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''Old Vs New, Movies Vs Video Games These two adventurers are some of the most famous out there but its time to prove once and for all which one could snag the others life like a treasure in a fight

Indiana Jones Versus Nathan Drake!''


Wiz: Indiana Jones Treasure Hunter Nazi Fighter and Archaeologist Extraordinaire

Boomstick: Nathan Drake The Treasure Hunting Descendant Of Sir Francis Drake And Mapper Of The Uncharted

Wiz: Archaeology Treasure hunting And Adventure.

Finding lost pieces of ancient history can’t be easy you won’t be able to solve every situation you get into with just your smarts

Boomstick: And That’s where these two come in with there excellent skills with hand to hand firearms and jumping great distances there always able to triumph over there enemies and get the treasure all while being charming and charismatic

Wiz: But if these two where to throw down in a fight who would come out on top Well that’s why we’re here today

Sidebar: for this fight We’ll be using just about everything for both characters movies video-games novels comics The Uncharted Multiplayer etc but will be drawing the line at stuff like Nathan scaling to the PlayStation all stars cast

Boomstick: He’s Wiz And I’m Boomstick!

Wiz: And It’s Our Job To Analyse Their Weapons Armour And Skills To Find Out Who Would Win A Death Battle!

DEATH BATTLE! Belongs In A Museum According To Indiana Jones![]

Wiz: From the Ark of the Covenant to the Holy Grail from the Temple of Doom to the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull ancient artefacts and locales have fascinated adventurers the world over whether their interests lie in scholarly pursuits or more… economic purposes

Boomstick: But No One Is More Accomplished And Notable Than The Fedora Wearing Whip Cracking Action Hero And Archaeologist….Indiana Jones


Real Name: Doctor Henry Walton Jones

Age: 58

Height: 6’1

Professional Archaeologist, Adventurer College Professor Colonel Spy

Hates Snakes

Named After The Dog

His Lego Game Is Amazing

Wiz: But Let’s Go Back A Few Years Doctor Henry Walton Jones Junior Was Born in the Late 19th century Indie Was A Genius From Childhood He underwent instruction from the best tutor around, frequently rubbed elbows with some of the most famous people in history, and was going on adventures when he was just 8 years old

Boomstick: But The One That Impacted Him The Most Was When He Met A Man Simply Known As Fedora Who Was The Leader Of A Group Of Hired Treasure Hunters Who Where Trying To Retrieve The Cross Of Coronado At A Canyon Site That Indie Who Was A Boy Scout At This Point Was Watching And Told One Of His Colleagues To Report The Situation To The Sheriff When Fedora’s Back Was Turned Indie Stole The Artefact And Ran Off With It In The Hopes Of Bringing It To A Museum

Wiz: The thieves pursued Indie who rode away on a horse and later ended up on a circus train where he had to fend off against snakes and even a tiger with a bull whip and this was all when he was 13?!

Boomstick: Hey I’ve done way crazier when I was younger than that

Wiz: Boomstick that’s because you’ve been drinking since you were 4!

Boomstick: Yeah Your Right I Was Just A Late Bloomer anyways he ran back home with it and tried to get his fathers attention to no success at all reminds me of me and my d-

Wiz: The Sheriff Would Then Show Up As Indie Gave Him The Cross Fedora and his crew also turned up and the Sheriff claimed that they were the rightful owners of the Cross as the crew of thieves went to leave with the treasure Fedora impressed by Indies wit and determination took off his hat and told him he may have lost today but it doesn’t mean he has to like it and gave indie his iconic hat and as soon as that Hat touched his head he became the iconic treasure hunter everyone knows and loves today first racing a gainst a band of nazi’s to a unique religious relic which is central to their plans for world domination which the nazi’s beat indie to but ends with them getting there faces melted off sheesh

Boomstick: His Next Adventure He finds himself in India where a bunch of villagers reach out to him to track down an ancient stone that has been stolen by an evil priest Mola Ram him and his companion Willie Scott Find The Stone Face Off Against Mola By Cutting A Bridge And Chanting The Words ‘’You Betrayed Shiva’’ Causing The Stones To Glow And Burn Leading To Mola Falling Into The Water And Being Eaten By Alligators

Wiz: The Third One He sets out to rescue his father Henry Jones Sr who vanished while searching for A Holy Grail The Same Grail Jesus Drank Out Of At The Last Supper Said To Be Able To Give The Person Who Drank From It Immortality Indie Following clues in the old man's notebook Indie arrives in Venice where he enlists the help of a beautiful academic but they are not the only ones who are on the trail and some sinister old enemies soon come out of the woodwork he rescued his father and raced two people called Walter Donovan And Elsa Schneider Indie Eventually Got To a Mountain Side Temple In order to reach the cup Jones was required to overcome three challenges The first was the "Breath of God" the second the "Word of God" and the third being the "Path of God"

Boomstick: Finally the correct Grail had to be found among the altar's other cups While the Holy Grail would grant eternal life to its drinker the wrong chalice would see their life taken away both indie elsa and donovan had reached the grail

Boomstick Elsa decided on the grail that looked more befitting for a king of kings dawned with jewellery and gold Walter drank from it but turns out it was the fake grail which caused Walter to age all the way to the point where he was a decomposing skeleton turns out the more rusty looking grail was the correct one which indie used on his father to heal his gun wound but then elsa decided she wanted to take the grail with her from the temple which caused an earthquake ultimately leading to her death and the loss of the grail but indie used the experience to mend him and his fathers rocky relationship

Boomstick: And His 4th One Was His Adventure To Find The Crystal Skull And Raced Against Soviet KGB agents led by Irina Spalko Who want the skull to take over the world eventually They find a temple and enter a chamber containing 13 crystal skeletons one of which is missing its skull when Spalko shows up they put the crystal skull on the skeleton with no head and suddenly the skeletons telepathically offer to give a reward to the group using Her gift she wants is to simply know all the knowledge of the……aliens….really? Aliens?

So The Aliens Give Spalko The Knowledge She Needs Which Overwhelms Her And Kills Her A portal to their dimension is activated and all of the remaining Soviets are Sucked in while indie and his team escape the crumbling temple as a ufo rises from the ruins and flys away………am i drunk? Is any of this real



Smith & Wesson M1917

Walther PPK

Walther P38

Tommy gun



Haenel-Schmeisser MP28/II


Villar Perosa M1915

Type 69 Rocket Launcher






Bow & Arrow


Spear Guns

Blue Torch

Magic Potions

Magic Amulet

Infernal Machine Parts

Pa Cheng

Wiz: Well To Do Any Of This Indie Would Need A Good Arsenal Indie Almost Always Has His Bull Whip On Hand Which He’s very skilled with he uses it to not only attack with but swing from large gaps he couldn’t normally jump climb walls he couldn’t normally climb disarm people of there guns and weapons and the whip can even reach over 10 feet long

Boomstick: But When Indie Doesn’t Feel Like Beating You Down With His Whip He Can Always Use one of his pistols

He always carries around a Smith & Wesson M1917 Which He Has Good Aim With So Good He Once Shot Through 3 People With 1 Bullet And Can Get Rid Of Annoying Jackasses Who Bring Knives To Gunfights And Even Killed A Polar Bear In A Few Shots He Also Has Many Other Firearms Like His Many Revolvers pistols shotguns machine guns submachine guns a Tommy gun a few rifles like the Lee-Enfield And Martini-Henry His Haenel-Schmeisser MP28/II An Mp40 And Even A Rocket Launcher Good Taste Must Say

Wiz: He’s got more than just pure guns as well he’s shown carrying around a machete for cutting bridge ropes slashing vines and even slicing people if the situation calls for it he’s even a decent sword fighter with it he also has some knives grenades dynamite a bow and arrow some spears a crossbow a spear gun and even outside of weapons he still uses other stuff like binoculars gas masks flashlights torches medical kits water and this isn’t mentioning his many vehicles he’s driven such as his 1934 Duesenberg Auburn convertible his motorcycle the list goes on

Boomstick: He’s gained some even weirder weapons on his adventures like his blue torch he can fight spirits with and In his crusade to find the Emperor’s Tomb Indie picked up some magic potions that can increase his durability strength and can heal him he has a magic amulet that can make him invincible for a short period of time and he even has parts and pieces of the infernal machine  device intended to establish contact with an alternate dimension known as the Aetherium yeah this series gets pretty crazy after a while but these pieces allow indie to be able to levitate create vibrations and turn invisible all of these and the potions wear off after a while though he’s also got his Pa Cheng Also Known As The Dragon's Claw That Indie Can Use Like A Throwing Star Or A Sharp Weapon Up Close It Can Also Create A Shield This Guy's Arsenal Just Doesn’t End He’s Like The James Bond Of Treasure Hunting

Wiz: Indie Is Also skilled in many departments like When a spell was cast to create an illusion made to hide a village completely Indie could see it perfectly fine what?

