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In the battlefield, there is no place for hope. What lies there is only cold despair and a sin called victory, built on the pain of the defeated.
~ Kiritsugu Emiya

Shirou, choosing to save someone means choosing not to save someone else. You see, no matter what your intention is, you can only save those who belong to your side. I know it should be obvious, but that is the definition of a Hero of Justice.
~ Kiritsugu to Shirou Emiya

Kiritsugu Emiya is the main protagonist of the anime, Fate/Zero, notable for being a collaboration between Fate's publisher/developer, TYPE-MOON, & collaborator, Nitro+. He is the father of Illyasviel von Einzbern, as well as the adoptive father of Shirou Emiya, who is known by the Mage's Association for being able to use the much lesser known "Sword" Magic.

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Kiritsugu is known as the "Mage Killer" due to his skill and occupation in assassinating mages using unorthodox and arguably immoral methods, much to the ire of fellow magi. His wish and purpose in life was to become a "hero of justice" who would save the world and bring peace to all. He recognized the impossibility of his wish, leading him to seek out the Holy Grail in order to grant it. Joining the Fourth Holy Grail War on behalf of the Einzbern family, Kiritsugu eliminated foe after foe, before appearing before the Grail and realizing the corruption of the artifact and that his wish could never be granted. He then ordered Saber to destroy the Grail, unintentionally unleashing the curses within the Grail and setting the entire city of Fuyuki ablaze. Just when he had lost all hope, Kiritsugu found Shirou, a young boy who had survived the disaster and adopted him. Several years later, Shirou vowed to adopt Kiritsugu's dream as his own, after which Kiritsugu peacefully passed away.


  • Name: Kiritsugu Emiya
  • Alias: Mage Killer, Kerry
  • Height: 175 cm
  • Weight: 67 kg
  • Likes: Efficiency
  • Dislikes: Familial Affections

Weapons and Abilities[]


  • Basic magecraft
    • Hypnotic suggestion
    • Use of familiars
  • Time Manipulation
    • The Emiya family's signature magecraft
    • Allows Kiritsugu to manipulate his personal time perception and separate it from that of the outside world
    • Similar to a Reality Marble
    • Greatly taxes his energy and cannot be used continuously without consequences
    • Time Alter - Double Accel
      • Accelerates his blood flow and muscle movement
      • The world around him appears to move in slow motion when used
      • Allows him to move at inhuman speeds
      • Can be boosted at the cost of internal bleeding and damage
    • Time Alter - Triple Stagnate
      • Slows down his bodily functions to a crawl
      • Renders his heartbeat and breathing near undetectable
      • Dulls all his senses when used


  • Explosives
  • Surveillance systems
  • Hand grenades
  • Stun grenades
  • Traps
  • Dagger
  • Firearms
    • Calico M950
      • Submachine gun and sidearm
      • 50 rounds per clip
      • Used in close combat situations
    • Walther WA2000
      • Sniper rifle
      • Semi-auto fire
      • Range of up to 1km
      • Equipped with night vision
      • Allows Kiritsugu to attack magi from afar by sensing their magic circuits
    • Thompson Contender
      • Single-shot pistol
      • Bullets have armor-piercing capabilities
      • Kiritsugu's Mystic Code
      • Shoots Origin Bullets
        • Origin Bullets were crafted from Kiritsugu's powdered ribs and contain a piece of his soul
        • Inscribes his Origin of "Severing and Binding" onto targets upon contact
        • Irrepairably destroys nerves and capillaries
        • Effectively short-circuits magic circuits in magi and cuts through almost all magical defenses
        • Destroys magic circuits and improperly reconstructs them, rendering them useless
        • Destructive power increases with the intensity of magical energy used by the target
        • Kiritsugu possessed 66 Origin Bullets and has used over 38, without wasting a single bullet beforehand.


  • Defeated Clock Tower Lord and powerful mage Kayneth Archibald and rendered him permanently crippled
    • Kayneth's Magical energy capacity is said to be 3,000 while other mages like Shirou and Rin are below
      • Waver (Age: 19) - 5
      • Shirou (Age: 17) - 20 or 30
      • Rin (Age: 17) - 500 (or "1,000 at max")
  • Defeated Kirei Kotomine in close combat
  • Killed many people including mages throughout his career as the Mage Killer
  • Survived a vampire epidemic and killed his father as a child
  • Saved Irisviel from a blizzard and educated her about the outside world
  • Capable of breaking through Tokiomi Tohsaka's bounded fields
  • Rescued Shirou from the Fire of Fuyuki
  • Survived for five years before succumbing to the curses of the Grail
  • Shot down an airplane with a rocket launcher
  • In Fate/Grand Order, was selected and turned into a Counter Guardian (As an Assassin Class Servant) in service to Alaya

Faults and Weaknesses[]

  • Cold and emotionless to the point of being withdrawn
  • Like Caster Madea's Master, he is more of an Assassin than a Mage (as well as mostly relies on modern weapons than magic)
    • Despite this, Saber's stats (except Luck) under him is greater than his adapted son's in the Fifth Holy Grail War
  • Unafraid to use underhanded tactics or morally ambiguous strategies
    • His win over Kayneth was due to this same reason and Kayneth's arrogance
  • Tends to be uncooperative with allies due to clashing ideals and lack of communication
  • Time Alter has limited use and cannot be used continuously without severely damaging himself
  • Origin Bullets can be blocked by non-magical and physical means or redirected through use of external sources of magical energy like Command Seals
  • Origin Bullets are most effective against magic users
  • Can be emotionally vulnerable despite his withdrawn and aloof personality
  • Severely weakened after being cursed by the Grail
  • Unintentionally caused the Fire of Fuyuki