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Donkey Kong vs Juggernaut

Special thanks to Soul for the TN.


In the battle of the two brown powerhouse brawlers with strong fists, who will be left standing?


Wiz: Brawlers are all about fistfights, they punches each other and give a good fight, such as boxing matches.

Boomstick: There are countless of characters that can be more stronger than expected, like those two brown brawlers!

Wiz: Juggernaut, known as the step-brother of Charles Xavier and is the brawler villain of X-Men.

Boomstick And Donkey Kong, the original rivalry of Mario and now a friendly rival. He’s Wiz and I’m Boomstick!

Wiz: And it’s our job to analyze their weapons, armour, and skills to find out who would win a… Death Battle.


Wiz: The Juggernaut’s real name is Cain Marko, he lost his mother when he was really young, and he was with his abusive father named Dr. Kurt Marko.

Boomstick: Almost every villains got tragic story, which makes them a interesting character. When his abusive father got remarried, he met his stepbrother. You may have guessed it, it’s Charles Xavier! Best known as Professor X, the future leader with a wheelchair and mind reader of the X-Men.

Wiz: These two stepbrothers hated each other because Cain’s father abuse him and Cain hated Charles in jealously. They both were sent on a mission into a Korea war, and Cain deserted from his own unit. Which lead him to the cave that’ll change his life forever.

Boomstick: Korea war, that place took place in 1950s, it began on June 25, 1950 and it ended on around late July 1953, they must be 90s year old today! His stepbrother lost his legs during the Cuban Missile Crisis, which was in October 1962, 9 years after the Korea war. And yeah, he stumbled into a cave that actually housed the abandoned Cyttorak, he earns it and become an unstoppable Juggernaut!

Wiz: The Juggernaut is very strong, he can be strong enough to shatter mountains and fight against those who stand in his way.

Boomstick: He’s like a buffalo, charging and attacking. He wear a helmet so his stepbrother don’t read his mind, same goes to Magneto though.

Wiz: The Juggernaut can keep up with his opponents but he can be treated as slow big walking guy.

Boomstick: If the big guy lose his helmet, that leave him vulnerable to punches and weapons. Even vulnerable to Professor X’s mind attack.

Wiz: He can run through walls, break out of Iceman’s frozen power, sent shockwaves, prevent Wolverine’s claws, and rams through opponents.

Boomstick: He has a quick temper and has a determination, he is definitely bigger and stronger than an ox. Although Juggernaut can lose several times, but he is the most stronger foe out there that can “bull” you out of the way!

Juggernaut: I always crush my cans before I throw them away!

Juggernaut punch a tank and it landed on Colossus who throw a tank at him

Juggernaut: Tank you! Hmm… I wonder if he’s recyclable.

Donkey Kong[]

Wiz: Donkey Kong was originally the rivalry of Mario who kidnapped Princess Peach and went on top of the building, he would throw the barrels down on Mario who should jump over it and win against Donkey Kong.

Boomstick: When he gave up his criminal ways, he moved to his island, leaving Bowser to be Mario’s rivalry instead and he kidnap Princess Peach more times than Donkey Kong ever did. So basically both of their rivals change, Donkey Kong is now facing the rivalry of King K. Rool!

Wiz: Donkey Kong is now a friendly rival to Mario, racing a car, competing sports such as tennis and soccer, etc.

Boomstick: Hearing the name Donkey Kong reminds me of King Kong, no kidding.

Wiz: Donkey Kong is all about being a big and purely muscle like his opponent today, he can punch a small moon down to the Earth within seconds, dodge the meteors and punch the meteors, dodge the arrows or anything his nemesis King K. Rool throw at him.

Boomstick: He can spin, which is called the Spinning Kong by short distance, he also has Coconut gun that can literally shoot coconut and it might hurt.

Wiz: Donkey Kong got family on his side including his nephew Diddy and grandfather Cranky Kong, in this battle we’ll obviously use only Donkey Kong and his skills.

Boomstick: If King Kong were to be in this family, he were be a king to that family.

Wiz: It’s possible that Donkey Kong might still hold and throw barrels, and he also has a little Orange Grenade.

Boomstick: Yeah a grenade in orange, it does what a grenade does, blow up but a little bigger. He have a Strong Kong form which makes him invincible and his strength increases, but it doesn’t last long.

Wiz: He can roll, slap, crush, and ground-pound his enemies. He fought his nemesis King K. Rool multiple times and won.

Boomstick: Donkey Kong is the protector of his island and his banana hoarders, he personally get angry when his bananas get stole. Seeing as he is strong enough to be able to punch down the moon, this ape is not to be mess with.

Donkey Kong pounds his chest

Pre Death Battle[]

Wiz: Alright the combatants are set. Let’s end this debate once and for all!

Boomstick: It’s time for a DEATH BATTLEEEE!

Death Battle[]

Donkey Kong came to the New York from his island with a boat, as he get off, he wanted to go to the store where they has a bananas, then he see that people were running away from that store. He went to see what happens, he sees the Juggernaut is destroying the store, just as he sees he destroyed some of the bananas, he got angry and pounds his chest, he then charges at the Juggernaut.

Juggernaut: What the?

Donkey Kong throw his punches at Juggernaut, he then resists his punches and punch him back, and kick him away from his direction.

Juggernaut: So you want to play, huh you little stupid ape? I’ll show you how capable the Juggernaut can be!

