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Trying to make a fool out of me? I'll soon make you moan in pain!
~ Laharl

Laharl is the anti-hero main character from the video game, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. He has shown up in every game in the Disgaea series, often as an optional boss and a recruitable unit.

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Battle Record[]

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 2
  • Draws: 0

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  • After a 3 Year nap, Prince Laharl Woke up After his vessel Etna woke him up after waking up and hearing his father died, he decided to become Overlord and well he did. But after becoming Overlord an assassin had come to kill him this assassin was angel trainee Flonne, who Laharl defeated and then he had her join his party cause why not. After that, he had to deal with a whole lot of stuff including an attack on the Netherworld and even deciding to Invade Celestia (Disgaea's equivalent to heaven) but eventually, he decided not to as Flonne was turned into a flower one fight later and Its reviled it was a test and Flonne was brought back as a fallen angel and they returned to the Netherworld to live in peace kinda. Cue time skip where his Netherworld is once again in trouble as a group plans to overthrow him and he discovers his half angel half demon sister who eventually joins him like Flonne and eventually, he fights a lot of the strongest Overlords and beats some of them and even beats a person who absorbed the power of an entire Netherworld (Only won cause said person held back) and now shows up in other Disgaea games as a secret boss.

Death Battle Info[]


  • Swords
  • Fists

Skills and Abilities[]

Unique Skills[]

  • Blazing Knuckle: Laharl uppercuts the enemy into the air with his fist on fire before punching them back to the ground.
  • Overlord's Wrath: Laharl creates a bunch of energy balls that surround the enemy that all collide with the enemy at once. This skill can destroy a planet with ease.
  • Meteor Impact: Laharl jumps onto a giant meteor and rides down to Earth to crush the enemy.
  • Overlord Dimension: Laharl takes the enemy into a pocket dimension before creating a Sun-like object which drops meteors from it that crushes the enemy before Laharl punches which make swords appear out of the meteor before it explodes.
  • Can learn up to Omega level Fire spells (every Disgaea character can basically learn every spell).

Fist Skills[]

  • Triple Strike: Laharl uppercuts the enemy before slamming them into the ground.
  • Double Shadow: Laharl makes another version of himself and the two attack the enemy from their front and back.
  • Side Out: Laharl makes two stone walls and hits them both and they release the built up energy as a small blast before falling on the enemy.
  • Beast King: Laharl hits the enemy into the air keeps hitting them before suplexing them into the ground.
  • Aura Punch: Laharl does a magically charged one-inch punch that sends the enemy into a mountain before exploding.
  • Big Bang: Laharl flies out of the solar system and back and punches the enemy so hard it makes a black hole which makes an explosion similar to the Big Bang.
  • Quintuple Shot: Laharl creates multiple versions of himself and all of them attack separate enemies before they all shoot an energy ball at the enemy.
  • No Way Out: Laharl traps the enemy in a giant energy ball and hits them around while inside it, Laharl then splits into two and they both grab giant rocks and slam them into the enemy.

Sword Skills[]

  • Blade Rush: Laharl slashes through an enemy.
  • Hurricane Slash: Laharl moves around the enemy so fast he makes a hurricane then he flies to the enemy, slashes them down to the ground and slashes them after they bounce from hitting the ground.
  • Nether Slash: Laharl cuts the enemy once before he uses magic to increase the impact.
  • Musou Slash: Laharl flies down and cuts through the enemy before going back and cutting through the enemy again which causes an explosion.
  • Dark Night Slash: Laharl sends three sword waves at the enemy.
  • Dimension Slash: After scaling up high, Laharl turns his sword into a laser sword bigger than Earth and slashing the enemy and the area they're standing on.
  • Sky Nine Slash: Laharl hits the enemy into the air and fires off lasers that cut the enemy before he slashes them.
  • Super Crosslord: Laharl cuts the ground apart, which seals the enemy in a ball of energy, and summons a massive sword that he stabs into the enemy, ramming them against a giant rock before slashing it twice making a giant explosion.



  • Is arrogant and cocky.
  • Is weak to sexy women and people talking about love and hope (Both of these can cause Laharl physical pain, however, the second weakness has been cured).
  • Lost to the True Zenon.