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Kung Lao vs. Ken Masters is a What-If? episode of Death Battle.


Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter Which cocky friendly rival to the fighting series main protagonist will win?


Wiz: Friendly Rivals where the main Protagnists are stiff and firm there sidekicks are overconfident and arrogant

Boomstick: And they both love to test the skill of their equally powerful Best Friends Kung Lao the Hat Throwing White Locus Member 

Wiz: And Ken Masters Best friend to Ryu

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick

Wiz: And it's our job to anaylse their weapons armour and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle

Kung Lao[]

Wiz: Born as the descendant of the Great Kung Lao the Young Lao had quite a legacy to live up to he joined the White Locus Society and became a Shaolin Monk alongside his friend Liu Kang

Boomstick: In the Orginal Timeline Kung Lao was chosen to fight in the Mortal Kombat Tournament but declined in the Second Timeline Liu Kang was Chosen instead and in both Timelines Liu Kang won the Tornament

Wiz: Kung Lao would then help face off the Forces of Outworld and fight in the Second Mortal Kombat Tournament and afterwards would fight off against Emperor Shao Kahn in the invasion of Earthrealm and fake his death which would lead to Liu Kang beating Shao Khan

Boomstick: Around the time of Liu Kang's death Kung Lao would be trained in combat by Bo'Rai Cho Liu Kang's mentor and use the Whirlwind Kick

Wiz: He would participate in the Attack on the Deadly Alliance but would be killed during this battle he would be brought back to life as a brainwashed monster but would be restored to normal

Boomstick: Lao would prepare himself for the Battle of Armaggedon fighting on the Forces of Light fighting fiercely

Wiz: He managed to kill Baraka but would be killed afterwards by Shinnok before the timeline ended in the next timeline he would fight in the First Mortal Kombat Tournament but would be beaten in the Second Tournament would nearly win the Tournament before Shao Kahn broke his neck

Boomstick: Becoming a Revanent Kung Lao would fight against a new generation of heroes before being beaten by Raiden and Jax

Wiz: However it was possibly that Kung Lao managed to conquer his inner darkness with the help of his cousin Kung Jin becoming a Agent of Vengeance

Boomstick: Kung Lao was a powerful warrior and his legacy inspired his cousin Kung Jin to eventually become a Monk with Raiden's help

Wiz: Kung Lao has many abilities his Agility is comparable to Liu Kang's and he is strong enough to break bones and throw his hat with extreme force to kill his opponents and beat them

Boomstick: He can also teleport while fighting to confuse his opponents and leave them dazzled in combat situations while hitting them rapidly with his attacks and is his preferred fighting style

Wiz: Which is Shaolin Kung Fu I don't know how that is different to normal Kung Fu but he uses in close range to overwhelm his opponents but uses a long ranged fighting weapon...

Boomstick: His razor sharp hat which he totally didn't take from Oddjob but if you have a hat that can act like a boomerang and break through human flesh like nothing not that many people are going to want to argue with you

Wiz: He uses this weapon in moves such as Hat toss a move where he throws the hat at an upward angle towards the opponent Hat Throw where the hat goes from end of the arena to the other hitting the opponent twice the Hat Grinder also the hat always re spawns on Lao's head after use

Boomstick: Making It the Captain America's Shield Of Mortal Kombat

Wiz: Vaguely the Upward Grinder allows Lao to hit the Opponent in the air and the Ground hat makes the opponent get hit by the hat hurtling towards them

Boomstick: The Hat Trap allows Lao to throw the hat out leaving it floating in the air then call it back if the opponent is hit by the hat on the hat's return journey then they are knocked to the floor

Wiz: The Hat Spin involves Lao throwing the hat round himself in a circular fashion hitting foes that try and Attack him at close range but he has other moves that don't involve the hat like the Wind Teleport where Lao Teleports behind his opponent and attackes them

Boomstick: The Double Pass Teleport is where he well teleports twice passing by his opponent before teleporting behind them and hitting them the Whirlwind Kick is where Lao spins like a tornado hitting his opponent with kicks knocking them back

Wiz: The Whirlwind Spin is where he spins around knocking his opponent into the air the Torpedo is where flies at the opponent from the air knocking them into a corner

Boomstick: The Dive Kick is where he leaps at the opponent from the air and attacks them however this move can be blocked which leaves Lao vulnerable to Attack

