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Johnny Cage VS Captain Falcon - A fistfight between taunters
Season 1, Episode 7
Vital statistics
Air date August 15th, 2016
Written by User:DoomFest
Directed by User:DoomFest
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Johnny Cage VS Captain Falcon is a What-If Death Battle featuring Johnny Cage from Mortal Kombat and Captain Falcon from F-Zero.

Note : Both original and current timeline are used for Johnny Cage. Composite Captain Falcon is used.


Mortal Kombat VS F-Zero ! Let's see a good fistfight between taunting celebrities, but also loyal defenders of their universe !


(Cues Invader - Jim Johnston)

Wiz : Celebrities. There are some of them who don't really seem fit for fighting.

Boomstick : And some others just kick ass while saving the world ! And they do it with style...and taunts.

Wiz : Johnny Cage, the famous actor from Mortal Kombat.

Boomstick : And Captain Falcon, the F-Zero bounty hunter. He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz : And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who will a Death Battle.

Johnny Cage

(Cues The Street - Mortal Kombat Trilogy)

Boomstick : Hollywood. The world of the most famous movies with the most famous actors. And in them, our man, John Carlton, better known as Johnny Cage. But just imagine Hollywood in the Mortal Kombat universe.

Wiz  : The character being inspired by Jean-Claude Van Damme, Johnny Cage is an action movie actor, but also a great martial artist. The problem was that nobody believed it, accusing Johnny Cage to use too much special effects. To prove the contrary, Johnny entered the Mortal Kombat tournament.

Boomstick : If he knew all the shit he was going to face, not sure he would have done that. Nevertheless, the god of Thunder and protector of Earthrealm, Raiden,  noticed him and soon Cage fought to defend Earthrealm, while attempting to date Sonya Blade. Aaaah men, all the same.

Wiz : Johnny Cage is a fighter who masters different martial arts. First, the Jeet Kune Do, the famous fighting style spirit of Bruce Lee, which focuses on smooth movements, parrying, stopping attacks with his own, and direct hits. He also masters the Karate, and particularly the Shorin-Ryu, focusing on quick moves to dodge, fluidness and punch canted to the inside for faster, more stable and powerful strikes. Finally, he knows the Shinto-Ryu too, but it concentrates more on sword manipulation. But Cage doesn't have sword. Weird.

Boomstick : Are you sure Cage care about all of this methods ?

Wiz : Well, that's probably natural for him now, so he makes his variations. However, he also has some weapons.

Boomstick : Like a giant Bowie Knife, a pistol, and also nunchakus ! So yeah, basically a Jeet Kune Do mark.

Wiz : But that's not the only things we have to said about Cage's skills. In fact, Johnny adds some "green energy" to his attacks, making himself the stunts. 

Boomstick : Shadow Kick is a quick and powerful forward quick, Rising Shadow is a leaped uppercut, the Flipkick is a somersault kick and the Forceball is basically a green orb of energy that Cage can shoot like he wants. But the best move he has is the Nut Punch which is basically a punch to the groin to say the least !

Wiz : I suffer just from watching it. All these moves have different variations and enhanced versions which are more devastating. And all of them relies on Cage's green energy. He also has two X-Ray Moves. The Ball Buster where he Nut Punches his opponent three times before slamming their elbow if the enemy attacks during Johnny's taunt, and Kasting Kall where he snaps their jaw, pulls the head violently to his knee, and does a backflip the neck.

Boomstick : Damn he's brutal. He also has many combos, throws, and other special abilities like the Charge Palm that is...a  charge palm of green energy, and also the famous Mortal Kombat Uppercut. He can also charge some of his attacks, or use Fist Bump to make his fists sparkle and doubles the damages done, or makes Stunt Double that are basically yellow clones of energy which can use the Shadow Kick and the Rising Shadow. But he can't make all of these three special abilities at the same time.

(Cues Subway - Mortal Kombat 9)

Wiz : Like all Mortal Kombat characters, Johnny Cage has his sheer list of Fatalities. The Head Pop is a decapitating uppercut, the Torso Rip speaks by itself. Some powerful Shadow Kicks that obliterates the body are also fatalities. He can also tear the opponent's back with "Here's Johnny !", violently slams  a head to the ground multiple times with "Little Improv", chops the head of the enemy in half and plants an award in it with "And the award goes to..."

Boomstick : JOHNNY CAGE ! Oh, and he can also transform into a kangaroo which will kick you away. Oh and there's the Triple Punch Decapitation where he uppercuts to decapitate the opponent three times...BECAUSE A NEW HEAD POPS UP EACH TIME!

Wiz : Johnny Cage has many techniques, and has proven itself to be a very good fighter and defender of Earthrealm but...

Boomstick : Yeah, he has been defeated multiple times. He was killed by the centurian Motaro in the original timeline, and was defeated by Cyrax, Ermac and Kitana. He was also defeated by Sindel but hey, he was the only one surviving the carnage along Sonya Blade. In the win score, he defeated Kano, Reptile, Baraka, the revenants Jax and Smoke, but also both Scorpion and Sub-Zero, only to be defeated by Hanzo Hasashi aka Scorpion twenty years later.

Wiz : After the fight with Shao Khan, he had a child with Sonya Blade named Cassandra Cage which is as full-mouthed and annoying as his father. But he's way more present than Sonya, that leads the couple to divorce. It was just before the couple got together that Johnny Cage defeated Shinnok, the fallen Elder God, due to the apparition of a new power.

(Cues Refugee Camp - Mortal Kombat X)

Boomstick : Because yes, it appears that the arrogant actor is in fact a descendant from a Mediterranean cult which bred warriors with powers to defeat gods. And this power takes the form of a green halo.

Wiz : Yes, if Johnny Cage pulls this green energy in most of his attacks, this halo only appeared once in Cage's life, when Sonya was attacked by Shinnok, so Raiden told him that this halo probably activates itself when a loved one is in danger. This power boosts Johnny Cage in terms of strenght, defense and speed but it really only works against gods. 