Boomstick: Wiz he’s an action hero don’t question it he’s also a good fighter as well he was trained in the Mexican revolution and Fought World War I and World War II And Learned How To Fire A Gun At Just A Child Heh Reminds Me Of Myself

Wiz: Jones Has Knowledge On Tons Of History And Geography fluent in over a dozen languages such as the time he learned German in a couple of hours and acquired an encyclopaedic which allowed him to become a world-renowned archaeology professor and with his wit he can get out of almost any situation like when he was trapped in a giant room full of snakes he pushed This giant statue to break a wall and escape estimating the statues size and assuming it’s made out of sandstone it should be weighing around 20 tons meaning Indiana jones would have the strength of around 10 fully grown adult men

Boomstick: He’s Always Pushing Similar Sized things throughout his adventures he’s been able to punch a man so hard he went skidding on the ground kicked someone into some machinery so hard it broke punch people so hard it knocks down doors breaks Wooden crates with his kicks you get the point

Wiz: Indie’s also rather quick he’s able to throw away people's guns with his whip before they can fire avoided several arrows out ran a tiger dodged tank gun fire dodged actual gun fire avoided cannon balls and he even once snatched a nazi’s gun and mowed a group of them down before any of them had the chance to react

Boomstick: And Of Course His Ever So Iconic Feat Where He Out Ran A Boulder That Was Chasing Him He’s Even Dodged Actual Lightning And Beams Of Light-

Wiz: Hold On There Boomstick Well yes indie may have done these feats before the problem with them are there really inconsistent so yeah an outlier

Boomstick: Awww You're No Fun

Wiz: Just Trying To Be Reasonable And Realistic Anyways Indie Wouldn’t Be Standing Today If It Wasn’t For His Durability He Tanks Being Punched Thrown Through Walls Burned With A Torch A Vase Being Smashed Over His Head Being Thrown Into A Moving Van So Hard It Broke The Windshield He’s Fallen Off 3 Water Falls In A Row Survived An Explosion Worth 11 Tons Of Tnt That Engulfed A Whole Boat Although It Did Knock Him out Tanked getting a wooden plank smashed over his head And Even Survived a…..nuclear bomb by hiding in a….. refrigerator which is launched out of the city at high speeds fast enough to….greatly outpace a car….

We Then Cut To A Startled Wiz Looking Confused

Boomstick: You Sure Do Sound Reasonable And Realistic Saying That Huh Wiz

Wiz: But-But-But-But He Only Survived It C-C-C-Cause of the fridge So-

Boomstick: Not Entirely Wiz Sense the comics adaptation notes that very few people would survive the nuke via the fridge method that indie used suggesting that it is intended to be a remarkable feat of resilience on his part

Side note: Should Still Be Noted The Fridge Still Is The Main Big Reason Of Indie Being Able To Survive It And It Shouldn't Scale To His Attack Potency


Boomstick: Well For This Explosion Indie Was A Good Few Yards Away From The Explosion But The Explosion Still Hit The Fridge And After Some Math Which I Will Showcase With Dummi Right Here

We Would Then Cut To Dummi In A Desert

Dummi: Where Am I?

Suddenly He Saw A Nuke Fall From The Sky

Dummi: Sigh Of Course

The Nuke Was Then Shown Going Off On The Screen

Boomstick: Indie Should At The Bare Minimum Be Tanking A Kinetic Energy Of 60 Megajoules


The Camera Then Cuts To Static and glitches out to show "TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES" title card before cutting back to wiz and boomstick

Boomstick: You Good There Buddy?

Wiz: Yeah I'm…Fine Anyways Let's Continue


Discovered many ancient artefacts including the Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail the Crystal Skull of Akator the Staff of Kings the Spear of Longinus the Golden Fleece and more

Explored many famous or ancient locations including the Temple of Doom Atlantis, Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s Tomb the City of Gold the Tomb of the Gods the Shrine of the Sea Devil and more

Fought In Both World Wars

Pushed A 20 Ton Statue

Killed A Polar Bear In A Few Shots

Dodged Bullets Arrows And Explosions

Mowed Down A Group Of Nazis Down Before They Could React

Shot Through 3 People With 1 Shot

Once Wielded The Staff Of Kings

Survived A Nuclear Bomb Via Hiding In A Fridge

Has A Long List Of Prehistoric Knowledge

Been Adventuring Sense The Age Of 8

Pioneered The Treasure Hunting Genre  

Defeated Nazis Zombies Sea Monsters Dragons And Even Came In Contact With Aliens

Wiz: Indies Found Multiple Ancient Artefacts Uncovered Multiple Tombs And Temples And Not To Mention Has Been Doing Things Like This Sense He Was 8

Boomstick: And In Terms Of Opponents He’s Faced A Ton Such As Nazis Zombies Armies Sea Monsters Even The Kraken Itself living terracotta soldiers a skeleton that could control its bones telekinetically fire-breathing dragons demons from other dimensions and maniacs wielding ancient weapons of immense power. He’s come into contact with interdimensional aliens and artefacts capable of channelling the power of God or unleashing apocalyptic power on the world There's Not Much Indie Hasn't Seen

Wiz: This Isn't Even Mentioning Jones’s Will Power Nothing Seems To Be Able To Stop The Man Not Even A Nuclear Bomb Or Super Natural Threats Nothing Seems To Stop Him

Boomstick: Well Maybe Except His Crippling Age Yeah Despite How He Is Still Able To Pull Of Insane Feats At Such An Old Age He Is Still Hitting His 50’s Also Indie Has Been Tricked Way To Many Times Also He Risks His Life For His Iconic Fedora And Despite Everything He’s Seen He Is Still Scared Of Snakes

Wiz: But Even With That Indiana Jones Is Still One Of The Most Influential Characters In Meda Even In His Older Days his love of treasure hunting never died He kept on fighting and even taught the younger generations of the thrills He Felt He Even Got Married To The Love Of His Life Marion And Settled Down After All His Adventures

Whether against the Nazis a monstrous cult or some bizarre occult monstrosities you can always count on Indiana Jones to make it out the other end

Indie: I Don't Know. I'm Making This Up As I Go.

