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Jaden Yuki VS Travis Touchdown is a What-If? Death Battle by Arigarmy featuring Jaden Yuki from the Yu-Gi-Oh! series and Travis Touchdown from the No More Heroes series.


Yu-Gi-Oh! VS No More Heroes! These two unlikely gamer heroes rise up to save the day under their own terms! Will Jaden's Elemental HEROES put the No More Hero in the dirt?


Hey all, Arigarmy here.

Have you guys seen No More Heroes 3? I'm personally having high hopes. I'm also personally letting you know that unless it takes so long that there's no point in waiting for it, the final conclusion of this battle won't be made until after No More Heroes 3 is released. I don't wanna have a fight become outdated the day after publishing. Now that would be embarrassing and tactless as a consequence of being impatient. Of course, there will be a result, but if the new game creates something worth changing, good or bad, it'll be changed.


W: Villains will always exist to disrupt peace and bring forth destruction. And it is a hero's duty to rise up and exact justice upon their misdeeds.

G: But sometimes that hero is just... not your knight in shining armor. He's not charming, he's not a prince, he's behind on his bills, but he does the job better than anyone else ever could.


W: Jaden Yuki, the Supreme King...


G: And Travis Touchdown, the Crownless King. We're literally two made-up people.

W: And it's our job to regurgitate information to find out who would win... a Death Battle!


W: Scientists theorize that our universe was formed through a cosmological body known as the big bang. Various religions use epic gods who birth the universe as its supreme being. So how does the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe come to be?

G: I bet it's something stupid like "ooh, there was a children's trading card SO powerful it made the WHOLE universe and EVERYTHING is made from cards!"

W: Actually, you're spot on. A single card in the void of nothingness created all of life, the planets, stars, and our very life force. Over the span of millennia, humans creating the immensely popular card game would bear the ultimate irony.


Author's Note: This Is Real.

W: The real world and the world of spirits people on Earth referred to as "Duel Monsters" were linked. People could find an astral plane of sorts that links between these two worlds. Ancient Egyptians use sacred tablets. For the everyday man, you use trading cards. These cards act as portals, each individual soul of a card held within. Each card tells a story, and not all spirits are created equally.

G: Duel Monsters itself became a worldwide phenomenon. Years pass and it wasn't just a game or a sport, it was life. It was used for schools! Law enforcement! EVEN WAR!

W: And only one super-genius, one brilliant CEO, one insanely dedicated man was capable of making it a reality within the span of just a few years:

G: Seto Goddamn Motherfucking "Screw the Rules, I Have Money" Kaiba. The man is so rich, so powerful, he bought the rights to Duel Monsters and made it the biggest thing in not just the planet, but the entire universe! And it all started when one day he decided to shoot random cards in a space shuttle just to flex on all alien life just how good he is.

"Your cards will be launched into space on a KaibaCorp satellite. Cause I figure that if there is intelligent life out there, then let's teach 'em how to duel!"

G: Listen to that laugh. Sounds like someone you could trust your will to.

W: Kaiba held a contest where people could submit cards or card designs and potentially win. One of these kids did end up winning, and this young child's name was Jaden Yuki.

G: Jaden was one of the millions of kids obsessed with the game. However, he had a special ability: he could see the spirits of Duel Monsters!

W: This isn't exactly a miraculous feat, hundreds of peoples are selectively capable of seeing these spirits and interacting them, but this was a specialty considering his favorite spirit to use was the card Yubel.

G: Imagine if you had an overprotective mom that would lather you in sunscreen or something before you took a step outside. Yubel had the same thought. Why let Jaden lose and have his little heartbroken when you can do the opposite and give his friends HEART ATTACKS?

W: Thinking that his Yubel card was the problem, he sends it alongside the designs that won. KaibaCorp launched all of the cards in separate satellites, and around Jupiter, these satellites were hit with cosmic rays, both from light and darkness. The prototype cards were hit with darkness, and Yubel was hit with light. It doesn't make sense, but go along with it.

G: His designs became an entire species that lived one of Jupiter's moons! And Yubel just became a deranged, insane crazy person more obsessed with Jaden than people are with K-Pop. Years pass and Jaden goes to school at the newly opened Duel Academy, Kaiba's school dedicated to professionally being good at card games. One thing leads to another and Yubel comes back, makes Jaden unlock the superpower of depression, and ends up fusing with the little boy to become a human-not-human thingy.

W: All of this under the influence of the Light of Destruction, a being who wishes nothing more than to snuff out everything in a blinding light. To counter this, Jaden had to learn the powers of the Gentle Darkness, learning to uphold a balance between the light and the dark, a sort of a yin-yang thing.

G: And his first power is to materialize any card ability and card monster into the real world! All Duel Monsters cards and Duel Disks are equipped with microchips. Within these microchips is Solid Vision, a technology used to create interactive holograms within the cards themselves. Kaiba invented this technology after suffering through a night of LITERAL HELL suffering from Duel Monsters thanks to Yugi Muto's Penalty games. If anyone can turn a traumatic event into profit, it's Kaiba.

W: These interactive holograms are not designed to inflict pain upon players, but certain instances can change that. Either through the Shadow Games, having to fight literal monsters in the Duel Monsters spirit world or, like Jaden, physically manifesting the cards into reality, things are changed and feats can be recorded accurately.

G: Jaden's monsters of choice are the Elemental HEROES, superheroes with generic powers that grow stronger with the power of Fusion, whether it be Polymerization, Miracle Fusion, Double Fusion, you got the whole works. All of them are capable of flight and are always ready to thwart evil. There are over fifty of the blasted things, so we'll condense them down into the ones that actually matter, which is only about ten of them.

W: While on their own they are nothing more than superhuman, we can analyze certain card lore and card art present within the anime exclusively to determine certain attributes. Elemental HERO Avian controls the wind and uses his feathers to stop crime. Elemental HERO Burstanitrix uses fires to burn criminals to a crisp and create massive explosions.

G: Elemental HERO Clayman uses his clay body to be the ultimate human shield or run people over in his bootleg Mario Kart. Elemental HERO Sparkman uses electricity to zap foes to submission, likes to protect his Second Amendment, and can destroy the very ground itself with his electricity. And finally, Elemental HERO Bubbleman. H-He shoots bubbles. Really hard. Or maybe he waterboards them. Has Bubbleman committed war crimes and is being hunted by the government? The world may never know.

W: With the spell card Polymerization, Jaden can fuse these warriors together to create stronger beings. Elemental HERO Sparkman and Clayman can combine to create Elemental HERO Thunder Giant, a being who can generate thunderstorms and generate stronger electricity upon its summoning. Elemental HERO Avian and Burstanitrix can combine to create what used to be Jaden's ace monster: Elemental HERO Flame Wingman!


G: So... it's a man and a woman combined, and it's still a man?

W: Beats me. Flame Wingman is a master of both the air and fire. Summoning it by itself is so strong that it can tear a room apart. Its fire is so hot and powerful that it can destroy walls in a single blast. And with Jaden's Field Spell Skyscraper, all of his HEROES are powered up, as it is the natural habitat of Flame Wingman.

G: But Jaden's strongest HERO in his arsenal isn't even a Fusion monster. After being hit with the good side of cosmic rays, Jaden's prototype card evolved into a supreme cosmic being meant to be the strongest among all HEROES and defender of the universe.

"Neo Space has a brand new hero! And his name is Elemental HERO Neos!"

W: Elemental HERO Neos, alongside his fellow species of the Neo-Spacians, are Jaden's secondhand monsters, capable of utilizing Contact Fusion so that Jaden doesn't need to rely on Polymerization. And even by himself, Neos is a forced to be reckoned with.

G: Neos has destroyed satellites, flown through the ground like nothing, and can use laser beams from his head to blow up magma rocks and blow up a part of a building. He's tanked a full-front blast from the Rainbow Dragon that ripped apart Venice. And hell, he's fast too! He's intercepted a beam of light all the way from Neo-Space! In TWO SECONDS!

W: For clarification, Neo Space is once again a location that orbits around Jupiter. The distance between Jupiter and the Earth is around 247,890,000 miles. This must mean that Elemental HERO Neos was traveling, at most, 123,945,000 miles per second, which equals out to (assuming 186,282 miles per second is lightspeed) a rounded 665 times faster than light!

G: When Neos unleashes Contact Fusion, he can transform into even more powerful monsters. By fusing with Neo-Spacian Gran Mole, he becomes Elemental HERO Grand Neos, who can burrow in the ground with a giant drill and once lifted and threw this giant submarine. By fusing with Neo-Spacian Glow Moss, he becomes Elemental HERO Glow Neos, and can rip souls out of people!

W: And by fusing with Grand Mole and Neo-Spacian Flare Scarab, he becomes Elemental HERO Magma Neos, one of the strongest Neos monsters capable of creating and shooting meteors larger than its own body. While the most are weak, one Neo-Spacian stands out on its own: Neo-Spacian Black Panther, who can take a new form to copy an enemy for both their powers and power from literal strength.

G: Jaden's also got the Spirit of Winged Kuriboh, a fluffy little ball that was so pure it was used as a measurement of how much of a good boy or girl you were in your life in Ancient Egyptian trials. It can blind enemies, act as Jaden's spotter for things he can't see, and can completely remove darkness-induced comas.

W: About the judicial stuff Kuriboh has done, that's from the GX manga, which its materials we will also use even if the plots and character traits are different. For instance, the ace of Jaden's deck isn't Neos nor Flame Wingman, it's actually Elemental HERO Terra Firma, one of the legendary Planet cards holding the power of Earth itself and capable of draining energy so that others can unleash it.

G: Terra Firma's effect lets him sack every other HERO on the field to boost up his own attack, and it gets him sick crotch swords as he becomes Terra Firma Magma! And he's got a powered-up form! Just slap three random HEROES together and you make Elemental HERO Core. But throughout the continuities, one monster rises above all in Jaden's arsenal: the draconic beast and terror incarnate Yubel.


W: When Yubel, the card to be specific, is out on the field, she can use her wicked powers to decimate foes, even when she's not completely intact. She has telekinesis, memory manipulation, telepathy by accessing the darkest desires of people, can possess people, her very being is what gives Jaden the ability to materialize holograms, and has repelled Sacred Beasts that would ravage the world if untamed plus taken the frontal force of the power of Exodia. And like we said, she can live while under great stress, case in point spending over a decade as just an arm.

G: And while she's fused with Jaden, Jaden obtains some wicked powers! He gets precognition and glimpses into the far future, can resist hypnosis on multiple occasions, can resist the power of darkness, and gets a complete buff to his physical stat. He's able to jump crazy heights and be thrown across a plaza nearly unharmed. One of the Sacred Beasts, Raviel, zapped him with lightning, sent him flying into the air, and he scoffed it off! One time he FELL FROM ORBIT as a METEOR. He wasn't riding a meteor, he WAS the meteor.

