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If a man loses his head, I'll put it back on. If he's cut down to size, he can still tag along. He's simply dancing my un-dead dance song.
~ Kagura, describing her Dance of the Dead

Kagura is a character from the anime/manga series, InuYasha.

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After Naruku developed a means to create demon minions from his own flesh, Kagura came into being after her child-like "older sister" Kanna. As Naraku forced her obedience by literally holding her life in his hands, Kagura grew to despise her creator and covertly opposed him by indirectly aiding his enemies.

Death Battle Info[]

As a demon, Kagura possesses lightning-fast reflexes along with enhanced durability, endurance, and healing factor. With her fan, she can manipulate the air to execute attacks that are swift, accurate, debilitating and deadly.


  • Plume: Normally a feather ornament, Kagura can enlarge it to become large enough for her to climb on and then manipulate the wind to lift into the air and travel through the air to wherever she pleases.
  • Traditional Dance Fan: Kagura does battle with a traditional fan both offensively and defensively, although her fighting style and powers border more so on the upfront-attacks. These attacks include creating multiple air blades with her Dance of Blades, tornados with Dance of the Dragon, and manipulating corpses like puppets with her Dance of the Dead.