Nathan Drake Maps Out DEATH BATTLE![]

Wiz: Sic Parvis Magna This Was The Motto Of Sir Francis Drake Meaning Greatness From Small Beginnings

Boomstick: And Beginnings Don't Get Smaller Than Nathan Morgan Born In 1975 To His Mother Cassandra Morgan And Was The Brother Of Samuel Morgan In 1980 when Nathan was five his mother had been suffering from an unknown terminal illness which soon led to her committing suicide Following the death of Cassandra Nathan and Samuel's father decided to give up his hold on them and surrender his sons to the state Sheesh

Wiz: From Then On Out Nathan And Sam Were Raised In A Catholic orphanage run by nuns and priests Were Nate Was Picked On By Bullies Got Into Many Fights Lectured By Nuns And Was Just Kind of Hated On For Most Of His Life But He Found A Way To Escape It All With His Interest In History And Archaeology And Hoped One Day He Could Go On Adventures Just Like The Stuff He Read In Books

Boomstick: One Night Changed It All Though After Sneaking Out And Meeting Up With Sam Who Had Been Kicked Out Of The Orphanage Sam Told Nate That He Had Found Their Moms Stuff That Had Been Sold So They Went To The Place Rummaged Around For A Bit And Found There Mothers Stuff And Found Her Old Journals About Sir Francis Drake Himself But Then The Owner Of The House Came In And Mistakes Them As Trespassers Pulls A Gun Out On Them And Calls The Cops But Sam Explains The Situation And She Apologises And tells them that she and their mother were good friends and worked together and bonded over their love for history social studies and archaeology Evelyn then reveals to the boys that she and their mom believed in a theory that Sir Francis Drake had heirs

Wiz: During the conversation the police called earlier show up and she then attempts to walk outside and explain to the police that it was a false alarm but she suffers from a heart attack and dies immediately

Boomstick: Obviously Not Wanting To Be Seen Standing Over A Dead Women Nate And Sam Ran From The Police And Became Street Kids Stealing Valuable Items For Profit

Wiz: One Day In Colombia Nate Was Trying To Steal The Ring Of Sir Francis Drake Which He Found In A Museum Which Was In Glass Case Before noticing a middle-aged man quietly copying the display case key's before pick-pocketing his wallet Much To Nate's Surprise He Found The Man Wasn't Mad But Impressed With His Skills And Gave Him Back His Wallet But Took The Key With Him

Boomstick: By evening Nate entered the closed museum and stole the ring but was soon confronted by both the man from earlier and a blonde woman Refusing to give her the ring Nate escaped her and was pursued by her men with the man aiding in his escape before saving him from an agent holding the boy at gunpoint

Wiz: They Later Had Dinner In A Bar And The Man Introduced Himself As Victor Sullivan A Former Navy Officer Turned Excerpt Con Artist And Sully Told Nate That He Had Potential And Would Take Nathan Under His Wing Along with Sam who got released from jail

Boomstick: Now With A New Life Nate Obviously Needed A New Name And Sense His Mother Always Believed Sir Frances Had Heirs He Seemed Like A Nice Way To Continue His Mothers Research Him And His Brother Would Take On The Name Drake Now Making Nates New Name…..

Nathan Drake


Real Name: Nathan Morgan

Age: 38

Height: 5’11

Professional Deep-sea Salvage Excerpt And Treasure Hunter

Hates Clowns

Sucks At Crash Bandicoot

Favourite Restaurant: Subway

Wiz: Not Only Did Sully Teach Nathan The Ways Of Treasure Hunting But Also In The Ways Of Combat Both With His Fists And With Firearms And Lucky For Nathan He Seemed To Be Built For The Treasure Hunting Life Style


92FS - 9mm

Desert - 5


Tau Sniper

Arm Micro

Flare Gun

Tranquiliser Dart

Wes - 44

Micro - 9mm


Moss - 12


SAS - 12

Sawed Off Shotgun




Dragon Sniper

T-Bolt Sniper



Shambala Crossbow

GAU - 19 Gatling Gun

M32 - Hammer Grenade Launcher



Propane Tanks

Riot Shield

Grappling Hook

Pirate Sword



Boomstick: Nates Wielded Many Guns Over The Years But Mainly Carries Two Types A Small Gun Which Would Be Stuff Such As Pistols Revolvers Micro - 9mm Which Is Like A Pistol Submachine Gun A Desert Eagle A Flare Gun A Pistole Which Is Like A Shotgun Pistol A Tau Sniper Which Is Like A Sniper Pistol And Many More The Second Types Of Weapons He Wields Are Heavy Guns Such As Submachine Guns Assault Rifles Sniper Rifles Shotguns M4’s AK47’s KAL 7’s And Many Many More

Wiz: He Also Wields Up To 4 Grenades On Hand And He Also Wields A Grappling Hook Which He Can Use To Swing Over Ledges Climb Up Walls Easier And Pull Stuff Towards Him And Even Attack People With It

Boomstick: He Also Has His Journal Which Contains Vast Amounts Of Archeological Knowledge And Stuff To Solve Puzzles And Could Even Act As Something To Save Him From A Gunshot

Wiz: He’s Gained Many Other Stranger Weapons Over Time Like A Tranquiliser Gun Which If Shot At A Person Puts Them To Sleep For An Unknown Amount Of Time He Also Has Propane Tanks He Can Throw Causing Explosions A Riot Shield To Block Bullets And Explosions A Mini-gun To Mow Down His Enemies And Both A Grenade Launcher And Rocket Launcher To Blow His Enemies To Pieces

Boomstick: Nate’s Basically A One Man Army This Also Isn’t Even Mentioning Nate’s Skill The Dude Can Pick Up Any Gun He Finds And Instantly Adapts To It And He Can Take On Skilled Soldiers And Mercenaries He Can Even Adapt To Many Vehicles Like Jeeps Planes Jet Ski’s And Many More He's Really Stealthy To Being Able To Kill Soldiers Without Others Even Knowing Nate Also Likes To Improvise In His Fighting Style Using Nearby Box’s Or Pillars As Cover Climbing Up Said Pillars And Other Tall Things To Get The Range Advantage If His Opponent Has A Grenade In There Pocket He Will Quickly Remove The Pin Causing Them To Explode You Get The Point

Wiz: Nate’s Also Pretty Clever Always Being Able To Solve Complex Puzzles Translate Ancient Language Decipher Many Clues He’s Pretty Smart For A Mostly Self Taught Man

Boomstick: Weirdly Nathans Also Got A Few Powers




Staff of Ayar Manco

Cintamani Stone

Indra's Eternity

Path Of Indra

Shield Of Asgard

Wrath of El Dorado

Wiz: Nathan Has A Strange Variety Of Things Called Mystical’s Which Allow Him To Do A Multitude Of Things With The Djinn And Path Of Indra He Can Teleport With The Staff Of Ayar Manco Can Locate The Position And Location Of His Foes With The Shield Of Asgard Can Increase His Strength And Durability With The Cintamani Stone He Can Heal His Wounds And Bring Himself Back To Peak Condition With The Wrath Of El Dorado He Can Summon Spirits To Attack His Enemies And With Indra's Eternity Can…Slow Down Time?

Boomstick: Yeah This Series Gets Pretty Crazy To What’s Even More Crazy Is Nate’s Luck The Dude Has Been In Multiple Situations Where He Should Have Just Died Such As When He Jumped Out A Plane And His Parachute Had A Hole In It He Luckily Landed Hanging On A Tree Allowing Him To Get Down Safely Or When A Part Of A Train Was Going To Crash Into Him Luckily The Tunnel He Was In’s Gate Was To Big For The Train Piece To Fit In Allowing Him To Survive The Dude Is Lucky As Hell

Sidenote: Naughty Dog Once Said That When Drakes Health Goes Low In The Game That’s Not Him Coming Close To Death That’s His Luck Running Out But Even With Out Luck He’s Still Tough To Put Down

Boomstick: Man, with such Luck He Shouldn't Have Any Problem Winning The Lottery And Stuff Wish I Had That Kind Of Luck

Wiz Would Then Stab Boomstick With A Needle As He Yelled

Wiz: Actually, one of my latest inventions has a similar effect, Giving The User A Similar Version To Nathans Luck

Boomstick: Wait really? AWESOME

Wiz Would Drop A Anvil On Boomstick But Cause Of His Luck It Moved Out The Way

Wiz: But The Down Side To Nates Luck Is Usually Something Bad Will Happen Along With It

Boomstick: What Do You-...Why does the Anvil Have Explosives Strapped To It-

The Explosion Would Go Off In Boomsticks Face

Wiz: Sort Of Like That!