W: And perhaps Jaden's most powerful ability isn't even a monster. A simple quick-play spell that is perhaps the most powerful of all: Super Polymerization. While in the game, it's effect is that you can fuse two beings on either side of the field, let's not forget that Jaden can completely make this a real effect. We know he can because... well, he did it.

G: Jaden fused Yubel's soul with his, and he could virtually do the same with anything else, as Yubel could have done with the twelve "universes" if she so pleased.

W: The "universes" statement is oddly vague, since Neo-Space, which orbits Jupiter, was included in these spaces, and yet it is nowhere big enough to be classified as a universe. At most, it would include Earth, but that's as much as its full potential. Wanna fuse some people together? Go ahead! Wanna fuse a person with a rock? Yo, Angelo! The possibilities are endless, but it's really only used when it's needed in the actual game as a last resort.

G: Jaden, despite all of his goons at his side, still has terrible flaws. First, his academic history. Gross. Second, Jaden has to put the literal cards on his Duel Disk to materialize them, meaning no Duel Disk equals no monsters, except for Neos. At most, he has five monsters he can put on the table at any given time. Yubel can also be ripped out of Jaden, either by playing her as a card or by having it forcefully ripped from him, making him lose her powers instantaneously while she's removed.

W: Jaden is also defenseless by himself. He has no true combat experience, only the relived memories of a soldier once known as the Supreme King. While he has exuberated "Duel Energy", of which has the capability to stabilize entire dimensions, that has no use in an attack potency context. It's only useful in harvesting energy, which is exactly what it's done for: harvesting energy as they are human guinea pigs for reactors.

G: But after going through super-traumatizing events and seeing his friends die for about the fifteenth time over the course of four years, it took Jaden one fun card game with the King of Games himself to make him realize that the most important thing to do is to have fun. Even if your best friend is a hermaphrodite demon inside your head.

W: Jaden Yuki will be known as two things: a lazy, terrible student always on the brink of failure and a selfless HERO to all who loves nothing more than to get his game on.

Nightshroud: "One day, I shall be resurrected in this world once more!"

Jaden: "That may be true, but as long as I'm around, you'll be waiting a long time."


W: In the town of Santa Destroy, California, assassins run rampant. Underground murder matches are live-streamed and sold on pay-per-view. Criminal records skyrocket as mysterious murders impact the community one by one.

G: One of these murders was a father to two twin brothers: Henry and Travis. Something something tragic family story with a half-sister, Henry becomes Irish, and Travis, traumatized for the rest of his life, wallows his decades away playing video games and watching anime. The ideal life if I do say so myself.


W: One night, drunk and remembering his tragic and admittedly cliche past, he is offered a means of release. Join the United Assassins Association, murder everyone who's on the list, and become the king of assassins so that he can kill her in the process.

G: But Travis didn't remember that part. All he remembered is that he'd be given sex with this smokin' hot chick named Sylvia. And that's all a man ever needs for motivation. So he got a laser katana he won off an eBay auction and just went to town on people! Though, the UAA never existed. It was all a scam to rid him of his hard-earned cash.

W: Though Travis eventually did kill his half-sister and avenge his father, murdering others without a second thought came with consequences. An ACTUAL UAA was formed, and close friends of Travis were murdered for revenge. Fueled by hate, Travis contacts Sylvia, who's actually an agent this time, and begins his conquest for murder... again.

G: And he totally killed them all... again. And hey, he even got to snag a chance with the gir- Oh, what? She was his brother's wife? Oh... S-score?

W: Though his bloodlust was stronger than any other men, Travis realized that he and his fellow assassins were seen and used as nothing more than tools. Not even perceived as humans. He hated this and that his fame brought him and his newfound family nonstop threats and danger by an endless wave of those seeking revenge. He and his kind were stuck in an endless loop.

"Look at this blood! We HUMANS are ALIVE! Even if we ARE assassins! Doesn't matter if it's a video game, movie, drama, anime, manga... We're ALIVE!!!"

W: To counter this, he abandoned his wife and children and spent seven years in isolation, doing his own personal quest of obtaining video game relics by trotting the globe. Though through even more trials and tribulations uncovering a US government conspiracy, he realized that he had spent too many years hiding away and that he could never deny his duty to slay assassins that threaten him, his family, or his hometown.

G: Travis aspired to become a hero by his own standards: a hero that kills heroes. At the ripe old age of 39, Travis is a master assassin, using his trusty beam katana to slice and dice his foes into pieces.


G: This retractable baby is called the Blood Berry and it's been by his side for over a decade. People are easily cut into swiss cheese with a single swing, he can halve doors just a step away from his actual swing, and is completely even with his brother Henry, who tore up this giant robot.

W: Of course, there are other variations that have an assumed similar level of power. The Camelia MK-III is simply another katana that looks like an actual katana. The Peony is a large, heavy weapon that's slow, but has powerful strikes. And the Rose Nasty is a dual-wielding set of sabers that are built for swift strikes. All are viable, but the Blood Berry has always been the 'ol reliable.

G: He's not only good with his swords, he's also mastered martial arts by, and I'm not kidding, watching VHS tapes over and over again until he could master it himself. His suplexes are so powerful that he can knock people out cold in a single throw, if not already snapping their neck and killing them from brute force.

W: Travis is also exceedingly quick on his feet. He can attack faster than the eye can track, can both deflect and CATCH bullets, and has dodged laser eyes. Based on the laws of what a real laser is (burning effects, linear path movement), it's safe to assume that this was indeed a real source of light. Even if it was an outlier, he's done it again with a spaceship satellite laser (albeit is likely not a real laser).

G: And boy, this is a tougher weeb than anyone you see at a con. Large explosions, small explosions, explosions in general, electrocution, and God knows what else. Being impaled? He doesn't care! Set on FIRE? He's had worse days! Hell, sometimes he just ignores the call to death.

W: And weirdest of all, Travis seems to have specific immunities to also specific ailments. When a songstress' harmony hits most ears, they're put in comas for weeks. When Travis hears it, he simply doesn't care. He can break free from induced paralysis and resist the urge to go insane from cries that would, you know, make you go insane, and can wear off poison over time. He's even a master of breaking the fourth wall!

G: And after a few minutes of fighting Travis gets super pumped on ecstasy! He activates one of his many super moves, such as the one where he slows down his perception of time to go super fast! He can activate Blueberry Cheese Brownie, where he can shoot projectiles from his sword, or the Cranberry Chocolate Sundae, where he's physically impermeable but can obliterate complete bodies to dust in a single attack! Or he could use the same move to turn into a tiger. That too.

W: With his strongest variant, Travis can release enough energy to completely decimate a room or destroy foes with a massive shockwave. But this is just the beginning of Travis' wide arsenal. He does have a motorbike, the Shpeltiger, but he has something even greater than that.


G: He's got a goddamn mecha, of course! The almighty Glastonbury, name courtesy of Travis's favorite anime, is a powerful behemoth machine equipped with its own beam katana that can change into a sniper rifle. Capable of energy projection and summoning an onslaught of homing lasers, it can launch robots of its own size out of orbit, and its laser rifle can destroy robots just like it, meaning it could take out something bigger than a skyscraper no problem!

W: Considering the Glastonbury can fly from Earth to orbit in a single second, which can range from at least 50 to 100 km/s (kilometers per second), the rival mech had done that in just a mere fraction of a second!

G: And adding this little bad boy feels a little uneasy, but we should never forget what he's capable of with the Death Glove! By utilizing the phantom game console, the Death Drive MK-II, Travis can use skill chips that bring a wide variety of powers and perks!

W: Invisibility, regeneration and healing fields, grappling hooks, poison gas, skeleton turrets, vampirism, cloning, telekinesis, gravity manipulation fields...

G: And bombs! Lots of bombs and lasers! Lasers from the sky! Lasers that paralyze! He can make timed bombs, sticky bombs, both of those at the same time! This bad boy Power Glove ripoff has got one hell of an arsenal. Hell, he could even force choke out and throw you like Darth Vader!

W: The Death Drive MK-II is solely designed for a VR experience that's supposed to put you in the game, literally. Its true purpose is to actually steal genetic data and create clone soldiers for war. While it does have actual game worlds, it can still bring people to real-life locations, such as when Travis infiltrated the CIA headquarters in person by using the console. Therefore, it shouldn't be out of the question that Travis could still use these abilities if they're equipped.

G: Hell, the Death Drive is meant to drive people insane, bring out their biggest fears, and incoherent. Travis is, to no one's surprise, totally fine and unaffected after completing every game on the system.

W: As great as Travis may be, saying that only strokes his ego. He's still plenty flawed as any human is. He's easy to manipulate, has a moral dilemma when faced with fighting children, and his beam katana temporarily shorts out when it comes into contact with water.

G: Speaking of, all variants of the beam katana come with a limited life battery that must be recharged after a good dose of violence. He has to throw it back like a ShakeWeight and jack off the damn thing just to recharge the battery quickly enough. Effective. Gross, but effective. His skill chips for the Death Glove are also spam-proof, meaning he can't use the same skill twice without waiting for a short period of time.

W: On a surface level, Travis is a prude, selfish, awkward, otaku loser who abandoned his wife and kids to seemingly play video games in the wilderness of Texas for seven years and kills for sport just because he enjoys the violence. Though once you look through his extensive list of deeds, Travis is actually one of the best things to happen to Santa Destroy.

G: Him killing countless assassins slammed Santa Destroy's crime rate to a dead halt, making him an actual local hero for singlehandedly ending crime! His face is painted on walls and glorified on statues, making him forever the defender of the small town and avenger of all those fallen by the hands of evil.

W: And over the years, he's become slightly less perverted and... gross, but more humbled and wise. Though, the foul mouth still comes with the package. Make no mistake, Travis Touchdown didn't get to #1 twice by being lucky. Get in his way, and you'll get a close-up of his beam katana!

Sylvia: "All you feel is ecstasy when you kill. It's like your getting off. Seriously, you need help!"

Travis: "Everybody deals with grief differently, right? Some people fuck at funerals. I cut off heads."


W: Welp, we fulfilled our existence.

G: It's time for a DEATH BATTLE!

Hidden Basement - Midnight

Industrial lights flood the secret caged match taking hold underneath a local bar. Its blinding rays shine upon the stadium in the center surrounded by a mob who paid top dollar to see this live match in person. The name of the game? Duel Monsters. The stakes? Pain, misery, and potentially more as the rowdy audience howls like a hungry wolf for more. Two individuals stand at opposite ends of the cages. One of them was short, pudgy, and had greasy red hair slicked back. His comical face contorts into a twisted grin. "You really think you could win with one monster and an all face-downs, punk?", he taunts in an obnoxious, nasal voice.

