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Invincible VS Steven
Invincible VS Steven Universe.png
Season 3
Season Episode 7
Air date 7-26-2021
Written by Cider621
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Warning: Spoilers for Invincible

Super-powered young men who developed their powers in their teens and have and interesting lineage on one side of their family while the other is a nice one

They were both secretly royalty as well

And it took time for their powers to appear


Wiz: Children, are often seen as the new begining as the new generation becomes the main one

Boomstick: And these two "children" are definetly trend setters, and empire topplers

These two also had horrible parents and good parents

Like Invincible, the half Viltrumite

And Steven Universe, the half Gem

He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle.


Mark Grayson was a relatively normal 17 year old

Except that his Dad was the worlds strongest superhero

Omni-Man had told his son that he should be developing his powers soon

But after 17 years they had given up hope

Until one-day at work he accidentally threw a trash bag he had once struggled to lift from Chicago to London in about 30 minutes

Almost hitting some guard and his step-son we never saw again

Given that the largest of trash bags can hold up to 40 pounds in order to do this he must've thrown it with 14,386.7 pounds of force

Not bad for the first time he's used his powers

First time indeed cause he has grown far above that

Mark became a hero

Naming himself-

Invincible Title Screen.jpg

Hehe, this kid learned that heroing isn't the easiest of jobs

Like when it turned out his Dad was from an empire looking to conquer Earth

Definitely not a good day, but hey, better than my dad


He grows alot over the series, he went from a poultry Mach 671 to around the speeds of his dad

Omni-Man once flew to another planet with life in about 2 weeks, measuring the distance we can deduce that they can travel at least 221 times the speed of light

He used to only be able to lift 400 tons, now he can lift like 1,000,000,000,000 (1 trillion) tons

Similar to how strong his striking strength has gotten, he once threw a Golem to the moon, the strength needed to do this ranges from as low as 17.1 to as high as 155.8 gigatons of TNT so like in Rescue Team Pikachu VS Captain Toad we'll find the exact middle for this, pitting his early series striking strength 86.4 gigatons of TNT, that's enough to destroy an island

If you think that's impressive wait till you see his current strength

In this middle of the series, Invincible along with his Dad and another Viltrumite named Thaedus destroyed Viltrum, in order to do so, each one needed to hit with a force of 14.1 petatons of TNT

Way more than just an island now it's several continents!

It doesn't stop there, Thragg, the leader of the Viltrumites was able to overpower both Omni-Man and Invincible with one arm each

That insane strength they needed to destroy Viltrum? Yeah Thragg doesn't give a shit

And after a power boost Invincible was able to fight on par and even beat Thragg, who; once again can tank a force of 14.1 petatons of TNT in each arm, at once

On the surface of the sun! Being hit by solar flares!

That's nothing, the largest recorded Solar Flares are only worth around 2 petatons

Oh really?

And since Thragg was able to tank a force of 28.2 petatons of TNT with just his arms, it's reasonable to assume Invincible can hit harder than that as well as take hit that hard

He also has incredible stamina

He can hold his breathe for 2 weeks, and keep fighting with broken bones

His battle with Thragg wasn't short either, all we know is that it was less than two weeks

He can survive through absolute zero and well extreme heat...battling on the sun and inside solar flares, which can reach 20,000,000 Kelvin




Though he can't survive forever in those temperatures

And like our friend Hulk, Invincible can clap and create shockwaves

And through it all, Mark's Humanity proved to be stronger than his... Viltrumitity?

Ugh, sappy shit

Humans mellowed the Viltrumites, as they realized the joys of Earth

But his Viltrumite half is still cooler

...Yeah it is

I don’t give a damn about Viltrum, or anything you’re telling me! I don’t care if I live a million years. This is my home and I will not let you destroy it!

Steven Universe

Far away from Earth lies the Gem Homeworld where the Diamond Authority

Ruled by 4 diamonds!

The Angerable Yellow Diamond

The Emotional Blue Diamond

The Controlling White Diamond

And the playful Pink Diamond

For many years they ruled and conquered planets, until one planet, they gave Pink Diamond a colony, Earth

Where Pink Diamond hid as Rose Quartz and started a rebellion

Skipping certain writing implications doing this entailed she ended up causing her sisters to fire a corrupting light at Earth, which her shield was able to block

Since this is the same shield later used this is a good time to test it!

