyd gave a soft smile. "Y'know, Kirito. You should follow your own advice." Lloyd then gripped the Eternal Sword as he slashed away Kirito and pulled out he lightsaber. The two landed onto solid ground, quite harmlessly. Then, the Eternal Sword began to glow much brighter than before.


"Time for you to face Divine Justice! Falcon's Crest!"

Heavenly lights surrounded Kirito as Lloyd brought down the Eternal Sword. Kirito yelled out in pain as his whole body began to disintegrate, and he was surrounded by a bright white light. Asuna... if you can hear me... just remember... I tried...

All that was remaining was Kirito's head as imminent death approached. I love you... Asuna...

Everything disappeared completely. The sun came up, and Lloyd stood over the bridge with the Eternal Sword in hand.

Lloyd Eternal Sword

"I guess that's it." Lloyd muttered, looking at the emptiness.

A single tear ran down Lloyd's eye. "Thanks Kirito... for the best fight of my life..."

He reverted the Eternal Sword to Flamberge and Vorpal, and then walked off.

Kirito's Room

"Big brother?" asked his cousin-who-he-treated-as-a-sister Suguha. No response. "Big brother?" Nothing.

She opened up the door to his room and was horrified upon seeing her brother, with his head split open and blood all over the room. Chunks of his flesh had flown everywhere, but his eyes were closed peacefully.

"Big brother!!" she screamed in terror. She hugged her dead brother and cried into his chest. "No... how could... this happen..."


Results (Rematch)[]

Boomstick: Noooooo!!! I wanted to see Kirito get his revenge!

Wiz: The original battle might have been an incredibly close fight, but this rematch wasn't nearly as close as the original.

Boomstick: Don't believe us? Seriously, just hear us out this time. So Kirito can hack his world like Neo, right? Well, we never really found out what else he could do with that.

Wiz: He usually just uses it to do things he couldn't. It's always been more of a navigation tool than a combat weapon. His GGO Avatar is helpful, but ultimately it just delays the inevitable.

Boomstick: Lloyd's Exsphere lets him push beyond the limits of a normal human being. In Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, Lloyd has left behind his idiotic nature and become a more serious and competent fighter.

Wiz: Kirito, on the other hand, is a better strategist. That is, until he gets angry, where he displays the common Shounen tropes. As stated before, Lloyd has taken on a lot of opponents out of Kirito's league - it's kinda what Lloyd does.

Boomstick: Kirito takes on powerful monsters too, but as stated before, they're almost all credited to his partners. Lloyd took on Kratos by himself! Keep in mind, people way lower than Kratos are able to wipe out cities effortlessly! And Kratos is said to be way more powerful than that!

Wiz: Still don't believe Lloyd would win? Lloyd's Eternal Sword merged the worlds of Sylvarant and Tethe'alla together. The sword even managed to split them in half before. The sheer scale of this attack is way too much for Kirito, or ANYONE in Sword Art Online to handle.

Boomstick: Yeah, it's not like a little healing factor is solving that.

Wiz: SAO III is confirmed, and Kirito will probably get another avatar. However, unless it displays feats similar to that of the Eternal Sword, there is just no reason to do a rematch. Lloyd is just... kinda out of Kirito's league.

Boomstick: You could say that Kirito loses... Eternally.

Wiz: The winner is Lloyd Irving.

Boomstick: Again.

Lloyd wins


  • According to ParaGoomba348, this was his closest battle until Maka Albarn vs. Ruby Rose.
  • This is ParaGoomba348's closest Season 1 battle.
  • Cameos:
    • Asuna Yuuki (Original battle only)
    • Suguha Kirigaya (Rematch only)
  • This is ParaGoomba348's only battle to get a rematch so far.
  • This is the first of ParaGoomba348's battles where a character who would appear as a combatant either was mentioned or made a cameo; in this case, Asuna Yuuki.