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Jin Kazama VS Ryu
Jin Ryu Thumbnail
Season 3
Overall Episode 30
Season Episode 4
Air date July 4th, 2018
Written by Shadow7615
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Tekken VS Street Fighter! Two heroic protagonists who seek to rid a dark energy inside them clash in a battle to the death!

Jin Kazama vs. Ryu is the 30th episode of DEATH BATTLE! by Shadow7615 in collaboration with Nkstjoa, featuring Jin Kazama from the Tekken series and Ryu from the Street Fighter series in a battle between Japanese fighting game protagonists with evil super forms.


Wiz: Two powerful martial artists, each seeking to control the dark temptations that lie within.

Boomstick: Jin Kazama, the Child of Destiny.

Wiz: And Ryu, the wandering World Warrior.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to see who would win... a Death Battle.


(*cues Tekken 4 - Fetus or Tekken 5 - Neonatal*)

Wiz: In the world of Tekken, the King of Iron Fist Tournament plays host to fighters across the globe, each vying to prove their skills. One of these contestants who would go on to be the victor was a man named Kazuya Mishima.

Boomstick: Are we talking about the right martial artist?

Wiz: Patience, Boomstick. Kazuya played host to the 2nd tournament, in which he came across the ecological fighter Jun Kazama.

Boomstick: A hippie I wouldn't mind dating. Jun went after Kazuya after sensing an evil power within him, but then, well... she ended up carrying his child, so you do the math.

Wiz: This child of destiny was Jin Kazama.

Boomstick: Why not Jin Mishima? Well, his pappy wasn't around due to coming down with a bad case of being thrown into a volcano, so Jun was forced to raise Jin on her own.

Wiz: Jin lived out most of his life on the Ōsumi Island Yakushima in relative peace along with his mother.

Boomstick: His hobbies included learning his mother's Kazama style martial arts... and forest bathing. Then when he turned 15, he learned of his father's lineage and ran into an alien... and not in the pet alien E.T. kind of way.

(*cues Tekken Tag Tournament Arcade - Ogre*)

Wiz: This being was Ogre, the ancient God of Fighting. Jin stood his ground to defend his mother but was completely outmatched and knocked out cold. He awoke to find his home in ruins and his mother missing... possibly dead.

Boomstick: Jin sought out the only remaining family he knew of... Heihachi Mishima, his grandfather and the head of the Mishima Zaibatsu, who ran the Iron Fist tournament itself. Now wait a minute, why didn't Jun just tell him about the other Kazama who raised Asuka Kazama, his half-sister... HALF-SISTER?!

Wiz: Asuka is an unspecified relative of Jin's, not his half-sister. That was a mistranslation. Moving on, Heihachi happily took Jin under his wing, training him in the Mishima-Ryu fighting style and even enrolling him in high school.

Boomstick: Five years later, the King of Iron Fist Tournament 3 was announced and Ogre showed up for it... okay, how did he even enter? Did they, like, send him an invitation?

(*cues Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - Jin Kazama - Far East Mix*)

Wiz: Here, Jin finally showcased his fighting talents, utilizing his grandfather's martial arts teachings to make his way through the ranks, becoming one of the world's finest.

Boomstick: Strangely, his fighting style completely matched his pappy's, at least until he took up traditional karate and combined it with his mother's techniques, forging a style of his very own.

Wiz: Jin's arsenal includes a plethora of fast and hard-hitting punches and kicks, as well as several stances and feigns.

Boomstick: And while some crossovers portray Jin as being capable of launching projectiles, he is a close-range fighter first and foremost. He sends foes flying backwards with moves like his Double Chamber Punch, three-hit combos like Demon's Paw and Evil Intent and knocks them into the air with the Double Lift Kick.

Wiz: His Kazama Style Turning Leg Strike can also launch opponents while absorbing a hit, and his Median Line Destruction unleashes five rapid punches to break defences and stagger. He can also negate strikes with the Power Stance...

Boomstick: Or it makes his next hit... uh, hit harder. Then there's Mental Alertness, which is a stance where he steps backwards and can unleash six different attacks. Everything from punching, uppercutting, and tripping to a freakin' flying kick!

Wiz: He can also perform a running duck, enabling him multiple options, including the Electric Wind Hook Fist and the Lunging Low Roundhouse Kick, which can be followed up with the Spinning Flare Kick...

Boomstick: Where he makes you think he's gonna kick you, then launches himself at you for a two-leg blow. In fact, Jin's style is pretty good at pressuring opponents by making them wonder just what he's gonna do next. But if he wants to really bring down their health bar at the cost of predictability, there's the super-charged Avenger punch.

Wiz: Jin finally made it to the last opponent of the tournament, Ogre, and through a hard-fought bout, was victorious.

(*cues Tekken Blood Vengeance - Death*)

Boomstick: Finally slaying his mother's "maybe, maybe not" killer once and for all. BUT then he was fired upon by a firing squad and shot point-blank in the head by Heihachi, who had used Jin the whole time just to lure out Ogre. Ain't that a kick in the head?

Wiz: But this act of betrayal awoke a dark dormant power deep within Jin: the Devil Gene. Passed on to Jin while Jun was still pregnant, his mother had managed to fight off the Devil within her son.

Boomstick: But I guess a bullet to the head kinda gave it the one-up it needed or something, so Jin grew wings, got a few tattoos without his parent's permission, and flew far away from his homicidal grandfather.

Wiz: Realizing the evil within his blood, as well as the deeds of the Mishima family, Jin escaped to Brisbane, Australia, where he trained under a dojo master to unlearn the Mishima-Ryu.

Boomstick: How the hell do you unlearn a fighting style?

Wiz: Focus!

(*cues Tekken 5 - Antares at 33 seconds*)

Wiz: And while his original intent was to destroy the Mishima bloodline, he soon realized he could not control the Devil Gene, which threatened to take over him.

Boomstick: Granted, Jin can sometimes draw on its power to enhance his attacks and perform a few different moves, but if he gets too overwhelmed, he can transform into his delightfully devilish alter ego... Devil Jin.

Wiz: In exchange for the loss of control, Jin gains a plethora of new techniques, as well as flight and a third eye...

Boomstick: Which shoots freakin' laser beams! He can fire it straight, fire it from below, rain down on a downed opponent with it, or if he really wants to wreck someone, he tosses them into the air and fires a continuous beam with Obliteration.

Wiz: He can launch opponents upward with a single uppercut and with proper timing can parry attacks by pushing foes back with a burst of energy.

(*cues Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - Opening Theme at 8 seconds*)

Boomstick: And did we mention Jin has super moves? Well, he does. In normal Jin form, he can go for a four-hit combination... or just let loose with SEVENTEEN punches.

Jin charges up and punches King, then after two more punches to his dazed opponent, rapidly punches him thirteen times before the seventeenth punch to the jaw knocks him backward.

Boomstick: As Devil Jin, he can do three hits or straight up knock them into the air, fly into them five times, then laser them to death.


Wiz: Jin has more than proved himself as one of the best fighters in the Tekken universe. He's won two King of Iron Fist tournaments, taken down scores of Tekken Force members, and defeated Heihachi in battle.

Boomstick: And that was AFTER he defeated scumbag dad Kazuya. And in the next tournament, he beat his great-grandfather Jinpachi, who happened to be resurrected and taken over by an evil spirit. Damn, he's ripped... and is that a giant mouth under his chest?!

Wiz: After taking control of the Mishima Zaibatsu, Jin learned of a threat capable of destroying the world: Azazel, the Rectifier of All Things.

(*cues Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection - Hall of Fate ~Resurrection~ or Street Fighter X Tekken - Tekken Mid Boss at 11 seconds*)

Boomstick: Azazel was made from humanity's sins and may have possibly been where the Devil Gene began in the first place, so Jin decided to lure him out... by starting World War III!

Wiz: The negative energy created by the death and destruction caused by the Mishima Zaibatsu's war with... well, the world, successfully caused Azazel to physically materialize.

Boomstick: And when Azazel fired beams at him, Jin didn't even care: they just bounced off him as he ran in for a single punch... which went straight through Azazel's chest as they fell down into a giant hole. Then an explosion went off underground and a beam of light shot upward. And he survived. Damn.

Wiz: Unfortunately for Jin, Azazel's death did not free him from the Devil Gene.

Boomstick: Yeah, that and being a war criminal made it a pretty bad day for him.

Wiz: Despite his impressive tournament record, Jin is not undefeated. He lost a battle to the Taekwondo fighter Hwoarang, as well as a two-on-one against the Tekken Force defector Lars and the intelligence agent Raven.

Boomstick: Sure, but that's only two official losses in the entire series, and Jin's never lost a match with his Devil form... which destroyed an entire forest! With or without the Devil Gene, hero or anti-hero, Jin Kazama is one of the best karate practitioners in fighting game history... and that's not bad for a guy who turned 21.

(*music ends*)

Jin sees Xiaoyu looking at his devil mark on his left shoulder, realizing he still has the Devil Gene.

Jin: It's fine. (*pauses*) This curse, the Devil Gene...

He begins to get up, then stands alongside Xiaoyu.

Jin: I will find a way to break free. I won't give up!


Boomstick: Hey Wiz, did I ever tell you about the story about how my Dad ditched me as a kid and I became the badass that I am today?

Wiz: Only a thousand times, Boomstick...

Boomstick: Good! Because that's also what happened to Ryu, basically.

Wiz: The infant Ryu was left at the doorstep of a Dojo by his biological parents, he was found by Gouken, who took him under his wing and trained him in martial arts as soon as he was able to.

Boomstick: He started becoming dedicated to the ways of Martial Arts, and along the way Gouken also recruited Ken Masters to train as well, giving Ryu his closest friend and friendly rival.

Wiz: Ryu was taught the Ansatsuken fighting style, but, unlike some of its other practitioners like Akuma, Gouken's version was stripped of its murder tactics and instead maintained traditional disciplines such as Karate, Kenpo and Judo.

Boomstick: Knowing all of his signature moves, Hadouken, Shoryuken and the Tatsumak... Tastumar- whatever. Ryu never knew just how much power he would actually possess until he reached his Adulthood.

Wiz: At 23, Ryu decided to enter the First World Warrior Tournament, and although Ryu managed to sweep the competition, he found a great challenge at the end of it all, Sagat, the then expert practitioner of Muay Thai.

Boomstick: And Ryu got his ass kicked LEFT and RIGHT! There was no stopping Sagat... at least, that's what Sagat thought.

Wiz: Overwhelmed by frustration and pushed to the point of pain-induced rage, Ryu delivered an infamous uppercut that not only won him the tournament but tore open Sagat's chest, forever scarring him.

Boomstick: This was the foundation of Ryu's deadly power, the Surge of Murderous Intent!

Wiz: ...or the Satsui no Hado. This raw untamed power was something Ryu possessed in spades, not only could Ryu tap into it at will to make his strength even greater, but it comes at an unforgiving price... his humanity.

Boomstick: And if Ryu decides "Fuck it, this guy's dead!" He can fully succumb to its power and transform into the vicious and truly badass, Evil Ryu!

Wiz: Transforming into Evil Ryu comes with a lot of perks previously unavailable to Ryu, such as quite a destructive boost in power, Evil Ryu once destroyed a skyscraper with a simple Hadoken.

Boomstick: Now that would be handy for getting down to the beer store to get my fix.

Wiz: Evil Ryu comes with more than just a simple boost in power, Evil Ryu can also afford short distance teleportation, as well as enhanced versions of his original Ansatsuken techniques, such as the Messatsu Goshoryu, a more punishing version of the Shoryuken.

