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Mortal Kombat VS Street Fighter! Which American fighting game soldier who live in worlds of constant peril will come out on top?!

Done by Big the Cat 10[]


Done by Big the Cat 10[]

Wiz: Throughout history, soliders have proven vital in allowing countries to win wars against each other and have helped shaped the world we know today.

Boomstick: And despite being ordinary humans in worlds dominated by monsters and supernatural beings, these two stern American soliders have proven time and time again that they can kick some serious ass!

Wiz: Like Jackson Briggs, the metal-armed solider of Mortal Kombat.

Boomstick: And Guile, the Sonic-Boom specialist of Street Fighter.

Wiz: I’m Wizard and he’s Boomstick and it’s our job to analyse their weapons, armour and skills to find out who would win, a DEATH BATTLE!


Done by Big the Cat 10[]

(Guile's theme - Ultra Street Fighter 2*)

Wiz: Born on December 23rd, 1960, Guile would eventually become a trainee in the United States Air Force and befriend his superior officer, Charlie Nash.

Boomstick: He asked Charlie to teach him his fighting style; however Guile's temper prevented him from fully mastering it. For example, he would have to perform certain moves with two hands while Charlie was able to pull them off with just one. I suppose that's what happens if you have a bad temper.

Wiz: Says you.


Wiz: Anyway, Guile was sent on a mission to find Charlie after the latter went missing. During this mission, he would stumble across the base of the evil organisation Shadaloo in Thailand. While Shadaloo's leader, M.Bison, was being dealt with by the warrior Ryu, Guile and Charlie laid explosives around Bison's source of power: the Psycho Drive. Ryu managed to defeat the villain and destroy his body...

Boomstick: ... But then Bison began to regenerate in the Drive. Charlie then told Guile to escape while he held Bison off; shortly afterwards, the Base exploded. Although Guile and most of his companions managing to escape, Charlie never made it out.

Wiz: Guile would then dedicate himself to fighting Bison's forces whilst also trying to determine if Charlie was still alive, since his body had never been recovered. Guile would eventually be reunited with Charlie, and the two would Join Ryu and Chun-Li in the final fight against Bison.

Boomstick: Guile would witness his friend fight Bison and begin to drain and absorb the dictator's Psycho Power. However, Charlie could not withstand all of Bison's energy and exploded in a blast of light. After Ryu finally destroyed Bison, Guile fled the base and stood outside it as he witnessed the power of Shadaloo finally come to an end.

Wiz: Guile is a fierce warrior who has many abilities and fighting techniques. He's strong enough to destroy cars and obliterate barrels in a single punch, and is said to be on par with Chun-Li, who is strong enough destroy areas as large as towns.

Boomstick: Guile is also one of the fastest characters in his universe and can keep up with characters such as Ryu, who can dodge bullets, and is also pretty tough, being able to survive being blasted back by an attack from Juri which was strong enough to destroy a jet.

Wiz: Guile's fighting style revolves around him being able to anticipate his opponents' next moves and then attacking them. His size enables him to be strong not only offensively but also defensively. His most famous attack is the Sonic Boom: Guile crosses his arms and fires a crescent shaped beam at the opponent. Sonic Booms are defined as "loud explosive noises created by the shockwaves from an aircraft or another object travelling faster than the speed of sound." Essentially, this means that Guile's Sonic Boom packs the force of a shockwave created by an obhect that moves around or above the speed of sound.

Boomstick: Wow, that's really impressive... Ahem...anyway, with the Flash Kick move, Guile performs a backflip whilst kicking the opponent. The arc of the kick leaves a flash in it's wake

Wiz: With the Solid Puncher, Guile fires multiple quick Sonic Booms at his opponent. The Sonic Blade move enables him to create a stationary vertical Sonic Boom projectile. He can also throw a Sonic Boom directly after he launches this projectile to form a two hitting variant of the move called the Sonic Cross

Boomstick: Guile has own unique attacks, which are also called Command Normals. His first attack is the Spin Back Knuckle, where Guile turns 180 degrees, backhanding the opponent and then quickly punching them, which stuns them briefly. And with the Reverse Spin Kick, he attacks the opponent with a forward kick that catches aerial foes, but blocking this move leaves him vulnerable to counterattacks.

