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Lester the Unlikely

Lester the Unlikely is the main protagonist of the same title video game.

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In the beginning, a typical teenage boy named Lester, who is "kind of geeky" and "kind of sleepy" recently got a new issue of the Super Duper Hero Squad comic book. He was reading it while walking on a dock until he fell asleep next to a cargo crate lying beside a cargo ship. After he and the cargo were loaded onto the ship by a crane and cruised off, the ship is ransacked by pirates who scuttled it. Lester luckily found a life jacket and swam toward the most adjacent island while the cargo ship sank. Lester must find his way home by exploring the island for someone or something that can help him survive.

Death Battle Info (Fanon)[]

Despite Lester's frail physique, he is skilled in wielding swords and boomerangs, and has a decent speed. Lester is athletic enough to jump through edges and swing on vines.