Klarion the Witch-Boy is character from DC comics

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Klarion Bleak is a young practitioner of the dark arts who resided in the shadow dimension of Limbotown, home to the Puritan witch descendants of the lost population of Roanoke who have lived in secrecy. As long as he could remember, Klarion was constantly under the direction of adults who dictated what magic he should know and how to use it. He even suspected there was a world beyond Limbotown waiting to be seen, but was vigorously discouraged from asking questions by the strict Submissionary Judah. Eventually, forging a pact with the Lords of Chaos, Klarion gained the power to force himself out of Limbotown. With his cat familiar Teekl, made his anchor to the Earthy plane, Klarion proceeds to learn all he can about magic to strength his powers. For no other reason than his own personal amusement, Klarion picks fights with the world's finest or mess around the bad guys on a whim.

Death Battle Info

Klarion was well versed in the ways of magic and knows a number of spells, making him a formidable opponent despite his age. His skills in magic include flight, energy manipluation, magical constructs, psychokinesis, dimensional travel, technomacy, necromancy, divination, possessing, size alteration, and transmutation.


  • Cruciform: A small wand that Klarion can use to control corpses.
  • Submissionary's Rod: A Rod that belongs to Limbotown's Submissionary, possessing the power control the minds and wills of non-magic folk. It also can enable the user and its familiar to merge into powerful hybrid.


Teekl resembles a domestic cat with ginger fur and tiger stripes that serves as Klarion's familiar, having first ate the mice that were her owner's parents. Being an anchor to the earthy plane, Klarion keeps the cat with him at all times and can communicate with her telepathically and see through her eyes. While in her normal form, Teekl exhibited powers and abilities common to an average house cat, though clearly possessing above-average intelligence. However, from Klarion's magic, Teekl also has the ability to transform into a more humanoid-like form or a large saber-tooth cat.



  • Despite being older than he looks, Klarion is immature and tends to throw tantrums when thins don't go his way.
  • If Teekl is killed, Klarion loses his powers and is teleported back to Limbotown. But this fact is negated through their fused form.