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The entire human race will perish from the Earth. When the monster Ghidorah passes, only flaming ruins are left.
~ Princess Maas Doulina Salno, from Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster

Remember it when you're in battle, and about to be swallowed in fear. There is a far greater destructive power lurking somewhere in space. Compared to that, Godzilla would not even be worth the fear. [...] It's Ghidorah.
~ Metphies

King Ghidorah is a kaiju from the Godzilla movie franchise. He first appeared in the 1964 movie, Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster.

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  • Wins: 6
  • Losses: 9
  • Draws: 0

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Long ago, the insectoid Garogan race mastered the technology to genetically engineer docile life forms such as the microwave sensitive Dorats for companionship. But being a war-oriented race, the Garogan used atomic energy to create multi-headed weapons of mass destruction called Ghidorahs. Two of these three known Ghidorahs that would plague Earth in the future were given to the people of Planet X for their use in eliminating life on planets ideal for colonizing, one particular Ghidorah was sent via meteor to wipe out all life on Venus. One other planet Ghidorah also attacked at the time was Earth, having slaughtered a majority of life existing during Cretaceous period. As a consequence, by the time it was called back to Planet X, Ghidorah used the absorbed life energies of its victims to evolve into a more powerful form: King Ghidorah.

Death Battle Info[]


  • Species: Extraterrestrial Three-Headed Dragon
  • Is Godzilla's arch-enemy
  • Height: 140 meters / 159 meters
  • Weight: 70,000 metric tons/ 210,000 metric tons
  • Alternate Identity: Mecha King Ghidorah
  • Alternate Names: Grand King Ghidorah, Monster Zero, The One Who Is Many, The Devil, The Death Song Of Three Storms, & Gidrah
  • Was the inspiration of mythical creatures like the Hydra and Rainbow Serpent 
  • People somehow can't decide on how to pronounce his name


  • Gravity Manipulation
  • Fireballs (Cretaceous King Ghidorah)
  • Gravity Beams
  • Flight
  • Regeneration
  • Absorbs electricity
  • Constrictive necks
  • Hurricane winds from wings
  • Energy Absorption 
  • Energy Shield
  • Prehensile tails
  • Magnetic Field
  • Electricity Manipulation 
  • Immune to the Oxygen Destroyer
  • Anti-Gravity Flight (Mecha King Ghidorah)
  • Time Travel (Mecha King Ghidorah)
  • Capture Cables (Mecha King Ghidorah)
  • Super Gravity (Godzilla Anime)
  • Interdimensional Travel (Godzilla Anime)
  • Space-Time Manipulation (Godzilla Anime)
  • Intangibility (Godzilla Anime)

Mecha King Ghidorah[]

In a potential future where Godzilla killed it, ripping its middle head off, Ghidorah's preserved body is found by the people of Earth's far future and converted into a cyborg with a robotic head that can be controlled via docked time ship. Possessing time travel abilities, Mecha King Ghidorah can fire a laser triple beam from its middle head, achieve antigravity flight, fire gravity beams, use a machine claw mounted on the chest module to grab and drag opponents.


  • Has been able to hold its ground against multiple kaiju, multiple times.
  • Defeated Godzilla as Mecha King Ghidorah.
  • A weaker King Ghidorah (GMK) survived Godzilla's atomic breath which easily killed its fellow Guardian Monsters.
  • Easily defeated Rodan.
  • Destroyed the Cryog homeworld.
  • Kiryu fires its full arsenal into King Ghidorah and only accomplishes making it more annoyed than hurt.
  • Completely extinguished life on Venus and most on Cretaceous Earth's each in one day.
  • Traveled at MFTL speeds.
  • Destroyed a Biollante-King Ghidorah Hybrid.
  • Destroyed the United Earth immigration vessel; Aratrum (Godzilla Anime).
  • Tanked Zone Fighter's full payload which has easily annihilated other monsters.
  • Killed Mothra.
  • One of Godzilla's most famous and recognizable enemies, his most recent incarnation is even counted as a rival Alpha having fought Godzilla for countless millennia.
  • Caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.
  • In their first fight he easily defeated Mothra Leo, who was able to previously defeat Desghidorah.
  • Devastated Washington D.C. with Rodan.
  • Lifted the 99,634 ton Godzilla all the way up to the stratosphere and dropped him.
  • Assumed control of the titans, including Rodan.
  • Survived the blast of the Oxygen Destroyer without a scratch; the same Oxygen Destroyed that left Godzilla fatally wounded.
  • Withstood two thermonuclear pulses from Fire Godzilla, his strongest form yet, before dying, although each pulse left him severely injured.
  • Was able to live as just a head.
  • Destroyed the Exif Homeworld (Godzilla Anime).
  • Implied to still live on even after being trapped and destroyed physically in our realm (Godzilla Anime).


  • Lost to Godzilla in 8 separate films, although in many of them Godzilla needed outside help.
  • Was killed by Mothra Leo twice in the same film.
  • His heads and lighting blasts are chaotic; they tend to attack randomly rather than focusing on a target.
    • However, this isn't a big issue within the Monsterverse.
  • Shocked into unconsciousness by Mechagodzilla.
  • Regeneration usually does take time.
    • This is not an issue in the Monsterverse however, as Monsterverse Ghidorah was able to regrow his left head and neck with enough energy in a matter of seconds.
  • Is not as mobile underwater which was exploited by Godzilla and most likely would've been killed him if the Oxygen Destroyer hadn't intervened.
  • Each of its heads has their own personality which can cause them to sometimes fight amongst themselves.
  • Can be overwhelmed by multiple monsters.
  • Its center head was decapitated by Gigan.
  • More often than not needs to be mind-controlled (as shown when he got severely confused after he got separated from the Xiliens in Invasion of Astro Monster, the Nebulans in Godzilla vs Gigan, and the Futurians in GvsKG).
  • Is immobile and defenseless if its pilot is incapacitated (Mecha-King Ghidorah).
  • To exist in another dimension, Ghidorah requires a guide, if the guide is destroyed then King Ghidorah will be subjected to the laws of that reality and thus becomes vulnerable to physical damage (Godzilla Anime).
  • Relatively easy to harm and kill once subjected to the laws of our reality (Godzilla Anime).