Boomstick: But nothing quite defines Evil Ryu more than the legendary, deadly, badass, Raging Demon!

Wiz: The Raging Demon is perhaps the most famous technique in all of the Ansatsuken's arsenal, and it's got a very unique ability, while the Raging Demon might appear to be a thousand punches performed within the span of a couple of seconds, the Raging Demon has a deeper significance.

Boomstick: I hope you kids go to church because the Raging Demon is a killer of the sinful! Yeah! Your very sins are what can get you killed by the Raging Demon, not physical combat, but the weight of your sins killing you!

Wiz: It's no joke, Akuma first used this to wipe out M. Bison for all of the vile acts he committed on the world, as in Akuma's words "The more evil your past doings, the more painful your death...".

Boomstick: And Evil Ryu is able to use this technique equal to, if not greater than Akuma can! Which can only mean Evil Ryu will make it all the more painful for his opponents.

Wiz: Evil Ryu even possesses an Aura so strong, it can seemingly deflect bullets!

Boomstick: Christ! Are we sure this is still the same guy beneath all of that anger and rage!?

Wiz: Well, it's not as though Ryu hasn't got good reflexes without Evil Ryu, without the Satsui no Hado, Ryu can evade point-blank gunfire, definitely comes in handy when you're not armed yourself.

Boomstick: Ah, still though, why not take the route of simply just being strong enough to deflect bullets than put the time and effort into evading them, eventually you'd get hurt, the Satsui no Hado sounds pretty reliable in that regard.

Wiz: But it's important to note that Evil Ryu is not a permanent transformation, and Ryu has worked many years into resisting its alluring power and temptation, and thanks to Gouken instilling a powerful belief in Ryu, therein resides an even greater power for Ryu to use!

Boomstick: This is the Power of Nothingness! *whispers* still kinda a stupid name...

Wiz: The antithesis of the Satsui no Hado, the Power of Nothingness is not simply a transformation, but rather a state of consciousness, elevated beyond that of normal humans through spiritual and mental refinement.

Boomstick: It is the complete opposite of the Satsui no Hado. As such, it can only be used by a person of pure mind, compassion, mercy and peace, which all apply to Ryu.

Wiz: This new power allows Ryu to achieve high levels of power, such as being able to protect his very soul from being consumed by Necalli, not to mention, the Power of Nothingness proved very effective in stopping Bison's Psycho Power!

Boomstick: And with a single Power of Nothingness-infused Hadoken, Ryu caused Bison's body to completely dissipate entirely!

Wiz: This instinctual power of Ryu is perhaps the strongest Ryu can achieve, and it's no small feat, as the only other person who could use the Power of Nothingness was Gouken himself!

Boomstick: With Ryu being able to achieve this much power, he definitely shows for it with some awesome feats, such as that one time he held a huge ass boulder over him for a test of his upper-body strength, even Oro was sitting on top of it!

Wiz: He even achieved the unusual ability to add some electricity to his attacks for an extra zap!

Boomstick: Ryu's V-Skills, which are drawn from this Denjin Renki thing, allow Ryu to power himself up as both of his fists are covered entirely with electricity!

Wiz: Ryu can shoot his Hadoken with this potent electricity and can stun his opponent with his Shoryuken in electric damage.

Boomstick: With all of these abilities, Ryu has become nothing short of an astounding fighter, all around the world no less!

Wiz: Ryu is able to go toe to toe with some of the strongest fighters in the world and survive, hoping for a potential rematch one day.

Boomstick: And of course, thanks to his great endurance and stamina, he can hold out and withstand long fights against the likes of M.Bison, Seth, Akuma, his ol' buddy Ken, and many others!

Wiz: Granted he has lost matches too, likely thanks to the struggle of trying to contain the Satsui no Hado.

Boomstick: Hey man, Ryu has survived being impaled before, and from Akuma no less, if Ryu was able to live through that and come out the other side, he's earned enough respect from my Book of Badasses.

Wiz: You have a Book of Badasses? I thought you didn't read any books besides the occasional firearm instruction manual.

Boomstick: Come on Wiz, I'm not ignorant to the good stuff in life that is deserving of my respect, and Ryu's seemingly unstoppable Murder Surge and Power of Nothingness is worthy of my respect!

Wiz: That being said, Ryu doesn't become absolutely invincible when using either the Satsui no Hado or the Power of Nothingness, his use of these abilities hinges on how much he is able to maintain his control, in the case of Satsui no Hado, it's a matter of how long until he regains his sensibilities, for the Power of Nothingness, it's a matter of how long can he be detached from all of his senses and emotions.

Boomstick: It's not too hard however, Ryu has spent many years trying to refine his usage of his other forms, and I don't think anything's gonna slow him down anytime soon.

Wiz: Ryu could just be one of the most iconic and remembered figures of martial arts in fictional history.

Ryu: The path to becoming a true martial artist never ends. I will never forget this fight.


In a sprawling city, blanketed by a golden sunset as the skies turn orange, many buildings are in fact skyscrapers, piercing the great skies above them with their astounding height to the towers below them, one of the tallest among them is the infamous Mishima Zaibatsu, a Financial Group headed by one of the Mishima bloodline, the company's logo radiates a blue glow as the skies begin to weaken from a gold sunset to a darkening black, the lights illuminate the busy city, and the sky above becomes a black void of emptiness, not a single star in sight.

Inside the Zaibatsu, it is cold and silent, not a single soul seems to reside in her anymore, feels like a ghost town, all of the rooms throughout the entire building are dark and dimly lit...

Without warning, several individuals start marching in through the doors of the building, with no substance of opposition, the group proceed immediately up to the head office room, where all of the lights are flicked on, revealing itself to be the main room of the Mishima Zaibatsu, where it's CEO would reside.

"Jin, what exactly are you looking for? Did Heihachi leave something behind that you think could be helpful?" the man spoke in a concerned tone, he was speaking to his former, but now reformed CEO, Jin Kazama, who has new re-inherited the Mishima Zaibatsu from his grandfather, thanks to possessing the Mishima bloodline. "I'm looking for anything on who that was Kazuya battled against at the G Corporation Headquarters, whoever he is, he seems to know who Heihachi and Kazuya are, he could be coming for me next..." Jin solemnly responded to his ally, Lars Alexanderson.

"Alisa, go through all of the Zaibatsu's files and look for anything that can be cross-referenced with the man in these reports and images." Jin spoke firmly to his personal protector, Alisa Bosconovitch, "Understood Jin, beginning my analysis of all Mishima Zaibatsu documentations now, including all files documented by all former CEOs of the company." Alisa's voice maintained a steady tone as she speeds through dozens upon dozens of pages of information, attempting to pinpoint the precise details Jin was looking for.

"Whatever, or whoever that man is, he must have known Kazuya possessed the Devil Gene, and likely went after him for that reason..." Jin pondered his many thoughts, thinking that even he himself was not safe from the potent threat of this individual.

The large Television screen in front of the group flickered on, and Jin gazed his attention toward the device, the footage shown was a recollection of the infamous video file that Heihachi masterminded to expose Kazuya as a Devil, but Jin was not looking at his father, his focus was fixated on the man wearing the karate gi, this man had presented himself under unique circumstances that made Jin reevaluate things entirely, and what would have simply been a plot to murder Kazuya has evolved into an even greater turn of events.

Lars pulls out a device of his own and looks through information himself, and for a while, it seemed there would be no luck whatsoever...

But finally, "Jin, I think I've found something!" Alisa alarmingly spoke up, quickly claiming Jin's attentive focus, "What did you find?" Jin's now inquisitive nature drives his response.

"According to some reports, while this man hasn't been recognized in any database or documentation of the Mishima Zaibatsu, it appears that a man in a karate gi with very potent attacks appears to be most active in Japan."

Jin briefly turned to his side, as he consumed this information, "Japan... so it's possible they're still in the country?" Alisa nodded and turned to the television once again, "Shall we prepare the Mishima Zaibatsu to move on the individual?"

Lars looked at Jin, who looked back at him in kind, "No. It would not be wise to send an entire military faction to deal with one man, it would look bleak for the company, as well as blow the situation out of proportion."

Lars added into the conversation, "Do you think we should go alone?" Jin looked at the main office seat of the room, subsequently going and having a sit down on it. "I propose that I go alone." Lars and Alisa look in surprise. "Jin, are you sure, it could be deadly, not to mention, quite risky.", Lars's concern spiked to a fine point. "Jin, I must inform you that the nature of these people... It will not be easy, even for you."

Jin's eyes were closed shut, and he sat silent for several moments, externally looking like it would be difficult for him to export an answer to his allies, eventually, he came to. "I'm sorry Lars, Alisa. I'm afraid that the risk is necessary, if there's a chance this will help me in defeating Kazuya, I must boldly take the risk."

Alisa brought documentation to Jin's attention, Jin took the documents into his hands, and opened them to a page marked by her, "Thankfully you won't need to leave the country, but you will need to do a little travel." Jin remarked, thinking little of needing to travel distance, for it was a small price to pay.

Lars arose from his seat, "Need some transport?" Jin turned to his friend, "I trust you know someone." Lars nodded and opened up his phone, contacting a number "Hey, it's me, I have a favour to ask, and it's urgent."

Elsewhere, out on a remote part of Japan, a dusty, worn down, but enduring Dojo resided, out on the grounds is the wandering World Warrior, Ryu, the fierce fighter is spending his time practising and honing his skills, the grounds are quiet, the only sounds heard are the quiet kicks of sand and dust as Ryu performs his punches and kicks.

Ryu finally ceases his attacks, and calmly sits, entering a state of meditation, the warrior reaches a peace of mind not commonly afforded by most men, his breathing shifts from light, passive inhales to firm, focused and uplifting.

Ryu shuts his eyes and transfers all of his focus to his senses, attempting to elevate them in this brief momentary transcendence, Ryu hears the wind gently pass him by, the sand kicking up off the ground and back down again, bells chime as the wind dissipates, the cold night air slowly begins to sweep over.

Ryu suddenly opens his eyes as he hears a creaking sound of the Dojo door opening, he quickly arises to his feet to investigate, curiously, a man enters, and Ryu walks toward him, "You... are you a student of this Dojo?" the man requested for an answer.

"I am, are you looking to learn the ways of martial arts?" Ryu delivered his response to its recipient, "I'm afraid I’m not here to learn about martial skills, I'm here to learn about individuals who have studied here, I'm looking for an individual who possesses a demonic power, perhaps you know this person?", quickly sending another question.

"I'm afraid that's as far as you go, who are you?!" Ryu added back, this time with a slight sense of threat to his words. "I am Jin Kazama, I have reason to believe a being with demonic power is attempting to murder my family, and I want to know if this power was produced or tied to this place."

Ryu did not waver, even slightly, "If you want answers, you must find them in the heart of battle, and I want to see if you're strong enough to face the powers you speak of."

Jin readied himself and entered his fighting stance, "Come then."


(Cue Ryu's Theme - Street Fighter V)

Ryu and Jin both watched each other for several moments, both looking each other down, fighting stance, arm and leg articulation, a pre-fight in itself as the two are looking for the perfect opportunity to take the first strike, Ryu makes the first move quickly positioning his hands to his right and in the fashion as though he were holding a sphere, in an instant a spark of energy ignites in his hands, and suddenly it begins to grow and expand into a sphere of energy, Jin is quickly aware of this and runs at Ryu as has as he can, Ryu finally thrusts the giant ball of energy forward, "HADOKEN!" Ryu used of one of his famous techniques.

