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Iron Fist VS Kenshiro
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Season 4
Overall Episode 47
Season Episode 8
Air date March 15th, 2020
Written by Shadow7615
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Marvel Comics VS Fist of the North Star! While their mastery of the fist is incredible, there is more to them than what you see, ancient and mystic powers await them in this martial arts battle of East vs. West!

Iron Fist vs. Kenshiro is the 47th episode of DEATH BATTLE! by Shadow7615, featuring Iron Fist from Marvel Comics and Kenshiro from the Fist of the North Star series in a battle between iconic practitioners of ancient martial arts.


Wiz: While it's a skill everyone can learn, martial arts is much more than simply using your fists to defeat your foes, in many teachings, it's about achieving greater power, whether physically, or spiritually.

Boomstick: Although I highly prefer a shotgun in most situations, I have to agree, some martial arts are the coolest things to ever exist, and today we've got two martial artists with incredible power.

Wiz: Daniel Rand, the Immortal Iron Fist.

Boomstick: And Kenshiro, the wandering Fist of the North Star, He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick!

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle.

Iron Fist[]

Boomstick: Daniel Rand was just any other kid growing up, but it turns out his mother lived in this city inside an alternate dimension- a long story. Daniel and his folks decide to go to the dimensional city, but corporate squabbles got his dad killed, and his mamma sacrificed herself for Daniel to survive.

Wiz: Despite being orphaned, Daniel was eventually found and taken into the city of K'un-Lun, where he'd spend his life learning martial arts, with a single goal in mind, to become Iron Fist. The champion of K'un-Lun and sole bearer of the dragon Shou-Lao's Chi.

Boomstick: Having basically been trained into that lifestyle, Daniel devoted his life to learning and mastering every lesson under the city's teacher, Lei Kung the Thunderer, and he must've really put in 110% because he ended up being given a pretty epic, but certainly a dangerous trial.

Wiz: To become K'un-Lun's next champion, Daniel had to face Shou-Lao, the Dragon with the Chi. After a fierce showdown, Daniel triumphed and became Iron Fist. And turns out he was the next in a long line of them too. Nevertheless, Daniel vowed to uphold the values of his home, and then followed in his late father's footsteps and left K'un-Lun.

Boomstick: And you know the rest, he starts using his power to do good guy stuff, Iron Fist, Hero for Hire, Defender. But while Danny is pretty effective in a team, he's no slouch on his own. You name a particular martial art, and odds are Danny has learned it in some form, Shaolin Kung Fu, Judo, Karate, Ninjutsu, it goes on for ages! Though of course, his best is the K'un-Lun martial arts he learned.

Wiz: He mastered the Hypnotic Fist Technique, allowing him to control minds. Daniel is also a skilled acrobat and gymnast, which makes sense given his wide array of disciplines he applied himself toward, though while his physical skills are quite plentiful, Iron Fist isn't a mere brawler, thanks to his victory against Shou-Lao, Daniel gained the power to harness and manipulate Chi, or his natural/life force energy, the dragon's superhuman energy infused into Daniel, giving him more abilities.

Boomstick: Man, these comic book characters are like pillars of awesomeness, I'll rest my case, if any superhero ever enters the Olympics, everyone else might as well rage quit. Anyway, Iron Fist's Chi stuff allows him to summon and focus that energy to buff his natural abilities to epic levels. Strength, Speed, Durability, the works. Any basic ability humans have, Iron Fist has in spades. Man, where can I meet this Shou-Lao guy, I wanna be Shotgun Fist!

Wiz: You already have a shotgun for a leg, that being said, Iron Fist's abilities indeed exceed that of ordinary humans, he's strong enough to throw a palm strike hard enough to snap a man's neck, quick enough to dodge gunfire, and tough enough to survive falling out of an aeroplane, and willingly abandoning his parachute. Suffice to say, Iron Fist is well suited for just about any mission.

Boomstick: I mean yeah, the dude has so many ways to fight you, and all the Chi stuff to make sure he can deliver on being the epic martial arts master that he trained so hard to be. Though while many of his moves are forged in badassery, he has one move that stands up above the rest, allow me to introduce you to the one, the only, The Iron Fist.

Wiz: While it might sound confusing "The Iron Fist" is Daniel's strongest attack, and has singlehandedly been regarded as not only Daniel's best move but the most powerful tool. He's even admitted as much when he compared his punch to a hydrogen bomb. We can compare The Iron Fist to the Tsar Bomba, the most powerful hydrogen bomb ever detonated. 50 megatons.