He jets his arm into the air and points up, a card with text obscured by the bright lights. "Ain't no one fool the Scud-master!", he declares as he slams the trading card down on his fancy Duel Disk. A hologram materializes before him, unveiling its true self as a spell! "I activate Goblin Thief, zapping you and sapping it back to me!", he explains. When this strange man meant zapping, he meant it literally. Lurking within what little shadows the cage could provide, a tall, intimidating figure stands still. From what you could make out, he rocked a jet black outfit with sharp, azure hair with pairing dead azure eyes. Both players were wearing shock collars. The moment Scud made his move, a digital counter above the two began to fluctuate. Scud's 4000 LP rose to 4500, while the challenger's dipped to 3500. A visible current of electricity began to flow, and a tiny spark turns into a full fireworks show as this figure writhes in pain as electricity dances around his neck and enters his body. He still stands but staggers after the shock. After it finishes, he bears a foreboding grin as he gasps for air.

Scud wags his finger as the crowd cheers. "The fun ain't finished yet! Abaki makes his debut!", another card is placed on the disk. A repulsive, red ogre wielding a spiked mace is unfortunately birthed into the arena, burping and making other obscene gestures. "And with 'tis Equip Spell, Black Pendant, you'll be taking big damage even if your traps try to stop me!", Scud says as he bumbles around, giddy over his advantage. The pendant wraps around Abaki's neck as the creature is ready to charge.

"Go Abaki!", Scud yells, "Punt that little dragon to dust!" Abaki stumbles and wildly swings, but just before it could land a blow, a face-down card springs to life. "I activate my Trap! Cybernetic Revolution!", the mysterious figure interjects. "I tribute my Cyber Dragon Core, and I Special Summon Cyber End Dragon!", he raises his hand as the small machine serpent disappears, and a colossal tri-headed snake of steel begins to materialize. Its very movements generate audible whirs, and it bellows a cry that sounds like a synthesizer. With a whopping 4500 ATK, it would topple over Abaki, who currently wields a boosted 2200!

"What do you take me for, stupid? I ain't gonna rush into that now that you did that!", Scud laughs, brandishing the Megamorph spell hidden in his hand. The man in black lets back a maniacal laugh. "Oh, you won't want to.", another card flips up, "But you will! I activate my Continuous Trap, All-Out Attacks!, forcing you to attack Cyber End Dragon!", he exclaims. Scud's eyes widen, he begins to sweat, and he gulps. "It's alright, i-it's only 2200 points worth of pain! It can't get worse than th-", Scud's thoughts are immediately interrupted by the final two face-down cards on his opponent's side being lifted up as well. "Heh... It's over for you. Limiter Removal!", he relishes in glory as the two copies of the card shine simultaneously. Cyber End Dragon's ATK doubles to 9000... and then again to 18000! Scud is absolutely breathless. He looks back beyond the cage and at the organizer standing still in the background. "Hey! Cut it off! Stop this maniac!", he rushes to the cage bars and begins to yank on them, "If 4000 LP at once is enough to knock a man out, how much is three times that gonna do to me?!", he snivels.

Each head of Cyber End Dragon uses its powers to generate a ball of electric energy, and at once they all synchronous fire, creating a powerful wave that incinerates Abaki and makes its way to Scud, looking back in terror with a scrunched face and overflowing tears. The moment the holographic beam hits Scud, the electricity goes into overdrive. It pumps over 2,000 volts into Scud's body, making him wail a death cry of "I'm historrryyyyyy!!!!" for his opponent as he quickly croaks, his heart stops, and the electricity continues to flow through his body. In a matter of seconds, he falls back as his body and clothes are charred black. Despite the casualty, the crowd is absolutely loving it and cheers on the victor. Another successful underground duel with happy customers. Just as someone comes to unlock the cage and mouths this mystery man's name, that's where the videotape clip abruptly ends.

"Geez Louise, that's the guy I gotta catch?", an observer comments from afar. The entire match between Scud and the man in black was merely a videotape. Deathmatches like these are likely to be recorded or sold for pay-per-view for the UAA. This is just another archived document for their catalog.

UAA Building - Noon

The place is as monochrome and generic as an office building gets. Everything is identical and it all shares the same boring beige palette. A tune that can easily get stuck in your head softly hums through the room. A man and a woman, both in outfits that radically challenge the dull color scheme of the room, sit between each other. The woman is a blonde with slightly revealing clothing, likely done on purpose. She slides a folder towards the man. He rocks a red blazer and a t-shirt of a show called Pure White Lover Bizarre Jelly. His hair is slick but well-kempt. He wears translucent yellow shades, just opaque enough to get a glimpse of his eyes; one scarred. This was the passing assassin Travis Touchdown and his wife, Sylvia. Travis looks down and opens the file. He finally gets both a full biography of the violent man who obliterated Scud.

"Zane Truesdale, huh?", Travis speaks aloud. "What exactly is this guy's deal?", he asks. Sylvia leans back in a swivel chair. "Have you ever played Duel Monsters, Travis?", she responds with another question. Her French accent was sharp, but not lost enough to misunderstand her English. "Not really, I was more of a Magic the Gathering type of guy.", he says. "We partner with many er, "fun" variants of popular sports. Duel Monsters is just one of the conglomerates we run through private events. Zane Truesdale has been missing for years, and we've finally retrieved an estimated location through geographical satellite tracking.", Sylvia briefs as she shifts through the paperwork.

Travis looks at the files once more, resting his elbow on his knee and his face on top of his fist. He was clearly bored, and he couldn't tempt the chance of being caught sneaking a peek at Sylvia's bosom. He checks one of the images. A hospital facing a cliffside, one of the windows has Zane sulking in a robe and wheelchair. It was dated three days ago. "Wait, so he's disabled?", he asks. By this point, Sylvia has already gone to other things such as painting her nails. "No one knows for sure. He's still quite the dangerous man, and by lack of attendance, he broke our contract. We have to... "terminate" his employment, you know?", she comments as one of her fingernails are painted a cherry red. Travis sighs, considering his options. "Not really my type of kill, but if this guy is as dangerous in combat as he is in a children's trading card game...", he begins to sit up, "then count me in!", he gives a thumbs up.

Sylvia wasn't even facing or listening to him outside of the "count me in!" schtick. She throws her completely painted fingernails towards the half-open blinds towards her. The small sunlight that peeks in envelops the artwork she had finished. After taking a moment to appreciate, she hops out of her office chair and turns around, giving Travis a map with coordinates. "Mr. Truesdale is believed to be at Duel Academy, an island school for the most prestige of Duelists to attend." Travis scratches his head. "It's a little off the coast, how the hell am I supposed to get there?", he desperately seeks answers. "I don't know, swim or something. Just do what you usually do, yes?", she shrugs. Travis wants to interject, but he gives up. He already accepted, no point in arguing. He turns back and walks towards the door.

"Oooh, Travis! If you see any big scary monsters, don't be alarmed! They're just holograms! They can't hurt you!", Sylvia alerts him with an almost forgotten yet crucial piece of information. Travis smirks. "Duly noted.", he smiles as he gently closes the door.

Duel Academy Island - The Next Day

The weather is fair. The blooming flowers of the new season unleash the aroma of sweetness to the island. Nothing is out of the ordinary, which could only mean a bad thing is soon to come. That was, at least, the mentality of the man sitting by the dock of the island. He had a stick-and-string fishing pole, just sitting his hours away day after day trying to get some fish for leisure. It may be boring, but he is content. This was the Slifer Slacker Jaden Yuki. His legs sway up and down as the seconds count by.

As he lazily waits for something to nap by his hook, a floating spirit catches his eye. Brown, fluffy, and cuddly all around, the spirit of Winged Kuriboh slowly flies to cover all of Jaden's attention. His eyebrows raise. "What's wrong, Winged Kuriboh?", he asks. The usually jolly spirit flies solemnly, his eyes saddened. His melancholy spirit sways behind Jaden's body, and once Jaden turns around, his eyes suddenly turn a mixed combination of orange and turquoise. The bright atmosphere is now dark, gray, and cloudy. It could storm at any second. From the hilltop, he can see a figure rushing down, holding a wheelchair with someone sitting in it. The person in control of the chair was short, had large, blue hair, and dorky glasses. This was Jaden's best friend, Syrus, and his brother, Zane. He was out of breath and desperate. "Jaden!", he cries out. As he scurries down the slope, he loses his footing in the panic and trips. Zane's wheelchair rolls nonchalantly and safely as the small Syrus tumbles about.

Syrus lands on his head, only a few feet away from where Jaden was spectating. He struggles to efficiently get back on his feet. "Jaden!!", he shouts louder. "Come on Jay, I need you now more than ever!", he thinks to himself while holding his arm in pain. He turns to see Zane's wheelchair fine. Zane himself, unconscious, has sustained an injury: a gash in his shoulder with heavy burns surrounding the wound. Syrus takes a step forward, but he's interrupted as a hand gently lays itself on his shoulder. His face beams with happiness as he turns back. He sees a shadowy figure with an obscured face but a red jacket all too identifiable. "Jaden?", he softly asks. A blue beam of light jets up, illuminating the face of the person asked. With yellow shades and a bright smile, he answers: "No.".

Syrus shrieks, flailing and losing his balance. One his rear end, pants soiled, he's crawling backward. "W-W-W-What do you want with my brother?! Who are you?!", he hyperventilates as he asks questions. "None of your business. Here's a question for you: How old are you?", the mystery man cocks his head as he progresses forward. Syrus gulps, "S-Seventeen?". The dominant figure walks past Syrus and ignores his body entirely. "Good...", he says, "If you were legal, your ass would've been grass.". He raises his blade with his eyes on Zane. "Makes my job a lot easier."

As the man swings his blade, Jaden is snapped back to reality after being shaken. "Jay! Ja~~y! Come on dude, you've been staring blank for a minute straight!", Syrus says, pulling and pushing Jaden's stiff body. The Slifer Red blinks twice before realizing his vision was over. "Syrus!", he exclaims with a smile. "The one and only! Dr. Crowler's made us-", Syrus is interrupted as Jaden puts one finger on his lips. "Where's Zane right now?", Jaden's tone turns serious as his eyes glow. Syrus is silent and understands the gravity of the question. He points back to where he has been for months now— the infirmary. "Whatever it is we gotta do, we can put a hold on it for now. I gotta stake out the infirmary." As he walks away, Syrus melancholily sighs, "But it was a group assignment!".