Wiz: With the Step Kick, Guile steps forward and kicks the opponent; however, it does take a moment for Guile to use it, meaning that an opponent can dodge it if they're quick enough, and blocking the move will cause the opponent to be pushed back. The Knee Bazooka allows Guile to charge forward with a jumping knee strike.

Boomstick: Lastly, he can use the Guile High Kick move, a spinning high kick that is strong enough to launch an opponent in the air to set up a Combo. Guile also has lots of deadly Super Moves

Wiz: He can perform the Double Flash which is basically just two powerful Flash Kicks, and the Flash Explosion, which hits the opponent with a first Flash Kick then knocking them into the air with the second before hitting in the air with a third and final Flash Kick

Boomstick: The Sonic Hurricane move is a giant Sonic Boom which moves around the opponent in a circular motion, hitting them multiple times. And when his V-trigger is active, he can also use an even larger and powerful variant of this move called the Sonic Tempest, which hits the opponent several times dealing massive damage.

Wiz: Guile has fought against the likes of Ken, Chun-Li, FANG, Vega, M. Bison, Abel and Ryu. Speaking of Ryu, he's regarded Guile as a worthy opponent. Guile has also rescued his friend Charlie from the powerful being Necalli, taken down multiple Shadaloo thugs with a single Flash Kick, and rescued Chun-Li from a crumbling S.I.N laboratory.

Boomstick: He also managed to track down Charlie in Thailand after he had gone missing, was able to take down S.I.N along with Chun-Li, Cammy, and Abel, and with the help of Rashid, Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Cammy, Laura, Decapre, Juri, Zangief, Karin, Ibuki, and R. Mika, finally managed put an end to Shadaloo once and for all.

Wiz: However, many of his moves, such as the Sonic Boom and the Flash Kick, need time to be charged up before they can be unleashed at their full potential. He has also lost to a brainwashed Charlie and often struggled against Bison. His hot temper reduces the efficiency with which he can release his attacks, and he refuses to use guns despite being in the line of work that he's in, which can make harder for him to take down opponents quickly.

Boomstick: However, with his speed and fighting ability, Guile is a formidable opponent who is not to be trifled with!

Guile defeats C. Viper in Super Street Fighter IV.

Guile: In the ring, missions are meaningless. It's a battle of wills. Nothing more.

Jax Briggs[]

Done by DeathBattleDude []

Wiz: Throughout the realms, there were few who had enough firepower take on the dreaded Black Dragon clan.

Boomstick: Except the Special Forces, a military organization intent on dismantling international criminal organizations

(first infobox starts)


  • Full name: Jackson Briggs
  • Height: 6'8" | 203 cm
  • Weight: 350 lbs | 159 kg
  • Age: 28
  • Rank: Major
  • Martial Arts: Muay Thai, Judo, & Wrestling
  • Can morph into a lion

Wiz: From the Special Forces came Major Jackson Briggs, war veteran and the Black Dragon’s toughest opponent yet. (first infobox ends) After taking out most of the Black Dragon’s well-known operatives, Jax found himself chasing its leader Kano to a mysterious island housing the deadliest warriors hailing from the numerous realms throughout the cosmos. Jax found himself participating the tournament of Mortal Kombat.


(Boomstick sings the Mortal Kombat theme)

Boomstick: Upon his arrival on the island of nightmares, Jax found himself facing off against Kano’s new pals from other realms. Needing all the help he can get to fight these otherworldly opponents, Jax allied himself with his hot piece-of-ass junior officer, Sonya Blade, and her newfound associates, Lord Raiden and his chosen warriors consisting of the likes of Liu Kang, Johnny Cage, and Nightwolf. Together, they fought to stop the forces of Outworld from conquering Earthrealm.

Wiz: To take on the deadly opponents of this tournament, Jax made the most out of his skills as a fighter. His fighting style incorporates Muay Thai, Judo, and professional wrestling. He's all about grappling, hard-hitting strikes, and putting the pressure on his opponents. But his weapons are his true friends in the battlefield.

(second infobox starts)


  • Tonfas
  • Spiked Club

Boomstick: As a soldier of war, Major Briggs packs quite an impressive arsenal. He's got multiple firearms to keep his opponents at a distance, from an explosive rocket launcher to a submachine gun, Jax is locked and loaded for any (second infobox ends) shootout that gets in his way. For a fight up close and personal, Jax can use a tonfa or a spiked club to bash his opponents' teeth in. But none of those can hold a candle to his favorite weapon in his arsenal, the bionic arms.

