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A wish came true... A dream became a reality...

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Two famous playboy billionaires who, despite that they have no superpowers of their own, built their own armor to fight crime. Not only they have their armor, but wealth and technology too. Furthermore they both can go against and defeat powerful entities, they both lost their parents at young age which made them to become a superhero to fight crime. They both also have many types of armor suits that can be strong enough to go against powerful heroes and villains (Iron Man once fought Thanos with his Bleeding Edge Armor, Hulk with his Hulkbuster, and Thor Odinson with his Thorbuster, and Batman once fought Darkseid with his Hellbat, Superman with his Kryptonite suit, and Wonder Woman with his Justice Buster, respectively). Both have a butler that help them by all cost (Jarvis and Alfred, respectively).


Wiz: Money, one of the most major things in the modern world and while it can be used for bad purposes, it can also be used for good purposes as well.

Boomstick: And despite having no superpowers of their own, these two billionaires use their big bank accounts to still fight against evil and kick ass, alongside their superpowered teammates. Like these two playboy billionaires!

Wiz: Iron Man, also known as Tony Stark

Boomstick: And Batman, also known as Bruce Wayne. In order for them to battle, they'll have everything that they used, such as their powerful Suits and Arsenal. He’s Wiz and I’m Boomstick!

Wiz: And it’s our job to analyse their weapons, armour, and skills to find out would win a... Death Battle.

Iron Man[]

Wiz: Anthony Edward Stark was born in May 29, 1970 to Howard Stark and Maria Stark, he lost both of his parents in Car Accident in December 1991 when he was 21 year old.

Boomstick: He inherited his father’s business, Stark Industries and turned it into multi-billion dollar business, or it could get even more!

Wiz: At a young age he was already smart at Physics, Engineering, etc.

Boomstick: His parents must be so proud.

Wiz: He was kidnapped by Afghani territory and someone offered him to build a great weaponry, he agreed and access tools to build.

Boomstick: He was tortured enough, he was able to built this armor in a cave! With a box of scraps!

Wiz: With his assistant Ho Yinsen died, Tony Stark wearing his very first gray Iron Man suit, he avenged Yinsen’s death and escaped it with a cave blown up.

Boomstick: Thanks to his impressive mechanical skill and intelligence, he built a very large numbers of a suits, including Hulkbuster and a Godkiller suit!

Wiz: He is literally unpredictable, his fighting skill and his building of a suit, who would build a suit that powerful enough to go fight with a very dangerous nemesis like Thanos?

Boomstick: Cause he’s a Gemini, that’s why. They are 9/10 unpredictable, that’s what made Tony a “Golden Avengers”.

Wiz: This suit has the abilities to lift a 100 tons, survive explosions, shooting lasers, and flying at super sonic speed like how he outran a black hole. He went hand-to-hand combat with Captain America many times.

Boomstick: His chest can shoot Uni-Beam, that arc realtor blast could even push the Hulk!

Wiz: With that he can take hits from lightnings such as Thor’s mjolnir and Storm’s lightning, he once wield a Infinity Gauntlet. The problem is he can still die like a normal human, his suit is the help of his Strength and Speed.

Boomstick: They can be hackable too though, I wouldn’t want to get caught at watching something...

Wiz: I’d just pretend I didn’t hear that. Anyway, he can also beat She-Hulk, Human Torch, Captain America, Magneto, and even Spider-Man all thanks to his suit’s updates.

Boomstick: He can be alcoholic, that’s his lifelong battle with alcohol, and it’s seriously addictive. Kids, do not drink alcohol that much or you may shorten your life or even lost your life!

Wiz: With his suit getting more updates, he just become stronger and faster.

Boomstick: He is unpredictable, don’t underestimate the Golden Avengers!

Iron Man dodged a shot from tank then he fires single missiles at it and afterwards he turned around and walk away as tank explodes


Wiz: Bruce Thomas Wayne was born to Thomas and Martha Wayne, when he was almost 10 years old, he and his parents went to movie theater together.

Boomstick: I’m pretty sure everyone knows what will happen next.

Wiz: After the show ended, he and his parents walked in alley which would be called “Crime Alley” soon, the thug named Joe Chill murdered his parents in front of him.

Boomstick: Joe needs to chill man, he shouldn’t have do that in front of the kid!

Wiz: It’s life. And after witnessing the death of his parents, he swore to protect the Gotham City and revenge to avenge his parents, he went training to be strong.

Boomstick: He became billionaire, but not only that, the hero to stop all crime in Gotham City, he became the world popular superhero, the Batman!

Wiz: He trained his mind to be smart and he trained his body to be strong and fast.

Boomstick: He is also known as the “World Greatest Detective” as he can handle any problems, even if it has to be beating!

Wiz: With the help of his guardian, who is now his butler, Alfred, he built the cave, gadgets, weapons, bat plane and bat mobile.

Boomstick: He needed the criminal to fear him, he was inspired when the bat break the window and scared him, that’s when he decided to be bat-themed hero. But unfortunately his enemies aren’t scared of him, especially his greatest popular nemesis, the Joker!

Wiz: He’s not alone, he has a few Robins as his sidekick and Batgirls as well.

Boomstick: And we’re positive that he does not have any superpowers, well he does have one, rich.

Wiz: Thanks to his high intelligence, he is extremely great and competent fighter. The Batarang, the sharp thing that can even have electricity and explosions.

Boomstick: He has a smoke bomb grenade and a gas mask, he is very stealthy enough that he can openly attack his opponents. He has a grappling hook that can go on the top of the building, and take him there. Oh, and let’s not forget that he has fees of the strongest armor too!

Wiz: Hellbat, the suit that can defeat the Darkseid himself and the Justice Buster which is a giant suit that can fight Wonder Woman. He can sneak so perfectly that even surprised Superman, who can hear every human on Earth’s heartbeats at once.

Boomstick: Wow, he can even survive without breathing? That’s awesome!

Wiz: The problem is he has weakness like normal humans, he can be vulnerable to gun and knife stabs and get his back hurt by Bane, and people may say that he can beat Superman, and that is by him using his weakness known as Kryptonite. Kryptonite weakens Superman.

Boomstick: But this shows that Batman is one of the badass superhero in DC!

Flash: What are your superpower again?

Batman: I’m rich.

Pre Death Battle[]

Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set. Let’s end this debate once and for all!

Boomstick: It’s time for a DEATH BATTLEEEE!

Death Battle[]

Tony Stark was sitting in his hot tub, watching news, he realized the more crime scenes happen often in Gotham City, he starting to think that he should join in to stop criminals.

Tony Stark: Maybe I should go there, since not all criminals are in here expect for that city…

Tony Stark went and dress up, getting ready to go to trip at Gotham.

Pepper Pots: Tony, where are you going?

Tony Stark: I’m going to Gotham city, from what I heard that city has more crime scenes nearly every times and I must go there.

Pepper Pots: Well, have fun. Be sure to come back.

Tony Stark: Whenever I come back, that’s when I come back.

It was raining, Tony Stark entered in the Gotham City, got his own apartment, and waiting for crime to begin. At night, he was watching a film, until Friday interrupted him.

Friday: Sir, there’s a crime scene happening at the ship.

Tony Stark: About time.

Tony quickly suit up, becoming the Iron Man. He flew up the sky, and by Friday’s directions he went to a ship, he entered in a ship, he see that Batman is threatening to throw the thug out of the ship. As he also see one lays down on ground, thinking he may be dead.

Thug: Wait please, I can’t swim!

Iron Man: Let go of the thug, spooky guy.

Batman turn around, he noticed that it was Iron Man.

Batman: What are you doing here?

Iron Man: Just came by, now let go of the thug then we’ll talk.

Batman: This is none of your business, go handle your own city.

Iron Man: Well, it is now. Identify yourself, or we are going to have a problem.

Batman was angry, he dropped and knocked out the thug, and throw two batarangs. Iron Man dodged and see that Batman is no longer there.

Iron Man: Look like we are going to do this in hard way then.

Iron Man went and trying to find Batman, he heard a noise and he keep trying to find him.

Batman: You are Tony Stark, one of the member of Avengers from New York.

Iron Man: You know my name and I don’t.

Batman: Because you used to identify yourself 10s years ago, genius.

Iron Man: So you are?

Batman: Batman.

A batarang was thrown on Iron Man, a explosion happened and Iron Man was pushed, Batman strikes and throw punches at Iron Man then Iron Man headbutts Batman. Iron Man tries to blast Batman, he dodged and throw a batarang which Iron Man also dodged and tries to throw a punch, Batman dodged that one and hit Iron Man in knee. He elbows Iron Man’a helmet, and punch him in helmet. Batman tries to kick him, but he flies behind him and grab his by cape, he throw him in the wall and tries to blast him, Batman dodged and throw batarang at which Iron Man blown it and hit Batman.

Iron Man: Identify this bat guy, find out who he is and what he master at.

Batman throw smoke grenade and drop kick Iron Man, he turns his gloves as electricity gloves and start punching Iron Man multiple times. He blocks his punches and continues to punch Iron Man, he then kick him away, he grabs a grappling hook, he shoot at it and Iron Man dodged, he did not see that Batman came through him and hit him. Iron Man fly jump and down punch Batman, then uppercuts in his chin. Iron Man blasted him in the stomach and Batman fell, Iron Man kick him in the face, Batman throw another batarang and missed.

Iron Man: Jeez, how many shurikens do you have?

Batman throw a smoke grenade, as it explodes, Iron Man doesn’t see Batman again. He flies up and look for Batman, little did he know, Batman was in his bat plane. The bat plane continues to shoot at Iron Man countless times until Iron Man used his Uni-Beam at the bat plane, nearly destroying it. Batman jump out of plane, as the plane explodes, Iron Man thought he was dead, he lands his foot on the ground. But also little did he know, the Bat Mobile is coming towards Iron Man, Iron Man flies up and Batman jumps out of his car to punches him and stick few batarangs in him. Some shock him and some explodes, Iron Man fell down to the ground.

Iron Man: Ugh…

Batman grappling hook at the lamp post, knocking it down and it hits Iron Man, Iron Man got it out of him and Batman strikes and punches Iron Man.

Friday: You cannot beat him hand-to-hand.

Iron Man: Make… Sure I… Do!

Batman sticks a explosion batarang at Iron Man’s chest, blowing it and Iron Man got slammed into wall. A batarang was coming toward his helmet, he dodged down but got knee kicked by Batman.

Friday: Scanning completed.

Iron Man blocks Batman’s punch, Batman surprisingly look at how he block it.

Iron Man: Men like us, are brave. Bruce Wayne.

Iron Man blasts Batman in the groin, uppercuts him in jaws, and throw his right hook at Batman. As he is ready to blast him with two hands like Ryu.

Iron Man: Let’s kick his ass.

Iron Man blasts Batman that pushed him far enough, he then grabs his grappling hook and shoot it at the building, Iron Man tries to shoot him but missed, as Batman went, Iron Man quickly came by and shot him. Batman fell down to the ground, Iron Man then strikes and punches him until he put the electricity batarang at Iron Man’s leg, which shocked him and also fell.

Iron Man: Ugh, I had enough of this! Bring Hulkbuster.

Batman kicks Iron Man’s knee and face, Batman tries to throw another punch but was blocked by Iron Man, who head butt him and blast him to get him to slam into wall. Batman also blocks Iron Man’s punches but it hurts him, Batman punch Iron Man in the stomach and he uppercuts him. Batman throw a smoke grenade at Iron Man again, Batman disappears and Iron Man flies up to find him. After 10 minutes of trying to find him, Iron Man noticed a bat signal at the sky, he flies by and see Batman wearing a suit that he once used it to battle Superman with Kryptonite.

Iron Man: What in the world are you wearing now?

Batman: Bring it on.

Iron Man: As you wish.

Iron Man shoots with Uni-Beam, but Batman dodged and throw a batarang at him, he dodged but he got hit by Batman who jumped on him. Both fell down to the ground, Batman punches Iron Man until he blasts his face, as Iron Man is throwing the same punches at Batman, Batman uses his arm to block all that until he give up and elbows Iron Man’s helmet. Iron Man blast him in the face, he flies away and he became Hulkbuster.

Hulkbuster: Now you bring it on!

Batman jumps in to throw a punch, but Hulkbuster’s big hand blocks it and backhand Batman through the big street light, Hulkbuster blasts him, throwing him away for miles away.

Batman: I… I may need Justice Buster immediately, Alfred.

Alfred: Right away, sir.

Hulkbuster flies in, Batman throw a couple of batarangs which doesn’t help him.

Hulkbuster: You think you could beat me with these bat-like shurikens? I used to beat a big green strong monster with this!

Hulkbuster immediately grabs Batman, and throw him upwards, he flies by and blast him away like a ragdoll, he got hit by a empty car. He then immediately sneak in and run away, Hulkbuster tries to chase him.

Hulkbuster: Where are you?

Justice Buster: Here.

Hulkbuster immediately turn to see Batman, but the Batman himself was inside the large robot, known as Justice Buster.

Justice Buster: Now we’ll see if you can overcome my Justice Buster.

Hulkbuster: Justice Buster? This suit is Hulkbuster! Did you just copy my invention’s name?

Justice Buster: Don’t know, don’t care.

Hulkbuster blasts Justice Buster that sent him less than mile away, Justice Buster charges and both combatants clashed fists, Justice Buster on other hand punch Hulkbuster then Hulkbuster use his Uni-Beam to push Justice Buster.

Hulkbuster: Seems like we both have same common, Wayne. We both are billionaires, making suits, and having a suit that includes “Buster” in it. Now I’ll bust you out of your giant rip-off robot suit.

Justice Buster: I could have said the same thing, Stark.

Justice Buster jumps on him, but unfortunately he was quickly shot by Hulkbuster, the Justice Buster tosses a car at Hulkbuster, he got distracted and got punches by Justice Buster few times. Hulkbuster blocks Justice Buster’s hand with being his hand stuck his hand in it, he then use a laser to cut Justice Buster off, Hulkbuster uppercut Justice Buster to fell on the ground. Hulkbuster grabs him and hit him multiple times, nearly destroying it.

Hulkbuster: Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep.

Hulkbuster got interrupted by Batmobile hitting his foot, he then smash it with his foot.

Hulkbuster: Oops, look like your toy car has been...

Hulkbuster saw that Bruce Wayne was wearing a Hellbat suit, it surprised him a little.

Hulkbuster: Broken?

