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Jason Voorhees vs. Michael Myers is a What-If? episode of Death Battle.

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Friday the 13th vs Halloween! Which of these two invincible killing machines will take the cake?!


Wiz: Slasher movies have been around since horror and movies existed at the same time

Boomstick: And these are two of the most iconic characters from slashers. Jason Voorhees, the hockey mask wearing homicidal maniac

Wiz: And Michael Myers, the boogeyman with a blade.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons armor and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle

Jason Voorhees

Wiz: At Camp Crystal Lake there is only one scary story told that is actually true. The tale of Jason Voorhees.

Boomstick: The kid was born with a messed up face, got sent to camp, bullied, drowned, then came back to life as this monstrosity.

Wiz: Well first his mother started killing people, then when she died Jason started killing.

Boomstick: Whatever. He wields a machete, one of the least creative weapons in horror movie history, but certainly iconic and badass.

Wiz: He is immortal for unexplained reasons. Well he IS a zombie that's already dead so maybe that's why? No one knows.

Boomstick: Don't you ever make me think of Blazblue again. Anyway, he can take loads of punishment. He has been blown to bits, had his eyes clawed out, had huge amounts of his flesh torn out among many other impossible feats. He even won a fight against Freddy Krueger. What as badass.

Wiz: Indeed, beating the dream killing Freddy Krueger is easily one of his strongest feats. Freddy also threw him into metal like a rag doll and he survived it. He clearly has some form of regeneration, as when his eyes got clawed out they were back a few moments later

Boomstick: Wolverine eat your heart out.

Wiz: His weaknesses? He is slow and a hydrophobic. Which makes sense because...well...drowning.

Boomstick: Still don't mess with this crazy motherfucker. Who plays hockey.

Jason kills someone

Michael Myers

Wiz: Michael Myers was an ordinary boy. Until he murdered his own sister.

Boomstick: We're starting off on a positive note

Wiz: During his many years in asylums, he was cursed by the Cult of Thorns and become an embodiment of pure evil.

Boomstick: This drove him to murder anyone alive in his family and brutally murder them.

Wiz: He is virtually indestructible. At the end of his first film, he was shot several times, fell out of a window, and survived. He has been stabbed multiple times, had a car crashed into him, and being caught in an explosion.

Boomstick: His weapon of choice is a butcher knife and he is strong enough to pick up entire human beings and his signature move involves pinning his victim to the wall via knife. Heh heh. Nice. He's also strong enough to shove blunt abject clean through people.

Wiz: He will use anything and everything nearby him as a weapon, not just his trusty butcher knife, although we give him the knife to start out because it's his signature weapon.

Boomstick: Really his only weakness is that he's incredibly slow. There really isn't much more to talk about with this psychotic son of a bitch

Michael murders someone


Wiz: Alright the combatants are set it's time to end this debate once and for all.


Jason and Michael run into each other in the woods


Michael and Jason slowly walk towards each other with their weapons drawn. They begin to fight, matching blow for blow. Jason knocks the knife out of Michael's hand. Michael responds by punching Jason right in the face, knocking him back. He uses this opportunity to grab his knife and make his way towards Jason. They once again fight knife vs machete. Michael actually gets a stab in, but it is ineffective. They both hack and slash at each other, Jason regenerating the tissue soon after loosing it. Eventually, Jason gets his chance to end it. He swings his machete and cleaves Michaels head clean off. He takes the mask off of Michael, looks at his true face(which is hidden from the audience), then throws the mask away and walks off.



Boomstick: I wonder what the reception will be on that one...

Wiz: When do you ever care?

Boomstick: When it's anime and my email gets flooded.

Wiz: Whatever. Anyway, in order for this fight to work you have to suspend your disbelief for a moment. What I mean by that is, you have to assume one can kill the other eventually.

Boomstick: Jason has taken way worse punishment than Michael, and beat Freddy Krueger.

Wiz: Michael has never fought an opponent similar to Krueger in ANY respect. Not only that, but Jason's hydrophobia is a specific weakness that could only be applied at certain locations such as if the fight took place at Crystal lake.

Boomstick: Even if they were near a body of water, there is a low chance Michael would even KNOW about Jason's weakness. Also Machete>Butcher Knife. Looks like Michael just was way to unlucky. Get it? Because Friday the-

Wiz: The winner is Jason Voorhees

Michael Myers vs. Jason Voorhees is a What-If? episode of Death Battle by Grantango.


Halloween vs Friday the 13th! These two have been slasher rival for years! Will Michael Myers stop Jason Voorhees, or will he be unlucky on this night?


Wiz: Murderers strike fear in those that they hunt, especially whenever they wear a mask.

Boomstick: And it can get very personal when family is involved, like Michael Myers, the Boogeyman.

Wiz: And Jason Voorhees, the terror of Crystal Lake.

Boomstick: He’s Wiz and I’m Boomstick.

Wiz: And today we will analyze their armor, weapons, and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle!


-This battle will only use the original versions of each character.

-The fight will also take into consideration the comics of both franchises that are both canon and associated with their respective franchises.

-Both Halloween timelines will be taken into consideration for Michael Myers.

-I will be updating the fight as I do more research.

-Unlike the previous person's version, this battle will end in a death that does not involve Wiz and Boomstick removing both character's "immunity" from death.

Sources Used


-Halloween Movies (1 through Resurrection)

-Halloween (1978 Novelization)

-Halloween (Comic)

-Halloween II: The Blackest Eyes

-Halloween III: The Devil's Eyes

-Halloween: Nightdance

-Call of Duty: Ghosts

Friday the 13th:

-Friday the 13th Movies (Part I through Jason X)

-Freddy vs. Jason

-Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash

-Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash: The Nightmare Warriors

-Friday the 13th: Pamela's Tale

-Mortal Kombat X

Michael Myers

Boomstick: It was the year 2026. All of South America joined forces to form the Federation and planned to take over the Western Hemisphere. However, a military group called the Ghosts rose up to put a stop to their conquest. One of their biggest battles was in a very scary swamp. However, their battle awoke a man who would slaughter them all, and his name was Michael Myers!

Wiz: Oh, come on! Are you really going to use that as an introduction?

Boomstick: Yeah. What's wrong with that?

Wiz: That isn’t even canon!

Boomstick: Are you sure, Wiz?

Wiz: Yes, I'm sure. Here is the ACTUAL origin story of Michael Myers.


Full Name: Michael Audrey Myers

Nicknames: Boogeyman, The Shape, Evil on Two Legs

Birthdate: October 19, 1957

Has two sisters, a niece (4-6 timeline), and a nephew (H20 Timeline)

Becomes active on Halloween

Wiz: Michael Audrey Myers was born on October 19, 1957 in Haddonfield, Illinois. Michael Myers lived as an ordinary boy for 6 years until young Michael started receiving strange things.

Boomstick: Michael started receiving some strange nightmares and a voice telling him to kill his own family. It all started building up until on Halloween night in 1963, Michael finally murdered his own sister.

