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Kenpachi Zaraki 2
I only wear the bells and this eyepatch to make things harder, so I get more enjoyment out of my battles. I'm glad you're taking advantage of them, because otherwise, they don't serve any purpose.
~ Kenpachi Zaraki

Kenpachi Zaraki (更木 剣八, Zaraki Kenpachi) is a character from Shonen Jump's anime/manga series, Bleach. He previously starred in three episodes of One Minute Melee against Akuma, twice where the latter transformed into Oni.

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Battle Record[]

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 2
  • Draws: 1

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Having lived in the Rukongai's lawless District 80, a haven of thieves and murderers that also goes by the name Zaraki, a young boy's life changed when he first claimed the Asauchi of a dead Soul Reaper that he used it to kill numerous opponents in its Zanpakuto form with no means of using its full power and then again when he later encountered Yachiru Unohana, the first Kenpachi. The fight took a toll on both, with the young man admiring Unohana for instilling actual fear in him. Years later, the man adopted an orphaned girl from District 79 who showed no fear towards his sword and named her Yachiru after Unohana while using the name of his district and his rival's title to christen himself "Kenpachi Zaraki".

Kenpachi eventually becomes captain of Squad 11 after killing off the previous captain in a duel, inheriting the Kenpachi title that came with Squad 11 Captain ranking.

Death Battle Info[]


  • Age: Unknown
  • Height: 6'7.5” / 202cm
  • Weight: 198 lbs. / 90 kg
  • Captain of Squad 11
  • Zanpakutō: Nozarashi (Shikai form is a large battle axe,), Bankai: unnamed (Takes the form of a jagged shorter version of Shikai, and turns his skin red with black markings much like that of an Oni)
  • Skills:
    • Master Swordsman: It's no secret that Kenpachi is a master at the blade, to where he can strike multiple times, each with changes of the attack type. Prefers to use kendo as a Last Resort, commonly using the technique to cut opponents in half. Kenpachi's main strength lies in his striking power, especially with the blade.
    • Immense Spirit Pressure: Kenpachi possesses Unholy Control of his vast Reiatsu and can manipulate it through Shock Waves, Energy Waves, etc. Kenpachi normally seals the bulk of it in an eyepatch, but still as potent regardless.
    • Hand-to-Hand Expert
    • Ryodan: A technique that allows the user to split the opponent down the middle.
    • Kendo
    • Damage Resistance
    • Shock and Energy Waves
    • Immense Strength, Speed Endurance, Immense Durability: On par with refined Masters.



  • Poor Sense of Direction
  • Never chose to learn Shunpo or Kidō
  • Very overconfident, and holds back most of his power and willingly places many limitations upon himself.
  • Defeated by a facsimile of Yhwach and later by Pernida Parnkgjas.
  • Does not take his own injuries into account when fighting

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