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I have found dignity, not in the cities, but in the jungle. I have found honor, not in the civilized, but in the primal. I have found morality, I have found meaning -- in the hunt.
~ Kraven

Kraven the Hunter is a supervillain from Marvel Comics.

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With the Sinister Six[]

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Sergei Kravinoff is a maniacal big game hunter who seeks to prove himself as the greatest hunter in the world with his own bare hands. Eventually, gaining the moniker Kraven, he sets his sights on an animal even more dangerous than the most dangerous animal: superhumans like Spider-Man.

Death Battle Info[]


  • Founding member of the Sinister Six
  • Dodges Storm's lightning
  • Member of the 1959's Avengers
  • Casually takes down Kaine
  • Moves faster than the normal human eye can track
  • Faster than a Cobra
  • Can dodge gunfire at point blank range
  • Dismembers a Bigfoot
  • Can deliver a punch hard enough to stop a charging rhino
  • Takes down Vermin, who was so powerful it took the combined efforts of Spiderman and Captain America to take down
  • Smiles off a punch from a very pissed off Spiderman
  • Clashes with Tigra, who can lift ten tonnes
  • Tanked a kick from a very bloodthirsty Spiderman that shattered his sternum, and survived
  • Took down the Hulk with the help of a special pollen [1]


  • Overconfident
  • Is still only human
  • Fails to defeat Spider-Man much of the time
  • His code of honor can be used against him
  • Lacks any effective ranged weaponry as he see's guns as a coward's weapon