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Laharl vs. Sailor Moon
Backgrounder (505)
Season 5, Episode 15
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Air date November 28th, 2015
Written by ParaGoomba348
Directed by Anonymous
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Laharl vs. Sailor Moon is a What-If? Episode of Death Battle, pitting Laharl from Disgaea against Sailor Moon from her eponymous series.

is a What-If? Episode of Death Battle, pitting Laharl from Disgaea against Sailor Moon from her eponymous series.


Disgaea VS Sailor Moon! It's a battle for galactic conquest in a duel between The Devil and God!


Wiz: Galactic entities-

Boomstick: Sworn to do anything they can to protect the galaxy... or conquer it.

Kyoko: Overlord Laharl, a perverted demon boy trying to take over the galaxy-

Excalibur: Sailor Moon, the incarnate spirit of a galactic goddess.

Gilgamesh: But it's up to these mongrels-

Inspector Gadget: Hello everyone, I shall be helping out with this battle! I am always on duty, after all!

Hoxton: And I suppose I'll take up the reigns for this battle too, wankers.

Magneto: We shall find out who will win in a glorious duel-

The Spy: Gentlemen.

Jocelyn the Intern: Uh, don't you guys think we have-

Evil Craig: We don't have enough fucking sub-hosts, Jocelyn. Go get us some new ones.

Wiz: Uh, guys-

Dark Pit: It's our job-

Knight: To find out-

Blaze: Who would win-

Wiz, Boomstick, Kyoko, Excalibur, Gilgamesh, Inspector Gadget, Hoxton, Magneto, The Spy, Jocelyn, Evil Craig, Dark Pit, Knight, and Blaze: A DEATH BATTLE!

MatPat: But hey, that's just a theory.


(Cue Dear Comrade - Disgaea OST)

Wiz: Born as the son of King Krichevskoy, Prince Laharl was the rightful heir to the throne.

Boomstick: But one day when Laharl here was sleeping... after two years... Laharl saw his father dead and a whole bunch of people who served him now trying to take the throne.

Magneto: Everyone wants to rule the world, I've discovered. Unsurprisingly, Laharl wasn't exactly pleased with affairs and set to claim his rightful title.

Kyoko: Laharl was pissed, alright?

Excalibur: Fool! So what did Laharl do? He enlisted the help of Etna, one of his trusted vassals, to help him reclaim the title of Overlord.

Gilgamesh: What a self-centered mongrel. If anyone deserves such an honor, it is I, Gilgamesh. But yes, Laharl's entire story was a revenge quest in order to get his title back.

Jocelyn the Intern: Come on guys, don't count out Laharl just yet-

Evil Craig: No. Laharl is a fucking dickhole.

The Spy: Gentlemen, settle down. Let's not get into any quarrel about Laharl's personality. Anyway, Laharl wields Yoshitsuna, a rare sword appearing throughout Disgaea titles. It is one of the strongest swords in the game, with an attack power of 6000 and the ability to cut right through raw meteors.

Knight: Laharl is incredibly skilled with a sword, being able to learn every single sword technique there is.

Blaze: And if you don't think that the attacks in Disgaea are OP as all hell... then there just aren't words for how wrong you are.

Hoxton: For any of you wankers believing the Disgaea attacks to not be overpowered, allow me to redirect you to the sword abilities he learns. It's fucking bonkers.

Inspector Gadget: Allow me to handle this one! Ahem! Blade Rush involves Laharl blitzing his opponent with sheer speed and striking where he is weak, Hurricane Slash has Laharl run so fast he creates a tornado, then slashing downward. And these are his weak abilities!

Dark Pit: Laharl can also slow down his opponents and strike from a distance, create shockwaves with sword slashes, create total darkness and fire sword beams, launch an opponent into the sky and slash nine times at once, and can even wield a sword much bigger than he is-

Kyoko: Shut it, pedobait. We have enough hosts as it is.

MatPat: Let's do a calculation on that. Laharl is 135 centimeters tall. The hilt of this blade seems to be about that height as well. The blade itself is three-and-a-half times larger than that, so around 372.5 centimeters long, or fourteen feet and seven inches. The blade could also be estimated to be about 15.2 centimeters thick, and with the extensions on the back adding weight to it, assuming the blade to be made out of bronze, we can estimate this blade to be almost 35,000 pounds, or 17.5 tons.

Boomstick: And the worst part? That's one of his less impressive feats. Case in point: For his attack Dimension Slash, Laharl jumps up into space and creates a bunch of portals in the air, and slashes with enough force to rip through those dimensions all at once. And this STILL doesn't even scratch the surface of how OP this guy can get.

Wiz: Just in case Laharl doesn't feel like using swords, he can always resort to fisticuffs as a suitable alternative. With an A rank in Fist and immense physical strength, it's not very difficult to see why.

Excalibur: Laharl can attack with a three-punch combo, duplicate his body and deliver a powerful flurry of attacks, raise two walls of stone and punch them down onto opponents, and even deliver an aerial strike and follow it up with a suplex akin to-


(Cue The Time Is Now)

Kyoko: Uh...

Evil Craig: What the FUCK?!

Hoxton: Bloody wankers...

Jocelyn the Intern: Hold on, I've got this-

(Music stops, cue Laharl's hymn)

Inspector Gadget: Sorry. Fixed! Well, anyway, Laharl can also punch his foes with enough force to shatter mountains and create huge shockwaves all across the area, gang up on his foes with four duplicates of himself, trap his foes in a tiny sun and punch two pillars into it, and then there's one attack that trumps them all.

Gilgamesh: Impressively enough, this mongrel has enough power to punch an opponent with enough force to cause an entire galaxy to implode upon itself, and explode with a glorious light.

MatPat: Calculation time!

Dark Pit: No, please-

Kyoko: Shut it and let him do the calculation.

MatPat: Well... it's a galaxy. To destroy a galaxy, a single punch would have to be measured in gigafoe. And remember, Laharl can do this in a single punch.

Wiz: But if this is to fail for whatever reason, Laharl has some unique abilities. He can ignite his fist and punch the ground with enough force to create a shockwave felt across a country, create spheres of red star-like energy and converge them upon opponents in large explosions, and even summon down meteors to crash upon his opponents.

Boomstick: Laharl really likes to ride meteors...

Knight: If you don't believe all this to be canon, just remember that Laharl spends a lot of his time destroying stars. And according to many characters in-game, this is actually less than impressive for demons of Laharl's power.

Blaze: Did we mention that he has to fly from star-to-star and get close enough to them to do that? This is something he does casually. Getting near huge stars that dwarf our sun is literally no problem to him!

Dark Pit: Also, Laharl is fast enough to evade huge laser beams that travel from one end of a galaxy to outside of the galaxy in seconds, and constantly gets caught up in the destruction of planets, stars, and even solar systems - and comes out fine. Hmmph, I'd like to be of that power sometime.

Magneto: He even fought back against evil urges for his friend Flonne. Isn't that the sweetest thing you've ever heard?

Kyoko: And as it turns out, Laharl eventually did become Overlord. So he's even more accomplished than you, succubus food!

Dark Pit: I heard that!

Wiz: However, Laharl is far from perfect. He is cocky and will often draw out a battle because he believes himself to be on another level from the get-go, even if his opponent is a serious threat to him.

Boomstick: And he holds a horrible fear of ladies with big tits. No seriously, he does! He was abused by a woman with big tits and now he can't get over that.

Kyoko: Heh, I'm just imagining Mami frightening him to death.

(Cue Laharl riding a meteor down to his opponent)

Laharl: Taste the power of Overlord Laharl!

Sailor Moon[]

Wiz: Regular high school girl with bad grades but good popularity, Usagi Tsukino had no idea of the life that she was destined for.

Boomstick: I thought her name was Serena.

Knight: Well... when Sailor Moon was translated and westernized, a lot of different things were changed or cut out altogether. One such instance of this was Usagi's name, changed to Serena in the west.

Blaze: Gotta say, they still made her pretty cute though.

Excalibur: Fool! That girl is far more than just a pretty face. Usagi was found by the magical talking cat Luna, who told her she was the incarnate of the goddess Sailor Moon. And she gave her a magical brooch which she could use to transform into the hero, Sailor Moon.

Kyoko: Wha-? You're telling me that this girl *crunch* is the original Magical Girl?! She doesn't even have a Soul Gem! This makes no *crunch* sense! And her skirt is way too short!

Gilgamesh: Anyway... Usagi was now tasked with protecting Japan from evil forces and monsters, alongside her allies, the Sailor Senshi. However, being the mongrel she was, Usagi was not a proficient fighter from the beginning.

Hoxton: No... as a matter of fact, this girl dreaded turning into Sailor Moon and fighting evil. But of course, the plot said "fuck that" and had her turn into Sailor Moon anyway.

Magneto: But for a good while, she spent a lot of her battles crying. As a matter of fact, her crying actually became one of her abilities. She could cry so loudly that her opponents could be stunned by the sheer volume of her screeching.

Inspector Gadget: Not unlike what I would do in such a situation, a handsome gent also not unlike myself would save the day any time she found herself in a bad position! This man, who called himself Tuxedo Mask, would throw a rose somewhere and save Sailor Moon, giving her just the opening she needed to save the day! Just like me! Inspector Gadget is always on duty!

Evil Craig: Maybe she kept getting into those situations because she wouldn't put any fucking pants on! Seriously, she kicks too high and she exposes everything to the world! Just... Japan.

Jocelyn the Intern: To be fair... she wasn't intended to be sexualized. It was supposed to be a way of making her look like a superhero while also making her look good. It was really supposed to be empowering to young girls, not sexually appealing to anyone.

Boomstick: And we can all see how that turned out.

Dark Pit: But anyway, Sailor Moon uses a variety of different weapons and abilities going into battle. Her main attack is to take off her tiara and throw it at an enemy like a flying disc, turning her enemies into dust upon impact. Or she can kick her opponents. Magical Girls, they get all the overpowered abilities...

Kyoko: Aw, you're so sweet! *crunch*

Dark Pit: Uh, well-

Evil Craig: Shipping? In MY Death Battle series? I don't fucking think so.

The Spy: Gentlemen. Let's be civil. Anyway, Sailor Moon can also reflect moonlight at her opponents, ridding them of any sort of darkness. She can also heal anyone of her choosing, or punch her opponents with beams of light shaped like hearts.

