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Rawr! Ha ha! Sometimes I even scare myself.
~ Sulley, from Disney INFINITY

James P. Sullivan, known to his friends as "Sulley", is the monster from the 2001 Disney/Pixar movie, Monsters Inc.

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  • Real Name: James P. Sullivan
  • Species: Monster
  • Height: 7'6"
  • Weight: 795 lbs
  • Age: 28
  • Occupation: Top Scarer
  • Nickname: Sulley


  • Strong enough to rip off a giant mechanical door.
  • Can rip pipes off of walls and bend them with ease.
  • Can twist a giant machine off its hinges.
  • Can carry five monsters while running.
  • Outran numerous security guards and police officers.
  • Can push various furniture all at once.
  • Withstood a swipe from Mr. Waternoose and endured Randall's punches.


  • Sulley is the first Pixar protagonist who doesn't have a love interest, followed by Remy and Merida.
  • In the Toy Story Toons short Partysaurus Rex, the toilet cover in the bathroom has the same design as Sulley's fur.
  • Sulley appears in the end credits of Cars as a giant monster truck. He is also seen in Tokyo Mater with a car version of Mike.