Jin hesitates for a split-second, seeing the energy travelling directly towards him, Jin ejects himself off the ground and uses his airtime to avoid the Hadoken entirely, Ryu notices his opponent has jumped over the Hadoken, as most of his opponents do, Ryu dashes forward and clinches his right and quickly tucks it right beside his chest, as Jin descends to the ground, Ryu thrusts his fist upward, and lands right on Jin's chin, Ryu kicks himself into the air, launching himself upward and striking Jin with an uppercut, "SHORYUKEN!".

Jin is knocked back and falls onto the ground, taking the full brunt of a Shoryuken, something he's never heard of before, "Is this a technique taught at this Dojo, it's not like uppercuts, but this isn't simply an uppercut." Jin pondered to himself, as he finally got back up to his feet, he looked behind him and noticed that the Hadoken had inflicted some damage on the walls behind him, "So, his techniques have power, and it's nothing like anything I've seen in the past before, I must learn more."

Jin rushed back towards Ryu, who this time instead ran towards him as well, the two exchange punches left and right, each only narrowly managing to land a couple of their punches, both of them had trouble gauging each other fighting style, neither of them had an idea what styles they were using, or even if they were actual martial arts moves to begin with.

Ryu when to go in for another punch, but this time, he was aiming head-on and wasn't looking to aim for Jin's torso, Jin smirked, as he finally had a window of opportunity, Ryu threw out his arm, with a firm intention on striking Jin, not taking this bait, Jin quickly ducked under the punch, with Ryu's attack now above him, Jin quickly sprung himself forward, and now right in front of his opponent, Jin performed an uppercut of his own, the close quarter usage of the move knocked Ryu off the ground and off his feet, crashing onto the ground from a solid strike, Ryu realized his opponent was well trained in Martial Arts.

Ryu worked his way back onto his two feet and looked Jin the eyes, "You're not bad, it's clear you possess some talents not easily afforded by most martial arts practitioners.", Jin almost praised Ryu for being such a unique opponent, but Ryu did not want to dwell on the moment, "Talk is cheap." Ryu remarked.

Ryu and Jin finally started taking the fight with more seriousness. "HADOKEN!" Ryu dished out another Hadoken for Jin, but this time, Jin did not jump over the Hadoken, instead, Jin sidestepped the Hadoken and used the opportunity to rush in at Ryu, as before.

But anticipating a repeat of last time, Ryu kicked up his right leg and spun his body in a full 360-degree spin, with his leg sticking out firmly "TATSUMAKI SENPUKYAKU!" Jin was moments away from performing another Dragon Uppercut, but he did not anticipate a series of kicks, all of which struck him head-on, as a cost of thinking Ryu would do the exact same tactics again.

Jin was hit a total of 4 times in a row before Ryu finishes his technique, Jin lands on the ground, and takes a moment to put his hand over to his face, he noticed a drop of blood was spilt on his hand, Jin hadn't seen his own blood in some time, this thoroughly surprised Jin, as Jin simply wiped the blood away, he rose back to his feet.

Ryu did not waver and rushed toward Jin, looking to further push his advantage, Jin employs another sidestep and dishes out a left-right punch before following up by a powerful high back-fist, Ryu was momentarily dazed by the strike, but did not abandon his approach, Ryu quickly approached Jin and grabbed him by both of his shoulders, Ryu then quickly dropped himself to the ground, lifting Jin off the ground in the process, with his opponent above him, Ryu quickly used his free leg to kick Jin away.

Jin landed on the ground, but soon rises again, Ryu having successfully performed his technique, returns to his feet as well, Jin performs a stance move, his hands begin to emit electricity on them, Ryu quickly catches wind of this and activates his Denjin Renki, in a flash of light, Ryu's fists also emit electrical energy to them, it suddenly begins to start raining as the two combatants continue their fight.

The two exchange blows, and the rain escalates into heavy winds and storms, but neither Ryu nor Jin was phased by the shift in weather, pressing on, the battle became more and more aggressive by the minute, Jin started descending from his stoic and calm approach and begun employing more brazen and brash techniques.

"HADOKEN!" Another fiery Hadoken fired its way towards Jin, however, he effortlessly sidestepped the Hadoken and proceeded to land several electrically charged strikes against Ryu, but Ryu delivered a strong blow in response, Jin quickly performed a sweeping kick, knocking Ryu down onto his knees, Ryu rolls backwards to put some distance between himself and Jin.

Jin attempts to catch up to Ryu, but... "METSU HADOKEN!!!" Jin's chest is hit directly by the Hadoken, somehow knocking him off his feet and crashing onto the ground, feeling the unusual effects of the Hadoken on his body, Jin warily returns back to his traditional stance, Ryu continues his approach and throws out another set of punches, but Jin doesn't lose his composure in the slightest, in fact, Jin only flinches, but he doesn't ruin his stance, and at the right moment, Jin clinches his right fist and bashes Ryu's chest with a single heavy lunge punch, pushing Ryu back far enough that he is knocked hard against a pillar, cracking it around the area he crashed into.

Without realizing it, Ryu had drawn blood himself, the blood did not scare Ryu, but served to strengthen his resolve, Ryu stood adamantly on two feet, and he took a deep breath, and re-engaged Jin in combat, Ryu once again charges a hadoken, but this time, adding more purple hue energy to his Hadoken, Jin decides to get in there before Ryu can perform another Hadoken, but Ryu cancels the Hadoken and instead pulls back his fist, clinching it very hard, and behinds to emit a pitch-black aura, Jin throws a single punch towards, Ryu.

But the attack is futile, Ryu completely maintained his posture despite taking a hit from his opponent, but Ryu did not let Jin off easy, and in a moment of time, Ryu lashed out a devastating Focus Attack! Jin faintly drops, but before he can hit the ground, Ryu pulls his arm back, and them immediately after thrusts his arm upwards, hitting Jin's chin once again, this time, Ryu held him there for several moments... "METSU..." Ryu's fist begun to shake violently, "SHORYUKEN!!!" launching himself and Jin into the air, Ryu had landed a devastating blow to his opponent, after landing, Ryu watched Jin's body fall to the ground as though the life in him was completely wiped off the board.

Ryu looked at Jin's body, it looks like Jin has completely been knocked unconscious, Ryu breathed in respite, the battle is over, Ryu left his opponent be, he'll come to eventually, Ryu wiped the rain from his brow, Ryu headed to the front doors of the Dojo and firmly tightened his headband.

Ryu suddenly turned around and caught a punch from Jin!

"So, you're tougher than you look." Ryu complimented his opponent, but Jin wasn't having any of it, Jin grabbed Ryu by the neck with his left arm, raised his left knee and head, then bashed his head and knee simultaneously against the Ryu's, knocking him to the ground.

Ryu staggered to get back onto his feet, and Jin continued his ferocity, Jin lands a punch, stunning Ryu, knocking him against the doors of the Dojo, Jin follows up his unrelenting assault, and dishes out heavily flurries against Ryu with several jabs, and on the last blow Jin thrusts his fist right into Ryu's face, breaking the doors behind Ryu and launching him right into the centre of the Dojo.

Jin, now on a frenzy, rushed toward the downed Ryu, and proceeds to repeatedly bash Ryu's face over and over in succession, unrelenting, Ryu bleeds and Jin's knuckles are bloodied as well, but the punching doesn't stop, but the downed Ryu finally opened his eyes, his teeth grit and his eyebrows narrow, Jin suddenly stops punching Ryu, but without a moment to hesitate, Ryu roared with fury and his eyes were completely crimson, and a fiery aura kicks up, kicking Jin back.

Jin's eyes widen, he looks intently at the area Ryu rests, but a humanoid figure emerges from the fire and the flames, Jin almost recognized the power, "The Devil Gene? No... this isn't..." Jin only had that moment to react before a purple hadoken fired quickly, Jin quickly sidestepped it as the heavy aura surrounding the man finally cooled off.

(Cue Evil Ryu's Theme - Super Street Fighter IV)

"So, demonic powers reside in you too? Interesting..." Jin looked his opponent down, he wore a dark purple karate gi, he had dark red hair, and his body had an unnatural mark on his chest, as though his heart had been ripped out, and the gaping hole was replaced by a void of darkness and anger.

"Now this is more like it!" Evil Ryu entered a battle stance completely unrefined compared to Ryu's former stance, Jin assumed his stance, "Well now, let's see what you're capable of... Demon..." Evil Ryu quickly threw out another Hadoken towards his opponent, Jin effortlessly sidestepped it as all of the Hadokens he had avoided thus far.

Jin looked in front of him, only to realize Evil Ryu was not in front of him!

Jin looked around, trying to locate his now absent opponent, "Show yourself, you coward!" Jin remarked, finally, Evil Ryu appeared behind Jin, "SHORYUKEN!!!" Jin could feel his spine being sprained as Evil Ryu seemingly fired Jin into the air like a bullet from a barrel.

Jin ended up hitting the ceiling of the Dojo, leaving a human-shaped dent in the structural integrity of the Dojo, Evil Ryu did not wait for his opponent to recover, Evil Ryu's hands both begun charging orbs, and Evil Ryu shouted as he united the two orbs together to create an even stronger projectile.

"METSU HADOKEN!!!" Evil Ryu fired a giant dark purple Hadoken and launched it directly at Jin, who had only just begun falling from the previous attack, Jin could do nothing but brace for the attack. A hole in the ceiling broke open and launched Jin into the skies.

Evil Ryu looked up, and saw no sight of his opponent, relishing a victory, Evil Ryu chuckled to himself, and jumped to the top of the Dojo and looked around, seeing if he can locate the corpse of his pitiful opponent. Evil Ryu decided to jump back down and return to the Dojo.

With the rain still pouring down, Evil Ryu looked through the hole in the ceiling, and then turned away, a shockwave suddenly echoed through the ground and Evil Ryu collapsed to his feet, he looked around in confusion, trying to figure out what the heck is causing this, he turned around and saw a tattooed man with black wings standing in the room, "Fear my Wrath!" Devil Jin had returned for Vengeance.

(Cue Antares - Tekken 5)

Evil Ryu shows a very devilish smile, "This Hado wants a fight to the death! Nothing less!" Evil Ryu and Devil Jin rush at each other ready to beat one another into a pulp. Evil Ryu dishes out several heavy punches, Devil Jin keeps up the fight, Devil Jin quickly uses his wings to fly into the air, along the way he uses his legs to bat away Evil Ryu's punches, Evil Ryu is stunned in this moment of counterattack, Devil Jin, now with a high ground advantage, rushes towards Evil Ryu and lands a well-placed kick to the face, completely knocking Evil Ryu off guard.

Devil Jin then flies to, and grabs Evil Ryu by his throat and takes him into the air, dragging Ryu across the walls of the Dojo, taking everything and started to get some bruises, Evil Ryu manages to find a moment of freedom, and uses his legs to push himself off a wall, freeing him from the grip of his opponent, Devil Jin quickly realizes this and fires a Hellfire Blast, a condensed laser coming from his forehead, Evil Ryu manages to use his fall to the ground to avoid the beam, however, the beam rips through the foundations of the Dojo, and chunks of it begin collapsing, Evil Ryu lands on the ground, but quickly dishes out a Metsu Hadoken to get Devil Jin off his back, but Devil Jin counters with another Hellfire Beam, the two projectiles meet in the middle and the two dissipate each other, Devil Jin feels a slight strain and he momentarily puts his hand on head.

