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You think you can stop me?
~ Lars Alexandersson

Lars Alexandersson is the main protagonist of the video game, Tekken 6.

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Raised to be used as a pawn to spite Kazuya, Heihachi sired a son with a Swedish woman. There, she gave birth to Lars Alexsandersson, whom Heihachi had considerably favored alongside his "adopted half-brother" Lee Chaolan; but Kazuya had no better reason to hate Heihachi other than the fact that he was responsible for the death of his mother, Kazumi, so he disparaged his "brothers", seeing them as pawns to Heihachi's game.

Honorable and bound to a sense of justice, Lars had sworn to oppose his half-father for his plans for world domination. At one point, he even teamed up with Alisa, whom he was very close with, against Heihachi himself.

In Tekken 7, after picking up his weakened half-nephew Jin Kazama from G-Corp forces, Lars moved to Violet Systems to take Jin for recovery, where he reunited with Alisa. He also persuaded the reporter (who lost his family due to the Mishima Zaibatsu's invasion under Jin's command), to spare the recovering Kazama, as he believed that he can save the world from Kazuya. When the Zaibatsu attacked (under Heihachi's orders), Lars, Lee and Alisa had to relocate to a more secure location where Jin can make full recovery without interruptions. The last they all saw was Heihachi's last duel against his vengeful son, Kazuya, where Heihachi died fighting him.

But as they saw that G-Corp has no intent on ending the war between both itself and the Zaibatsu, they turned to a recovered Jin in the hopes that he can stop Kazuya once and for all.

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