MatPat: But my favorite ability of Sailor Moon's is Moon Princess Halation, where she creates a halo of pink light around her opponent, completely vaporizing them with light. As this is a trapping ability, it is almost impossible to survive it if one is not powerful enough.

Wiz: However, this only scratches the surface of Sailor Moon's incredible power. If she finds an opponent to be too powerful for her, she can use an item known as the Holy Grail and ascend to her next form, Super Sailor Moon.

Boomstick: It's like a Super Saiyan form! Except with tits, skirts, and magic. But anyway, just putting it out there that Super Sailor Moon is... well, really OP. She can now fire beams of heart-shaped light at her opponents, which can sometimes make them explode, and fire bolts of magic shaped like broken glass. Oh yeah, and this also makes her foes disintegrate.

Excalibur: FOOL! And yet this still is not the extent of her abilities. When she was locked in combat with Sailor Galaxia, Sailor Moon found out that Super Sailor Moon just was not enough. So she used the Holy Moon Cálice to transform into her final form - Eternal Sailor Moon.

Gilgamesh: Surprisingly enough, this is the point where even I am impressed, somewhat. She can fire rainbow beams of energy that can hurt or heal depending on what she feels like doing, but her most frightening ability comes from her manipulation of the Sailor Crystals.

Magneto: Much like I am with metal, Sailor Moon can manipulate any of the Sailor Crystals spread out around the galaxy to converge beams of light upon her opponents, and if she really feels up to it, she can utilize all of them at once in a single light-based attack seen throughout the entire galaxy. This power was too much for even Sailor Galaxia.

Knight: And still, this isn't even as OP as she gets. When she activates her trump card, known as Lambda Power, all those in range suddenly are in grave danger.

Blaze: ...Is she naked?

Wiz: Well-

Boomstick: HOLY SHIT!

Hoxton: Bloody... hell...

Jocelyn the Intern: Whoa! This is NOT appropriate for all audiences!

Inspector Gadget: I'll get to censoring this right away!


Evil Craig: Grow the fu- oh, she said it for me. I like this girl.

Dark Pit: I liked her fir- I mean, yeah, whatever. Like her if you want.

Wiz: To prevent more deviation from the analysis, Lambda Power is one of the most massively overpowered abilities we've ever seen. It can erase others from existence, allow Sailor Moon to enter the minds and souls of others, manipulate concepts, and it even gives her the powers of all the Sailor Senshi. In fact, it also gives her regeneration that allows her to live through her body, mind, soul, and even abstract concept being destroyed. If you can think of any superpower throughout fiction, you can bet that Sailor Moon has it through Lambda Power.

Boomstick: Through her overpoweredness, Sailor Moon has saved Japan from evil all the time, destroyed stars, flown around the galaxy, wiped Sailor Galaxia from existence, shrunk an omnipresent force to infinitesimally small sizes, and she even defeated the omnipresent being Chaos with Lambda Power!

Knight: But to call Sailor Moon perfect... well, you just can't do it. Even though she possesses incredible power, she still doesn't like to fight. She was defeated by Sailor Galaxia before, and even though she's nearly impossible to kill, she still has the mind of a 16-year-old girl. And as such... well, she's not very bright. She gets poor marks in school, she's a bit forgetful, and it took her painfully long to discover who Tuxedo Mask really was.

Excalibur: But if anything, at least they're together now.

Sailor Moon: Who wants that? I'd rather choose to fall in love and be hurt. Sometimes I can't even sleep because I love someone too much. And there's always sadness in our lives. It's that sad feeling that keeps us going.


Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set.

Knight: Let's end this debate once and for all.

The Spy: Gentlemen...

Everyone: It's time for a Death Battle!


Moon Laharl Set

Japanese city (Implying that I haven't used that setting for three different season finales so far)

(Cue Atashi Datte Futsuu no Onnanoko - Sailor Moon OST)

It was seemingly a peaceful day for everyone in Japan. The sun was shining down upon the citizens with not a cloud to be seen in the clear blue sky. The air was calm and warm, but not so warm as to make anyone sweat. Walking down the streets of the city were two girls - both of them in school uniforms. One had long, blonde twintails with yellow knobs connecting them to her head. The other had short, blue hair which barely even touched her eyes. These girls were Usagi Tsukino, incarnate of the Goddess Sailor Moon and Ami Mizuno, Sailor Mercury respectively.

Usagi was wearing a dejected yet disappointed face, and was hunched over as she walked. As negative thoughts began to fill up her brain, she sighed and slowed down her walking.

"Usagi? What are you so upset about?" Ami asked, nudging Usagi with her elbow. Usagi simply sighed again. "Usagi. It's a nice day! No school tomorrow! The least you could do is cheer up a little!"

With a huff of her breath, Usagi finally replied. "I got a twenty-eight on our last test. If my mom finds out, I know I'll be in trouble..."

"You know, if you had just studied with me yesterday, I'm sure you would have done better." Ami told her friend. "But for now, why don't we just go home? We can go over what you did wrong on this test so you can do better next time."

Usagi then gave a huge yawn. "But studying is boring! I'd rather play video games and eat food!"

Ami laughed a little. "Well, you sure haven't changed at all. But just remember there's a time for studying too!"

Usagi scowled and gave a subtle whine. "Don't talk like my mother!"

(Cue Moon Prism Power Make-Up!)

Suddenly, a black cat with a yellow crescent moon-shaped mark on its forehead - Luna - ran toward Usagi and Ami. "Usagi! Ami! You need to come with me!" Luna commanded to the girls.

Usagi's face suddenly lit up. "Well, looks like I'll have to transform into Sailor Moon again."

Center of a Japanese city

In the center of the city was a large crater - at least a city block wide, and easily a meter deep. There stood a lone figure in the middle of the crater - a young-looking boy with wild blue hair, a long, tattered red scarf, and red shorts that didn't even reach his knees and red boots. In his right hand was a short, metal sword with a flat top, but bladed edges.

A clever reader will notice that I did not specify what he was wearing on his torso - and the reason being that he was not wearing any sort of shirt to speak of.

This boy was Overlord Laharl, and it looked like he had found his next target.

"Everyone bow down to me, Overlord Laharl!" Laharl shouted out from inside the crater. Different bystanders and onlookers watched on, and none of them would bow down. After a few seconds of awkward silence, Laharl jumped out of the crater with his sword drawn. "Alright, then I'll just take this planet from you! You guys belong to me now!"

"Hold it!" shouted Usagi, who had approached from behind. Now, she and all of the Sailor Senshi were present. They stood in a line with Usagi in the center as they all raised their hands to the sky.

(Cue Moonlight Densetsu)

Suddenly, all the girls began their transformation sequences. Ami Mizuno glowed with a blue color as she transformed into Sailor Mercury. Rei Hino radiated a bright red, like flame as she became Sailor Mars. Makoto Kino flashed with a turquoise brilliance as she then appeared as Sailor Jupiter. Minako Aino dazzled with a blinding yellow and then transitioned into Sailor Venus. Haruka Tenoh and Michiru Kaioh each illuminated with a teal as they became Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune. Hotaru Tomoe emanated a deep purple as she turned into Sailor Saturn. Setsuna Meioh sparkled with a jade color as she then became Sailor Pluto. Usagi Tsukino erupted with a blinding pink color as she then became Sailor Moon.

"...That was a massive waste of my time." Laharl pointed out, rather unimpressed. He sighed as he gripped his sword, and with one fell slash all of the Sailor Senshi minus Sailor Moon were now down on their knees or hands, coughing and gasping for air. They all spit up blood onto the ground and shrieked in agony.

Sailor Moon gasped, being the only one unaffected by the attack. Her heart pounded like a hammer as she felt an adrenaline rush around her body - was she to fight this threat, or call for help? There was no telling what this boy could do - and right now, Sailor Moon was the only hope Japan had.

"In the name of the Moon-" Sailor Moon began, slowly beginning to work the nervousness out of her body. "I shall punish you!"

Laharl scoffed and rolled his eyes. "Man, could you use any cheesier catchphrases?" But he then grinned and held aloft Yoshitsuna, his sword. "But looks like I've got to take care of you first."


Part 1: Sorry, Japan[]

(Cue Do Your Best, Girl - Disgaea OST)

Laharl grinned, then rushed toward Sailor Moon while gripping the hilt of Yoshitsuna. "How 'bout just a taste?" suggested Laharl as he swung Yoshitsuna horizontally toward Sailor Moon's torso. With not a moment to lose, Usagi stepped back to barely avoid the swing - but as soon as she reacted, Laharl was right behind her as he delivered a solid knuckle to her back, punching her forward.

"Aah!" Sailor Moon shrieked, about to fall face-first onto the ground. Before she lost her footing, Laharl punched her in the midsection and delivered a decisive uppercut to her chin, launching her skyward. In a matter of seconds, she had reached altitudes far above the tallest buildings in Japan. Her heart racing with fear and anticipation, Sailor Moon attempted to get a grip and locate the overlord - except he was nowhere to be found.

"Now where is he?" asked Sailor Moon.

"Look to the sky!" Laharl commanded. Now beginning to slowly descend, Sailor Moon looked up to see Laharl directly above her, Yoshitsuna behind his back and his fist extended. Sailor Moon screamed as Laharl punched her right in the gut, clenching her eyes shut and trying not to shriek in pain.

Suddenly, Sailor Moon's tiara began to glow. "Sailor Moon Kick!" shouted Usagi, pushing Laharl away from her. She lifted her leg up and then delivered a hard side kick, planting her heel into Laharl's stomach. The Overlord's eyes widened as he spit up a few drops of blood, and then the overlord fell face-first onto the street, cracking the black pavement. Sailor Moon then landed on her feet, taking a kneeling position.

Laharl coughed, then looked down at the ground. No... it's too early to be getting kicked around by someone like her... He gave a high-pitched battle yell as he pushed his hands onto the ground, then lifted his body up as there wasn't a scratch to be seen on his face or hands. He then took one look at Sailor Moon, getting an eyeful of Usagi's panties.

"Wha-?!" Before Laharl could react any further, a spurt of blood splashed out his nose as his face turned a beet-red. "H-hey, lady! D-don't you think you should get some pants or something?! Or a longer skirt?!" Laharl shouted out, clearly embarrassed by this situation. His heart began to beat like a metronome as his hands trembled.