Both combatants clashed with fists hitting each other, and a multiple punches occur between both brawlers. Juggernaut head butts Donkey Kong and punches him in the face and ribs, Donkey Kong throw back the punches at Juggernaut, Juggernaut charges at him like an running buffalo but Donkey Kong raise his fists and hit him upwards. Donkey Kong jumps and punch Juggernaut, Juggernaut then blocks Donkey Kong’s fist with his hand, then punching him then he also fight back, Juggernaut grabs Donkey Kong and head butts him, Donkey Kong get himself free and does the same head butt to Juggernaut. Juggernaut grabs Donkey Kong and knees him in the face, he got dropped on the ground, Juggernaut slams his foot on Donkey Kong’s chest twice and one on his face. Juggernaut tries to slam his foot again on his face, but he rolls over on the side and kick Juggernaut’s legs, causing him to fall. Donkey Kong pick up one of the shelves and smashes them at Juggernaut, which didn’t work and Juggernaut head butts on Donkey Kong and then kick him away, which leads him to crashing through shelves and the freezer. Both combatants then jump at each other and slams each other, Juggernaut grabs Donkey Kong and throw him out of the store. Donkey Kong gets up and got punches by Juggernaut, he blocks one and punches again, he then kick him in groin, then kick Juggernaut away. Behind Juggernaut there was a bus, people were running away and getting out in panic, Juggernaut grabs a bus and hit Donkey Kong with a empty bus, Donkey Kong then hit it back and tackles Juggernaut who then hit him in the back of Donkey Kong’s head. Juggernaut then grabs Donkey Kong by the back of his neck and slamming him into ground twice before tossing him through cars, he pick up on car and throw it at Juggernaut who knock it back and Donkey Kong knock an destroyed car away. Donkey Kong then grabs a light pole and hit it at Juggernaut which didn’t work, Juggernaut then falcon punch Donkey Kong, knocking him back. Then Donkey Kong pull out his Coconut Gun and throw three of them at Juggernaut, then he throw a orange grenades at the Juggernaut, who is confused about the ape’s arsenal.

Juggernaut: What the—

A orange grenades blow up, the smoke then got cleared and Juggernaut was still standing and chuckling.

Juggernaut: You foolish ape, you really think your weapons can beat me? Heh, you are no different than the other brawler fools i fought! It’s time you will witness what the unstoppable Juggernaut is capable of!

Juggernaut charges at Donkey Kong, Juggernaut smashes the ground to distract Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong got grab by the neck and was thrown inside the store. Juggernaut chuckles and was about to enter the store, but was push by Donkey Kong, he has became the Strong Kong. Juggernaut went and continue punching the “Strong” Kong and Kong punches back, Strong Kong elbows and knees Juggernaut’s face. Juggernaut kick the car to Strong Kong while the Strong Kong kick it back, Strong Kong jumps and ground-pound Juggernaut, he rolls and kick Juggernaut in the groin, then he uppercuts the Juggernaut, removing his helmet. Juggernaut throw his punches at Strong Kong, he blocks one and toss him away. Strong Kong throw a barrel at the Juggernaut, and then down punching the Juggernaut, he was about to smash Juggernaut but Juggernaut rolls and kick Strong Kong in the face. Juggernaut push himself, and crack open the fire hydrant and aim the water at Strong Kong which distracts him. Juggernaut then went to put his head back, Strong Kong throw his punch but Juggernaut attempts to block that punch with his helmet. Juggernaut tries to “ram” him but Strong Kong catch Juggernaut before kneeing him in the face, Strong Kong continues to punches the Juggernaut, Juggernaut is getting more angrier and then “bull” him away, he picks up a truck and smash it against the Strong Kong. After Strong Kong got out, both combatants throw a punches and kicking each other multiple times, Strong Kong throw a punch but Juggernaut blocks it with his hand, he blocks the other Strong Kong’s hand, as Strong Kong turn back into normal.

Juggernaut: You’re done!

Juggernaut head butts Donkey Kong three times, then he knees Donkey Kong’s groin, throw him by other side. As Juggernaut walk, he then raise his fists and smash Donkey Kong’s chest twice, he then grabs Donkey Kong’s neck with his both bare hands, choking Donkey Kong to death, he cracks the neck. He stands and watch Donkey Kong’s corpse, as he was about to walk away.

Juggernaut: Good riddance.

Juggernaut then see the Avengers has just appear at the scene, Juggernaut bump his fists together to get ready to fight the Avengers.


Boomstick: That was so cool, both brown brawlers fistfight each other to death!

Wiz: DK put up a good fight against the Juggernaut but the Juggernaut was already too strong and durable for him as he fought a other strong powerhouse brawlers such as Colossus, Thing and even the Hulk! So it seems like he cannot be easily stopped by brute strength.

Boomstick: Yeah there’s a reason why he is called an unstoppable Juggernaut, he can heal and come back via a powerful skeleton, which means he is almost impossible to defeat. Besides it takes like a magic to beat the Juggernaut, it’ll take brains too, but Donkey Kong isn’t really smart. Although he punched down a “small” moon, Juggernaut has got more impressive strength and durability.

Wiz: Juggernaut was granted a magical strength by Cyttorak, with the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak he has an almost limitless source of power making him physically one of the strongest beings on Earth, theoretically.

Boomstick: Well yeah Strong Kong can fight with the Juggernaut, but we gotta remember how he fought with the Stranger, a massive being with the Power Cosmic. And we didn’t find it necessary to use the Trion Juggernaut because that is thousand times stronger and also Donkey Kong’s arsenal wouldn’t work on Juggernaut neither.

Wiz: While Donkey Kong can pull up a good fight but Juggernaut was capable to take all of the advantages.

Advantages: Juggernaut winner

  • Take all of the categories
  • He once came back via a powerful skeleton
  • Fought with bigger brawlers than Donkey Kong such as the Hulk

Disadvantages: Donkey Kong loser

  • Can fight him but can’t kill him even with his arsenal
  • He can be little smart though

Boomstick: Look like Donkey Kong is jugger-not winning this match, he got konged to the ground.

Wiz: Makes no sense. But the winner is Juggernaut!