The blast not only blocked out the Sun, which takes 35.73 octillion lumens (As determined in Sonic VS Rainbow Dash), it covered the Earth and corrupted all gem-based life on Earth, and given that Rose, Pearl and, Garnet embraced for an impact shows that this wasn't a mere light show the shield blocked a whole 14.3 teratons of TNT worth of force

It hit all of Earth!

Since then, Rose Quartz lived her life until she met a man named Greg Universe

What a bad ass last name

Then they had a child named Steven Universe

Much like the guy we talked about earlier Steven also grew stronger over the series, he started with only being able to deliver a tiny 15 Kilojoules worth of attacking strenght

Which skyrocketed to being able to kill Jasper who is able to tank a force worth 4.3 Gigatons without so much as a scratch

And doesn't his durability directly scale to his attack power?

That's right Boomstick

And he can beat Spinel who is faster than each Crystal Gem

Including Pearl, who can react to speed up to 1/3rd the speed of light

Hell! Garnet is a Crystal Gem and she's faster than Pearl! So Steven can definitely react more than just 1/3rd the speed of light!

And that's his movement speed too, he was able to move faster than Garnet could react


Much better than his to his original top speed of 210.2 mph

At first he was only able to lift 3.2 tons

And now he can lift up to 275,831 tons even while severely weakened

And all these aren't even as strong as his Pink State

In his Pink State he's stronger

This uses more of his raw Diamond strength

Since this form is directly comparable to his pure gem, which once easily overpowered White Diamond, which albeit; she was underestimating him

The same White Diamond which contributed to that light blast and easily overpowered Blue and Yellow

This would imply White Diamond contributed to most of the lights blast making her capable of attacking with 7.1 teratons of TNT

Which unshielded Steven, can simply ignore and overpower

And his durability still scales directly to his attack potency, meaning Pink State Steven is 1,651.1 times stronger than his base form

As well as his bubbles and weird hexagon things being able to take way more punishment than his body

And he can attack by screaming loudly,

While he could control his jump height before, in Pink State he can fly freely

And unorthodox power is...bringing plants to life that fight for him, particular watermelon Stevens



Not that weird

And if he gets to overwhelmed he'll grow into a monster

Godzilla Steven is one tough guy, not only can he overpower every diamond, he can also overpower a giant Garnet, Spinel, Lapis and, the cluster

This means Monster Steven is capable of withstanding up to an astonishing 32.6 exatons of TNT

Yep, this is another case of Alien side being better than Human side

I will fight to be everything that everybody wants me to be


Alright, with the combatants all set and the data run through all possibilities, let's end this debate once and for all

It's time for a Death battle!

Combatants Invincible vs Steven.png


Invincible: Walking on the beach, before jumping back from a shield throw Woah!

Steven: Came over and picks the shield back up Sor-

Invincible: Immediately ran over to punch him assuming it was intentional Missed me!

Steven: Was taken aback by how strong he is Oh! We don’t have to fight!

Invincible: Heh, realized I was too much already?

Steven: Believe me, I don’t wanna hurt you

Invincible: Try me



Invincible jumps back as Steven’s shield attack lands in the sand

Steven: Huh?

Invincible: Knees him in the face, knocking him upward then spikes his head down into the sand

Steven: Pulls his head out of the sand and stumbles back some and throws his shield

Invincible: Hits it away

Steven: Ran up with bubble boxing gloves and delivers a right hook while he was distracted then punches his gut, grabs him and throws him over the water

Invincible: Stabilizes himself in air and shakes his head

Steven: You can fly?!

Invincible: Yeah, I can fly Flies around in a loop to build speed and rockets at him

Steven: Shields up

They clash as Steven’s shield holds while Invincible is pushing him back

Invincible: Stops pushing and starts punching the shield

The clashing of the punches against it causes shockwaves around the area, the sand is blown away as the nearby windows in the city shatter

Steven: Shield bashes him in between a punch and hits him in the side of the head with the shield

Invincible: Knocked to the side

Steven: Throws his shield at his chest

Invincible: Gasps in shock as the wind is knocked out of him

Steven: Front flips to him and stomps on him

Invincible: Quickly regains himself and grabs his leg throwing him off

Steven: Lands in the city slowing his descent down

Invincible: Followed him and punches him in the gut

Steven: Guh! Grabs him and bubbles him

Invincible: What? What is this?