Boomstick: Ugh I Think I Have.... Several Concussions

Wiz: Anyways With All These Weapons And Skills Nathan Was Ready For Anything…Till He Ended Up In A Panamanian Jail

Boomstick: Long Story Short After Nathan Sam And A New Friend Rafe Alder Made A Deal With The Warden About Some Treasure And Agreed To Split Half Rafe Killed The Warden And Forced Nathan Sam And Rafe To Flee The Prison But Not Without A Loss

Wiz: Sam While Trying To Climb Up A Wall Was Shot And Fell Down Leaving Nathan Distraught And Alone But He Didn't Let His Brothers ‘’Death’’ Get In The Way Of His Adventures

Boomstick: Such As His Hunt For El Dorado The Treasure Sir Francis Drake Found So Long Ago Which Was Funded By Upcoming Journalists Elena Fisher But Sully Nate And Elena Would Find El Dorado Not After Fighting A Bunch Of Nazi’s And Zombies. Yeah Turns Out It's Not A Lost City Of Gold It's A Curse That Mutated People Into Zombies So Nathan Took Down The Nazi’s And Sunk El Dorado To The Bottom Of The Ocean But He Was Able To Snag Some Pirate Treasure In The End

Wiz: Or The Time Him His Old Partner Chloe Went On A Journey To Find Shambala Which Inside Held The Cintamani Stone Said To Be Able To Grant Immortality To Whoever Wielded It Which Also Turned Out It Drove People Crazy And Became Invincible Guardians Who Protected The Lost City With Crossbows That Nate Was Able To Use And Also Turned Out There Was No Stone It Was Just A Metaphor It Was Actually A Resin Of A Tree Which When Drank Grants The User Immortality Which Is What Zoran Lazaraveic Did Who Drake Took Down And The Whole City Then Began To Crumble Causing Nate Chloe And Elena To Flee

Boomstick: Later On Drake And Sully Crossed Paths With The Blonde Haired Woman From Long Ago Named Katherine Marlowe And A New Man Known As Talbot Long Story Short They Find Out The Ring Can Help Who Ever Has It To Find The Lost City Of Ubar Which Nate Later Finds Out The City Of Ubar Was Doomed 1000’s Of Years Ago And Demons Known As The Djinn Where Imprisoned Within A Vessel And Casted Into The Heart Of The City Which Actually Tainted The Water With A Hallucinogenic Aid Which He Learned The Hard Way After Drinking From It And Sully And Nate Found Out Marlowe And Talbot Planned On Using It As A Bioweapon So Nate Destroyed The Whole City With 3 GODDAMN BULLETS?!?!?

Wiz: This Caused The City To Crumble Marlowe To Fall Into Quicksand And Die Along With Nates Ring And Nate Defeats Talbot And Leaves The Destroyed City…..I Thought He Had Good Luck Why Does Every Treasure He Finds Just Blow Up In His Face

Boomstick: Who Even Needs Luck When You've Got The Physical Abilities Of Nate The Dude Can Kill Fully Grown Men In A Few Punches And If Your Not Looking Can Snap Your Neck In An Instant Fight People 2 Times His Size Break A Wooden Floor In One Punch Lift Up Gates Kick Down Fences And Even Pushed This Boulder Which Considering Its Size Should Be Around 22 Tons And He's Pushed Boulders And Things Similar Sizes And Many More

Wiz: And With His Guns He Can Even Take Down Tanks A Giant Truck Helicopters And Even A Cargo Plane Nates Pretty Quick To He Once Fired The Cap Off A Bottle Shot Individual Snipers From Far Away Shot Rockets Out The Air And Once After Throwing A Grenade Into The Air Perfectly Shot A Man Before The Grenade Went Off Let Alone Hit The Ground He’s Dodged Arrows From Crossbows Bullets Explosions From Many Types Of Guns Even Machine Gun Fire From A Helicopter And Even Once Made A 19 Foot Jump From A Stand Still  

Boomstick: So Nate’s Got Incredible Speed And Agility To Escape A Fight But If He Cant In Time He’s Definitely Got The Durability And Pain Tolerance To Back Him Up Nate’s Been Punched Kicked Thrown Through Walls Shot At Thrown Out Of Windows Knocked Off Buildings  Hit By Cars Trucks And Jeeps Had Explosions Going Off In His Face He’s Been Poisoned Stabbed Slashed At Thrown Around By Brutes And Even Survived A 40 Foot Fall And A Really Big Jump Off A Cliff But This May Be Because Of The Water Below But Its Impressive He Didn’t Break Any Bones

Wiz: All Of This Really Shows How Determined Nathan Is Like The Time He Was Shot By A Desert Eagle And Began To Bleed Out On A Train In The Himalayan Mountains But Was Able To Escape Using Some Propane Tanks Which Led The Train To Be Hanging Off A Cliff Which Nate Would Climb And Then Fight Off A Whole Army That Had Guns And Explosives All While With A Gun Wound And While In The Extremely Cold Weather Of The Himalayas Which Can Reach Up To -35 °C and nate had no winter gear on when in colder conditions atoms start to shrivel up and vibrate at much slower levels the muscles also relax to this is used to generate warmth also when we are cold we usually move slower thanks to our atoms So Nate Should Barley Be Able To Move Let Alone Fight Off An Army

Boomstick: What A Conveniently Placed Pile Of Propane Tanks Huh Well Explosions Seem To Be His Exit Of Choice Like When He Blew Up A Plane Flying Over The Rub Al Khali Desert After Landing On The Ground He Wandered It For 2 Straight Days With No Food Or Water And Started Hallucinating All While In The Burning Hot Weathers Of The Rub Al Khali And When He Found A Bunch Of Mercenaries That Wanted To Kill Him He Still Fought Them Off So Nate Can Do All Of This In Both Extreme Cold And Extreme Heat How Is This Guy Even Standing How Is He Real What Kind Of Deal Did He Make With Satan?!?!?!


Discovered many Treasures And Lost Cities Such As El Dorado The Chintamani Stone The Iram Of The Pillars Captain Avery's Treasure and more

Saved The World 3 Times

Pushed A 22 Ton Boulder

Killed Fully Grown Soldiers In A Few Punches

Shot Missiles Out Of The Air And A Cap Off A Bottle

Shot Someone Perfectly Before A Grenade He Threw Touched The Ground

Made a 19 Foot Jump From A Stand Still

Fought A Whole Army After Climbing A Train With A Bullet Wound In The Freezing Cold

Walked Around A Desert For 2 Days With No Food Or Water

Tanked Hits From The Guardians Of Shambala Who Could Throw Around 26 Ton Boulders And Break Chunks Of Ice With There Punches Alone

Solved Complex Puzzles

Defeated Nazis Soldiers Pirates Mercenaries Descendants Shambala Guardians The Djinn And Skeleton Ghost Pirates

Wiz: Nathan’s achieved A lot Considering All The Feats We Just Listed He’s Located Multiple Lost Civilisation’s And Treasures Stopped World Ending Situations And Has Taken Down A Variety Of Opponents

Boomstick: Such As The Descendants Zombie Like Creatures Which Where quick And Nimble With Claws Which Were Once The Spaniards Sir Francis Drake Took Along With Him The Shambala Guardians Who Could Jump High Into The Air Break Giant Chunks Of Ice With One Punch And Throw 26 Ton Boulders And They Even Wielded Crossbows Also The Things Where Stated To Be Immortal Yeah Not Even Immortally Can Stop Nate He’s Defeated The Djinn Which Could Throw Fireballs And Teleport And Even Ghost Skeleton Pirates Which Wielded Many Guns And Even Had Telekinesis This Dude Cant Be Stopped

Wiz: Well No Nathan’s Not Without His Flaws While His Luck Is Amazing It Has It’s Limits So When It Runs Out Nathan Needs To Be Way More Careful Hell There’s Been Times Nathan’s Even Had Bad Luck Also Nathan Rarely If Ever Goes Into Battle With A Plan And Chooses To Improvise And Adapt On The Fly And Just Roll With Whatever Blows Are Sent His Way And Even Though He’s Basically A Human Tank Enough Bullets Punches And Explosions Will Take Him Out And Despite Everything He’s Seen He’s Still Afraid Of Clown Woah These To Are Similar

Boomstick: Yeah But None Of These Flaws Seem To Stop Him After Finding Out His Brother Was Alive Going On One Last Adventure And Taking Down Rafe He Settled Down With Elena Got Married Had A Kid Named Cassie And Hung Up His Illegal Treasure Hunting Business Good For Him

Wiz: So If Your On His Side Be Ready For A Thrilling Adventure And If Your Opposing Him It’s Best Be Told Your Losing More Than Just The Treasure Cause Your Dealing With The One Man Army Himself Nathan Drake

Nathan: “Nathan Drake... that two-bit thief. Risking it all for some piece of treasure. I guess that’s how they know me, how they’ll remember me. But that’s not who I am.”