Evil Ryu launches another Metsu Hadoken, this time the attack lands on Devil Jin, the flying devil has no choice but to try and recover, Devil Jin landed on the ground, but was caught by Evil Ryu, who violently grabbed him, slammed him onto the ground, and subsequently employed an effective karate chop on his chest, Devil Jin punched Evil Ryu's arm to force it away from him, however, Evil Ryu used his other hand to pull Devil Jin back to his feet, and grabbed his arm with both of his hands, threw Devil Jin over his shoulder and slammed him into the ground, cracking the floor below them.

Devil Jin activated his Hellfire Blast once again, this time striking Evil Ryu, the fighter backed up as he winced in pain, finally giving Devil Jin the moment he needed to return to his original position.

Evil Ryu assumes a stance for a split second, and then dashes at Devil Jin without actually running, he also has a glowing aura "Messatsu!" Devil Jin fires his Hellfire Blast, but the attack is not harming Evil Ryu, in fact, it was phasing right through him, shocked by this, Devil Jin stops firing, and all of a sudden Evil Ryu is now in Devil Jin's face.

(Cue Pandora Theme (Tekken) - Street Fighter x Tekken)

"Die!" Evil Ryu launches an uppercut on Devil Jin, sending Devil Jin into the air, but Evil Ryu uses another uppercut, keeping Devil Jin airborne, and Evil Ryu lands the third uppercut in succession, but this time Evil Ryu's uppercut ascended into the air himself.

Evil Ryu opened his right hand, and dark energy gathers into his palm, Evil Ryu closes his fist and thrusts his dark energy fist into Devil Jin's head, Evil Ryu's right eye glows blood red, as the two descend to the ground together "Death's embrace awaits!" Evil Ryu and Devil Jin hit the ground and Evil Ryu further thrusts his fist into Devil Jin's head, Evil Ryu pulls his arm out and kicks the grounded Devil Jin.

Infuriated, Devil Jin looks up at Evil Ryu and fires a Hellfire Blast at him, striking Evil Ryu's hand, gushing out blood, Evil Ryu yells in the pain of the fresh wound received, the flaming aura begun to evaporate and suck away the demonic power, reverting back to Ryu.

Panting and completely lost from his actions, Ryu looked and saw a winged-devil, alarming Ryu immediately!

Ryu realized he was in a lot of pain from whatever actions he had done as Evil Ryu, and he only needed a moment that figure out that Jin was now this devilish being, Ryu took a moment and breathed, he assumed a stance, and suddenly a white, crackling glow begins to emit around Ryu, keeping his eyes shut, Ryu attunes as much energy as possible, for a moment a blood-red aura surrounds Ryu, but in a moment, it fades and the white-blue aura dominates.

Ryu opens his eyes, but there are no pupils, they are blank white, Devil Jin looks surprised as he dashes towards Ryu, who throws a Power of Nothingness-infused Hadoken toward Devil Jin, the devil counters with a Hellfire Blast, but neither blast is able to overpower the other, an impasse is reached, and Ryu uses the opportunity to close the distance between him and his foe.

Ryu performing a Shoryuken, striking Devil Jin as Ryu lands with grace, Devil Jin looks down at Ryu who is looking almost unfazed by any of his attacks, Devil Jin rushes towards Ryu at a blinding speed, but Ryu simply sidesteps the attack and Devil Jin goes completely past his foe, almost hitting a wall in the process.

Devil Jin angrily turns around and sees the perfectly zen Ryu standing there, waiting for another attack, Ryu charges a Hadoken, but Devil Jin fires another Hellfire Blast, but Ryu manages to duck and roll and narrowly avoids the blast, however an entire wall of the Dojo collapses and more of the night sky peers into the Dojo.

Ryu runs towards Devil Jin and performs another Tatsumaki Senpukyaku, Devil Jin braces himself for each hit, but on the last swing of Ryu's leg, Devil Jin grabs it, and slams Ryu into the ground, Devil Jin chuckles, but Ryu quickly uses his own legs to sweep Devil Jin off of his feet, hitting the ground abruptly, Devil Jin gets ticked off, as Ryu comes back to his feet.

Devil Jin fires another Hellfire Blast, Ryu evades again, but Devil Jin uses his quick speed to approach Ryu and successfully grab him, Devil Jin looks at his opponent in the eyes, but he cannot see him, only the blank void of white, Ryu gazes into Devil Jin's eyes "The power of the demon is great, you must resist it, or else it will dominate you forever..." Ryu's words of wisdom seem to strike a chord with the man within Devil Jin.

Angrily Devil Jin clinches his hand holding Ryu, choking him out, but the fury is not enough, Devil Jin presses harder and harder until finally, **snap**, the godly aura enveloping Ryu dissipates and Ryu returns to his normal self. Devil Jin drops Ryu on the ground, and laughs maniacally! "Aha AHAHAHAHAHA!!"

Devil Jin watches as the now destroyed Dojo lays in ruins, and his opponent lay on the ground, a deceased corpse.

*Music stops*

The next morning...

Jin Kazama awakens to see the sin is directly blinding him, he covered his eyes and slowly came to, he looked around him and saw a Dojo crumbled to smithereens, he looked around and saw the man he had approached, he checked his pulse to see if he was alright...

He felt nothing, a flat heartbeat.

Jin knew that this was his doing through the Devil Gene, Jin looked at the totality of his actions "This battle... this is what my final battle with my father will be like... I do not look forward to it..." Jin lamented the reality that would soon face him, wishing that his opponent was still alive so that he could gain a greater understanding of demonic powers and how to control them, but the consequences of actions have taken that opportunity away from him.



(Cue Karma - Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion)

Boomstick: Ouch... that's not fun to watch... I can just feel that hurt...

Wiz: Ryu and Jin are perhaps two of the most evenly matched opponents, they both match each other in many aspects, in fact, were it not for their transformations, this battle might have been a true stalemate.

Boomstick: But of course, those wicked demonic transformations decided everything! While Evil Ryu and Devil Jin are exponentially stronger than their base forms, Devil Jin manages to outpace and outspeed Evil Ryu.

Wiz: One of Ryu's most notable weaknesses is his lack of physical range, all of his attacks are traditional martial arts combined with the techniques of the Ansatsuken, but while the Shoryuken and the Tatsumaki Senpukyaku are strong, they do not provide Ryu to attack long-range opponents.

Boomstick: And one of Devil Jin's best advantages is that he gets to fly as well as shoot out the Hellfire Blast, an attack that is very fast, and strong enough to hurt even the likes of Azazel, who definitely surpasses Ryu.

Wiz: While the Power of Nothingness is a great advantage for Ryu to use, it's not unbeatable.

Boomstick: "But Wiz, didn't Ryu use the Power of Nothingness to beat Necalli and Bison, both of whom using dark powers as well?

Wiz: Yes, and Ryu was able to best both of them through the usage of the Power of Nothingness, but it's important to understand the context behind those fights, Necalli was attempting to claim Ryu's soul for his own, and Bison was attempting to use Psycho Power to possess Ryu's body, and in both scenarios, Ryu's Power of Nothingness was able to protect his soul.

Boomstick: By comparison, Devil Jin isn't looking to snatch souls from people, Devil Jin is simply a transformation that manifests itself as a demonic version of Jin.

Wiz: While Ryu is the older fighter by almost a decade, Jin's powers are not only very strong, but they provide him with enough advantages to gain the upper hand against Ryu, take Devil Jin's forest-destroying feat, for example, Evil Ryu doesn't quite have anything comparable in that regard.

Boomstick: With greater range, speed and power, Jin and Devil Jin managed to secure his victory, looks like Jin managed to win by snapping this right into place.

Wiz: The winner is Jin Kazama!

Jin Kazama vs. Ryu is a What-If? episode of Death Battle.


Tekken vs Street Fighter! Two heroic protagonists who seek to rid a dark energy inside them clash in a battle to the death!


(Cue Invader - Jim Johnston*)

Wiz: Two powerful martial artists, each seeking to control the dark temptations that lie within.

Boomstick: Jin Kazama, the Child of Destiny.


Wiz: And Ryu, the wandering World Warrior.


Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to see who would win... a Death Battle.

Jin Kazama

(Cue Advent of Angels I - Bayonetta*)

Wiz: Jin Kazama was born in Yakushima, Japan to the kind-hearted Jun Kazama and the evil Kazuya Mishima, before he was born, his father Kazuya died after being thrown into a volcano by his father, Heihachi Mishima.

Boomstick: Anyways after Anakin died, Padmé Amidala raised Luke Skywalker and-

Wiz: Boomstick, Jin's origin is similar to Luke Skywalker's but he still isn't him. Anyways, At an early age, Jun trained Jin in the traditional Kazama-style martial arts and lived with him in a peaceful and quiet forest in Japan. However, in one peaceful day, Jun sensed a dark force coming and told Jin to seek Heihachi Mishima should something bad happen to her.

Boomstick: Yeah! Seek out a greedy, and ruthless asshole should something bad happen to her, C'mon Jun! You have many other family members why not tell Jin to find them!

(Cue Hatred - Tekken: Blood Vengeance*)

Wiz: Anyways, her premonitions were true and a monster named Ogre, raided and destroyed their home when Jin had his 15th birthday. During the attack Jun was assumed dead and Devil, Kazuya's cursed soul, returned and gave Jin a nice tattoo.

Boomstick: Following Jun's bad advice, Jin seeked his grandfather, who is a would-be dictator, Heihachi and trained him in the Mishima-ryu Karate for 4 years.

Wiz: Being a Mishima, Jin has the ability to use electricity in his fist to devastate opponents, and wears gauntlets that support it's electric properties.

Boomstick: He also uses a few moves that support his electric fists like the Dragon Uppercut, which is basically a Shoryuken but slower, and many other moves like the Left Splits Kick. 

Wiz: Anways, on Jin's 19th birthday, Heihachi announced the 3rd King of the Iron Fist tournament to test Jin's skills. However, Heihachi had plans of his own, the tournament was just merely a plan to lure Ogre in and extract Jin's Devil Gene, which is the meaning of his cool tattoo. Jin swept through and defeated every opponent apart from a Taekwondo prodigy by the name of Hwoarang, whom he fought to a draw, which created a friendly rivalry between the two, anyways, Jin managed to advance to the final stage and fought his sworn enemy, Ogre, Jin defeated Ogre and his second form, True Ogre, winning the tournament

Boomstick: And then, the Tekken Force gunned him down out of nowhere and Heihachi shot his head. Jin, bet you should've never listened to mom now!

Wiz: Driven by hatred, Jin surprisingly rose back up, killed all of the soldiers, and knocked out Heihachi. Then he flew away. This was his first experience using the demonic power within him, the Devil Gene. Which transforms him into Devil Jin. Which gave him a wide array of supernatural powers and mixes both Kazama and Mishima fighting styles.

Boomstick: It gives him mutliple cool tattoos, horns stickin' outta his head, black angel wings, and a third eye which he uses to fire laser beams! Oh, and he also has a healing ability and short-ranged telekinesis.

Wiz: Waking up in a destroyed forest, Jin started to loath his bloodline, traveled to Australia and learned Karate for 2 years to forget his Mishima-ryu style and learned one iconic and unblockable move, the Avenger and a Rage Art where he lands a barrage of punches before landing a final electric strike. Jin then entered the 4th King of the Iron Fist tournament to exact revenge on Heihachi. However, he was kidnapped by the Tekken Force before he could face his father Kazuya, who was bought back to life by G-Corporatio, and imprisoned in Hon-Maru, the Mishima dojo. Kazuya then won the tournament and visited Hon Maru to finally take Jin's Devil Gene but couldn't somehow take it. Then Jin escaped and transformed into Devil Jin, and beat them both up.

