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Lecht & Rink Refraktia

Recht: I'm sorry... I had to do this...
Link: Hmph, it's better for you to repent.

Lecht & Rink Refraktia are twin nuns that are enemies working for the Antagonist group "Schwarzkreuz". They make an appearance in Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~. Out of the two Sisters, only Lecht seems to be real as Rink appears as Lecht's Shadow, thus it is unknown if either Lecht, nor Rink was ever truly alive. The Refraktia Twins are weak toward Eislanze, which is German for Ice Lance. The Falschegestalt, also known as the False Shadow, is the main weapon shared by both Lecht & Rink Refraktia. It allows twin sisters to produce a magical shield that blocks special attacks from enemies. The twins can also use it to have their shadows attack opponents and shoot lasers at them from their positions, and they can move at will using it without having to move their limbs whatsoever.

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