Boomstick: That punch is basically the goddamn Tsar?! Remind me to never ask this guy for a fist bump. But don't be fooled into thinking this Chi stuff is solely to make your offence better, Danny can use his Chi to heal his wounds, and even absorb energy. And this healing stuff has some pretty insane applications, one time Green Goblin Norman Osborne mind-controlled Iron Fist, but by healing himself, he just undid the mind control.

Wiz: And if that's not enough for you, he can perform pseudo-telepathy in the form of mind-meld, which briefly fuses his consciousness with another. He can heal himself to purge lethal toxins from his body, he can heal other people's broken limbs, and at one point, healed himself subconsciously, without even realizing he was doing so. And his energy absorption is no joke. As a train, loaded with explosives, gave off electromagnetic energy.

Boomstick: Iron Fist just absorbed the energy and then charged right into the train, and survived. Danny is fast enough to react to gunfire, and he's done it so often, he's able to react in a microsecond! If you don't know how short that is, it's one-millionth of a second. So odds are he can react to and dodge stuff like lightning no problem. Hell, he dodges gunfire even when surrounded. Bullets aren't gonna be what takes this guy out.

Wiz: His senses are one of his strongest assets, they're fined tuned enough that he can sense which person is real amidst illusions, such as when he was cornered by 8 images of Iron Man, and Iron Fist promptly punched the real thing. He can hear sweat running down your face, and can even sense when people are intangible, such as when he deduced Captain Hero was intangible.

Boomstick: This man has the balls to admit he has infinite ways to kill men, I don't know about you, but that's probably the biggest verbal flex I've ever seen on this show. He's also really tough, like when he got shot by something designed to hit with the same force as a Howitzer shell. This dude also falls through building floors and take multi-level drops through skyscrapers and keeps on trucking.

Wiz: And during a showdown with Radion, Iron Fist survived his most powerful attack by absorbing it, Radion's power was said to be measured in several hundred megatons. And he got even stronger after receiving the Chi of the previous Iron Fist, Orson Randall. Which proved enough for Daniel to achieve most of these incredible feats.

Boomstick: But don't let our commentary mislead into thinking Iron Fist is untouchable, while his Chi is responsible for giving him incredible survivability, if he doesn't focus his Chi to heal from this areas, he can die as easily as any ordinary man. And not charging his Chi makes him pretty vulnerable to bullets.

Wiz: And try as he might, he's vulnerable to having his soul stolen. That's probably his single greatest weakness, he at least has solutions to bullets and lethal elements in his body, but soul-stealing? Iron Fist is pretty stuck in such a scenario.

Boomstick: Still, considering all the crazy shit he can do, having a weakness like his soul doesn't make him any less incredible of a man. I know who my next martial arts teacher is gonna be, I just need to find a way to K'un-Lun, Jocelyn! Book me flights ASAP!

Wiz: While K'un-Lun may remain a mystery to the world at large, what people will remember about the mysterious ancient city is the champion who rose to defend the people of the world.

Boomstick: There's no denying Danny became the best Iron Fist of them all.

Iron Fist: I am the Iron Fist. I hold back the storm when nothing else can.


Wiz: Near the end of the 20th Century, the world as we knew it changed and was left in a dire state, the strong thrived, and the weak kneeled to their superiors, but amidst all this, there stood one man who dared to rise and change that.

Boomstick: And unfortunately for his enemies, he's got the power to back it up. Enter Kenshiro, like most protagonists I know, Kenshiro started as an orphan, but lucky for him, he met this cool guy named Ryuken, who took him in along with a few others.

Wiz: He was also the 63rd Denshosha, a generational grandmaster of an ancient martial art called Hokuto Shinken, while anyone can learn the basics of this martial art, only the most skilled have the chance of becoming the next grandmaster, Hokuto Shinken has existed for well over 1,800 years.

Boomstick: Wiz, I promise it's on safety. Anyway, Kenshiro sought to become the grandmaster for his generation, so he worked tirelessly until he had finally been named the next successor. But when his adoptive brother, Raoh, found out about it, he exercised how pissed he was, by murdering Ryuken.

Wiz: Now a master of Hokuto Shinken, Kenshiro can focus his energy into his strikes, using his finesse to kill opponents, usually with just a single blow to any of their pressure points, in the world of Fist of the North Star, there are seven-hundred and eight pressure points in the human body, and hitting any of them can have all kinds of effects.

Boomstick: My favourites are the ones where Kenshiro makes people blow up, but he's able to stun foes, blind them, heal them, restore memories, make people walk backward, he's got no shortage of options. And they aren't limited to humans, Kenshiro can even affect animals and vehicles, somehow...

Wiz: Things started to look bright for Kenshiro's future, he'd been named the 64th Successor, he got engaged to a woman named Yuria, and all seemed well... until nuclear war broke out, making the world look like the next Mad Max movie, Yuria was kidnapped, and Kenshiro was almost killed when he was given the Big Dipper on his chest, but miraculously, Kenshiro survived.