Wiz: Alright the Combatants are set Its Time To End This Debate Once And For All

Boomstick: It's time for a DEATH BATTLE!!!!!!!!!!!

Explorers clash


Cue: Uncharkted

We Open To The Sight Of An Ancient Temple With Pillars With Torches Attached To Them All Around The Room With Two Exists On Each Side Of The Room With A Strange Stump In The Middle Of The Room Which Shinned A Mysterious Object As The Camera Panned Around Over To One Of The Exists As The Silhouette Of A Man With A Hat On Loomed Down The Hall As The Man Walked Closer It Was Revealed To Be Indiana Jones As He Slowly Walked Into The Room And Approached The Stump In The Middle Of The Room Which Had A Golden Artefact On It That Looked Something Like This

As Indie Would Walk Closer He Would Be Surprised Not At The Treasure But At The Fact Nothing Had Happened

Indie: No Booby Traps No Arrows No Snakes No Nothing?...Huh This Is A Nice Change Of Pace

As Indie Would Say That He Would Slowly Move His Hands Towards The Relic Before Hearing A Noise In Front Of Him As He Looked Over To See That In The Hall That Was Behind The Relic There Was A Noise Of Stone Walls Breaking As Indie Would Hear This He Would Rush Over To A Pillar And Hide Behind It As It Cut To The Hall As A Man Would Come Falling Down As He Slowly Got Up And Cracked His Back Revealing Himself To Be Nathan Drake As The Sound Of A Man Talking Through A Radio Signal Could Be Heard From Nates Pocket Which Was Revealed To Be A Walkie Talkie

Sully: You Good There Kid?

Nate: Yeah Never Bette- Holy Shit

Nate Would Go Silent And Begin To Look At The Relic

Sully: What Is It Nate What Have Ya Found

Nate: It's The Golden Relic Found By Biffers Weedinson The Second Holy Crap This Thing Hasn't Been Heard Of In Decades Last Time This Thing Was Heard Of Was When-

Sully: Alright Nate Just Pretend For A Minute That I Don't Really Care About Any Of That Stuff And Cut To The Chase Would Ya?

Nate: Heh A Man Only Interested In The Climax? You Must Be A Real Hit With The Ladies

Sully: Never Had Any Complaints

Nate: Alright I’ll Cut To The Good Part Just For You This Thing Should Be Worth A Few Hundred Millions Now A Days

Sully: Ho Ho Now We’re Talking!

Nate: Yup And It's Right In The Reach Of My Han-

As Nate Would Walk Over To It Sketching The Thing In His Journal As He Would Lean Over To Grab It He Heard A Loud Whip Crack As Indiana Jones Emerged From His Cover And Walked Over To Nathan

Sully: Kid?

Nate: Call You Back

Nathan Would Put The Walkie Talkie In His Pocket And Put His Hands Up Slowly

Nate: So Uhhhhh What Brings You To These Fine Parts Of The Amazon Jungle Today-

Indie: That Belongs In A Museum!

Nathan Would Go Silent To The Remark And Respond With Another Witty Comment

Nate: Yeaaaaaah But Gold Now A Days Can Be Worth 100’s 1000’s 10000’s-

Nathan Would Be Interrupted By Indie Slapping Him Across The Face With A Whip Causing Him To Yell Out In Pain

Indie: Quit With The Remarks And Leave I'm Not Going To Warn You Again

Nathan Would Rub His Face In Pain Before Putting His Hands Up In A Fighting Position As The Fights Track Began

Nate: Alright Now Your Gonna Get It


Nathan Would Quickly Run Over To Indie Who Would Slap Nate Across The Face With A Whip First Attack Sending Nathan Stumbling And The Second One Causing Him To Stumble More Before Nathan Would Roll Under The Next Swing And Upper Cut Indie Causing Him To Stumble Back As Nathan Would Rush Over And Punch Indie Across The Face With A Right Hook As Nate Went For A Left Hook Indie Ducked And Punched Nathan In The Gut Causing Drake To Stumble Back As Indie Kicked Him Across The Face As Indie Went For Another Punch Drake Would Grab His Arm And Throw Him Back As Indie Stumbled Back It Caused Some Distance Between The Two Giving Nathan Time To Pull Out His PM-9mm Pistol And Began To Fire At Indie Who Moved Out The Way Of The First Shot With A Roll Before Getting Up And Pulling Out His Smith & Wesson M1917 Revolver As Nate And Indie Both Fired At The Same Time Causing There Bullets To Ricochet Off Each Others As Indie And Nathan Began Firing At Each Other While Running To The Side As Both Hid Behind Cover As Nathan Began Blindly Firing At Indie’s Cover As Indie Would Wait For Drake To Relaod He Would Wait For Nate To Pop His Head Out Of Cover Again And As He Did He Perfectly Timed A Shot On Nate Which Grazed His Face As Nathan Then Began Firing At Indie Again As Indie Quickly Grabbed A Stick Of Dynamite From His Coat And Threw It Over At Nathans Cover As Drake Noticed It He Would Let Out A Quick

Nate: Oh Crap!

As He Said This Nathan Would Roll Out The Way As The Explosion Went Off At His Old Cover As Nathan Tried To Run To Another Cover Indie Would Hit Nathan Across The Face With His Whip As Nathan Aimed His Pistol At Indie Jones Would Slap It Out His Hand With His Whip

Indie: Gotcha

Nate: Ah Come On-

Indie Would Punch Nate Across The Face Then Smack Him With A Whip As He Went For Another Attack With His Whip Nathan Ducked Under It And Punched Indie In His Gut Causing Him To Stumble Back Giving Nathan Time To Pull Out His AK47 Out From His Back As He Began Firing Indie Would Begin To Run Bullets Grazing His Back As Indie Made It To Another Pillar And Hide Behind It As Nathan Kept Firing At Indies Cover And As Nathan Began To Reload He Would Say

Nate: Come On Old Man I Don't Got All Day

As Indie Would Hear This And Get Ticked Off He Would Pull Out His MP40 Submachine Gun And Fired Right At Nathan's Cover Blowing Holes Into It And For Nathan To Leave The Cover And Begin Running Before Being Grazed By One Of The Shots Causing Him To Fall To The Floor As Indie Left His Cover And Walked Over To Nathan On The Ground

Indie: Don't Call Me Old Man! Now You Had Enough Or Are You Gonna Keep Being A Smart Ass

Nate Slowly Got Up

Nate: Well Being A Smart Ass Has Gotten Me This Far Why Quit Now-

Nathan Would Be Slapped By A Whip Sending Him Stumbling Back As Nate Gained Back His Stance He Would Fire His AK47 As Indie Would Fire His MP40 All There Bullets Colliding As Nathan And Indie Began Walking Closer To Each Other As There Bullets Collided Like A Beam Clash As They Got Closer There Bullets Ran Out As They Did Nathan Would Thwack Indie With The End Of His AK47 As Indie Stumbles Back He Would Hit Nate Across The Face With His MP40 As Drake Would Kick Indie Away

