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Itachi VS Byakuya - Battle between surprisingly good old brothers
Season 1, Episode 4
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Air date June 29th, 2016
Written by User:DoomFest
Directed by User:DoomFest
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Itachi Uchiha vs. Byakuya Kuchiki is a What-If? Death Battle featuring Itachi Uchiha from Naruto and Byakuya Kuchiki from Bleach.

Credit to Ajisai for the Byakuya art of the thumbnail.


Naruto VS Bleach ! These two severe old brothers who once or more made themself the enemies of the heroes are actually quite good. But who's the better ?


(Cues Invader - Jim Johnston)

Wiz : Sometimes, in fiction, big brothers seem to be really severe, and even...bad.

Boomstick : But some of them are in fact really good and care a lot about their siblings. How cute !

Wiz : And that’s the case of these two members of organization.

Boomstick : Itachi Uchiha, the traitor of the Uchiha Clan.

Wiz :  And Byakuya Kuchiki, captain of the 6th Squad Division.

Boomstick : He’s Wiz and I’m Boomstick.

Wiz : And it’s our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who will win a Death Battle.

Itachi Uchiha[]

(Cues Senya - Naruto)

Wiz : In the village of Konoha, one of the most powerful families was the Uchiha.

Boomstick : And all of that started with that guy named Madara Uchiha, the rival of the First Hokage !

Wiz : In the Uchiha clan, one person was formidable in his skills, this person is Ita chi Uchiha. Being a prodigy, he soon entered the Anbu and made an enormous number of missions.

Boomstick : But one day that didn't turn well...

Wiz : Itachi had to kill his clan in order to protect the village, because supposedly the Uchiha Clan was going to attack the village. The only person in the clan that he didn't kill was his little brother, Sasuke Uchiha. 

Boomstick : Who will come back to kick his ass ! ...Spoilers.

Wiz : Well, that was the goal of Itachi after all. However, being considered a traitor, he entered the criminal organization, the Akatsuki.

(Cues Akatsuki Theme - Naruto)

Boomstick : He even help to recruit other members of the organisation but that's easy when you have the skills Itachi has.

Wiz : Itachi is a powerful ninja, who remains calm in battle and is really talented in analyzing and confuzing his opponent. 

Boomstick : He's skilled in taijutsu, shurikenjutsu, and also ninjutsu. The latter for Itachi consisting on Fire, Water, Wind and Yin and Yang Release.

Wiz : His most notable fire technique is the Great Fireball Jutsu, but he also has the Phoenix Sage Fire justu which consists on multiple fireballs, and Phoenix Sage Flower Nail Crimson jutsu which is a ton of shurikens coat with fire. In terms of water jutsu, he can use the Water Bullet jutsu, the Water Dragon Bullet jutsu and the Water Fang Jutsu.

Boomstick : He's also a master of shadow clones. He can trigger some that explodes, or turn into crows. These crows are also use for illusions.

Wiz : And we get to the key of Itachi's power : the Sharingan. Due to being a Uchiha, Itachi has special eyes called the Sharingan that let him see the flows of chakra of his enemy, help him predicting movements and have their own genjutsu and dojutsu.

Boomstick : In terms of basic illusions, he has Ephemeral that can put to sleep an opponent or turns their limbs into some of the opponent's friend, or the Shackling Stakes Jutsu that gives the illusion that the person is pierced by spikes all over his body. He didn't need eye contact for them and can just point the illusion to his enemy. But that's far from being the only powers of Itachi's Sharingan.

(Cues Kokuten - Naruto)

Wiz : Itachi awakened his Mangekyo Sharingan, when his best friend, Shisui Uchiha commits suicide.

Boomstick : What a joyful way to get power !

Wiz : With his right eye, Itachi can use Amaterasu, which is black flames that burn everything the eye looks and is said to burn as hot itself. He took down the 4th Mizukage with this technique. However, Amaterasu took time to burn entirely the victim, but can only be cancelled by the user.

Boomstick : With the left eye, Itachi uses Tsukuyomi which is an high-level genjutsu. The opponent falls into an illusionary world where the perception of time is perturbed and where the enemy is at Itachi's mercy. And that's mean torture. Kakashi Hatake and many others was defeated by it.

Wiz : He also has another illusion, Izanami, that is activated by physical sensation and trap the enemy into an infinite loop of time where the physical sensations repeats itself. Nevertheless the eye used for Izanami became blind after the jutsu. But the best asset of Itachi is when he activates the Susanoo.

Boomstick : The Susanoo is basically a jutsu that "summons" a red creature that makes Itachi basically untouchable. He has the Yata mirror that can change his chakra nature to resist all type of attacks.