Duel Academy Island - Two Hours Later

The ocean was a vicious lady today. The waves were ever so violent, crashing into one another like a traffic accident gone terribly wrong. On the steep, rocky shores of Duel Academy, it would make entering the facility through swimming nigh impossible. The keyword, though, was nigh. A man rises from the intermittently crashing waves, struggling to grab a hold onto the slippery stones. Travis had swum the distance, now he must climb the heights. He gasps for air as he finally breathes. He has been swimming in the frigid waters for fourteen hours and his entire body is numb. "Seriously, I gotta stop doing this shit!", he thinks to himself as he immediately slips from a rock he grabs and falls back into the ocean.

After a grueling forty extra minutes of trial and error with climbing, he manages to elevate himself thirty feet onto the ground of the island. With one final stretch, the upper half of his body throws itself onto the grass. He was wet, his hair was a mess, and he was exhausted. He rolls to his back, and from the inside of his coat, he pulls out a plastic zippable bag. He opens it, unveiling what seemed to be a plastic lightsaber toy. He pushed a command button, and the blade expanded and retracted as it should. Travis blew a sigh of relief.

After another minute of rest, he jumps up and turns to his target: the infirmary. His eyes behold its architectural beauty, but as he absorbs the scenery top-down, he soon realizes that a random stranger is sitting in the path in front of him. What's worse, he's staring Travis right in the eyes. Talk about creepy! Travis cautiously approaches the lone wolf and analyzes him. The hair was a definite sign of anime protagonist.

One mere meter apart from each other, the sitting man raises his hand like a stop sign. He stands up, and Jaden asks, "Who are you?". He's thrown off by the red jacket and yellow shades, all too similar to the killer he saw in his vision. "Just a passing assassin.", Travis declares with a deadpan look. "Assassin? You don't see that in a school.", Jaden says sarcastically. Travis is honest. "Got sent here to kill a guy. The guy in there, actually. Is this the part where you try to stop me?", Travis slowly approaches Jaden, seeing if he can find an opening. Jaden shuffles to the side, blocking his path. "Well, I can't let you go hurt people, now could I?", he mimics Travis's walking cycle.

Travis' hand holds on to his weapon. "How old are you kid?", he scowls. "Seventeen.", he quickly responds. Travis' frown turns into an unbothered face. His cautious approach becomes reckless, as he speedwalks past Jaden. "Well that's a relief, because if you were legal...", Travis begins to speak and had now walked past, but Jaden stops with his own quip. "Let me guess: My butt would've been kaput?", he closes his eyes with a cheeky grin. Once open, they glow a brilliant orange and cyan, and he stealthily gestures his fingers as if to say "come here!". "Yeah, something like that, but probably more profane.", he raises one hand up as if to say farewell without looking directly at him. Before he could take another step, a monster crash lands in front of Travis. It kneels before the assassin, and it eventually stands to lock eyes.

The monster was tall, mostly silver, and had a slumped pointy head with beady eyes. Travis looks back with genuine confusion. "Am I supposed to be afraid of this?", he confidently mocks Jaden's ace monster. Jaden's face shifts to a serious one as his eyes convert back to their original shade of brown. "Show him, Elemental HERO Neos!", he shouts. Without hesitation, the monster pulls back its arm and thrusts forward, getting a clean clobber on Travis' chest and knocking him several feet away. He screams in pain as his newly cleaned clothes are dirtied by the harsh impact of the ground. He holds his chest as he hacks his lungs and struggles to get up. "What the hell?!", Travis becomes frustrated and can't believe what he's seeing. "That lying bitch! She told me these were holograms!", he exclaims with rage as he gets up and dusts off what dirt he can on his clothes.

Jaden and Neos stand unwavering. "Oh, the holograms are totally harmless! And they look pretty sweet too!", Jaden unlocks the Duel Disk resting on his arm. It expands into a long strip holding 5 zone squares altogether. A deck of Duel Monsters cards is already loaded into the slot, and he reveals one of the five cards in his hand: Elemental HERO Neos! "But my HEROES are a little... different!", Jaden boasts about his powers. Travis removes the weapon resting on his belt loop and unleashes its length. A cyan laser shoots from one end to the other, revealing the blade. "Okay, I know I said I wouldn't hurt kids...", Travis poses awkwardly like he was a martial arts character in a manga's tournament arc.

"...But I can make certain exceptions for certain situations.", his voice slightly disrupts itself as his taste for blood skyrockets.


Jaden swipes his thumb against his nose and points at the approaching enemy with his index and middle fingers. "All right, Neos!", he exclaims, "Time to get our game on!". Travis runs towards Jaden, raising his beam katana in the air for an easy kill. He leaps and strikes down, but Neos quickly intercepts. As the blade chafes against Neos' muscular arms, the two lock eyes. "So, the bodyguard's bodyguard is gonna stop me, huh?", Travis asks Neos a rhetorical question. "Precisely.", Neos calmly asserts himself. Travis' face scrunches to shock and confusion. He releases himself from his clash with the alien HERO, and Neos goes on the assault by delivering a sideways karate chop to Travis' chest. "Wrath of Neos!", Jaden announces like a sports commentator.

Travis is thrown into a perpetual cycle of being thrown back to the floor. He swiftly rises back on his feet, with more questions than answers to his problem. The last thing he expected was the alien with no mouth to begin speaking, but he's been exposed to many new concepts today as is. He attempts to slay Neos once again, unleashing a wild flurry of sword swings faster than the naked eye could track. Neos is calm and has no problem deflecting or blocking any of his sword swings with his durable body in any way possible. Travis becomes frustrated and attempts to roll underneath and go straight for Jaden. The moment he has Jaden in range of his lethality, Neos grabs both him and his dominant arm before he could attack. No matter what, he was too physically weak to out-hold him.

Neos bends backward and tosses Travis up like a volleyball serve. He slowly rises up for timing and throws back his knee, punting him in the chest and sending him back to the dirt. As Travis is constantly pushed back, he wonders, "How the hell haven't they killed me yet? They have every chance to, but they just keep throwing me off!". Jaden isn't a total pacifist, but he doesn't believe in needless killing. Neos bends to his commands, and therefore Neos refuses to kill. Travis stood still, harnessing the energy from his katana and drawing in a deep breath.

"Strawberry on the Shortcake!"

Time begins to slow down to a crawl, as Jaden's movements become almost still. The assassin's energy spikes as his blade is embued with artificial lightning. Travis readies his weapon, pointed at Neos, who remains unaffected. "Let's do this, tough guy!", Travis taunts as he charges forward. The two begin to attack each other at remarkable speeds. Their very clashes create visible disturbances in the air. Neos could block most attacks, but the increased amplitude was beginning to scruff his tough exterior as increased its number of burn marks.

Neos lands a right hook across Travis' cheek, allowing gravity to drag him around. However, he maintains balance and performs a swift slice upward, stunning Neos and wounding his chest. Jaden notices the distress and pulls a card from the top of his deck. "Looks like we need an Emergency Call!", he proudly shouts as he examines his card. He smacks the cardboard down on the second slot with a grin, yelling, "Give him a shock, Elemental HERO Sparkman!".

A yellow light emits as the holographic system does its work. From the light, a metallic suited man clad in metal appears on the scene. The palm of his hands holds cupped formations that generate electricity, of which were readying like deliberators. Meanwhile, Travis successfully slides past Neos as it brazes his hip. He turns, ready to deliver a heavy, devastating attack to cut him down, but was intercepted as electricity travels into his body. He screams in agony; nostalgia from enemies past flood his mind. The makeshift shock therapy snaps him back to reality as his perception of time returns to normal. He gasps for air and turns his head back. All he can see is a pink gun, wires connected to Sparkman, aimed at his face and charging a shot. "The Equip Spell, Spark Blaster! Give him three blasts to send him home crying!", Jaden exclaims from the background.

Travis instinctively swerves his head to avoid what comes from the end of the barrel, but Neos swoops in to hold him still. The blaster goes off, sending fifty volts of pure justice straight through Travis' skull! His muscles contract and move without thought, his beam katana falls to the ground, and he stands completely dazed. Neos and Sparkman grab the confused fighter by the shoulders and hoist him into the air before charging their projectile attacks. The diamond-shaped gem on Neos' forehead glows as another shot is prepared with the blaster. A thin beam ejects from Neos' gem as another electric shot booms through the air. Both hit Travis, and he is meteored into a large tree that collapses with him as a small crater forms. Jaden hastily sprints over to grab the sword and deactivate it. He and his HEROES observe the body as it twitches involuntarily, a sigh of relief as Travis lives.

Jaden walks carefree whilst playfully tossing the unarmed katana in his hand. As he and his companions face Travis, he asks, "So, now that you've got your game on, don't you think you should give up now?". Travis slowly regains control of his body as if he had just taken a powerful nap. He begins to sit up, and then he could barely maintain his balance while his knee wobbles beneath his weight. Despite the pain and despite his injuries, he hasn't felt this alive in years! He reaches within two sides of his blazer pockets. "I'm not done...", Travis' raspy voice disturbs the trio as he reveals two other zippable plastic bags. By clicking the trigger, the twin Rose Nasty blades pierce through the bag as the beams make it naturally decompose. His eyes open wide and his bloodthirsty smile expands, "...this party's only starting to get exciting!".

Although harmed, Travis leaps in the air with superhuman strength. His raw silhouette blocks the sunlight for the heroes as he recklessly dives in for ruthless slaughter. Jaden, panicking from the unexpected attack, retreats. Neos orbits Jaden for protection as Sparkman takes on final aim with his blaster. As Sparkman shoots, the gun dissipates into thin air with a loud, gong-like echo. The card itself magically transports from Jaden's disk into his Graveyard, never to be used again for the rest of this "Duel". Travis crosses his blades together and takes the full front of the blast, his body spazzing from the electricity as he toughs it out. Travis lands on his feet kneeling, but staggers and kneels while sparks still course through his veins. He can feel the pain, and that pain is what keeps him going. With his teeth grit and his target in sight, Travis ignores his suffering to focus on attacking Sparkman.

Travis charges forward, surprising Sparkman as he wildly slashes at his suit. The blade's electric properties leave an ironic mark on the sparking superhero, chipping through his armor and scarring him with every strike. Jaden sees Sparkman, defenseless, and draws another card from his deck. "Drive him out, Elemental HERO Clayman!", Jaden enthusiastically slams the card down on his deck. He immediately follows by sliding another Equip Spell in the slot underneath Clayman's, saying, "I activate my Equip Spell, Clay Charge!". As Jaden continues to throw down face-downs, he draws more cards and looks at his deck. Neos holds steady, resting after his first battle against Travis. Another holographic light emerges, and a large figure driving a go-kart speeds through the veil. Travis, stabbing through Sparkman's hands, becomes distracted by engine noises. Clayman drifts and spins in circles, stepping on the brakes and having the back of the car lift up.

