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Jonah Hex
They say that a man with revenge in his heart should dig two graves. One for his enemy and one for himself. I guess mine's just gonna have to wait.
~ Jonah Hex

Jonah Hex is a character from DC Comics.

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Jonah Hex is one of DC's legends of yesterday and lived in the 1800s. Sold as a child by his alcoholic father Woodson Hex to an Apache tribe, Hex eventually won the tribe's respect and made a full-fledged member. But the actions of jealous adopted brother Noh-Tante resulted in Hex joining the United States Army. When the Civil War broke, Hex fought for the Confederates despite not believing in the South's support of slavery. Eventually, Hex decided the Union's cause was more just and surrendered himself to the soldiers stationed at Fort Charlotte. But it resulted in his friend Jeb Turnbull and their platoon captured and killed, forcing Hex to flee while labeled a traitor. Hex later challenged Noh-Tante to a duel for White Fawn's hand, but he and White Dawn are forced to flee as he was forced to kill Noh-Tante in defense. But the lovers' escape was short-lived as a group of men under Jeb's father, plantation owner Quintin Turnbull. Hex is then forced to watch White Deer burn to death before being left to die. But the Apaches find Hex and save his life while branding him with the Mark of the Demon as punishment for Noh-Tante's death, leaving part of his face grotesquely scarred. When Turnbull apparently died in a hotel fire, Hex satisfies his hunger for vengeance through a life of bounty hunting that resulted in him having strange adventures across time and space.

Death Battle Info[]

Jonah Hex is a remarkable marksman and was able to use his Ruger Blackhawk .357 Magnums most efficiently despite being blind in his right eye. He is also a resourceful combatant, often relying on stealth, tricks, and improvised weapons and traps to defeat enemies

Hex also dabbled a bit in the black arts from encountering the supernatural, being able to temporarily revive a corpse from his perspective on physical contact. The revived corpse physically and mentally brought back to how it appeared in its last living moments, tend to flee a burning sensation that lessens with its age.


  • Shot multiple Batarangs out of midair.
  • Killed at least 336 people
  • Fought and Defeated Batman on a few occasions
  • Once Killed Superman with Kryptonite bullets