Wiz : And the Totsuka Blade which has a great offensive power, easily capable of cutting Sasuke's snakes, and is capable to seal and trap anyone it pierces into a "world of drunken dreams". He can also throw Yasaka Magatama which is a big explosive projectile that acts like a shuriken. But if Tsukuyomi, Amaterasu and the Susanoo are very powerful techniques, they all drain heavily in the chakra's reserves.

Boomstick : Yeah, Itachi has naturally strong reserves of chakra, but compared to other ninjas of his rank, they are pretty poor. That means he can't participate to prolonged battle and like ending fights quickly.

Wiz : And even if he was killed by Sasuke, he could have killed him if it wasn't for the disease he contracted. However, he wins against powerful ninjas like Kakashi Hatake, the 4th Yondaime, Orochimaru and Deidara. He also defeated Nagato with the help of Naruto and Killer Bee, and Kabuto with the help of Sasuke.

Boomstick : And despite being in a criminal organisation, all he did was for the village and his brother. He was a good guy, but almost no one knew that.

Itachi : So this time, I want to impart this truth to you… You don't even have to forgive me. And no matter what you do from here on out, know this… I will love you always.

Byakuya Kuchiki[]

(Cues Je chante pour passer le temps - Bleach)

Boomstick : In the Soul Society, or basically heaven, there's the Gotei 13, who forms shinigamis to defend humans from the menace that are hollows.

Wiz : The Gotei 13 has, like his name says, thirteen divisions of shinigamis, each division being commanded by a captain. The captain of the sixth division is Byakuya Kuchiki.

Boomstick : Byakuya Kuchiki is the brother-in-law of Rukia Kuchiki, the shinigami who gave his power to Ichigo Kurosaki. Being from one of the four great noble family in the Soul Society, Byakuya believes deeply in pride, order, and law, thinking that if someone of his rank doesn't respect law, no one does. Wow, he thinks himself really superior.

Wiz : Or perhaps he knows his rank. Moreover, he did break the rules when he married Hisana Kuchiki who was from a poor family, and break it again when her dying wife asked him to adopt her sister, Rukia.

Boomstick : After breaking the rules twice, he swore on his parent's grave that he will always respect the rules from this moment. That's why he doesn't help Rukia when she was about to get executed for giving her power to Ichigo. The poor girl couldn't even hope on his brother's support.

Wiz : After his lost against Ichigo, Byakuya will see in a new way his acts, saves Rukia multiple times, and helps the heroes. 

Boomstick : And when you get someone as Byakuya as your ally, that's a really good advantage !

(Cues Reminiscence - Bleach)

Wiz : Byakuya is one of the most powerful Shinigami in the time of Ichigo's events, he was trained by Yoruichi Shihuin, former captain of the second division, and his grandfather, Ginrei Kuchiki.

Boomstick : His training with Yoruichi helps him mastering the Shunpo, that makes him move really fast, faster than the eye can see. He could use Senka to move fastly in the back of the opponent and slash him, or Utsusemi, that leaves an afterimage which can appear to take damages.

Wiz : With that much speed, he manages to keep up with Bankai Ichigo, and defeated the fastest Espada, Zommari Rureaux. He has also an enormous amount of Spiritual Pressure, can walk on the air, which is basically flying, and is an expert swordsman.

Boomstick : Like all Shinigami, he has his Zanpakuto : Senbonzakura. When released, the sword separates itself into thousand tiny blades that look like cherry blossoms. He controls them with the hilt of the sword and offers great offensive and defensive capability. However, the process of the releasing can be interrupted if we doesn't allow the sword to completely separate itself.

Wiz : A captain has also a Bankai most of the time, and Byakuya is no exception. His Bankai consists on dropping his sword into the ground. Then giant blades appear and separate themself into even more tiny blades. 

Boomstick : And bam ! Here is Senbonzakura Kageyoshi, the bankai of Byakuya ! This time he mentally controls it, but can doubles the speed of the attacks of the tiny blades by moving his hands.

Wiz : Nevertheless, both the Shikai and this base form of the Bankai obey to the Safe Zone, which is a circular area of 85 cm aroun Byakuya where the blades don't come. If Byakuya is forced to let blades in this area, he can be dangerous for him. And when you know the existence of this, it's easier to fight these forms of Senbonzakura, as even someone like Tsukishima manages to get into it.

Boomstick : But that isn't like Byakuya doesn't have other tricks with his Bankai. Gokei is a circular ball formed by even more tiny blades that attack the opponent inside from every direction ! No escape possible !

Wiz : Senkei can be activated by Byakuya's blood, and consists on all the tiny blades to form a circular area of four rows of sword that Byakuya can summon quickly. Each sword has a better killing potency, being more powerful. 

Boomstick : And while in Senkei, he can use Ikki Senjika, which consist basically on all the sword attacking at once. It can destroy completely the head of the very durable quincy Gerard !