Boomstick: Like any badass, Kenshiro's desire became revenge, and so he set out into the wasteland, taking down anyone dumb enough to get in his way, he's got multiple techniques, including Bone Crushing Fist, Spilling Wheel Exploding Fist, and Hundred Crack Fist, but there's a lot more up Kenshiro's sleeves.

Wiz: And while these all sound pretty lethal, and would kill instantly, some of them don't happen immediately, which Kenshiro often uses to explain to his foes that they're about to die. Which in itself might be what a lot of people know Kenshiro best for. Though not all of the techniques are lethal killing blows, Kenshiro has even performed miracles with them, such as making a mute girl speak, and a blind woman see.

Boomstick: Man, that's crazy. Like, it's great he did those things, but how the heck do you do that? But there's even crazier stuff Kenshiro has done. Such as Tenryu Kokyu Ho, which Kenny says unlocks the full potential of his natural abilities. Whereas normal fighters only use 30%.

Wiz: He can harness Toki, his own natural Ki, to perform numerous techniques. While most are punching, he can create mirages himself, sense fighting auras of others and launch projectiles from a distance. But no other technique comes close to the magnum opus that is Muso Tensei. The likes of which no prior grandmaster achieved. By drawing upon his pain and loss, Kenshiro can harness that feeling to enter a state of nothingness, and even achieve intangibility.

Boomstick: He connects with the souls of his fallen allies and rivals, and use their techniques too! But even without them, Kenshiro is an absolute champion on his own. He can toss out over 50 punches in less than three seconds. He throws more punches than the fastest punchers in real life. With a single hand, Kenshiro was able to break the bones of a giant. Heck, Kenny broke a metal table, just by standing up!

Wiz: Kenshiro also punched a skyscraper in half, and then just let it fall on him, and then acted like it wasn't even there. Concrete on just one floor of an average-sized skyscraper can weigh over 1,000 tons. He can endure poison five times stronger than the typical lethal dosage. And he can certainly lift his weight, and then some, such as when he lifted a man weighing 661 lbs.

Boomstick: Hell, this guy has stood in actual lava, the stuff that you know, burns through us like butter. What a boss! He even touched lava with his bare hands! He carried a 200-ton boulder several miles no problem and is fast enough to hit bullets out of midair. Oh! And how about the time Kenshiro just shrugged off an electric gate and got through no problem.

Wiz: Kenshiro being an accomplished fighter has claimed a countless number of victories, though he's defeated some pretty powerful people, including Nagato, Toki, Kaioh, and the adoptive brother who killed Ryuken, Raoh. He easily resisted a mind control attack from Geira, and when Kenshiro came face to face with a tank, it shot first, which didn't faze him. Then Kenshiro hit it so hard, it blew up.

Boomstick: He's also beaten this guy named Jagi, who survived a nuclear explosion that could be seen from orbit, but taking the Earth's curve, the destructive yield Jagi survived would be around 1.34 teratons of TNT, and Kenny has battled this guy time and time again, without even having to power up. So it's pretty likely Kenshiro is just as durable! Goddamn, it seems this guy just wins at everything, is there anything that can even get around this guy?!

Wiz: Well, Kenshiro's use of Muso Tensei, while making him intangible, still makes him vulnerable to anyone who can strike non-physical beings, but since no one else has ever managed to achieve Muso Tensei, or even know how to combat it, Kenshiro has never faced this problem.

Boomstick: Granted, Kenshiro hasn't always been invincible, he did get that Big Dipper in his chest after all, and that nearly killed him, it's probably one of the few times where Kenshiro was at his most vulnerable, given that he's still completely human.

Wiz: Though Kenshiro is certainly a cut above the rest when considering he became such a distinguished and legendary grandmaster of Hokuto Shinken, perhaps the greatest of them all in its 1,800 years.

Boomstick: All the good deeds and his desire to change the world eventually gave him a reputation as the "Savior of the Century's End", man, that's a cool damn title.

Wiz: It's safe to say Kenshiro changed the world for the better, one step at a time.

Kenshiro: Omae wa mou shindeiru. (You're already dead.)


Any place can be a haven, so long as you are the one calling the shots, and all around the world, places of any kind can be where one might decide on the place they wish to call their own. For one martial artist, in particular, they fancied staying inside a traditional Japanese dojo, the floors were a smooth cream colour, separated by thin planks that ran across the floor. Surrounding the entire room were sliding doors, they matched the walls perfectly.