Boomstick : But the actor has also one final trump card ! When he's at low health, the Red Shadow Mode activates. In this mode, all of his special attacks are more powerful and he gives up the green for a more bloody red energy !  Even the Stunt Doubles become red !

Wiz : Well, if in previous games he can make red energy attacks without it, the Red Shadow Mode makes these attacks red automatically. 

Boomstick : Despite beginning to be an old combattant, he still kicks butt as the consultant of the Special Forces, and he even saw his daughter pulling the power of defeating gods.

Wiz : He can taunt you in the middle of a battle, but he's always a serious opponent that you mustn't underestimate just because he's an actor. He can be knock uncounscious in one attack of godly-beings like Shao Khan or Raiden, but he's strong enough to perform all these obliterating fatalities, resist being totally frozen by Sub-Zero, react quickly to Scorpion's spear and survived an attack from an Oni Warlord that destroyed a wall.  

Boomstick : And daddy Cage will always be glad if his daughter is alright, or if her ex-wife calls him Johnny !

Johnny Cage : That's it, ha ha, oh yeah, I am so pretty! And I'm takin' you down. I'm takin' you down. I'm takin' you out. I'm takin' you out. And I'm takin' you out... for dinner." 

Captain Falcon

(Cues Big Blue - F-Zero GP Legend)

Boomstick : In the world of F-Zero, some centuries after ours, Formule 1 doesn't exist anymore. The audience only cares about F-Zero races, which is basically races of machines that levitate and chase themself at hypersonic speed !

Wiz : And you wonder why the first game of the series was to test the power of the console...

Boomstick : What did you just say ?

Wiz : Nothing Boomstick. In any races there must be a champion, and in case of F-Zero, it's Captain Falcon !

Boomstick : YES ! If there are different incarnations of Captain Falcon, the man's background is always mysterious. All that we know is that he's a bounty hunter, and that he's born in Port Town. Falcon constantly tries to take down the plans of the criminal organization Dark Million Shadow, leads by Black Shadow.

Wiz : Being a famous racer, and a well-known bounty hunter that takes down villain, Captain Falcon is forced to leave in anonymity to maintain his security.

(Cues Mute City ver. 3 - Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and WiiU)

Boomstick : As a racer, he accomplishes with his vehicle, the Blue Falcon, many incredible feats. He has beaten every single other competitors, and among them his clone Blood Falcon, but also Black Shadow himself. But it wasn't enough for Captain Falcon who defeated champion of F-Zero in Hell, Deathborn ! BUT IT WASN'T ENOUGH YET, and he defeated the "Creators", supposedly of his universe, in a race. No need to tell that his vehicle is incredibly durable and fast, but also powerful enough to make other vehicles crash ! Because yes, F-Zero is dangerous.

Wiz : The Blue Falcon has also a command called the Boost Fire. It makes the Blue Falcon spins and travels incredibly fast, and if someone touches it without a power of the same kind...well, let's say this someone will learn how to fly. Driving such a vehicle, and even being a F-Zero racer is also a proof of an excellent reaction speed.

Boomstick : But outside of his vehicle, Captain Falcon is one hell incredible of a fighter. Being a bounty hunter, he knows how to fight. He can go toe to toe with his clone in a fight, was fast enough to react to a beam and deverted it. Well, he took the laser to the shoulder and it hurt, but his friend didn't die. What a hero ! He's also physically strong enough to shatter some telekinetic bounds made by Black Shadow.

Wiz : Before getting into the real thing, he's a quick fighter with powerful strikes. Falcon Kick is a kick engulfed by fire, Falcon Dive lets him grab his opponent and releases him in an explosion, and the Raptor Boost is a burning uppercut he makes while dashing toward the opponent. He can also calls the Blue Falcon anytime he wants. But no doubt that his most powerful technique is...

(Cues Captain Falcon's Theme - F-Zero GX)

Boomstick : THE FALCON PUNCH ! When Captain Falcon wants to finish his opponent in one hit, he unleashes this punch that makes a fire bird effect on his fist ! It killed Black Shadow instantly, on the middle of an explosion. And this Black Shadow has an insane durability, as he's capable of surviving a mountain blowing up.

Wiz : It can be only a good mastering of the pyrokinetic, but if it is not, well the Falcon Punch has been calculated to have the power of the Mother of all bombs. So it will be a damn powerful punch. Moreover, Captain Falcon and Black Shadow are linked as they are supposed to respectively represent the light and the dark, and so not being able to defeat each other. But with the help of Rick Wheeler in the anime, Captain Falcon succeeded, before being killed in the explosion of the Dark Reactor. But this win means Captain Falcon's durability is also as strong if not superior to Black Shadow's. Not talking about his strenght and speed that is already far superior. 


Wiz : He has. Captain Falcon shouts the name of all of his special attacks, which can make him quite predictable. He also has much more experience in racing than in fighting actually.

Boomstick : He can be a bit overconfident in himself, or perhaps he just knows his level well.

Wiz : And he has that gun he never uses.


Wiz : Why are you suddenly howling ? 

Boomstick : Sorry, blame the Falcon Punch hype.

Captain Falcon : Come off it! You think you can beat me? No way !


Wiz : Alright, the combatants are set ! Let's end this debate, once and for all !


Cage - Falcon

Death Battle


(Cues Time for Kill - F-Zero GX)

Lightning. If there's a city where crimes and gangs spread in the night, it's here. And this night doesn't escape to the rule. Some gangs travel in their vehicles, fighting each other. They encounter another and jumps out of their vehicle to take them down at foot. Jody Summer, the F-Zero pilot and member of the Police sees what happen, again, but this time, she knows that she can't do anything to stop them. She needs back-up. She takes her phone and calls someone.