Boomstick: Then Jin was about to kill Heihachi but couldn't because his mom would be upset at him being a monster.

Wiz: This means that the Kazama bloodline can supress his Devil Gene if necessary.

Boomstick: Then Jin participated in the 5th King of the Iron Fist Tournament and defeated and killed it's sponsor, his great-grandfather Jinpachi Mishima and took the Zaibatsu from him. Then Jin started a war to awaken Azazel, the first person to wield the Devil Gene, Jin did awaken him, and killed him in one-hit because his half-uncle Lars beat him before but still couldn't cure his Devil Gene.

Wiz: With that said being the Tekken poster boy doesn't mean he's unstoppable he's lost a few matches against Lars, Raven, and Hwoarang. He also can't get rid of his Devil Gene but Jin doesn't give up, he never gives up.

Jin: I will put an end to this!

Xiaoyu: Jin! Don't let hatred turn you into a monster!

Jin: But i am a monster, it's all that's left!

Xiaoyu: Can't you understand, all this fighting is pointless, it's never gonna end!

Jin: It will end with this bloodline, and that is why i fight!


(Cue Dragon Punch - Street Fighter Legacy*)

Wiz: Ryu, the Wandering World Warrior, the winner of the first World Warrior tournament. He is an honorable warrior, being one of the strongest Street Fighters. He practices Ansatsuken, an assassination art, although the name is a bit misleading.

Boomstick: It's actually his master Gouken's take on the martial art, which is based on self-defense. He taught Ryu and Ken many techniques that allowed them to win tournaments.

Wiz: These techniques include the Hadoken, a fireball composed of ki, and is as warm as his body temperature, the Shoryuken uppercut, which is an uppercut that sends his opponents sky high.

Boomstick: He also has the Tatsumaki Sen- how do you say that?

Wiz: The Tatsumaki Senpukyaku is a kicking technique that lets Ryu fly around like a helicopter for a short amount of time. Just call it Tatsumaki.

Boomstick: Anyways, he has a move called the Joudan Sokutogeri which kicks opponents so hard it knocks them of off walls and V-Trigger called Denjin Renki which electrifies his attacks.

Wiz: He also has a V-Skill called Mind's Eye which is basically a parry. Ryu also has a dark energy coursing through him since childhood, the Satsui no Hado, during a spar with Retsu, a friend of Gouken's, Ryu nearly beat him to death.

(Cue Akuma's Theme - Super Street Fighter IV*)

Boomstick: But the most famous moment he gave in to it was during his first time entering a tournament. After defeating 7 combatants, he fought the Muay Thai champion Sagat. The two fight a brutal battle, but Sagat manages to gain the upperhand. That was, until Ryu gave in to the Satsui no Hado and scarred Sagat with a Metsu Shoryuken.

Wiz: Upon winning the tournament, Ryu felt very different, and was struggling to contain the Dark Hado. Ryu can tap into a short amount of this power, such as using it to create a Metsu Hadoken and should he use it too much he becomes Evil Ryu, and has a stronger Metsu Hadoken. Evil Ryu is unstoppable like Gouken's brother Akuma and even has stamina that is as weak as Akuma's himself, and whole slower than Akuma, doesn't have low stun like Akuma.

Boomstick: He can also pass through projectiles and any attacks using a technique called Ashura Senku, and it has a better purpose as it's also used to phase towards the opponent in the Dark Hado's signature technique, the Shun Goku Satsu, or more commonly known as the Raging Demon.

Wiz: This is the exact attack that Akuma used to kill the likes of his own master Goutetsu, M. Bison, Gouken and Gill. However, there are ways to counter it such as the time Gill actually ressurected himself after Akuma left the Illuminati base and Gouken actually survived using the Mu No Ken, or the Power of Nothingness which empties one's soul. Gouken then recovered from his grave, after a two year coma because he wrongly timed the Power of Nothingness when the Raging Demon hit him. When he finally found Ryu, he sealed the Satsui no Hado off of him using the Power of Nothingness.

Boomstick: The Power of Nothingness is powerful, even more powerful than the Satsui no Hado itself, and is a Kryptonite to evil and dark energy. One time he touched Seth and burnt his arm because Seth is evil and was trying choking him to death, shot a Metsu Hadoken, that is know powered by the Power of Nothingness and looks like a Kamehameha, blasted him across the theater, and got him into muscle spasms, yes that happened. He's strong enough to defeat Fei Long, and many other combatants.

Wiz: However, Ryu is not perfect, he's lost a number of fights against Oro, his best friend Ken, and M. Bison, but he defeated him in Alpha 3, and has defeated Ken a few times, and well... The Dark Hado is still lures inside of him at times the Power of Nothingness is deactivated. However, Ryu still continues to fight, and strive to be a Warrior.

Ryu: This is the path of my destiny!


Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set let's end this debate once and for all.

Boomstick: It's time for a Death Battle!



(Cue Akuma Rises - Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist*)

In a Chinese Castle, A man with a Devil Gene tattoo is seen passing by a man with a Red headband and senses a dark energy in him. "It cannot be!" The man said upon sensing an energy similar to that of the Devil Gene. "The Devil Gene is from the Mishimas but how!?"

The Man is then revealed to be the Child of Destiny Jin Kazama believes that the energy he sensed is the Devil Gene and turned around to face the man.

"Hey you!" Jin shouted. The man then turns around to face the man who shouted at him, and the man was revealed to be none other than the Wandering World Warrior, Ryu

"I know why you called me" Ryu said. "You have a dark energy within you, similar to mine". Jin then does his fighting stance and so does Ryu which forces many civilians in the area to run away in fear.

(Cue Ryu's Theme - Street Fighter V*)


Ryu and Jin then run at each other and trade blows, with Jin taking advantage. While Jin continues to overpower Ryu, he quickly uses his V-Skill, the Mind's Eye, to avoid a punch.

"Raaghh!" Screams Ryu as he punches Jin, and Shoulder Throws him. He then kicks Jin upon recovering from the throw using a Joudan Sokutogeri, which sends Jin crashing into a wooden pillar and breaking it. "Is that the best you can do?"

"I'll show you more!" Jin exclaimed then picks up the pillar with tremendous strength, and throws it at Ryu, who catches it, and swings it at Jin, causing him to crash into another wooden pillar.

Jin then surprisingly recovers from the attack, and runs towards Ryu.

As Ryu attempts to hit Jin, he manages to catch his punch and hit and devastate him with his unblockable attack, the Avenger.

As Ryu is sent reeling and lying onto the ground. Jin runs at Ryu's stunned body, and jumps at him, causing him to fall down another floor while Jin's foot is at Ryu's face, causing the slam to be extremely painful and many civilians to run away in fear but Ryu manages to get Jin's foot out of the way, and kicks his shin, getting Jin out of his way.

"Shakunetsu!" Ryu shouted as he threw the flaming variant of the Hadoken at Jin's back, stunning and devastating him. Jin then begins to tap into a portion of the Devil Gene to quickly recover from the fight.

"Metsu....Hadoken!" Ryu shouted as he throws a Hadoken energized by the Satsui no Hado but Jin deflects it due to the Devil Gene. Ryu then runs towards Jin and attempts to hit him but Jin catches the punch and does the Tidal Wave move on him, slightly breaking the ground, and then lifts Ryu up, puts him against a wall, and does the Median Line Destruction at him, causing the wall to slightly break followed by his Rage Art, which finally breaks the wall, and causes Ryu to fall by the large wooden staircase, which slightly breaks.

"Raaaggh!" Jin shouted as he jumps from the hole he caused after doing the Rage Art at Ryu, but as he was about to land and stomp Ryu by the head, Ryu rolls aside, and causes Jin to break a small portion on the stairs, and land into another. Jin then jumps up at the hole, grabs a portion of the wooden planks in the staircase, and then gets himself back up and stretches himself to get ready.

Ryu and Jin then trade blows with each other, this time with Ryu taking the advantage. The World Warrior then strikes Jin with two punches, and then a Shin Shoryuken. While Jin is in mid-air, he charges a Shinku Hadoken. "Shinku!" Ryu shouted as Jin is nearly about to fall down. "Hadoken!" Ryu yells as he throws the projectile at Jin, causing his fall to be painful, as he was devastated at the shot. Jin then recovers and surprises him with his signature unblockable move the Avenger, and throws him out of the staircase, causing him to crash into another staircase, destroying it and the other staircases below, seemingly killing Ryu.

Jin then jumps out of the staircase and lands down properly. "It's a pity, he never used the Devil Gene at its fullest" Jin said as he walks away from the wooden rubble that crushed Ryu. Jin then senses the dark energy he sensed before, this time stronger than before. "What the!?" Jin shouted as the dark energy grew stronger, then a Metsu Hadoken came out of nowhere and hit Jin, which incapacitates him, then a demon with a red aura emerges from the rubble by jumping, and shouted "You are a pitiful wretch!". The demon is then revealed to be the Hatred Incarnate Evil Ryu.

(Cue Evil Ryu's theme - Asura's Wrath *)

Jin then recovers from the Hadoken, and says "So this is your Devil Gene.". Evil Ryu then runs towards Jin, and exchanges blows with him with Evil Ryu taking advantage, and hits Jin with a Tatsumaki Senpukyaku, and then a Shoryuken. "Inevitable!" Shouted Evil Ryu as he throws Jin to a wooden pillar, breaking it, and then grabs him by the head, and slams it to a wall before throwing him aside. As Jin tries to recover, he hears in Devil tell him in his thoughts "Give in to darkness, child, come on, turn it on, become the Devil" before he is kicked in the head by Evil Ryu making him lie in the ground in pain. The Devil then tells him "It is I your soul, you cursed soul, that makes you a man that rises above gods!". Jin then tells the Devil "No! This can't be the only solution!". Evil Ryu then senses a dark energy within Jin and tells him "You were holding back! Show me, show me your true strength child!". Devil then tells Jin "Huahahahahahahaha, see even he knows that your still not at your fullest, give in, give him a fight! Kill him!". Evil Ryu then lifts Jin up, and charges a Metsu Hadoken. "Metsu..." Evil Ryu screamed when charging, and then throws the projectile as he screamed "Hadoken!" Which devastates Jin, and sends him very far.

Jin, unconcious, then hears Devil in his thoughts, telling him "Now, it's my turn!" Jin then screams "Aaaaah!" and recovers, and has his wounds healed instantly.

It then zooms into outisdemof the temple, at dawn, it then zooms into a wall, that is later smashed because Evil Ryu was slammed into it with telekinesis, and the man who slammed it was none other than Jin's Devil Gene form, Devil Jin.

(Cue Devil - Tekken Blood Vengeance*)

"This is more like it!" Shouted Devil Jin in a sadistic way as Evil Ryu attempts to recover but Devil Jin uses telekinesis to lift Evil Ryu back up with his telekinesis, hits him with a Dragon Uppercut, and then uses his telekinetic abilities to slam him into a roof, Where he flies towards, and both had an intense contempt and rage-induced glare at each other.