Hellbat: This is called Hellbat, I used to defeat a tyrant god with it. This suit is not a joke, so I will warn you, get out of my way and leave.

Hulkbuster: Oh really? Another thing in common then, I have one of that before.

Hellbat: Stop wasting my time and leave, I won’t ask again…

Hulkbuster: Just one question, those thugs back there, did you kill one of them?

Hellbat: That’s also none of your business.

Hulkbuster: Fine.

Hulkbuster blast Hellbat, but he dodged and quickly continues to punches Hulkbuster. Hulkbuster punch Hellbat away from the building, but he quickly came back and kick Hulkbuster, he down punch and uppercut Hulkbuster, he tries to use his Uni-Beam but missed. Hellbat almost smash Hulkbuster’s helmet, Hulkbuster tries to blast him away but Hellbat break the hand of the Hulkbuster, he kick his back. That sent Hulkbuster going miles away.

Hulkbuster: You know what? If that, give me the Bleeding Edge Armor!

Friday: Right away, sir.

Hulkbuster uses his Uni-Beam at Hellbat, Hellbat dodges and jump on Hulkbuster, who tries to hit him but missed, Hellbat punches Hulkbuster and pushing him a little. Hulkbuster grunts and hit Hellbat, Hellbat punches back and kick him in the chest. Hulkbuster quickly blast away Hellbat as he noticed the Hulkbuster’s system is low and he has to jump out to hide and wear Bleeding Edge Armor, Hellbat quickly get up and is seen knocking and damaging Hulkbuster, then he noticed he was not there. He got blasted by behind, he turn around and see Bleeding Edge Armor.

Bleeding Edge: Like the suit? It should be enough to take you down, spooky bat.

Hellbat and Bleeding Edge charge each other and clashed fists, Bleeding Edge blast Hellbat and Hellbat throw punches. Hellbat uppercuts Bleeding Edge, breaking the helmet but the helmet went back on. Bleeding Edge drop kick Hellbat, he then place his foot on Hellbat’s hand, then he turn and punches Hellbat. Then Bleeding Edge uses his behind blasting things and blast Hellbat away, he fly to hit Hellbat again but missed, Hellbat kicks Bleeding Edge from behind and punching him several times same as Bleeding Edge. Hellbat knees Bleeding Edge’s face and kick him twice in the chest, Bleeding Edge creates sword in his hand and stabs Hellbat. Hellbat sticks his explosion batarang at his chest and blast him away, Hellbat kick Bleeding Edge in the face. Bleeding Edge quickly turn and punches Hellbat before he blocks a last punch and head butts Bleeding Edge, Hellbat jump and kick Bleeding Edge in chin. Hellbat throw his electricity batarang and shocks Bleeding Edge, he then got kick hard by Hellbat. Bleeding Edge pants and as he was about to throw a punch, he quickly noticed that he was going to block the punch, he made his hand as a sword and stabs Hellbat’s hand. Hellbat yelp in pain, and got punches in the stomach several times. Hellbat blocks one and kick him in knee, then he head butts him, Bleeding Edge uses his Uni-Beam to blast Hellbat miles away until he got hit by a empty car.

Bleeding Edge: Impressive yet?

As Bleeding Edge said this, he uses his two behind blasting things blasting at Hellbat, he grab a sewer pipe and throw it at the blast and ran away.

Bleeding Edge: Alright, Friday. I have a idea, bring half of my best suits as backup! When I said ready to bring in the Godkiller suit, then you’ll bring it!

Friday: Right away, sir.

Hellbat throw few batarangs at Bleeding Edge’s back, blowing it up, and it grown back.

Hellbat: Tell me… Do you bleed?

Bleeding Edge: All humans bleed, don’t they?

Hellbat throw a batarang at him, Bleeding Edge dodged and lunged forward and tries to punch him but he missed, Hellbat punches him several times until he blasts him away. Hellbat throw a batarang and Bleeding Edge dodged, he made his hands grow big and hit Hellbat for it, then he launches a missiles at Hellbat. Bleeding Edge shoot Hellbat in the groin, as he lunges forward he elbows Hellbat’s back, knocking him down. Hellbat slashes Bleeding Edge’s legs then in chest, Bleeding Edge tries to use his Uni-Beam but was punched. Hellbat then knees Bleeding Edge in the face, Bleeding Edge blast Hellbat away.

Friday: All backup arrived, sir!

Hellbat look up all half of Tony’s suits, some were big, some were regular sized, some were lightly made, etc.

Bleeding Edge: All right, boys! Ready to teach this vigilante of Gotham a party manner?!

All of the suits shouted ”Yes, Boss!” and he straightened himself and point his hand at Hellbat, getting ready to demand.

Bleeding Edge: Then let’s teach him now, charge!

All the suits sprang into action and start blasting or even getting close to punch Hellbat, he grunts, as he caught one he destroys one suit but the other suits are attacking him continuously. Hellbat activated his thrusters and flew off of the ground, he is flying across Gotham and other suits were chasing him, trying to shoot him, same as Hellbat. Hellbat took a right turn, and two of Iron Man’a suits were suddenly blown up in the building because of a sudden stop they couldn’t stop at, he look back and see one got close by and they both continues to hit each other, Hellbat won by Strength and destroy one suit. The big Iron Man suit knocked over Hellbat on the ground, he dodged the blasting and throw a few batarangs at other suits, blowing some up or damaging some. Hellbat stand up and see the Bleeding Edge, he now stands on the ground same as Hellbat.

Bleeding Edge: Alright bats, this is taking forever for now. Just stand down, and that’s your final warning.

Hellbat: Bringing your other automatic armors to do your work and to beat me like a coward, and is that what you call Justice?

Bleeding Edge: This, is the hard way. Once choice were made, there can be no way to undo it. If you chose easy way then things would have been easy, now do I have to repeat again for your final warning?

Hellbat: This is my city and you are not welcomed here.

Hellbat lunges forward at Iron Man’s suits, destroying some of them but was punched by a big one, he throw a few electricity and explosion batarangs at some suits, blowing some up, Bleeding Edge slashes Hellbat in chest but Hellbat smash Bleeding Edge, and it grown back.

Bleeding Edge: You know what? I need Godkiller immediately.

Few of missiles were thrown at Hellbat, Hellbat made a swarm of bats charging and attacking Iron Man’s suits including Bleeding Edge, he and his suits kill some of the bats, Hellbat punches Bleeding Edge and kick him through ground. Bleeding Edge flies and head butts Hellbat’s stomach, Hellbat throw Bleeding Edge away but he quickly flies and stab Hellbat in shoulder. Hellbat sticks a electricity batarang at Bleeding Edge but throw a explosion one at one of the Iron Man’s robots, Bleeding Edge uses his two hand to punch and slam him through wall. Bleeding Edge send a few missiles at Hellbat, blowing him up, the building were little damaged. Hellbat caught Bleeding Edge by surprise and grabs him by his throat.

Hellbat: I will not stand down, you will.

Bleeding Edge head butts Hellbat and blast him away, a few of his suits came by to help him, punching him, blasting him, and kicking him, Hellbat did not back down and fought. Bleeding Edge flies up, and starts to blast Hellbat.

Friday: Godkiller is coming close, sir.

Bleeding Edge: Great to hear that.

Hellbat flies and punched him up, catching him by surprise, then they both flies each other and clashed fists each other. They punches each other and miss each other, even blocking each other’s punches. Hellbat gets distracted by Tony’s other suits and get hit openly by Bleeding Edge, Hellbat then got hit by a big suit, that big Iron Man’a suit slams him into ground and keep punching him until Hellbat blocks and break the arm of a Iron Man’s big suit then he destroys it by sticking a batarang into its chest. Then he see Iron Man is no longer Bleeding Edge, and he wore a new powerful suit called Godkiller.

Hellbat: Now what other toys did you bring with you?

Godkiller: This is called Godkiller, and I also used to fought a tyrant god like yours with that Halloween coolest design costume. And I’m ending this, now.

Hellbat lunges forward and both combatants continue to strike each other and punches each other, Godkiller blocks his last punch and he punches Hellbat in kidney, then he blasts Hellbat away, in and out of the building. Hellbat flies and came back to attack Godkiller, he dodged his blasting and he head butts Godkiller, then Hellbat let out a swarm of bats against Godkiller. And Hellbat got hit in the back by other Iron Man’s suits and Godkiller throw his powerful punch at Hellbat, damaging him a bit. Godkiller activated his laser at Hellbat, who got hit a hit hit dodged, Hellbat throw a few of his batarangs but unfortunately Godkiller activated his Uni-Beam at Hellbat, knocking him away like a ragdoll. He got hit by other Iron Man’s lasers, sending him through the street lights, knocking two over. Hellbat grabs one and throw it at one of the Iron Man’s suit, then he grab another one and hit one but other one dodged and blasted him. As Hellbat gets up, his throat was grab by Godkiller and slams him through ground, flies off the ground, smashing him through the ground and throw him upwards. Hellbat quickly flies away, and attack Godkiller from behind, slamming him through wall, and punching him in the face. Two of the Iron Man’a suits grab Hellbat and Godkiller punches Hellbat until he activates his wing and push them away, then Hellbat lunges forward and kick Godkiller. As Godkiller throw a punch, he missed and Hellbat elbowed his back and hit him with his wing, he was trying to fly up but Godkiller grab him by foots and slam him in the ground, he continue to punches Hellbat with a strong force punches. Hellbat head butts Godkiller, as he throw his few batarangs, Godkiller quickly activated his Uni-Beam at Hellbat sending him in and out of the building, then he got slam by the ground, his suit was a little damage. He begin to fly away, and Godkiller was chasing him, Hellbat dodges with a turn of left or right to avoid getting hit by lasers. As Hellbat was close to the very same ship that they fought, Godkiller blast him to there, as Hellbat get up and Godkiller lands on the ground, he noticed that the thugs he was dealing was escaped. He angrily look at Tony, and blames him.

Hellbat: Great, because of you they escaped.

Godkiller: Look it’s not the end of world, they escape and will get capture someday. Our acts always have responsibilities, you will eventually get hated if you kill someone. Oh right, you don’t care about that. But to tell you the truth, we sometimes get more enemies if someone’s death could be responsible in your hands.

Hellbat: Sometimes we antagonize people that were once our friends, or go against heroes until you found out the real truth about them. I been through that before, it’s the world we live in now.

Godkiller: We both lost our parents at young age, Wayne. And we both became billionaires, and this is the battle of the billionaires with armors or suits, without superpowers. Why don’t we see how it will end?

Hellbat: I’m telling you this one last time, stay the hell out of my way.

Godkiller: Begging ain’t gotta help.

Both billionaires lunges forward and clash fists with each other, Godkiller throw a right hook at Hellbat and Hellbat on other hand punches Godkiller. He kick Godkiller’s knee, and Godkiller blocks Hellbat’s throwing punches and elbow him in the face, Godkiller kick Hellbat away and tries to shoot him but missed, Hellbat throw a batarang and Godkiller slapped it away. Hellbat flies and throw a punch at Godkiller, who blocked it with his arm, and as he about to kick Hellbat, Hellbat jump and also wanted to kick Godkiller but missed. Godkiller shot him in the back, he turn around and throw a few batarangs at Godkiller which he blasted it away. Godkiller grab Hellbat in the neck and continues to hit him and push him like a ragdoll, he got slammed by the wall.

Hellbat: If… I died, who will protect the Gotham city? I always save the night!

Godkiller: Well, me. Unless you have a sidekick, like I do.

Hellbat throw a smoking grenade but that didn’t help, Godkiller lunges forward and punches Hellbat, Hellbat holds Godkiller’s back, Godkiller slams his foot on Hellbat and flies to body slam Hellbat. Godkiller shoot Hellbat in both knees, other Iron Man’s suits blast him one by one, countless blasting, Hellbat gritted his teeth and taking hits. While Batman was down, the rest of Iron Man’s suits are upwards circling around, and the main one was Godkiller, he was ready to finish this.

Godkiller: Let’s end this, Batman.

Godkiller was ready to activate his Uni-Beam as well as every other of his minions.

Hellbat: Oh s*it.

Godkiller and all of his other suits activated a Uni-Beam at Hellbat, and Hellbat was grunting for pain. Batman yelp before in result the whole ship exploded, pushing some or destroying some of Iron Man’s suits away. The Iron Man stares at the destroyed ship, and he sighs. The morning sunrises, shining the Gotham city.

Iron Man: It’s morning, I think I’m all in for a cup of coffee.

Iron Man look at his other suits.

Iron Man: You boys can go home now.

All Iron Man’s suits shouted ”Yes, boss!” once again and fly out of the Gotham, and Tony went home.

One night later

The Joker was holding hostages on the top of the building, he was waiting for his nemesis to come and stop him once again, he heard a sound and he thinks it’s Batman.

Joker: Oh batsy, where are you?

Iron Man: I am not Batman, I am Iron Man.


Boomstick: Wow, that was the longest battle we ever has! Well not the first time, I’m out of the third popcorn now.

Wiz: That was a lot of work to decide who the actual winner should be, it took us week.

Boomstick: I would rewatch again.

Wiz: Both combatants were adept in combat and has all of the powerful suits to go against each other, both can take a punishments. Iron Man’s suits were durable as he can tank hits from Thor’s mjolnir and Hulk’s punches, Batman’s normal suit can get stab, shot, and is vulnerable to Superman’s laser eyes or punches.

Boomstick: Many of you say he can beat Superman, that’s because he carries Kryptonite every time, without it he is screwed.

Wiz: Batman‘s skill fighting, gadgets, and tactical can be advantages for him to react quick enough to trump anything Iron Man could throw at him.

Boomstick: But Batman isn’t going down easy, which can make it hard for Iron Man. Iron Man is faster, stronger, and durable. He can lift 100 tons and outrun black hole!

Wiz: Let’s not forget that Superman hold back quite a lot.

Boomstick: Hulkbuster and Justice Buster. Hulkbuster obviously fought the Hulk and Hulk is known for not holding back even in his World War Hulk self, Hulkbuster managed to hold his own for a while.

Wiz: Justice Buster is also powerful, its weapons are mainly made to fight Justice League, but it hasn’t been around for long time so we never seen it in action. It was built to tank hits from Justice Buster but it has its limitations, it can get rip apart by Superman being a Joker same as Hulkbuster being a little rip apart by the Hulk. The Hulkbuster can get updates when for example, his arm is damaged, he needed a new one and a new one comes to update.