Segmented by white walls with wood carved into perfectly straight lines that overlapped horizontally and vertically, making evenly divided squares. Further inside the interior, pillars of wood held up a second level, which was only accessible by a set of stairs on both sides of the room. On the wall which acts opposite the entrance, it appeared to be a sort of shrine, or in the very least, a place of great respect. On a piece of white paper, a talented writer wrote a certain Japanese character, using skill in calligraphy, with black ink. The character read "拳", it was positioned to the side of this shrine looking area and appeared to be associated with it.

The environment was peaceful, and it seemed mostly isolated from the rest of the world, there was no ambient noise, and it was mostly dead silent, However, while the Dojo was on its own, it was still home, a place for one's solitude, or training, sometimes both. The upkeep of this Dojo was pristine, absolutely maintained as a place of respect. Of this, there was no doubt. As the morning rose into the afternoon, the Dojo remained vacant for some time, until said afternoon, when someone made their way to the Dojo and opened the sliding doors.

A man with blonde hair entered the Dojo, and approached the shrine, and sat on the ground, he closed his eyes and entered a state of enlightened meditation. For a considerable time, the man remained at that spot, continuing to meditate, focusing all his energy into this simple, but honourable practice. The man opened his eyes and laid out before his eyes were a folded up pile of clothing, it was primarily green and yellow.

Rising to his feet, the man approached the clothing, and reached for the piece atop, it was a face mask of sorts, it also had the qualities of a headband, as twin pieces of cloth ran down the side, the man held the face mask in his hands, and whispered something to them, as though he was channelling power into it. "For the good of K'un-Lun", with that, the man took the face mask and placed it on his head.

It covered his eyes, but left his mouth uncovered, due to the nature of this mask, it did not bother him in the slightest. as he tied a knot at the back of the face mask, he firmly tightened it, securing its place on his face. Once again looking down at the clothing, what remained was a primarily green outfit that had yellow details around it. After a few minutes, the man had undergone a complete wardrobe change, while he may have looked like a profitable businessman, that look was gone.

Instead, this man, Daniel Rand, had now taken on the visage of the Immortal Iron Fist. Now returned to his revered identity, Iron Fist chose to exercise this by engaging in a simple practice of his fighting skill, Iron Fist unleashed several punches, integrating several kicks along the way, before briefly tapping into his Chi and with one motion from his clenched fist, he momentarily exerted a golden blast which surrounded his fist with incredible energy.

Watching his fist intently, Iron Fist almost raised a smile, knowing his martial arts skill was still as natural to him as breathing, Iron Fist quieted his Chi, seeing the flame die down. Now back to normal, he gazed upon his fist, seeing that the power he had used for so long was still as powerful, and mystic as ever. With his strength and power once again realized, Iron Fist was more than content.

He once again sat down, and entered a state of meditation, with his eyes closed, he focused his senses on the things around him, he could feel the size of the room around him, not a single thing seemed out of place, all appeared completely at peace, and Iron Fist attuned with it. But as he continued to focus, he could suddenly hear the sound of something motorized, as he maintained his focus, he could detect it more clearly, it was an engine in the distance, and promptly realized it was approaching this general area.

Whatever was going on, he certainly didn't expect the company, he opened his eyes, and rose to his feet, bowing to the shrine in front of him, afterwards, he turned, and headed for the entrance of the Dojo, where he opened the sliding doors and noticed a bulky vehicle, that looked optimized to handle environments much worse than this one. As Iron Fist stepped forward to see better, he sees the driver clearly, a man a couple of years his junior.

The driver, who had taken notice of Iron Fist, stopped his vehicle close to the Defender. A large dust cloud is kicked up as a result, but Iron Fist was close enough not to be affected. The man leaps from his car and lands in front of the Iron Fist. "I see you've found me, stranger." Iron Fist greeted. "As I understand it, you're a skilled martial artist" the man responded. Iron Fist, seeing the intent behind his new arrival's words, knew he was not fuelled by malicious motives. "I am the Iron Fist." The man took that information, and returned the favour, "Kenshiro".

Entering into a fighting stance of sorts, Iron Fist figured a sparring match would be suitable, "If you're looking for a match, I would not refuse." As he readied himself, Kenshiro presented an offer, "Pick the place, I will accept a challenge anywhere". Iron Fist promptly took the fight back into the Dojo. The two men looked at each other, as they readied themselves.

Making a running start, Iron Fist leapt into the air and on his descent, readied his leg, Kenshiro, noticing his foe's speed, kicked himself off the ground, and their two feet collided.