Wiz: He has two X-Moves where he either karate chops one side of the opponents next near their windpipe and then karate chops the other side damaging their vertebrae or throws his hat into the top of the opponents skull grabs his hat and throws them to the ground damaging their spine and then kicking them in the gut breaking their ribs

Boomstick: Oh No... Kung Lao also has his finishing moves such as the Body Slice where he cut the opponent in half with his hat or chops off their head the Hat Trick where he chops off the opponents head and then cut them in half or pulls a bunny out of his hat to kill his opponent

Wiz: Kung Lao can perform several Brutalities with his hat to finish off his opponent as another option

Boomstick: Kung Lao has beaten The likes of Noob Saibot The Deadly Alliance and Goro and Kintaro as well as killing Baraka and fighting Shao Kahn

Wiz: However Kung Lao is very brash and overconfident rushing into a fight or letting his guard down which led to him getting beaten and then killed he also relies heavily on his hat and without isn't that tough

Boomstick: But with his Martieux arts skill and of course his deadly hat Kung Lao is not to be messed with

Kung Lao: For the Shaolin!


Wiz: Born the son of a rich Hotel Tychoon in America 1965 Ken Masters had a pretty good life set before him his father however wanted what was best for young Ken not wanting him to become Spoiled

Boomstick: What do you do you may ask? Ask your best friend Martieux Artist Gouken to train your kid of course !

Wiz: Gouken took the boy on and began to train him in the Ansatsuken or Assassin's fist fighting style while doing this Ken met and became friends with Ryu Hoshi Goukens fellow pupil and their trained alongside each other for a decade becoming masters of fighting Get it Masters .. Ken?

Boomstick: 'Facepalms' Very funny Wiz

Wiz: At the age of 23 Ken left the dojo and fought in the US martieux arts Tournament against the Hefty Zangief and beat him and met his wife Elisa he returned to the place of his childhood to tell his master the good news...

Boomstick: To find he had missed out on the Fingerpainting!

Wiz: Will you stop making fun of that! .. Ahem After this Ken entered the World Warrior Tournament alongside Ryu where they fought against each other Ken would also have a son with Elisa and take on a student of his own

Boomstick: Ken constantly trained to hone his abiliites and fought in the World Warrior Tournament again fighting against his rival Rufus

Wiz: Ken would be there to help Ryu take on M. Bison and was there when Ryu destroyed M. Bison's organisation Ken is a formidable warrior and has many abilities he is extremely fit and in peak human Condition he is strong enough to send T. Hawk flying 15 feet in the air and kick cars to death as well as keep up with some of the toughest fighters in the world

Boomstick: Ken is also agile he can dodge Hadoukens and attacks from Akuma one of the Strongest Street Fighters He also is extremely tough he take hits from Ryu and keep fighting whilst bleeding out from Vega and eventually beat him and fall several feet into mud then get back up

Wiz: Ken also is trained in the Ansatsuken fighting style albeit a less deadlier approach and uses it to great effect against his opponents he can use the famous Hadouken to attack opponents from a distance

Boomstick: The Tastumaki Senpukayu aka the Hurriance Kick is when he spins towards his opponent well like a Hurriance and the Shoruyken is a powerful rising uppercut which uses fire to damage opponents more

Wiz: The ShippU Jinraikyaku is move consisting of a combo of kicks followed by a Hurriance kick he can utilise a deadlier version of this move called the Gurenlook Senpukayu which involves fire and is ended with a flaming kick There's also the Senpu Nataotashi which is a counter attack followed by you guessed it a flaming kick

Boomstick: His famous move is the Shinruyken which is a stronger version of the Shoruyken and creates a Vacuum effect drawing opponents up close for multiple blows

Wiz: The Guren Enjinkyaku is a flaming version of the Tastumaki Senpukayu and The Shoryureppa is a combination of three Flaming Shroruykens

Boomstick: The Heat Rush is where Ken turns his ki energy into fire and the Speed Rush is where he charges at his opponent really fast

Wiz: The Power of Nothingness is Ken's deadliest form he gains awareness of the Universe and has incredible power he is extremely tough and can block attacks from Crimson Viper

Boomstick: Ken has beaten the likes of Zangief and Charlie Nash he as well as Vega M Bison with the help of Ryu and Won several Us Tournaments and fallen 100 feet into mud and got up just like that

Wiz: However Ken is extremely Cocky which can leave him open to attackes and leave him to be overwhelmed he also has only used the Power of Nothingness once and needs a lot of willpower to activate it

Boomstick: Ken is one powerful guy not to be annoyed

Ken: Come on let's turn up the heat!


