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Kimeramon is a character from the Digimon series.

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Kimeramon is a Composition Digimon created by Ken Ichijouji during his Digimon Emperor phase to be his ideal Digimon partner. Having collected data on Greymon (main body), MetalGreymon (hair), SkullGreymon (right arm), Garurumon (waist and legs), Kabuterimon (helmet), and Angemon (upper wings) to create the basic concept, Ken built it up with aspects of Airdramon (lower wings), Kuwagamon (left arm), and Monochromon (tail). But Ken was not satisfied and needed on last part to complete his creation. This led to him discovering the Dark Whirlpool and the remains of the DigiDestineds' old enemy Devimon. Despite Devimon's cryptic warning, Ken used Devimon's data to complete Kimeramon. Though the Digimon proved to overpower the armored Digimon, Kimeramon ignores Ken and instead acts on his combat instinct. Though finally defeated by Magnamon, Kimeramon's remains were used to create Millenniummon.

Death Battle Info[]

  • Attacks:
    • Heat Viper: Spews a stream of acidic hot vapor from his mouth.
    • Poison Wing: Emanates a deadly heat ray from his four arms in all directions
    • Scissor Claw:
    • Death Claw: Attacks with his Devimon arms.