Boomstick: Hulkbuster can even fight the Ultron too, he should build a new one called Ultron Buster, that would be cool.

Wiz: Both combatants always call for help to bring a useful equipment, one is Alfred and others are Jarvis/Friday.

Boomstick: Bruce Wayne is physically more stronger and fighter than Tony Stark was, Bruce can physically kick and cut the tree! But what about the part that Iron Man lose against Captain America?

Wiz: Well Iron Man’s weakness could be either his anger and arrogance, or that he could have some armors that is strong enough to take him down, Captain America is way stronger than you think. With that say, there’s actually a ways that Batman can put Iron Man down.

Boomstick: Iron Man with bleeding edge fought Thanos himself and made him bleed! But he lose to him anyway, tho he put up a good fight. Hellbat, that suit was so powerful he was able to fought Darkseid!

Wiz: The problem is it can kill him the longer he wears it, it drains his metabolism and he had to almost sacrifice himself, that would mean that Iron Man can keep up with him if he’s lucky. But that doesn’t happen to Godkiller suit which he used it to fight Celestials. Batman may have better fighting skills, better gadgets/tricks, and pain he been through for his advantages but Iron Man surpass his advantages with Strength, Speed, and Durability even against Hellbat.

Boomstick: Look like Batman was ironed, or should I say blasted? He should have stay out of Iron Man’s way!

Wiz: The winner is Iron Man!

Iron Man vs Batman
Season 1
Season Episode 5
Air date 5th of November 2021
Written by Irish VS Writer
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All Might vs Captain America
Saitama vs Saiki Kusuo


Volume 1 Chapter 5! Marvel Comics vs DC Comics! A rivalry has brewed for decades. Two Billionaire Geniuses without any abilities who regularly use such advanced weaponry that it can give even gods a run for their money. But with their near endless bank accounts and immense arsenal behind them...who will prevail Stark or Wayne?


Wiz and Boomstick

Vince: Iron Man - The Armoured Avenger from Marvel Comics!

Iron Man gif by me

Frank: And Batman - The Dark Knight of Gotham from DC Comics! (9)

Jack: Rich People really haven't got the best reputation in media. But these two insanely popular heroes try to destroy that stereotype and any villains that get in their way. But whose gear is better?

Vince: That's what we're gonna try and figure out by comparing every armour and weapon these two have on them currently. Damn this fight is gonna be expensive...anyway, let's get into this Death Battle!

Iron Man[]

Iron man bio

Riding with the Top Down

Vince: The Avengers. Hailed as the Earth’s last defense and it’s Mightiest Heroes, They make sure that any alien invader will think twice before sailing the cosmos to our atmosphere.

Frank: Damn right they should think twice! But the Avengers is actually a lot bigger of a team than you might think. Nearly every hero in the Marvel Universe has had at least a short tenure in the team. But there are still some constant members aka the Founders. Which include such heroes as Ant Man, The Hulk, Captain America and Thor.

Jack: But we won’t be discussin’ these other lads, Nah instead we will be talkin’ about the red and gold human missile that funds the entire team. This being the Iron Avenger...The Invincible Iron Man!

Vince: But the man inside the suit is the equally famous genius billionaire playboy philanthropist, Tony Stark. Born as the son of two SHIELD agents he was adopted very early on by Howard and Maria Stark. As you can expect as the adopted son of a genius inventor, Tony proved he had that same talent at a very young age.

Frank: Hell he even managed to graduate from MIT at age 15! But sadly a few years later both of his parents were killed in a car crash. Making him the owner of Stark Industries.

Tony background

Jack: As you’d expect from a young lad with a shit ton of money in his bank account, Tony basically became a selfish playboy with a thrill seeking attitude and of course nearly every night he had a woman hanging off his arm. But it’s the weapons industry where Tony became absolutely fucking minted.

Vince: Well one day decided to go to a war torn country to show off his newest weaponry to the American military there. All was going well...until he was hit by his own explosive which is pretty ironic.

Pop-Up: In the original comics, Tony travelled to Vietnam. However in the MCU it was instead Afghanistan. In both versions it was enemies of America.

(Show clip of Tony being blown up in Iron Man 1)

Frank: Tony was really in a bad way after that explosion as you would expect. Numerous pieces of shrapnel were stuck in his chest close to his heart and it was only getting closer. His captors had a simple ultimatum: construct weapons for them or die.

Jack: Tony being the guy he is thought “Know what fuck you guys I’m gonna just build an artificial heart and a big ass fucking armour and murder you with it!”. So after about a week of tireless working with a genius physicist he met by the name of Yinsen, Tony finally finished his masterpiece but before he could use it Yinsen sacrificed himself.

Vince: Enraged, Tony went straight into action completely decimating the army and his captor who had once delighted in the suffering of innocent civilians.

Screenshot 2021-09-07 at 20.35.54

Frank: After escaping this country and returning to America, Tony had somewhat had an epiphany since he had discovered that his weapons were being used to murder innocent people. So on that day he ceased all weapons development that his company had participated in before. Instead he decided to focus on doing good.

Jack: But he also realised after that event that he was really good at making suits of armour and so decided to keep doing it. Swapping out a suit and tie for a suit of armour, Tony Stark decided to become a Superhero and take on a fitting name...The Iron Man!

Iron Man MVC 3 Theme

Vince: You know that saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”? Well Tony is the type of guy to be continuously fixing and upgrading. Over his many years as Iron Man he has created dozens of armours each with their own purposes. One’s that shrink, One's for stealth and one's for going underwater like Flex Tape.

Frank: If we were to talk about all of Tony’s armours we’d really be here all day and night. Instead we’ll start off with the standard weapons that each armours possess including the Repulsor Blasts which are essentially concussive lasers.

Tony equipment

Jack: G’luck dodging those suckers as well sinc they’ve been stated to move at the speed of light. They can be used to either knock you on your arse but if you got him in a particularly bad mood he can turn you to ash. He can even use them to fly around at Massively Hypersonic speeds like a human shaped Jet.

Vince: By charging most of these repulsor blasts into his arc reactor Tony can shoot a powerful beam out of his chest called the Uni-Beam! Damn that’s a cool name to be honest.

Frank: But he also has some lesser known weaponry. He was a former weapon’s dealer after all. He has microscopic telepathic tasers which shock the victim the more they think. Giant Arm Cannons, Tracking lasers, Nanosprite Clouds which can shut down the victim’s lungs and Sonic Cannons which are strong enough to take Captain America out of the fight.

Jack: Miniature Bombs, Magnets funnily enough and when he’s in a particularly show-offy mood he can create a lightning sword perfect for fighting against mechanical Ninja’s...don’t ask.


Pop-Up: He also has tasers in the Model Prime which is strong enough to nearly knock out Medusa from the Inhumans.

Vince: But one of the greatest assets he has is actually sentient and that is Friday his own personal AI. While she mainly just keeps everything in check with Stark Industries whenever Tony is gone but she also is great for hacking. She has even hacked copy-cat armours which were described as "Unhackable".

Frank: Even more impressive is that she can process information at a Picosecond which is one trillionth of a second. Makes sense with how quick-witted she is.

Can you dig it?

Jack: Well don’t count out Tony’s witt since he literally created Friday. He is a genius and is considered one of the smartest people in the entire Marvel Universe. Like he’s so intelligent that he has been able to predict certain events in the future. Talk about being a futurist.

Vince: He’s been shown to understand many different languages as well including Japanese, Russian, Korean, French and many others. A pretty useful skill for an international businessman.

Frank: Being the genius he is, Tony has created some bullshit things like the Sol’s Hammer which essentially absorbs energy from the sun and shoots it at any poor alien army that tried to invade Earth’s atmosphere. At 2% it can completely destroy planets! So that means that at 100% it can exert 118880 Zettatons of TNT.

Jack: Jesus Christ! Talk about groundbreaking tech. He also has the Extremis Virus which not only boosted his physical and mental abilities. It can also be used to take control of Symbiote Dragons...which you know is a very relatable issue.

Vince: Well anyway as we mentioned before Tony is more well known for his many armours. So why don’t we go over his most popular and powerful suits.

Tony armours

Iron Man

Frank: The one he currently wears for most situations is the Model Prime. Now this one is an absolute beauty as he can change the shape of his armour to make any sort of weapons he wants. Best of all it all fits in his watch.

Jack: With this alteration he can get from standard Tony Stark size to Hulkbuster at the flip of a coin. Which is pretty class since in normal size it can tank hits from Captain Marvel, now there may have been some cracks and dents here and there but it still held up well and had enough firepower to harm her.

Pop-Up: The suit is also completely resistant to EMP’s.

Vince: But he definitely wasn’t winning that fight. However, when it came time for round 2 he brought along the Marvel Buster. An absolute monster of an armour which made the previously dominating Captain Marvel bleed.

Frank: According to the author it’s apparently even stronger than the fucking Hulkbuster. you know the one that's made to fight the Hulk!

Jack: One of his most advanced armours nowadays is the Endo-Sym armour which is essentially a mix between an armour and a symbiote...which makes him look like an I-Pad. It’s really fuckin tough like it completely fodderised every previous armour including the Hulkbuster Armour ...huh guess every suit is stronger than the Hulkbuster at this point.

Vince: It doesn’t even have the standard weakness of loud noise. In Tony’s own words “Do you really think for a second that I’d build my most advanced armour and not shield it from the threat from the incredible threat that is ‘loud noises’?”.

Frank: Sounds like the perfect armour right there doesn’t it? Well not exactly since it completely fucked with Tony’s morals. Essentially making a selfish business man who will exploit hundreds of people without care, for his own ego. You know, like Elon Mu-?

Jack: Careful there ladeen we don’t want to get killed by a bunch of Redditors. Anyway, this affected Tony’s personality...well until Secret Wars essentially just decided to throw that in the bin. Which is kinda a shame because Superior Iron Man was a pretty cool comic. Anyway, it’s finally we get onto Tony’s strongest armour...The God Killer.

Vince: And it bloody well lives up to its name. Standing at over 2000 feet tall this suit can go toe to toe with Celestials! Now Celestials aren’t lads to scoff at (despite how often they die) especially since they were able to completely trounce Odin...yes bloody Odin you know the dude who could battle outside space and time!

Hey, all writer here thought to interject here.

I don't think I personally explained how high Tony's strongest armours scales, I just used the word Herald which is kinda vague. Anyway, the Marvel Universe has been to be infinitely sized. This essentially means that anyone who travelled the Marvel Universe in a short time, including Thor and Silver Surfer are Immeasurable in speed.

This also applies to their AP since the characters who could only destroy a universe are High Multi to an unknown degree. But the big boy that the Godkiller scales to is Odin, who nullified Surtur's flames which could destroy Yggdrasil a thing that exists in all realities which if I'm not mistakened is Low Outerversal Level. But I'm dumb so I could be wrong.

Anyway bye babes!

Frank: It makes sense that Tony’s armours get so ridiculously powerful because one of the earlier models was able to create an earthquake so powerful that it completely toppled a fucking mountain in a particularly brutal fight.

Tony Feats

Armoured Adventures Theme

Jack: Assuming the radius of this earthquake was 10 metres (which is probably a lowball) this feat would need around 4.7 Gigatons of TNT to do. Which is just enough power to get the Model 4 to Island Level.

Vince: This is backed up by how an older model was able to blow up enough rock that it could fill the grand canyon. Coming out to over 300 Gigatons of TNT. But this extremely low for the newer models that you see nowadays which makes sense since many of them can battle against Heralds no problem.

Frank: One of those Heralds he fought was Magneto while he was absorbing the magnetic power of multiple nearby planets. Hell, he even knocked him out!

Pop-Up: While some people are pretty impressed by this feat in the premise that Tony’s armour was metal, however, the Bleeding Edge armour isn’t made out of metal but in fact Carbon there you go…

Jack: Tony’s older suits are also pretty fast since Model 4 was able to fly from Pluto to the other side of the Sun in 2 Minutes and 2.5 seconds. Clocking in at speeds of 1606 times the Speed of Light! This feat maaaaaaaaaaaaay be an outlier for this armour but breaching the Speed of Light isn’t exactly hard to imagine for his stronger armours.

Vince: Especially since he can apparently fly to the moon in a Picosecond. Which gets to about 1.2 Trillion times faster than the speed of light!

Screenshot 2021-09-25 at 19.54.14

Frank: Well it also makes sense since it has been stated that his brain processes information at the speed of light. And he has been able to tussle with Captain America, Luke Cage and Spider-Man all have their own scaling to or direct feats of being FTL.

Jack: While Tony and his armours may be extremely impressive he still has his faults. For one he can be very cocky and arrogant which can really get him into some bit of trouble.

Vince: His armours, while impressive, aren’t completely invulnerable. Hell, they are constantly being destroyed, repaired and destroyed which is because of Tony’s reckless behaviour which has gotten him into some bindes.

Frank: But Tony always manages to overcome these bindes because that is just who Tony Stark is. If there is any sort of problem that Tony finds himself in he always manages to build an armour to help him or he just outsmarts the enemy.

Jack: Whether it be Gods or some guy with rings, Iron Man always finds a way. I guess you could really say that he is a Man of Iron.

Iron Man: I am Alive. I am Angry. I am no longer Apologising. For Anything. Not my Machines. Not my Decisions. Not my Deeds. I am going to win this fight. I am the one who wins. Korvac thinks he is God. But I am Iron Man!


Batman bio

Arkham Asylum Theme

Vince: Gotham City. I would say that it has seen better days but however, that would be a lie. Throughout it’s history it has always been the home of criminals and victims.

Frank: With such serial murderers as the Joker, Killer Croc and Mr Freeze the prospect of living in this city seems terrifying. While the local Police try their absolute hardest to bring order but due to corruption and lack of man-power they’re essentially pushing water up a hill.

Jack: But shockingly there is hope in this nightmare of a city. A Knight that lurks in the darkness and fights for justice. His name and even silhouette are enough to turn even the most hardened mob bosses into a crying mess. This man is Batman!

Vince: Bruce Wayne grew up in a very privileged household which makes sense as he was the son of Thomas Wayne and heir to Wayne Enterprises.

Bruce bio

Frank: Life was going well until he and his parents went out for the night and on their way home they went by a particularly sketchy route, an alleyway called Crime Alley...Jesus Christ lads doesn’t take a genius to realise to not even think of going there.

Pop-Up: In most interpretations the Wayne’s were returning from a viewing of Zorro.