(third infobox starts)

Bionic Arms[]

  • Composed of unknown alloys
  • Gives tremendous increase in strength and power
  • Fires projectiles like sonic energy and rockets
  • Capable of repelling projectiles
  • Can heat up and further increase in power
  • Later enhanced by Kronika
  • Can turn into blades

Popup: While the metal that makes Jax's bionic arms, its ability to crush titanium makes a hardened version of the former metal or tungsten as a possible candidate.

Wiz: Made from an unknown alloy, Jax's bionic arms increase his already impressive physical strength tenfold. With it, he can cause small tremors, tear off limbs, break bones, and crush heads with ease. (third infobox ends) To quantify, it requires around 2,300 newtons of force to crush a skull, which has twice the force an average man can muster, but with Jax's ability to crush much, MUCH more durable objects, it's clear that he crushes them like it's merely butter. And that's not even taking into account his bionic arms' technological capabilities.

Boomstick: It can fire sonic waves and rockets, and heat up when connecting punches to his opponents. The longer Jax is in a fight with his opponent, the more badly it will end up for the poor fucker he's up against.

Popup: Jax's arms were later enhanced by the Time Keeper Kronika, though this upgrade is relatively minor and so that he can keep up with his younger self.

Wiz: When the situation calls for it, Jax can finish off his opponent with a brutal Fatality. He can rip his opponent's arms off and leave them to bleed, morph his hands into swords and skewer them, or even crush them under his own weight. And that's just scratching the surface.

Boomstick: When he's feeling real nasty, he can give his opponent one hell of a species reassignment surgery and turn them into a dinosaur by forcing their arms into their body. And then he rips their head in half! If you ever feel like a raptor trapped in a human's body, then call up Major Briggs for a species affirmation surgery for just 500 doll-

Wiz: Okay that's enough! *coughs* Jax is an intelligent leader, skilled fighter, and a determined warrior. He's taken on multiple threats for the sake of his realm and his daughter, who he seems to value above all else.

(fourth infobox starts)


  • Defeated Liu Kang, Sindel, Sheeva, and Cetrion
  • Killed or defeated most of Black Dragon's members
  • Fought Kintaro to a draw
  • Knocked out Quan Chi in one punch
  • Took out a massive portion of the Kronika's army with one tremor
  • Bested his future self

Boomstick: Throughout his career, he's bested multiple warriors such as the Mortal Kombat champion Liu Kang and the Elder God Cetrion. (fourth infobox ends) He's also fought Kintaro to a stalemate, and if you don't know, this four-armed tiger is dense enough to survive a ship explosion and a nuclear blast!

Wiz: Those range from around 25-30 tons of TNT by the way, and he came out of it relatively fine. He's also taken down Tremor, a Black Dragon member who bought down a small ancient city with his geokinetic abilities. A feat like that could amount up to almost 6,000 tons of TNT yet Jax took him down. In fact, he actually killed him! However, his fighting record isn't perfect and he has had his fair share of losses. He even died three times before and was bought back through magic.

Popup: He only took down Liu Kang, Sindel, and other of his former allies in their Revenant forms, where they gained power in exchange for skill. It is also at this form where he lost against Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade. He also needed Kronika's crown to gain the power to beat Cetrion.

Boomstick: Ol' Jax suffered defeats against Johnny Cage, Reiko, Raiden, and even his junior officer Sonya Blade though these losses only became motivations for him to be more badass. After all, Earthrealm needs a warrior like Major Jackson Briggs.

Quan Chi: Jax... There is no need for hostility...

Jax: Just stop talking.

Jax then uppercuts Quan Chi, which sends him across the room.

Jax: S'good to be back



Done by Big the Cat 10[]

Wiz: Alright the combatants are set, let’s end this debate once and for all!

Boomstick: It’s time for a DEATH BATTLE!


Done by Big the Cat 10[]

Special Forces HQ during the events of Mortal Kombat X

In the Special Forces HQ, Sonya Blade and Johnny Cage were discussing the situation with Cassie Cage’s team and their mission to Outworld when an African-American man in his 50s with metal arms walked into the room with a cigar in his mouth, it was Jackson Briggs.