Jody : Hello ! It's Jody. Yes, there's some trouble in Lightning again. Black Shadow ? No it seems to be common gangs, but there are too numerous for me to take alone. You arrive as fast as you can, you say ? Great. They will flee just by seeing your vehicle haha. Thank you.

Jody stays far from the gang battle, waiting for the man to arrive. But she doesn't know that it isn't, in fact, a real fight between gangs.

Cut to an aircraft that flies above Lightning. In this aircraft, a man with sunglasses, right next to the pilot, talks to a phone.

??? : Yes, keep going. Raiden sent us here to take the last gangs in this universe. Futuristic ? Yeah it seems like this.

He then smiles to the pilot and says :

??? : You heard it ? Futuristic ! Of course it's futuristic ! We are in the future haha. Doesn't really look like futuristic movies of our present however.

This man, of course, it's Johnny Cage. He continues to talk to the phone :

Cage : Listen, continue the fight, I will keep watching and I'll tell you if something is wrong. Don't hesitate to call me in back-up if you're too much in a danger !

Soldier, in the phone : Roger, sir !

Johnny Cage then looks at the window of the aircraft and sees some vehicles racing far away.

Cage : Well, it seems that races are at a new level of badass in the future. Don't know if I should be relaxed or frightened by this though. Well, guess it can make a good movie ! "Cage : Zero Gravity !". Well no, not that title, I would get accused to plagiarize Sega...

Then suddenly, he sees one of these vehicles arrive at the far battlefield, it is blue and it rushes toward the gang and the soldiers pretty fast. Cage then takes his walkie-talkie.

Cage : Soldier, listen ! There's one of these weird cars rushing at you at high speed, so get out of the way as soon as...

As he tells that, he hears howlings from many different men and women.

Cage, to the aircraft pilot : To the place where we left them, right now. Damn, what happened ??

As he arrives, he looks from above and sees the battlefield. All soldiers and gang members are laying on the ground. In the middle of that, this blue vehicle, and a man who wears an helmet with a golden falcon on it, and a blue outfit. Next to him, a woman with long brown hairs and a white outfit, Jody Summers. Both shake hands.

Jody : Thanks for the help, Captain Falcon. I knew it would be fast with you.

Falcon : No problem, Jody.

Both then notice the aircraft and Johnny Cage, who looks at them with anger. 

The two F-Zero racers then look at each other.

Jody : Oh, looks like there's one more. Probably the one who sent all these guys.

Falcon : Take your White Cat and runs away from here, Jody. I'll take care of him.

Jody Summers then runs to her vehicle. As Johnny Cage watches her leaving, Captain Falcon enters the Blue Falcon and flies to the aircraft.

Cage : What ?

Falcon then jumps from his vehicle to the aircraft as he commands the Blue Falcon to land on the ground. 

Falcon : Are you the one who sent these guys ?

Cage : Yes, some of them, and you just KILL them.

(Cues Wings For My Way - F-Zero GX)

Johnny Cage then takes a fighting stance.

Cage : I don't know what kind of hero suit lover you are, but that is just intolerable. You'll have to pay for getting caged !

Falcon : No matter...

Captain Falcon then takes his fighting stance too.



The actor and the racer throw a punch at each other. As their fists collide, both step back a little. Johnny Cage throws some punches at Captain Falcon who dodges them. Captain Falcon then tries to punch Cage but the actor catches his punch and kicks him in the torso. Johnny then punches the Captain in the head twice, but Falcon dodges the third one,  and kicks the actor in the head. He then grabs him and kicks him in the back, knocking Johnny a little backward.

Cage, to the aircraft pilot : Don't let the aircraft above the road ! Move into a safer place !

Captain Falcon lands a elbow shot on Johnny, who replies with an headbutt. The actor then takes the arm of the racer, sidesteps and kicks him in the back. As he tries to kick again, Captain Falcon does the same and their legs meet each other. As the aircraft pilot does what Cage commanded him the best he can in fear, the two behind him continue fighting. Johnny then  charges his palm and attacks Falcon, but the F-Zero champion catches it, and starts pumelling him with his knee. But Johnny does a Flipkick, sending his opponent upward and knocking him into the "ceiling" of the aircraft. As Falcon falls, Cage grabs his head and violently slams it on the ground. But Captain Falcon stands up right after this, grabs Cage and punches him forward to the pilot, scared. Cage stops himself right before crashing into the aircraft pilot.

Cage : Don't worry, man. I've got this.

Captain Falcon rushes at Johnny Cage and throws some punches and kicks at Cage who avoids and blocks most of them, he then splits and tries to do a Nut Punch to Falcon, but the racer sees the punch coming and counters it with his leg. He then catches Johnny by the head, and slams it against the wall of the aircraft. But Johnny replies with a back kick. Both attempt to punch the others and find themself in an armlock. Captain Falcon manages to get the advantage and kicks Cage in the face twice. Captain Falcon then gives a fire elbow hit at the stunned Johnny, pushing him backward. Cage then rushes at Falcon and both grab their hands, and headbutt each other.

Cage : You sure don't want to make this easy...

Falcon : Come on !

Johnny kicks Falcon in the leg, making Falcon trip, and does an Axe Kick to the racer. As the racer stands up, Johnny then kicks him twice in the groin, making the champion quite suffering.

Cage : Money Shot !

Falcon : Talking about money ?

Captain Falcon then kicks Cage in the torso,  punches him twice before unleashing a flurry of punches to the actor. 

Falcon : I am not the one who will pay the price.

He then rushes to Cage with a burning fist, and unleashes the Raptor Boost. The uppercut sends Cage upward and destroys a part of the ceiling. As Johnny lands in the aircraft, Captain Falcon tries to punch the actor, but he replies with a kick. Falcon grabs the leg of the actor, but Johnny kicks the Captain with his other leg. He then uppercuts Falcon, knocking him upward, before placing himself below him and punching him. From outside, we can see some bursts of green energy enlightening the aircraft. Johnny then stops punching, grabs the leg of Falcon and slams him. 