"What do you-" asked Sailor Moon, looking down at her skirt. It did not take her very long to realize what Laharl was talking about. Sailor Moon's face turned a similar shade of red as she quickly got up onto her feet, pushing her skirt against her legs. "Wah! Don't look at my panties!" She shouted, also clearly being embarrassed.

Laharl sighed, then closed his eyes for a few seconds. "I can handle this, I can handle this, I can handle this..." Laharl muttered to himself before shielding his eyes with his hands, then proceeding to deliver a vertical slash toward Sailor Moon's head. The Sailor Senshi quickly stepped to the side to avoid the strike, but then she found herself taking a horizontal slash across the chest.


Miraculously, no damage had been outwardly done to Sailor Moon's clothing or skin, but it certainly felt like taking a huge slash across the chest, if the sword was on fire. And carried a stinging venom. Sailor Moon gritted her teeth as she tried to ignore the pain, but before she could react Laharl slashed across her body diagonally, then horizontally, then vertically, and followed it up with one last diagonal strike - like a star.


Sailor Moon dropped to the ground, her arm now having an open slash wound. Even though she was certainly still okay, it felt as if she'd been stung by millions of bees at once - and if half of the bees were on fire and the other half carried electricity. She tried to fight back, but then tears began to roll down her eyes.

"Waaaaaahh!" Sailor Moon cried, her eyes being Ocular Gushers. Her crying was so loud that glass all around Japan shattered, and the citizens unlucky enough to be caught in the center of all this had to shield their ears. Laharl was suddenly brought to his knees by this loud noise as he shielded his ears too.

"Lady! Can you stop crying?! This is embarrassing!" Laharl shouted. However, the sheer volume of Sailor Moon's crying made it almost impossible for Laharl to be heard whatsoever.

After this went on for a few seconds, Sailor Moon began to calm down as she regained her composure. She took a deep breath as her heart rate slowed down, and then she took a battle stance. "In the name of the moon, I shall punish you!"

(Cue Moon Tiara Action)

Suddenly, a pink disc of light materialized in Sailor Moon's right hand. "Moon Tiara Action!" called out Sailor Moon, throwing the energy disc at Laharl. Laharl's eyes widened as he saw the energy blast approach him. Right before it could hit him, Laharl held up Yoshitsuna vertically, the edge of the sword facing Usagi. The disc of light pushed against Laharl's sword as he pushed back on his sword.

Laharl began to sweat as he resisted the attack, and then began to grunt in agony. "Come... on..." Laharl muttered. But right before he could push back any further, Sailor Moon ran toward Laharl and raised up her leg, kicking Laharl in the shin. Laharl lost his footing upon taking the attack, and then the energy blast exploded in a gleam of brilliant pink light as debris from the street went flying. The explosion launched Laharl into the air, sending him crashing through the window of a skyscraper.

Interior of the skyscraper

A man dressed in a black three-piece suit was standing in a corporate office. There was a long table in the room with chairs at the edges, and atop the table sat many different rectangular cardboard boxes the size of shoe boxes.

Interested in the boxes, the man opened one up - and to his excitement, saw six donuts inside. He licked his lips and grinned as he pulled one out of the box, and scarfed it down within seconds. Immediately after finishing that one, he pulled another out of the box and gobbled it up as well. Not too long after that, he had eaten every single donut in the office. His face and suit were covered in glaze, sprinkles, and crumbs as he wore a sheepish grin on his face.

In through the door walked many other men dressed up like him, one of which being Nintendo of America's president himself, Reggie Fils-Amie.

"Alright, everyone, we've got a lot of work today so to take our minds off the stress, I got us some snacks-" Reggie told everyone before turning his head into the room - and saw all the boxes completely empty, and the man who was in there before clearly covered in donut residue. "Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!" shouted Reggie, his face alight with rage and frustration. Bill belched loudly.

Then, suddenly, Laharl came crashing in through the window. The Nintendo workers all bolted from the scene as Laharl got right back up, gripping Yoshitsuna in frustration. "Alright, where did that lady go?"

But then, Laharl's question was answered for him as Sailor Moon jumped through the window as well. "You're not getting away from me!" shouted Usagi, pointing right at Laharl. Laharl sighed, then he ran toward Sailor Moon once more and punched her in the face.

"Ow!" Usagi clenched her eyes shut as she took the hit, but then she opened her eyes back up to see two Laharl's standing in front of her. "E-ehh?!"

Both Laharls grinned as the one on the right ran behind her while the one on the left punched her in the stomach. Usagi cried out as she was knocked toward the Laharl behind her, and that Laharl punched her in the back. She went flying toward the Laharl in front of her, and that Laharl uppercut her in her jaw. Sailor Moon went flying through the upper floors of the building as she reached the sky, then Laharl (who was now one again) jumped up and grabbed her by her legs.

Outside of the skyscraper

"Aahh! Let go!" screamed Usagi. Laharl grinned and then he did a backflip in midair as he then began to descend toward the ground, his body beginning to burn from the speeds he was reaching.

(Cue The Great Wild - Disgaea OST)

Laharl looked back at Sailor Moon and laughed. "I got this move from a famous wrestler." As the two approached the ground, Laharl slammed Sailor Moon into the ground, sending chunks of street debris into the air as the impact caused a wide tremor. The skyscraper that was behind them began to tremble.

Rumble rumble

"That can't be good..." Sailor Moon muttered to herself. Laharl pulled back his fist and looked deep into Usagi's eyes as he was about to deliver a hard punch - and then he heard the skyscraper behind him rumbling louder.


"Oh, crap-" Laharl whispered as the skyscraper began to collapse - and it was about to fall right on top of Laharl and Usagi.

Usagi's frightened face suddenly turned serious as she shoved Laharl off of her and got onto her feet. Right before the towering building could fall on the two, Sailor Moon grabbed Laharl by his midsection, unknowingly pressing his face into her chest. She then jumped out of the way of the collapsing building, saving the two of them at the last second.

"Aaaah!" Laharl screamed, shoving Usagi off of him. His entire body was quivering as he barely managed to hold onto the hilt of his blade. His face was a beet-red and he could barely get words out. "L-lady... why would you do that?!"

Sailor Moon scowled at Laharl. "Ugh! That's a real nice way to treat someone who just saved your life!"

Laharl's embarrassed face suddenly turned angry as a vein in his forehead popped. He glared at Usagi, gripping Yoshitsuna with intention. "What did you say?!"

Sailor Moon took a step toward Laharl, her face similarly angry. "I said, I just saved your life!"

Laharl's eye twitched as he rushed toward Usagi with his sword in an offensive position. "I would have survived that, you know!" The overlord slashed at Sailor Moon diagonally, and then he began to run circles around the Sailor Senshi.

"Hey, you-" Sailor Moon attempted to watch Laharl as he ran, but her eyes could hardly keep up as she fell over in dizziness, then a tornado emerged from Laharl's running circle. Sailor Moon was whisked away into the air as Laharl jumped up, raising his sword in time with Usagi's movements.

"Taste the power of Overlord Laharl!" shouted the demon boy as he brought his sword down upon Sailor Moon's midsection-

-But fortunately for Usagi, she caught the sword with her hands at just the right moment. Her gloves were beginning to tear from the attack, but fortunately she had managed to prevent herself from taking too much damage. "Moon Spiral Heart Attack!" shouted Sailor Moon as a pink heart-shaped light appeared around her hand. She shoved Yoshitsuna away from her, then punched Laharl in the face as a pink heart light shone around Laharl's body. The overlord suddenly went flying skyward. Sailor Moon stayed afloat in the air, watching the overlord leave the atmosphere as a pink glimmer appeared in the sky.


Usagi gave a sigh of relief, but then she looked at the sky once more.

(Cue Tsunami Bomb - Disgaea: Hour of Darkness OST)

A bright red-orange gleam was now apparent where Laharl had been launched. The gleam was growing larger and larger by the second. Sailor Moon then gasped upon realizing what it was.

She could make out a rocky exterior ablaze with a red-orange flame, and riding atop was none other than Laharl himself, seemingly unscathed.

"Oh no! That meteor's going to hit Japan!" Sailor Moon shouted. She flew up to approach the meteor, where she could see that this meteor was about the size of Japan itself.

Laharl laughed at Sailor Moon, crossing his arms in supposed victory. "Ha ha ha! This planet is mine! And there's nothing you can do about it!"

Sailor Moon scowled at Laharl once more. "Not if I have any say in it!" From out of thin air (Sailor Moon logic, don't question it), she equipped herself with a wand which had a red-pink orb with a crescent-moon shape in it. "Moon Princess Halation!" shouted Usagi as she fired a ray of pink light from the rod. Laharl suddenly wore a face of intrigue as a pink halo surrounded the meteor, and then converged onto the flaming rock. With not a moment to lose, Laharl jumped up and off of the meteor as it exploded in a flash of brilliant pink light.

Usagi panted in exhaustion and let out a sigh. "Whew, at least that's taken care-" before she could finish what she could say, she saw another meteor flying toward her - and at least seven others. To say she was wearing an "Oh crap!" face would be a huge understatement. She then took a deep breath as she flew toward the meteors, beginning to exit the Earth's atmosphere. She fired a heart-shaped blast of pink energy from the Cutie Rod, blowing up the meteor in front of her - but then she saw Laharl riding an even larger meteor - this one had to have been about the size of a continent.

"Give up yet?" Laharl asked, still wearing his smug look of imminent victory. Sailor Moon clenched her fists.

"No way!" She replied, still wielding the Cutie Rod. "Moon Twilight Flash!" shouted Sailor Moon, holding the Cutie Rod into the air as a flash of dazzling pink light sparkled in Laharl's eyes. The flash of light was so intense that Laharl had to shield his eyes from the brilliance - though in doing so, he fell off of the meteor.

Fortunately for Laharl, he quickly jumped back up and delivered a huge punch into the meteor - around the same time Sailor Moon created another pink halo around the meteor.

"Moon Princess Halation!"

The two attacks converged onto the meteor at once.


A huge shockwave was created from the impact of the two attacks. In fact, the attack was so intense that all the other meteors in the sky shattered - and it didn't look like Japan below them was doing so well as the ground was cracking and the water level was rising.