A young Michael kills his sister, Judith

Wiz: Turns out that Michael Myers was possessed by a demon. Depending on what timeline you look at, he was possessed either because of a curse by the Cult of Thorn or....just because.

Boomstick: After killing his own sister, Michael was taken to Smith’s Grove Sanitarium where he became a patient of Dr. Samuel Loomis, who described Michael as being the full embodiment of evil.

Dr. Loomis: I met this six-year-old child with this blank, pale, emotionless face and the blackest eyes, the devil’s eyes... I realized that what was living behind that boy's eyes was purely and simply... evil.

Wiz: While at the Sanitarium, Michael became silent. He injured and killed some his roommates and even killed Dr. Loomis’s fiancée and got away with it.

Boomstick: Wow.

Wiz: Years later, on the eve of Halloween in 1978, Michael Myers broke out of the Sanitarium, intending to begin his slaughter of his family once again.

Boomstick: When did he learn to drive a car?

Wiz: No one knows. His main target was his younger sister, Laurie Strode, who had been adopted as her and Michael’s parents had died in a car crash. However, this has not stopped him from killing other people who would simply cross his path.

Boomstick: Michael Myers is an amazing killer. He is able to use any weaponry that is around, but his favorite toy is the kitchen knife, the same weapon he used to kill his older sister. He is also strong enough to hold a human up, strangle a dog, and can even smash through a metal gate.

Wiz: He can also crush a human skull, which requires 1,100 pounds of force to crush. And despite being silent, he is actually pretty smart. He is able to lure his victims out and disguises himself as other people even using other people as decoys to escape difficult situations.

Boomstick: Michael Myers can even use guns. Now normal people use a gun to shoot people, but Michael Myers STABS people with them!

Michael Myers stabs Kelly Meeker with a shotgun

Wiz: Regardless of the weird, unorthodox ways he kills his victims, he is still able to use any weapon.

Boomstick: Michael also really hates it when you enter his childhood home. One time, a bunch of teenagers were creating a TV show inside the Myer’s house. Michael didn’t like that at all and started to kill all of them one by one.

Wiz: Aside from his weapons and dislikes, Michael Myers is very durable.

Boomstick: It’s like he has some kind of healing factor. He can take multiple gunshots to the stomach and to the face! He also survived falling off a building, getting electrocuted, getting caught on fire, an exploding church, and received over 10 hits to the head from a metal pipe!

Wiz: This would be more than enough to kill a person, but not Michael Myers.

Boomstick: Wow! This guy sounds unstoppable!

Wiz: While he may be very durable, he isn’t exactly unstoppable. If someone is able to toy with his emotions and convince him that they can break the curse, he will calm down. This was how his niece, Jamie, convinced him to take off his own mask.

Boomstick: Huh.

Wiz: However, if one goes too far, he can go back into a rage. It’s as if he wants to break the curse but can’t.

Boomstick: Michael Myers is also slow, very slow! I mean, his victims can easily escape him!

Wiz: He may also have some sort of weakness to fire as the first time he was on fire, he fell into a coma. Now, don’t mishear that. Michael can’t DIE from fire. It’s just that fire simply weakens him, but it doesn’t kill him.

Boomstick: Regardless of his drawbacks, Michael is still a dangerous foe that no one should encounter.

Laurie Strode: Was it the Boogeyman?

Dr. Loomis: As a matter of fact, it was.

Jason Voorhees


Jason voorhees theme song-0

Wiz: In the year 1979, a bunch of Camp Counselors were hanging out around Camp Crystal Lake.

Boomstick: They were getting ready for the reopening of the campsite, but all they really wanted to do is have sex.

Wiz: However, some psycho was going around, killing everyone at the campsite.

Boomstick: Soon, the killer revealed himself, and his name was Jason….’s MOTHER?!

Pamela Voorhees: Well, I’m Mrs. Voorhees, a friend of the Christie’s.

Boomstick: Are you telling me that Jason Voorhees, that guy in the hockey mask, is the main villain of the whole franchise, AND HE’S NOT EVEN IN THE FIRST MOVIE!?

Pamela Voorhees: Kill them, mother! Kill them!

Wiz: Technically, he is. He’s just supposed to be dead.

Boomstick: What?


Full name: Jason Voorhees

Born June 13, 1946

Has a sister, niece, great-niece, and a son

Born with hydrocephalus

Has died and been revived three times (possibly four)

Wiz: Jason Voorhees was born in 1946 to Elias and Pamela Voorhees.

Boomstick: Well, technically, yes, but there’s more to the story. You see, while pregnant with Jason, Pamela Voorhees somehow was able to communicate with Jason while he was in the womb. As a result, he, somehow, began to influence Pamela’s actions, like convincing Pamela to kill her abusive husband with an axe. Aww… Jason never got to meet his dad. Reminds me of myself.

Wiz: However, the horror didn’t end there. When he was born, the doctors were horrified by what they saw. Jason was born with hydrocephalus and multiple facial defects. It wasn’t a pretty sight.

Boomstick: Oh, come one. He doesn’t look that bad…

Shows a young Jason’s face

Boomstick: … OH MY GOD!

Wiz: It was a face that only a mother could love, literally.

Boomstick: Anyway, Pamela was offered a job at Camp Crystal Lake as a cook. Because she couldn’t find a babysitter, she had Jason join the rest of the kids at the camp.

Wiz: However, the kids constantly bullied because of his looks. They bullied him so much that he fell into the lake and drowned.

Boomstick: Where were the counselors, you may ask? Oh, I don’t know, having sex. Does anyone NOT have sex in these movies?

Wiz: Distraught over her son’s death, Pamela brought Jason back to life using a book called the Necronomicon Ex Mortis. Jason then built a shack in the woods where he would live off the land for several decades.

Boomstick: Pamela then killed two counselors the next year to shut the camp down, and she succeeded. Over the years, Pamela would sabotage any chance to reopen the camp, until she finally met her end in 1979 at the hands of Alice Hardy.

Shows Alice beheading Pamela

Wiz: After apparently seeing his mother’s death, Jason took his mother’s remains and created an altar out of them and then killed his mother’s killer. From that day forward, Jason would kill anyone who walked onto the shores of Crystal Lake… and Manhattan, for some reason.

Boomstick: And you better be sure that the first time those trespassers saw that hockey mask, they were terrified at first sight!

Wiz: Jason actually originally wore a leather sack. He didn’t wear the hockey mask until the 3rd movie.

Boomstick: What… so first, Jason wasn’t the original killer, next he DIDN’T originally wear the hockey mask. What’s next? Jason iconic weapon DIDN’T a machete for first few movies?

Wiz: Yes, but it wasn’t used all that often, and it didn’t really become iconic until the fifth movie.

Boomstick: Goddammit!

Wiz: Speaking of which, Jason can use basically any weapon that is around him other than his machete. While he also doesn’t use guns, he has used a harpoon gun before.

Boomstick: Jason is also extremely strong. He has broken through cement and ripped people apart. One time, he uppercutted a guy so hard his head came off! That’s some Johnny Cage shit right there!

Wiz: Along with being very strong, he is an expert stalker, hiding in the shadows until the right moment.