Aircraft Pilot : If you could be less brutal in here, it would be much easier to pilot this freaking aircraft !

Cage : Oh yes, sorry. I think he's done though. 

Falcon : Done ?

Falcon punches Cage in the face, and kicks him in the side. He then grabs Johnny's arm and starts to repeatedly kick him very fast. Cage finally replies with a punch and then with an headbutt, but as he attempts to punch Falcon again, the Captain grabs him and throws him violenty forward. But Cage this time crashes into the aircraft pilot, who is send out of the aircraft by the window due to the strenght of the throw.

Aircraft Pilot : Why did I accept this fucking missiooooooooon...

Cage : Oh shit.

As the aircraft starts falling,  Captain Falcon opens the door. 

Cage : You're not getting away !

As he says that, he throws a Forceball to the F-Zero pilot, but the latter jumps as his Blue Falcon vehicle is waiting for him. Cage then stands up quickly, and looks by what where the pane, and sees that his fall will happen in a matter of seconds. He runs to the door and jumps just as the aircraft is about to crash into the top of a building. And when the aircraft finally crashes in an explosion, Johnny stands up, safe, and sees the Blue Falcon, and the pilot outside it. 

(Cues Rooftop Day - Mortal Kombat 9)

Cage : So you're up for round two ?

Both then take a fighting stance again. Cage's fist glows green and he unleashes a Forceball in direction of Captain Falcon. The pilot avoids the green energy orb and rushes at high speed toward the actor. He then elbows him in the face while running, jumps above him and tries to stomp him. But Cage protects himself and pushes Captain Falcon backward. He shoots another High Forceball, followed by a Straight Forceball. Captain Falcon blocks with his arms and tanks the orbs, but he sees that his opponent seems to concentrate some green energy around him. 

Cage : Flashy Shadow Kick !

In a blink of an eye, Captain Falcon is kicked by the green leg of Cage. The Hollywood actor then grabs him, punches him, and kicks him in the stomach before unleashing another Shadow Kick on Captain Falcon, this time without charging it . 

Falcon : Well, you've got some moves...

The Captain then rushes to Johnny, as the latter then does the same.

Falcon : It promises to be interesting !

Captain Falcon starts punching quite fast at Cage, who dodges and blocks most of the punches. Falcon then finally lands a punch on Cage's torso, he then throws him into the air, jumps and kicks him twice into the head, knocking him down. As they land, Cage punches Falcon twice and then kicks him into the leg.

Cage : That was a Director Cut so be out of the screen !

Johnny grabs the leg of Falcon and elbows his face. But Falcon rushes again to Johnny and jumps.

Falcon : Falcon Kick !

From the air, Captain Falcon falls on his opponent with his burning kick. Cage tries to resist the shock with his arms, but he's ultimately pushed back. As he stands up, the Captain is about to punch him again, so Cage rolls instead on the ground to dodge the punch. From behind he then does the Nutcracker, a stronger Nut Punch with green energy, and hits. Captain Falcon howls due to the pain, and Cage grabs the torso of his opponent. But Falcon grabs the actor's arms before he can tries any kind of torso ripping fatality.

Falcon : What are you trying to do ?

The pilot then does a somersault and kicks him in the head, sending Johnny upward. He then jumps and grabs the actor, before releasing him in an explosion : the Falcon Dive.

Falcon : YES !

Cage : I're the persistent kind of guy. I find that annoying, because I'm the same...

Cage then rushes with a Shadow Kick which Captain Falcon blocks with his arms. 

Cage : ...And I am annoying.

Johnny then kicks him repeatedly and Captain Falcon keeps blocking and dodging his attacks. Captain Falcon then tries to land a punch, but he receives an Eclipse Kick, an enhanced version of the Shadow Kick, into the face. The pilot quickly stands up, and starts running around Johnny. He then tries to punch Johnny, but the latter parries it with a kick. 

Johnny : Are you trying to do afterimages with your speed ? Let me show you how to do this.

As he says that, a yellow aura surrounds Johnny, as one of his clone of yellow energy, a Stunt Double, attacks Falcon with a Shadow Kick. Captain Falcon, surprised, is pushed back, as Johnny rushes to him to land a Rising Shadow. But Falcon blocks the leaping uppercut, and pushes Johnny back who sends another Stunt Double to Shadow Kick Captain Falcon. This time, Captain Falcon blocks the kick as the clone disappears. Hovewer, Johnny doesn't give him the time to rest, and throws him multiple Forceballs of various curves. Captain Falcon flips to avoid them, and rushes to Johnny, before kicking him in the face. Johnny then punches him, kicks him and then punches him again with a fist of green energy.

Cage : That was a Cross Cutting combo, man !

Johnny Cage then rushes to him with a Shadow Kick, but Captain Falcon grabs his leg and slams him repeatedly on the ground. Johnny Cage stands up and their fist collide again. Captain Falcon then grabs his other fist, punches Cage on the head, before attacking his legs with his own. He then grabs him, throws him into the air, makes an aerial somersault that kicks Johnny even more upward. He then grabs him and uses the Falcon Dive, releasing his enemy again with an explosion. Johnny falls on the ground but stands up fastly. He tries to punch Falcon, but the pilot grabs his fist, and kicks him, making Johnny Cage about to fall from the top of the building. But Cage catches the ledge and recovers to the top with a kick, making this time the pilot falls from the building. As the pilot is falling, Cage jumps into the air in order to stomp Falcon's back, damaging some bones in the process. But Falcon calls the Blue Falcon and manages to enter it. And Johnny Cage does the same.

Cage : Well, you know how to drive this thing, so put us smoothly on the ground and then we can continue our fi...

As he says that, the Blue Falcon lands and the Captain kicks Cage out of the vehicle which opens the door to exclude the intruder. They are in the track of Lightning.