Jax: Sonya, we got into a messy bout with Liu Kang and the other revnants in the Netherrealm, but I managed to nab Quan Chi and Kenshi should be along soon to deliver the creep to you

A smile then appeared on the face of the Special Forces General.

Sonya: Thanks Jax, with your help we should be able to force Quan Chi to restore the remaining revenants and then we’ll be able to lock the asshole away for good

A solider then interrupts them.

Solider: General Blade, we’ve had reports of the dictator, M. Bison using some sort of mystical energy to terrorise citizens in Far East Asia. Our spies think he might be in league with Kotal Kahn or Quan Chi

Sonya: Dammit, our forces are already stretched thin. Cage, tell Cassie and her team to report back here immediately after they’ve finished the negotiations with Kotal Kahn

Johnny Cage: ‘sighs’ Yes, Ma’am

Jax then interrupts Sonya.

Jax: That won’t be necessary Sonya, I can deal with this Bison bastard myself. Now that my blood’s pumping from fighting those revenants I think I handle one last mission before I go back into retirement.

Sonya: I don’t want to put you through too much Jax, but if you feel you can handle him, then I give you permission to move out, Major.

Jax smiles before leaving the base.

Shadaloo’s base

In Shadaloo’s hidden base the sound of battle noises could be heard before an old and now bruised figure in a red uniform went crashing through a wall and was sent skidding across the floor. It was M. Bison.


Jax then walked through the shattered wall towards Bison before lifting the dictator in the air by the neck.

Jax: I’ll admit you put up a pretty good fight back there, but now it’s time to bring you in so you can pay for your crimes, punk!

M. Bison: Ha! You think you can take me in all on your own? My soldiers will be here soon and they will make you suffer for daring to challenge me!

With a swift movement of his arm Jax punched Bison square in the face knocking him out cold.

Jax: That’s enough out of you

The Special Forces Major then picked up the unconscious body of M. Bison and prepared to leave the base, before hearing a voice behind him it was Guile.

Guile: Stop right there, solider! I’ve been ordered by the United States Air Force to bring Master Bison in to answer for his crimes

Jax: And you are?

Guile: I’m Major Guile of the United States Air Force.

Jax: I’m Major Briggs, Jackson Briggs of the United States Special Forces. Dealing with this asshole now comes under my jurisdiction so I’ll be taking this mission from here.

Guile: I’m afraid I cannot allow you to do that, Major Briggs. If you doubt my authority it looks like I’m going to have to prove it you! Sonic Boom!

The blonde Air Force Major then fired a low power Sonic Boom at his fellow soldier who managed to deflect the projectile with some effort.

Jax then smirked.

Jax: Alright then, how about we have a bit of a sparring match, whoever comes out on top gets to bring Bison in. How does that sound?

Guile: It’s a deal. Just know though that I don’t plan on holding back.

The blonde solider then gets in a fighting position.

Jax: Neither do I.

Jax also gets into a fighting position.



IMG 8135
IMG 8137


Mortician: Jackson Briggs, Mortal Kombat's Steel Armed Soldier

Redshock: Guile, Street Fighter's own Airforce Sonic Boomer

Mortician: These two American soldiers have risked their lives to stop impossible and imposing powers. But which muscle bound soldier is better?

Jax Briggs[]

Redshock: MORTAL KOMBAT!!! The deadliest martial arts tournament of them all! Only the strong will survive from this epic ass tournament from ripping each other apart.

Mortician: This ancient tournament was set up by the elder gods meant to establish a balance between the realms.

Redshock: I don't know about the word "Balance" working here too well. But mortal kombat is not only about ripping out hearts, skulls, and bones.

Mortician: Correct. In order to conquer a realm, or to claim that realm. An invading force from another realm must defeat whichever opposing realm 10 times in a tournament of mortal Kombat held every 50 years.

Redshock: The Outworld Emperor asshole Shao Kahn was only one victory away from conquering earth. I mean that taunt only asshole really wanted it, and even to make players suffer those constant damn taunts whenever you faced him in the older games, and this is a fact!

Mortician: Unfortunately his chief advisor Shang Tsung and top warrior goro were defeated by a monk named Liu Kang, and after discovering his failure Kahn brought the tournament to outworld.