Boomstick: Completing his horror movie trope list, he is basically unkillable. He can take gunshots, an axe to the head, being chained underwater with a motor cutting his throat, electricity, and toxic sludge! This is mostly because of his healing factor.

Wiz: Now this healing factor doesn’t instantly heal Jason’s wounds like Deadpool or Wolverine. It takes some time for his body to heal. For example, in Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash, Jason’s arm was sawed off by Ash Williams. It didn’t come back so Jason had to use his machete as a makeshift arm. It is also very inconsistent. Sometimes, he can grow back his eyes, while other times they don't.

Boomstick: Speaking of which, Jason has faced off against powerful foes, like Tina, a telekinetic girl, Freddy Krueger, and Ash Williams. One time, Jason Voorhees was traveling the Netherrealm when he found its ruler, Liu Kang. Liu Kang offered Jason lead his undead army. Jason declined the offer by strangling Liu Kang with his intestines.

Wiz: Again, that isn't even canon!

Boomstick: IT'S CANON TO ME WIZ!

Wiz: Regardless of canonicity, Jason's win/loss record isn’t that impressive. Jason’s fights with Freddy and Ash had a lot of interference and he lost against Tina.

Boomstick: But does that mean that Jason isn’t perfect?

Wiz: Yeah... he has the fear of water.

Boomstick: Huh?!

Freddy Kreuger: Oh. So you are afraid of something after all.

Boomstick: Okay, look. I can buy the fact that Jason wasn’t the original killer and that he didn’t always wear a hockey mask, but the fear of water?! He has gone into water without hesitation and took out victims from underwater! How does he fear water?!

Wiz: Bad writing, probably. However, that isn't the only weakness that Jason has.

Boomstick: Jason is slower than the average human and he is a momma’s boy.

Wiz: If someone can accurately impersonate Jason’s mother, they can control what Jason does. In fact, it is Jason’s mother that tells Jason what to do.

Boomstick: However, should his body be destroyed to a point where he can’t use it, he can possess other people’s bodies and find the closest living female relative of Jason to inhabit.

Wiz: According to Creighton Duke, the only TRUE way to kill Jason is for a member of the Voorhees family to stab Jason with an enchanted knife, or, according to Tommy Jarvis, just be Tommy Jarvis…apparently.

Boomstick: But whatever you do, do NOT take a vacation at Crystal Lake.

Creighton Duke: Jason Voorhees, the true Jason Voorhees is something you and I haven’t seen before, Mr. Campbell.

Death Battle Interlude

Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set. Let’s end this debate once and for all.

Boomstick: It’s time for a Death Battle!

Death Battle!

It’s Halloween night at Crystal Lake. Mrs. Myers is at the camp training to be a counselor for the reopening of Camp Crystal Lake so that, hopefully, Michael Myers wouldn’t find her. While inside a lodge along with Jerry and Pete, Mrs. Myers hears a scream coming from upstairs. Next thing Myers knows is that a head of her best friend, Leslie, had fallen into her lap. She looks up and sees Jason Voorhees over the edge of the railing.

“Oh my god!” Mrs. Myers exclaimed, trying to process her mind about who this is.

“If this isn’t Michael, then who is it?”

Not wanting to die, Mrs. Myers and her friends run out of the lodge into the woods. They stop for a bit when Pete says “Shouldn’t we call the police?” He then grabs his cell phone and calls 911.

A policeman arrives in his car and is about to walk to the camp. However, a masked man is in the way.

“Get out of the way, will yah?! This is serious business!”

The masked man just stares at him.

“Go on now! Don’t make me arrest you too-“

Michael Myers suddenly grabs the police officer and bangs his face against the hood of the car until he’s dead.

Meanwhile, the counselors are waiting for the policeman arrives until Jerry says, “Fuck this! I’m outta here!”

“No! Don’t go! We have to stay together!” Pete says.

Jerry starts running away.

“Should we go after him?” Myers asks.

Pete replies, “Yes. We have to stay together.”

The two run in the direction of Jerry. What they saw next terrified them. Michael Myers was crushing their friend’s head. After Jerry is killed, Michael looks up at Myers, focusing on his main target.

“No, no, no, NO!” exclaims Myers. “I was hoping you wouldn’t come here! Why?!”

Pete says, “Come on. Let’s go.”

As Matt turns around he is suddenly stabbed in the face by Jason Voorhees. Mrs. Myers screams and runs away, leaving Michael and Jason together. They simply stare at each other not knowing what to do.

Pamela’s voice speaks to Jason. “I was hoping you wouldn’t meet him. This man is too evil to be living. Kill him, Jason! Kill him!”

Jason, machete in hand, then starts to walk forward towards Michael. Michael, kitchen knife in hand, prepares for the oncoming fight.


Jason is about to stab Michael when Michael grabs Jason’s hand and throws Jason to the side. Jason get gets back up and grabs Michael’s hand who was about to grab his throat. Michael then kicks Jason backwards and prepares to stab Jason. Jason also prepares to stab. Both of their weapons impale each other in the stomach.

Both slashers stumble back to pull out the other’s respective weapons. When both of them look up, they are surprised that the other isn’t dead. Jason punches Michael in the face while Michael kicks Jason between the legs. However, Jason doesn’t react as he simply looks down then back up at Michael. Jason does a simple uppercut to push Michael back.

Michael finds a pitchfork right next to him and rams it into Jason’s stomach and into a tree. Jason struggles as he tries to pull the pitchfork out of the tree. With Jason held back, Michael takes his knife and follows his family member’s trail.

Mrs. Myers has hidden herself in a barn. Michael opens up the barn and locks the door. Mrs. Myers starts to cry as Michael starts to walk toward her. Michael lifts up his knife to go for the final kill when there is banging on the barn door.

Michael turns around to see that the door is moving back and forth. A hand bursts through the door and removes the lock. Afterwards, Jason kicks open the door ready to kill Michael Myers once and for all. Jason sprints toward Michael with his machete. Michael holds onto Jason trying to hold him back. Mrs. Myers leaves the barn to escape the killers to grab some gasoline. She pours the gasoline all around the barn to burn the place to the ground.

Michael pushes Jason into a metal spike and stabs his knife into Jason’s eye. Seeing that this won’t kill Jason, Michael prepares to crush Jason’s head. Jason then grabs Michael’s arms and rips them off. Michael stumbles back while Jason gets off the spike and pulls out the knife. Jason grabs his machete and picks up Michael. As the barn continues to burn, the two slashers look each other dead in the eyes, then Jason decapitates Michael. Jason pulls the mask off of Michael (hidden from the camera) to see his real face. Jason then looks up as the barn collapses on him and Michael’s body.

After the smoke clears, Jason’s hand punches its way out of the rubble.


Jason is at his mom’s alter with a new head, Michael’s head, on it along with Pamela’s head and Alice’s head.


Boomstick: Well, that’s one slasher to remove from my “Who to look out for” list.

Wiz: Both Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees are strong, terrifying killers that are almost invincible; key word is “almost.”