Jack: As you could expect, a mugger saw these money bags and decided to hold them up. But the robbery went wrong and both parents were shot dead right in front of Bruce’s eyes.

Parents boop

Vince: Instead of shooting Bruce too, The Robber saw the look in Bruce’s eyes...a look of pure anger which scared him away. Little did he know that he had paved the way for Batman to rise!

Frank: While young Bruce was traumatised he had realised his purpose. His dream. To completely rid Gotham of crime and make sure no other child would have to face the same sort of trauma that he did.

Jack: So for the next couple of years, Bruce travelled around the world learning skills from every place he visited and was trained by the best of the best. In his travels he learned every single martial art known to man and was also trained in engineering, escape artistry and detective work. Essentially making him the peak-human physically and mentally.

Vince: At the age of 25 Bruce returned to Gotham. However, before he could begin his vigilantism he had to come up with a symbol that would strike fear into the hearts of man. That was when a Bat flew through his window.

Frank: With this inspiration he put his billions to work and created a pretty badass costume and some weapons. This was the day Bruce Wayne had become something more...the day Batman was born!

Dark Knight

Jack: As a billionaire inventor just like his opponent, Batman has quite a long list of weapons in his arsenal. Like the famous batarangs, essentially bat shaped throwing darts which can be used to jam guns, knock guns out of people’s hands or go straight into his opponent’s eye if Bruce feels particularly Dark Knight Returns that day.

Vince: But they don’t just stop there because Bruce decided to make multiple versions of them. Like explosive, knock out gas and electric which does as you would expect from their titles. His aim with these things is also insane, he managed to hit one of Green Arrow’s...well arrow’s in mid-air!

Bruce skills and arsenal

Frank: He also has freeze grenades composed of Liquid Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide; When thrown they can completely freeze Batman’s opponents still. He also comes equipped with Hardening Foam Capsules that can completely trap his foes in about 6 seconds.

Jack: As you’d expect from such a stealthy boy Batman keeps some flashbangs and smoke bombs on him at all times. Just so he can make a daring Sherlock Holmes level escape whenever situations get dire enough.

Vince: All of these weapons are held in his handy utility belt which houses some other stuff that come in handy in some dire situations, A Kryptonite Ring, Bolas, Darts, Grapple Hooks, Lollipops anything you can think of he probably has it on him.

Frank: Hang on Vince you don’t want to forget Batman’s most useful piece of equipment, The Bat Credit Card! Never leave the cave without it…

Jack: Batman out here with a Bat themed Revolut Card. Anyway, Batman also carries with him some Bat shaped Swords inside the belt. Like I get the idea of keeping up with the brand but it kind of gets to the point where it’s bloody comical and Batman is just barely balancing on that tight rope.

Vince: But there’s more to Batman than this, since he’s kinda skilled at almost everything. Martial Arts, Escape Arts, Marksmanship he has it all in his big ol’ brain that he has between those pointy bat ears.

Frank: And his brain is really big like he is considered the World’s Greatest Detective in the DC Universe at least. Like one time he figured out the vehicle used in a hit and run just by taking a glance at the scene, hell he even managed to guess the shade of the vehicle. Eat shit Sherlock!

Jack: He isn’t just limited to the sciences when it comes to his skills since he has been shown to sense chi and even control magic! Which can allow him to cancel out other spells for an hour or even heal hypothermia, Although Bruce isn’t really the type of guy who would use magic on the regular since he hates it.

Pop-Up: Batman specifically learned a type of magic in the DC Universe called “Backwards Magic” which Zatanna is famous for also using.

Vince: With all these skills and weapons behind him it makes sense that not only did Batman become a founding member of the Justice League but he also became one of its most respected members. Essentially acting as the brains of the operation.

Arkham City

Frank: But secretly, Bruce had a slight distrust in his infinitely powerful friends to a point where he decided to not only create contingency plans to essentially take down each major member one by one. Bruce also created a bunch of different mechs and suits just in case of dangerous situations which blow the original kevlar armour out of the water.

Jack: Starting off with the swiss army knives of suits, The Justice Buster which was made...well to bust the Justice League. Man Tony should really sue.

Bruce armours

Vince: Maybe instead of having a fight we just had the two of them suing each other...that’d be fun. But sadly we have to find out who wins so *eh hem* as Jack mentioned the Justice Buster is a swiss army knife of a suit which has specific weapons created to take down members of the Justice League.

Frank: Like the bind of veils, a hallucinogenic used against Wonder Woman. Powdered Magnesium that essentially drains its targets of moisture the more they struggle, used against Aquaman. And finally he has a processing system that can somewhat track the Flash’s movements even when Bruce can’t. What’s it to do then? Well it then of course fires off a frictionless coating which essentially trips Flash up.

Jb speed

Pop-Up: This doesn’t however mean that the Justice Buster scales to the Flash’s top speed. It’s previously stated that Wonder Woman’s speed was affected, The Justice Buster was also tagged by Flash before it could fire as you can see from above.

Jack: Now you may be wondering what sort of precautions does this suit have against the Man of Steel himself? Well thanks to the help of Dr Ray Palmer AKA The Atom, The Justice Buster has miniature red suns to completely knock the sense out of any unlucky Kryptonian.

Vince: In case of Superman’s famous laser vision, The suit is equipped with a plasma shield. It’s not only the Heat Vision that the plasma shield counters because it also can counteract Superman’s freeze breath. Essentially taking away any option that Superman could have in a hypothetical fight to the end.

Frank: Funnily enough this suit was actually built by the Justice League. Each of them were involved in the construction of each part all so Bruce could keep up in a fight. We are of course talking about the badass lookin’...Hellbat Armour!

Jack: Like you know this thing is bloody fresh when it was forged in the sun by Superman! It can fly at super dooper speeds, turn invisible and turn its cape into a swarm of feckin' bats. Perfect for traumatising!

Vince: The main issue with the suit is that its energy source comes directly from Batman’s own metabolism. So essentially when it runs out of power, Batman will suffer from a heart attack.

Shit is toxic af

Frank: But Batman decided that the perfect solution to this problem is to just effectively drain other people to keep himself alive for much longer. Is it moral? Oh absolutely not. Is it good for the environment? Yes. So I’m actually pretty conflicted.

Jack: Doesn’t matter if it’s right or wrong because it’s bloody well worth it. Because during Batman’s one-man invasion of Apokolips he was not only able to completely dominate Kalibek but he was also able to give his father, Darkseid a good couple of digs, although it was deffo weaker than him.

Vince: But thankfully it was enough at the time for Batman to survive his battle against Darkeid...although it was a pretty close shave.

Hi I'm back to explain more,

So I think that while the Hellbat and probably the Final Batsuit are weaker than Darkseid, They should still be around Superman Levels of power. Starting off DC's universe is deffo infinitely sized too. While it isn't as solid as Marvel's evidence, it's enough for me! So you get the drill Superman's Universal Feats become High Multi to an unknown degree and his MFTL+ feats become Immeasurable in speed.

Alright perfect now we're all caught up

Frank: Because of this he survived long enough to build his strongest armour ever...The Final Batsuit! Yeahhhh not really a creative name I know but it’s still really fucking cool.

Jack: Constructed around the Son Box, this armour can harm Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl but what makes this special is it’s absolutely insane mind hax which allows it to completely change the mind of its opponents.

Vince: And by change their mind we truly mean, change their mind because it can completely rewrite the minds of his opponents cell by cell! it also carries some other weapons such as Electric Wires strong enough to harm Jon Stewart and The Flash.

Pop-Up: Now I don’t personally believe that these electric wires are as fast as The Flash and Jon Stewwart due to the fact that they were distracted fighting against versions of themselves that were physically overpowering them at the time.

Frank: Finally it has a powerful energy blast which could contend with a psychic blast from Martian Manhunter’s son, Shayne. Whose previous abilities had even impressed Martian Manhunter with its power.

Jack: Remember the way Batman could use magic? Well he can use that to create a suit of armour...which is quite a Batman and Iron Man thing to do. Although it’s not really all that special except the fact that it can harm Bizarro and Ultra Man, both of whom can stand up to the Man of Steel and still live to tell the tale.

Vince: Even without these suits and weapons, Bruce has truly done some amazing things. Like how he survived a massive explosion that took up multiple city blocks from a near-point blank range. The results of this blast vary from 2.2 Kilotons at the lowest to over 12 Kilotons at the highest!

Bruce feats

Frank: He also has been able to constantly beat down Joker, hell there have been times where he has nearly beaten him to death! Why is this important because Joker survived a helicopter explosion which came out to around 26 tons of TNT!

Jack: What makes this Small Town Level scaling for base Bats pretty consistent is that he has harmed Deathstroke before, the same dude who survived having a 2737071 Ton submarine thrown straight at his face. Which comes out to around 2.3 Kilotons of TNT!

Vince: His Herald suits are able to harm DC Heralds with their blows. Each of these Heralds have their own Universal feat that they scale to.

Frank: Batman is also famously quick on his feet, being able to not only see bullets in slow motion but also completely jump out of the way of a bolt of lightning. How impressive is that? Well standard bolts of lightning move at around Mach 1294! Which is pretty damn fast.

Jack: He can throw his batarangs at around 100 Miles Per Hour. But more impressively he managed to dodge a beam of it was mainly aim-dodging that allowed him to do that, but you gotta give him props for even dodging it.

Vince: As much as it is hard to believe. Batman is imperfect and has flaws which hold him back from winning every fight. For one, his weaponry most of the time isn't really meant for killing and more for entrapping.

Frank: While his stronger suits seem impressive they aren’t really built to survive a full fight against these Heralds, instead they are more made to exploit the weaknesses of the flaw to defeat them quickly. Which is quite evident since every suit except the Batsuit is very easily broken by characters of high calibre of strength.

Jack: And even the most durable suit, The Hellbat isn’t great for his health since as we mentioned if he wears it for too long he will get a heart attack and die.

Vince: Despite this Batman is an absolute monster of a human who will forever protect the streets of Gotham and make criminals piss themselves when they see the silhouette of a Bat!

Frank: Because he’s fucking Batman! Sorry I had to say that…

Batman: You want to send your whole army against me...good bring it on!


Wiz and Boomstick

Vince: Alright all the data has been analysed and they are now being taken into account in figuring out the result.

Frank: Will Tony be able to prove that he is Invincible or will Batman make him remember the one man who beat him.

Jack: Time to figure out who would win...A Death Battle!

"I am the Man"


The Batcave, Midnight!

The ear piercing screeches and the loud flapping of Bat wings echoed across the Batcave, Its large open space allowed for these noises to travel across each rocky corner. Despite being built inside of a cave deep underneath the prestigious Wayne Manor, its air was surprisingly clean and was well lighted from the multiple lights in the ceiling.

Deep inside this cave was a large computer, its size was enough to fill an entire room in a house. But as you could expect there was someone using this monster of a machine, the man who owned this entire cave. Wearing a grey kevlar costume with dark black gloves, boots and a long flowing cape of darkness. On the man’s head was a matching black cowl which was designed in a manner similar to a Bat, the two pointy ears at the sides of his head making this pretty clear. This is the Dark Knight of Gotham, The Batman.

Instead of going out for patrol, Batman was busy researching a certain other hero in his world, a hero who coincidentally was a billionaire...but despite their similarities, their differences worried Bruce and made him want to keep him in check. Batman’s fingers moved with vigour through the keyboard while his eyes darted across the screen, taking in different pieces of information about his target that might be useful later on.

“Doing a bit of light reading?”

The sound of a cocky voice coming from behind him shocked Batman slightly, but he managed to keep his composure and turned around slowly to meet this intruder’s gaze. A couple of feet away from Batman was a man sitting confidently in a chair, resting his chest on the back of the chair while his arms were lying on the top of it.

This man was surprisingly normal looking for a guy who broke into the Batcave, With slicked back black hair and a goatee that matched this colour. He wore a pair of blue jeans and a Metallica t-shirt and a watch which was decorated with a blue rectangle attached to it. “How did you get in here Stark?” Batman’s deep voice asked with a hint of aggression with his tone, also revealing that this man was billionaire, playboy philanthropist, Tony Stark.

“I went through the back door!” Tony said sarcastically before he continued: “But hey I’ll cut right to the chance of why I’m here. While I can respect a hint of paranoia...I’m not the biggest fan of being watched myself. Especially since I’m being watched by another billionaire playboy and owner of Wayne Industries, kiiiiinda borders on corporate espionage to me!” Tony continued as he stood up and walked towards Batman.

“So Bruce, How about you just delete all that stuff you have on your computer or else I’ll just have to make you delete them!” Stark threatened as he put his hand on Batman’s shoulder. Bruce took a deep breath as he pushed Stark’s hand away. “Maybe you should get a better password!” Batman said in a shockingly snarky tone.

“Didn’t think I’d get an ad from a VPN from the prince of darkness when I woke up this morning!” Stark said to himself. “You don’t have your armour with you Stark so how about you get the hell out of my cave and have a drink at your penthouse!” Batman growled to finally put an end to this conversation.

Tony took a step back and overdramatically put his hand on his chest while letting out a gasp: “I’m hurt Bruce, hurt! Firstly I have been sober for a few years so I resent that statement. Secondly, I actually did come here with an armour I’ll have you know!” As Tony said this rectangular piece of armour coloured red and gold suddenly became visible around Stark before it formed into a full suit of armour. Specifically, the Model Prime Armour.

“Okay I tried to warn you!” Tony said as he stepped towards Batman who seemed to just be standing still. Batman’s stillness put Iron Man off-guard and so he looked down at Batman’s hands...only to realise that one was holding a fistfull of metallic spheres. Tony had barely a second to react before Bruce flung the capsules to the floor.


A wall of smoke exploded from the capsules, causing Tony to stumble backwards from shock, allowing Batman enough time to get himself in a better position. Tony swatted away the smoke and stepped out of the fog. “ I’m getting annoyed. You wanna dance Bat-Boy. Let’s dance!” Tony used the repulsors on the soles of his feet to propel himself into the air, only floating about 3 feet into the air. Batman responded by grabbing a handful of batarangs from his utility belt, readying himself for a fight.

Tony vs bruce fight

The Cyborg Fights

Tony blasted forward with his knuckle reeled backwards, essentially making himself into a human missile. Batman was quick to react as he dove to his left, narrowly avoiding a powerful left hook from the Golden Avenger, which instead crashed into the ground causing it to crack from the force. Iron Man stood up only for a batarang to bounce from his temple harmlessly, he turned around only to see Batman readying to throw another one Iron Man's way. Iron Man scoffed as he walked towards Batman.