Travis pulls back his blades as he bends backward to dodge the sliding bumper of the car. The car slams back on the ground, and the clay warrior goofily spins the steering wheel to maintain control. Once steady, the vehicle speeds toward Travis. The blade and the front cross paths, sparks dance in the air as they intensify the strength between their bout. Travis keeps hold, but his instincts tell him to move now! He bursts with speed as one leg hops onto the hood and leaps over the car altogether. Behind him, a small explosion of electricity takes place where Travis once stood; Sparkman's sneak attack. The blast noticeably scrapes up the engine of the car. Clayman throws his disproportionate body outside of his car, flips to grab hold of the sides, and carries the ruined kart. Once on his feet, he throws himself back and chucks the car like a professional pitcher. Travis, always on his guard, swings the twin blades forward as the sheer strength and sharpness of the blade cut through the metal like a hot knife through butter.

Sparkman rests as Clayman circles his wounded body as a human shield. The relentlessness of Travis is apparent when he continues the pursuit, so distracted by his desire to kill all in sight that he isn't paying attention to their master. He swings once at Clayman, and his blade bounces off. Perplexed, Travis swings with both at once. A noticeable imprint, but it all seems impervious. Before the assassin could think again, a fiery hot projectile blasts him from the sidelines and throws his scorched body into the forestry to the side of the road. When his body hits the thick oak tree and falls, the unknown attacker is revealed. Brave, buxom, and unnecessarily busty for a children's game, a red-and-white woman stands unwavering after her attack. "Here's my favorite gal: Elemental HERO Burstinatrix!", Jaden proudly shows her off. Burstanitrix turns and strikes an intimidating pose. Right where Travis landed, another fiery blast consumes another part of nature and Travis. His body flies through the air and awkwardly plummets to the road from where he was just ejected from.

Jaden twirls another card in his hand, explaining, "When I activate Burst Return, other Elemental HERO monsters return to my hand!". Sparkman and Clayman both disappear as they return to Jaden's hand. Travis angrily hops back up on his feet, exclaiming "Is that enough of your goons?", he limps. His arms flap up and down to charge his Rose Nasties, but its execution makes him look like a huge dork. "How about you get off your high horse and come settle this yourself?", he asks. Jaden smiles. "I'll pass, but I will fight with this!", he activates another card. "I activate Polymerization!". Burstanitrix wisps away, as does the Elemental HERO Avian card Jaden drew from his deck.

Travis observes as the two wisps of light join together and combine. Once morphed, they shoot back to the ground and release a strong wind that has the environment swaying and swinging away from the transforming shape. Once it becomes solid, the creature is revealed as a monstrous beast with one wing and a dragon's mouth that takes up an entire arm. It crosses its arms to act and look cool, its tail lazily swinging around, and the massive monster awaiting orders. Jaden points and exclaims, "Attack him, Elemental HERO Flame Wingman!". Flame Wingman spreads his one wing and flies at Travis, catching him by the mouth of his draconic arm. Its teeth pinch Travis tightly as he flies twenty feet above the ground, twirling before throwing him back down to Earth. Instead of clumsily flailing for another time, Travis prepares himself and rolls immediately upon impact. Following him was a massive ball of fire that scorches the ground and leaves a small crater and almost incinerated Travis, had he not been prepared. Travis readies his blade and looks in the direction of where Flame Wingman should have been, but he is grabbed by the neck through his lengthy tail.

Flame Wingman clamps onto him, and he struggles for air. He instinctively jabs one of his Rose Nasties into the monster's thigh, causing it to release some hold. He uses his precious timing to kick Jaden's faithful servant in the stomach and give the two enemies distance. The fusion beast takes no time in preparing another fiery blast to blow away the No More Hero. Travis struggles with keeping his breath, taking out one last baggie from the back of his jacket. "Fuck this!", he frustratingly screams, "Cranberry Chocolate Sundae!", his aura glows just as Flame Wingman unleashes another hellfire wave. The plastic bag incinerates as a massive beam deflects the flames. Travis' world becomes inverted colors as he slowly treks through the path of flames. His skin is overwhelmed by the heat, but it is not affected in any way.

As he approaches with his new blade, the Peony, he turns around to swing the massive blade around his body. The sword cuts Flame Wingman horizontally through the chest and through its flamethrower arm. It grips its arm in pain, and Jaden looks back with confusion and anxiety. Travis lunges and successfully impales the monster through the chest. The energy inside of the massive blade exponentially increases as Flame Wingman's fate is sealed. "No!", Jaden's eyes glow as Neos begins to fly back at Travis. In an instant, Flame Wingman's body is absolutely destroyed as it disintegrates into dust. The purple card that was once resting on the Duel Disk has a burning hole through the center that then trails up, replicating the injuries just suffered. And to Jaden's shock, the card itself also burns to nothingness. He is left totally speechless as one of his best friends had just disappeared for good.

Neos dashes in and decks Travis in the cheek. The force of his punch moves the killer's head, but Travis turns his head back with a sadistic grin. The Peony's blade extends as he swings upward but to no success in injuring the Neo-Spacian. Jaden closes his fists and wallows in grief. "My favorite monster... gone in an instant.", he solemnly thinks to himself. Above him, a seemingly wicked spirit black and brown all over looms over Jaden's depressing stature. His other half, Yubel, comes to console him. "Jaden, let me get that punk in.", she sternly demands. He snaps his head quickly to the spirit only he can see. "No way! It's too dangerous! If you end up like Flame Wingman, I can't get you back!", Jaden begins to tear up. Yubel gazes mealancholily with her three eyes and knows she cannot convince him without having her point proven for her. Jaden wipes his tears with his jacket arm, while Yubel points to cards in his hand.

Neos continues to fight, effortlessly avoiding Travis' life-ending strikes but never able to land a blow significant enough to make him flinch, like a flyswatter always missing the agile fly. As the two clashed, Jaden's words echoed through the empty road, "I summon Neo-Spacian Grand Mole and Neo-Spacian Flare Scarab!". Born are the humnaoid cheerful mole and his stoic insect partner. As they fly by to assist Neos, Travis' powers begin to revert back to their original state. Neos dances around Travis' sluggish movements, kicking him once in the chest before retreating. This time, Travis grunts as if he had actually felt the blow. The world begins to seem more clear to Travis as his numbness subsides. Neos flies back to meet with Grand Mole, and the physical touch of the two sparks a light.

"This is the power of Contact Fusion!", Jaden yells from the sidelines. Travis takes the distraction to shake his blade during the kerfuffle. The malleable light shifts into a new creature: Elemental HERO Grand Neos. His body is bronze except for the giant drill that replaces one of his arms. It takes no mind in immediately charging in, throwing out its massive drill. The blade begins to whirr, and the strength of the drill is slowly overwhelming the Peony. Travis clashes with his own sword, reeling the monster in close for another episode of close combat. From the sky, a volcanic rock no larger than a hand crashes center on Travis' noggin. Flare Scarab's small rocks may not be that harmful, but they're a useful distraction. The unexpected projectile stuns Travis, allowing Grand Neos to swing its drill like a bat. Travis' body sways in recoil. Before he could fall on his back, Flare Scarab swiftly sinks below to blast Travis on his back, sending him stumbling forward near the more dangerous foe. Grand Neos lunges downward and pierces Travis in his foot. The otaku screams in pain, his instincts moving his body to swing upward in retaliation.

Travis' body moves one-hundred and eighty degrees, swiftly blocking another fragmented rock thrown by Flare Scarab by throwing his blade upward again. He spins, bringing the sword down onto the flinched fusion monster. The massive blade meets with the drill, and by using its full power in a single go, the intensity of the blade slashes through his arm, splitting the drill in two. The monster makes a muffled scream, desperately kicking in a confused panic. Jaden places down another card without hesitation. "I won't let it happen again! I play the Quick-Play Spell: Contact Out!", he declares. Travis plunges his blade deep into Grand Neos, but the struggling body quickly transforms into two wisps of light once again. One of the bodies is Neos, who quickly takes shape to drop down and elbow Travis on the skull. He forces himself down as he is stunned and raises his leg high for a mighty kick that sends Travis sky high. "Let's fuse into something a little stronger huh? Go, Elemental HERO Magma Neos!", Jaden says as the three fuses.

Flare Scarab, Grand Mole, and Neos fly in the same direction and begin to combine. The Peony, knocked from Travis' hand, vigorously bounces until it falls off of the cliff; its fate forever unknown Meanwhile, Travis' body falls back down, and upon impact, a final bag is knocked out from his jacket pocket where Flare Scarab burned a hole. It was a simple, black glove with a button layout, and Travis peeked at it while recovering from his plunge "Oh shit, I had that?", Travis thinks to himself. His vision slowly pans upward as he notices Neos' upgraded form creating a meteor larger than itself. His eyes widen in realization. "Oh shit, I had that!", Travis thinks out loud. He scurries to rip apart the plastic and equip the gauntlet. Four chip shine where each knuckle is, and as Magma Neos launches the large projectile, Travis bears a giddy smile.

Mere inches away from him, the large meteor is abruptly halted. A digitized spark begins to course through the entire meteor, and before anyone could realize it, the meteor was quickly chucked back at the Neos fusion, catching him off guard with his own attack. The volcanic rock explodes upon impact, booming the area with the sounds of destruction. Jaden stands puzzles, and Travis clenches his fist with the Death Drive MK-II glove. "Ah, perfectly balanced, as all things should be.", Travis mimics the famous line just to look cool. One of the chips flip, replacing it with another one instantaneously. Grand Neos still stands, only surprised about the counterattack. After the dust settles, it begins to launch other smaller meteors in Travis' direction. The assassin runs forward, a colorful wave disperses as he dashes through the ground.

Jaden backs away slowly every time he dashes, but it seems all too clear that the real target Travis was aiming for was Jaden himself. His eyes glow, and he immediately jumps back from the narrow road to sidestep Travis' attempted grab. He grabs one of the Rose Nasties and swings forward. However, a telekinetic force stops the inertia and leaves Travis struggling to push his blade further towards Jaden's body. Yubel's spirit appears before him, totally invisible to the struggling killer, and using her telekinetic abilities. As another meteor swoops by, Travis cedes by rolling around. He swipes the Blood Berry Jaden confiscated earlier and uses one of his Skill Chips to shoot a line that pierces Magma Neos' shoulder. His now airborne body hastily zips to the target and pierces the beam of one of the twin blades through its body. Magma Neos aggressively pushes Travis and his blade off of him. He forms and chucks another meteor, but a thin beam of energy quickly pierces through the meteor and blasts another hole through the warrior's shoulder. Travis lands on his feet for the first time after a forced descent, and he shifts his attention to Jaden, who is shifting cards in his hand.