Kung Lao and Ken are ready

Wiz: All right the combatants are set let's end this debate once and for all

Boomstick: It's time for a Death Battle

At the Wu Shu Academy things were pretty normal the monks were sitting down for lunch however in the horizon Ken Masters walked towards the Academy and arrived there whilst the Monks Observed him Ken looked around to see all these people glancing at him however on a higher area of the building one monk glanced at the Warrior more than his friends it was Kung Lao who walked towards Ken quickly

Ken: Everyone I ask for a meeting with Liu Kang regarding the activities of my friend Ryu

Kung Lao: Liu Kang is not here you will talk to me

Ken: Well ok Hat-Man

Kung Lao: You try my patience and their will be actions taken

Kung Lao got into a combat position

Ken: Is it a fight you want well you'll get one

Kung Lao: You face a Shaolin Warrior

Ken: Bring it on


Kung Lao threw his hat at Ken who jumped to the side punching at Kung Lao only for the Shaolin to block the Attack with his elbow Ken fired a Hadouken knocking Lao back across the Courtyard but the Warrior stood ready throwing his hat again at Ken who managed to move himself out of the way whilst jumping at Lao but now was falling at an awarkard angle Kung Lao stood up and teleported behind Ken using Torpedo kicking Ken into the ground Ken got up in annoyance and fired another Hadouken

Kung Lao jumped over the projectile throwing the hat down towards Ken who sidestepped it using the Hat Trap move

Ken: You missed !

This remark was interrupted by a searing pain in Ken's shoulder as the hat brushed passed it Ken got up and punched Lao attacking him with a series of punches and kicks the Shaolin countered them launching strikes of his own that hit Ken on the face Ken Attacked Lao with a Hurriance Kick Lao managed to block most of the force of the blow and uppercutted Ken

Ken then glanced around trying to overwhelm Lao with his strikes Lao then used the Whirlwind Kick attacking Ken with kicks causing the warrior to stumble back and be launched into the air Lao fired his hat again with the upward Hat hitting Ken but was met with a Hadouken to the face both combatants hit the ground with a thud but got back up in a flash and charged at each other

Ken: You think your tough well I'd like to challenge that

Kung: You face a powerful opponent

Kung Lao punched at Ken who dodged the blows but Ken blows were dodged by Lao However Ken launched a Shrorukyen launching Lao up But the warrior used the Whirlwind kick flying into Ken who used the Hurriance Kick both colliding at each other with a hard force Ken being knocked against a pillar and Lao against a Wall the Monk fired his hat at Ken but Ken ducked and dived under the blows rapidly punching at Lao who countered but was begining to fall back in his guard Ken then used the Shippu Jinraikyaku on his opponent barraging Lao and knocking to the ground with the hurriance kick

Ken got up ready to fire a Hadouken but Lao teeported behind Ken twice and locked fists with him the two seemed evenly matched locked in firm postions on the ground Ken Lao broke off the lock slashing Ken with hat the warrior yelled but dodged the other attackes from the hat at close range

Lao threw the hat at Ken with the Upward Grinder Move damaging the warrior more Ken recovered and hit Lao with a Flaming kick smacking his cheek with his foot and then upper cutting Lao with another Shrorukyen Lao teleported behind Ken throwing the hat at Ken using several Hat Trap moves and Ground hat moves but Ken Dodged them but his knee was grazed by another Upward Grinder Move

Ken: Your preety tough though I'm not gonna go down that easily

The two exchanged blows whilst stepping up a low flight of stairs into a house and exchanging blows rapidly Ken then hit Lao with the Guren Enjinkyaku the flaming Hurriance kicks dazing the warrior However Ken was knocked away with a Whirlwind Kick followed by a Dive Kick which Ken blocked

Kung Lao: My fighting skill is greater than yours

Ken: Oh yeah try dodging this

Ken tried firing a Shinrukyen but Lao dodged the blow going through the upward Floor boards and breaking them Ken fired another Hadouken but Lao used the Hat Trap move damaging Ken whose vison began to blur due the pain Lao smirked but was hit by a Hurriance Kick coughing up blood but standing Firm he hit Ken with a Kixk only to be met by a Shinrukyen to the neck launching upwards throwing the celing and onto the Chinese style Rooftop