Bruce meaninglessly threw his batarangs with enough speed and power to confuse a person into believing he was shooting at Stark, nevertheless Iron Man casually walked through the hale of projectiles and seemingly ignored the batarangs bouncing from his sturdy armour. “Oh come on Bruce this is kinda getting a bit pathetic” he taunted as he came closer and closer to Batman. Wayne gave Iron Man a glare before he seemingly jumped away causing Stark to give off a confused look underneath his helmet.

The sound of beeping drew Tony’s attention to his feet, to which he saw that the previously harmless projectiles were beeping while flashing a red light. Stark’s eyes widened as he suddenly looked behind him to see that every single batarang was doing the exact same thing. It was then Tony realised that he was reeled into a trap like a fish.


Every single projectile suddenly exploded directly to Tony’s feet. The sheer force of the explosion had sent the Iron Intelectual flying into the air. Bruce wasn’t ready to just end this combo as he aimed his grappling hook and fired. The hook flew across the air like a rocket before it dug deep into Tony’s chest-plate. With one mighty tug, Batman dragged Iron Man straight into the ground face first. “Let me ask again Tony, leave my cave now!”

“Giving up? Do you think that really sounds like me fanboy!?” Iron Man questioned snarkily as he raised his hand up, his palm lit a light blue as repulsor energy was quickly built up before a beam of light was fired towards Batman’s way. Bruce’s eyes widened as he narrowly avoided the blast, the distance was so narrow in fact that a chunk of Batman’s cape was immediately incinerated from the heat. It was close and Batman knew that a hit from the repulsor blast would be the end of him. So he had to try and pepper Iron Man enough so that he wouldn’t have enough time to use these blasts.

Thinking quickly, he grabbed three iron spheres and flung them towards Tony. Three metal clangs rang out across the cave as these capsules smacked into Iron Man’s armour, within a second however liquid foam blasted forth enveloping the Golden Avenger within a second. Soon as Tony was covered the liquid hardened to a point where it was harder than concrete. “Aw shit didn’t expect that!” Stark struggled, Batman capitalized as he prepared to punish his opponent with two electric batarangs in hand. Batman was quick to stab these tasers into Tony’s armour and jumped away just in time for…


Hundreds of volts of collective electricity blasted across the red and gold suit of armour, there was so much electricity being inflicted on Tony that he was practically surrounded by bolts of blue light which burnt the floor beneath him. But despite that, Iron Man stood tall, in fact he was actually unfazed. “Awww Bruce did those documents not tell ya? Those sorta tricks don’t work on this suit...nice try though!” Tony taunted, ripping the batarangs out before he shoulder barged straight into Batman’s torso. Batman growled in pain as he felt two of his ribs cracking to pieces from the inhuman amount of compression.

The Dark Knight was quick to jump away, cradling his injured ribs as he tried to make some distance. But he wasn’t trying to run away, instead he reached inside of his belt and with one pull he revealed that in each hand he had two bat-shaped swords. Iron Man had little time to react before he was soon met by an overhead slash by Gotham’s protector. Raising his wrist to the air as protection, Tony soon felt his armour being cut straight through, nearly slicing into the flesh of his wrist. Good thing it wasn’t his head he thought.

“Okay now that’s taking the Bat-Thing a bit too far but two can play that game!” Iron Man said as he shoved Batman away. In the blink of an eye, Iron Man’s suit changed shape taking the form of a Samurai Armour, then a long Kitana formed along with it. “Showing off doesn’t count for skill…” Batman growled as he went right in for another overhead slash. Tony just barely managed to block this slash, pushing Wayne off once again he attempted to slice Batman across the stomach. Sadly this strike was blocked by one of Bruce’s blades again. Both jumped back before they then went for a slash at the same time, Bruce going in for a double handed slash.


The two blades smashed into each other, the sound of metal scraping erupted as they both went face to face with each other. Batman gritted his teeth as he tried to not only ignore the near agonising pain in his ribs while also trying to win this brutal clash. Despite having double the amount of swords against him, Iron Man was winning the struggle which became evident when Batman’s swords began to break. Pushing a little more, Iron Man smashed the two swords to hundreds of tiny pieces almost as if it was composed of glass.

Batman’s eyes widened in shock, immediately he was grabbed by his throat and pulled towards Stark. The Golden Avenger pressed his palm against Batman’s stomach, a bright light blasted forth from the space between Tony’s palm and Bruce’s stomach. Wayne roared in agony as the repulsor energy burned into Batman’s armour causing smoke to rise from the point of impact. Tony relinquished Bruce’s throat allowing the repulsor blast to send Batman careening across the cave.

Gritting his teeth, Batman used his grappling hook to slow down his momentum. The Dark Knight looked down to his stomach only to notice the armour around his stomach had been burned down to a point where the kevlar padding was revealed. But the amalgamated pain of his slightly burnt stomach and broken ribs somehow were the least of Batman’s worries as Iron Man blasted towards him, his fists outstretched in front of him.

Bruce knew that this wasn’t a winning position he was in, so he had to strategise. Looking above to the ceiling he realised it was completely lined with stone stalagmites stalactites that pointed down to the rapidly approaching Iron Man. Grabbing hold of a small cylinder from his belt with his free hand, Batman aimed towards these stalactites and clicked this cylinder causing a blue laser to leap towards this rock. The sheer heat of this laser burnt the stone to a point that it dropped the stalactites straight towards Tony’s back…


The stalactite smashed into Tony’s back causing the stone cone to break into pieces. Iron Man yelped in pain as he barely managed to make a proper landing. “Okay...didn’t know you had lasers too.” Tony complained as he regained his composure. Iron Man blasted off the ground once again and looked to the corner where Batman had once been and just as he had expected...Gotham’s Protector had vanished from thin air.

Looking across every nook and cranny in his field of vision, Iron Man couldn’t find any piece of evidence to suggest where Batman had run off to. Tony scoffed; “Oh come on Bats I expected a little more professionalism from you!” he said in a joking manner with the hope of baiting Batman into coming out of his hiding spot. Well he got exactly what he wanted…

Stark suddenly felt his flight’s steadiness be disturbed by a powerful constriction around his calf, He looked down only to see a colossal fist of metal that was nearly Tony’s height. “What the fu-?” Before he could finish this profane exclamation Tony was suddenly flung across the cave with such speed that he was practically a blur. But eventually this travel had to come to an end as Tony put his palms behind him, using his repulsor blasts he managed to slow himself down and keep himself a few inches off the ground.

Soon standing before him was a hulking machine, completely grey in colour other than its piercing blue triangle eyes that were similar in brightness and size to the light of a car. Sharp spikes were erected on the machine’s shoulder plates and atop its face were two points which identified it as being created by Batman. But not only had Batman created this but he was also piloting it. For this was the Justice Buster!

“ I’m pissed Bruce. Copyright Infringement is no laughing matter!” Tony taunted once again as he launched himself but this time he decided to cloak himself, making himself completely invisible within a second. Batman’s brow perked as he tried to decipher where Stark had gone. As if it was Childsplay, The Buster suddenly reached forward and wrapped its large metallic around Tony’s torso making him reveal himself. “H-how did you know!?” Stark loudly pondered. Batman brought the struggling Stark close to his face: “I was trained by Ninja’s, do you really think that I wouldn’t figure out how to find them?”

The logic was pretty solid for Stark, almost as solid as the concrete; Which he became pretty acquainted with when he was thrown face first into the ground causing him to bounce like a ball. The Justice Buster reeled its fist backwards, the sound of creaking accompanied the movement. With all its might it struck Tony…


Without any control, Stark was suddenly sent flying into the air. But the momentum forced him not only to smash through the ceiling of the Batcave but also through many layers of dirt and metal before he was finally above ground. “Jesus he’s definitely got a right hand on him!” Stark complained as he held his aching head. But Tony didn’t have much time to relax as the Justice Buster had jumped through the hole created by Iron Man’s body. Tony quickly landed on the ground and glared at the Justice Buster. “Pst Friday, mind getting the big guy?” Tony whispered under his breath. “Already did it...don’t want you to get your ass handed to you even more than it is...okay maybe I do.” Friday said sarcastically.

Thanks Friday I really appreciate it” Tony responded, the sarcasm in his voice was exceedingly obvious. But Tony was reminded about the golden rule of fighting, keep focused, because as soon as he finished talking to Friday he received another right hook which sent him dragging across the ground. “Cheap shot!” Stark complained as he stood up. Like a western cowboy, Iron Man quickly aimed his hands at the Justice Buster and fired off dual repulsor blasts. This time Batman had a solution to these beams, A clear shield which he formed right on his wrist. Allowing him to completely deflect the Repulsor Blasts.

Iron Man sighed as he used powerful magnetism in his armour to make the Justice Buster quickly drag towards him. Batman growled as he tried to use the suit’s weight to stop its movement but Iron Man’s magnets were too strong. Stark propelled himself forward striking the Justice Buster with a punch that it couldn’t avoid. Striking the JB with a few punches and kicks, Iron Man finished the combo with a powerful repulsor blast coming from his arc reactor, directly into the JB’s torso sending it flying backwards a few feet. However, the JB was essentially unharmed and retaliated by pointing a small gun from its elbow.

Firing forth from the barrel was what appeared to be pink goop. Iron Man scoffed as he blasted the goop. It was a direct hit...but the goop still came barreling towards Tony. It didn’t take long before the goop landed directly onto Tony’s legs completely enveloping them in a second; Suddenly, it hardened to a similar texture to concrete trapping Tony Stark to the ground. “That foam is made from Powdered Magnesium.” Batman began as he stomped towards Iron Man. In a manner similar to cracking its knuckles, The Justice Buster proceeded to punch Iron Man in the head once again this time causing some of the helmet to shatter to pieces, although the suit quickly regenerated around Tony’s face.

One punch became two punches, two became three, three became ten and ten became twenty; Tony was forced to be at the brunt of what felt like hundreds of punches akin to trucks. The Armour Prime’s regeneration became slower and slower, Tony knew that he didn’t have long left before his suit would eventually give in. So you can guess how relieved he was when from behind him there was…


An implosion of dirt that blasted across the area in a manner similar to a meteorite. Batman stopped to look at the ever expanding wall of evaporated dirt for just a second, Tony used that second wisely. The Model Prime’s back separated allowing Tony to leap away from the armour and run towards the smoke. Batman tried to follow after but he soon realised it was too late when booming footsteps came from where the object had landed, and they were getting closer and louder. Stepping forth was a monster of a machine, large and bulky in size as if it was made up of fridges. It was coloured mostly red while its arms and hips remained in a default grey. This was Armour Model 36 or the Hulkbuster!

Sky Should be High

“See Bruce I’ve been doing the busting business for a lot longer than you have!” Tony taunted as his armour’s oversized feet stomped its way towards the Justice Buster only stopping when he was face to face with Batman. The two glared at each other in a manner similar to a stand off before a boxing match, the two of them sizing the other up just waiting to see who would make the first move.

With a shout akin to a roar from both sides, The two hulking machines reeled their fists back before snapping back like an elastic band. Small rockets that dotted both of these gauntlets allowed the speed of these punches to increase. The time of impact became sooner as soon the rocketing fists smashed into each other. A loud clang escaped the point of impact which was soon accompanied by the sound of a colossal explosion of wind which expanded across the area in a manner similar to a sonic boom.

The force of this collision even forced the fists to momentarily pull apart from each other involuntarily. But even despite the rattling in their gauntlets they went in for another strike, Resulting in their fists colliding into each other, making them stumble backwards. Iron Man quickly went in for another powerful blow which managed to land directly into the Justice Buster’s chin sending it barreling backwards. Batman groaned but he was forced to speed up his recovery as he saw Iron Man rocketing down towards him, His fist following close behind him. The JB rolled away just in time to narrowly avoid a ground-breaking punch...and I mean that literally as pieces of the ground launched into the air.

Wrapping its metallic arms around the Hulkbuster’s large body, The Justice Buster lifted Iron Man into the air. Bending the suits back, Batman managed to perform a powerful suplex which slammed the Hulkbuster into the ground, practically planting Iron Man like a metallic tree all the way up to its hips. The Justice Buster stepped back a bit allowing Batman to see how Iron Man was practically trapped in the dirt. Just as Batman prepared to step away back to the cave...but things weren’t that simple. Blue energy projected from the dirt around the area, the sound of these lasers neary deafened Batman as he stood there.

He soon realised that this was in fact, the repulsor blasts. Batman swiftly turned around only to see that Iron Man had been charging up repulsor energy under the ground. “RAAAAAAGGGGHHHH!” Batman yelled out in anger before...


A blue explosion quickly expanded across the area, the blue blast incinerating everything that it came into contact with. Despite the Justice Buster’s size it couldn’t hope to stand against the powerful shockwave. Sent flying into the air, the Justice Buster was barely able to stay together from such a powerful blast. Batman looked down only to see Iron Man was rocketing straight at him, using his flat shoulder pads as a battering ram. Batman was forced to defend, raising its wrists up in a standard boxing guard.

In the blink of an eye, the Hulkbuster slammed directly into the guarding Justice Buster. A powerful sonic boom erupted once again, causing pieces of broken shrapnel off the two armours. After a second, both soon began to plummet towards the ground, both grabbing a hold of each other. The two titanic armours swung at each other in mid-air. After a few seconds of traded blows, The Hulkbuster grabbed one of the Justice Buster’s horns and using it to hold Batman steady as he continuously punched him over and over again. Large shards of metal flew off of both the Hulkbuster’s gauntlet and the Justice Buster’s face plate. It was very clear that the damage was starting to take its toll on both.

Batman retaliated by aiming a small gun from the Justice Buster’s shoulder and fired a small stream of frictionless ice, its straight movement made it look like a laser. Quickly, the ice began to spread across the Hulkbuster’s armpit making the entire arm halt in place. For what felt like hours the two hunks of metal barreled through the air before they both slammed into the ground with such force that the already charred ground had been cracked like glass, chunks of earth were sent flying into the air.  

Hundreds of shards of wires and metal were strewn across the wide-open crater, smoke sizzled into the air. Tony dug his way out of the debris of metal that was once his near-indestructible armour, he stumbled forward clutching onto his bloodied forehead. “Aw jeez...I’ve had a lot safer landings in my day!” Tony sighed to himself as he looked at the barren remains of the Justice Buster. Stepping forward he only had one thought in his head, one that brought an unending amount of dread: “Is he dead?” He didn’t want to have the death of a previous superhero on his mind. But thankfully he got the answer he wanted when a dark black fist smashed through the rubble.