(Cue Honest Eyes - Black Tide*)


"Yes, yes!" Shouted Evil Ryu in a sadistic way and goes into his Messatsu Stance. Both then trade blows with Devil Jin taking the advantage easily. Devil Jin then hits him with a Lightning Uppercut before using his telepathy to hurt Evil Ryu by giving him a headache, and using his Rage Art and the Double Face Kick to make him fall down the roof. Devil Jin then looks down to see what happened to Evil Ryu, only to see nothing. Enraged, he fires a Hellfire Blast, to destroy the building they fought in. Devil Jin then lands down and covers his eyes because of the dust. As the dust dissipates, Devil Jin then looks for Evil Ryu, who then reveals himself in the flames, and telling him "Die!". Devil Jin then attempts to kill him with his laser beams, but Evil Ryu sidesteps, ducks under, and jumps over his Beam and shouting "Shakunetsu!" and throws a Shakunetsu Hadoken, burning Devil Jin's face, and hitting him with a Messatsu Gou Shoryu, planting Devil Jin's face on the floor.

(Cue Jin & Xiaoyu Pandora Theme - Street Fighter X Tekken*)

"Too easy." Says Evil Ryu as he leaves, believing Devil Jin to have died from the hit. But Devil Jin easily recovers, and tells Evil Ryu "I'm not dying anyday, now come at me you son of a bitch!". Evil Ryu, hearing him, turns around and glares at him.

"I will not back down." Says Devil Jin as his wounds heal and his wings rise and then slightly levitates. Evil Ryu then does the Messatsu stance, and both run at each other with Evil Ryu doing the Shun Goku Satsu, an attack that obliterates the soul, an attack no one could ever hope to survive

The music stops, the screen goes black, and when it goes back on, it is believed that Evil Ryu had won, and Devil Jin had died, but Devil Jin is seen choking Evil Ryu to death with one hand, surprisingly able to survive the Raging Demon.

"Pitiful wretch!" Says Devil Jin as he chokes Evil Ryu to near death with Evil Ryu holding Devil Jin's arm with both hands in an effort to get Devil Jin's hand off his neck.

(Cue Ryu's Theme - Street Fighter IV*)

However, Ryu's appearance begins to change, his eyes are glowing pure white, his skin going back to it's original tone, and a blue aura rising around his body, his grip on Devil Jin's arm tightens, and burned a portion on Devil Jin's arm.

"Get off me!" Shouted Devil Jin as his arm burnt badly, and then tries to manipulate his mind but realizes that it's empty, indicating that he had tapped into the Power of Nothingness.

"What is this power?!" Screamed Devil Jin. "Look at this, all the chaos you've caused, all the lives you ruined, all the buildings you destroyed, all the flames you've ignited!" Shouts Ryu as he punches Devil Jin away. Devil Jin, overpowered, flies up high, and shoots a devil beam at full power at Ryu, but Ryu activates his V-Trigger, and shoots a powerful Power of Nothingness-infused Metsu Hadoken, which fights away the Devil Beam and redirects it at Devil Jin's forehead, who gets hurt by the combined power of the Devil Beam, and Metsu Hadoken, sending him to muscle spasms in mid-air.

As he is falling, Ryu runs towards him, and lands an electric Shin Shoryuken, which tears through his stomach, which was so painful that Devil Jin screamed in agony, Ryu then grabs his neck with his right hand, and brutally tears him in half, killing him.


As Ryu leaves the temple, Devil Jin's torn body is seen lying down, completely lifeless.


(Cue Street Fighter Dubstep Remix - Antoine Lavenant*)

Boomstick: That....was....awesome!

Wiz: No kidding Boomstick. Ryu and Jin equal each other in their base forms, having categories where they equal each other and categories where Jin outclasses Ryu at and vice versa for example Jin outclassing Ryu in close-range combat but Ryu outclassing Jin at long-range combat which should lead them to giving in to their demonic forms in order to turn the tides.

Boomstick: It looked like Devil Jin was going to easily kill Evil Ryu, but Evil Ryu has multiple techniques that saved his ass.

Wiz: However, it came down to the one technique that could've made him win this fight earlier than now. The Raging Demon, but Devil Jin's soul is protected by his Devil Gene, and his pure mother's bloodline which explains why Devil Kazuya couldn't take his other-half from Devil Jin.

Boomstick: So it all came down to one last question, does Ryu have another solution to fight back against the Devil Gene?

Wiz: Well, yes. The immensely powerful Power of Nothingness is the solution. Remember, the Power of Nothingness is a stronger form of the Satsui no Hado, and in fact, it's even stronger than Akuma itself. An example of its immeasurable power is the time he burned Seth by just touching him, and shot a Metsu Hadoken that's so powerful it created a large beam that sent Seth into muscle spasms. So the Power of Nothingness easily allowed Ryu to fight back and defeat Devil Jin once and for all.

Boomstick: It Looks like Jin just Tek-can't beat Ryu

Wiz: The winner is Ryu.


Ryu vs Jin is a What-If? Death Battle Written by TOSHIKI OVERLORD


Two Protagonits of the fignting games with demonic power entre in ring. Who will live here?


( Cues Invader Jim Johnston)

Wiz: Fight games, the genre more addictive and competitive of the genre.

Boomstick: If you are a fan of this genre really Archetypes of characters that are typically used. As Cyborgs, ninjas, or the prota karate martial style only with malignant transformation.

Wiz: Ryu, the wandering World Warrior.

Boomstick: And Jin Kazana, the child of Destiny. He's Wiz And Boomstick

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to see who would win... a Death Battle.


Ryu render

(Cues Dragon Punch-Ryu Theme)


  • Height: 175 cm | 5'9"
  • Weight: 68 kg | 150 lbs
  • Birthday: July 21, 1964
  • Blood Type: O
  • Dislikes: spiders, wearing shoes
  • Capable of sleeping anywhere
  • Has eyebrows so epic that they cannot be contained by his headband

Wiz: Being an orphan at an early age and without memory of his parents. Ryu was found by the anatsuken teacher Gouken, who would take him as a pupil and as a son.

Boomstick: Ryu kept training for several years showing to be a talented martial artist on his own. Until the patriarch of the Master family brought his son Ken, who became his partner in martial arts and his best friend.

WIz: At the age of 23, Ryu finally shows off his combat skills by entering the World Warrior tournament organized by Muay Thai master Sagat.

Boomstick: Ryu surprised everyone by reaching the final against Sagat himself, after a great battle ... Sagat is victorious. But when he wanted to be a good sportsman when trying to shake hands, Ryu gave him a strong blow that would open the chest to the poor man, Fuck You Ryu.

Wiz: That was the first time that Ryu was consumed by the Satsu not Hado the full potential of the Anatsuken.

Boomstick: However, the tragedy literally reaches his door, after returning to the Dojo and his friend Ken finds the body of his master Gouken. Upset Ryu swears revenge and find the killer, Akuma.

(Cues Marvel vs Capcom-Ryu Theme)


  • Shoryuken
  • Hadoken
  • Tatsumaki Senpukyaku
  • Joudan Sokutogeri

Wiz: Thanks to the anatsuken Ryu is a formidable warrior, his strength is such that he can destroy a car. His signature technique is the Hadoken, a small burst of energy that impacts the opponent. It has the power to destroy a building, and a waterfall

Boomstick: For close combat, Ryu prefers SHORYUKEN! literally the fist of the ascendant dragon, where he makes a powerful blow on your face and also to waterfalls. Besides the Tatsu ... Say it, Wiz, it's still hard for me.

Wiz: Tatsumaki Senpukyaku, Ryu rotates several times in the form of a helicopter with his foot, in addition he can avoid bursts of energy and defenses.

Boomstick: The Joudan Sokutgeri, is usually a kick that sends you away. Ryu has traveled the world improving his techniques and getting great variations of it.

Wiz: Ryu strengthens his movements thanks to Denji Ranki. Powered by electricity, that's electricity, Ryu can take a lot of damage and even break some defenses of the opponent. However, when the situation warrants it, and Ryu's frustration and desire for victory take over, he can get the transformation of the No Hado Satsu.

(Cues Evil Ryu)

Evil Ryu

  • Succumb to the Satsui No Hado
  • It originates in the darkest of human instinct
  • Increase the user's physical abilities
  • You can run the Rasing Demon

Wiz: The Satsui No Hado is the power that Akuma welcomed. Originated in the darkest of Human instinct. Ryu gets a big increase in his physical characteristics in exchange for a desire to kill.

Boomstick: That is demonstrated in their attacks. The Messatsu-Goshoryu literally a Shoryuken orda. A more powerful version of the Hadoken, can approach and be immune to any attack with Ashura Renku. But none compares to Ryu's most powerful attack.

Ryu goes to Ken. Then the screen turns black and several blows are heard accompanied by lights. After finishing Ken lies on the ground.

Boomstick: The Rasing Demon.

Wiz: The Rasing Demon has the ability to destroy the soul of the opponent using his own sins against him. Although powerful, Ryu does not completely control the Satsu No Hado especially his refusal to use it, for his luck, he can enter a new state known as the power of nothing. Unlike the No Hado Satsu, the power of nothingness is achieved through the spiritual peace of the individual and his ability instead of defeating the opponent.

Boomstick: Ryu gets a small blanket of energy that burns bullets. He can prevent Necalli from devouring his soul, including the seal of M.Bison's Psyco Power, as well as causing Seth muscle spasms. Take that Gay Manhattan.


  • Lifted a boulder with Oro sitting on top of it
  • Survived a punch through his chest from Akuma
  • Dodge bullets at point-blank range
  • I finish with M.Bison forever
  • Defeated Adon, Sagat, Seth, Dudley, Hugo, Necalli, and Alex.

Wiz: He was able to beat big heavyweights like M.Bison, Alex and Hugo. He has the strength to lift a rock with Oro on top of it, besides being one of the few people who can keep up with Akuma

Boomstick: Even Akuma came to congratulate him and Bison declared that it would be a good body. Although the latter is not a compliment.

Wiz: But Ryu is not perfect. Despite keeping up, I never defeated Akuma or gold. He does not have full control the Satsui No Hado and his fighting style is very simple and occasionally predictable. Even so Ryu opened the way to several protagonists of the Fighting Game.

Evil Ryu: My name is Ryu, and the ultimate power has awakened within me!


Jin Kazama Tekken Tag Tournament 2

(Cues Sparking)


  • Age: 21
  • Height: 180 cm (5’11’’)
  • Weight: 75 kg (165 lbs)
  • Occupation: Unemployed, Former head of Mishima Zaibatsu
  • Hobby: Walks in the forest, forest bathing
  • Fighting Style: Kyokushin Karate
  • Friend of Xiaoyu and Hwoarang's rival

Boomstick: If there is something that can be described to the Mishima family is... THE FIGHT FOR POWER.

Wiz: From Jinpachi Mishima his grandson Kazuya. Members of this family have had a battle to control the Mishima Corporation. The recent was between his father Heihachi and Kazuya in the usual way. Son replaced father.

Boomstick: But definately Heihachi to retake his throne, to launch his son into a volcano. But this had an adventure with Jun Kazama. This complicated story, born Jin Kazama.

Wiz: having your mother as a single family, Jin was trained by his mother all his life in the forest.

Boomstick: Until an Aztec God attacked them suddenly, leaving KO to Jin poor. Waking there was traces not of him, or of his mother. So his only option was to go where his grandfather Heihachi, who teaches Karate of the Mishima style. Although I was using it to get the power of Ogre, unfortunately when the killer, Heihachi saw that her grandson was not of interest. So he decided to give the Goodnight... forever. But not told that he had a demon inside waiting to wake up.

(Cues Jin & Xiaoyu pandora)

Wiz:Betrayed Jin broke ties with his family, Mishima, neglect the Mishima-ryu and installed in Australia to learn traditional Karate. Jin compensates for his lack of strength, with agile movements that allows an easy counter-attack and evasive maneuvers. In addition the majority of their movements are difficult to read.