"Jaden, I'm serious!", the banshee-like voice of Yubel echoes, "He'll keep destroying monsters. Who knows what other tricks he'll have up his sleeve, you need to summon me now!", she pleads. "Even if Magma Neos is destroyed, Neos is still here!", Jaden explains as he raises the highlighted cards in his hand. "With my HEROES, this guy is going down faster than Chazz on a... on a...", Jaden spots that his card, his hand, his entire body is glowing red! He looks up and follows that a red beam originating from space. His eyes widen, and a wide laser beams down to the ground. Jaden merely puts his arms up to defend himself, but Magma Neos flies at its fastest speed to push Jaden aside with a powerful thrust. The laser meets the Earth, blasting Magma Neos, causing it to evaporate. As Jaden is pushed, he shoves a card into the slot, screaming, "O - Oversoul!". Travis fires another beam from his glove, but Elemental HERO Neos forms before it could reach Jaden and successfully blocks the blast.

Jaden tumbles across the dusty road, somehow keeping his cards in his hand. The ashes of the Magma Neos card fall down, and he softly gazes at what's left of another spirit. He takes a deep breath while Neos shields him, gets back on his feet, and grabs cards from his hand. "I activate Double Fusion, allowing me to Fusion Summon twice with only one Spell!", Jaden delivers his exposition as the holographic display shows the card, "I'll tribute Elemental HERO Woodsman and Elemental HERO Ocean in my hand to make Elemental HERO Terra Firma!". Tall, humanoid figures, one made of rigid bark and the other similar to a dolphin, fuse together as their spirits diverge underneath the surface. A second later, the small area begins to disperse small tremors; only enough to stop people on the ground from walking straight. In the perfect center of the distance between the two combatants, a metallic monster breaks through the ground. Its face and body were robotic, yet it moved around lively. Jaden sets down more cards from his hand. "Now I'll summon Neo-Spacian Dark Panther and have it copy everything about you!", Jaden says as he throws the card down on his scuffed device. A dark cat with a cape emerges before quickly having its body drop down into a puddle of goop.

Terra Firma charges in a shoulder tackle, so big and obvious that Travis would have been a fool to get struck by it. Travis quickly hops back after his dodge, avoiding Neos stomping to the ground. Neo-Spacian Dark Panther's liquefication completes, and it rises up to solidify a new figure. Its shape becomes nearly identical to Travis, coloring itself in to become a perfect copy. With its own sinister colored beam blade, it rushes in to join in on the metaphorical gangbang Travis is stuck dealing with. Travis avoids another punch from Terra Firma, but cannot dodge the synchronous elbow Neos throws at the same time. Terra Firma combines both of its fists and slams into the killer's back, forcing him back on his knees. As his head peers down, he sees another swordsman similar to himself running and ready to swing. "What the hell?", he immediately thinks as he instinctively rolls to the side of both HEROES stomping down to get a closer look at the impostor.

The puzzled face turns into automatic disgust the moment his eyes take a good look at the transformed Dark Panther. Terra Firma throws its foot down once more, but the Force Chip installed in Travis' hands takes a hold of it, and catapults Terra Firma's body into Neos' and sends them both away. The replicated Blood Berry swings down, ripping apart Travis' jeans and charring his kneecap. Travis uses a Dash Chip, instantaneously disappearing to dash past the fake clone. Dark Panther sees the visible spectrum and follows it, and the two immediately clash blades. "You're supposed to be a copy or something?", Travis scoffs, "Your looks don't even compete with mine!". Dark Panther keeps the blades intertwined, waiting for his comrades to swiftly return. "I am a true reflection of yourself, unfortunately.", Dark Panther responds with a gruff, intimidating deep voice. Travis' blade begins to outweigh's his copycat's, and crimson sparks of energy begin to emanate from him.

"BULLSHIT! Look at the katakana on your shirt!", Travis angrily skids his blade off of his impersonators, reversing his motions to slash across the chest, ripping off a portion of the copied shirt. He grabs it with his free hand, immediately pulling it to his own. There was a minor difference in the kanji written. As the wind rustles with the slightly darkened cloth, his ears pick up the sounds of whirring objects cutting through the air and approaching quickly. "Pure White Lover Bizarre Gelatin?", he asks. His free hand throws itself out behind the action, activating his Gravity Chip. "Well, not everything can be perfectly replicated, you know?", Dark Panther replies with a somber tone. Neos and Terra Firma ready their fists, but are immediately sucked into the ephemeral rift formed between them and the target. Dark Panther hesitates, not being able to respond to Travis jabbing its blade inside of its wrist. It writhes as the edged weapon strides upward, leaving his detached wrist dangling down and disarming him of a weapon. However, no blood seems to spew.

The gravity that bound the two down releases the warriors, and Neos immediately flies to Travis. His instincts tell him to block, and Neos vanishes. They then guide him to avoid another attack directly behind him where Neos vanished. When he was ready to move, Neos was too quick for his instincts to alert him, and Travis is greeted with a kick on his face. His body flies back but is caught in a headlock by Terra Firma. Travis grunts in pain, and more blood-red energy builds within him. From his Power Glove, a white spherical outline forms into his hand that he firmly graps. Once held in a tight position, Jaden yells from a distance, "This is your chance, Neos! Show him your wrath!". Dark Panther holds onto his wrist still and soothingly comments, "This isn't a great idea, we still don't know all he can do!".

Punch after punch, Neos does not hold back as it strikes Travis in various areas of his body. Through his stomach to make him beg for air, on his face to cause a visit to the dentist, whatever he can lash out to make Travis submit. Every punch generates more energy, and the white object still unnoticed by either party begins to flash rapidly. Suddenly, the orb explodes, and a powerful blast knocks everyone aside to a stumble as Travis is boosted out of Terra Firma's hold. His fists hit the ground first, generating a large shockwave that disturbs the combatants once again. His skin and hair are now covered in the intimidating shade of red. All Travis can hear is his heartbeat as his bloodlust and rage begin to overwhelm his body. Energy builds quickly as his heat signals burn and spread throughout his body, starting from his groin area. The HEROES attempt to approach Travis before he explodes, but it is already too late. This was only Anarchy in the Galaxy! Jaden looks from a distance with a puzzled face. Yubel's spirit quickly rises up, screaming Jaden's name before covering his body with her massive wings.

Fiery explosions quickly envelop the environment, it's blasts blinding to the naked eye. Terra Firma and Neos are both cast away with the wave of hell, meanwhile, Dark Panther's form melts down to its gooey state before incinerating completely. In a matter of milliseconds, the wrath reaches Jaden's body meters away, Yubel's shield doing little to surprise the teenager with the overwhelming destruction. The heat shreds through his body, his attire partially scorched and scruffed as he is launched meters away. The following boom with the explosion is loud enough to shatter numerous windows by the nearby hospital that Zane called home. Jaden's body glides over to the inside where one of the windows was blasted away. He rolls onto the glossy tiled floor, a panicking nurse shrieks. Jaden's eyes immediately open when his ringing ears pick up the panicked cry of the woman nearby. He brings himself up to his feet and looks over. "W-W-What's happening?", the nurse asks, already weeping in fear. "Everything will be okay, I promise!", Jaden asserts himself, "Call Syrus Truesdale and tell him to pick up his brother!". The nurse shudders, motionless from the sight of the charred victim somehow on his feet as if nothing had happened. "Now!", Jaden demands as his eyes glow. The nurse stumbles to run upstairs to get the phone.

Jaden hastily dashes through the debris to meet Travis outside. The assassin immediately sets up a machine gun turret that takes fire. Jaden throws his arms up into a defensive stance, but the bullets only reach one meter away from Jaden as one mysterious figure tanks all of the bullets as a living shield. Jaden cannot believe his eyes and immediately looks at what is set on his Duel Disk. Elemental HERO Neos, Elemental HERO Terra Firma, and what was originally where Neo-Spacian Dark Panther once stood, another card mysteriously appears. Jaden appears speechless and betrayed. "Y-You couldn't have...", Jaden stutters. He looks up, and his eyes do not deceive him. "Yubel!?", he cries out. She somehow placed her own card onto the panel amidst the confusion. Yubel reveals her draconic body, laden in a dull brown, black, and white mixture. She maliciously grins. "So, you like to deal pain?", Yubel asks with sinister undertones. "Can't say I dislike it.", Travis responds, pressing a button on his wristwatch concealed under the length of his jacket arm. Yubel hears his response and giggles maniacally. Jaden looks defeated, unable to control what happens now. "Then allow me to share my pain with you!", Yubel screams, her wings revealing their true length. The turret once sitting suddenly jumps up, clashing Travis in the chin.

Neos and Terra Firma, terribly scarred yet still alive, appear once again after the explosion under Yubel's command. "Give him a beating, boys!", Yubel cackles. The two HEROES appear hesitant but follow her orders. They proceed to attack, unleashing an onslaught of melee attacks that Travis seemingly takes without resistance. After a few brutal blows, Yubel comments, "What, accepted your defeat alrea-", her trash talk is interrupted by her superior. "That's not the guy! He's getting away!", Jaden alerts the crew. What appears to be Travis in Yubel's eyes suddenly disperse into a mannequin bust with a massive skull replacing the head. Yubel riles in frustration as she witnesses the real Travis Touchdown running away, ready to hop off the cliff. "Go! Run away! Use your dirty tricks somewhere else!", Yubel sneers as her body riles up in frustration. Neos flies forward, but another object's gleam in the atmosphere breaks through the sound barrier to approach the island at maximum speed. It catches Travis into its beam as he jumps off the island, bringing it with him as a giant machine unveils itself at Duel Academy. "Let's rock, Glastonbury!", Travis announces from the speakerphone within the machine.

From inside of the main building in the center of Duel Academy, Dr. Vellian Crowler, a master professor who had somehow spent over a decade of his life trying to get a professional doctorate in children's trading card games, storms up to his office. "What in the blazes is all the racket? 'Boom' this, 'bang' that!", Crowler stomps through towards the third story window. "I've been getting complaints up the wazoo, and I'm going to find this source right no- OAH?!?!?!?!?!?!", Crowler's monologue stops as he has already sought out his own answer. Before him, he sees a massive mecha that dwarfs the measly building that is Duel Academy and its pillars. The shadow it makes is all too noticeable, as it darkened a good amount of what Crowler could see.

