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I will survive this world
~ Kirito

Kazuto "Kirito" Kirigaya is the main protagonist of the popular light novel/manga/anime franchise, Sword Art Online. He battled Guts in an episode of One Minute Melee.

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Battle Record[]

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 6
  • Losses: 10
  • Draws: 0

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Born October 7th, 2008 as Narusaka Kazuto, Kirito's parents were killed in a car accident while he was still very young, leaving him adopted by his aunt and uncle Kirigaya. He found a love in computers and ended up becoming a humongous gamer because of it. Years later in the year 2022, Kazuto was chosen as one of the 100 people to be beta-testers for the very first VRMMORPG (Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game), Sword Art Online, taking up the name "Kirito" for his avatar in-game ("Kiri-" from Kirigaya and "-to" from Kazuto) and proved to be one of the best players there. On the games official launch date, Kirigaya logged back into the game, but later on, that same day found out it was a one-way ticket. The games developer, Kayaba Akihiko, revealed that all 10 000 players who logged in that day were now trapped in a death game, that they would die in real life if at any point their health reached 0 in the game, and that the only way to escape was to clear the game and all 100 floors. This sets Kirito off on his journey to clear the game, make it back to his family and survive in this world.

Death Battle Info[]


  • Birth Name: Kazuto Narusaka.
  • Age: 14 (SAO) 16 (Fairy Dance) 17 (Phantom Bullet/Alicization) 200 (Star King).
  • Height: 5'6.
  • Weight: 130 lbs.
  • Birthday: October 7th, 2008.
  • One of the 100 SAO beta-testers, later entering other Online RPGs.
  • Dubbed a "Beater" amongst the SAO crowd (Beta-tester + Cheater).
  • The OG isekai protagonist.

SAO Avatar[]

  • Skills Slots: Blade Throwing (96%), Parry Mastery, Battle Healing (94%), Search Mastery, Hide Mastery, Sprint (87%), Extended Weight Limit (94%)
    • One-Handed Sword Skills (100%): Horizontal, Horizontal Square, Rage Spike, Slant, Spinning Shield, Sonic Leap, Vertical Square, Vertical, Vertical Arc, Vorpal Strike
    • Dual Blades Sword Skills (100%): Double Circular, Starburst Stream, The Eclipse - Skill unique to Kirito, allows him to equip and wield two separate swords at once.
    • Martial Arts Skills (99%): Flash Hit, Embracer, Meteor Break, Escape
    • Knife Throwing Skills: Single Shot
    • Outside System Skills: Arms Blast, Hypersense, Mislead - Tricking a monster's learning function to burden them.
  • Gear
    • Blackwyrm Coat: Leather Coat
    • Elucidator: A weapon dropped by a boss monster, it is a sword with a blade slightly less than 4 feet long and able to break other swords. The sword was later tempered by master blacksmith Lisbeth.
    • Dark Repulser: Crafted out of Crystallite Ingot, a.k.a. dragon faeces, it is a heavy sword that is longer and almost as powerful as Elucidator but not quite as durable.
    • Throwing Pick: A type of weapon that is small, easily concealed.

ALO Avatar[]

  • SAO-derived slots: Sword Mastery, Martial Arts (99%), Blade Throwing (96%), Parry Mastery, Battle Healing (94%), Search Mastery, Hide Mastery, Sprint (87%), Extended Weight Limit (94%)
    • Outside System Skills: Spell Blast, Skill Connect, Hypersense
    • Spriggan Skills: Flight, Metamorphosis (Gleam Eyes), Treasure Hunting, Wall Run, Night Vision
  • Weapons:
    • Black Iron Great Sword
    • Unnamed Black Longsword
    • Unnamed Blue Longsword
    • Black Welt
    • Holy Sword Excalibur

GGO Avatar[]

  • Outside System Skills: Bullet Deflect, Distinguish, Hypersense
  • Weapons: A 5.7mm FN Five Seven handgun and Kagemitsu G4 photon sword.

Underworld Avatar[]

  • Aincrad Style: SAO-derived Sword Skills
  • Sacred Arts
  • Incarnation (Was used by other avatars, however it is most prominent in this form)
  • Weapons:
    • Night Sky Sword - A divine object crafted from the tip of the Gigas Cedar, which was the part that recieved the most blessings from Solus and Terraria (the Sun and the Earth)
    • Blue Rose Sword - A divine object created from an eternal block of ice containing a single blue rose.


  • The only character capable of dual-wielding, gifted to him due to his incredibly sharp reflexes surpassing every other player in SAO.
  • Survived about a year of SAO solo, forced to kill three people during his time in the game.
  • Killed Nicholas the Renegade by himself.
  • Helped kill Skull Reaper and Illfang the Kobold Lord.
  • Defeated The Gleam Eyes with the help of only two people (Asuna and Klein).
  • Broke Lisbeth's strongest sword with Elucidator.
  • Defeated Akihiko Kayaba.
  • Prevented himself from dying in SAO through willpower.
  • In ALO, he is strong enough to single-handedly slaughter thousands of World Tree Sentients Faries and is strong enough to kick a Minotaur several feet away.
  • During his first adventure in ALO, Kirito mastered flight quickly and used Akihiko's gift to take control of ALO to rescue Asuna. Kirito also defeated Sugou Nobuyuki in both ALO and in real life.
  • During his adventure in GGO, Kirito defeated Red-Eyed XaXa.
  • Deflected and reacted to a spray of bullets.
  • Cut through a sniper shot from only ten meters away.
  • Can slice spells out of the air with a sword, each of which has a tiny hitbox
  • Defeated Eiji in an augmented-reality fight despite having an under-average physical condition.
  • Gained the highest rank in Ordinal Scale.
  • Helped train Eugeo to the point that he was his equal by the time Eugeo became an Integrity Knight
  • Shook the entire Central Cathedral while fighting Fanatio.
  • One-shot Chudelkin and nearly defeated Quinella
  • Can react to and parry attacks out of the air while in a wheelchair-bound vegetable state
  • With the Blue Rose Sword, he completely flash-froze 20,000 players immediately after awakening from a coma.
  • Shook the entire world of UW with Starburst Stream.
  • Killed Gabriel Miller, who is a VR gaming legend with military experience and can consume souls.
  • Unintentionally started a joke meta in GGO


  • Little experience with Illusion Magic.
  • Dual-wielding sacrifices defensive options and shields for incredible offensive power
  • Can be overconfident, reckless, and sometimes cocky.
  • Prone to acting in rage when emotional.
  • Some of his greatest feats credited to those who helped him.
  • Suffers from survivor's guilt from his experiences in SAO.
  • Often restricted by the limits of whatever game he's playing and their mechanics
  • Has been defeated by combatants that can tank his dual-wielding attacks with substantial defense or match his own inhuman speed and reaction time (ie. Heathcliff, Yuuki, Eugeo)
  • Because of Incarnation's passive nature based on the imagination and willpower of Kirito, if he thinks a situation is hopeless or impossible to succeed, Incarnation will instead have a negative effect and make that situation true.
  • Sword Skills have a slight stun at the end of them after moving in exchange for increased power, although this weakness can be negated via Skill Connect.