I need to take this battle away from Japan! Usagi thought to herself. She then began to fly up out of the atmosphere, leaving a trail of pink light behind her.

"Hey! No one gets away from Overlord Laharl!" shouted Laharl, jumping up to keep up with her. Within seconds, the two of them reached outer space. Every planet in the solar system was visible where they were.

"Now I really have the chance to cut loose!" Sailor Moon said aloud, now wearing a more confident expression.

Laharl grinned as well. "Alright, lady. I'm going to show you just how terrifying I can be."

This battle had just begun.

Part 2: Earth and Beyond[]

(Cue Uranus and Neptune Attack)

Laharl and Sailor Moon both gave a high-pitched battle cry as the two rushed at each other at high speeds. Sailor Moon's right hand was glowing with a brilliant pink as Laharl was ready to swing Yoshitsuna. The two struck at the same moment, Usagi punching in time with Laharl swinging Yoshitsuna horizontally. A bright pink light in the shape of a heart flashed where the two attacks connected, and both were slightly knocked back as a result. Neither one, however, seemed fazed by the attack in the slightest.

"Blazing Knuckle!" shouted Laharl, pulling back his fist as it suddenly began to ignite with red flames.

"Moon Spiral Heart Attack!" shouted Sailor Moon, pulling back her fist as a heart-shaped gleam of light flashed from her hand.

The two delivered their punching attacks at the same time, but instead of their fists colliding with each other, they punched each other in the faces. Laharl was knocked slightly back from the hit, but Sailor Moon was sent flying toward a spherical rock which had been right behind her.

Her namesake, the moon.

Sailor Moon turned around to face the moon. Right when she got the chance to react in the slightest, Sailor Moon gasped out as she approached the rocky satellite. Almost instantaneously, Usagi crashed into the moon, scattering dust and rock matter around as a crater emerged from her impact. Fortunately, Sailor Moon's body was mostly unscathed - however, her bones felt as if they'd all been broken.

"Ow..." Usagi whined, coughing up the moon dust. Right before the dust had a chance to clear, she saw Laharl heading toward her, wielding Yoshitsuna in a thrusting motion. Sailor Moon's eyes widened in fear as she quickly rolled to the side, narrowly avoiding the stab. Laharl's sword pierced through the exterior of the moon, leaving a crack where it had struck.

"Oh come on! Get... out of... there..." Laharl muttered, pulling on Yoshitsuna to free it from the ground.

I need to finish this as quickly as possible! Sailor Moon thought to herself as she pushed herself back up and out of the crater. Ignoring her pain, Sailor Moon raised her hand up as Laharl struggled to pull Yoshitsuna out of the moon. "Moon Princess Halation!" shouted Usagi.

Laharl continued trying to retrieve Yoshitsuna, but then he noticed a ring of pink light surrounding him. His eyes widened as his jaw dropped. Laharl remembered the meteor he rode into Japan - and how Sailor Moon blew it up with this ability. "Oh no you don't!" shouted out Laharl, planting his feet into the ground and pulling Yoshitsuna out with one quick motion. The light of the halo converged just as Laharl escaped. A sweat drop rolled down his forehead as he breathed a sigh of relief.

(Cue Battle of Eight Beat - Disgaea OST)

Laharl grinned as he delivered a solid punch to the ground, the sheer force of the punch shaking the moon. Two rectangular walls of rock ascended from the ground, growing to Sailor Moon's height - and Usagi was between both walls. Right before she could do anything, Laharl suddenly split into two clones of himself and punched down both rock walls, both of them falling down on top of the Sailor Senshi.

"Ow!" Usagi cried out. The two Laharls jumped toward each other as they became one, and then Laharl stood atop the fallen walls and crossed his arms, then laughed.

"That's what you get when you mess with Overlord Laharl!" called out the Overlord. However, his grin quickly faded once he felt a rumbling beneath his feet. Laharl stumbled as he quickly jumped off of the stone rectangles. Then a brilliant pink light flashed from the wreckage, and then suddenly moon rock debris was scattered everywhere as Sailor Moon was seen standing where the rocks had once fallen off of her.

Usagi wore a look of determination and frustration from her face, and her white thigh-high sock had a noticeable tear across her knee. However, her skin wasn't damaged in the slightest.

"In the name of the moon, I shall punish you!" Sailor Moon cried out, raising her hand to the air in her signature pose. She planted her feet into the ground and clenched her hand into a fist, and in her other hand she was wielding a golden trophy with a dome-shaped pink jewel in the center.

Laharl glanced at the object in her hand, and then tilted his head - what could this strange trophy object be? Then his eyes widened as he saw it begin to gleam a dazzling hot pink.

(Cue Listen To Our Song - Sailor Moon OST)

Suddenly, Sailor Moon's entire body dazzled with a sparkling pink color, which almost immediately turned into a silver color. She struck her signature pose once more as her skirt turned a white color and grew longer, with ribbon-like extensions. Notably, she even had translucent butterfly wings.

Super Sailor Moon had awoken.

Super-sailor moon

"...She has even more pointlessly elaborate transformation sequences?" asked Laharl, scratching his head.

Sailor Moon scowled at Laharl as she extended her arm toward the Overlord.

In the name of the moon... Sailor Moon thought to herself as she clenched her eyes in concentration. "Rainbow Moon Heart Ache!" shouted Sailor Moon as a beam of pink-white light in the shape of a heart fired at Laharl. The Overlord's eyes widened as the heart beam approached him, and right before he could dodge the beam hit him square in the face. The sheer force of the blast launched Laharl at an incredible velocity - the human eye would not be able to see where Laharl was anymore as a four-pointed white star gleamed in the distance, far past Pluto in our Solar System.


Sailor Moon took a breath of relief, but then suddenly she looked in the distance to see something which she could hardly believe herself - it was a planet larger than the moon she was standing on - and it appeared to be moving out of its orbital position. A closer look revealed that Laharl was lifting the planet up with only one arm.

"Taste the power of Overlord Laharl!" Sailor Moon heard from thousands of light-years away. Before she could react, she saw the planet moving toward her at a breakneck pace. A fiery mach cone began to develop on the planet as it approached the Sailor Senshi.

"Whoa!" Sailor Moon shouted out. Right before the planet hit her, she fired another pink-white heart-shaped beam of light from her hand. The ray encompassed the planet, but before the planet could be disintegrated from the attack she saw that it had been sliced in half-

-By none other than Laharl, now wielding a gigantic sword that must have been at least ten times larger than he was. He gripped the hilt of the behemoth sword as he seemed to be able to wield it with the ease of a throwing knife.

(Cue Battle Comrade - Disgaea OST)

"Haaaa!" Laharl cried out, delivering a downward slash into Sailor Moon-

"Agh!" The Sailor Senshi quickly held up her arms in defense of the attack. However, a clearly audible "CR-RACK!" sound was made as Moon blocked the attack - and she was sent flying downward as an aftereffect of the attack. As Sailor Moon fell downward, a mach cone of comet-blue fire began to form around the Senshi. Suddenly, Laharl appeared underneath her - and with well-timed precision, swung his giant sword horizontally into Sailor Moon like she was a baseball.

CRACK! (The sound of the Home-Run Bat from Super Smash Bros.)

At a barely-perceivable speed, Sailor Moon was launched right toward the opposite celestial figure as her namesake - a mass of incandescent gas, a gigantic nuclear furnace. Where hydrogen is built into helium at temperatures of millions of degrees-

It was the sun, okay?

"Agh... it's so... hot!" Sailor Moon cried out, sealing her eyes as shut as she possibly could. She began to curl up in a ball and whimper in fear - she would have cried too, but the sun completely evaporated her tears as she approached the center of the star.

"Why... can't I beat him?" Sailor Moon asked herself, somehow not taking any outward damage from the sun's interior. I have a job... this guy is too strong for me... even when I'm Super Sailor Moon...

Suddenly, a gleam of pink light approached Sailor Moon. She suddenly opened her eyes, and inside the red-orange dome of incandescent gas she saw the light take a different form - it was the form of a young child, one who vaguely resembled a mini-Usagi with pink hair. This was Chibiusa, or more specifically, Sailor Chibi Moon. As well as Sailor Moon's trustworthy battle partner. Sailor Moon had attributed many a victory to Chibi Moon, and she honestly had no idea where she would be without her.

This is what true friendship looks like, people.

"Usagi! You can't give up yet! You can beat him! Promise!" Sailor Chibi Moon told her superior Senshi in a childish but motivating voice.

I can... beat him... Sailor Moon thought out.

She had to defeat Laharl. If not for just for herself, but for Chibiusa. For everyone.

For the world!

In the name of the moon!

Sailor Moon unraveled herself and delivered a dramatic pose while inside the sun as she watched Laharl approach the star. And not only was he still wielding his gigantic sword, but he was also riding atop another meteor.

"Gotta end it here, lady!" shouted Laharl from outside.

"Now, Usagi!" Sailor Chibi Moon told the Goddess Incarnate.

"Right!" Sailor Moon responded. Her tiara began to glow with a white-pink as she held her hands up to make a diamond-shape around it. "Moon Gorgeous Meditation!" she shouted as Laharl flew into the sun atop his meteor. Laharl jumped off of the flaming rock as he swung his sword right into Sailor Moon - just as she was completing her attack.


There was a massive flash of red, orange, pink, white, and silver. Flames and gases went scattering throughout the entire solar solar system - and any human eye witnessing this from even thousands of light-years away would go blind instantly.

Of course, no human thousands of light-years away would see this for another thousand years or so, so this wasn't exactly anyone's concern at the time.

As the dust and smoke cleared, and the light dimmed down, Sailor Moon and Laharl were still floating in space. Even though all the planets within the range of the solar system had completely disintegrated, these two were still alive and kicking.

"You thought you could beat me with a little supernova? Gonna take more than that, lady!" Laharl bragged, still waving around that giant sword like it was a little baton.

Sailor Moon gave another firm scowl. "Yeah, well-" She gasped as she looked to her side to realize something.

(Cue Sadness #1 - Sailor Moon OST)

Sailor Chibi Moon was gone.

Without any sort of explanation, there was no trace of her whatsoever.

"Ch-Chibiusa?!" Sailor Moon cried out, tears beginning to run down her face. Chibiusa... She thought to herself. Images of the little Sailor Senshi appeared throughout her mind. She remembered every single battle with her miniature companion.