As He Did Indie Would Pull Out His Smith & Wesson M1917 Revolver Which Still Had Ammo And Fired At Nathan Who Blocked With His AK47 Which Split In Half Cause Of It, Nathan Then Threw The 2 Pieces Of His Assault Rifle At Indie Both Hitting Him On The Head Stunning Him As Nathan Grabbed A Grenade From His Pocket And Threw It At The Dazed Indie As Indie Got His Stance Back He Used His Whip To Grab The Grenade Mid Air And Throw It Back At Nathan As It Approached Him It Exploded Sending Both Jones And Nathan Flying Back

As Nathan Got Up He Found The Explosion Had Caused A Smoke Cloud As He Looked Closer He Saw The Silhouette Of Indie Holding His Revolver So As Quick As He Could Pulled Out His Desert Eagle And Both Fired As There Bullets Collided They Ricochet Off Each Others As Nathans Went Flying Over To The Treasure Which Caused It To Fall Off Its Pedestal Onto The Floor As Nathan And Indie Looked At It


Nathan Rushed Over To It And Picked It Up As He Did The Room They Were In Began To Shake As The Camera Panned To Indie Looking Up

Indie: Oh That Can't Be Good…That Can't Be Good At All

Nate: That Doesn't Sound Very Goo-

Nathan Would Be Interrupted By The Temple Shaking More Which Caused Both To Stumble As Indie’s Hat Fell Off As Indie Looked Over At Nathan

Indie: Ya Think?!

But Then Suddenly They Looked At One Of The Exists And Saw A Giant Boulder Begin Rolling At Them Both


Nate: OH CRAP!

As Nathan Began Running Indie Would Grab His Hat And Put It Back On And Ran After Nathan While Running Away From The Boulder As Nathan Kept Running He Saw A Bullet Almost Graze Him Looking Behind Him And Saw Indie Running Away From The Boulder While Firing His Walther P38 At Him

Nathan Avoiding Each Fire By Moving To The Right Or Left Before Nathan While Running Would Turn Around And Pull Out His SA-12 Shotgun And Fired At Indie Who Dodged The Shots As Both Kept Firing Dodging And Running From The Boulder Till Both Found Themselves Running Towards A Pit As Both Kept Running And As Soon As They Reached The Pit They Jumped Nathan Barley Made The Jump And Had To Hold Onto The Edge Of The Pit But In The Process Dropped The Treasure On Top The Cliff And His Shotgun Fell Into The Pit

Indie Did Not Jump As Far But Made It Further Across Using His Whip To Swing Over The Pit As The Boulder Fell Into The Pit Indie Then Picked Up The Treasure And Began Running Through The Halls As Nathan Climbed Back Up And Before Indie Could Run Any Further Nathan Pulled Out His Desert Eagle And Fired At Indies Leg Which Grazed Indie As He Fell To The Ground As Drake Climbed Up And Ran Over To Indie Lying On The Ground And Grabbed The Treasure

Nate: This Is Mine Jerk Weed…

As Drake Began To Walk Off Suddenly Something Caught His Leg And He Tripped Indiana Jones Took Him Out With His Whip

Drake got up as indie tried to slap Nathan with his whip as Nathan Barley Dodged Each Swing After The Third One Nate Pulled Out His Desert Eagle Which Was Slapped Out His Hand By The Whip Which Forced Nate To Get Up Close As He Went For A Right Hook Which Indie Avoided By Ducking Down As Nate Saw This He Kicked Indie Back Making Indie Stumble Backwards As Nathan Went For Another Punch Indie Pulled Out A Knife As He Began Trying To Slash At Nathan With It Who Avoided Every Swing Barley Until Nathan Accidentally While Avoiding One Of The Swings Stepped On A Pressure Plate On The Floor As Indie Sighed

Indie: Just My Luck…

Suddenly Arrows Came Flying Out Of The Walls Which Nathan And Indie Had To Avoid As Nathan While Dodging Would Punch Indie As Indie Punched Back Each Time They Punched They Would Move Just Enough That None Of The Arrows Hit Them Nathan went for A Right Hook Which Indie Ducked Which In The Process Of Ducking Avoided An Arrow Indie Would Kick Nathan Away Which Caused An Arrow To Fly Past Where Nathan Used To Be Standing As The Arrows Stopped Nathan Improvised Like He Always Does And Picked Up An Arrow And Used It Like A Knife To Try Slash Indie Who Avoided The First Few Swings Before Punching Nathan Dazing Him As Indie Grabbed The Arrow Pulled Out His Crossbow And Fired Right At The Dazed Nathan Which Hit The Shoulder Of His Shirt Which Sent Him Flying And Pinned Him To A Wall As Indie Picked Up The Idol And Looked At Nathan Still Pinned To The Wall

Indie: Adios Stupido

As Indie Went To Walk Away Nathan Pulled Out His 92FS - 9mm Pistol While Indie Wasn’t Looking Nathan Pointed It And Fired At Indie’s Gut Which Caused Indie To Scream In Agony And Fall To The Floor As Nathan Smirked

Nate: Watch Your Blind Spot Asshole

Indie Would Grab His Walther P38 And Fired His Last Bullet At Nathan Which Hit Him In His Gut As Nathan Fell To The Floor Also Bleeding Out

It Looked Like The End For Both Till Indie Reached Into His Coat And Pulled Out One Of His Magic Potions As Nathan Pulled Out The Cintamani Stone Mystical As Indie Drank His Potion And Nathan Threw The Stone To The Ground Which Sent A Small Blue Energy Wave Right To Him Which Healed Up Both Injuries As They Got Up Difference Was Indies Potion Increased His Strength Along With Healing Him As He Charged At Nathan Who Wasn’t Looking

Nate: Hah Can’t Believe That Work-WAITWAITWAITWAIT-

Indie Then Charged Right At Nathan And Thanks To His Increased Strength Busted Through The Stone Wall Into A Circular Room With The Same Stone Walls And The Same Sandy Floor Only Lit Up With Torches And Had A Few Stone Pillars In It As Indie Slammed Nathan To The Ground Who Used His Leg To Kick Indie On The Side Of His Head Stunning Him And Knocking Him Off Giving Nathan Time To Grab One Of His Three Grenades And Throw It At Indie Who Pulled Out A Strange Looking Artefact With 2 Gems On It As The Grenade Approached Him As The Explosion Went Off As Smoke Appeared Cause Of It And As It Cleared It Was Revealed Indies Body Was Missing But The Room Was Empty There Was No Where He Could Have Gone

Nate: The Hell-

Nathan Was Cut Off By A Punch To The Face Which Startled Nathan As It Came From Nowhere Nathan Continued To Get Punched By The Invisible Force As He Was Knocked To The Ground Nathan Was Confused Till He Realised Indie Had Turned Invisible Nathan Then Got Of The Ground And Yelled Out

Nate: We Bringing Out Magic Now? Ok!

Nate Then Pulled Out The Staff Of Ayar Manco And Slammed It On To The Ground Which Caused A Golden Wave Of Energy As It Cut To Nathan’s Pov Which Looked Like This As He Saw The Red Silhouette Of Indie He Grinned And Pulled Out His M4 Assault Rifle And Fired Right At Indie Who Dodged But Was Grazed By A Bullet Deactivating His Invisibility As Indie Fell To The Ground As Nathan Went For More Shots He Rolled Out The Way And Pulled Out His Haenel-Schmeisser MP28/II Submachine Gun And Began Firing Right At Nathan Who Fired His M4 Rifle Right Back As There Bullets Clashed Till There Bullets Bounced Off Each Others As Indies Bullet Grazed Nathans Cheek While Nathan's Bullets Disarmed Indie Nathan Was Holding His Face In Pain Which Gave Indie Time To Pull Out His Spear Gun And Fire At Nathan Who Rolled To The Side Avoiding It Before Saying

Nate: What Do I Look Like A Whale?

