Well, there's two things that solve everything: Money and explosives!

It's hard to just sit around knowing there's someone out there that needs to be blown up.

Junkrat is a villain from Blizzard Entertainment's first person shooter video game, Overwatch.

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Junkrat is a Junker from Australia who witnessed his home get reduced to nothing but a barren wasteland. Upon discovering an unknown secret, he hired the criminal Roadhog to be his bodyguard, and the two travelled across the world causing mayhem.

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  • Frag Launcher
    • A Grenade launcher
    • Fires explosives capable of bouncing off walls before detonating


  • Concussion Mine
  • Steel Trap
  • Total Mayhem
  • RIP-Tire


  • Junkrat and Roadhog have the combined bounty of $25 million, the two having went on a worldwide heist spree.


  • Clumbsy, accident-prone and self-destructive personality.
    • Frequently injures himself due to his idiocy, hence why he's missing a leg.
  • Violently unstable pyromaniac.
    • Bungled up a revenge plot after getting a lifetime ban from Junkertown.


  • Junkrat is slightly taller than Zarya, making him the 3rd tallest human in Overwatch (as of 2016). However it is easy to mistake him as short as he is normally hunched over.
  • Junkrat mentioned in Heroes of the Storm that he lost his leg from an explosion accident from his own weapons; which is what many fans theorized. However Junkrat denies losing his arm to his own explosives in the same quote.
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