Wiz : Finally, when concentrating all the swords into one bright sword, he activated Shukei : Hakuteiken, spreading bright wings and ring on his back. The amount of Spiritual Pressure delivered by this attack is immense and most likely lethal.

Boomstick : Ichigo survived it.

Wiz : Ichigo is the hero. Also if it wasn't enough, Byakuya is also an expert on Kido, which is basically the Shinigami magic. To little spells like Sho which is a kinetic shock, Byakurai which is a horizontal bolt of lighting... 

Boomstick : To dangerous spells like Sokatsui which is, in Byakuya's hands, a torrent of blue flames. His Kido has been stated able to kill a lieutenant.

Wiz : He also has Rikujokoro that paralyses the opponent with six thins of light, and Danku that is a barrier that resist all offensive Kido until number 89..

Boomstick : And number 88 is a giant blue beam of destruction. It can summon this barrier faster than an instant looking attack.

(Cues Invasion - Bleach)

Wiz : Mastering speed, magic, and his sword, along hand-to-hand combat, Byakuya is one of the most powerful shinigami in his clan and in the Soul Society, having defeated the 7th Espada Zommari, the Fullbringer user Tsukishima, and Yammy Llargo along Kenpachi Zaraki. One of his best qualities being his durability and stamina, Byakuya is able of moving and fighting with Shunpo against Zommari with one leg and one arm usable, or using also Shunpo after being defeated by Ichigo.

Boomstick : He even took multiple attacks from his own Bankai, and having his stomach ripped. He barely survived and was unable to fight, but he survived.

Wiz : But he's not invincible, as he has been defeated by Ichigo before the time-skip or the quincy As Nödt who inflict him fear.

Boomstick : But after his training with the Royal Palace, he get even more power and control over his sword, he defeated three Sternritters easily with one of them being at least massively hypersonic. He also helps Rukia defeating As Nödt, and was even capable of seriously injuring the giant quincy Gerard and blocks a lot of his blows. He's a calm fighter who analyzes his opponent and know how to adapt his strategy, for instance against Tsukishima who knew all of his techniques.

Wiz : You better not getting in his way or you'll fade like a blossom !

Boomstick : ...That pun was lame, Wiz. You are lame, Wiz.

Wiz : Stop it !

Byakuya : If it is for the sake of my pride, there is nothing I won't destroy.


Wiz : Alright, the combatants are set! Let's end this debate, once and for all!

Itachi - Byakuya



(Cues The Akatsuki's Hideout - Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2)

In a deep forest, the night has come. Some ninjas seem to travel the forest, approaching a huge building. In this building, a logo of a family, the one of the Uchiha. This building is without a doubt the Uchiha Hideout. In the darkness of it, one man is seated in a throne. He looks sad and wears a black outfit with red clouds. The ninjas finally arrive at the hideout. It appears they are rogue ninjas as they wear no heaband.

Rogue Ninja : Well, it's now time, we will take down Itachi Uchiha once and for all!

As he say that, we can see a man standing on the top of a tree, his figure could be seen only due to the moonlight. The rogue ninjas then see him and wonder who is he.

Rogue Ninja : If you can, come and jump of your tree !

The man then jumps from the tree and come closely to the ninja and in the blink of an eye took down the ninjas. 

??? : So much arrogance.

As he sheathes his blade, he enters the hideout. As he walks, the other man on the throne hears his steps. But he doesn't move, and waits for this person to arrive. Itachi Uchiha is waiting for this man.

Itachi : Well, guess you finally arrive at destination.

The man finally arrives at the room where Itachi is. He wears a black outfit, with a white coat and turban. The man stops walking and looks at Itachi.

Itachi : You're coming for me, do you, Byakuya Kuchiki ?

Byakuya : The intentions of the Akatsuki are unclear, but it's clearly criminal. If our worlds cross again, I could not let such a dangerous organization becoming a threat to the Soul Society.

Itachi : So you won't let me go...but you don't know anything about me.

Byakuya : Same applies to you, Itachi Uchiha.

As Byakuya says these words, he draws his Zanpakuto from his sheath. Itachi Uchiha slowly stands up. 

Itachi : I can't let you take my life, if you intend on standing on my way...

A kunai then appears in the hand of Itachi.

Itachi : ...I can't have any mercy.

Byakuya : I'm not in such a pity position to beg for any mercy.

Itachi : So be it...

Itachi closes his eyes, and when he reopens them, the Sharingan have appeared. Byakuya sees this, and then the two men walk toward each other slowly.

(Cues Awaken to the Threat - Bleach Dark Souls)

Both then dash to each other, one with his kunai, the other with his sword, and the two weapons collide.


The two slash at each other with their weapons. The sound of the kunai and the sword colliding resonates in the entire hideout. Byakuya continues assaulting Itachi with strikes that  becoming little by little faster. Itachi figures it out, but continues to counter the blows.