Master of the fists

(Cue Counterattack - Shadow of the Colossus)

The two briefly attempted to overpower the other's kick, but neither could successfully execute their technique. Both touched down on the ground, and Kenshiro made the next move, rushing forward and clenching his fist, ready to land a strong blow right from the start, Iron Fist saw the attack coming, and swiftly evaded to the left, even leaning his head to the side to avoid the fist. Kenshiro promptly realized his attack did not connect, and Iron Fist returned the favour by delivering a punch of his own.

A punch that sent Kenshiro back several meters, Kenshiro braced himself for any impact, but fortunately, didn't crash into any nearby walls. Iron Fist waited for Kenshiro to recover. Dusting himself off, Kenshiro leapt into the air, and kicked his leg out, ready to land a heavy blow on Iron Fist, but Iron Fist weaved out of the way, and used Kenshiro's descending momentum against him, landing a direct punch on Kenshiro's face.

Almost immediately, Kenshiro hit the ground, astonished by Iron Fist's potency. Iron Fist, gently bobbing up and down in his fighting stance, awaits Kenshiro's stability to return before continuing their showdown, Kenshiro channels his Toki, as his body is surrounded by the Ki, Iron Fist recognizes this as a Chi akin to his own, and Kenshiro promptly exerts his Toki into an energy projectile, headed straight for Iron Fist.

Able to see the attack incoming, and with plenty of time to execute an efficient counter, Iron Fist took control of the incoming energy, and absorbed it into his being, completely redirecting from it's intended course. For a brief moment, Iron Fist's aura seemed to emit the same colour as Kenshiro's, but soon his aura returned to its regular appearance. Kenshiro had believed using his Toki would've been able to strike Iron Fist's pressure points from a safe distance, but he had not expected the energy could be absorbed.

Witnessing this first hand, Kenshiro had become both unexpectedly surprised but remained stoic in the face of such an adversary, it simply proved to him that he was not dealing with a basic martial artist or even an above-average intermediate applicant. But before Kenshiro could react, Iron Fist swiftly raced toward him, he unleashed a shout as both of his palms were enveloped within the golden Chi he'd become famous for.

"Fist of Fury!" Iron Fist delivered an express package of rapid-fire punches, twenty successful strikes in less than two seconds, all of them striking Kenshiro on the face or torso. With the twentieth and final punch, Iron Fist launched Kenshiro back several feet, and this time he hit the wall behind him. Kenshiro recovered without trouble, he didn't look damaged in any sense, but he took all of those hits, and he knew it. As Iron Fist quieted the Chi in his hands, he kept himself in a bobbing stance, awaiting his foe so the fight could resume.

Although he knew his foe had options to deal with his techniques, Kenshiro was undeterred, and charged ahead, meeting Iron Fist in the middle, where he threw out several punches in quick succession before Iron Fist gets the upper hand and knocks Kenshiro back with a powerful blow. Iron Fist then moves to follow up, but Kenshiro begins to harness his Toki once again, and the fight halts for a moment as Iron Fist once again prepares to absorb incoming energy.

The Toki flowed through Kenshiro, as he once again exerted energy from his body, which he applied for the use of striking Iron Fist's pressure points from a safe distance, but with little to no problem Iron Fist evaded the projectiles, and with a wave of his hands, they once again glowed with Chi, this time, it was red. Kenshiro, knowing his opponent's speed was remarkable, put himself onto the defence, as Iron Fist flung out punch after punch, but they mostly stuck Kenshiro's forearms. With an opening about to come his way, Kenshiro prepared to strike.

With the barrage of punches over, Kenshiro attempted to perform one of his many techniques, the Hundred Crack Fist, but before any of these blows could be unleashed, Iron Fist caught Kenshiro's arm before any contact could be made. Manipulating his foe's body, Iron Fist flung Kenshiro off his intended course and staggered him. Iron Fist quickly followed up, as the Chi surrounded him. He leapt forward, extending his leg outward, his limb became ignited with the dragon's Chi. and Iron Fit soared across the room, kicking Kenshiro directly on his cheek.

Careening to the ground, Kenshiro raised his hand over his face, inspecting his body, fortunately, the temperature of the attack was not comparable to that of lava, but it had been a successful blow against him. Iron Fist smoothly landed on the ground, ever so graceful in his technique, but despite that, Kenshiro recovered without fail, and at this point, it seemed like Kenshiro could just take all the hits with zero issue. "Come on. Let's see what you got." as a friendly gesture, but also a genuine request to see more of this fighter's remarkable power.

Stonewalling everything to the best of his ability, Kenshiro entered a focused stance, once again calling upon the power of Toki. While in this focused state, Iron Fist decided to tap into another power of his. As he held his clenched fist up, Chi enveloped the fist, but instead of the usual colour, this time the Chi glowed green. This was the mark of the Hypnotic Fist technique. The glow of his fist emanated light around the room, and although Kenshiro's eyes were closed, he could certainly detect the presence of the Chi nearby.

