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You will learn respect!
~ Kitana

Kitana is the blue female ninja from NetherRealm Studios' video game series, Mortal Kombat.

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Battle Record[]

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 2
  • Draws: 0

Possible Opponents[]


Born to King Jerrod and Queen Sindel thousands of years in the peaceful land of Edenia, Kitana's realm was conquered by the Emperor Shao Kahn when she was an infant, with her father killed, and her mother committing suicide to escape Kahn, Kitana was adopted by Kahn. Kitana grew up to be loyal to Kahn and worked for him as an assassin alongside her best friend Jade and evil clone and twin Mileena. Upon discovering the truth of her past, she sought revenge on Kahn and planned to turn against him at the right time.

Unlike her power-hungry mother, Kitana inherits Jerrod's fairness and equal philosophy, wishing to restore Outworld to it's peaceful era, even though such a mindset has put him against odds from her mother and 'adopted father', whom she had hated for killing Jerrod. Even then, Kitana does not stand alone, for she is enlisted by the Elder God Raiden against the forces of evil when their times had risen again. On various occassions, she has grown a romantic interest in Earthrealm's champion Liu Kang, though the extent of this relationship is yet to be discovered and canonized.

In Mortal Kombat 11, after being swept up in a time quake caused by Kronika, Kitana leads a rebellion against Shao Kahn, depriving him of his strongest allies, both the Tarkatans and Shokans, after promising their leaders, Baraka and Sheeva, equal rule and land in Outworld. When Kotal Kahn fell against Shao, Kitana kills him, but is recognized as the new Kahn by the former due to crippling injuries. At Raiden's behest, she rallied Outworld against Kronika in order to save their own timeline before it is rewritten by the Titan.

Death Battle Info[]


  • Age: > 10,000
  • Height: 5'9" | 1.75 m
  • Weight: 128 lbs | 58.06 kg
  • Species: Edenian
  • Princess of Edenia
  • Occupations: Assassin, Commander, Kahn, Keeper of Time
  • Has an obviously complicated relationship with Liu Kang

Character Variations[]

  • Gives Kitana numerous unique attacks and changes appearance
  • Mournful
    • Gains unique special attacks using Jade's Glaive and Staff
    • Weapons are secured on her back and waist
  • Royal Storm
    • Gains Fan-Nado, Bounce Back, and Square Boost
    • Veil is removed, hair sticks emit a blue glow
  • Assassin
    • Gains Assassin Strike, Princess Parry, and Sharpen
    • Turns attire black, given black face paint in her eyes

Fighting Styles[]

  • Eagle Claw
    • Gripping techniques system of joint locks, takedowns and pressure points.
  • Ba Gua Zhang
    • Wide techniques such as kicks, joint locks, throws and distinctively evasive circular footwork.


  • Steel Fans
    • Trademark Weapons
    • Has been used to kill Tarkatans
    • Can use them to summon winds to carry her through the air or lift enemies
    • Can be thrown as projectiles
    • Resemble daggers when folded and can be used as such
  • Flying Blade
    • Bladed throwing weapon
    • Similar to Tanya' boomerang
  • Bo
    • Japanese long staff
    • Used for Bojutsu
    • Also used by Jade
  • Triblade
    • Also called Cyclone Thrower
    • Also used by Jade
  • Sai
    • Pronged dagger
    • Can be thrown or used as a melee weapon
    • Also used by Mileena

X-Rays/Fatal Blow[]

  • Fan-Tastic
    • Tosses fans at opponent, teleports behind them and stabs fans through neck, teleports in front of them and stabs through eyes
  • Slice and Dice
    • Launches opponent and throws fans through neck, grabs head and slams them against the ground, then knees face, breaking skull.
  • Deadly Game
    • Claps fans, throws them at opponent's chest, kicks them in and bounces them into the air. Stabs them into neck, then slams them down and stabs back of head.


  • Kiss of Death
    • Removes mask and kisses opponent on the cheek, who expands like a balloon before exploding
  • Fan Slice
    • Now known as Decapitation
    • Decapitates opponent with her fan
  • Scissor Split
    • Copied from Sonya
    • Secret fatality
    • Does the leg grab move and grabs her opponent with her legs, holding them high momentarily before ripping the body apart by splitting her legs.
  • Torso Rip
    • Copied from Johnny Cage
    • Also a Secret Fatality
    • Grabs opponent's torso before ripping them off
  • Fan Opener
    • Uses fans to chop off the opponent's arms before slicing their head off at the jaw line as they drop to the ground
  • Splitting Headache
    • Drives one of her fans into her opponent's body and opens it up, slicing through the front. She then does the same to the head, whereby the opponent collapses
  • Dark Fan-Tasy
    • Throws her two fans, closed, into the opponent's head and chest. She opens both fans from a distance, slicing off their fingers, the top of their head, and horizontally bisecting them. Using her "Fan Lift" she then lifts the opponent's remains and scatters their body parts off screen, leaving behind only their fingerless hands and scalp
  • Splitting Hairs
    • Opens her fans and uses them to cut off the opponent's hands. The opponent frantically looks at their missing hands while Kitana jumps on them, wrapping her legs around their midsection and knocking them on their back. She drives both her open fans into the opponent's open mouth and skull and leaves them as their head slowly splits into 3 pieces
  • Royal Execution
    • Throws both her fans, with one chopping off the opponent's head and the other their waist, cutting them into three pieces. They spin in place for a while, then the one in their waist flies back to Kitana, who kicks it into the opponent's forehead.
  • Gore-Nado
    • Kitana uses her fan to slice open her opponent's stomach, disemboweling them. She then spins in place rapidly, creating a tornado that sucks out their guts.


  • Off the Top
    • Jumps on her opponent with a Throat Slice and slices their neck by opening her hands, decapitating them
  • Biggest Fan
    • Performs Rising Blades, slicing her opponent towards four times with the fourth time splitting the opponent in half
  • Back That Up
    • Jumps and does a Square Boost, venting herself right into the opponent with enough power toi blow their upper half apart
    • Only available in the Royal Storm Variation
  • Lost Girl
    • Lunges at Opponent with an Assassin Impale,, stabbing the mouth and then the neck. She then violently pulls out the lodged fan, which decapitates the opponent.
    • Only available in the Assassin Variation
  • All is On
    • Does a Glaive Throw aimed at the opponent's head, lodging it in their forehead
  • Right Back at Ya
    • Uses Bounce Back to reflect an enemy projectile back to them and mimic their brutalities


  • Has fought for thousands of years
  • Defeated Mileena, Reptile, Skarlet, Kollector, Baraka, Jax, Jade, Shang Tsung, and Shao Khan
  • Defeated Smoke and Johnny Cage in a 2-on-1
  • Once defeated Mileena when Mileena had the ability to read Kitana's thoughts
  • Has earned the respect of the likes of Goro and Kotal
  • Orchestrated a victory over General Shao and his rebel forces (MK1)
  • In one timeline, defeated Kronika and became Keeper of Time
  • Titan Kitana defeated Titan versions of Jacqui, Kung Jin, Takeda, and Cassie on her own


  • Initially unable to defeat Liu Kang, leading to their relationship
  • Lost once to Smoke
  • Tricked by the new timeline's Sindel (MK11: Aftermath)
  • Defeated by Sindel in the alternate timeline twice
  • Killed by Quan Chi and in the Battle of Armageddon in the original timeline
  • As a Revenant, defeated by Jax, Cassie Cage (twice), and Fire God Liu Kang