Byakuya : I will end this quickly.

Byakuya uses Senka, going at really high speed in the back of Itachi, but the latter follows that and blocks Byakuya's attack from behind. Itachi then creates a Shadow Clone which rushes at Byakuya. The shinigami deals with it as Itachi slowly regains his throne.

Clone Itachi : Water Bullet Jutsu !

Byakuya jumps to avoid the water attack coming from the mouth of the clone, he then reappears behind the clone and backstabs him. The clone then transforms into multiple crows that flies at close range from Byakuya. 

Itachi : It is finished.

Itachi appears behind Byakuya, and is about to stab his neck with a kunai. But Byakuya uses the Hado number 4, Byakurai, in one point of his torso piercing himself with a bolt of lightning, but also Itachi, who is pushed back by the blow.  

Byakuya : Enough playing. Bakudo number 61, Rikujokoro !

Six thins of light then pierce Itachi and completely paralyse him. Byakuya then runs quickly to Itachi and stabs him, but the clone turns into crows again. He then sees multiple shurikens come to his direction, and sends them all  flying away with his Zanpakuto. Itachi then reappears just in front of Byakuya. The two men point their index at each other torso. 

Byakuya : Hado number 1, Sho !

Itachi is pushed back by the kinetic force, but when he looks at Byakuya, the shinigami doesn't move from one bit.

Itachi : It worked.

- Illusionary World -

Byakuya is in the effect of the Shackling Stakes Jutsu, pierced by multiple spikes all over his body. He feels the pain that inflict every spikes, and how much he's immobilized, totally unable of moving.

Itachi then appears right in front of him, and looks at him.

Byakuya : Those eyes...Where are we ?

Itachi : In my world.

Byakuya : Did you prepare all of that before the battle ?

Itachi : No.

Itachi then slowly approaches from Byakuya, a kunai in his hand. He then stabs Byakuya torso. But Byakuya doesn't say anything. He doesn't cry or howl from the pain. He slowly moves his hand holding his Zanpakuto.

Byakuya : You've asked for it. Scatter, Senbonzakura.

The blade then separates itself into multiple tiny blades, but in the real world too. That surprises Itachi. The blades then destroys the spikes, breaking the illusion.

- Uchiha Hideout -

Byakuya opens his eyes, to see a surprised Itachi.

Itachi : You manage to broke from...

Byakuya : It seems that even if the pain was real, the injuries aren't. I assume all of that was an illusion...

Byakuya then points the hilt at Itachi, sending the blades at Itachi that begins to dodge them.

Byakuya : And I hate this way of fighting, this is how someone with no pride fights.

As the blades continue to attack Itachi, the Akatsuki member takes a sword in the Hideout and begins to counter the blade with it at high speed. He then throws a lot of shurikens at Byakuya and then coats them with fire!

Itachi : Fire Style : Phoenix Sage Flower Nail Crimson Jutsu !

Byakuya : Senbonzakura.

Senbonzakura then comes back to protect Byakuya from the fire shurikens, the shinigami then throws the blades again at Itachi.

Itachi : Fire Style : Phoenix Sage Fire Jutsu !

Multiple fireballs come at Byakuya, but all the blades pass through and cancel them before hitting Itachi, sending him flying into a wall.

Byakuya : Don't mock me, you are not done yet, Itachi Uchiha.

As he says that, he feels a hand in his shoulder. He then returns quickly, surprized, to see Itachi who begins to glow. The Shadow Clone blows up, pushing Byakuya back. Itachi then jumps and balances himself on Byakuya's shoulder, to throw him into a wall as he lands. The Akatsuki Member then prepares the seal for another jutsu :

Itachi : Fire Style : Great Fire Ball Jutsu !

Byakuya then reacts instantly, stands up, and looks at the giant fire ball coming at him.

Byakuya : Hado number 33 : Sokatsui !

Huge blue flames are sent from Byakuya's hand, completely overwhelming the fireball, but Itachi awakes his Mangekyo Sharingan, and with his right eye uses Amaterasu. The fireball begins to be engulfed by black flames, and then the Sokatsui attack. The black fireball then goes in direction of the shinigami captain, but he dodges it with his Shunpo, resulting in the fire completey destroying a huge part of the hideout. 

(Music stops)

Byakuya then comes in the roof of the Uchiha property. He's then followed by Itachi. The shinigami then looks at the black flames of Amaterasu that continue to burn.

Byakuya : It seems these flames won't extinguish. They are quite powerful I admit.

Itachi : You are powerful too. But you can't beat a user of the Mangekyo Sharingan.

Byakuya then looks at the eyes of his opponent, they have changed.