Move Set

  • Power Stance
  • Avenger
  • Penetrating Fist
  • Mental Alertess
  • Kazama Style Combo

Boomstick: Jin also knows a few movements that help him in combat. He even combines them in his deadly combos.

Wiz: Wiz: The most famous movement of Jin is the Power Stance. Where it enters an apparent defensive position to later attack, with a dozen blows.

Boomstick: ORAORA! Shining his gloves in the process. It gives a powerful blow in the face of the opponent known as Avenger, to finish also it possesses the Penetrating First where his arms believe a small static electricity.

Wiz: Jin can increase the power of his movements with his Mental Alertness. Allowing him to perform an overload of them. His fighting style is very versatile by having his opponent against the wall, he can perform the Kazama Combo Style.

Boomstick: Jin is definitely a great fighter. But if things get difficult, like being about to die, take away his anger and those things, his inner demon can intervene.


(Cues Devil Jin-Antares)

Devil Jin

  • Inherited from their Mishima lineage
  • Increase physical abilities
  • Earn the ability to fly
  • Telekinesis
  • Power Absorption
  • Regeneration

Wiz: That was the devil gene inherited from his father Kazuya. Being an abnormality within the Mishima family. The carrier ends up being a host of a demonic spirit that acts as a kind of parasite.

Boomstick: They are like Venom, only instead of being aliens they are voices in your head. Jin had his demonic genes since he was a baby, it is more his demon IS THE HALF OF THE DEMON OF HIS FATHER. Damn.

Wiz: Also known as Devil Jin. In this new transformation, Jin gains an increase in strength, speed and durability.

Boomstick: Like a pair of wings that allow you to fly. But his devil gene also gives him a couple of new tricks. How to use the Mishima and Kazama styles together.

(Cues Tekken 7 Devil Kazumi Theme)

Wiz: Although that's just the little tip of the Iceberg Boomstick. Jin gains the habit of creating shock waves with his blows, firing a laser beam from the eye of his forehead, regenerating his wounds. Even absorb energy from other powerful beings.

Boomstick: And if it was not enough, Jin can also create energy barriers that protect him from projectiles and attacks from various enemies. You can even do it without the need to be transformed. Devil Jin is right to say that phrase.

Devil Jin: I'll show you the true terror


  • Destroyed an entire forest as Devil Jin
  • Won the 3rd & 5th King of Iron Fist Tournament
  • Defeated Azrael in One Shot
  • It's so fast that it reached Earth's atmosphere
  • He survived the collapse of a tower above.
  • Defeated Ogre, Wang, Kuma, Kazuya, Heihachi, and Jinpachi

Boomstick: I forgot, he also has Telekinesis. It really is a Devil.

Wiz: Jin has proven to have great durability. He was able to withstand a fall of at least 10 floors. In his Devil Jin form he fell a complete tower and got up as if nothing had happened.

Boomstick: Do you want something more impressive? How about the time that by an attack will go to lose his mother ...... Again became Devil Jin and reached the Earth's atmosphere.

Wiz: Even more impressive was the fact of having destroyed a complete forest in its Devil Jin form. Although due to how good a fighter he is, Jin has rarely needed his demonic form. Mostly because he hates it.

Boomstick:Well here comes the typical drama. You have a super genital power that literally turns you into a Boss, but you hate him because he wants to control you and those things. So do anything, like start the third world war to get rid of it ....... Wait Did the third world war?

Wiz: In effect, Boomstick. After defeating his great-grandfather Jinpachi in the fifth tournament of the iron fist. Jin took control of Mishiba Zaibatsu, the company of his parents by creating a war to free the god Azrael. He had the only way to free him from his Devil Gene.

Boomstick: If and when the moment of truth came, it went straight to God and I ended up with Him in a ONE-SHOT. Falling still emptied, but survived I ended up in a coma but survived.

Wiz: In the middle of his coma, Jin finally managed to dominate his Devil Gene, with the sole objective of ending his father Kazuya.

Boomstick: This is clearly a Star Wars story with martial arts.

Jin: I will put an end to this!

Xiaoyu: Jin! Don't let hatred turn you into a monster!

Jin: But i am a monster, it's all that's left!

Xiaoyu: Can't you understand, all this fighting is pointless, it's never gonna end!

Jin: It will end with this bloodline, and that is why i fight!


The fall of a space object to the earth drew the attention of several factions. The Mishima zabatsu and the Shadaloo are the ones that are one step ahead. the leaders, Jin and M.Bison, seek it for personal purposes. Jin senses an energy similar to his Devil Gene and goes after that mysterious object to find out if he can free him from his curse or in the case of being a threat to the world exterminate it. M.Bison is certain that this object will increase his Psyco Power to unimaginable levels and bring him closer to immortality and world conquest. The hermit warrior Ryu finds out about Bison's plans and goes in search of the object to protect it, and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

Several black helicopters belonging to MIshima Zabatsu fly over an immense forest. They were after the search for something that was there, land near the mountains. The first to land, was the leader of the organization,Jin Kazama. He wore a different attire than he usually wears when he is in charge of the war company. A black jacket with yellow flames, accompanied by his typical and characteristic red flame monkey, a black ribbon around Adbomen, red gloves, with small silver spheres in his palms, to finish red shoes. It is rare for Jin to wear his outfit, but possibly he does it so as not to attract attention, that can be confirmed by putting his hood over his face to cover it. A small group of 6 soldiers were with him, but Jin raised his right hand, clearly indicating that they should stop.

"I will continue from here, secure the area" He Says

The soldiers do not respond, just nod their heads. Jin on the other hand leaves running, at first sight it seems that he did not know where he is going, and that he runs randomly through the forest. But the reality is quite the opposite, he is following the trail of an old route, besides feeling a strange energy, maybe it is the strange object that he and M.Bison are looking for. Jin is on a small cliff, he jumps and slides down it, down the rocky path.

Not too far

"Hadouken" It was the cry of a man that immediately followed by an explosion

What was possibly a giant rock, is now dust product of an impact, possibly caused by a wave of energy. A few meters back was a Caucasian man of great musculature, his hair was black and had a red ribbon on his head, although his eyebrows do not fit in them, his eyes were black. He wore a common suit of white Kartekas, his sleeves were torn, had a black belt in the adbomen and was barefoot. Ryu was in the forest because he also feels the strange energy, however the path he took was harder and harder, something that Ryu likes because he wants to exceed his limits to the maximum. When he looks, he sees that there is a small cliff, but Ryu does not care and he jumps equally. He falls on his feet and bends his knees a little and goes walking.

Although they do not notice it, both Jin and Ryu are very close to each other, perceiving their demonic energies. That puts them on alert. Now the two were taking slow steps to make sure. Jin was walking through a cave, looking around, while Ryu sees something moving in a tree and he collapses it with a kick, at the end it was a deer with his son, so he stays calm and follows his course, although he realizes that the Evil energy was in the entrance of a nearby cave and runs to beech. Jin who was in the cave stops in its tracks because that presence was going towards him.

Jin steps back just in time. Ryu executes a strong blow that raises a small cloud of dust, accompanied by a small crack in the ground. Then Ryu shifts his gaze to Jin. jin keeps his eyes on Ryu, grabs his chaquta with his right hand, to act immediately throw it.

(Cues Tekken 7 Jungle)

Jin's jacket ends up on the floor. Without it, Jin's physique is appreciated. On his right shoulder he had the Diabolic Gen tattoo, for some reason Jin was also barefoot and put in a combat position, to which Ryu responds Equal. The battle between these two titans of the fighting games begins now.


Jin and Ryu take a step forward. They extend their right fists, they block each other creating an expansive wave that destroys the nearby trees. However the two fighters remain standing. They now begin to make strong blows against the other, but they manage to block themselves. Jin retreats, that action Ryu punches him by extending his arms back in that same moment, a sphere of blue energy appears, Ryu then throws it at Jin saying his famous phrase.


The attack goes to Jin, but he manages to evade it just in time. The Haduken hits the wall of the cave where he was destroying it in a single attempt, both Jin and Ryu step back to avoid being crushed, then continue fighting. Ryu manages to hit Jin in the stomach, the Mishima opens his mouth due to the force of the attack. Ryu begins to perform a combo by using his right arm to hit Jin's face, then use the left one for the same purpose. Now perform one of his other movements.

"Tasumaki Senpokyaku"

Ryu manages to perform three kicks quickly and continuously Jin and kicks away. Jin gets up quickly. Ryu was going to make a punch, but now Jin begins to take an apparent defensive position to defend himself against Ryu's attack. However, it was not so. His gloves show some white highlights, then to Ryu's surprise, Jin was not defending himself, everything he did was preparing an attack against Ryu. The Power Stance. Quickly and effectively, Jin manages not only to block Ryu's attack, but also manages to hit several blows against him. Ryu finishes in a tree to receive other blows of Power Stance of Jin until the tree is destroyed and consequently Ryu falls to the ground, but it rises using its feet. Jin eludes the possible blow. Ryu tried a few fists and kicks, but Jin backs up maintaining a defensive position. Although confused, since he does not know if he really defends himself or is preparing another movement. Ryu goes by his missing movement, extends his right arm, something that Jin does too.


"AVENGER" Says Jin

The two attacks are blocked mutely. Jin prepares his Penetrating First. His hands began to emenar static electricity, Ryu responds the same as he uses his Danji Ranki to electrify his Shoryuken. The two hits collide and another expansive wave this time full of electric charges destroys the entire battlefield. Several birds in response flee, while the two continued their fight. Blocking, his blows to follow later. Jin dominates Ryu with a right hook, this one responds the same with the left one. Then the two exchanged blows, those blows were counteracted by the other creating stronger shock waves with a greater range. The animals began to run from that wave, the trees fell. In the distance, the Tekken Force wondered what was happening. Both Jin and Ryu followed their endless struggle, step by step, blow by blow. They end with a blow that generates another expansive wave.

"His speed is impressive" Ryu was said

"His movements are difficult to read, I have to be careful of that" He said as precaution

Ryu puts in piscion to realize another Haduken. Jin knew it and ran to the surprise, however the Haduken was charging, this time it was more powerful thanks to Danji Ranki. After loading for a short time the Haduken is ready. So Ryu goes and throws it.


The Haduken goes up to Jin, however he was still running something that conmonsts Ryu, but does not show it. The Haduken hits Jin causing a huge explosion. Ryu crouches down to hold on to his right knee that touches the ground, thinking it's over, but it was not like that Jin comes out with a big jump with his right arm full of static electricity and ready to be used, Ryu did not have time and receives the blow of Jin, this responds now with a combo. Jin hits his face several times with his Power Stance and finally ends with the Avenger, after hitting Ryu, a crater appears accompanied by cracks in the ground where Ryu was. Jin gets up and ends the battle.

"Do not get in my way again"

Jin was leaving without looking back at Ryu. This one lies on the ground. For a few moments there are no signs of him, until he opens his eyes that turn red. Jin stops feeling a huge dark energy grow, he returns to look at an annoyed Ryu who starts doing wrapped up by a dark and sinister aura.

(Cues Tekken 7 Devil Kazumi Theme)

"What?" ask Jin

Ryu's aura grew to catastrophic levels. Now his skin was dark, his suit black, a red aura appears around his body. The Satsu No Hado has made an appearance. Jin is put in position for a second round. Evil Ryu begins with a Haduken, Jin eludes him, however Evil Ryu makes another Haduken this last one if he manages to hit Jin. Stunned this tries to get up, but this transformation increased Ryu's capabilities now was faster, holding him by his left foot and as if he were a rag doll throws him against several trees that shatters after the impact. Confused Jin tries to get up, it is harder for him and before he achieves anything. Evil Ryu throws three Haduken.