With the technique prepared, Iron Fist surged forward, and the flames trailed behind the course of his fist. As his foe approached, Kenshiro weaved his head to the side, although it was a narrow miss, Kenshiro still felt the burning heat of the fist pass him by. He also noticed the suggestion of mental influence trying to take over him, but with his great power in Hokuto Shinken, Kenshiro staved off the mental takeover. At that moment, Iron Fist made himself vulnerable. Kenshiro promptly delivered a solid kick to the torso, knocking Iron Fist back a few meters.

Although, this raised a smile on Iron Fist's face, and it gave him what he wanted, the chance to see more of this fighter's potential. "I'm ready for more." Still, it had taken Iron Fist by surprise that the Hypnotic Fist did not work on his foe. But the Iron Fist knew he was not restricted to select few techniques, many were at his disposal, all within a moment's notice. But now Iron Fist had to return his focus to Kenshiro, who was once again approaching. He tossed out a punch, coming right for Iron Fist, but a simple weave to the side, Iron Fist evaded once again.

But Kenshiro continued to apply a strong offence and unleashed a sweeping kick. Reacting to the incoming kick, Iron Fist leapt off the ground, tucking his legs up as much as he could, but that was exactly when Kenshiro had hoped for, and Kenshiro aimed a punch directly at Iron Fist, but it was just narrowly blocked by Iron Fist's forearms, still, it was enough to send Iron Fist a couple of meters. Though it wasn't enough to catch Iron Fist off-balance, as he touched down with precise body movements. Still determined to keep up the encounter, Iron Fist started bobbing in his stance once again.

"I can tell there's more to your power, your training isn't some fundamental basic, it's something more." Recollecting his thoughts into words, Iron Fist knew there was more to the fight, but he couldn't figure out why he had not yet seen the rest. Despite that, Iron Fist persisted. At the same time as each other, Iron Fist and Kenshiro began tapping into their Chi and Toki respectively. Iron Fist glowing a golden yellow, and Kenshiro, a calming light blue. The two exchanged glances at each other, recognizing the other's potency, and their real power.

As both powered up for a few seconds, Kenshiro made the first move, and this time opts to fire a wave of Toki, spreading the wave out far enough horizontally so Iron Fist can’t weave to the side this time. Reacting to the attack in enough time, Iron Fist quickly performed a brief set of gestures before a giant Chi Dragon emerged from Iron Fist's body. Kenshiro took notice of the giant draconic manifestation that now appeared before him! "Power of the Dragon!" On Iron Fist's very shout, the Dragon formed from his Chi charges ahead and perfectly cuts through the middle of Kenshiro's Toki wave.

Without fail, the Chi Dragon surges on ahead parting the way and keeping Iron Fist out of its way, before finally, it approaches Kenshiro, and aims for a direct collision, unable to stop it, Kenshiro cannot avoid the Chi Dragon crashing into him Causing a significant blast. The Toki wave collides with the walls behind Iron Fist and Kenshiro, and certainly appear to have done a solid number on them, as they now appeared significantly damaged, some charring, but the structural integrity of the room was intact. Iron Fist momentarily inspected his surroundings to confirm this information for himself.

Returning his attention to where he last saw Kenshiro, Iron Fist waited for the smoke and dust to settle so he could see things. Suddenly, all the dust was pushed away from a single point, it was Kenshiro, and he looked grazed, but uninjured. He looked over his body, and noticed only the slight burns on his skin, Iron Fist maintained his fighting stance. But at that moment, Kenshiro looked deeper into Hokuto Shiken, and from its library of techniques, he activated Tenryū Kokyū Hō. Having now unlocked 100% of his body's strength, Kenshiro was now prepared to battle with the full extent of his unsealed power.

(Cue Super Saiyan Goku (Spirit Bomb Absorbed) - Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle)

Sensing his opponent's power rising, Iron Fist took a deep breath, as he closed his eyes and focused himself. Through his discipline, he also began to increase his power, his Chi surging across his entire body, with practised ease, Iron Fist's body began glowing with a golden hue. With the power of the Dragon at his side, Iron Fist readied himself. Kenshiro, now with his power unrestrained, charged forward at Iron Fist, prepared to hit even harder than he had before. But as he was outputting his attack, he suddenly felt a punch strike him head-on.

With unprecedented speed, Iron Fist blitzed his way right up to Kenshiro and dealt a strong Chi-infused punch before Kenshiro could remotely react. Regaining his composure promptly, Kenshiro made yet another attack, but this time he was struck in the back and felt that it was the same kind of attack as before, Iron Fist was behind him, and was employing far more direct strikes and using his greater speeds to overwhelm his foe.