Nathan Would Then Pull Out His Crossbow To Counter It And Fired At Indie Who Fired A Spear As They Clashed Mid Air But The Spear Broke Through The Arrow And The Spear Almost Impaled Nathan Who Dodged By The Grit Of His Teeth Nate Who Was Clearly Exhausted Looked At Indie

Nate: Can We Please Stop I don’t want to ruin the price value on something that’s years out of date

Nate Would Say This While Holding The Treasure Grinning As Indie Would Slap Nathan With His Whip Again Before Saying

Indie: It’s not the years It’s the mileage!

Indie Seeing Nate Stunned Went For Another Spear Shot Which Nathan Got Back On His Stance Before He Could Fire And Punched Indie Knocking The Gun Out His Hand Nate Then Grabbed His Grapple Hook Swung It Around Into A Knot And Thwacked Indie On The Face With The Metal Part Then Kicked Indie On To The Ground As Indie On The Ground Tripped Nathan Up With His Leg Causing Nathan To Fall On To The Ground As Indie Kicked Him Away Causing Nathan To Roll On The Ground Which Caused A Good Bit Of Distance Between The Two As Nathan Got Up And Threw Down A Strange Golden Artefact Onto The Floor

Nate: Alright Now It's Drake Time!

Suddenly A Golden Statue Raised From The Ground As It Was Revealed Nathan Used The Wrath Of El Dorado Mystical As A Variety Of Red Spirits Came Flying Out That All Charged Right At Indie

Indie: Come On….

Indie Would Throw His Pa Cheng Right At The Spirits Which Thanks To Its Magic Took 3 Out In One Go Before A Few Came Behind Indie And Attacked Indie Which Acted As A Small Explosion Which Knocked Him Down As Indie Then Pulled Out His Blue Torch And Began Swatting Them Off With The Torch Before A Few More Came Out The Statue Before Indie Used Pa Cheng Again And Made An Energy Shield Around Him Which Blocked Off The Spirits Before Indie Then Threw The Pa Cheng Which Destroyed All Of The Spirits As El Dorado Sank Back Into The Ground As Indie Put The Pa Cheng Back In His Coat

Indie: Got Any More Things You Wanna Throw At Me-

He Then Stopped Mid Sentence As He Saw Nathan Throwing A Propane Tank Right At Him While Aiming The Pistole


Nathan Shot The Propane Tank Mid Air As It Blew Up In Jones’s Face Which Knocked Him To The Ground And Injured Him Really Badly As Nathan Then Ran Over To A Near By Pillar Which Was Weakened Thanks To The Explosion And Pushed It As It Began Crashing Down On Indie

Nate: TIMBER!!!!!

Indie Then Pulled Out Urgon’s Part Of The Infernal Machine And Used It To Make A Vibration On The Pillar Which Caused It To Crumble Saving Indie And Causing Smoke Around Him As Indie In The Smoke Used A First Aid Kit To Patch Himself Up As Nathan Looked At The Smoke Suddenly A Stick Of Dynamite Came Out

Indie: CATCH!

Nathan Watched The Stick Of Dynamite Roll Up To His Foot

Nate: I Should Really Get A Different Carrier Choi-

The Explosion Went Off Sending Nathan Crashing Into A Wall As Nathan Got Up Injured Pulled Out A KAL 7 From His Back And Aimed It At The Smoke Waiting For Indie To Come Out As Indie He Came Charging Right At Nathan Who Fired His KAL 7 Right At Indie But All The Bullets Did Nothing Turns Out Indie Used His Magic Amulet To Become Invincible For A Short Period Of Time And Had Drank A Strength Potion Indie Ran Through All The Bullets And Used His New Strength To Punch Nathan Threw Another Wall Which Sends Him Out Of The Temple As He Falls Down A Long Staircase Grunting In Pain Each Time He Slams His Head Off A Step As He Landed Down On The Grassy Ground Of The Amazon Jungle He Slowly Got Up And Cracked His Back

Nate: Jesus Christ…

Nate Would Take A Breather Before Looking Up And Seeing Indie Holding His Lee-Enfield Rifle And Aiming At Nathan

Indie: X Marks The Spot….

As Indie Fired The Bullet It Barely Missed Nathan Who Began Running As Indie Fired At Nathan Avoiding Every Bullet By The Grit Of His Teeth As He Hid Behind The Cover Of A Tree

Indie Waited For Nathan To Pop His Head Out As Nathan Behind His Cover Pulled Out His Dragon Sniper And Got Ready To Emerge From Cover

Nate: Here Goes Nothin…

Nathan Popped Out His Cover And Instantly Fired As Did Indie There Bullets Colliding Again Both Reloaded As Fast As They Could But Nathan Did Faster Allowing Him To Shoot Indies Rifle Out His Hands From Far Away


Nathans Dragon Sniper Was Then Shot Out His Hand By Indie Now Wielding His Martini Henry Rifle

Nate: CRAP!

Nathan Then Began Running As Fast As He Could As Indie Continued To Fire Nathan Pulled Out His Arm Micro Pistol And Blindly Fired It At Indies Direction While Running Which He Used To Cause A Distraction Indie Then Decided To Run Down The Steps To Catch Up To Nathan Himself

Eventually Nathan Found His Jeep And Grinned

Nate: Seems To Be My Lucky Day

Nathan Got In His Jeep And Drove Away Into The Forest As Indie Was Behind The Jeep Trying To Catch Up To It As The Jeep Out Paced Him As Indie Sighed And Yelled Sarcastically


Indie Then Turned Around To See His Own Jeep As Indie Sighs Of Relief And Jumped In It And Followed Nathan's Tracks

Nathan Was Driving Through The Many Trees And Other Jungle Nature Down A Conveniently Placed Straight Line As He Looked At The Artefact Grinning

Nate: Heh That Was Tough..

Suddenly Right Next To Him Indie In His Jeep Caught Up

Nate: Aw Come On

Indie Would Begin Firing His Tommy Gun At Nathan Letting His Jeep Balance On Its own As The Bullets Approached Nate He Jumped Out Of The Way Onto The Part Of The Jeep That Had The Turret Nathans jeep was Now In Front Of Indies As Nate Pointed The Turret At Indies Jeep And Began Firing As Indie Kept Rolling His Jeep To Different Sides To Avoid The Bullets First To The Right Then Then The Left As The Turret Needed To Reload This Gave Indie More Time To Aim His Tommy Gun At Nathan Who Ducked Under The Bullets And Pulled Out His Riot Shield To Block The Bullets As He Waited For Indies Tommy Gun To Run Out Of Bullets As He Heard It Run Out Nathan Used His Grenade Launcher And Fired All 6 Grenades At Indie’s Jeep

Nate: SEE YA!

Indie: Oh….

The Grenade Went Off Causing Indies Jeep To Explode Destroying The Jeep And Sending Indie Into The Air Who Used His Whip Mid Air To Grapple Onto The Back Nathans Jeep As He Landed On The Ground He Was Being Dragged Around By The Car Indie Slowly Climbed Up His Whip He Was Using Like A Rope Onto Nathan’s Jeep Nathan Didn't Notice Indie Behind Him So Indie Quickly Grabbed His Whip And Then Thwacked Drake Across The Face From Behind Causing Him To Lose Balance Of The Wheel Making The Jeep Go Auto Pilot

As Nathan Looked Behind Him Seeing Indie On The Back Seat Of The Jeep He Punched Him Sending Indie On To The Ground Nathan Then Went For Another Punch Which Indie Rolled Out Of The Way Of And Kicked Nathan Almost Knocking Him Off The Jeep Indie Went For Another Swing Of His Whip Which Nathan Ducked Under And Punched Indie In The Gut Causing Him To Stumble Back And Him To Almost Fall Of The Jeep But He Got His Stance Back And Punched Nathan In The Face With A Right Hook And Then Hit Him Again With A Left Hook And Then A Straight Punch Knocking Nathan Into The Driver's Seat Next To The Breaks As Indie Grabbed The Relic And Pointed His Walther P38 Right At Nathan Who Was Laying On The Ground Dazed As He Waited For Indie To Say A One Liner Like Most Of Drake's Opponents In The Past Have Said Right Before Thinking They’ve Won

Nate: You Gonna Say Anything?