The shock made Tony jump back, only to land on his back side as the black fist dragged itself up from the rubble. The armour that Batman was wearing was...different, a lot slimmer and sleek. It was completely coloured black except blood red lines that showed through some points. But the light mostly burned bright from his emblem and the visor on his face. Similarly to his standard costume it had a long flowing cape which was akin to Dracula’s very own iconic cape. This was the legendary Hellbat armour.


“What’s wrong Stark?!” The armour boomed, the deepness and aggression in the voice made it sound like Batman was taken over by a bloodthirsty demon. “Don’t have anything up your sleeve!?” Batman continued as he grabbed Tony by his throat and raised him into the air, allowing his legs to dangle downwards helplessly. “Wrong again Bats!” Tony began as suddenly a silver liquid leapt from his watch and took form around his arm. Suddenly it began to move across his entire body before changing into the shape of the Endo-Sym Armour. “I always have something up my sleeves!”

Grabbing the Hellbat’s thumb, Iron Man pried its grip from his throat allowing him to move away freely. Iron Man levitated himself in the air before he went back in the scrap, throwing a powerful left hook directly into Batman’s chin sending him flying into the air at the speed of a meteor. Batman growled as he stopped himself in the air, This suit’s ability to fly became extremely handy at this very moment. But he didn’t have time to relax as he saw Iron Man barrelling towards him, even if he didn’t see him the sonic boom beforehand would have tipped him off to Tony’s arrival.

Batman decided to try and meet Iron Man this time, his two fists outstretched as he blasted forward with such speed he created his own sonic boom. When the two slammed into each other an explosion of air blasted from the point of impact, clouds were forced to disperse from such a collision. Hands engulfed by repulsor energy, Tony leapt back and fired a monstrous beam toward Batman's way. But unlike other times, Batman stood tall and allowed the beam to completely engulf him. A powerful eruption expanded across the air but before the smoke could die down, the Hellbat raced at Iron Man; its red emblem was darker and seemed to be burning crimson flames.

The Hellbat rocketed at Iron Man only stopping to throw an empowered haymaker directly to Tony’s cheek sending him barreling backwards; Tony knew that the Hellbat was stronger than before...almost like it had absorbed his repulsor blast. “Son of a bitch!” Stark cursed to himself as he fired a swarm of hundreds of tiny missiles from his shoulders. Batman narrowly avoided each tiny missile and blasted past the proceeding explosion. It was pretty obvious that Bruce was on a warpath to end the fight as quickly as possible.

“Hey Friday, mind taking a look at his suit, what’s its deal?” Tony nearly whispered as he prepared to go on the defense. “Sure thing boss” was what Tony heard before Batman went in trying to punch his head off once again, luckily this time Iron Man managed to block this punch, grappling Batman’s fist as hard as he could. Growling an angered animal, Batman went in swinging his leg at Iron Man’s side like an axe. Tony noticed this and used his other hand to block the kick in a similar manner, his arms crossed in an awkward position. He didn’t realise however that Batman had a prime opportunity to punch him with his free hand.

Grimacing underneath his helmet, Tony relinquished Bruce’s assaulting limbs and pushed himself back allowing the powerful strike to just barely miss his face. Tony stretched his hand forward, heaps of the silver goop flowed from his gauntlet and stretched towards Batman’s striking fist. As soon as it made contact with Batman’s wrist, it suddenly formed all across his forearm and solidified; completely halting his arm from moving. This metallic liquid moved across to Batman’s other arm forcing Batman’s trapped arm to slam onto his chest, his other arm wrapped over his previous arm essentially creating a steel straitjacket.

“Superior Tech!” Tony taunted as he went in for a powerful punch...but he soon noticed that the metal around the Hellbat’s chest began to glow red. The sound of sizzling and the steam coming from the makeshift straitjacket clued in on what was just about to happen. But sadly Tony was too close to avoid so he was forced to defend…

Hellbat blast


A crimson blast erupted from his chest and completely evaporated the trap around his chest. The beam quickly engulfed Iron Man within a couple of seconds, the sheer power of the blast made Tony yell in agony as he was sent flying back further and further. It didn’t take long before Stark had been sent a couple of hundred of feet away from Batman.

Stopping himself, Tony began breathing heavily as steam billowed from the joints of his armour. “Okay…” he began as he cracked his neck. “Now that is enough for me to get my lawyers involved” Bruce wasn’t around to hear that joke so it was more likely to distract Tony from the burning pain all across his body. “Boss, it looks like his suit is powered by his own metabolism...pretty ballsy I must say” Friday commented in Tony’s ear.

“That really is ballsy. But what you’re saying is that all I need to do is keep him distracted until he runs out of power…” Tony pondered aloud as he put his fingers to his chin: “Well how about we invite some of the boys over to try and have some fun with this.”

“They’re on their way Boss.” Friday responded. But the smirk from Tony’s helmet soon fell as from a couple hundred feet ahead of him, hundreds of bats were blasting towards him at speeds similar to missiles, the sheer amount of these rodents made it to where even the moon behind them was completely darkened like a black curtain. Before Tony even knew it he was completely surrounded by these hundreds of bats, completely covering his field of vision and making the area they were circling pitch black with flickers of moon light.

Stop Music

“You’re pathetic Stark…” Batman’s familiar disembodied voice boomed out across the area making Tony smirk in response. “Oh is that right? Since you seem to be an expert on me why don’t you explain to me while you feel that way!”

There was silence for a few seconds before it was interrupted by Batman: “You pretend to be a hero despite all of the terrible actions you have committed in your life. The parties, the women…” Batman began. Iron Man was soon sent staggering from a well placed punch to the jaw but before he could respond Batman had disappeared. Camouflaging himself in the swarm of bats.

“The cars…” Next was a punch to the back of Tony’s head.

“And the jokes…” Then a slash directly across Iron Man’s chest.

“You use all of these to not only try and put on this facade of success but you pretend to be a Hero so you can avoid accountability…” A punch to his chest.

“You’re a child…” Soon his neck was wrapped up by Batman’s muscular arms.

“And you’ve proved time and time again that you can’t be trusted on your own. So you need someone to keep you in check. And that person will be ME Stark!” He roared as he began to restrict Tony’s neck more and more…

Iron Man yelled out in rage as suddenly his arc reactor fired off a powerful explosion which blasted through the swarm of artificial bats completely incinerating them, allowing the moon’s light to shine through once again. Batman was too distracted by this display of power that he loosened his grip slightly. Tony took this time to angrily swing his fist directly into Batman’s ribs making him yell out in agony as he was sent back.

Iron Man 3 Main Theme

“Listen Wayne, just because you read a few fucking articles doesn’t mean you know shit about me as a person!” Iron Man began his rant. “Sure I’ve done some things in the past that I’m not proud of and I had to fight against my own personal demons...but that doesn’t make me any less of a Hero!” He continued, pointing his finger furiously at Batman.


“If I’m such a piece of shit why are so many people behind me!?” As Tony asked this in a joking manner he raised his hands to the air. The ripping sound of a jet taking off soon blasted across the air and became obvious to Bruce. He looked behind Iron Man only to see what appeared to be hundreds of similar armours were coming. Organised in factions in a manner similarly to an army.

Finally all these armours came to a halt around Tony, all floating on their own as if controlled by hundreds of pilots. “Everyone ready to have a nice ol’ house party!” Tony said, turning to his legion of armours. “Sure am boss” they all responded at the same time...all with the same feminine voice. Batman stood guard when he heard this, allowing the remaining swarm of bats to retreat back into the shape of a cape.

“Now before we have some fun let’s go over the 1 rule of this party. Make sure to take off your dirty shoes boys, We don't want to give the Dark Knight an infection when he kick his ass!" Tony joked. Batman gritted his teeth in anger as he cautiously awaited being ganged up on by the army of armours...or armoury if you will.

At the drop of a hat the legion of armours all went on the attack, Batman yelled out in anger as he went on the defensive. The Mark 2 was the first to strike, attempting a leaning right hook but Batman managed to move his head back in time to avoid this strike. Retaliating quickly, Batman grabbed a hold of the Mark 2’s head and with one powerful squeeze he managed to crush the helmet into scrap. The Mark 9 went in to try and catch Batman off-guard but that attempt was proved to be in vain.

With all the might he could muster, Batman flung the Mark 2 straight into the Mark 9 causing a loud metallic clang to ring out as if someone was playing the drums. To take those two suits out Batman slammed his fist straight through both the suit’s torsos completely taking both out of the fight. Relinquishing the scrap from his hand, Batman made a mad slash to the bodies of incoming armours causing them to separate into pieces.

The real Iron Man however slammed himself directly into Batman causing him to grunt in pain, reigniting the previous pain of his broken ribs. Batman escaped this grab by slamming both of his hands into the back of Iron Man forcing him to let go. Wayne couldn’t even catch his breath before the Model 19 punched him in the back of the head with all of its strength, Batman grunted in pain as he reached behind himself and grasped the armour's neck. With one powerful tug, Batman tore its head off making the rest of the armour to fall helplessly.

But while this happened, The Silver Centurion smashed its fist into Batman’s stomach making him lose his breath. Before he could retaliate he was suddenly surrounded by around 5 armours. Soon he was violently assaulted by all of the suits at the same time, each of these heavy punches felt more painful to Bruce. The armours were relentless and Batman was practically helpless to this team attack as he was basically forced to try and block all of these punches and kicks and hope for the best as he began to breathe heavier, he knew that he had to end the fight quickly otherwise his own suit would kill him.

But soon this beatdown finally came to an end, but that didn’t mean they were being merciful to him. Batman suddenly felt all of his limbs being constricted: The Model 70 grabbing his left arm, The Silver Centurion hugging his other arm, The Model 64 grasping his left leg while the Model 56 held onto his remaining leg for dear life. But just for good measure, Batman had been placed into a brutal headlock by the Deep-Space armour. Despite his struggling, Batman couldn’t move any part of his body including his head.

Batman’s eyes widened under his visor in shock however when he saw Iron Man hovering a couple hundred feet away with the Bleeding Edge along with the Model 69 by his side. “What’s the plan boss?” “Well I was thinking why don’t we just blast him with enough energy to where he can’t absorb!” Tony explained to which it was meant by silence. “Y-you aren’t serious?” Friday sighed to which Tony smirked. “Oh come on Friday you know me long enough to know I’m not joking!” As he said this Tony charged up the Uni-Beam on his chest, the armours beside him decided to follow suit with the same action.

Seeing this build up of energy, Batman tried to struggle even more but these inhuman captors didn’t budge an inch. He was forced to watch as the charged up energy of the three Uni-Beam’s began to grow larger and brighter by the second.


Stop Music

Just as Batman had a few minutes before, Tony along with his two armours fired off the monstrous beams of energy which soon formed into one. Batman’s eyes widened as before he could react the beam which had grown to three times his size completely engulfed him and the armours containing him. Batman yelled out in agony as he was pushed back from the force. Even despite the machines holding him being completely destroyed in the blast Batman couldn’t hope to move a muscle as the pain became more and more unbearable. Bruce sighed as he closed his eyes, fully accepting his end…

His life flashed before his eyes. Thoughts and memories raced across his mind like rockets being sent to space. Images of the Bat Family and the many happy memories he had with them since they were young. Soon images of Clark came to his mind, the many laughs he shared with his best friend. He smiled, feeling an immense feeling of peace.

But then...he remembered his parents. Their bloody bodies lying before him, lying lifeless. Batman gritted his teeth as he remembered that Gotham needed him, That he wasn’t going to die before his city could be brought back to its previous glory.


“I-I will not die…” He mumbled as his fingers twitched. “I will not die…” He said louder as he began to move his body a little slower. “I WILL NOT DIE!” He finally yelled as he forced himself to fly up right. “I WILL NOT DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Bruce yelled with unimaginable rage, his voice booming across the seemingly infinite void of blue plasma. He roared out with everything in his lungs as he blasted through the blast and towards Iron Man. Only stopping when he slammed into the Golden Avenger’s chest.

Iron Man groaned in agony as he dragged across the skies while Batman’s yells rang in his ears like a speaker. Batman pushed him and Stark downward until they finally made it to a large forest, only populated by tall and sharp trees. Batman had no mercy as he crashed Tony straight into the trees causing them to smash into shards upon impact, practically ramming him through a mile of trees in his rampage.


Tony had enough of literally being pushed around so he grabbed hold of Batman’s wrist and blasted them with small repulsor blasts. Batman yelped in pain as he let go of Tony allowing him to finally land on solid ground. With this chance, Iron Man kicked upwards into Batman’s chin with such accuracy it was akin to jabbing him with a spear.

The attack practically sent Batman spiralling through the air as if he was doing a back-flip. Only stopping when he had slammed back-first into a tree, making him bounce off and land on his knees. Batman began to breathe heavily as he looked back at Iron Man only to see him stumbling to his feet, holding his head to keep his balance. “I think that went pretty well…” Friday joked as Tony finally regained his balance, around the same time Batman found his footing too, his chest once again burning crimson.

“RAAAAAAGH!” Another pent up energy blasted straight at Iron Man, the density of the laser was akin to the flames burning in the sun. Stark responded with his own Uni-Beam, and within a matter of seconds the two concentrated beams slammed into each other in a manner similar to two trucks colliding. A powerful explosion definitively ended the clash, as the smoke died down the damage done to both of their armours became incredibly obvious.

The Endo-Sym had been deeply chipped in multiple areas, many of the lights dotted across the suit had died down, his left lense broken to a point where his blue left eye was visible. Even despite this damage, The Hellbat was much worse for wear. Burns and cracks decorated most of the suit, with smoke billowing from the many deep cracks and joints in the suit. However his helmet was the most damaged, a large crack went down across the right side of Batman’s lens revealing his now scarred face underneath from the excessive use of the Hellbat armour. Bruce was now breathing heavily from the strain.

Tony by now wasn’t saying any jokes at this point as he knew just how close this fight had become, the loud beating of his heart echoed in his skull as he cracked his neck once again. Batman clenched his teeth in anger with such pressure that it was surprising they hadn’t smashed into pieces from the strain. Essentially, the game was on.

Dormammu Theme

The two billionaires kicked off once again like jets, sonic booms exploded across the forrest causing the trees to shake like an earthquake. They winded up for a powerful punch once again and after a few seconds...they collided.