Expecting his foe to make another close-quarters attack, Kenshiro, in desperation, unleashed waves of Toki around him, before Iron Fist could make another strike, he saw the Toki coming, and knew he could work around it, and using his athleticism, jumped into the air, avoiding the waves of energy. At the earliest opportunity, Iron Fist touched down on the ground. Kenshiro, seeing his foe coming down to the ground, rushes there to meet his foe.

Though not for a lack of trying, Iron Fist was able to sufficiently keep an eye on his foe, rendering his incoming assault practically meaningless. A swift roundhouse kick and Kenshiro's momentum halted. Stepping back just a few meters, Kenshiro continued to see just how agile an opponent Iron Fist was. "I won't lie. You've put up a decent fight.", always the humble combatant, Iron Fist had enjoyed this showdown, but decided it had gone on for long enough. And immediately began charging Chi into his fist, seeing Kenshiro stand there, Iron Fist swiftly approached and prepared to deliver a strong blow.

But suddenly, Kenshiro was no longer standing in the rage of Iron Fist's strike, in a stunning turn of events, Kenshiro had now somehow duplicated himself into several Kenshiro. Iron Fist looked around him, and rapid-fire counted how many duplicates of Kenshiro he had detected, "Eight." With that information, Iron Fist called upon his senses once again, to determine which among them was the true Kenshiro, believing he was seeing illusions. As he continued to survey his surroundings, there was no tangible trace to be found.

None of these duplicates appeared at all like an illusion. Iron Fist quickly confirmed his suspicion by noticing each of these duplicates had their energy about them. Just mere moments after this realization, All eight Kenshiro leapt into the action, all taking positions that surrounded Iron Fist's every possible corner, two in front of him, two behind him, and two on the left and right respectively. Although Iron Fist could not determine which Kenshiro was the real one, this did not compromise any of his advantages.

While not exactly simultaneous, Kenshiro and his mirages all started making their assaults toward the cornered Iron Fist. One mirage took the first step and approached Iron Fist, with an outreached fist, the mirage attempted to strike, but Iron Fist easily fended off the mirage, using a block and then delivering a swift kick, knocking the mirage back several meters. Soon, a pair of mirages joined in, and both looking to overwhelm Iron Fist from two opposite angles. Hearing the sound of two pairs of feet jumping off the ground, Iron Fist readied himself.

The Kenshiro to Iron Fist's front performs a thrusting jab, looking to strike the chest. In an evasive manner, Iron Fist tilts his body to the side, evading the jab, knowing that he has another Kenshiro approaching from behind him, Iron Fist delivers a swift punch to the Kenshiro in front of him and a chi-infused punch with his opposite hand. As the Kenshiro behind him attempts to attack, Iron Fist, being able to detect his location in proximity to himself.

In a moment of quick thinking, Iron Fist envelops his arm with Chi, and thrusts his elbow backward, striking that Kenshiro in the chest, and immediately follows up with a roundhouse kick that knocks that Kenshiro down to the side. As he reenters a composed stance, Iron Fist recalls he is still being challenged by several other mirages. This time, however, all the remaining mirages rush in and attempt to overwhelm Iron Fist through sheer numbers alone. Sensing them all closing in on him, and although he cannot deduce the true Kenshiro, Iron Fist persisted, knowing he would eventually unearth this mysterious technique in play.

With one mirage on his left, Iron Fist ignited his foot with Chi, and delivered a vertical kick, his foot directly connecting with the mirage's chin. Yet another mirage attempted to strike at him from behind, but Iron Fist tapped into his speeds, dropping to his knees and rolling along the ground before pushing himself off the ground and delivering an ascending dropkick that put that mirage in his place.

About three mirages were still standing. And Iron Fist had to deal with them, as he knew the true Kenshiro was among them. Once again, a pair of mirages leapt at Iron Fist, and they both carried out the same techniques, almost as if they were mirror images of each other. Down to the microsecond, Iron Fist could recognize their moves were behaving very similarly. Iron Fist reached in between them, grabbing them both by the arms and tossing them both to the side. But suddenly from out of nowhere, another Kenshiro rushes and makes a thrusting jab motion.

Iron Fist physically leans himself back, successfully avoiding all contact, and turns his lean into a kick with his leg. Knocking that Kenshiro back. But then suddenly, Iron Fist receives a strong punch to the face from one of the Kenshiro he fought earlier. In an act of immediate retaliation, Iron Fist amplifies his fist with Chi and punches that Kenshiro with tremendous force. With all of the mirages given a good strike or two, Iron Fist stood up, and once again readied himself for whatever kind of attacks were coming.