Boomstick: Neither Michael nor Jason could come up with any emotion to trigger the other’s emotional weaknesses and neither of them could use their human slaughter skills on the other as neither of them are normal humans. Both of them can also take a lot of punishment. So, the question was “Can Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees kill the other?”

Wiz: While Jason has died before, this was because Tommy Jarvis for some reason has some unique power to kill Jason, which is why Jason as a “human” has taken an axe to the head and survived. The only other way to kill Jason at this point is for a Voorhees to stab Jason with an enchanted knife.

Boomstick: Since Michael Myers is neither of the Voorhees bloodline, nor is he Tommy Jarvis, Michael could not kill Jason. So, could Jason kill Michael?

Wiz: Yes, surprisingly. The Halloween franchise is separated into two timelines: The 4-6 timeline; consisting of Halloween 1, 2, and 4-6; and the H20 timeline, consisting of Halloween 1, 2, H20, and Resurrection. In the comic Halloween III: The Devil’s Eyes, which takes place in the 4-6 timeline, has a sequence of events that are almost exactly like Halloween H20. However, in this timeline, Laurie Strode did not kill a paramedic in a Michael Myers suit but the actual Michael Myers. As such, decapitation CAN kill Michael Myers.

Boomstick: And if you’re not convinced that Michael can also die in the H20 timeline, check this out. In an alternate ending to Halloween: Resurrection, Michael is about to kill Busta Rhymes when Sarah Moyer took an axe and implanted into Michael Myers, killing him once and for all.

Wiz: Sure, it’s an alternate ending, but it is an ending to a canon source.

Boomstick: Even if we removed invulnerability from both combatants, Jason still beats Michael in every category. Both Michael and Jason are slow, however, while Michael can only fast walk, Jason can at least fast walk or possibly sprint. Michael also struggles rip humans apart while Jason has removed limbs and ripped people apart without any effort.

Wiz: Jason also is more experienced than Michael. Regardless of his win/loss record, he has fought more powerful beings such as Tina, Freddy Krueger, and Ash Williams.

Boomstick: Michael Myers has NEVER faced anyone like those people.

Wiz: And even if Michael was somehow able to destroy Jason’s body, Jason’s soul would just possess Michael and take him to the closest female relative of Jason where Jason would transfer bodies and Michael would just melt away. That’s just what happens to the original host’s body.

Boomstick: I adMYER Michael’s awesomeness, but it was good KNIFE for Michael.

Wiz: The winner is Jason Voorhees.

Jason Voorhees (Winner).jpg


Necro: To murder is to end a human’s life violently and unnaturally, and murder is an art that has been prefected over many years of practice.

Mercer: And two of the most experienced of the macabre artists happen to be today’s combatants!

Necro: Michael Myers, The Shape of Evil!

Mercer: And Jason Voorhees, The undead killer of Camp Crystal Lake!

Necro: Given the many incarnations of these two killers, we will only be using the movie series and their closely tied media.

Mercer: He’s Necro and I’m Mercer.

Necro: And it’s our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle!

Micheal Myers Maskes up for a DEATH BATTLE!


Halloween Theme

Necro: Throughout the many different versions of Michael Myers, many things conflict, but one thing remains the same. Micheal Myers brutally, coldly and heartlessly stabbed his big sister to death when he was only a child on Halloween Night.

Mercer: And he was then sent to a psychiatric facility and put under the care of Doctor Samual Loomis. And he stayed in that facility until Halloween Night, some thirty years later. He broke out, killing anyone who got in his way, with only one thing on his agenda for the night. To kill his little sister, Laurie Strode.

Necro: But of course, Michael would need a good number of skills on his side to get to Laurie, such as his superhuman physical strength. Micheal can easily overpower and kill dogs and grown men, even being able to rip them limb from limb in some incarnations, a feat which can take up to 4239 joules to pull off! Michael’s freakish strength has allowed him to pull off feats that are much, much greater than any normal, or even peak human, such as being able to lift a large headstone by himself. Such stones can weigh up to 800 lbs, which is 51 lbs greater than the world record for deadlifting, which is 749 lbs!

Mercer: In the Rob Zombie Timeline, Michael was able to lift and flip a car with a small amount of difficulty, and in the most recent 2018 timeline, Micheal can easily rip a kitchen counter apart with his bare hands, so his strength should be pretty consistent.

Necro: But when it comes to speed, Michael is actually quite fast for his size, easily being able to blitz peak humans with ease, as well as being able to move so fast that it appears that he can teleport.

Popup: It could appear that Michael is capable of teleportation, but it is also possible that, given his speed that he’s just dashing around quickly to avoid being seen by others.

Mercer: As for reactions, Michael has in fact avoided gunfire before. Samual Loomis shot at Michael, and Michael avoided the bullet by sidestepping it. Given Michael’s distance from Loomis, which should be about twenty-six feet, and the gun Loomis was using, which seems to be a revolver of some sort and finally adding in the muzzle velocity of most revolvers, which is about 511 m/s, give or take, we found that Michael would have to have reacted at about Mach 1.488.

Necro: But, it’s not like Michael really needs to dodge gunfire, given the fact that he can easily tank gunfire with out much of an issue at all! For example, Michael was shot in the chest with a Remington shotgun at point blank range. A Remington shotgun’s maximum Attack Potency is just under 5000 joules, and Michael was literally unaffected by this attack!

Mercer: But that’s not even the peak of Michael’s durability! In Halloween II, Michael was caught in the epicenter of a propane explosion, and he managed to not only survive it, but also keep right on walking after the blast hit him. Granted, He did eventually collapse after the blast, but he still survived it.

Necro: And then in Halloween IV, Michael was blasted by dozens of police officers, most of which were using a heavy firearm called an ATK-11. These guns are capable of ripping a human being to bits and pieces in just a few seconds. Considering the amount of energy needed to smash a human to bits, which is just a bit under 400 Kilojoules, Michael’s durability is absolutely absurd, as he was able to not only take this kind of damage for a solid minute and a half, he then survived traveling down a river, while being tossed against the rocks and such for about an hour.

Mercer: Michael may seem unstoppable...but he kind Because Michael isn’t just a superhuman serial killer. He’s also supernatural. Michael has various inhuman powers, such as his illusion casting and insane stealth. He shares a telepathic connection with his family, and if you somehow manage to kill Michael, he can get back up thanks to The Curse Of Thorn. Before Michael was born, he was cursed by a cult which worshipped the demon Thorn, who made Michael unable to die until his entire family is dead.

Popup: Technically, While Michael has a possession ability, it only works on other members of his family, making it unusable in a debate like this one, as it would require outside help to use.

Necro: Well, not exactly. Michael has been “killed” through decapitation, but it only stopped him until the next Halloween night/movie.

Mercer: Great. Inconsistencies via cash grab.

Necro: However, Michael has one more trick up his sleeve. He’s devilishly intelligent. For example, take a look at the H20 timeline. At the end of the first film, Michael was inevitably outsmarted by Laurie Strode, and he was knocked out by Laurie and put in a body bag in the back of an ambulance. Michael waited until Laurie left to talk to the police, and then he got out of the body bag and knocked the Paramedic out and switched clothes with him, and put the paramedic in the body bag and then escaped.