(Cues Crisis City (Classic) - Sonic Generations)

Cage : You know, that's not the first time I fight in the middle of the traffic.

As he says that, a F-Zero vehicle just passes right next to him at high speed, frightening him for a moment.

Cage : But well, we are never cautious enough haha.

Captain Falcon rushes at him with a Raptor Boost, but Johnny Cage sidesteps and kicks the pilot in the leg. When Falcon stands up, he sees his opponent manipulating nunchakus and making a vigorous and high-pitched roar. Both then attack each other, and Captain Falcon is soon hit multiple times by the nunchakus. He flips above Cage and prepares a...

Falcon : Falcon Kick !

The kick hits Cage who is send in the middle of the road, but he quickly rushes to Falcon as he sees a new vehicle arrive. He attacks him with more nunchaku attacks, before doing a Flipkick that sends Falcon to the air but straightaway replies with a...

Falcon : Falcon Kick !

This time, Cage dodges the burning kick and hits Captain Falcon's head faster and faster with his nunchakus. He then taunts Falcon with his hand. But the Captain Falcon taunts him back, releasing quickly a fire aura all around him.

Cage : That...wasn't expected.

But Falcon tries to kick him in the head, but this time Cage splits and Nut Punches the poor Captain Falcon three times, before slamming the pilot's back with his elbow : the Ball Buster X-Ray in action. Johnny then grabs Captain Falcon's head by its back but the pilot fastly frees himself from Cage's grasp and punches him three times, in the face, then in the chest and then in the stomach, before throwing him forward with a punch. Johnny then shoots some Forceballs from the air, but Captain Falcon avoids them. He then pulls out the Bowie Knife.

Cage : Hello sweetie, long time no see.

He then attacks Captain Falcon with the giant and sharp knife. Captain Falcon dodges the slash, and prepares to use another Falcon Kick. But the actor manages to cut him a little in the chest, making the F-Zero champion bleed. Captain Falcon strikes Johnny's face with his fist, pushing Cage away, but the latter instantly rushes toward the Captain. He then attempts a vertical slash, but Captain Falcon dodges it by sidestepping, and highkicks Cage, disarming him in the process.

Falcon : Falcon Pu...

Captain Falcon is interrupted by a vehicle he has to avoid, pushing Johnny away. But the actor then uses the Shadow Dropkick, first attacking with a Rising Shadow uppercut, and then kicking the enemy twice into the air to knock Captain Falcon down. He gains the occasion to catch his Bowie Knife, and throws it at Falcon, who shatters it to pieces with a kick. Johnny Cage then runs to Captain Falcon and both punch themself in the face, before grabbing their hands.

Cage : Not cool, man. I liked that knife.

But suddenly, they stop putting their respective strenght against each other. A blue F-Zero vehicle where coming at them at high speed : the Death Anchor from the alien Zoda.

Zoda : Captain Falcon ? Well, that's a good occasion to finally kill you muhahahaha !

However, an other vehicle is behind the Death Anchor : the pink Fire Stingray from Samuraï Goroh.

Goroh : You're not winning this, Zoda !

Captain Falcon then grabs Johnny Cage by the waist and jumps on the Death Anchor, while throwing Cage on the Fire Stingray.

Zoda & Goroh : WHAT ?

Both vehicles attempt to collide against each other, bringing the two foot fighters closer. But actually both combatants are more trying to not fall by grapping hard the vehicles. Johnny Cage then uses one of his hand to throw some Forceballs at Falcon, who can't avoid them and is ultimately hurt by them.

Falcon : Blue Falcon !

Suddenly, the machine arrives, and collides with both vehicles. Johnny cage then jumps from the Fire Stingray that falls off Lightning's road. Zoda's Death Anchor has even less luck, crashing completely into the wall of the side gate of the road, and blowing up. Captain Falcon has jumped in time too, and appears from the smoke of the explosion. Johnny Cage then rushes at him while throwing multiple Forceballs, but Captain Falcon avoids them. As Cage is near from the Captain, the latter grabs him and throws him of the road, before jumping of it too. Falling isn't in  Captain Falcon's plan this time though.

(Cues Smash an Enemy - One Punch Man) 

Cage : Damn, we keep falling from the start, how deep is that city ?

The actor then sees the racer falling at him. Captain Falcon then kicks Cage several times, but Johnny blocks them. He then grabs Falcon's leg and gives a hard elbow hit to his knee, and  the pilot yells in pain. Cage manages to place himself above Falcon and shoots him with a succession of Forceballs. But he soon sees that they don't do much on Falcon, and tries punching him in the face. The champion catches the punch and places himself above his opponent again, and strikes him repeatedly. He then grabs him and prepares to use the Falcon Dive, but this time Cage figures what will happen, and grabs Captain Falcon's outfit. 

Cage : I don't like goodbyes, sorry.

Falcon activates the Falcon Dive, and Johnny has trouble to not being pushed away by the blast of air from the explosion. They continue to fall as the ground seems be nearer and nearer. Cage then takes the scarf of Captain Falcon and begins to strangle him with it.

Cage : Call your machine right now or you're finished, Falcon guy.

Falcon puts his hand on the scarf and tears it pretty easily. He then punches Cage multiple times in the face.

Falcon : My name is Captain Falcon. And I don't take order from you. Falcon Kick !

The Falcon Kick burns Cage in the chest, on his tatoo, and knocks him down to the Blue Falcon. 

Cage : What ?

Falcon : I called my Blue Falcon a moment ago now, it was waiting for me.

Captain Falcon then kicks Cage, and enters the Blue Falcon. This time, he doesn't let the actor to enter it, and begins to fly at high speed to reach again the road they were fighting.  Johnny Cage, however, is still on the Blue Falcon, partially hiding Falcon's view. Johnny actually catches one part of the Blue Falcon with a maximum of green energy to keep up with the speed force. With the other hand, he begins to punch the pane of the Blue Falcon without stopping. 