All of them, at the same time, leap into the air, they begin to wave their arms in a round motion. All of them were performing another potent technique, "Tenha Kassatsu!" Kenshiro shouted! With those words, all eight of them fired beams of Toki from their fingers, and Iron Fist saw all of them coming his way. Desperate, Iron Fist jumped into the air, successfully evading every single one of them. On his way back down, Iron Fist notices all the Kenshiros landing on the ground. As he touches down, all eight of them are rushing toward him.

Thinking of something quickly, Iron Fist readied his Chi, "Spirit of the Dragon!" At his hand command, Iron Fist is consumed by a pink pillar of chi with an energy dragon revolving it. It spreads far and high, catching all of the Kenshiro off guard, as they all were too close to either absorb or evade the mighty technique. Now in ruins, the Dojo looked completely different, beaten and bruised. As the flames of the Chi began to die down, Iron Fist appeared where the pink pillar once raised some hell.

He inspected his surroundings and found only one Kenshiro, who was staggered, almost kneeling on the ground, with one hand over his arm. Iron Fist saw his vulnerable foe, charged his fist with Chi, preparing to form The Iron Fist, and finish him off once and for all. The surging energy left a trail behind Iron Fist as he and his fist swiftly approached Kenshiro. Prepared for the action he knew he was about to commit, Iron Fist lashed his fist out, to his surprise, his fist did not cause a giant eruption. He looked and saw Kenshiro there, but he suddenly faded.

Iron Fist was almost paralyzed with shock, but now he could sense something he hadn't expected... Intangibility. Iron Fist quickly saw where Kenshiro had moved to and rushed up to him, attempting another strike, only for Muso Tensei to make Kenshiro disappear again. Iron Fist stopped, and once again sensed Kenshiro.

"Omae wa mou shindeiru" Kenshiro's words sent an unexpected chill through Iron Fist's spine, but before he could make another action, his body begins convulsing, and Iron Fist goes into an immediate state of panic, "What?!" Iron Fist's body continues to convulse in gruesome fashion, before finally exploding, leaving only a bloody mess in his wake.

With the room bloodied and broken, Kenshiro returned to his vehicle, started up the engine and departed. Seated in his vehicle, Kenshiro starts reading a map, pointing toward a desert location.



(Cue Defender - Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage)

Boomstick: Holy shit, that was awesome!

Wiz: Truly a martial arts spectacle, with their decades of experience, both had plenty of skills to combat their opponent, but Iron Fist held a notable advantage in speed and experience. Which made many of Kenshiro's more lethal techniques difficult, since he needed to ensure he didn't get overwhelmed too quickly.

Boomstick: But once Kenshiro found his groove, his strength and durability were enough that he could secure a victory, but let's talk numbers. Iron Fist's ultimate technique, by his own account, is comparable to a hydrogen bomb, and the most powerful hydrogen bomb ever detonated was the Tsar Bomba, 50 megatons.

Wiz: But this isn't enough to match Kenshiro when his level of toughness scaled to Jagi surviving 1.34 teratons in a nuclear explosion. And while Iron Fist had a couple of options when it came to mind manipulation, Kenshiro has proven he can resist them, such as when he resisted Geira's mind control attack.

Boomstick: Both could absorb energy no problem, so neither of them could land a killing blow by simply using their most powerful energy attacks, what it really came down to was their martial skill, and this is where Hokuto Shinken was able to deliver when it mattered most.

Wiz: In fact, many of the Hokuto Shinken techniques, once Kenshiro was able to use them, left Iron Fist on the defensive, Kenshiro's mirage clones aren't illusions, so Iron Fist couldn't discern the real Kenshiro amidst the mirage clones, and Muso Tensei also proved difficult for Iron Fist, don't get me wrong, he can sense when someone in intangible, but he isn't optimized to combat intangible foes.

Boomstick: People have used intangibility against Iron Fist in the past, such as when War Machine's Ghost Chameleon Mode left Iron Fist unable to harm Rhodey until he deactivated it. And Muso Tensei was able to give Kenshiro the opportunity he needed to land a hit on one of Iron Fist's pressure points, ending him for good.

Wiz: Iron Fist was a truly outstanding opponent, but Kenshiro's superior strength, durability, and powers turned the battle in his favour.

Boomstick: When he put his best foot forward, Kenshiro a"chi"eved victory!

Wiz: The winner is Kenshiro.

Original Track[]

An Original Track for this fight would be titled "Undying Fists".

The title refers to the combatants' attacks that use their fists, as well as them being practitioners of martial arts that have endured for a long time.


  • Prior to Kenshiro, Iron Fist was originally going to battle Jago from Killer Instinct. This idea would later be realized in Jago vs Iron Fist.