Usagi honestly believed she would not be alive without Chibusa by her side to begin with. And now she was gone, just like that...

To think that this would have never happened without this boy's rude interruption...

"First Japan... then Earth... and now... my friends..." Sailor Moon looked down with tears still developing in her eyes. Laharl tilted his head at the Senshi.

"Hey, don't blame me. It's not like I wanted to kill your friend - she just shouldn't have gotten in the way of our attacks, that's all-"

But Usagi had other plans in mind. She wasn't about to let Laharl go unpunished.

(Cue Battle Theme - Sailor Moon OST)

"In the name of the moon, I shall punish you!" Sailor Moon shouted out, now getting more serious than ever. In a flash, she flew toward Laharl and delivered a swift knee into his lower jaw, then turned around to elbow him in the back of the neck.

"URK!" Laharl grunted, spitting up blood and saliva as Moon hit him with more force than he'd seen before. His eyes widened as he lost the grip of his huge sword. Then, while he was immobilized-

"Rainbow Moon Heart Ache!" shouted Sailor Moon as her fist began to alight with the glow of a silver-pink, in the shape of a perfect heart. Right as Laharl turned to face his opponent, he was met with a swift punch to the neck as he was flung upward, somewhere far away from where he was now.

Unidentified Solar System. No, seriously, we couldn't think of any other Solar Systems so we just placed this random-ass one here. Just pretend that it's like our Solar System except all the planets have slightly different colors. Easy enough? Good.

Laharl coughed up some blood onto his shirtless torso. He grunted - partially in agony, partially in frustration. He had no clue where he was now - though he'd have to get well-accustomed to the area if he wanted to take it over one day.

"...Where the hell did that girl send me?" Laharl asked himself, scratching his head. To his right, he saw a bizarrely-shaped reptile, with rotting skin and cuts and bruises all over its body.

"What the hell are you doing here?!" asked the reptile, in a disgusting, wet croaking voice.

Laharl just raised an eyebrow at the strange reptile. "Better question. What are YOU doing here?"

The reptile gave a frustrated sigh. "I don't know, some gray guy threw me here during a battle. And I'm kinda lost now."

"Uh... okay..." Laharl muttered, but then suddenly he saw Sailor Moon facing him once more. And she did not look the slightest bit happy.

"Well fuck this, I'm out." said SCP-682, suddenly disappearing from the battlefield (somehow...).

Neither character had shown the last of their abilities. Or anywhere close.

Part 3: Duel for the Galaxy[]

(Cue Demon's Trill - Disgaea OST)

Gripping onto the handle of his huge sword tightly, Laharl gritted his teeth and swung his gargantuan sword in a crushing motion at Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon wasted no time in raising her hands upward to catch the sword just in time, with the bladed edge just mere millimeters from her golden hair.

"Gotta... hold on..." Sailor Moon grunted in agony, trembling as she held the sword above her. She began to sweat as she felt her arms beginning to weaken. All she could do was look upward as she saw the sword slowly beginning to lower itself.

Laharl took a deep breath in, then yelled out as he pushed down on the handle of his huge sword with all his might - with one motion, he broke through Sailor Moon's grip on the sword and swung his sword down onto Usagi's head. The impact of the blow quickly sent Usagi downward as she began to ignite with a pink-white flame, like a comet.

"Ow!" Sailor Moon cried out as she began to reach a velocity completely invisible to the human eye. Suddenly, Laharl appeared opposite Sailor Moon, facing her with a huge grin on his face and with his arms crossed. Right when Sailor Moon approached the demon boy, Laharl delivered a mighty punch into the face of the Sailor Senshi, sending her flying in the opposite direction. From there, she saw Laharl right at the end of her flight path as the demon boy punched her again, this time with his fist ablaze with orange-red fire. The impact of the punch sent Sailor Moon flying horizontally... right into another Laharl clone, whose fist was beginning to glow with a bright, multicolored light.

"Taste the power of Overlord Laharl!" The Demon Overlord shouted out. "And for real this time..." Laharl muttered under his breath, pulling back his fist in time with the Senshi's movements. With one quick punch, a huge flash of rainbow light emerged from Laharl's fist in a large beam of energy. After a few seconds, the beam dissipated - and Sailor Moon was nowhere to be seen.

But right before Laharl could celebrate, a heart-shaped bolt of pink light struck him in the back, quickly sending him off of his balance. Then he found himself looking Sailor Moon right in the eye - and she appeared to be mostly unscathed.

"But... how?" asked Laharl, in disbelief that Sailor Moon could have survived that hit whatsoever.

Sailor Moon gave her opponent a smile as she delivered a roundhouse kick into his face. Laharl quickly held his head in pain, but then Usagi delivered a swift sidekick into his stomach. "In the name of the moon-"

Laharl huffed in frustration. "Yes, all that 'In the name of the moon you shall punish me' crap. When are you going to get to the actual punishing?" asked Laharl, slashing at Sailor Moon with his once-again obtained Yoshitsuna. With a perfectly-timed reaction, Sailor Moon raised an open palm to block the sword slash. Laharl slashed with Yoshitsuna again, but Sailor Moon blocked the attack once more. Frustrated, Laharl kicked Sailor Moon in the stomach, throwing her off.

"Oof!" Sailor Moon grunted. Right before she could even react, she heard and felt the "shink!" of Yoshitsuna. It felt like a flaming sting of the most potent venom as she felt herself immobilized almost completely.

Laharl then grabbed Sailor Moon by the left leg, and with a mighty heave he threw her toward a gigantic orange planet - it had to have been the size of our solar system's Jupiter. Sailor Moon approached the behemoth planet with an unthinkable velocity - and right when she entered the huge planet's atmosphere, only the inevitable could happen.


The huge planet blew up as shattered pieces were scattered everywhere. Dust and smoke filled the area as Sailor Moon was apparent among the mass of cloudy material - and right by her side was a familiar Sailor Senshi.

(Cue Sailor Jupiter's Theme - Sailor Moon Crystal OST)

To Sailor Moon's side she saw a Sailor Senshi dressed in an outfit with a green motif. Her hair was a shiny brown color and it was put up in a ponytail, and she exuded a static-like energy.

...It's all too fitting to have this one be Sailor Jupiter, isn't it?

"M-Makoto...?" asked Sailor Moon, with a dash of both confusion and relief. On one hand, it was strange - Usagi could swear that Laharl had incapacitated Sailor Jupiter earlier that day. On the other hand, it was really good to see someone else there.

Sailor Jupiter gave a confident grin as she struck her signature pose. "Were you expecting anyone else?" Sailor Jupiter asked to Sailor Moon. Usagi gave a short chuckle.

"We can win if we make this a two-on-one!" Sailor Moon replied. In an act of haste, Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter flew back to where Laharl had launched Sailor Moon just moments before in the fight.

Back with Laharl, the demon boy was standing his ground, ready to strike at any time - he wasn't about to believe that Sailor Moon was done just yet. Not after the numerous times he thought he had this one won.

Suddenly, he found himself overtaken by a mysterious electrical energy. He felt his body completely numb as bolts of turquoise electricity flowed throughout his body.

"What- Is- happening?!" Laharl shouted out, struggling to move.

"Supreme Thunder!" shouted Sailor Jupiter, who was floating right in front of Laharl. She and Sailor Moon faced Laharl, now feeling that they had the upper hand in this fight.

Laharl's eye twitched as he sighed in frustration. "This is between us." Suddenly, everything went dark. Even the illumination of the stars all around was gone. No one would be able to see anything in this darkness.

"What happened to the ligh-" Sailor Moon was about to ask before she was cut off by the audible slashing of Laharl's sword. A scream from Sailor Jupiter was very clear as the light returned - and Sailor Jupiter seemed to be gone completely. Yoshitsuna was stained with blood, supposedly Sailor Jupiter's blood.

"Makoto?" asked Sailor Moon once more. She began to get a horribly sick feeling as she started to put two and two together - and she had to hold back tears as her face began to redden again. "What have you done with Sailor Jupiter?!" Sailor Moon yelled at Laharl.

Laharl rolled his eyes at the Sailor Senshi. "Look lady, this is our battle. We wouldn't want this to be ruined by some outside help, now would we? Come on, the fanboys watching this battle would complain about it forever."

(Stop music)

"Ma...koto..." Sailor Moon muttered beneath her breath. Her friend, who had come in to help her out, dead at the hands of Laharl... first Chibiusa, and now Makoto. "I won't let you keep doing this!" Sailor Moon yelled at Laharl.

"Yeah, yeah, say all you want lady-" But then suddenly Laharl's moment of smugness was interrupted as a beam of pink light intercepted him, striking him in the chest.

"Moon Gorgeous Meditation!" shouted Sailor Moon, yelling at the top of her lungs. She fired another blast of pink light energy at Laharl, this time with bolts resembling shards of broken glass. Laharl couldn't even block against the attack as he was launched far away - farther than Sailor Moon's eyes could track. "Alright, looks like he's gone now-"

But then Sailor Moon's eyes widened farther than at any other time throughout this entire fight. From the distance, she saw a blue-white light quickly beginning to get larger and brighter, and after a second she could ever-so-faintly make out the image of Laharl riding atop a comet.

From atop that comet, Laharl was crossing his arms and grinning like the smug bastard he was. "Hahaha! That lady thinks she can beat Overlord Laharl, she doesn't know anything! I'll show that girl who's boss!"

(Cue Etna Boogie - Disgaea OST)

Suddenly, the comet Laharl was riding upon shook around, and Laharl found himself struggling to stand upright. "Whoa! What's going-"

Right before Laharl could answer his own question, he saw one of his most trusted vassals standing right behind him - it was a female figure, with bright red hair and tiny black demon wings. She wore lots of black leather, and for the most part it left little to the imagination as it mostly only covered what was important. And she was wearing a seductive smirk across her face.

"Etna?" asked Laharl, completely dumbfounded.

Eta gave a chuckle as Laharl turned to see her. "Surprised? I figured you'd need some help. I saw you all the way across the solar system and decided to give you a hand!"

Laharl gave a slight chuckle himself - though after what he said about Sailor Jupiter's "outside help", he'd seem like the biggest hypocrite in the world.

But hey, small price to pay for being one of the greatest overlords that the world has ever known, right?

