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I'm done with being a pirate... Do you wish me to fight as a normal citizen?
~ Kuro

Kuro is an antagonist from the anime series, One Piece.

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Kuro was the Captain of the Black Cat Pirates, a group of pirates who terrorized the East Blue sea. However, after his notoriety brought constant pressure against him from bounty hunters and marines, he faked his own death in order to live a more peaceful life as a butler to a rich family.

Unbeknownst to his hosts, Kuro was still working with his former crew, and planned for them to raid the island he lived on. In the process, the family would be slaughtered and he would inherit their riches, able to live peacefully from then on. Unfortunately, his plans were stopped by Monkey D. Luffy.

Death Battle Info[]

Kuro possesses incredible speed, and during his Nuki Ashi attack, can run at speeds of 25 meters per second. This makes him invisible to the naked eye, and he runs so fast even he can't control his actions. The power in his legs is so great he can injure Luffy, who is normally immune to blunt attacks.

Kuro's weapons are the Cat Claws, two sets of five Katanas attached to furry gloves. He also has very high intelligence, and is well-known for executing incredibly complicated plans.