Byakuya : To think that you can beat me is pure arrogance. No matter what you can control, put into illusions, or completely engulf, this is nonsense against me.

(Cues Forsaken Sanctuary - Soul Calibur III)

The tiny blades then come back and reform the Zanpakuto base form. The shinigami then drops his sword into the ground, and the sword completely disappears. Itachi then sees with surprize giant blades appearing from the ground.

Byakuya : Bankai. Senbonzakura Kageyoshi.

The giant blades separate themself into even more tiny blades than when Byakuya released his Shikai. Itachi is completely surrounded by pink blades, flying in the battlefield. 

Byakuya : So you think I can't beat you, Itachi Uchiha ? Let's put that to the test.

Without moving, Byakuya sends his enormous number of blades to Itachi. Itachi dodges some attacks, but soon begins to tired up of avoiding.

Itachi  : Fire Style : Fire Ball Jutsu !

Itachi sends his fireball in the sky where the blades where coming, but the blades completely overwhelm and destroy the fireball. Itachi steps back and prepares another jutsu as the Bankai of the 6th Captain continues attacking him. 

Itachi  : Water Style : Water Dragon Bullet Jutsu !

A giant dragon of water appears and collides with the blades, but once again, the Bankai cancel the jutsu. Itachi then tries avoiding the blades again, but he's soon encircled from every direction possible. One step on the ground, one jump on the air can't be done without having tons of blades coming at him. And as he jumps, the Bankai attacks him again and completely crushes him.

Byakuya : Got you.

But as the petals disperse, all left is a wood log. Itachi has used the Substition Jutsu.

Byakuya : What ?

Itachi then rushes at Byakuya, and kicks him in the face, sending the 6th Captain falling from the roof to a water location.

Itachi  : Water Style : Water Fang Bullet Jutsu !

The water from the location then rises to the falling Byakuya. And as the captain is surrounded by water, the aquatic ball that hit Byakuya suddenly becomes pink, and is completely destroy by Byakuya's Bankai. Byakuya then lands on the ground, and is soon attacked by  multiple shadow clones from Itachi. But he destroys them all in a single strike of his Bankai, making them blown up. The true Itachi then lands on the ground too, as both constat the destruction of the Hideout by their fight. 

Byakuya : You seems to like using tricks, Itachi Uchiha, notably with that log.

Itachi : That is basic ninja art.

Byakuya : What's the goal of the Akatsuki ?

Itachi : ...

Byakuya : I see you want to remain silent.

Byakuya's blades then start flying around. The shinigami then moves his hands, and suddenly his attacks become faster, surprizing Itachi. The Akatsuki member has trouble dodging it, but he doesn't step back. He goes forward instead. 

Itachi : Fire Style : Fire Ball Jutsu !

As the fireball is once again completely annihilated by the Bankai's protection, Itachi rushes at Byakuya with a kunai, and tries blocking some of the blades.

Byakuya : What...What are you trying to do ?

Byakuya moves his hands faster, to make all of the cherry blossoms blades protect himself, but Itachi in a last attempt rushes and finally arrive, injured, right in front of Byakuya and slashes him. 

Itachi : I see right.

Byakuya then begins to enter some blades in the Safe Zone more quickly, but Itachi dodges them as the shinigami counters Itachi's attempts to hurt him.

Itachi : There's a zone where your blades never enter to protect yourself, isn't it ?

Byakuya : ...

Itachi : I see it's you who remains silent now.

As both continue to attack each other, the blows begin to become faster and faster. Byakuya then moves his blades in direction of Itachi, but the Akatsuki member places itself behind the Shinigami, resulting in the blades hurting Byakuya's right arm.

Byakuya : Who told you about that feature ?

Itachi : My eyes.

Itachi then appears right in front of Byakuya and looks at him in the eye.

(Cues On the Precipice of Defeat - Bleach)

- Illusionary World -

Byakuya is fastened on a wall and can't move. When he opens his eyes, he sees once again that the same blood sky as the previous illusion, and Itachi in front of him.

Byakuya : Another illusion?

Itachi : You have fallen into my Tsukuyomi.

Itachi draws his sword and stabs Byakuya multiple times. Byakuya resists the blows, silent.

Byakuya : No many times you try...If I know this is an illusion, that the wounds aren't real...Your technique is useless.

Itachi : Useless?

Hundred of Itachi then appear to Byakuya who seems unfazed. 

Itachi : Could you resist the pain of this ?

All the Itachi then stabs him multiple times again, but Byakuya remains silent as blood splits out of his mouth.

Itachi : Why are you fighting me, Byakuya Kuchiki ?

Byakuya : For the Soul Society...for my pride...and so for those I have to protect...

Itachi : We are similar in some ways...

Itachi then repeatedly stabs Byakuya again.

Itachi : I live and fight for the same reasons...