Redshock: And the thunder dude Raiden needed some help from other warriors including Liu kang's bff, the ass kicking sonya blade again, the actor Johnny cage again, and even an American soldier boxing, wrestling, and proud special forces commander: Jackson Briggs.

Mortician: Growing up Jax always idolized the military and was a wrestling and boxing champion for his years before he joined the military, and he would eventually join up with the special forces to track down a band of war criminals from an organization called The Black Dragon. Led by the infamous war criminal Kano.

Redshock: But unfortunately for Jax here. In the first tournament he was captured and had to be rescued by his partner/friend Sonya, and a hot movie star in Johnny Cage. Jax joined the defenders of Earthrealm along with raiden, and would fight against the evil of outworld. Until Jax got something "Explosive".

Mortician: Which includes his own arms being completely blown off of him by Ermac. Or Frozen off by Subzero or ripped off by Goro man Jax really should keep his enemies out of "Arms" length.

Redshock: Don't do the puns that's my job, Jax had lost his arms, but after some enhancements done to him. His arms were replaced with bio cybernetic metal arms. Transforming him into a super soldier. Jax can heat up his new and improved arms with each punch he does and can send fireballs from his punches.

Mortician: This is by igniting hydrogen in the air, which can make Jax's strikes even stronger, and more deadlier. Jax is also packing heat with mini rockets on his arms, a flamethrower, tons of rounds from his shotgun, can turn his arms into blades, and even grow giant!

Redshock: Jax can also form his arms into not only weapons, but his arms are so advanced that Jax can even produce energy from them and can create shockwaves from his punches. And he can literally shatter the ground with a charged up punch. Plus he can even turn into a fucking lion!

Mortician: Yeah, Animality's are weird. He even has remote detonator bombs that he can stick to you, perform his lariats that can split your body in two, and the famous Gotcha grab. He can even play patty cake with your head in between. To do this Jax must be hitting with a force of over 4,000 pounds of pressure to do so.

Redshock: And he can even play baseball with your arms with your head as the ball! Jax is by far one of the most capable combatants in the mortal kombat tournament. He's even ripped off the shokan Kintaro's arms with his metal arms in another series.

Mortician: Although not canon. Jax has demonstrated that he can do that with just regular arms. He's taken down the centaur Motaro, defeated Kano, and even went toe to toe against Johnny Cage.

Redshock: And cage is no joke. He defeated the elder god Shinnok with his war cult powers, and Shinnok should be comparable to another elder goddess in Cetrion. Who could grow to the size of a planet. And it even required her to defeat Shao Kahn in mk9, and Kahn here can fold worlds into outworld by merging realms.

Mortician: The exact meaning of Merging Realms is kept ambiguous. But in Mortal Kombat's intro it showed that both worlds were colliding and merging. When Kahn is merging realms. He is folding the planet into parts of outworld itself, which is over 70 Zettatons of TNT.

Redshock: And Kahn even stole the souls of most of the citizens in Earthrealm, and Jax survived, and even defeated a lot of Kahn's top soldiers. Jax has even dodged lightning from Raiden, and even reacted to Cetrion'ss attacks and lasers. So this means Jax is super strong, super fast, and super tough. I mean he's even defeated the revenant of Liu Kang, and this guy has defeated even Kronika.

Mortician: Even when Jax died. He still retained his memories when he was brought back, but after a woman named Vera brought Jax back to his senses. Jax settled down and had a family with her. And he started to become a protective dad who always watches after his daughter named Jacqui who is just like Jax.

Redshock: Now that he is retired, and to have a daughter that is as skilled as he is. Jax is by far one of Earthrealms mightiest heroes.

Jax: "Yeah these motherfuckers work"


Mortician: Throughout his time in the military. Guile was a trainee in the United States Air Force, and befriended his superior officer: Charlie Nash.

Redshock: Their bromance made Charlie teach guile his form of combat, and even helped out guile on multiple missions. Until one mission went horribly wrong for both. Charlie disappeared, and was never seen again by guile.

Mortician: So guile wanted to go after the criminal organization Charlie was sent to take down their leader M Bison in the organization: Shadoloo. Guile's search eventually leads him to the Interpol investigator Chun-Li, who warns him not to follow Charlie due to the danger involved.