Steven: There, I think I solved this

Invincible: Creates a shockwave, which travels through the bubble

Steven: Ah! Drops the bubble

Invincible: Flies into him and punches him backwards rapidly before kicking him off

Steven: Launched away breaking the corner of a building as he’s hit straight through it

Invincible: Standing still before instantly flying after him, punching him through the air

A birds eye view of the battle is shown, as Invincible hits Steven different directions as he flies over before to hit him a different way

Invincible: Catches his face and throws him directly downward

Steven: Crashes into the ground causing a dust explosion and a crater forms as rubble falls around

Invincible: Flying downward

Steven: Sees Invincible about to crash down If you think you’re too much for me...try THIS! A shockwave emits as the mere power of Pink State appearing caused it

Invincible: Stops What?

Steven: Flies up to meet him and punches him upward forms a wall of spikes to be sent at him

Invincible: Woah! Braces for impact as they hit him further up

Steven: Flies over to him and starts punching him around much like what happened earlier

Invincible: Catches a punch Now we’re talkin’! Punches him off and flies at him

A pink and a yellow streak start racing around and clashing, the yellow twirls around the pink and crashes into it sending them doward as the yellow quickly crashes into the pink again but this time the yellow one is sent upward, they start chasing each other once again, each clash causing a shockwave

Invincible and Steven suddenly stop in a different more skyscraper heavy city as the wind catches up to them blowing their hair and shattering windows

Steven: Grins wide and crates a giant spike ball and launches it at him

Invincible: Finds an open spot to knock it away

Steven keeps trying to hit him with the ball as Invincible keeps trying to weave around it

Invincible: Enough! Grab the ball, by a spike and throws it doward and rushes at Steven

Steven: Turns the ball around

Invincible hits Steven away at the same time the ball hits him

Steven: Crashes into a building

Invincible: Hit upward Oh no… He flies over to remove Steven from the building

Steven: Jumps off from the building shattering the floor he was on and crashes into Invincible and slams him into the ground dragging him across the street, throwing him and creates a hexagonal piece to slam into him I’m not holding back!! He creates abunch of pieces and slams them on top of the first one, before he hears something behind him

The building he was in collapsed as people can be heard screaming around

Steven: Staring in disbelief at what he did, letting Invincible free

Invincible: Look what you did! Flies up and punches his back hard enough to knock him clear out of the city

Steven: Lands in the ground still hearing the screams of the people I- Rapidly turns into a monster

Invincible: Oh-

Steven: Punches him into the ground and roars, starting to punch him deeper into the ground before stopping

Invincible: Lifting his fist up and flies free and loops back around to hit his gut

Steven: Stumbles backwards, roaring again, grabbing him and throwing him

Invincible: Stops mid-air and rushes back

Steven: Swipes at him

Invincible: Dodges it and flies around him, grabbing his tail

Steven: Confused growl

Invincible: Lifting him up and flipping him over into the ground

Steven: Tries getting up

Invincible: Flies upward and directly into his chest

Steven: Gasps and is knocked back down

Invincible: Rockets upward and into space then rushes back down at the same speed

Steven: Roaring loudly until

A yellow streak pierces through him, everything goes into a silhouette for a moment until-

Invincible: Flies out of the hole he made, finding no Steven; but a gem, he walks over and stomps on it as it shatters under hit foot There...He flops onto his back with his outfit tattered and with bruises



No more crying and hugging for Steven

While Steven is incredibly powerful in his own right and with more abilities which made things difficult for Invincible...Invincible just...wipes the floor with him

He has an experience advantage for one!

That and he’s over 856 times more powerful than Monster Steven in terms of Durability and Attack strength

He’s also 669.6 times faster than him

To give Steven credit, his ability to used ranged attacks greatly helped him, as Invincible needed to be up close to hit him meant it was good to hit him while not getting hit himself

But when Invincible is faster than Steven can react as well as having higher durability than Steven’s attacking strength it’s not like it was a surefire way to keep him away

Anyway you could put it, Invincible’s greater speed, power and, durability were too much for Steven to handle

Looks like he showed the Universe he was really Invincible!

The Winner is-

Invincible is the Winner.png

Battle Track

Broken Boys.png

The battle track is called "Broken Boys"

In reference to a song that played in Invincible and in reference that these characters were "broken" mentally (and physically) before

Next Time

Next time on Deathbattle!

6 pairs of robotic eyes light up

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