Crowler's breath shortens as his hand trembles, awkwardly reaching for the walkie-talkie attached to his collar. Once he grabs hold, his high-pitched pansy voice quietly croaks, "U-Uh, C-Chancellor Shepard?", he continues as he fumbles his words, "E-Everything is A-Okay! Just a really intense Duel! Nothing to see here! Yep! Mhm!". A second later, an assertive voice responds, "Thank you Professor Crowler, it seems our students' complaints weren't that concerning after all. Over and out." After receiving confirmation, Crowler's lanky body runs jaggedly out of the room at a cartoony pace. His arms flail as it knocks paperwork off of nearby desks and his lengthy legs knock over chairs and move desks aside.

Once away from the room, he hyperventilates as he tries to steady himself after what he had just witnessed. After he is calm enough to think straight, he solemnly asks himself, "When in the world did they release new support for VWXYZ Dragon Catapult Cannon? Thing nearly gave me a heart attack!".

Jaden rushes back up to the spirit of Yubel. He huffs as Yubel gleams at him. "Yubel... promise me you won't do anything drastic!", he exhaustedly begs. She begins to levitate in the direction of the machine that's fighting Neos and Terra Firma. "If he's a threat to you or this island, I'll eliminate him with the snap of my fingers!", she says, proceeding to speed away afterward. Jaden is left speechless, but optimistic. He runs into the forest where the new battle is commencing. Terra Firma hovers continuously near the robot's blade like a moth to a bulb, avoiding its various swings. Meanwhile, Neos sends himself through various limbs of the robot. Every time his massive being pierces through steel, Travis gets a notification on his HUD.

Glastonbury rockets higher into the sky and waves its weapon as various parts flip and change into the shape of a rifle. In its scope, it tracks Neos as he uses his blinding speeds to traverse around the gigantic enemy. It shoots once— a thin laser beam flies through the air, missing Neos, and piercing through one of the massive stone pillars surrounding the school. More shots ring out aimed at Neos and Terra Firma as Yubel calmly ascends higher to the head of the behemoth. Beneath its red, spiky, anime-esque "hair" lies rows of transparent glass where you can see Travis controlling the machine. She delivers a sinister grin, sinking lower and lower until she can sit atop the gloss without being spotted.

Figuratively and literally, her third eye peers into Travis' soul, seeking into his darkest desires. Everything is red with bloodlust, his spiritual tiger let out upon the world with merciless killing. It is ruthless, uncaring, and chaotic. The tiger peers over to where Yubel was seeking. It yells, "Hey!", in a dorky, uncharacteristic manner, and that's when she opens her physical eyes once again, seeing Travis catch her in the act. Travis does a motion, waves his arm to brush his hair. Glastonbury mimics him, swiftly catching Yubel and throwing her aside. Travis slams down on his HUB, frustrated and tired of the swarm of monsters he's had to deal with. Glastonbury extends all limbs to brush off other HEROES, then clenching in to unleash a barrage of thin, white homing beams that carefully drift through the air.

Numerous beams go out to other monsters, but Neos uses his super-fast speeds to block harm from Yubel or Terra Firma. One beam dives down for Jaden, hiding within a spot in a thicket. He lays trapped like a deer in headlights, but Neos takes the beam head-on. Jaden examines the space warrior's body, covered in cracks and bruises from handling the extent of the waves. An idea hatches in his head to avoid Neos' demise and to overcome this tough machine. Glastonbury's weapon changes once again and immediately swings for Terra Firma. As the blade thrusts down, Terra Forma grabs a hold of its guitar-like end with both hands. It's already a losing battle as its hands burn and the strength of the machine pushes it further and further down with every second. Suddenly, waves of cosmic energy shoot towards Terra Firma, imbuing it with more power!

"Terra Firma's effect activates! I sacrifice Neos to boost its ATK!", Jaden yells from underneath. Terra Firma's chrome dome flickers into a fiery magma red. Its boost in power lets him boost upwards, carrying the blade away for a complete counter. It successfully throws the sword away, and from its thighs, it pulls out its own blades with fuming, erratic beams. Glastonbury swings once again, and it clashes with the dual beams. Instead of trying to overwhelm the robot once more, Terra Firma grinds across the beam with his swords, and once close to the base, it flies away and crashes through one side of the glass pane face. Travis flinches and steps back, revealing his beam katana already unsheathed. The two swordsmen clash with each other, almost at a standstill. It seemed as if it would take forever, but Travis is ambushed by Yubel, who stealthily flew in from the forced opening. Her wicked arm strikes him on the very top of his head, and his mind and consciousness go blank as they are fed false memories of victory.

"Do it!", Yubel commands. Terra Firma Magma takes one step back and thrusts forward with both blades, piercing Travis through his stomach and chest. Blood ejects from his backside along with the blade and a piece of his jacket. Yubel releases his hold, and Terra Firma Magma revolves in with the blade and Travis stuck within. He abruptly halts after two spins, the inertia and strength sliding Travis off and ejecting him through the other side of glass panes. Glastonbury leans downward, mimicking Travis' lifeless freefall. Jaden sees Travis and his falling trail of blood before disappearing below the cliffside.

The Slifer Slacker immediately emerges from the wave of trees and back onto the destroyed path. He sprints as fast as he possibly can, and his monsters approach him like loyal pets. Once he lays eyes on Yubel, his face contorts to a disgruntled, disagreeing look. "Did you...?", he wasn't one to enjoy saying the word. "We did what we had to.", Yubel replies. Jaden glances up and away, for his conflicted feelings make him uneasy to look at her. Yubel tries to swoo him with more explanation, but Jaden is distracted. Glastonbury should be immobile now that Travis is supposedly dead, but its slowly moving as it is now wielding the rifle. "-imagine the threat he would've made if we didn't take him out now!", Yubel concludes. "Wasn't that a sword the last time you fought it?", Jaden asks. "What?", Yubel floats upwards and turns back. The barrel shoots, and the laser shot's large proportions completely decimate Yubel's torso. She cries in anguish as Jaden looks over; speechless. "Yubel!", he desperately cries before her being explodes.


A beam pierces through Terra Firma Magma's chest. It reacts with a distorted noise, trying to find its weapons. Before it could attack, the blade glides upwards and cleaves through its head, leaving half of its body split. Not a second passes before it too combusts. Through the dust clouds, the blade looks as if it was held by the very air itself. It is slowly revealed that Travis was invisible and also healed, although his clothes are still torn. "Enough games.", he exasperatedingly says under his breath. Jaden takes one step back, screaming, "I activate Double Fusion's effect! I choose to Fusion Summon Elemental HERO Thunder Giant!", the two cards in his hand go to the Graveyard compartment of his Duel Disk. Travis takes one step forward, and lightning strikes down from above. The clear weather suddenly turns into a grey, stormy atmosphere.

A large, yellow-and-purple figure descends from the swirling clouds. A plasma orb rests in his chest, and he begins to generate electricity from his bare hands. One streak turns into three, and three turns into a massive ball of many strings of lightning. He throws it down singlehandedly like a basketball dunk, and Travis sidesteps. The wild thunder blasts through the path, blowing debris in Travis' direction. A clean, concave slope is formed, and many small rocks begin to slide down into the treacherous abyss below the cliffs. Travis cannot take it slow, he has to run for it! He yells a battle cry as he dashes towards Jaden, who was running away. His Destroy Chip activates, setting up a thin wall above him. Thunder Giant plummets, shooting more projectiles as it damages the digital shield. Thunder Giant crashes into the ground, towering over the assassin. However, the gigantic fighter is picked up easily and bound by the Shining Chip. It struggles and shoots lightning haphazardly, but it proves useless.

"The trap card, Birthright!", Jaden yells, "This is our final stand, Neos!". A portal opens from the ground, and a rope flies up and attaches itself to a nearby tree. The wood bends as Neos pulls in from the rope down below. As soon as it lets go, it is met with Thunder Giant's body being thrown at him at full speed. He effortlessly catches him, but cannot see that Travis had fired another beam from his glove. The beam pierces through both of them, paralyzing them stiff. Travis superhumanly leaps as high as he can, aiming his beam down. "FULL POWER!!!!", he screams as he thrusts the glowing beam katana through both Neos and Thunder Giant. Gravity acts as both fall down, the power of the beam katana explodes within the two's heads, and the Elemental HEROES too succumb and perish in a combusting act. The force of the explosion throws Travis sky high.

Jaden tears up, grieving the loss of all of his HEROES. A hook shoots down from above and piercing Jaden's arm. He hisses in pain, attempting to grab his arm before Travis catapults himself down, smashing the Duel Disk and snapping Jaden's arm upon impact. The Duel Disk sparks and malfunctions before ulitmately turning off forever. As Jaden writhes in his pain, Travis takes back the Blood Berry that was previously confiscated. "Give me one good reason not to finish you right now.", Travis asks with a cocky tone as he brushes off his weapon. Jaden struggles to get up. "Because... it's not over!", Jaden tries to get himself up. Travis looks at him blankly for one second. "Gotta admit, kid. You got guts." He raises his Blood Berry, ready to attack, but a winged spirit emerges and interrupts Travis. "Winged Kuriboh!", Jaden exclaims as the innocent spirit glows brightly to blind Travis.

Jaden uses all of his strength to raise himself up and make a dash for the hospital doors for refuge. He runs for two seconds before a foreign figure dashes through with multicolored stripes. Travis materializes, swinging Blood Berry and slashing Jaden across the chest. Jaden stumbles before returning to his knees. It was a futile attempt, but Jaden begins to lose his hope. "You destroyed almost everything I had. My friends... My HEROES...", he holds his scarred, bleeding chest. The assassin looks down on him with melancholy eyes through his opaque shades. "First time?", Travis replies bluntly. He paces around the wounded child. "I've been in your shoes. Shit sucks. Everyone close to you dead just because you ticked off the wrong guy", he monologues. Jaden's breaths become heavier and vision dull. He notices something in the background entering the hospital doors. "But there's a difference between you and I.", he continues, "I got off my ass and dealt my demons personally. You, on the other hand, rely on others to get to where you are."

"My friends mean the world to me!", his breathless voice cracks as Jaden defends himself. Travis tilts his head. He begins to reach behind Jaden lift him up. "But that has nothing to do with your own strength. What are you without them? Sure, support is nice, but can you do anything on your own?". Jaden looks down and has nothing to say, except a glimmer hope that the future he saw doesn't come to fruition. "Gotcha.", Travis imitates Jaden. He throws himself backward for a suplex. Jaden falls head first, his neck making force impact and snapping. The Supreme King had just been dethroned.