Redshock: And guile here was so determined to hunt down his buddy, and wanted to find Charlie, and he did in a shadoloo base in thailand. Guile informed Charlie that they do not need to be there any longer, as an aerial bombardment will begin in an hour. Charlie, however, insists that Shadaloo leader M. Bison will escape.

Mortician: Until M. Bison appeared and attacked them both, but was no match for their combined prowess. So bison was forced to retreat, calling a gunship to keep them pinned down and cover his escape. After the two chased to Bison's power source: The Psycho Drive. Charlie and Guile decided to set explosives around the Psycho Drive to ensure that if nothing else, it at least will be destroyed.

Redshock: But when a martial artist named Ryu. Defeated bison and made bison's soul retreat into the psycho drive. Charlie tells Guile to get away and while he holds Bison off. Guile escaped right before the base exploded, with Charlie and Bison presumably caught in the blast. After discovering his close friends presumably sacrificed. Guile still believed that Charlie was alive, and still believed in Charlie.

Mortician: Being an experienced soldier, Guile is a master martial artist, wrestler, and military combat expert. Guile is an expert in Taekwondo and has even received training for Chi manipulation. Though his military training has kept him from harnessing the same malleability of Chi as Bison, or other World Martial Arts Tournament members such as Ken or Ryu, what he can do is still more than enough to accent his martial fighting style.

Redshock: Like sending out a wave of energy that Charlie taught him: The Sonic Boom! Guile can dispel a Chi blast from his arms at such speeds, the force seems to strike before his arms do.

Mortician: Guile's flash kick is a super fast somersault kick that guile can flip up and send opponents flying upwards, and with his strikes guile can even stun his opponents with a powerful focus attack. Guile can even use his reversal back knuckles for counter attacks, use his back to forward throws, and even use a barrage of sonic booms.

Redshock: Guile can even upgrade his attacks as well. Like the deadly sonic hurricane which is a stronger, more gustier, and powerful sonic boom that has a shorter range.

Mortician: Gustier? That's not even a word, ah Nevermind. Guile can also increase up his moves more, and even cancel out moves using his Buff Moves dealing stronger attacks than before

Redshock:Did you know that guile can even match characters from Final Fight, and they should be street fighters too. Like mayor Mike Haggar can pile drive his opponents through the earth to the other side.

redshock: Did you know that guile can even match characters from Final Fight, and they should be street fighters too. Like mayor Mike Haggar can pile drive his opponents through the earth to the other side.

Mortician: By measuring the curvature of the earth. It's clear that Haggar must be hitting with over 200 teratons of TNT. And Guile has reacted to bullets, matched Bison blow to blow. Who can move over 20 times faster than sound.

Redshock: He's even defeated the claw wielding Vega, survived battling against the boxer Balrog, and even fought against Ken multiple times. And Ken can knock even fighters as heavy as T Hawk 8 feet in the air. And even the sumo wrestler E Honda shattered a meteor with a headbutt from his Turkish friend Hakan. Who rubbed himself in oil that he launched Honda to obliterate that meteor which would take over 80 Gigatons of TNT.

Mortician: Guile has survived other street fighters like Ryu and fought against him. And while Guile may not be any Ryu or Akuma. He kept up with ryu well enough.

Redshock: But his temper is his greatest weakness. Yeah. I mean. This guy lost his bff, is angry after Shadoloo, and keeps that flat top on him.

Mortician: But with his service to the military, and having a family of his own. Guile will never rest. If you enter into battle with Guile. You will be done in a flash.

Redshock: And in a patriotic way. America! Fuck Yeah!

Guile: "Man enough to fight with me, but not man enough to defeat me!".



At a military base in the US Jax walks up to guile and both salute each other.”It’s an honor to meet you, Jackson Briggs”. “Same for you, Captain Guile”. “Yeah. I heard all about you, and those arms look tough”. “The rumors seem to be right about you. So why don’t we have a brawl?”

Jax preps his stance and both fist bump each other. “You’re on”. “No need to hold back”.


Both collide fist again, then both start to collide fist and Jax weaves around guile and punches him back, then collides his fist and they heat up “What’s wrong?” Jax fires two blasts of heat blasts to guile who dodges one, then punches through the other. “Damn”. “Sonic Boom!”. Guile fires an energy wave to Jax who blocks it, then guile runs over and does a flip kick on Jax and knocks him into the air.