Byakuya then slowly looks at Itachi in the eyes.

Byakuya : I wonder where you are in the real world...

Itachi : What?

Byakuya : Such a powerful ability...You were tired just to avoid my attacks earlier, so unleashing that great illusion must have a drawback, if not an harm.

The Spiritual Pressure of Byakuya then begins to rise, and make the entire illusion world shivers. 

Byakuya : Perhaps you're not moving...and if you move I can count on my Bankai to follow you...

All of the Itachi stabs at Byakuya without stopping, trying to inflict him too much pain.

Byakuya : I can barely survive this pain here. But I know all of this isn't real...And I know that, in reality, you're the one who struggles, Itachi Uchiha.

(Cues Phenomena - Bleach)

- Outside the Uchiha Hideout -

Byakuya isn't moving, due to the Tsukuyomi. However, the Bankai continues to protect him and pushed back Itachi out of the Safe Zone. As Byakuya's Spiritual Pressure rises, Itachi stays where he is, having trouble to keep the illusion. 

Itachi : His chakra is too strong...

The white spiritual pressure of the 6th Captain bursts and knocks Itachi into a wall. The Bankai then stops protecting Byakuya, and disperses around the arena. Byakuya then opens his eyes. He has broken Tsukuyomi.

Byakuya : I was right. Thanks, Senbonzakura Kageyoshi.

Blood comes out of Itachi's left eye as he stands up.

Itachi : You broke my Tsukuyomi...Very impressive, Byakuya Kuchiki.

Byakuya : I warned you.

Byakuya then commands his blades to go at Itachi, but the Uchiha uses a Shadow Clone. He tries to move as fast as possible in order to avoid the attacks, but Byakuya keeps track on him. He then close his right eye and looks at Byakuya. The Shinigami who sees his opponent prepares something moves quickly from his place. 

Itachi : Amaterasu !

Suddenly, the black fires appears on Byakuya's white turban, the Shinigami then wears it of quickly as he sees the turban being consumed by flames. 

Byakuya : That is the same technique has earlier...

Byakuya then keep attacking Itachi from all directions. Itachi, with now two bloody eyes, looks again at Byakuya, but this time, the Shinigami sees it.

Itachi : Amaterasu!

Byakuya : Bakudo number 81 : Danku !

A barrier appears and blocks Amaterasu. Itachi, exhausted and astonished, looks at the barrier which stops the black flames.

Byakuya : So that power comes also from your Sharingan, judging by the speed of its apparition and the state of your eyes right now.

The Uchiha stands where he is, silent, and tries to recover from the exhaustion.

Byakuya : It appears you have no tricks left, Itachi Uchiha.

All the tiny blades surround Itachi and form a ball of one hundred millions tiny blades that flies quickly around him. He can't even see his opponent.

Byakuya : There's no escape. You were a good opponent, Itachi Uchiha.

Itachi then slowly closes his eyes and waits for the attack to come.

Byakuya : Gokei, Senbonzakura Kageyoshi.

The ball retracts and the blades attack Itachi from every direction by the inside and provokes a gigantic explosion.

(Music cuts)

As the blades disperse and return to Byakuya, the 6th Captain steps back and sighs.

Byakuya : You are more durable that I think.

A giant red aura surrounds Itachi, who walks slowly. His Akatsuki outfit isn't here anymore and his regular clothes are badly spoiled. 

Itachi : If it wasn't for this last jutsu, I would be dead. You are powerful, Byakuya Kuchiki.

(Cues Ichirin no Hana - Bleach)

The aura then takes the form of a giant creature. Byakuya looks at it, impressed.

Itachi : Susanoo.

Byakuya then throws Sokatsui at Itachi, but Susanoo pulls out the Yata Mirror, and blocks the attack easily. Byakuya then moves quickly around Susanoo, as the Bankai attacks from different directions. But the Yata Mirror blocks all the attacks. Susanoo then unsheathes a blade of flames : The Totsuka Blade.

He then swings it, and destroys a major part of the ruins of their battle. As Susanoo continues to slice with the Totsuka Blade, Byakuya avoids the slashes. He then makes all of his blades appear right in front the Yata Mirror and attack it. The Yata Mirror is a little bit cracked, but isn't damaged enough to be broken completely. Byakuya then decides to attack the Susanoo from multiple directions at the same times with more solid structures of his Bankai, while avoiding the slashes.

Itachi : Yasaka Magatama !

Itachi then throws his explosive projectile at Byakuya. The Shinigami calls all of his blades to protect him. Yasaka Magatama and Senbonzakura Kageyoshi collide, resulting in a massive explosion. Byakuya then steps on a rock, exhausted by the explosion. He then suddenly feels something in his torso. The Totsuka Blade.