After a few seconds, the comet quickly approached Sailor Moon, and Usagi began to prepare an attack to counter - then she saw Etna atop the comet as well.

"Hey, no fair! You said no outside help-"

Laharl laughed out, crossing his arms once more. "Hey, you've had two people help you already! I haven't even begun to even the score!"

Sailor Moon huffed in frustration, but then she saw Etna jump up - and Sailor Moon found herself looking right at her.

"Distraction!" shouted Etna as pink heart-shaped lights surrounded the demon girl. Somehow, the effect of a pink curtain closing over the battlefield and opening was seen as Etna began to pose in many seductive ways - looking Sailor Moon right in the eye.

"Why... can't I be... as beautiful as her?!" Usagi shouted, suddenly beginning to be frustrated. She looked at Etna to realize that the demon girl had a ridiculously flat chest - and Usagi's was noticeably more developed. But even then, Usagi could not shake the feeling that Etna was the more attractive of the two.

However, Sailor Moon's realization was pivotal to the battle, as the comet suddenly flew right into Usagi. Sailor Moon gasped as the flaming rock hurdled into her, and the Senshi could do little to push against it.

"Haaaa-" Sailor Moon yelled out, pushing back against the comet. It was to no avail as she felt her hands beginning to burn beneath her gloves. She grunted and groaned in agony as she tried to escape from the comet's grasp - but it was to no avail. She turned behind her to see a blue star in the distance. Well, it was in the distance now, but in a few minutes, it would hardly be able to be called that.

After a few seconds of Laharl laughing at Sailor Moon struggling against the comet, the three of them ended up inside the blue star as Laharl's comet disintegrated inside. The three of them ended up in the core of the star, which shone with a bright blue which would blind the regular human.

"This is where we finish this!" shouted Laharl. He began to concentrate his power as several red star-like objects surrounded the blue star all of them were in. Sailor Moon looked around, suddenly frightened as she had no clue what was going on.

Between the heat of the star, the blinding light, and the mystery of what exactly Laharl was doing, it was a rather terrifying situation to be in.

"There's only one thing I can do..." Sailor Moon muttered underneath her breath, pulling a different rod from out of her pockets of endlessness. It was a golden rod with a pink sphere at the tip, and white wings at either side of it. This one was the Holy Moon Cálice.

"Moon Eternal, Make Up!"

(Cue Magnificent Eternal Sailor Moon)

At the same time all the spheres converged upon the center of the star, a flurry of feathers filled the area as a pink light shone through the blue light of the star.


With a flash of glorious red, blue, and pink light, the star completely exploded. All of the immediate area was incinerated, and there was absolutely no way that anyone would have been able to survive this attack. We all know what a third-degree burn is, but something like this would have been a seventh-degree burn, if that. Of course, any living thing would have died immediately in this.

...Of course, this group of people who would have died did not include Laharl and Sailor Moon.

But speaking of Sailor Moon, she looked... different, this time. She struck another pose as her hair grew even longer than it was before. Angelic wings sprouted from her back, and her skirt was now layered with different colors. She radiated a magical aura much more powerful than before.

Even Laharl was impressed as he could just feel the massive amount of magical energy this girl was emitting. All he could do was gasp as he barely held onto Yoshitsuna.

Super Sailor Moon had left the battle, and now she could only be known as Eternal Sailor Moon.

"Alright, Etna, this girl's even more powerful than before-" Laharl then turned behind himself to see Etna - but her body was singed. She looked to be barely conscious as she struggled to keep her eyes open. "...E-etna?!"

(Cue Sorrowful Angel - Disgaea OST)

Etna coughed up some blood as she looked Laharl in the eyes and smiled. "Hey Laharl... you know, you're a pretty good guy. I know that everyone seems to think you're a heartless jerk, but every time I look at you, I see someone better than that."

"Etna..." Laharl muttered beneath his breath. He took his eyes off of Eternal Sailor Moon to fly toward Etna as he cradled her in his arms. He looked her in the eye as he felt tears welling up in his eyes. His heart seemed to stop completely as he felt the demon girl begin to feel lifeless in his arms.

"I know ya probably are into Flonne... but... I always kinda had a thing for you... Overlord Laharl..." Etna barely managed to get the words out as she gave one last cough. Laharl gasped as he set his head down upon her chest, clenching his eyes shut. He could feel an ever-so-slight pulse, but with each heartbeat the pulse became fainter and fainter. There came a pulse which could hardly be registered - and with the next one, there wasn't a pulse whatsoever.

Laharl looked deep into the lifeless eyes of his vassal as he slowly let go of her body, which drifted off into deep space. Laharl huffed out of his nose as he gripped onto Yoshitsuna, tears beginning to fall down his eyes.

"Alright, Laharl! It's about time I punish you!" Sailor Moon yelled at Laharl. To her surprise, Laharl didn't cross his arms, he didn't laugh, he didn't instantly go for the attack. He just remained silent and motionless. "Hey, Laharl! I don't want to attack you when you're not ready! Come on!"

Laharl still didn't react. After a few seconds, he turned his head toward the Sailor Senshi. "This... is all your fault. I hope you're ready to die." Laharl wiped the tears off of his face as he gripped onto Yoshitsuna and then turned to face Sailor Moon.

At any cost, there was no way he was going to lose this one.

He had to win now.

For Etna...

Part 4: Our Last Dance[]

(Cue Prince of Darkness - Disgaea OST)

"I can never forgive you... for that." Laharl told Sailor Moon, his eyes fixated upon her with anger. He felt his heart racing with an insatiable thirst - a thirst for Usagi's blood. He would not rest until Sailor Moon had fallen.

Laharl gave a booming laugh - not out of smugness this time, but out of sheer madness - as he rushed toward Usagi with Yoshitsuna extended in an offensive position.

Sailor Moon raised her hands up in an attempt to block the sword, but the speed and force of the blow was too much as her fingernails were all ripped off from the attack. "Ow!" She yelled out as she began to bleed from her fingers - it was a horrible stinging pain, as if being injected with the most potent venom on her fingers. Despite her pain, she managed to keep a tight grip on the Eternal Tiare.

"This!" shouted Laharl, swinging Yoshitsuna through Sailor Moon's midsection. "Ends!" He yelled as he slashed down Sailor Moon's back. "Noooooowwww!" He gave one final shout as he was now somehow wielding his giant sword again, and then stabbed it through Sailor Moon's chest.

"Aaaaagggh!" Sailor Moon screamed out as the huge sword pierced through her sternum and emerged through her back. She tried to push back the sword, but Laharl kept pushing as the two of them flew through deep space like a comet. Sailor Moon grunted in pain as she attempted to push the sword out of her body, but Laharl was having none of it.

Laharl glared at Sailor Moon, looking her right in the eyes. "This is all your fault. If you hadn't done that... if you hadn't killed Etna..." Laharl said those last few words a bit more quietly as he closed his eyes. A single tear ran down his face as the two fighters approached a large green-blue moon in the distance. Before Sailor Moon could attempt anything, Laharl pulled back the arm that was gripping the huge sword and threw the sword at the moon. The sword (with Sailor Moon still on the other side) stuck to the moon. "Good riddance."

"Gotta... get... out..." Sailor Moon muttered to herself between grunts of pain. She put her hands on the flat edges of the sword, then pushed as hard as she could against the huge blade. Sadly, this was to no avail as the sword didn't even move. "Come on, sword! Get out! I... can't... lose..." Tears began to well up in Sailor Moon's eyes as she felt her arms giving out. There was simply no way she could push the sword back. She looked down at the blade to see that blood was beginning to stain her mostly-white clothing. The pain of the giant sword sticking her against the moon was immense - as if her body was being ripped apart by that bladed chunk of metal.

But she had to get out somehow.

"Come... on!" she screamed. Trembling, she pulled out the Eternal Tiare and pointed it upward. "Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss!" she shouted out as the Eternal Tiare began to glow with a pink-white color. Stars everywhere in deep space lit up.

"Wh-what?!" shouted Laharl, looking back to see Sailor Moon still alive. Not just alive - thriving, in fact. Before Laharl could do anything, rainbow lights emerged from all of the visible stars in deep space and converged upon the Eternal Tiare. With a flash of glorious multicolored light, the sword lodged in Sailor Moon's chest was completely obliterated, and suddenly all the blood on Eternal Sailor Moon's uniform was gone completely. Her wounds were completely healed as the moon behind her exploded into rocky pieces and dust. This spectacle left Laharl completely dumbfounded.

Sailor Moon smiled at Laharl, pointing the Eternal Tiare at him. "Surprised to see I lived through that one?" she asked.

Laharl's face began to redden with a glowing intensity rivaled only by the red stars in space. "You're supposed to be DEAD!" Laharl screamed, jumping upward. Eternal Sailor Moon flew up to keep up with the Overlord, but suddenly Laharl jumped horizontally as a white circular portal-like object appeared where Laharl had launched himself. Sailor Moon continued flying to keep up with Laharl, but he changed directions once more, leaving another portal where he had jumped. This continued a total of ten more times, until there were various portals scattered across the galaxy. "How are you going to handle an attack that hits you from every single direction you know?" asked Laharl, wearing a grin of madness on his face.

Eternal Sailor Moon nodded her head in determination, and then she struck another pose as she raised the Eternal Tiare aloft. "Silver Moon Crystal Power Therapy Kiss!" shouted Sailor Moon as she raised the wand to the sky. Before anyone could even blink, diamond-shaped white crystals shone throughout the galaxy. They all sparkled with a glittering quartz color, and there were so many in the sky one's brain would not be able to comprehend the sheer amount out there.

"Funny you should ask." Sailor Moon replied. "I was about to ask you the same question!

Laharl's grin turned into a scowl. "Alright lady, I'm ending this." The Demon Overlord told the Sailor Senshi as he raised his sword skyward. Yoshitsuna began to glow with a distinct blue-white color as every single one of the portals he had created fired a beam of blue-white light at it. Each of the shimmering lights converged upon the sword as it appeared very similar to a lightsaber - you know, if it shone with the intensity of a blue star. "Dimension Slash!" shouted Laharl as he swung his sword right into Eternal Sailor Moon's torso-

-But before the attack could connect, the Eternal Tiare glowed with a pink-white once more. In a flash, all the Sailor Moon crystals in the area all converged upon Laharl - around the same time Laharl struck Sailor Moon with his sword.