Cage : Caging yourself against me ? Not a good idea, pal !

Falcon : I rule in your favor, you're annoying.

The pane cracks little by little, and Captain Falcon decides to flies faster, despite not having an entire view of what he's doing. Cage continues to punch it, until he finally makes an hole in the pane.

Cage : Ha ! You got Cag...Owaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !

Captain Falcon finally arrives on the track and flies at high speed. Cage has trouble to keep up with the speed of the vehicle and knows that he will soon lose the strenght to keep grabbing the machine. He then takes his pistol and aims it at Falcon's head by the windscreen's hole.

Cage : I shoot if you don't stop.

Captain Falcon remains silent, and slowly puts his hand on a lever. And tugs it.

Falcon : BOOST FIRE !

The Blue Falcon then begins to spin in an incredible speed that throws Cage violenty against a wall. Cage slowly stands up, as he sees some wounds on his chest and his clothes being quite spoiled. But suddenly he sees the Blue Falcon coming at him at, at least, a supersonic speed according to him. He begins to run away, but as the Blue Falcon is near, Captain Falcon jumps out of it and screams :


Cage : Oh dear...

(Music cuts)

Falcon lands his punch, but against the wall, and not Cage. The power of the punch has totally destroyed the wall but also a good part of the road, which is falling below. Cage is nowhere to be seen, as suddenly a kangaroo lands in the track. It then rushes to Captain Falcon and tries to kick him, but Captain Falcon grabs it and throws it away. The Kangaroo then transforms into our actor, Johnny Cage, without Falcon noticing him, because he didn't pay any attention to the kangaroo after countering him. 

Cage : Well that was close to say the least, just the time to transform into that and jumps the higher I can. It seems he doesn't notice me for the moment, let's gain advantage of th...

Suddenly, he hears something from the walkie-talkie. He takes it immediatly.

Cage : Cassie ? Is that you ?

Cassie : Yes Dad... Ugh...

Cage : Cassie ! What happened ?

Cassie : We were doing with Jacqui...Takeda...and Jin...the investigation you asked us, but suddenly there were huge blocks of what seems to be the track above us that...fell on us...

Cage : How are you ?

Cassie : They are all...uncounscious. And me...quite badly injured...

Cage : Okay, don't move Cassie. I will be here as soon as possible, I'm sure I know the bastard who did that. 

Cassie :

Johnny then pulls the walkie-talkie on his belt, and slowly walks toward Captain Falcon. A green halo begins to engulf him. He awakens it again : the power to defeat gods. He then runs as fast as he can, and when Falcon notices him, the pilot gets a hard punch in the face.

(Cues Flat Out - Bleach : Shattered Blade)

Cage : Here's Johnny, you son of a bitch !

Cage continues to punch and kick Captain Falcon, who takes the hits. Cage grabs Falcon and punches him three times in the head. As Captain Falcon goes back, Cage then hits him three times again, but even harder. Captain Falcon then kicks him in the head, breaking the actor's sunglasses. But Cage instantly stuns Captain Falcon with a kick to the head, then grabs and pushes it violently to his knee, cracking Falcon's skull a little, before doing a somersault to Captain Falcon's neck . Cage just done the Kasting Kall X-Ray, and he then uses the Ultra Flipkick, which leaves a red energy with the somersault, before using the Red Shadow Uppercut, punching the Captain faster than an usual Rising Shadow. Captain Falcon then uses a Raptor Boost to knock Cage, but he catches the Captain's punch, and delivers a powerful kick to his chin. 

Falcon : Enough !

Captain Falcon runs to Johnny Cage and strikes him in the chest with his left fist, before unleashing a fury of punches, and knocking Cage away with a kick. Johnny immediatly gets up and runs to Falcon. He jumps and attacks the pilot's face with his knee, before punching him.

Falcon : Falcon Pu...

Cage : Not that again !

Cage then grabs Falcon's arm and snaps it, he then does the same with the knee, before attacking his rib cage with a palm of green energy, knocking Captain Falcon back. He then shoots him with some Forceballs, but the pilot avoids them. Cage then runs toward Falcon, and punches him multiple times in the torso, provoking bursts of green energy. However, Falcon resists the hits, and headbutts Johnny, who goes backward. Captain Falcon then runs to the Blue Falcon as fast as he can. 

Cage : Running again ? That's your specialty !

Johnny Cage then takes his pistol again and shoots at Falcon who dodges the bullets. As he's near of his Blue Falcon, Falcon jumps and pulls out his own pistol, shooting a beam to Cage, who rolls on the ground to avoid it.  As Captain Falcon enters the Blue Falcon, Johnny Cage takes a defensive stance.

Falcon : If you get that running is my specialty, then you get who I am...

The Blue Falcon starts up and rushes at Cage at hypersonic speed. The actor is sent flying by the collision, and the Blue Falcon flies to strike him again, and succeeds. Cage falls into the city, and the Blue Falcon then rushes at him, stucking him between the vehicle and a wall. The actor spits a lot of blood.

Cage : Ugh, that is hard... This power is supposed to fight gods...not crazy machines...

The green halo has protected him just a little, and he's heavily wounded by the attack. He has still some stocks though, he knows it. Captain Falcon approaches Cage and begins to pummel him, but Cage concentrates some green energy into his hand and destroys the wall, releasing himself. He then shoots several point blank Forceballs at Captain Falcon but it doesn't change that they don't inflict much damages on the pilot. He then runs away from Falcon and begins to shoot the Forceballs at the Blue Falcon, but Captain Falcon rushes to him and attacks his face with a Knee of Justice, unleashing electrical power from his knee. Johnny gets up and as Captain Falcon is near, he prepares his hand to strike...

Cage : And the award goes to...