Kung Lao: You are tougher than I thought but that will make no difference to the outcome of this fight

Ken: I will prove you wrong there mate

Lao fired his Hat at Ken launching it numerous times Ken being cut and slashed but fired a Hadouken at Lao the warrior being knocked further up the roof as a tile fell down the roof began to weaken as Ken and Lao leapt onto the rooftop balancing on it Kung threw his hat at Ken who managed to barely dodge the blows and hit Lao with Gurenlook Senpukayu  Lao managed to barely withstand the blow but is knocked off of the roof by the Senpu Nataotashi and a Speed Rush but teleports to the side of Ken hitting him with the Whirlwind Kick

The Two hit the ground with a large thud and get up ready for the final part of the battle

Ken fired a Hodouken at Lao trying to get up close to his opponent he charged at Lao with a Shroyureppa uppercutting the warrior but being hit by the hat Lao activated his Hat Trap and Hat Span move Ken's back was slightly slashed but soon he fired several Hadouken at the hat spinning at Lao and tried to get up close to hit Lao but the warrior teleported behind Ken punching him Ken was about to kick until Kung threw the bunny from out of his hat at Ken which bit Ken's face

Ken: What .. Ow

Kung Lao: Now will you yield

Ken: Not today

Ken charged at Lao with Speed Rush dodging the hat leapt into the air activated Heat Rush and hit Lao the warrior barely managing to hold up Ken was about to uppercut Lao again when Lao teleported behind him an X-Ray of Ken is shown as Lao karate chops either side of Ken's neck the X-Ray ends and Ken stands badly injured open for Attack

Kung Lao: Time to end this

Kung Lao Threw the hat towards Ken as it slowly flew through the air Ken's heartbeat could be heard and his body flashed blue twice the hat came closer and a hand with a blue aura grabbed the hat as Lao looked around in shock at his opponent

Kung Lao: No what is this!

Ken: The Power of Nothingness mate

Ken launched a powerful Hadouken at Lao colliding with his hat and knocking it aside Lao tried to block Ken's attackes but was quickly overpowered with a Hurriance Kick Ken uppercutted Lao with a Shorukyen breaking Kung Lao's neck Ken's aura disappeared as he looked at the body of his Opponent in grief and covered it up in respect

Ken: You were a tough fighter and opponent



Boomstick: Wow Kung Lao was owned

Wiz: These two companions are quite evenly matched in a lot of ways making this an extremely close fight in terms of Strength they are quite evenly matched Kung Lao can break bones with his hands but Ken can launch T.Hawk 15 feet into the air which makes him take that category

Boomstick: In terms of Speed Ken may have his Speed Rush technique but Lao has his unpredictable teleportation which enabled him to dodge some of Ken's attackes however his overconfidence allowed Ken to get hits in

Wiz: In terms of Endurance Ken takes it he has survived being lacerated and fallen 100 feet in mud and while Kung Lao's hat is really deadly once it hits an opponent Ken's Agility could help him to dodge the majority of the hat's attacks he has dodged projectiles from Powerhouse Akuma so he can do so with the hat

Boomstick: Arsenal is a close one while Kung Lao's capabilities with the hat and his teleportation is unpredictable Ken could always try to step out if the way of this Attack with his Agility and Ken does have a fairly predictable arsenal it's not as predictable as Lao's constantly using the hat or teleporting away

Wiz: Experience Now here is a tough one Lao has taken on some really Powerful monsters and opponents like Goro Kintaro and the Deadly Alliance all by himself and why this latter feat may be considerable he beat them in a different timeline when they hadn't really teamed up however in the timeline when they had Teamed up. However, Kung Lao had been killed against them along with other powerful Warriors and Ken has taken down opponents equivalent to Goro and Kintaro like Zangief and Fought Rufus and is older than Lao so does have experience comparable to Kung's

Boomstick: And while Kung Lao has fought against Fire users such as Liu Kang his strength and power isn't as heavy hitting as Ken's this striking power would gradually overwhelm the Shaolin Warrior and also there's the Power of Nothingness Kung Lao just can't stand against it and it could be easily used to beat Kung Lao

Wiz: And while Ken has only used it once and it was because of his will to protect his family with Defeat nearing from Kung Laohis will would gradually grow powerful enough to activate it due to the extreme pain and allow Ken to beat Kung Lao

Boomstick: Kung Lao chances of winning were ended in a snap!

Wiz: The Winner Is Ken

Ken is the winner

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