Metal on metal collided with a noise similar to swords meeting in combat. Both their knuckles trembled from the pressure before they went all in. Punches and kicks were shared with such unimaginable speed that they were invisible even to the most well trained people. To say that their constant trading of attacks were similar to one seen in Dragon Ball Z would be an unbelievable underestimation. Iron Man managed to end this clash with a cheeky uppercut which rattled Batman enough to stumble him.

Batman wasn’t stunted for long however as he immediately threw a powerful haymaker, clipping Tony across the ear making him fall to his knee. Stark gritted his teeth from the pain as he felt his helmet rattling like a bell. He soon arose and blasted a repulsor beam aimed straight at Bruce’s head. Batman luckily managed to move back just enough to avoid his head being completely incinerated.

Bruce was in the perfect position to swing his leg like a sword into Iron Man’s neck. Tony was laughed off his feet and was sent spinning across the air aimlessly as if he was imitating a ship from Star Fox. But before he could smack face-first into the ground, Tony managed to catch himself with his repulsor blasts from his hands and feet allowing him to float in the air. Stark went straight back into the fight, slashing a haymaker into Batman’s jaw making his head spin from the powerful strike.

A yell from both sides transitioned into a flurry of powerful punches, with the sheer speed and strength of these punches increasing by the second. They were colliding into each other with such force that literal sparks were flying, lighting them both up for a few seconds. This clash ended with another stalemate as both of their fists slammed into each other, Bruce and Tony simultaneously grasped their hands together so that they couldn't escape. The two armoured billionaires began pushing into each other, the sheer force of the struggle had cracked the very ground beneath them. Both had the same idea to continue the fight as they then slammed both of their heads together.

Despite their helmets rattling, Tony and Bruce reeled their heads back once again before slamming back into each other. Suddenly, they both began crashing into each other over and over again to a point their heads were practically blurs. After a few seconds of their headbutts meeting the two finally stopped and continued pushing into each other.

Clutching onto Iron Man’s knuckles as tight as he could, Batman used Iron Man’s arms as leverage to attack him with a flying knee. The results from the attack were devastating; The chin on his helmet was dented from the impact, the force of the attack riverbed all the way up to his remaining lens causing it to shatter, mirroring his other lens. Iron Man was forced to let go as he blindly fired off more shoulder mounted missiles. Due to how close Batman was to Tony at that moment he had no time to avoid and was forced to face a large explosion which had sent him flying backwards. His armour was barely holding up at this point.

Batman stumbled to his feet and shook off the pain. But soon his recovery was interrupted by the Mark 1 who had somehow managed to get ahead of the party, punching him in the head. This punch had completely no effect on the Dark Knight, other than making him more and more furious. Grasping hold of the Mark 1’s head and shoulders, he wrung its non-existent neck causing both of the pieces he was holding to separate in a sprey of wires and shards of broken metal. He then flung the pieces of the Mark 1 directly towards Tony expecting to maybe cause him some annoyance at best.

But sadly for Batman that’s not what happened.

Instead, Iron Man’s armour had leaked forwards towards the remains of the Mark 1 and began slowly absorbing them into itself. The Endo-Sym grew in size to a point where it would’ve been eye to eye with the Hulk Buster. All of the previous damages from the battle had seemingly healed, the many blue lights that dotted the armour before had come back however changed to a burning red. Effectively Batman had shot himself in the foot…

“Hey thanks for the assist Bats, I really appreciate it!” Iron Man taunted as he blasted towards the World’s Greatest Detective at top speed. Upon reaching Batman, he grasped his through and with all his might he choke-slammed Bruce into the ground. Not stopping there he began to drag Batman’s head across the dirt. To add insult to injury, Iron Man decided to pepper Batman’s face with brutal punches that caused significant cosmetic damage to the Hellbat’s faceplate to a point where it was barely keeping intact.

When Iron Man felt like he had done enough he flung Batman into the air, leaving him open for a heavy-weight level smack to the chest, sending him flying back into the air with speed similar to a supersonic jet. Iron Man though was close behind, Always punishing Batman with a punch as soon as he caught up to him, causing Batman to be sent back bringing the chase back to where they had started. After one last punch, Iron Man blasted to where Batman was destined to arrive. Clasping his hands together he raised both into the air, and when Batman had come close enough to him…


The Hellbat was sent barreling towards the ground. Batman coughed up blood as he looked at the multiple warnings blaring in his face, he knew for a fact that this suit wasn’t going to survive this fall so to make sure that he did Batman decided to escape. Opening the back of the armour, Batman was free to glide across the air and went into some line of trees to hide from the Iron Avenger.

Stop Music

Little time after this happened, The Hellbat smashed into the ground like a meteorite causing a massive explosion which could be seen from miles away, Leaving behind a burning crater and scraps of the once threatening Hellbat. Iron Man delicately landed despite how comically big his armour was at that point. “Jeez now that’s what I call rock bottom” Iron Man taunted as he shrunk his armour back down to its original size, even dismantling his helmet to allow his cocky face to be seen. “Look I thought this was fun too Bruce…” he began.

“But how about we just end this shindig already, it’s getting a bit ridiculous the millions this fight has cost the both of us.” He said as he looked down at the remains of the Hellbat’s helmet expecting to see the Dark Knight’s bloody and bruised face...but instead he saw that it was empty. Only now realising Batman’s escape plan.

Just as Tony had cursed himself he soon saw three small spheres similar to the ones he had dealt with during the start of the fight. Suddenly, the spheres erupted extremely loud noises which would have normally driven a man to his knees. But for Stark it made him laugh hysterically to a point where he was holding his stomach. “Bruce, did you really think I wouldn’t try to fix the usual weakness of symbiotes when making this?” Tony said through laughs as he stood over the blaring spheres.

Soon he silenced these loud noises by firing a repulsor blast into them, causing them to explode harmlessly. “God I know you think I’m stupid but come oooon!” He complained before taking a glance at his surroundings. Theorising that Batman had ran.

“I don’t think you’re stupid…” He heard Batman’s voice again, almost by instinct he reconstructed his helmet while looking for where Batman had said this. “I know you’re stupid Stark!” Batman continued as he finally stepped from the treeline with his newest and final suit. His greatest creation. A large mech which loomed over Stark’s now puny height, Coloured white with some places decorated with sparkling gold including his now massive emblem. On its back were wings similar in shape to the rodents where Batman derives his name and theme from. The face was blue glass which housed the now scarred Batman who was only pushing himself along at this point through will power.

This was the greatest suit Batman had in his arsenal...the Final Batsuit!

Iron Man responded with a prolonged wolf-whistle as he put his hands to his hips. “Damn that’s a nice design, maybe I should make an armour with that colour scheme!” He admired from a distance. “Boss, if I were you I’d take this suit a lot more seriously than the last ones he was wearing because I’m getting some big energy readings from it!” Friday strategized. “Would you say it's good enough for the big one?” Stark questioned, Friday showed her agreement with a firm “Absolutely”. “Alright then send only him over, I’ll try and buy some time!” He said as he squeezed his fist in anticipation.

Radiant Historia

Immediately, Batman fired out small spheres with wheels attached on each side. These small toys rushed towards Stark who looked down in confusion. But before he could protest he was suddenly ensnared by the weapons line of wire, if that wasn’t bad enough he was immediately blasted with hundreds of volts of electricity making him convulse uncontrollably from the pain even while wearing his armour.

Taking this as a chance, Batman immediately ran in and threw a powerful uppercut which instead of just Tony’s head...smacked into his entire torso and head. Stark yelled out in agony as he was blasted backwards, he could feel his entire armour rattling him down to his very bones, almost like a bell. “Jesus, that thing has a punch on him!” Tony gasped as he stopped 12 feet above the large build up of trees. Which didn’t allow him to see Batman’s sneak attack, only knowing of it when he felt his leg being tightly grabbed.

Gritting his teeth, Tony braced for impact to which he was immediately thrown across the forest at such speed he was practically a blur, only stopping when he crashed into a rock causing it to shatter into pieces. “Easier said than done eh Boss?” Friday to which Tony snarled back “Less sass and more assess please!”.

As soon as those words escaped Tony’s mouth, his face was introduced to the Final Batsuit’s fist which sent him bouncing across the ground. “Cheap shot Wayne!” Stark complained as he expanded the size of his armour to its previous hulking stature. Now that they were equal in size, Stark was more confident to run at Wayne at top speed. Due to how the Final Batsuit was a bit taller than Stark’s current armour, Tony had to throw his current punch in an upward direction but even despite this Batman managed to avoid being punched, grabbing hold of the suit’s wrist.

Almost as if the Endo-Sym was a misbehaving child, Batman casually flung Tony against the ground causing a small implosion of dirt beneath the landing point. Tony grunted as he rolled across the ground, obviously mismatched. The multiple pop ups inside of his helmet were portraying the same message, But Stark ignored this by standing up and blasting Batman with a monstrously sized repulsor blast. One which might’ve ended the Hellbat.

The Final Batsuit was much more powerful than the Hellbat however, which was evident since he managed to walk through the blast without a scratch on the suit. “That won’t work now!” Batman growled as he slammed Tony on the top of the head in a manner similar to a hammer which made the Playboy fall on his face. Grabbing Iron Man by the scruff of his neck, Batman then proceeded to throw a powerful uppercut directly into Tony’s chin sending him flying into the sky. The proceeding shockwave, departed the cloud around him.

“Okay...this might not be going well.” Tony said to himself as he realised that the Endo-Sym wouldn’t survive another beatdown from the Final Batsuit. “Good thing I’m a master of great timing!” Friday said cockily, when she said this Tony’s greatest armour, The Godbuster rocketed towards him. “Can’t say I disagree” Tony responded.

Batman was quick to follow where Tony had last been, only to see Iron Man had changed into his strongest armour. Its design wasn’t too different from any of Tony’s other suits, red and gold in colour and those colours in the same places. However, wrapped around Tony’s shoulders were what appeared to be a massive gold gear and attached to his back was a large cannon. Bruce growled when he saw this and went in for the attack: “Woah woah hang on a sec!” Tony said frantically, putting his hands up in a defusing manner.

Stop Music

“Hey look you could probably tell that the fight so far has caused a looooooot of damage so we probably shouldn’t test how much we can do in our strongest suits!” Tony tried to defuse, Bruce was reasonable enough to realise that Stark had a point. “So how about we finish the fight off-world? Better scenery as well. Unless you never figured out how to get into space!” Tony ended with a taunt as he blasted into the air.

Batman grimaced from the last insult and so he followed after Stark into the atmosphere. It was only a few seconds before he had managed to reach into space. Tony outstretched his arms cockily, “Aw hey Bruce great of you to join the party!” Batman didn’t respond with words, instead with his usual intense silence that Stark had become used to at this point.

“Ready to end this little shindig?” Stark asked which Batman then clenched his fists. “I’ll take that for a yes!” He replied as he put a defense. Batman sighed inside the suit, as he was feeling the multiple wounds he had acquired from the battle. But he had to keep going so he piloted the suit to get into a combat stance.

The final godbuster

Broly Super Theme

Iron Man was the first to respond, leaning his wrist downward revealing a wrist-mounted repulsor cannon. Batman was forced to avoid a small and concussive repulsor blast, allowing it to fly consequently across the infinite void of space. But Batman however wasn’t quick to avoid being tackled at speeds faster than any piece of machinery on Earth. Batman’s head bounced against the seat behind him as he was shoved backward.

He managed to recover quickly however as he grabbed hold of Iron Man’s now large shoulder plates. Squeezing tightly, Batman flung Iron Man off him and just as a means of asserting some form of dominance, Batman then punched Iron Man in the jaw once again making the Golden Avenger reel as a shockwave proceeded.

Iron Man was quick to jump back into the fight however as he practically shoved Batman back before forcing him into a headlock. Gotham’s Protector was already in a precarious situation but then the gears around Iron Man’s shoulder began to spin, causing them to slam into Batman’s nape violently over and over again, practically keeping from even thinking about making an escape. To finish this combo; Iron Man put his palm to Batman’s face and fired a blast of energy which sent the Final Batsuit flying thousands of miles.

Batman managed to stop himself but he was taken back to reality when he saw Iron Man blitzing towards him. In the blink of an eye, Tony had come face to face with Batman once again and greeted him with an absolutely brutal bombardment of punches aimed for the Dark Knight’s torso and head. Batman was forced to defend against this brutal onslaught of attacks but even despite the impact of these strikes he managed to hold strong.

But Batman’s defense didn’t last long, as Iron Man threw an uppercut directly into Batman’s elbows knocking his arms into the air. This left Batman open for a powerful punch to the suit’s torso, sending him flying towards Saturn. As soon as Batman was close enough to the ringed planet, Iron Man flung a straight right hook into the Final Batsuit’s head, sending him crashing into the orbiting moon called Titan. Batman grunted in pain as his armour slammed into the ground, causing a large crater from beneath him.

Iron Man blasted towards Batman, who was just barely back on his feet. The Armoured Knight was quick to raise his hand to completely block the resulting strike, a shockwave exploded outward from this defense. Using his free-hand, Tony attempted to smack Bruce’s helmet with a powerful punch, but Batman managed to react to this attack as well, squeezing hold of the billionaire playboy philanthropist's wrist. With no hands free; Iron Man had no way to escape being spun around with such speed that a massive tornado was created. Just as Stark had felt he was going to vomit, Batman released, sending him blasting across the air with such speed that a sonic boom exploded in the air behind him.

Tony stopped himself and opened up the slot in his wrist, and fired a powerful repulsor blast into the air. Swinging his whole arm downward, the Repulsor blast moved downwards towards Batman’s direction. Batman piloted his suit to just narrowly avoid the beam, allowing the beam to move past him harmlessly until it crashed into the ground. The sheer power of this laser burned straight through the crust of the moon without any effort, slicing the entire moon cleanly in half. Batman ignored the mass destruction going on beneath him and slammed himself into Iron Man, his immense speed adding onto the power.

Iron Man lost his balance allowing him and Bruce to fall rapidly towards the splitting ground. Having Tony right where he wanted him, Batman proceeded to punch Iron Man’s helmet over and over and over again, each punch getting heavier and heavier for the Golden Avenger. Iron Man managed to shake off this punishment and pushed Batman off of him, giving a parting gift of a punch to the head as he made some distance.