Itachi : The Totsuka Blade has a sealing jutsu inside it that will put you for eternity into a genjutsu. And it is one that you can't broke. What is your last words, Byakuya Kuchiki ?

Byakuya : I have none.

Itachi is surprized because the voice doesn't came from the tip of his blade, it comes from behind. He then sees that what he pierced is the white coat of the 6th Captain.

Byakuya : Way of Onmitsu, 3rd of the Shihō, Utsusemi.

Itachi : What? But I see you being pierced by...

The blades of Senbonzakura Kageyoshi then come back again to Byakuya, as the blood on his arm glows pink.

Byakuya : Can you really count on your eyes in their current state ?

Then the blades form four rows of pink swords surrounding both Byakuya and Itachi.

Byakuya : Senkei. I've shown this form only to enemies that I swear to kill by my hands.

Byakuya then summons one of the sword in his hand. He then attacks the Yata Mirror multiple times while Itachi is trying to slash him with the Totsuka Blade. The Yata Mirror breaks little by little, from all the powerful hit of Senkei, as the movements of the Susanoo become slower and slower. Itachi then commands one more slash, but multiple swords attack Susanoo's arm, deflecting the hit. 

Byakuya : I don't have enough space in this form to avoid you for a big time, so let's finish this, Itachi Uchiha.

All the swords from Senkei then point in direction of the Susanoo, prepared to fall on him.

Byakuya : Farewell, Itachi Uchiha. Ikki Senjika !

All the swords fall down on Itachi, resulting in a massive pink explosion of Spiritual Pressure to an unmoving Itachi.

(Music cuts)

On the destroyed battlefield, Byakuya steps on the ground. All of his swords pierce the ground. He looks right in front of him. His opponent isn't over. He stands up, covered by blood all over his body, one of the sword piercing his back.

Byakuya : You are a formidable opponent, Itachi Uchiha.

(Cues Taiji, Confronting - Naruto)

Itachi then looks at the Shinigami, and starts slowly walking toward him. The red aura slowly appears again.

Byakuya : To show you my respect, I will end this with my final form. Shukei : Hakuteiken.

All the swords including the one in Itachi's back, come back to Byakuya and transform into a bright white Spiritual Pressure, and one sword. White wings appear in Byakuya's back. In Itachi's side, Susanoo reappears for once again.

Both look at each other. 

Byakuya and Itachi : I have to live for the one I want to protect!

Both rush at each other. Both white and red energies collide. An explosion of spiritual pressure and chakra makes the entire forest trembling.

(Music cuts)

And when all of this power finally fades, the calm reigns once again on this night. The rain starts, like it has to clean the blood of this battle.

In the ground, two men are standing. One has a sword that pierced his torso. 

(Cues Nightfall - Naruto)

Byakuya : We had to do this.

Itachi : Yes, both of us had something to protect, no matter what was the price.

The victorious man pulls out the sword of the dying man's body. He then lays him on the ground. 

Itachi : We didn't have to ask why both of us were fighting...We knew it well.

Byakuya : Yes. We're similar in some ways, like you said.

Itachi smiles at what Byakuya said. They both look at each other one last time, these looks that were so important and sometimes dangerous in this battle.

The Sharingan finally fade, becoming blank eyes. The winner stands up, and sheathes his sword.

Byakuya : I take it back, you weren't a coward, you were a formidable opponent. And I will protect our worlds.


Byakuya uses Shunpo to leave the battlefield, as Itachi's corpse is laying on the ground under the rain.


(Cues Listen to One Story - Bleach)

Boomstick : Poor Itachi died again...

Wiz : First, it is clear that Byakuya has most of the advantages in terms of pure strength and speed. His destructive power with all of his Bankai's form is way beyond anything Itachi has, and Byakuya is much faster. Itachi has the Sharingan to track him and potentially react but that's not sufficient.

Boomstick : It is also clear that the Zanpakuto and the Kido were way superior to Itachi's basic ninjutsu. So it all comes down to the Sharingan power.

Wiz : First of all, the illusions. Itachi's illusions can be broken and that was proven multiple times in the Naruto series. It can be broken by someone else, or if the opponent's genjutsu is powerful enough to overwhelm it. Byakuya has first his Zanpakuto which is another being, and this is an information Itachi couldn't figure, because swords doesn't function like this in the Naruto universe. 

Boomstick : Moreover, genjutsu is mostly based on chakra in the Naruto world, and Byakuya which is in Bleach one runs on the Spiritual Pressure. It isn't anormal to think that one can counter the other. With Byakuya's enormous amount of Spiritual Pressure, his calm attitude and high stamina that allows him to resist torture, it's not a stretch to think he will broke the illusion.

Wiz : And Izanami will be too difficult to achieve against someone like Byakuya, because first he has proven to be able to adapt really quickly so remaking the same physical sensation twice to create the infinite loop would be too difficult, and second it's two dangerous to do it alone, as Itachi needed Sasuke to stay with him and helps him as he stated in thier fight against Kabuto.