Mercer: Michael is also quite skilled with a kitchen knife, so that's cool.

Necro: Well, really anything he can get his hands on, but the knife is his most iconic weapon, so....yeah.

Mercer: So, Michael may have superhuman physicals, supernatural powers and he may be very intelligent, but he still gets his ass kicked by Laurie and Loomis or some other family member, including his nine year old niece EVERY. FUCKING. MOVIE. OR COMIC.

Necro: Yeah. Michael is rather susceptible to trickery, and of course, dying. Ya see, Michael has in fact died in at least one timeline. Granted, it took one hell of a lot to put him down, but he still died.

Mercer: And Michael seems to be susceptible to uncontrollable outbursts of rage, in which he has often lost any advantage over Laurie or whoever he happens to be stalking.

Necro: But even then, Michael most certainly proved one thing. Evil is very, very...persistent.

(Michael Myers Impales a Teenager with his knife and stares at him, tilting his head.)

Jason Voorhees Rises for DEATH BATTLE!


Jason voorhees theme song-1

Necro: Jason Voorhees was born deformed. His head was a good bit larger than it should have been. As a result of this, hs father shunned him and his mother smothered him with love. When he was eleven years old, his father was killed in a mining accident, so Jason’s mom had to get a job.

Mercer: She got a job as a cook at Camp Crystal Lake. Everything went well, that is until Jason was bullied by a group of kids because of his looks. It started out slow. Verbal abuse. And then the Physical abuse started, until it finally escalated to murder. The kids pushed him into the lake. He drowned. The counselors could have saved him. But they were busy making out, ‘80’s style. Necro: So, a few years later, His mother snapped and murdered all of the counselors who could have saved him. That is until she decapitated with an oar. Ouch.

Mercer: And thanks to this, Jason rises from the dead on every Friday the 13th to kill anything in his path. And he often does this with his trusty machete, which he can use to deadly efficiency, easily being able to rip through people like butter.

Necro: Well, it’s not like he really needs it, as he can easily tear people apart with his bear hands anyway, once more, such a feat is equivalent to 4.2 kilojoules of energy.

Mercer: Jason can and has outrun chaingun fire, which fire at 805m/s or 1800mph, so he can run pretty fast for someone of his size, I mean this guy’s fricken huge! He’s six foot five, which makes him comparable to heavyweight boxers like Mike Tyson in size!

Necro: Jason can easily crush a person’s skull with a stomp, and crush a man’s head with incredible ease, as he can even smash through wooden doors as if they were paper! The amount of energy needed to destroy a wooden door is equivalent to about 516 kilojoules of energy.

Mercer: Jason, despite not really having all that much schooling is quite smart, easily being able to set traps for teenagers, with them actually falling into them. Jason is skilled with almost every single type of weapon in the book, like spears, axes, bows and arrows as well as the obvious bladed ones.

Necro: Actually, Jason has a couple of supernatural powers himself, like his instant teleportation, or his ability to possess people after death. That’s right, if you somehow manage to kill Jason, he can simply force you to eat his heart, or he can send his slug soul thing out to enter your body through whatever orifice is closest.

Mercer: Yeesh. That’s incentive to stay out of this guy’s way, isn’t it?

Necro: Indeed. Jason is notoriously hard to kill. He’s been shot, stabbed, blown up, drowned and he was even sent to Hell, and that didn’t even kill him!

Mercer: He’s even fought against a girl with absurd psychic power, as she was easily able to collapse a dock, a feat which should be equivalent to about four million joules of energy. And he powered right through it! I mean, the girl did defeat him and chain him to a rock underneath Camp Crystal Lake, but regardless of win/loss records, Jason’s best feat by far comes from his fight with Jason X, a clone of himself, who is in fact superior to Jason himself.

Necro: Jason X, or Uber Jason can smash down steel doors, defeat teams of trained soldiers with ease and even survive a fall from orbit! Granted, that did do significant damage to him, but Jason X still pulled through like a total champ! Mercer: If Jason’s fight with Jason X proves anything, it proves that he can cope with opponents with superhuman strength and speed without much difficulty. However, his fight with the infamous Freddy Kruger proves that, when fighting an opponent with not only a superhuman physicality, but far more and far superior supernatural powers, that he’s at a total disadvantage.

Necro: And frankly, even when Freddy WAS in the real world, Jason had a rough time taking him out. I mean, Jason even had the home court advantage!

Popup: Granted, this could likely be attributed to poor writing, as when Jason was in similar situations with other fighters on his level, he kept up rather easily.

Mercer: Yeah, Jason may have had a rough time with Freddy, but he still won. In fact, the only time Jason has ever really lost was when he took on that Psychic girl. She sorta whooped his ass.

Necro: Whatever. Weakness time. Jason is still a child, mentally at least, and he, like every other 1980’s slasher has fallen for some pretty stupid stuff, such as a girl who looked nothing like his mother managing to trick him through wearing his mother’s sweater and being condescending.

Mercer: Anyway, Jason rarely tries to avoid any type of attack that’s thrown at him, even if he could avoid it. Like, it’s insane. We know he sees it, but he can’t seem to connect that dodging an attack means that you won't get hurt.

Necro: Yes, Mercer. We have established that Jason isn’t the sharpest blade on the machete, but his sheer accomplishments prove that this doesn’t really matter all that much. That and his incrediblly inconstitent fear of water. So, it would seem as though Jason has no really glaring weaknesses.

Mercer: That’s just great. *ugh*

Necro: When Friday the 13th rolls around, be sure to stay far, far away from Camp Crystal Lake, or Jason will come for you. And chances are, you won’t survive.

(Jason Voorhees steps out of the lake, and his theme sounds. Chi-Chi-Chi-Ra-Ra-Ra)


Necro: All right, the combatants are set, and the data's been run through all possibilities.

Mercer: it's time for a DEATH BATTLE!!!


The Final Halloween-Fight

The year is 2011. The day, October 31st, or Halloween Night.

As a cool, ominous breeze blew through Laurie Strode’s hair, she was already waiting for Her older brother, Michael Myers, to make his first move. He had tried to kill her every Halloween night for decades now, but this year, she had prepared for him. She would end things this year. She was sure of it.

Laurie had evaded Michael last year with the unwilling help of the Sawyer Family. They had wanted to kill her as well, but Michael had busted in and distracted them long enough for her to get away. As she ran, she remembered hoping that Bubba Sawyer could put him down, as well as knowing that the hope was foolish at the same time. The eleven o’clock news told her the story she knew would be the main headline. Bubba “Leatherface” Sawyer was dead. As was the rest of the Sawyer family.

For a second, she had almost felt bad for them. But then she remembered what she had seen behind that door. The bone art. The meat hooks. And worst of all, the skin. Laurie wished it wasn’t true, but she truly felt...relieved that they were dead. But none of that mattered. Laurie had to focus on the future, specifically what the night would bring. She knew Michael was waiting for her at home. Which is why she had moved close to Camp Crystal Lake. If the tales of Jason Voorhees were true (and she hoped they were), then her Boogeyman may very well be no more by the end of the night.