As his hand is about to chop Captain Falcon's head in half, the pilot catches the hand and knocks the actor away with a Falcon Kick. But Cage stands up.

Falcon : Do you think you can beat me ?

(Cues Nose to Tail - Dragon Ball Z Raging Blast 2)

Captain Falcon walks to Johnny Cage who claps his fists, making them sparkle. Both then unleashes many punches and kicks. Both hit and hurt each other. Cage jumps and tries to kick Falcon in the neck, but the racer catches his leg and punches the actor in the torso, knocking him down. Johnny strikes him with his other leg, and then kicks him several times in the torso, before catching him and inflicts many powerful punches at Captain Falcon's face. Falcon then grabs his fists, and throws him away. He then prepares another punch but Cage pulls out his nunchakus again, striking faster and faster at Captain Falcon who counters them all. Captain Falcon then attempts a kick to Cage's side, but Johnny dodges it, giving him an opening to hurt Captain Falcon with many strikes of the nunchakus. Captain Falcon then kicks Cage's arms and so disarms him, he then punches several times but the Hollywood actor blocks them. Cage then lands a punch to Captain Falcon's face, stunning him, before doing the Nutbreaker move, charging his punch before landing him at the right place. Captain Falcon screams from the pain and steps backward. Johnny then charges his Shadow Kick, to hit Falcon with the Flashy Shadow Kick. Captain Falcon blocks the kick just in time, and attacks Cage's knee with a fist of fire, before punching him in the face. 

Captain Falcon then runs to his Blue Falcon and enters it.

Cage : Damn...

Cage shoots several Forceballs at the machine, but it doesn't do anything, so he runs to it an begins to attack it with his fists, without much effect. The Blue Falcon then begins to levitate.

Falcon : You were talking about speed that leaves afterimages earlier ? It's true that I don't leave any kind of afterimages by running. But something's sure, I leave a mark by racing. 

He then flies around Lightning at his maximum speed. The entire city can feel the Blue Falcon racing. 

Cage : Well, hum. I feel that something wrong is coming, so if you can manage to power up a little, or a lot if you want...That would be realy cool, power that I don't know much about !

Cage then concentrates all his green energy as he hears one thing, and two words :

Falcon : BOOST FIRE !

The Blue Falcon then completely destroys the already quite destroyed building where they were, sending huge parts of it to Cage who manages to avoid them like he can. As he destroys the last one with a Forceball, he sees just right in front of him Captain Falcon who punches him hard in the face, knocking him far. 

(Cues Meteor Storm - Mortal Kombat Armageddon)

Falcon : Are you done ?

Cage : Not...yet...

Cage slowly stands up, with a red aura surrounding his body : he enters the Red Shadow Mode. Captain Falcon then takes a fighting stance in response.


Captain Falcon then rushes to Johnny Cage, who catches his fist. He then prepares a red Forceball that knocks the racer away. He then begins to shoot Falcon with several red orbs of energy, but the Captain Falcon does many flips to avoid them. Cage then creates a now red Stunt Double, which uses the Rising Shadow, uppercuting Falcon. But the racer immediatly retaliates with a...

Falcon : Falcon Kick !

But Johnny blocks the kick, and then begins to punch Captain Falcon several times, he then grabs Falcon and punches his face, waist and chin before kicking him in the abdomen. But he's sent in the air by a Raptor Boost, followed by an aerial one which knocks him down. As Captain Falcon runs to him, Cage charges his red energy into his leg and then makes a powerful Rising Kick, hurting Captain Falcon. Cage then unleashes Stunt Double after Stunt Double, attacking Falcon with Shadow Kick and Rising Shadow attacks. But as he deals with the Stunt Doubles, Captain Falcon begins to understand how they work and instead of being tired of fighting them, he begins to counter them with a lot more ease, and then rushes to Cage, and gives a powerful punch into his face. Cage then does a split and charges a Nutbreaker attack, but Captain Falcon jumps and kicks him in the face. Captain Falcon then grabs him and throws him into the air, before attacking him with a Knee of Justice. Cage crashes on the ground and slowly stands up. He then catches a punch from the racer. As Johnny Cage has the grasp on one of Captain Falcon's fist, both fighters attack each other with their other fist, as a burst of red energy and flames is produced by the shock. 

Cage sends a Stunt Double which attack with a Shadow Kick, but Captain Falcon dodges it. The defender of Earthrealm then claps his fists again, activating Fist Bump as his hands sparkle, and attacks Captain Falcon many times. Then, it's Captain Falcon's offensive turn, and as the racer punches again and again, Johnny Cage slowly goes backward. Captain Falcon then kicks Johnny in the torso.

Falcon : You are quite the stunts, I admit.

As the Captain says that, Johnny Cage smiles. His left leg becomes instantly red, as Captain Falcon's left one is engulfed with flames. Both then prepare themself and in a blink of an eye...


Falcon : FALCON KICK !

...both kicks collide, creating a huge shockwave of energy. Johnny Cage and Captain Falcon are sent backward because of the strenght put into their attacks. Cage then stands up to face Captain Falcon, and puts new sunglasses.

Cage : Okay buddy, guess it's the final round !

(Cues Battle Theme - G Gundam)

Cage and Falcon run to each other and attack with their last punches and kicks. The dark city of Lightning can hear the collision of their colorful attacks. Cage tries another Shadow Kick, then follows with a Stunt Double's Rising Shadow, before doing a Flipkick, which finally hurts Captain Falcon, who retaliates with a Falcon Dive, sending Cage back in an explosion. The moment Falcon lands on the ground, he finds himself totally engulfed by many Forceballs shot by Johnny Cage, but he resists them all. He then rushes to Cage and attacks him with his elbow, before kicking him in the back. But Cage uses another Red Shadow Kick, hitting Captain Falcon. He then grabs the racer by the neck and punches him again. He then releases his grasp.

Cage : Watch this !

