How many times do I have to tell you, white boy? Gotham's sewers belong to Killer Croc.
~ Killer Croc

Killer Croc is a villain from DC Comics.

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Waylon Jones was born with a form of atavism that imparted him with reptilian traits, being treated by a freak by everyone before he killed his alcoholic aunt for abusing him one time too many. Taking refuge in the sewers, Waylon eventually was found by the circus and joined the sideshow as the strongman wrestler "Killer Croc" Morgan. But when a performance in Gotham City ends horribly, Killer Croc loses it and ends up going on a killing spree that eventually lands him in Blackgate Prison where he becomes "king" while coming to the conclusion to become a monster in both body and spirit. Since then, Croc has become a reoccurring nemesis of Batman.

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Having trained himself to be a great wrestler and expert swimmer who can hold his breath for hours underwater, filing his teeth to compliment his appearance, Killer Croc is a virtual powerhouse with the strength and senses of a crocodile. This includes his jaw strength, able to bite through handcuffs and eat a chicken whole. He is also a cannibal.

Killer Croc can also use gene-manipulating steroids to augment his deformity to give him a reptilian appearance. It gives him regenerative powers similar to a reptile, armored skin invulnerable to most forms of abrasion and even high caliber weapons fired from a distance, superhuman strength and durability. His claws allow him to cut open doors or crush skulls and cut people clean in half, while his fangs can bite down through bone, metal and wood. But withdraw cause his body to break down to his natural appearance.


  • Stated by Batman to be able to lift a school bus... and eat half the children inside.
  • Survived having an entire building collapse on top of him and was stated by Bane that it would only slow him down
  • Trades blows with Aquaman
  • Survived a fall from a 1000 foot building
  • Gets himself laid with June Moon aka Enchantress 
  • Strong enough to restrain Cyborg
  • Toys around with Batman
  • Rips a Great White Shark in half
  • Has defeated Batman on some occasions
  • Toys around with Katana and even breaks her sword with his jaws
  • A volley of punches from The Flash did nothing, but tickle him
  • Survived being mauled by Bane, and Solomon Grundy.
    • Got sweet revenge against Bane by severely wounding him
  • Made an underworld empire with the poor.
  • Single-handedly mauled an entire SWAT team
  • Escaped Arkham Asylum by biting off his own hands.


  • Loses his sense of humanity at time due to his genetic disorder and suffering prejudice from others.
  • Sometimes depicted as being an idiot.
  • Despite having super strength; Croc is relatively one of the weaker superhumans within DC. Bane has overpowered Croc multiple times.
  • His mutations are so unnatural that it can sometimes harms him. His reptilian features have sometimes started to decay [1]
  • Has a rock fetish. [2]
  • Egyptian Killer Croc 'looks dumber than usual' [3]