Laurie sighed and walked underneath the rotting, ruined sign that read: Welcome To Camp Crystal Lake. It was almost midnight, and the moon was full. Mist oozed off of the lake, which did in fact look somewhat like a crystal in the moonlight. The mist collected around the ground, and rose to about the mid range of Laurie’s calf. The air felt tense, as if it could crack and fall to pieces at any second.

Michael’s approach was silent, like it always was. He approached his little sister slowly, and he raised his trusty butcher knife, intending to end this night quickly and quietly. One hearty jab, and he knew Laurie would die. But just as he reached her and raised his knife, ready and just about to strike, something stopped him. It was a faint sound. Like a breath being taken. But to the best of Myers’ knowledge, he and Laurie were the only ones at this Camp. Soon to only be himself, if everything went his way. So he thought about stepping back from Laurie. And then, a a voice sounded in his head.

“Michael, do it. Do not falter now.” The voice belonged to his older sister. His first victim.

“I miss my baby sister, Michael. Could you bring her to me?” She asked in a pleading tone.

Michael nodded slowly. He was going to end things tonight. There were no more psycho families to help Laurie this time. He raised his blade to strikie once more, his heart and soul unwavering. But now anouther sound distracted him.


Michael looked in the direction of the ghostly chant. The surface of the lake had been disturbed. The tension in the air had reached an even greater height. A single ripple pushed forward from the center of the lake, dispelling once it reached the shore.


Just as the sound reached Michael, a massive, hulk of a figure lept out of the lake and landed on the dock, causing it to tremble and creak from the sheer force of his leap.

The legends were true. For this, was Jason Voorhees, the undead mass murderer.

This sound, caused Laurie to turn. She was right. Michael had followed her. And now, Jason stood not even a full sixty feet from her. She drew her pistol from her waist band. Pointed it at her brother. And fired.


Given the tension, the sound was deafening. Michael sidesteped the bullet and thrust his knife at Laurie, aiming for her throat.

Time seemed to slow as The Shape’s blade neared Laurie’s throat.

“Jason! KIll Him Jason! This man could kill you!” Pamela Voorhees’ voice shouted in Jason’s head. Her son reacted instantly, Dashing across the dock and shoving his machete in the knife’s path.

Time sped up again as thier blades met. Sparks flew as the tip of the knife hit the flat of the machete. Laurie took this momentary distraction to turn and run away at top speed, Dashing through the Camp Grounds, searching for a place to hide, eventually deciding on a tool shed.

Michael pulled his blade back swiftly, a move that was mirrored by Jason. The tension had broken. The moon shown down on both slashers. It was midnight, now. This night was going to be one slasher’s final halloween.


Crazy Lixx - "Killer" - Friday The 13th The Game - OST

Jason made the first move, swinging his machete in a brutal overhanded swing, a swing that could easily split skulls if it were to land. Michael sidestepped the strike and socked Jason in the gut, staggering the hulking zombie a little bit. Jason recovered quickly and slammed Michael in the chest with his elbow, also staggering the Boogeyman a little bit. Michael grabbed a hold of Jason’s arm and stabbed him in the shoulder, and a little bit of grey blood leaked out of the wound.

Jason responded by hacking into Michael’s forearm, Michael’s crimson blood spurting from the wound.

Both killers looked down at their wounds at the same time. Then, back up at each other. The Shape and the Zombie yanked their blades out of each other, and punched at each other, their fists meeting with a mighty crash! Jason slashed at Michael once more, the Boogeyman parrying the attack with his knife in the nick of time, several orange sparks flying from the blades as they met.

Michael struck Jason in the stomach once more, putting more power into his strike this time. This time, Michael’s strike staggered Jason, pushing the Camp Slasher back a few paces. Myers attempted to follow up with another powerful blow, but Jason caught his fist this time. The rotting, dead eyes that peered from behind Jason’s hockey mask burned with hatred for his opponent. Michael and Jason pushed with all their might, their arms trembling from the sheer amounts of power they poured into their arms.

But after several seconds of this, Both sides knew that the effort was futile, so they abandoned their struggle and slammed their blades into each other, a massive clang sounding, and another shower of sparks flying and disappearing into the fog. They slashed again, and again and again until finally, their blades shattered into pieces with the fifth strike, the shards flying all over the place. Michael looked down at his splintered blade, and Jason did the same.

Michael hurled the handel at Jason and then charged at him, lowering his shoulder to bash his enemy away. Jason threw his handle as well, knocking Michael’s out of the way, both hilts spinning off into the darkness of the surrounding forest. Jason quickly charged Michael, lowering his shoulder as well, with the same intent as Myers.

The slashers collided, and were both knocked sprawling into the damp, foggy grass. Jason was the first one up. As he looked around for The Shape, he noticed an old, rusty axe leaning against a rotting stump. He quickly stomped over to the stump and grabbed the axe, and stalked towards Michael, who was just now getting up off of the ground. The Undead Slasher swung the axe downwards at Michael, who caught the haft of the axe and snapped it into splinters, he then quickly caught the falling axe head, and he then drove that axe head into Jason’s mid section.

Jason grunted and grabbed Michael’s head and slammed it into his knee, The Shape’s reaction was similar to Jason’s. A mere grunt in response to the pain. Myers’ grabbed Voorhees’ arm and flipped him over his back, effectively landing both killers’ flat on their backs.

Michael knew that this approach of trying to out muscle his opponent just wasn’t working, considering that they were evenly matched. Michael leapt up quickly and melted into the long shadows of the pine trees, in search of another weapon. Jason sat up and looked around for Michael, and upon not finding him, he teleported away, also in search of a weapon. Michael slunk around until he reached the camp kitchen, and upon finding it, he walked in and armed himself with a cleaver, then turning sharply and stomping soundlessly out of the kitchen.

Jason walked into the camp’s barn and grabbed a pitchfork and turned to face Michael, who had attempted to sneak up on Jason, the Crystal Lake Slasher thrusting his pitchfork at Jason, who chopped one of the prongs off with his cleaver.

Jason looked at his pitchfork, minorly disappointed at it’s lack of durability. After a second, Michael struck again, and Jason parried with his pichfork, costing him the other prong. Jason quickly hurled the haft like a javelin, and Michael barely managed to avoid the haft, which smashed through the wooden walls of the barn and continued to fly into the darkness.

Michael Advanced on the now weapon-less Jason, who rectifed this by arming himself with a sickle, then quickly slashing at Michael, aiming for his throat, the Shape of Evil stepping back and avoiding the attack in that manner. Michael attacked with his cleaver, his blade’s attack being deflected by Jason’s sickle. Jason took adavantage of this situation by elbowing Myers in the face and then stomping on his foot and grinding with his heel. Michael grunted and jabbed Jason in the throat, who grunted and uppercut Michael in the chin, knocking the Shape airborne.

The Shape landed in a heap on the rotting floors of the barn, crashing through them and slamming into the ground, a deafening THUD cascading through out the camp.