View of the galaxy

If one could look at the galaxy from a distance, he/she would be able to see a glorious blue-pink light stretching vertically through the galaxy. It was the brightest thing that the known universe had ever seen. Any regular human go blind simply from laying eyes upon it just once - no matter how far away the light was. If it was visible, whoever was viewing it would go blind about immediately.

The sheer impact of the attack shook the galaxy around like an earthquake - no, galaxy-quake. In fact, the shaking of the galaxy shook many of the planets and stars out of their places as well. Something like this wasn't something that the average human would be able to survive, no. Not by a long shot.

...But something like this was exactly the sort of thing Laharl and Sailor Moon could survive.

(Stop music)

Sailor Moon and Laharl both appeared to be exhausted from their attacks. Both of them lied down, clearly running out of power. Sailor Moon barely managed to hold onto the Eternal Tiare, and Laharl's grip over Yoshitsuna was clearly beginning to run out.

But then Sailor Moon's fingers twitched. Her eyes opened up ever-so-slowly. Laharl's fingers wrapped themselves around Yoshitsuna as his mouth fixed itself into a scowl.

Then, Laharl and Sailor Moon got back up and faced each other, gripping tightly onto their weapons.

(Cue Moonlight Densetsu Metal Cover)

"Take this!" Laharl shouted, slashing across Sailor Moon horizontally in the blink of an eye. Right when Laharl was behind her, Sailor Moon pointed the Eternal Tiare at him and fired a laser-shaped blast of white-pink light energy at the Overlord. Laharl quickly jumped to the side to avoid the attack as he delivered a hard punch into Sailor Moon's stomach, then hit her with a hard elbow over her head. Then he jumped upward, and Sailor Moon flew upward to catch up to him. However, Laharl was very clearly moving faster than Sailor Moon could keep up with.

"Darn it, why is he so fast?!" Sailor Moon exclaimed. Right as she began to accelerate, she saw that Laharl had disappeared almost completely - and within moments, she saw his figure return. Although, his figure was now riding atop a flaming red meteor. This meteor was much larger than any of the other meteors he had been riding at any other time during the battle, and he was now laughing uncontrollably.

Laharl could hardly keep himself contained as another huge sword was lifted from the meteor - it was almost completely identical to the one Sailor Moon had destroyed previously in the fight. He then looked down upon Sailor Moon, who was still a good distance away from him. "You... you'll know what my true power is like... it's what Etna would have wanted out of me..."

Right then, Laharl raised his giant sword upward and then plunged it down into the meteor. The meteor cracked into many smaller meteors as they all fell down toward Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon's eyes widened as she found herself faced with countless flaming meteors - and somehow, they all seemed to be aimed toward her. They were all moving at a speed which she could hardly even hope to counter. But she had to do something.

"Come on..." Sailor Moon muttered to herself, still gripping onto the Eternal Tiare. There had to be something she could do, anything...

Sailor Moon pointed the Eternal Tiare at the meteor shower headed toward her as all the light from the Sailor Moon Crystals all over the galaxy converged upon the center of the wand. "Sailor Moon Crystal Eternal Power!" It began to glow with a white color as a dazzling white light fired from the center of the Tiare. In a flash of brilliant light, the meteor Laharl was riding on as well as all of the other meteors were completely atomized in the process. There was absolutely no trace of the space rocks at this point.

"Oh crap, can't let that hit me!" Laharl noted. With little time to spare, Laharl jumped off of the meteor as the light beam Sailor Moon fired just grazed his side. After a few seconds, the light began to dissipate. When everything was visible once more, Sailor Moon looked upon the point that she had fired - and saw that Laharl was no longer anywhere to be seen.

Sailor Moon breathed a sigh of relief as she closed her eyes in exhaustion. This battle had dragged on for an unthinkable amount of time, and hey, at this point she was just relieved that she had won this one. Yeah, she had some repairing of the galaxy to do, but-

"You thought I was dead, huh?" asked Laharl, who was right behind her. Sailor Moon quickly turned around, and then gasped out as her eyes widened.

"But-" Sailor Moon couldn't think of any more words. She thought that she had finished off Laharl for good. Just how much more is this guy going to take?! She asked herself, giving an exhausted whine.

(Cue Samurai - Disgaea OST)

Laharl grinned as he gripped Eternal Sailor Moon by the collar, then looked her dead in the eyes with a look of confidence and determination. "Alright lady, I hope all this fighting has prepared you for death!" Laharl taunted as he slashed Sailor Moon horizontally. Before Sailor Moon could react, she found herself completely blitzed. She could not even track Laharl's movements with her eyes.

"Ah!" Sailor Moon grunted in pain as she felt Laharl slash her across the midsection, face, back, torso, and just about everywhere within moments. To Sailor Moon, Laharl was nothing but a blur as blood splattered everywhere from Sailor Moon's body. In addition to the massive amount of pain she was in, Sailor Moon was also beginning to grow dizzy from her inability to track Laharl's movements any longer. Suddenly, everything seemed to stop completely as she felt herself being launched upward.

Sailor Moon screamed out as she felt herself being hurdled toward a black-purple object in the distance. Tendrils of black and purple were exuded from the object as she saw all sorts of different matter being sucked into the core of the sphere. Dust, rock particles, space debris, you name it - there was no escape from the black hole. Sailor Moon gasped as she felt herself unable to push against the force of the black hole she was about to be sucked into. She attempted to fly out of the range of the reality-breaking sphere, but it was to no avail as even the pink light she was radiating was being sucked in. After a few seconds, she saw the object getting larger and larger as she passed the event horizon of the black hole.

"No..." Sailor Moon muttered. She clenched her eyes shut as shut as she curled up into the fetal position, completely terrified of what her eventual fate would be. How would she ever deal with this...?

"Sky Nine Slash!" Laharl shouted out. Sailor Moon opened her eyes back up to see nine beams of blue-white light energy being fired toward her from Laharl's sword. As if to add insult to injury, all the beams from the sword pushed Sailor Moon faster, and before she even knew it Sailor Moon was sucked into the black hole.

(Stop music)

Laharl laughed out as he put his sword behind his back. "Ha! You see that, lady? There's no escape from a black hole! Looks like I've got this one won."

Black Hole

Sailor Moon opened up her eyes. To no surprise whatsoever, she saw nothing but blackness. It was as if her eyes were sealed tight, and she would have zero clue whatsoever if her eyes were open or not.

Suddenly, she gagged as she felt her body being compressed - no, crushed. Her stomach felt like it was going to implode underneath the immense gravity of the black hole. Sailor Moon attempted to move away from the incredibly dense sphere, but she just couldn't.

They say that if one is to cross the event horizon, nothing can ever escape from the black hole, not even light. It wouldn't matter how fast you were, you weren't getting out of the black hole. If it were a true black hole, that is.

"I... couldn't... do it..." Sailor Moon whispered to herself. If the gravity were less intense, she would have felt tears running down her eyes like a waterfall. Memories of all her battles alongside the Sailor Senshi began to reappear. She remembered her first few fights in Japan, when she was still learning and terrified of battle. She remembered her days at home, which she would often spend being lazy and eating massive amounts of sweets. She remembered how she wasn't quite the smartest girl in school, but she loved the popularity she got.

Then she remembered her love, Tuxedo Mask, AKA Mamoru Chiba.

The man who had risked everything for her.

"Love is like a rose, it's beautiful when it's bloom... but it can't last forever..."

Sailor Moon then began to cry out as she felt her entire body being pressed down to molecular sizes. Either the intense gravity of the black hole would kill her, or she would survive, but die of thirst with no way out whatsoever.

There just had to be some way out...

...But then, suddenly Sailor Moon remembered one last thing.

She was the incarnate of the Goddess Sailor Cosmos. And she was equipped with Lambda Power, the power of rebirth.

If this failed, then perhaps Laharl was an impossible opponent.

But this had to work. It just had to.

Laharl watched the black hole in the distance as he began his flight back home. After all, he had a lot to talk about here. The story of an epic duel detailing the fight between him and the Goddess incarnate Sailor Moon. This would be too good a story not to tell. He turned away, but then-


The black hole he had been watching in the distance imploded, and then exploded in a flash of shimmering white-silver light. Laharl could feel the impact all the way from where he was floating, and before he could even begin to process all this he saw Sailor Moon right before him - or rather, a new form of Sailor Moon.

Her hair had grown even longer than before and it was now a brilliant white color. She also donned a white cape as long as her hair, and she was now wielding a tall staff very similar to the Eternal Tiare. Now, Sailor Moon was equipped with the most useful power in the history of ever, known only to those as.... Lambda Power. Sailor Moon now could only be known as Sailor Cosmos.

Laharl pulled Yoshitsuna out once more, and then grinned at Sailor Cosmos. "Alright lady, there's no way you could survive me at my full power!"

(Cue Sailor Stars Song)

Laharl and Sailor Cosmos flew at each other at an incomprehensible speed, their clash having enough sheer force to shake the galaxy all around them. Each time that the two would fly at each other, a shockwave would result. These two were going at a high enough speed to fly around the entire galaxy in mere milliseconds.

"Take THIS!" Laharl shouted out, now getting fed up with Sailor Cosmos. With one fell swipe, he slashed Sailor Cosmos right down the middle as blood splattered all across the galaxy. However, to his shock, the two halves of Sailor Cosmos pulled themselves back together thanks to the amazing Lambda Power. Sailor Cosmos seemed completely unfazed as Laharl's eyes just widened. "But..."

Sailor Cosmos held aloft the tall staff in her hands as a gold light erupted from it. Suddenly, everything around Laharl and Sailor Cosmos began to stop completely and turn to a gold color. It was as if time and space was completely frozen around the two, or even reality itself.

Laharl looked around the area, completely flabbergasted at what he saw. His heart began to pound as he realized exactly what was going on. Was he... facing a reality-warper? Holy crap, I've got to end this one quickly... or else it could be all over for me... why didn't I end this one when I had the chance? Stupid Laharl...

Sailor Cosmos pointed the Moon Power Tiare at Laharl, the orb int he middle glowing with a reality-defying brightness. She fired a huge beam of light from the staff at Laharl, but suddenly the Demon Boy jumped sideways to avoid the attack. Laharl then caught his fist on fire again as he delivered a huge punch into Sailor Cosmos' stomach, but she was hardly even fazed as she didn't even flinch at the attack.