Guile punches Jax down, then Jax gets up and stops guile’s kick by grabbing it. “Nice trick. But I’ve got you now, and it’s my turn!” Jax spins guile around and throws him up into the air and Jax clashes his fists together and they get heated and guile comes down. “Take This!”. Jax punches guile in the stomach so hard a shockwave is created and an explosion happens and knocks guile out of the base.

Guile then grabs two combat knives and hax jumps over and both collide blade arms to combat knives, then guile slides under jax and kicks his back, then jax tries to slice him from behind, then guile dodges his blade arms and punches him back. “Sonic Hurricane!!!!”. Guile sends a wave of energy to jax who clashes his arms together and fires two heated fireballs from his arms to the sonic hurricane and it explodes

“Not Bad”. Guile and Jax run to each other and collide fists, then guile does a flash kick and Jax blocks the kick, and grabs his leg. “GOTCHA!”. Jax swings guile around and throws him to an aircraft, then Jax punches the ground and it shatters the earth and guile hops into the aircraft and the cracked ground heads to the aircraft which tilts over and guile turns on the system. The engines start and guile takes flight in the air craft and Jax dodges it ramming into him, then pulls out his shotgun and fires some rounds and guile dodges them, then fires some missiles to Jax who punches the ground and it causes a piece of land to come up and stops the missiles. Guile then see’s Jax growing giant.

Jax clashes his arms and tries to grab the jet and guile dodges it, then Jax grabs two tanks and throws them to guile who moves out of the way and starts to fire some shots to Jax and he starts to spin around and it creates a whirl of wind around the aircraft. Jax then channels his purple energy into his arms and both collide and cause a shockwave to form purple energy. Guile flies down to hit Jax in the stomach and he spins faster and stronger and starts to push Jax into the air, then Jax charges up a punch and Guile jumps out of the cockpit and charges up a sonic boom.

Both collide a punch to a sonic boom and cause another explosion and Jax lands and guile heads down to Jax and Jax stops himself from sliding back and both collide another punch that cracks the ground more and rocks start to come up from the ground and wind comes up. Both float up and collide punches over and over, then wind up their final punches and they cause a massive explosion and magma comes up from the ground, then Jax starts to break guile’s arm

Jax then turns his other arm into a blade and stabs guile through the chest and blood splatters from the other side and guile starts to drag him around the ground, then throws him up and uppercuts guile’s head off, and rips off his leg. “Batter up!”. Jax hits Guile's head and it goes flying into space into the sun and Jax turns around and puts some sunglasses on. “Fatality”.



redshock: HOMERUN!

Mortician: This was a fight that really had some outcomes where both could win. But Jax happened to have more of a sizable advantage in the end.

Redshock: With their overall training in the military. They were mostly even, but unlike Jax who has had way more experience in not just special forces. But also boxing, martial arts, and wrestling. I mean Guiles Taekwondo training did allow him to match Jax's own martial art. But Jax has had plenty of more training from not just pushing papers.

Mortician: Jax has had over 10 more years of actual combat experience, and was a boxing champion before he even joined the special forces. While guile only adapted into Charlie's training only when he joined the military.

Redshock: Plus. Guile could scale to that kikosho blast from Chun-Li, and that blast was powerful enough to launch both cammy and guile after she blasted bison which would take about 25 Megatons of TNT. But unfortunately for guile he was outclassed by Jax's versatility too, and even if guile could get around some of Jax's arsenal. Jax had plenty of more unexpected options that left guile hopeless.

Mortician: And even if we did scale their strength and durability. Guile being able to survive those Teraton explosions from scaling to the macho mayor Mike Haggar. Who could pile drive people through the earth on the other side, which could equal over 200 Teratons of TNT.

Redshock: But that hardly compares to Jax. Who once fought the elder goddess cetrion, and she could grow to the size of a planet and smite mortals. And being comparable to Shao Kahn who could Merge Realms he is folding the planet into parts of outworld itself, which is over 70 Zettatons of TNT. That is over 30,000 times more powerful than Guile's feat.

Mortician: While their overall skills certainly made them a match for each other. But Jax's overwhelming strength, experience, versatility, and metal arms allowed him to prevail.

Redshock: In the end guile just didn't have the metal to grasp a win. The winner is Jackson Briggs!