Michael growled as Jason approached, sickle in hand. Michael adjusted his grip on his cleaver and pushed himself up. Michael was angry now.

Voorhees and Myers quickly moved towards each other, blades in hand, ready to kill with even more fury burning within thier souls than should be humanly possible. Granted, Niether Michael nor Jason were really human, where they?

Michael attacked first, slashing downwards, Jason countering with an upwards strike, the blades colliding and shooting sparks all over the old barn. The sparks hit the straw pile, which was stored near where Myers and Jason were fighting. The straw caught fire quickly, and within just a few seconds, the entire barn was ablaze! Myers and Jason kept on fighting, ignoring the rising heat, which was far less that the heat of thier rage and hatred, each directed at the other.

Jason swung again, and Michael countered with his cleaver. The two continued to strike swiftly, their blades and hands a blur as they began punching and slashing at the same time, meaty thuds sounding whenever a blow landed on the other. Jason quickly stomped on Michael’s foot, and Michael stomped on Jason’s foot, both slashers holding the other in place as they wound up full power punches. Michael and Jason both punched at the same time, striking each other in the face, Michael’s mask tearing slightly, and Jason’s mask shattering on the lower left side of his face.

Both slashers were launched out of the opposite ends of the barn, Michael through the front, and Jason through the back. Jason slammed through the old wooden wall, his jacket catching fire as he landed in the damp grass just outside of the barn. Jason sat up and tossed off his burning jacket, and marched toward Michael.

Michael, however, wasn't as lucky. He flew several yards, and he finally came to a halt, being impaled through his side on a sharp tree limb. Michael managed to pull himself off of the limb with a loud grunt. He fell to the ground and then stood up and snuck into the nearby tool shed, to attempt to get the jump on Jason once more. The undead slasher reached the tree Myers had been impaled on, and was frustrated to find that Michael was not there. He did however, notice a single drop of blood on the ground. This drop was located away from the tree, and closer to the nearby tool shed. Jason slowly marched in that direction. Myers wasn’t going to get away. Not on his watch.

Chi-Chi-Chi, Ra-Ra-Ra

As Jason approached the shed Michael managed to find a chain and an ice pick. The Shape hid himself among the deep, black shadows of the shed’s walls. Jason smashed down the door with a mighty punch, and he then stepped into the shed. As Jason began to look around, he was sure that he had caught a glimpse of Michael. He leapt at Michael and swung his sickle at Myers’ throat, in an attempt to decapitate The Shape. But all Jason hit was a wall. Michael wasn’t there. He never was.

Michael struck out from behind Jason, quickly smashing Jason across the eyes with the chain, then pinning Jason to the wall with the ice pick. Literally. Michael then unleashed a flurry of slashes against Jason’s torso, ripping several long gashes into his skin and flesh, several strikes cutting straight to the bone. Jason attempted to fend off a strike by attacking with his free arm, swinging his sickle at Michael, who hewed at his arm with his cleaver, chopping through most of Jason’s arm at the elbow, renderng it useless.

But just as Michael prepared to slash again, Jason’s knee shot up and smashed Myers in the groin.

This stopped the Shape’s attack. Michael toppled over backwards, landing on the ground with a thud, cutting his calf on a rusty saw, which lay in the floor, hidden underneath a rotting tarp. Myers grunted.

Jason thrust his shoulder forward, and ripped himself off of the ice pick. Jason readjusted his now mostly broken mask, grabbing a large steel beam from the corner of the shed. The Camp killer turned to Michael, who was nowhere to be found.

This time, there was a blood trail leading out the door of the shed. Jason followed slowly, his wounds already starting to heal. Slowly, but they were healing.

A loud knock echoed through the door of Lauire’s shed. Laurie stayed silent, but she was terrified.

Then a familiar voice called from beyond the door.

“Laurie? Are you in there?” The voice belonged to a Dr. Samual Loomis.

“I’m in here, Loomis!” Laurie shouted back.

“Laurie, the door’s locked. Could you let me in?” Loomis asked quietly.

Laurie got up and opened the door, and she gasped.

The figure that stood in front of her wasn’t Samual Loomis. This figure was clothed in black tactical gear, with several straps of cloth hanging off of him. In one hand, he held a silver and green object, and in the other, he held a black and silver tactical knife. And finally, he wore a hood and a mask. The mask was white, and it appeared to be screaming. He waved cutely with the hand that held the knife, and then socked Laurie in the gut, knocking the breath out of her.

“Shhh....My buddies and I just want to have a talk with you. Now sleep tight.” The man said as he sheathed his knife and pulled out a rag and covered her mouth and nose with it. Laurie passed out, unconcious.

Jason tracked Michael to the dock. Michael stood there, an old ancor in hand. Jason raised the I-Beam, and prepared to end thier fight. Once and for all.

Jason and Michael stomped towards each other, swinging thier weapons at each other, Myers' anchor clanging against Jason's I-beam, sparks flying and shockwaves exploding throughout the camp with each strike!

Jason pulled back the beam and began to wind up an extra powerful strike. Michael did the same. Both fighters then killers at full power strike, one which reduced thier weapons to mere shards once more! Both killers were knocked flat on thier backs, Michael landing on the beach, and Jason on the edge of the dock.

Jason grabbed a coil of rope and jumped off of the dock onto the beach, and power walking over to Michael, who was now struggling to get up, he slammed his knee into Michael's gut to hold him in place, and he then wrapped the rope around Michael's neck and began to strangle him.

Michael began to trash about and reach for something-anything that would let him stop Jason! As mIchael's desperate fingers pushed through the sand, he felt his fingers press against something. Something old and wooden. Michael quickly grabbed it and yanked it out of the sand. It was a blood stained oar.

The same oar that had been used all those years ago to kill Pamela Voorhees.

The Shape swung the oar at jason's head with all of his remaining might, slamming the slasher square in the head. The oar shattered, and Jason's head flew off of his body, flying into the lake, landing with a loud splash.

Jason's headless body continued to hold the rope for a few seconds longer, but slowly, his grip lessened. And finally, his body toppled off of Michael's chest.

The Boogeyman sat up immediatly and then stood up. Michael began to walk away. And then he stopped. He turned. And he walked back over to Jason's corpse. He knelt down. And thrust his hand into Jason's chest, ripping his heart right out! Micheal raised the heart to his face.

And he....crushed the heart into a bloody paste. Michael then stood up, and tilted his head at Jason's corpse.



Mercer: Whew. Michael had me worried there for a second.

Necro: Shut up. I'm not exactly happy about this one, but This is easily one of the closest match-ups were have ever done, if not the closest!

Mercer: Yeah. Jason and Michael were about equal in strength, due to both being able to rip humans to bits with ease, as well as being able to lift similar amounts.

Necro: And as slow as both Michael and Jason move, we found that Jason was actually a little bit faster. Micke's best reaction was equal to about Mach 1.8, and Jason's was equal to Mach 2.3. So Jason did hold a minor edge in that respect, as well as his teleportaion making him more mobile.

Popup: While it is possible that Michael can teleport, Jason's is actually shown in canon.