He then prepares his Head Pop fatality. His fist fastly approaches from Captain Falcon's neck. The moment the fist touches the skin of the pilot...

Falcon : You show me enough.

Cage : What ?

Captain Falcon has grabbed the fist of Cage, and with a pressure of his hand, he breaks Johnny's wrist. As Cage screams in pain, Falcon uses a powerful Raptor Boost to uppercut Johnny Cage high into the air. He then quickly enters the Blue Falcon that flies at the height of his opponent. Falcon jumps out of his vehicle and prepares his Falcon Punch.

Falcon : Falcon Pun...

Cage : No ! Stunt Double !

A Stunt Double uses a Rising Uppercut, hitting Captain Falcon, but the racer kicks him with a...

Falcon : Falcon Kick !

The moment Cage touches the ground, Captain Falcon engulfs his fist with flames and aims at Johnny Cage's face.


The Falcon Punch directly hits Johnny Cage's face, resulting in a powerful blast of flames emitted by the punch. The defender of Earthrealm, Johnny Cage, has been instantly disintegrated by the punch. Captain Falcon stands up and looks at the battlefield, entirely set into flames. His helmet then shatters into pieces, revealing a scar on his face. But it doesn't matter for him, because he just won.

(Cues Captain Falcon's Victory Theme - Super Smash Bros Brawl)

Falcon : Heeeeeyaaaaaah !


As Johnny Cage's broken sunglasses burn into the flames of the battlefield, Captain Falcon flies of it with his Blue Falcon.


(Cues The Meaning of Truth - F-Zero GP Legend)

Boomstick : And Cassie's team still wait to get rescued.

Wiz : Well...indeed. Johnny Cage is a good fighter, but against Captain Falcon, he doesn't stand a chance. If Cage can obliterate a human body, Falcon has a punch with at least the power to blow up a mountain ! If Cage is fast enough to react to both Scorpion and Sub-Zero's attacks, Captain Falcon is fast enough to divert a beam right before it starts and can react fast enough to drive the Blue Falcon at hypersonic speed. Cage can survive an attack that shatters a wall, but Falcon can withstand his own Falcon Punch by scaling. 

Boomstick : So yes, Captain Falcon is better in most of the categories. Johnny is pretty versatile, even being able to transform into a kangaroo and using weapons, but Captain Falcon can survive all things he throws at him. Even if Falcon is predictable with his habbits of shouting the name of his attacks, he can actually kill or at least heavily injured Johnny with most of them. One good old Falcon Punch will be enough to kill the Hollywood actor, and he has the speed to land it.

Wiz : Johnny Cage has the experience advantage in terms of fighting, but that's not like Falcon never fought too.  And the actor can't hope to compete with the Blue Falcon which is just too strong, too durable and most of all way too fast. And Captain Falcon's speed or the Blue Falcon counters the range advantage of Cage with the Forceballs, that aren't that much of a deal for the F-Zero pilot. And to please you Boomstick, if suddenly Captain Falcon decides to use his beam pistol, he even gains the range advantage.

Boomstick : Johnny Cage's halo would boost him a little, but just a little against Captain Falcon, because even if the Captain is damn powerful, he isn't a god in any way, so the halo will lose in terms of efficiency. And the guy just pulls it once ! So he doesn't have a full knowledge on own it works. The halo would just help him keep a little more in the fight.

Wiz : Also, against Captain Falcon, most of his other special abilities soon become useless. Charging attacks against a fast opponent isn't a good idea, and the Stunt Doubles are quite limited in terms of attacks. Fist Bump gives Cage a good boost in terms of brawn but it's only temporary and still doesn't reach Captain Falcon's level of strength. Finally, the Red Shadow Mode is a good way to boost the strength of Johnny's special attacks, but again it's still not enough to reach Falcon's level and the fact that it activates only at low health, gives Johnny no room of errors, and so just deletes the inevitable.

Boomstick : Cage's fee will now be of Zero.

Wiz : The winner is Captain Falcon.

The Winner is Captain Falcon


  • Johnny Cage is the first Warner Bros. and Mortal Kombat character to be used in DoomFest's Fanon DBs.
  • Captain Falcon is the first Nintendo character to be pitted against a non-Nintendo character in DoomFest's Fanon DBs.
    • And he's also the first to be a playable Smash Bros. character.
  • This was a round in the first Season of the Great Thumbnail Contest, made by DoomFest.
  • Jody Summer, Samuraï Goroh, Zoda and Cassie Cage make a cameo into the fight. Kung Jin, Takeda Takahashi and Jacqui Briggs are also said to be along Cassie. Raiden and Black Shadow are mentionned.
  • Captain Falcon also appeared in DoomFest's DB as a cameo in Marx VS Broly, as Captain Falcon VS Kamen Rider Ichigo was one of the cameo fight included in it.

References and inspirations

  • The way Johnny Cage's fighting has been analysed and researched was heavily inspired by how the characters were researched in Chun-Li VS Ling Xiaoyu done by MP999 on this wikia.
  • The first part of the fight, in the aircraft, is inspired by the beginning of the fight with Johnny Cage against Sub-Zero and Scorpion in Mortal Kombat X, which also takes place in an aircraft.
  • Many lines from both Captain Falcon and Johnny Cage are taken from their series or references them.
  • The line "Money Shot" is actually the name of the combo, same for "Cross Cutting Combo" and "Director's Cut".
  • The idea of the pilot screaming when he falls from the aircraft is inspired by the end of the Death Battle Mewtwo VS Shadow.
  • The way Captain Falcon disarms Johnny Cage of his Bowie Knife is inspired by the fight between Captain Falcon and Lucina in the Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and WiiU trailer that reveals Lucina and Robin from Fire Emblem.
    • Captain Falcon's flips in the fight are also quite inspired by this trailer.
  • In general, the fight is inspired by the battle cutscenes from Mortal Kombat X.

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