Travis tosses the lifeless body aside and bends back upward. He looks solemnly at the body behind him. He didn't enjoy killing him, but drastic measures must mean a drastic death. "Jaden, and not Judai? Pftt. None of you guys reading this watch the dub, right?", he asks. Answer honestly!

Travis turns around and begins to step towards the hospital where Zane is. He takes two steps before witnessing a small child wheel out Zane. Syrus looks from across and sees Travis, but also Jaden's body. He is completely horrified and speechless. "J-Jaden?", he whispers to himself. Travis begins to sprint towards him, and Syrus wails while taking Zane away into the thick forest. The chase is on!


(Baku Furakawa - Come To Me)

G: Jaden puts himself facedown and ends his turn...

W: This was a COMPLETE surprise to us. On a surface level, Jaden had this based on the absurdity of his monsters and abilities on his own. But, believe it or not, Travis had the solution to most problems Jaden and his monsters posed to him. On top of better physicals, arsenal, and abilities provided, Jaden didn't have much to compete against.

G: Travis was easily more experienced than Jaden ever was, being in the assassin business for over a decade and all. Jaden has experience in fighting too, don't get me wrong, but that's just through summoning lackeys to do the fighting for him. This is true for both him playing card games to the death AND when he was the Supreme King using Yubel as a bodyguard. On his own, our little Slifer Slacker was totally useless.

W: Jaden's main heavy hitters, Neos and Yubel, may be impressive on their own, but nothing Travis can't beat. In fact, the only thing going for these two was Neos' faster-than-light speeds, which could still be trumped through the use of abilities we will discuss later.

G: Let's draw some comparisons. Neos' best strengths were his lasers where he took out a piece of KaibaCorp, which due to the weird angle it was shown can't really be accurately determined, and volcanic rock. Neos' best durability feat is easily the blast from Rainbow Dragon and Stardust Dragon, ripping apart plazas and ruining buildings. Taken apart the fact that Rainbow Dragon and Stardust Dragon have no physical feats of their own outside of this: Travis has fought against tougher. Let's go back to the Let'z Shake explosion Henry caused. We may have shown you that epic kill, but what we didn't show you was the massive explosion and crater both were in the epicenter of! Combine that with Jasper Batt Jr's explosion that Travis was also caught up in and came out totally fine in, his durability exceeded Neos. And through monotonous scaling through his own brother, Travis was a superior combatant to Neos' physicals.

W: An attack similar to the ones provided by Rainbow and Stardust Dragon was even simiarly done in the first No More Heroes game, where Travis could defend himself against a laser string. This is further backed his master, Thunder Ryu, doing the same thing... and also being vaporized by the very same laser alongside the rock next to him. It's likely not as strong as the dragon's breath, but it is at least something Travis had already dealt with when it comes to comparing feats.

But Neos is so fast! How could it NOT win?!

G: Through a multitude of reasons, Travis could outwit the sheer blitz-y ness of Neos, outside of just being too tough for him to crack. Skill Chips such as the Heavy Chip and Self Chip manipulate gravity to keep Neos bound to once space without zooming around. He could also use the Shining Chip's force choke to keep him locked in place. And did you know? If you know how Goku's Ultra Instinct works, Travis has something similar! "The Dark Step". Spooky!

W: It is a known fact that Travis works purely on instinct on a fight, and instinctual reactions, while not always perfect, can also be a way Neos can be avoided. Furthermore, we can determine that Travis could avoid Neos' laser beams based on previous feats where he had done it himself two times.

G: Neos was really the only fast threat. There's no way to know for sure if any of the other Fusion Monsters are just as fast, mostly because... they have no feats of their own. Even for the other Neos monsters, it's not safe to assume. Hell, it could just be possible that the super-fast feat from before was an outlier! But that wouldn't be fun to this equation, would it?

W: Speed was the least of their worries, because Yubel didn't fare much of a chance either. Assuming that purging her of the Light of Destruction didn't also purge her of her powers, as it did with Destiny HERO - Plasma in the second season of GX, she isn't exactly fast or durable to any extent that we've seen; mostly due to her abilities. They're strong and do the dirty work for her, no need for physical interaction. Yubel's actual card effects don't translate into real-life either, because we would've known when Adrian Gecko tried to use the power of Exodia against her. Her upgraded forms, Terror Incarnate and Ultimate Nightmare, aren't even in Jaden's deck, so that's null and void.

G: And there's a HEAVY context for some of her abilities. Some of the best ways Yubel has brainwashed and taken control of other people is extended time, usually in exchange for power or a favor: see Viper or Marcel. Memory Falsification on contact is totally legitimate, but otherwise most of her manipulation powers other than telekinesis aren't well-suited for a first-time meet.

W: And, of course, Yubel isn't immune to similar abilities or abilities in general, so the Skill Chips at Travis' disposal obviously affect her just as greatly as anyone else.

"Didn't Yubel repel both Exodia AND the Sacred Beasts? Aren't they super duper strong?"

G: Exodia's supposed planetary strength everyone throws around comes from the anime-exclusive scene where he gets a good one-two jab in on Zorc Necrophades, who causes a solar eclipse ALSO exclusive to the anime. Since the GX anime uses, y'know, the anime universe, it makes sense on paper. What doesn't make sense in practice is that Exodia did absolutely nothing to little Zorc Necrophades here, he just blasts him in half and moves on like nothing went down!

W: Exodia's force in this cutscene is used by Siamun, an elderly man controlling Exodia as his ka, or monster spirit. It's connected to his very life force, and it is described that its limited power is absolutely outclassed by Zorc's "infinite power" derived from the darkness. Exodia stood no chance whatsoever, and any powerscaling at all seems pointless.

G: It makes you wonder how he even came back in GX, anyway... Spirit Worlds in the entire series are contradicted with different rules per series. There are a multitude of differences between the ones shown in the original franchise, GX, and 5D's, meaning otherworldly scaling by trying to connect dots through all three series doesn't work either.

W: When it comes to the Sacred Beasts, they were described to be so dangerous that unleashing them would pose the world at risk. That WOULD be the case, but the means described aren't physical. It only describes the destruction via "chaos and darkness", and not by actually doing any direct damage to the planet itself. Yubel dominating these cards isn't showing any physical domination over them, only that she's strong enough to wield them as cards.

G: Decks and cards have minds of their own half the time, think back to Yubel thinking putting people in comas so you don't lose in a card game is a good idea. Or even the Cyberdarks, which actually cause heart failure no matter who you are! The only threats the Sacred Beasts WERE one to were Duel Spirits, which were completely sucked in by the Sacred Beasts. Speaking of Duel Spirits...

"What about Elemental HERO Glow Neos? The one that could take SOULS?"

W: That was mostly true, Glow Neos affects Duel Spirits, which are souls in itself. However, it only affects Duel Spirits, not human souls. In the clip where Glow Neos takes Hassleberry to space, we see clearly that he takes the form of a dinosaur. He literally has dinosaur bones in his body, and from that dinosaur, he holds a separate spirit inside of him. I-It's a long story, but to make it short, it wouldn't affect Travis in any way that we know of.

"Couldn't Neo-Spacian Black Panther just copy everything about Travis and make it even?"

G: The effect of Neo-Spacian Black Panther in the anime has exclusive text that allows it to copy his strength and assumedly all of his abilities, Power Glove included, theoretically allowing it to be on Travis' level of strength. However, that doesn't cut it for his faster-than-the-eye movements, since speed isn't a factor ever mentioned in this card game.

"What about Terra Firma? Doesn't it absorb energy?"

W: Terra Firma's energy absorption was through the events of the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX manga, in which all of the Planet cards, Terra Firma included, absorb energy over a period of time of Duels, similar to how the 'Duel Energy' system worked in the anime.

G: Terra Firma itself wasn't really shown any powerful feats either. Sure it has "the power of the planet", but there's no clue to if it actually means the power of the Earth itself, or its core, or whatever you could categorize it as! Magma was really the only useful ability since absorbing something such as Neos would make it as strong as Neos, which isn't useless.

W: But one question trumps all when it comes to this conclusion:

"Why couldn't Jaden just use Super Polymerization?"

W: And it's simple: effect text differences. Super Polymerization lets you ignore field conditions to summon a Fusion Monster, right?

G: Right!

W: Wrong!

G: Wrong!? But it says it right here!


W: That is the real-life trading card game's text, which has differences from the anime from which it was created. In the anime, its effect reads that it requires a tribute that Jaden owns on his side of the field.



Send 1 card from your hand to the Graveyard. Send 1 Fusion Material Monster you control and 1 card from either side of the field to the Graveyard that is listed on a Fusion Monster Card, and Special Summon that monster from your Fusion Deck. (This Special Summon is treated as a Fusion Summon.) Spells, Traps, and Monsters' effects cannot be activated in response to this card's activation and that monster's Special Summon.

W: The only time that the effect of the card was used in real life had sacrifices and consequences. Yubel was going to fuse the twelve dimensions and herself, ultimately committing suicide. Jaden fused himself as a being and Yubel together, making their souls intertwined.

G: Jaden had nothing that would harm Travis using the card that wouldn't also hurt himself. Based on how Yubel had fused itself within Jaden's soul, fusing one of his monsters with Travis would've probably ended with the same result.

W: A fusion between Jaden and Travis would've just been a draw anyhow. Not like Travis is unfamiliar with fusing with others anyway, take it from Travis Badman. Super Polymerization had no major impact on this battle, nor could it have made a radical shift in anyone's favor. It may be good in a card game, but that's about it.

"But Jaden's Duel Energy is amazingly powerful! It woke the Sacred Beasts, it had stabilized universes, and it was a threat to everyone! Doesn't it still matter?"

W: Dueling Energy as a concept was already discussed earlier and how it was ultimately nothing that translated into actual attack power, just that it was a viable energy source. It was how Yubel gained energy through regeneration, and it is a symbol of strength. But not literal strength, but one through stamina.

G: Believe it as a means of saying Jaden was a universal cosmic destroyer or not, what you might not know is that Travis has a specific counter through his Death Drive chips that completely throws this back at his way. The Dendrobium Chip is a fascinating little quirk that ABSORBS ENERGY given off by others and converts it into attack power for Travis. If the argument that Jaden's duel energy converts into attack power is somehow legitimate, then Travis' skill chip should be able to directly counter it as well.

W: And of course, Travis could surpass Jaden's human durability just fine. The crater from the Let'z Shake explosion is already larger than the human-sized crater given from Jaden's crash impact from space as a meteor, easily his best durability feat.

G: And if Travis had broken the Duel Disk from the start, that's all of Jaden's monsters down the drain, except Neos. It may have been neck-and-neck, but Travis snapped back in the end.

W: The winner is Travis Touchdown.


Bonus Track

Title - A Hero Lives No More

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