Mercer: Now, before we continue, let's talk about the elephant in the room. Jason's possession. What's to say that Jason couldn't simply possess Michael and take control of his body.

Necro: Well, only one thing. And that's Thorn. Michael is already possessed by a powerful demon. Which would reasonably mean that Michael would be sheilded from this kind of attack.

Mercer: But let's get to the thing these two are most known for. Thier durability. Jason and Michael could tank attacks equivilant to at least One Kilogram of TNT, and both could survive being shot up by heavy firearms. However, we found Michaels to be more impressive for one reason, and one reason only. Jason's regeneration. But how could regeneration be a downside?

Necro: It's a downside in the sense that Jason needed his regeneration to keep going after such altercations. For example. In Freddy vs Jason, Jason was stabbed in the eyes by Freddy Kruger, and that kept Jason down until his regeneration kicked in. But in Halloween II, Michael was shot in both eyes by Dr. Samual Loomis. He kept right on chasing Loomis and Laurie. Michael's regen kicked in several hours after this happened.

Mercer: Jason did have an edge in terms of experince with other superhuman foes, like Freddy Kruger and Tina. But Freddy nearly killed Jason, and Tina flat out stomped him, but he still fought and defeated a better version of himself, being Jason X.

Necro: And Michael had the edge in intellegence, as he's just shown himself to use it more. And when it came to strategy, both had used some pretty clever ones, but Michael's was just a bit more clever, in our opinion.

Mercer: And finally, both Michael and Jason could come back to life almost endlessly, so neither could really kill the other. But we found that in a batle to the first death, Jason was more likely to die first, due to having somewhat less impressive durability.

Necro: So in the end, Michael and Jason were even in strength, With Michael being just a bit slower and less experinced, With Jason being less durable and a bit dumber. This could have gone either way, but in the end, we just found that Michael had a slightly higher chance of victory.


Mercer: We admyer Jason's power, but it would seem as though this was his final friday.

Necro: The winner is, Micheal Myers.


Micheal Myers


(+)A bit more Durable

(+)A bit smarter

(+)Possibly immune to Jason's Possession

(+)More consistant healing factor

(-)A bit slower

(-)Never fought a being on his level before

(-)Less Mobile

Jason Voorhees


(+)A bit faster

(+)Fought against people like Michael before

(+)Teleportaion made him more mobile

(-)He nearly lost one of those matches, and was stomped in one of the others

(-)Not quite as tough

(-)Not quite as smart

(-)Michael could be immune to his possession

(-)Less consistant healing factor


Friday the 13th vs Halloween!

Jason Voorhees vs Michael Myers is a battle featuring Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th horror franchise and Michael Myers from the Halloween horror franchise.


HABIT: Masks. We hide ourselves behind them for a variety of reasons. Sometimes we wear them to hide our true feelings, our bloodlust, our desire to cause harm to others.

Toby: Or you just wear them because they look cool! These stalkers have badass white masks!

Observer: Jason Voorhees, Friday the 13th's hockey mask stalker who kills counselors at Camp Crystal Lake.

Steve: And Michael Myers, Halloween's terror who is the greatest fear of babysitters that live in Haddonfield.

Herobrine: One of these horror icons' title of "unkillable killers' will be disproven in this battle.

HABIT: Will Jason make it Michael's corpse will be hallowed or will Myers make it so Voorhees' death is similiar to his rival, Freddy Krueger's, death of being fri-ed to death?

HABIT: I'm HABIT, they are The Observer & Ticci Toby, they are Steve & Herobrine, they are Satoshi & Yuka Mochida and we are here to see who would win a Death Battle!

Jason Voorhees

Michael Myers


HABIT: Alright, the combatants are set and now it is time for a Death Battle!

Death Battle!

Haddonfield 12 AM

Tommy Jarvis' life wasn't going swell. He was still suffering trauma from the time Jason attacked him and his family years ago. Jason was killed but he wouldn't stay dead for long. Tommy tried to explain this story to people but people just told him that Jason was dead and would stay that way.

Nothing was working, he tried knitting as a hobby to take him mind off Jason, nothing. He tried medication to calm himself, that only slightly helped. Even his last resort of going to a group therapy session didn't work. Mr. Jarvis thought back to this as he got into his car.

Tommy opened a door and sighed as a group of people stared at him. He truly helped that going to this therapy session would help. "Hello there, you must be Tommy Jarvis? I'm Ash, Ash Williams." A man in blue shirt told Tommy. "Pleasure to meet you all." Tommy responded as he took a seat. "We are all here for a reason. Someone tried to take our lives but we didn't let this happen. That's why we are here today!" Ash said, charisma irradiating from him. "Now then, let's explain what happened with us. I already told you my story but nobody seems to believe me." Someone quickly responded to Ash, with heavy skepticism in their voice. "I heavily doubt your friends were killed by demon zombies who were unleashed by a book, Ash." Laurie Strode responded, looking around the room, as if she was waiting for someone to jump out of the shadows. "Hey! It did happen..." Ash quickly followed this up by a suggestion. "Anyway, everyone else should explain their stories to mister Jarvis." Laurie was the first to tell her story. "My brother broke out of a asylum, killed my friends, and tried to kill me, he's still on the loose." Laurie was obviously shaken up by these events, she was constantly on the look out for Michael Myers.

Tommy heard a lot of stories, killer dolls with attitude, dream demons, crazy boyfriends in a white mask and black robe who teamed up with their friends to try to kill his girlfriend, a chainsaw wielding maniac who wore people's skin. These were all of the stories Tommy heard. With seemingly nothing left to do, he was gonna do something he hoped he would never have to do. Go back to Camp Crystal Lake.

He would just stay for a few minutes and get back into his car to ease his fears, that's all he was planning on doing. Tommy began to drive when he came upon a heavily forestry area. Tommy felt safe and secure in his car... but then a axe flew through the front window, shattering the glass. Tommy ducked, if he was a second late, he would have been dead. "Who the fuck does this guy think he is? The Bunnyman?" Tommy looked at the person who threw the axe and felt his heart stop for a little.

Jason Voorhees. He could tell it was him, the hockey mask, the decaying skin, the machete were all giveaways of who this was. Tommy quickly turned his car and rushed his way to Haddonfield. If he was gonna fight Jason, he was gonna need help. Tommy finally arrived back at the town when he heard a scream come for a nearby house.

Thinking that whatever was attacking that person could fight Jason, Tommy quickly entered the house to see a masked man in a jumpsuit strangling a woman with one hand and slowly raising his knife with his other hand. Tommy ran towards the man in white mask and tackled him, slightly knocking Michael backwards. Just then, Jason entered the house, seeking to end Tommy. "Oh shit, he's here, we have to get out of here." Tommy grabbed Laurie's hand and quickly ran out of the house while Jason & Michael exchanged glances, ready for a duel.



Next Time


Jason vs Michael zac tn.png


Friday the 13th vs Halloween! The two silent, slow but deadly killers from popular 80s slasher franchises. They've been through thick and thin but have somehow pulled through each time. Which of these iconic killers will walk away?





Death Battle