"No..." Laharl muttered, beginning to run out of breath. Then, he suddenly got an idea. There was one thing he hadn't tried. It was the very definition of multi-galactic cataclysm. It was an attack one could get shunned for even speaking the name of. Only those who had completely mastered the fist technique could ever hope to utilize an attack of such scale, and Laharl was one of the very few who could do anything with it.

Laharl began to concentrate as the galaxy around him slowly began to shrink. Planets and stars shrunk down to microscopic sizes as they were all sucked into the palm of his hand as if it were a black hole.

"I see what you're doing." Sailor Cosmos said in response to Laharl's concentration. She raised the Moon Power Tiare upward as planets, stars, etc. began to be sucked into the orb at the tip of the tiare as well.

After a few seconds, it was getting clear that the known universe was falling apart. The Milky Way galaxy had been completely absorbed when Laharl and Sailor Moon had sucked its essence in. Galaxies all around were being sucked in as the fabric of reality itself began to fall apart.

Memories of Laharl's and Usagi's were likewise beginning to find themselves being sucked into the voids of the two's attacks. Sailor Cosmos' Moon Power Tiare was glowing with the most brilliant light in the known multiverse, and Laharl's fist must have held more mass than anything you could ever see. Even the background music was beginning to be sucked in as the music around faded.

(Stop music)

After everything (and I mean everything) was gone, Laharl pulled back his fist. "Alright lady, I really didn't want to do this... and by that I mean, I REALLY didn't want to do this... but you've left me with no choice whatsoever." Laharl glared at Sailor Cosmos and pulled back his fist, and then with nothing left to lose (literally), he extended his fist and delivered the most powerful punch that the world had ever seen.

"BIG BANG!" shouted Laharl. But right at the same time, an incredible ray of light erupted from the Moon Power Tiare. Laharl's fist and the orb of the Moon Power Tiare collided at the same time-

-And suddenly everything, even Laharl and Sailor Moon, were sucked into an infinitesimally small void. Nothing was visible. The known universe was now infinitely smaller than even an atom, and could not be seen by even the most powerful microscope. Everything was gone. Everything.


In a universe-encompassing flash of every color light imaginable, everything suddenly went back to where it was. All the galaxies were returned to their rightful places, and all the stars and planets were now back in align. Everything that had been destroyed over the course of this battle had been put back in place.

Sailor Cosmos was seen in the position she was last in, and was standing upright. She seemed hardly fazed as the Moon Power Tiare was completely intact. However, Laharl, adjacent to Sailor Cosmos, was looking differently. His body was starting to fall apart as his legs began to fade into dust.

Sailor Cosmos reverted to Sailor Moon as she looked Laharl in the face. "Laharl?" She asked.

Laharl coughed and looked Sailor Moon in the eyes, and smiled. "Hey, that was fun. Definitely the best battle of my life..." He closed his eyes and gave a satisfied look. "Oh, uh... you brought Etna back to life, right?" he asked.

Sailor Moon smiled at Laharl and nodded. "Yes, I brought your friend back too."

Laharl's torso was beginning to fade away into dust as well, and now he was nothing but a head. "Hey, uh... tell Flonne that I went out in the greatest battle of all time, okay? And make sure that all your friends know just how good of a fight I put up!"

A tear began to run down Sailor Moon's eye as she held onto Laharl's slowly-fading head. "I..." she sniffled as she looked Laharl in the eye. "I will... Overlord Laharl..."

Laharl smiled as he closed his eyes. "May we meet again somewhere, somehow...

...Sailor Moon..."

Laharl's head disappeared into nothingness. Not one trace was visible at this point, and Sailor Moon couldn't even feel his life force from where he once stood.

Even the strongest fall sometimes.

(Cue Sailor Moon - Sad Violin Theme)

Sailor Moon then slowly began her flight back home as she made sure she hit every stop on the way there. She saw the blue star where she had transformed into Eternal Sailor Moon. She smiled as she remembered just how good of a fight this was, and how she wasn't likely ever going to get a fight as good as this again.

He put up a good fight. And I'm sure he had good intentions...

Sailor Moon passed by the Jupiter-like planet as she remembered that she brought Sailor Jupiter back to life too. Everything from this battle passed through her mind as she finally made it back to Earth, ready to return to normal life.

She had a lot of friends, and she was sure everyone would want to know exactly how the battle with Overlord Laharl went. After all, there was certainly a lot to tell.



Boomstick: Holy hell! That was absolutely amazing! Every single bit of it!

Kyoko: Let's watch it again!

Excalibur: Fool! First, let's find out exactly why this all happened.

Wiz: Laharl and Sailor Moon are both incredibly powerful characters. As a matter of fact, both characters are among some of the strongest we've ever seen.

Blaze: Let's figure out exactly how this battle went, then! Time to blaze it!

Knight: In terms of speed, it was no question. Laharl held the edge here pretty easily, as he reacted to a blast of energy which encompassed the entire galaxy and beyond. Sailor Moon might have flown to the interior of a galaxy within minutes, but it's still just not the same as Laharl's feat.

The Spy: Gentlemen. Laharl is capable of ripping raw meteors out of deep space and slicing them in half with his sword, which definitely outdoes Sailor Moon's strength. While neither character exactly has much in the way of durability feats, they can at least get close enough to stars without feeling any sort of pain, so that's something.

Gilgamesh: With Laharl being a more skilled fighter, and being faster and stronger than Sailor Moon, at first this battle was certainly looking to be in Laharl's favor... so why didn't Laharl win, you mongrels may ask?

Dark Pit: Two words: Lambda Power. With Lambda Power, Sailor Moon is capable of absolutely impossible things that Laharl could never even begin to comprehend.

Jocelyn the Intern: Well, see, with Lambda Power, Sailor Moon gets a healing factor that allowed her to resist absolutely everything in Laharl's arsenal. Basically, by the time she activated Lambda Power, there was no real way Laharl could win.

Evil Craig: Which serves that bastard right! I mean, Sailor Moon's kind of a bitch herself but still. One had to live. Anyway, with Lambda Power, Sailor Moon also created a ray of light which shone all the way through the universe! Which is WAY more than Laharl's multi-galaxy feat!

Magneto: While Laharl can hold a galaxy in his hands, Sailor Moon can shrink an omnipresent force to infinitesimally small sizes. Meaning that in terms of scale of power alone, Sailor Moon held an unbelievable edge.

Hoxton: To be fair, Laharl could have taken this one for himself if he had taken her out before she used Lambda Power... but the wanker's too bloody cocky and he draws out fights sometimes. He's his own worst enemy.

Boomstick: In the end, Laharl's superior speed and strength just wasn't enough when Sailor Moon's Lambda Power trumped Laharl in literally everything he has. You could say Laharl just faded out.

Wiz: The winner is Sailor Moon.

MatPat: But hey, that's just a theory. A Death Battle theory! Thanks for watching!

Sailor Moon wins



It had been one week since the clash between the demon overlord Laharl and the Goddess incarnate Sailor Moon. As the duel had spanned across the entire galaxy and beyond, an astronomical amount of lives were claimed. Fortunately, thanks to Sailor Cosmos' Lambda Power, everything had gone back to normal. Almost everything, that is.

Usagi made sure she told all her Sailor Senshi friends all about the epic duel. They were all impressed to hear about how tough Laharl was to put down, and Makoto was especially intrigued at how she died during the fight. Of course, no one would ever be able to experience the fight the same way Usagi did.

With things back to normal, Usagi woke up one Wednesday morning, preparing to go to school. She had a test today, and of course she wasn't really expecting much out of it. She never really did get good scores on tests anyway...

"Usagi!" called Usagi's mother, from outside of her room. Usagi quickly got up and opened the door, still in her pajamas. She saw her mother on the other side of the door, with an envelope in her hands. "Someone sent this to this house. It's for you!"

"A letter? For me?" Usagi was curious about the contents of the letter. She saw a stamp of a little bird-like creature resembling a penguin on the corner, and then with haste she opened ripped open the top of the envelope. Inside, she found a sheet of paper, with something written in dark-blue ink.

Dear Usagi Tsukino, A.K.A. Sailor Moon,

It sure has been a while since that fight we had, hasn't it? Still really impressed with how much destruction we caused through the entire universe. Thinking about it, I really shouldn't be surprised that I lost the fight. Oh well, I guess I'm over that...

Anyway, it's kind of weird. No one remembers me ever going to Earth and fighting you, and Etna doesn't even remember being killed. In fact, she insists that she was just at home the whole time... My status as Overlord still stands, and my vassals still look up to me the same way, though there are a few things that are different now.

I can't really say much more, because there's not really too much else to say. Just a demon overlord and a goddess fighting and blowing up the universe, you know. Nothing too big to tell. I just hope that my vassals never find out about that loss. Can you imagine what they would say if they found out that I lost a battle for the galaxy to a sixteen-year-old girl? Well... I'd just let them fight you, and have them prove their doubts. You're pretty powerful, lady!

Well, I'm running out of ink now, and I'm actually having a lot of difficulty writing this. In fact, you probably won't receive this letter until about a week after I started writing it. The distance thing isn't really a problem, I can usually just throw something as far as I want... it's just... well, let's just say that holding objects such as pens isn't so easy for me anymore.

Why, you ask? Well... I'm kind of a Prinny now... If you don't know what that is, they're sorta like cute little penguins in your world. Except they're pretty much everywhere. Some things are different from me being a Prinny, but I find it hilarious that all my vassals are taking orders from a cute little bird.

Anyway, I think I should be going now. I'd like to hear back from you sometime, Usagi. I'm sure we could turn this into a good friendship. Or something.

Signed, Overlord Laharl.

Usagi slowly began to smile as she read over the letter, gripping the edges of the paper tightly. She knew that she'd have to write the overlord back sometime. Of course, she might have to remind Mamoru that the guy she was writing was only a friend. But he'd accept that soon.

"Alright Usagi, you have to get ready for school! Or else you're going to be late!" Usagi's mother reminded her.

"Oh, right!" Usagi gently set the letter down upon her bed as she quickly got dressed and slung her backpack around her back. She knew she'd write Laharl back as soon as she got home.