"NO" Jin shouted desperately

Then a purple aura emanates. When the Haduken reach him they do not hurt him, in fact he seems to be protected by an energy barrier. That frustrates Evil Ryu who throws several Haduken against Jin. However this manages to leave intact and makes a leap, now the haduken of Evil Ryu was more powerful almost mimicking Goku's Kamehameha, however the energy barrier protected Jin, although he was at his limit because the attack was so powerful that Jin He retreated a few inches and his grimaces were visible. But almost miraculously Jin manages to get away with it and strike a blow on Evil Ryu that generates a shock wave, although powerful, the blow of Jin only caused a scratch to Evil Ryu. He shows his anger by showing his teeth.

"There is no place for mercy" Says

"SHO!" Says Evil Ryu when giving the first blow to Jin's stomach causing a small shock wave

"RYU" Says doing the same action

"KEN!" Ends after throwing Jin

Jin was in pain, could barely get up. His hands began to tremble, Evil Ryu holds him by his head and with his right arm throws him against a stone wall that was easily destroyed. If Jin continued at this rate he would die. Evil Ryu was going full speed against him, making strong blows to his body. That continued until the purple aura appeared again and scattered Evil Ryu.


(Cues Pavor Nocturnus)

Jin begins to stir on the ground while the purple aura grows around him. He gives a thick, demonic roar from his mouth, two fangs protruding between his teeth. From his back something seems to arise or move. In the end they show to be two wings of black crow, the skin of Jin begins to turn pale and two horns appear in his head. In addition to two tatoos, one on the chest and one on the forehead where it also begins to appear an eye. This extends its wings that destroy much of the forest. This was the demonic form of Jin, Devil Jin.

"I'll teach you the true terror" Says

Devil Jin goes against Evil Ryu after extending his fist creates a powerful shock wave that sends Evil Ryu against the ground raising dust to its alrrededor. Devil Jin executes a punch in his face and with another shock wave sends Evil Ryu through the air. In that Devil Jin takes flight and goes against him, holds his face with his right arm while ascending even more to the heights. The Tekken Force manages to see Jin in his demonic form and they tell themselves what to do but they only remain in discussion. Evil Ryu tries to free himself from Devil Jin after hitting his back with both fists. Devil Jin gives a cry of pain releasing Evil Ryu who falls into a tailspin. Annoyed by the action Devil Jin also descends quickly and hits Evil Ryu in his stomach, the impact creates a powerful shock wave. Devil Jin repeats the process with his Power Stance creating fast and powerful punches against Evil Ryu. In the end Evil Ryu falls into an active volcano. However he manages to fall on the rocky surface without waiting for long Devil Jin also descends to the meeting point. The two exchange looks. They show their teeth, their auras increase. Devil Jin's forehead shines, Evil Ryu takes his position for the Hadouken.

(Cues Heat Haze Shadow)


Evil ryu vs devil jin


The attacks are crossed generating sparks at the moment of contact. the surface cracks and the lava began to emerge on the feet of the participants, but that did not seem to affect them in the least. Once they are finished, Devil Jin catches Evil Ryu sending him to a platform higher, launching his demonic roar. Evil Ryu charges an attack felt after the sudden increase in his red aura. Its attack was the Shoryuken that sends to Devil Jin downwards, but it restrains its fall with its wings in which it uses to return to the platform, nevertheless Evil Ryu executes a Hadouken because it knew that Devil Jin would return flying. But just a few meters from Devil Jin the attack for a strange reason was blocked and Devil Jin did not move any finger. Confused Evil Ryu repeats the process giving the same result, Devil Jin had his alrrededor a barrier of energy to protect himself from the attacks of Evil Ryu. However, he leaves the safety of his barrier when he unleashes it to fire his laser beam.

Evil Ryu manages to elude it with a little difficulty the lightning easily destroyed the rock where Evil Ryu was standing. Devil Jin, repeat the action for the second time Evil Ryu jumps to perform a Hadouken. Devil Jin defends himself with his energy barrier again. After very calmly repeats the action finally getting hit in Evil Ryu causing a wound in the chest, however the wound did not stop Evil Ryu. Instead, he gets even more angry by shining his red aura, noticing in his eyes. Devil Jin goes against him but Evil Ryu manages to catch him and gives a loud roar of fury. He hits him in the face, creating a big crater, he returns to do it for the second time increasing the size of the crater and the cracks. He repeats it again until Devil Jin shoots his laser beam to get him out of his way.

Annoyed Devil Jin's arm shows electricity, Evil Ryu equal. The two demons give a scream crashing their fists generating a great expansive wave. Devil Jin shows a wince and Evil Ryu takes the opportunity to hit him in the chest. After hitting it, a small vacuum of energy is generated in Devil Jin's chest. Evil Ryu hits him another two times increasing the gap and ends with a Shoryuken. Devil Jin falls dejected to the ground with difficulty to get up, that is taken advantage of by Evil Ryu.

"Gotcha" he says as he raises his right knee

Now Evil Ryu seems to slide on the stage to where Devil Jin was who responds with his laser beam however, that does not help because it seems not to affect after everything turns black and several beats are heard. Evil Ryu was running his powerful Rasing Demon, but Devil Jin takes it off after flapping his wings. This was surprising, few people were able to survive the Rasing Demon, much less keep fighting. Devil Jin annoying shoots another laser beam into Evil Ryu's chest. After suffering from the impact, Evil Ryu crouches down in pain just a little. While Devil Jin prepared his next move by turning on himself and giving a powerful hook against Evil Ryu, the Satsu No Hado disappears returning Ryu to its original form. Devil Jin decides to end the life of the anatsuken warrior once and for all. Showing his teeth Devil Jin prepared what would be his final blow, but after doing so.

(Cues Street Fighter X Tekken: Akuma Theme)

Ryu stopped him in his tracks to his surprise. The warrior of the anatsuken began to emanate a white shine that was reflected brilliantly in his eyes, when it reached his arm, Devil Jin began to burn, forced to release what he achieved. Devil Jin takes three awkward steps while watching Ryu furiously, but this changes to a surprised one as Ryu's aura increases to such an extent that a strong fan emerges. This was the definitive transformation, The Power Of Nothingness.

Devil Jin soars a powerful laser beam but it did not affect Ryu. This gives a strong footstep that made the earth tremble and the blast caused Devil Jin oblige to take this observes surprised as Ryu prepared one of his most powerful attacks.

"This is the power of all mankind" He says as he prepares his Hadouken

"SHINKU" It said while Devil Jin was preparing


Ryu fires his most powerful hadouken against Devil Jin. He manages to retain it with his energy barrier showing signs of efforts such as making a grimace showing his teeth or sweating on his forehead. Devil Jin also retreated 5 meters when his barrier came into contact with Ryu's Shinku Hadouken. Both are at a standstill. The stalemate remained until Devil Jin screams in pain and Shinku Hadouken sends him against the wall raising a large smoke screen. Ryu returns to his base form and gets on his knees.

"This is my way ... That has no end"

When the smoke dissipates. Ryu is surprised that Jin is still alive.

(Cues Tekken 7-Jungle Final Round)

"I hope you like this place, because it will be your grave" He says very annoyed

Devil Jin goes at full speed against Ryu piercing him with his right fist. Now Jin performs his Power Stance by doing so he creates big shock waves that weaken the stone walls and incredibly to Ryu. He can be someone very tough but this turned out to be too much for him showing up in the last round of punches. Ryu vomits blood, and then the last crash waves demolish his limbs. Devil Jin makes one last punch, reducing Ryu to a bloody mass and mutilated limbs. Then he decides to leave.



(Cues Street Fighter X Tekken: Tekken Victory)

Boomstick: Stop Ryu fans there! We know that they are upset to see their favorite character die again but listen to the arguments first and then kill us.

Wiz: Ryu and Jin were formidable fighters capable of overcoming any obstacle. However Jin's style was much faster and more versatile compared to Ryu's which was very simple. Jin could fight perfectly in any area and with his aggressive speed put Ryu in a bind.

Boomstick: Ryu's Hadouken could give him a distance advantage that would not do much. Jin can create a ki barrier on himself to protect himself from Ryu's projectiles, allowing him to approach Ryu and leach in them.

Wiz: Although obviously that would not be enough to kill Ryu. Specially because it would accede to its state of Evil Ryu where it would gain an increase of being able.

Boomstick: However that is the same as Jin wins in his Devil Jin form accompanied by a few new tricks. How to use the styles of your father and mother, fly and absorb powers.

Wiz: It has already been shown that the Satsui No Hado can be drained by external agents without much that the bearer can do. Due to Ryu's lack of experience and control over the Satsui No Hado it was an easy bait for Devil Jin.

Boomstick: The Rasing Demon would not do much for Evil Ryu. Devil Jin could simply fly or use a ki barrier to protect against attack. But even if Evl Ryu manages to hit him there is no guarantee that he will kill him, his Kazama blood would protect him as he did when he was a baby.

Wiz: Let's talk about speed now. Devil Jin were immensely faster, arrived in the Earth's Amosphere in just 10 seconds. That feat requires about 4829.712 MACH of speed in my most conservative state. A feat that surpasses anything Ryu has done.

Boomstick: I know what they are saying now "Ryu is at Akuma's level under PS" "Ryu must win".

Wiz: Ryu can be an incredible warrior but CAPCOM already made it quite clear in his games, crossover, comics and in any other medium that Akuma is even higher than any aspiration of Street Fighter fighters including Ryu. But if you are not convinced we will use the PS with Akuma. But if we do PS with Ryu we should do the same with Jin. And remember Devil Jin is half of Devil Kazuya.

Boomstick: And Devil Kazuya ALSO FIGHT WITH AKUMA. But not Akuma in its base state which is normally the Akuma that Ryu faces. Akuma in a new transformation, Shin Akuma. The battle was so close that the collision of their attacks blew up the volcano where they were fighting.

Wiz: And since we are climbing to Devil Jin with Devil Kazuya and taking into account that both have the same abilities being half of each other. We can compare the exploit of the Kazuya ray by destroying the satellite of the Mishima Zaibatsu that was about 3994.9 kilometers away, arriving in only 7 seconds. A feat of 17,918.36735 Mach of speed.

Boomstick: So Jin still wins with Powerscaling but the final test for Devil Jin is if he is able to survive the Power Of Nothingness.

Wiz: The answer is yes. The Power Of Nothingness is capable of sealing any power of evil origin. But the Devil Gene is not a power of evil origin. Devil Gene is of supernatural origin and is an anomaly of the Mishima family. Even some users like Kazumi Mishima did not have an evil attitude, it depends on the user not that the power itself. And again Jin is not evil, he distanced himself from Xiayou and his other companions because they were in danger with his Devil Gene and his story revolved around his attempts to get rid of him, no matter how desperate and destructive they were. That would return in the worst case, in someone selfish not in someone evil.

Boomstick: In any case Ryu does not do much with the Power Of Nothingness. The times that the one used only released a concentrated attack. Devil Jin can fly, dodge it or use his energy barrier to protect himself. Even if he manages to hit him, Jin and his Devil Gene are not evil in addition to his already mentioned blood Kazama that would protect his soul. Jin has a high chance of surviving and giving the final blow to Ryu.

Wiz: In the end Ryu gave a good fight. But Jin's speed, hax skills and better martial style gave him the victory.

Boomstick: Ryu could not do Nothingness before Devil himself.

Wiz: The winner is Jin Kazama.

Devil Jin Wins

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