But this distance was soon cut when Batman recovered and attempted to swipe towards Iron Man’s head with a haymaker. Iron Man ducked and attempted a strike to Batman’s side, but the Justice Buster managed to wrap its fingers over Iron Man’s fist. But this didn’t stop Iron Man from attacking as he quickly backed away. As they both fell deeper and deeper into the splitting crater they traded quick and powerful attacks which collided into each other with such force that the very foundations of the remains of the once sturdy moon began to shake.

Punches and kicks blasted on both sides, the sound of clanging blasted out with such speed and intensity that it could be confused for hundreds of machine guns firing onto each other at the same time. Sparks flew from every successful strike, lighting up the darkness of space like a torch. Having enough, Batman retreated backward and began charging up energy from his cupped hands, reeling them behind his head. Iron Man responded to this by also moving back and charging up energy from the cannon on his back.

Yelling out in rage, Both fired their blasts straight at each other causing an immense beam struggle to keep them apart from each other. Sparks flew from the point of impact as the entire area around them not only became brighter...but also hotter. This beam struggle lasted only for a few seconds before this excessive amount of energy exploded outwards to every direction in the blink of an eye…


...Causing a massive explosion that completely enveloped the remains of Titan, turning them to dust immediately. Despite this monstrous amount of damage, Iron Man and Batman managed to survive the explosion without any serious damage other than cosmetic ones, however, both were sent flying away from each other at near light speeds.

Gritting his teeth, Iron Man blasted right back towards Batman. “Jesus Christ this is getting intense...this fight could kill the both of us. Friday, send in the Phoenix Buster and any suit that can put up a fight...I’m finishing this now!” Tony said in an unusually serious tone, Friday knew that because of his tone of voice that Tony didn’t need any snarky remarks, so without any words she followed this order.

Batman seemingly agreed with this arrangement as he charged back at Stark at full speed, A furious yell escaped his lungs as he charged into battle. “This has gone too far Stark, Give up now or I’ll be forced to use something I don’t want to use!” Batman yelled as he quickly struck Iron Man’s chin. Reeling back, Iron Man responded: “We’re too far into it now Bruce, I’m not gonna walk away with this without a win!” his arrogance slightly showing. As he said this he crashed into Batman’s stomach like a rocket.

The sound of metal crunching made Batman cringe internally, but he had to ignore it, otherwise he would make a wrong move which could take him out of the fight - best case scenario that would be in a non-lethal way but it could always go wrong. Batman didn’t want to take that chance as he grabbed hold of Iron Man’s head by both sides, proceeding to then slam his knee into Tony’s chin, nearly making his eyes roll to the back of his head from the pain. But from the corner of his eye he saw two armours one standing by and one quickly joining the fight, The one waiting was the Phoenix Buster and the one joining was the Godkiller Mark 2. Batman only noticed this behemoth when it was too late.

With enough strength to crack a star, The Godkiller slammed its fist into Batman’s face causing cracks to appear across the helmet as if it were made of glass. Gasping in pain, Batman retaliated with a weak punch, barely phasing the monster of machinery. “Boss the Phoenix Buster is charging up energy now, it’ll be ready to fire in one minute. So hold him off for that long!” Friday informed Tony as he smirked: “No problem!” he said as he tried to back up the free armour. Batman was forced to block an onslaught of punches from the Godkiller which shook and caused immense damage to the Final Batsuit.

When an opening to escape became obvious to Batman he took it, Ducking underneath a lunging haymaker and grabbed hold of the Godkiller’s helmet and began digging his claw-like fingers into the visors, trying to find a point where he could rip the head off the armour like the others he faced during this fight. However, Batman was interrupted by Iron Man smashing into at full speed. The Kinetic Energy sent Batman into a daze as Iron Man continued his assault; “Hey watch your little fingers there, That thing cost 4 billion dollars!” He began as he elbowed Batman in the face. “You break it, you buy it!” He finished his taunt with a powerful uppercut, a powerful shockwave escaped from the impact.

The Godkiller was quick to recover and followed after the stunned Batman, grabbing hold of him in a brutal bear hug. Now with Batman in his grasp, the Godkiller wasn’t going to allow Batman to escape, instead he began to squeeze tighter and tighter, causing webs of cracks to form across the stomach of the Final Batsuit. Batman in a panic realised that he had only one option left, and he didn’t want to do it, he had to use his mind changing abilities on Stark. While he intended to just get rid of Tony’s memory of this encounter, the idea still felt really dirty to him despite how non-lethal it was. “God damn it Stark you forced my hand...!” he sighed, the sadness in his voice catching Stark off-guard.

Suddenly purple energy began to emanate from the Final Batsuit’s head, seemingly cracking like electricity. Tony had a bad feeling so he did something he hadn’t done in a while. He ran. More accurately he flew away just as the purple energy began expanding outward at a near incalculable speed. Iron Man blasted his way towards Earth, where the Phoenix Buster was getting ready to fire one blast to end the fight. “FRIDAY FIRE THE PHOENIX BUSTER NOW!” Tony yelled out at the top of his voice.

“Boss bu-” She tried to talk back, only worrying about his safety, but she was quickly interrupted “NOW GOD DAMMIT!” He yelled once again to which Friday reluctantly agreed. Suddenly blue repulsor energy began to emit from the Phoenix Buster’s chest and arms, growing to a point where they would engulf most buildings. With all the power it could muster, the Phoenix Buster fired a powerful combined repulsor blast which hurriedly careened towards Tony and Bruce. Iron Man just barely managed to avoid the beam as he just managed to keep ahead of the mind-changing energy.

The unfathomably powerful beam managed to come face to face with Batman in microseconds. Before Batman could even fathom what was happening he and the suit holding him still were completely engulfed. The sheer power of the blast not only blasted the Godkiller behind Bruce to small pieces, but managed to slowly incinerate the already damaged Batsuit. All of this happening before he could even blink…


Stop Music

Another cataclysmic explosion spurted from where Batman was last seen. The shockwave from the shockwave nearly knocking planets around it out of orbit. But thankfully for Iron Man the mind-changing energy died down completely before it was gone, showing that Batman was either dead or his suit was out of commision. Tony blasted off, hoping once again that he hadn’t murdered Batman.

But thankfully for Tony, Bruce was alive. Although barely, because every other part of the Final Batsuit had been completely vaporised, leaving only the helmet. Pieces of wire and metal floated helplessly around the head of the Final Batsuit. Inside, Batman was barely holding onto consciousness...the injuries from the fight somewhat piled up over time. Bruce winced as he saw Tony stopping a few feet away from him.

A sigh of relief escaped Tony’s lips as he not only realised that Batman was alive and somewhat well...but the fight was also finally over. “Congratulations Stark you defeated do what you want to do and finish me off!” Batman said casually as he somewhat accepted his believed fate. Tony sighed in frustration as he grabbed hold of the head of the Final Batsuit. But unlike what Batman expected, Iron Man began to bring him back to earth. “I’ve done some things in my life that I regret, Bruce. My whole career as a hero was just so I could...forgive myself for what I had done”

Batman took this in as they entered back into the Earth’s atmosphere, “So if you can...please just believe me when I say that I won’t be a threat to you or the world!” The two finally landed in a random field in the middle of Texas. As they reached the solid ground, Tony dropped the Final Batsuit’s head on the ground, allowing Bruce to crawl out.

“Okay Stark...I’ll believe you.” Batman said as he casually walked away from Iron Man, clasping onto his broken rib. “Thanks Bats!” Iron Man said quietly to which Batman responded by turning around, and giving him a smile. Tony nearly jumped out of his armour from the surprise. “W-wait did you just smile!?” Iron Man shouted in confusion as the Bat-Jet flew over Bruce’s head. Batman didn’t give an answer, instead using his grappling hook to pull himself onto the plane. Within a second him and the jet were gone.

“Huh I think I witnessed a really rare event…” Tony joked to himself as he looked to the sky, smirking to himself underneath his helmet. “So I’m guessing you want me to redo the security system to make it ‘Batman-proof’?” Friday joked as Iron Man flew into the sky. “Oh absolutely!” He responded, blasting off back to New York.


Tony wins

Can you dig it?

Vince: Now that was a really good ad for VPN’s right there!

Frank: This was an interesting matchup to discuss. Both Tony and Bruce had so many tricks and weapons to throw at each other that truly it could’ve gone either way. However, Iron Man had whatever he needed to just pull ahead.

Jack: If we were being lazy and decided to just limit both of them to just their standard weapons and arsenal it’s pretty clear that Iron Man would completely stomp this fight. Sure Batman harmed Deathstroke who survived a 2 Kiloton impact without too much trouble, but one of Tony’s oldest armours got to 4 Gigatons of TNT which means that extremely primitive armour could punch 3005909 times stronger than Batman.

Vince: So going in and boxing Iron Man to a standstill is not an effective strategy for Batman. Because the repulsor blasts are enough to take out Bruce, since we have seen an older model destroy enough debris to fill the grand canyon. By getting the volume of this debris we discovered that this would result in 396 Gigatons of TNT! Which is over 32 million times stronger than the explosion Batman survived.

Ivb analysis

Pop-Up: Keep in mind, that explosion had knocked Batman unconscious.

Frank: Batman can’t even dodge these blasts because they have been constantly stated to be lightspeed which is obviously much faster than lightning. Now some people may suggest that Electric Baterangs would do the trick...but they wouldn’t since the Model Prime is completely immune to EMP’s.

Jack: So it’s entirely possible that Batman would be taken out of the fight immediately before he can even get his stronger suits out. But anyway, let’s put that aside and get right into the meat and potatoes of this debate and compare their suits. So basically we’ll be going through Batman’s suits and explain why Iron Man has a suit or a method to defeat it. Hopefully that’ll make the result make more sense.

Vince: Starting off with the Justice Buster which...just kinda sucks in this fight. See unlike Bruce’s other armours it isn’t really built to physically fight most of the League, instead it was more using their weaknesses against them.

Frank: These weaknesses don’t actually apply to Tony at all. So they wouldn’t be as effective as they are on the League. Even worse for this suit is that its durability leaves a lot to be desired. Since as soon as Superman got his hands on the suit it completely broke down. So it’s entirely possible that after a while Tony would likely get through it.

Jack: But yeah it's pretty useless in this battle. Even the standard Iron Man armour would be able to cause some immense damage to the suit or might even destroy it, So imagine what the Hulkbuster would do against it.

Vince: The Hellbat is a lot more of an interesting discussion. While we don’t personally believe that it scales to Darkseid it should reasonably downscale to around Superman levels of power. This power could give Tony’s suits a good run for their money and it even has a potential wincon.

Frank: Draining could give Bruce a win...but sadly for him this is not exactly the most likely. For one, It would require Tony to just stand there and wait for the Hellbat to just absorb his spirit which just isn’t likely. Also we haven’t seen the Hellbat actually absorb someone wearing armour so it’s very likely that it requires contact with skin, and with Tony unless you’re a woman at one of his parties, the chance of that happening is very very low.

Jack: Sadly because of this, the Hellbat’s greatest weakness of slowly killing Batman...can’t actually be helped or slowed down. So all Tony really needs to do is just kinda keep the Hellbat on its toes until Batman is either forced to get out of the suit...or well die. And with how most of his armours scale similarly to the Hellbat, he could probably do that no problem.

Vince: Or even worse for the Hellbat, remember how the Hellbat is powered by Batman’s own metabolism? Well the Endo-Sym armour has the perfect way to exploit this weakness since it can absorb energy. So theoretically it could essentially absorb Batman’s metabolism to kill him quicker.

Tony absorb

Frank: Essentially the Hellbat’s strength and speed allowed Batman to cling on for a bit longer but ultimately Tony had his ways to counter it. But now let’s talk about Batman’s biggest wincon, The Final Batsuit and its absolutely insane mind hax.

Jack: The ability to change a person’s mind down to their very cells is an extremely intense ability and is actually a lot more potent than most of the mind attacks that Tony has faced in his life so it’s entirely possible that this could give Bruce the edge to win this fight...however like every other big advantage Wayne has, Tony has a way around it.

Vince: There’s the fact that Tony doesn’t even really need to be in his armour so he could just have Friday pilot a few of the suits and use them to fight the Final Batsuit. Hell, Tony could just be in his house having a drink while this fight is happening.

Pop-Up: Batman only uses this mind ability as an absolute last resort, so it’s very likely that Tony would destroy the Batsuit and kill Bruce before he can use it.

Frank: Also it’s funny because even Bruce’s greatest armour gets absolutely trumped by Tony’s most powerful weapons like the Godkiller and the Phoenix Buster. Both of these suits can defeat or harm enemies that get to around Low Outerversal Levels of power which is infinitely higher than the Final Batsuit scaling to Martian Manhunter and Wonder Woman.

Jack: It really doesn’t help that literally all of Batman’s suits have absolutely awful durability, since whenever a Herald gets their hands on it they all completely break. Which, while a lot more realistic, doesn't help Batman’s case. So essentially Batman could harm Iron Man, but as soon as Tony hits back his suits become broken down.

Vince: But let’s say that Batman’s suits could ultimately defeat Iron Man with no problem...issue is that they are a lot less accessible to Bruce since he doesn’t have his own personal AI to pilot them and bring them into the fight. Unlike Tony who can call in all of his overpowered suits wherever, and whenever he likes.

Frank: Closest one that fits that purpose is Batman’s magic suit which Bruce is very unlikely to use since in character he absolutely hates magic.

Pop-Up: Because of this easy accessibility Tony could use a lot more haxes against Bruce then vice versa. For example he could use his shrinking suit to harm Batman from the inside, The Endo-Sym to take over any of Bruce’s weapons and Ghost Tech to just phase through Batman’s body.

“But isn’t Batman a lot more intelligent than Tony?”

Jack: To be honest, No but that doesn’t mean that Tony is smarter either. Since they are both equally as intelligent as each other so both can get the jump on the other. But ironically Intelligence becomes a mute point in this fight.

Vince: So while Batman might have been an absolute genius and wasn’t anybody to scoff at, But ultimately Tony had a way around any and all of Batman’s weapons and even had his own ways of ending the fight very quickly.

Frank: Hell as we mentioned before a standard Iron Man armour completely and utterly stomps Batman with no issue so it’s unlikely the fight would even get this far.

Jack: Batman truly was an absolute badass and he tried his best, but because he didn’t Iron out his plan to victory he was forced to say knight-knight!

Vince: *sighs* Dear god Jack, The winner is Iron Man!

Iron Man Wins