Boomstick : But despite having a really good destructive capability, the Shikai and Bankai's basic form will be countered by Itachi, who will figure the Safe Zone weakness with his Sharingan, and uses it against Byakuya.

Wiz : So it comes down to the others forms and techniques of both characters. Amaterasu could be a good way to finish Byakuya. But first Byakuya is able to avoid or block instant attacks, by using the Shunpo or Danku. And if it touches Byakuya, as Amaterasu burns fairly slowly, Byakuya will have the time to react, by destroying his clothes or sacrificing a limb for instance.

Boomstick : And Byakuya which is a really good analyst will figure quickly that the power comes from Itachi's eyes, so he will not fail into the trick of Amaterasu another time.

Wiz : For the Susanoo, it's a bit more tricky. The Totsuka Blade, if it pierces Byakuya,  will kill him in one hit. But once again, Byakuya avoided things faster than that, and Utsusemi is also a perfect way to avoid that type of attack. 

Boomstick : The Yata Mirror is resistant but against attacks from the Bankai, especially Gokei, Ikki Senjikka, or Shukei : Hakuteiken, it will not resist and be destroyed. Along the entire Susanoo too. And most likely Itachi. For Yasaka Magatama, Byakuya could just simply dodge it, or counter it with his Bankai. You can also add to Byakuya's favor that the Susanoo isn't the first giant Byakuya has fought.

Wiz : Itachi is sure really intelligent too, but he has nothing against the types of attacks Byakuya throw, so being a tactician will not help him that much, outside figuring the Safe Zone. 

Boomstick : And while Itachi's most powerful techniques drain his user's energy, Byakuya's stamina allows him to keep fighting without so much tiredness !

Wiz : Adding to that the fact that Byakuya is probably the character in Bleach who fights the most against characters with hax, including giants, guys with instant attacks, and with control over the body and mind, and the fact that he's way more old, he has much more experience in fighting too.

Boomstick : He was fired up, but Itachi is nowhere in sight now.

Wiz : The winner is Byakuya Kuchiki.

The Winner is Byakuya


  • The title refers directly to a connection of the characters : the fact that they turned to be brothers (not biologically for Byakuya) that cared about their brother/sister, despite saying they want their death in the beginning of the two series.
  • This is the second Naruto VS Bleach Death Battle from DoomFest. The first being Hidan VS Nnoitra.
    • Itachi Uchiha is also the second Naruto character to be used in DoomFest's DB, after Hidan.
    • Byakuya Kuchiki is also the second Bleach character to be used in DoomFest's DB, after Nnoitra Gilga.
  • The two characters know the existence of each other and their names, but the Death Battle rule that consists on the characters not knowing each other abilities still applies.
  • This battle is currently the one DoomFest has the most trouble deciding the victor, mostly due to Itachi's hax.
  • This battle aired the same day as the official Mewtwo vs Shadow aired for sponsors.
  • This is the first time DoomFest used an actual location that exist in fiction.
  • This battle won the third place of the Best "Hero VS Villain Battle" category in the 2nd Death Battle Fanon Wiki awards.


  • Itachi waiting on his throne is a direct reference to Itachi waiting for Sasuke.
  • Byakuya standing on a tree, only illuminated by the moonlight, is a reference to Bleach to the same way Rukia Kuchiki appears for the first time.
  • "To think that you can beat me is pure arrogance. No matter what you can control, put into illusions, or completely engulf, this is nonsense against me." are two sentences that refers to Byakuya's fight against Zommari Rureaux, where he said similar things.
  • The way Amaterasu slowly engulfs the Great Fire Ball jutsu is a reference to Itachi's fight against Sasuke when Itachi did the same trick.
  • "So you think I can't beat you, Itachi Uchiha ? Let's put that to the test." is a direct reference to Byakuya's spar against Kenpachi while they fight Yammy, where he says something similar to Kenpachi.
  • Like when he fights Tsukishima, Byakuya admits that he don't like person who fight by messing with the other's mind.
  • When Itachi balances himself on Byakuya's shoulder before throwing him, it's a reference to when he did that to Sasuke during their fight (it's also his throw in the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm games)
  • The way the chakra of Susanoo and the Spiritual Pressure of Hakuteiken collide is inspired by Byakuya's fight against Ichigo, where Hakuteiken and Getsuga Tensho collide in the same manner.

Itachi Uchiha vs Byakuya Kuchiki is an episode of SoMaShadow's Death Battles. It features Itachi Uchiha from the anime/manga series Naruto, and Byakuya Kuchiki from the anime/manga series, Bleach.

Itachi Uchiha vs Byakuya Kuchiki
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