Indie: I Dont Know Im Making This Up As I Go

As Indie Would Say This He Fired His Gun But Thanks To Nathan’s Luck The Jeep Tilted To The Side Just For A Second Causing Indie To Lose Balance And Drop His Gun As Nathan Saw This He Slammed Down The Breaks Sending Him Flying Off The Jeep And Onto The Ground As Indie Fell To The Ground Face First Nathan Looked At Him And Grinned


Nate Would Say This Cause Indie Had Gotten Up And Pulled Out His RPG-7 And Aimed It At The Jeep And Fired Before Drake Could Drive Hitting The Jeep And Causing A Massive Explosion As Indie Looked At The Smoke Where The Jeep Once Was He Then Looked To His Left And Saw What Nathan Was Driving Towards It Was Nathan’s Plane Which Was Parked On A Long Road Of Grass In The Forest As Indie Picked Up The Treasure And Walked Over To The Plane He Looked At The Rubble Of The Smoke And Saluted

Indie: See Ya

Indie got in the Plane As We Cut Back To The Rubble Of The Jeep As A Blue Energy Came From The Rubble As A Fully Healed Nathan Who Used A Cintamani Stone To Heal Himself Pushed Off The Rubble And Got Up Before Looking Over And Seeing His Plane Fly Away


Nathan Began Running As Fast As He Could Towards The Plane Which Was Moving Faster Than Nate He Then Started Using The Djinn To Start Teleporting Closer To The Plane As He Pulled Out His Grapple Hook And Hooked Onto The Door As The Plane Began To Enter The Air Nathan Holding On To The Door Used His Last Bit Of His Djinn Mystical To Teleport Inside Indie Not Noticing As Nate Started Walking To The Driver's Seat Where Indie Was Flying And Tried To Perform A Stealth Kill By Putting Indie In A Headlock And Snap His Neck

Nate: My Turn To Drive Asshole

Indie Then Shoulder Budged Nathan Away


Nate Stumbled To The Back Of The Plain As Indie Pulled Out A Knife Wanting To End This Quick He Went To Stab At Drake Who dodged As He Went To Swing His Knife Again Nathan Dodge Rolled Under And Put Indie In A Headlock Trying To Perform His Attempted Move From Earlier Again As Indie Used His Knife To Slash Right At Nathan’s Gut Causing Him To Let go Of Indie And Hold His Gut In Pain As Indie Went For Another Stab Nathan Dodged And Punched Indie Across The Face And Then Kicking Him In The Gut As Indie Stumbled Back Nathan Ran Right At Him Indie Then Used His Whip To Twack Nathan 5 Times Dazing Nate Beyond Belief As Indie Went For One Final Stab Drake Head Kicked Him Right In The Face Giving Indie A Nosebleed And Allowing Nathan A Opening To Rapidly Punch Indies Face As Indie Gained His Stance Midway Through Another Punch He Ducked Then Hit Nathan With A Whip Causing Him To Stumble Back As Indie Pulled Out His Walther P38 Which Was On Its Last Bullet And Went For One Final Shot

Drake Moved Out The Way Of The Gun Shot But It Hit One Of His Grenades On His Pocket Causing A Huge Explosion And For The Back Of The Plane To Blow Up Sending Both Flying Out Of It Similar To The Uncharted 3 Plane Scene



As Both Went Flying Into The Air Not Knowing If They Would Survive As Drake And Indie Mid Air Saw The Plane They Were Once In Crash Onto A Nearby Cliff As Nate and Indie Both Realised They Left The Treasure On There As Both Began To Fall In That Direction As Nate Saw Indie Going That Direction To He Tried To Fire At Indie With A Tau Sniper But Indie Avoided And Got Close Enough To Drake To Punch Him Causing The Gun To Fall As Indie Got Closer To The Cliff He Pulled Out Azerim’s Piece Of The Infernal Machine That Let Him Slowly Levitate To The Ground Of The Cliff As Drake Began Falling Towards The Same Cliff He Pulled Out A Strange Looking Knife And Threw It At Where He Was Going To Land Causing A Strange Force Field To Appear Around The Knife And When Nathan Fell Into It

Everything Went Slow Motion For Him Turns Out He Used Indra's Eternity To Slow Down His Momentum Allowing Him To Survive As Drake Picked Up The Knife And Looked At Indie Who Picked Up The Relic From The Rubble Of The Plain That Was Now Spreading Fire Around The Cliff They Were On As Drake Looked At Indie

Nate: Hand Over The Relic

As Nate Said This He Pointed His Tau Sniper Which Landed Near Him At Indie Who Used His Whip To Slap It Out Nathans Hand With Both Now No Longer Having Any Firearms On Them Indie Pulled Out The Most Deadly Thing He Had On Him His Machete


Nate Then Turned To His Left And Saw A Skeleton Which Was Impaled With A Pirate Sword Nate Quickly Picked It Up As Indie And Nathan Both Pointed There Swords At Each Other As The Fire Around Them Grew

Indie: You Know…How To Sword Fight

Nate: Yeah Just Stick You With The Sharp End Easy Enough

Both Nathan And Indiana Charged At Each Other With There Blades As They Clashed Swords As They Pushed Each Other Back As Nathan Went For Another Slash Indie Parried It Knocking Drake Back As Indie Went For A Slash Which Nathan Barley Jumped Out The Way Of As Nate Went To Swing Down At Indie Indie Blocked As Nate Began Pushing Jones Down To The Ground Pinning Him To It With His Sword Before Indie Kicked Nathan Knocking Him Off As Drake Fell On The Ground Indie Went To Stab Straight Down At Nate He Rolled Out The Way Causing Indies Sword To Get Stuck And For Nathan To Slash At Him With The Sword Causing Indie To Bleed

Indie: Oh No Not Good!

Nate: Got A Little Cut There Huh

Nate Went For Another Slash Right Down Which Indie Blocked And Pushed Nathan Back As He Began Rapidly Swinging At Nathan Who Blocked Every Swing By The Grit Of His Teeth As There Blades Clashed Again Which Nathan Pushed Indie Back And Went For Another Swing Which Indie Moved Out Of The Way Of And Slashed Drake Causing Him To Grunt In Pain Which Left Nate Open For Attacks As Indie Began Punching Nate To Make Him Even More Dazed First A Right Hook Then A Left Hook A Few Straight Punches To The Gut Then A Kick Right In The Gut To Push Him Back As It Pushed Him Back Indie Pulled Out His Machete And Charged Right At Him Wanting To End The Fight Right Then And There But Nate Blocked At The Last Second The Fire Around Them Grew More And More

In There Sword Lock Indie Began Pushing Drake Back As Drake Did To Indie But Eventually Indie Broke Through The Sword Which Cause Nathan To Fall Onto The Ground But As Nate Landed On The Ground He Heard The Noise Of A Plate Being Pushed Down Turns Out Nathan Just Fell On A Pressure Plate As Indie And Nathan Both Looked At Each Other

Nate And Indie: Your Kidding Me-

Suddenly The Ground Around The Cliff Blew Up As Both Nate And Indie Fell As Did The Treasure Both Fell Into The Bottom Of A Waterfall Similar To Afro Jacks Ending As Nate Gets Up He Looks Around And Sees Rubble Everywhere Remains Of The Plane And He Sees The Artefact Which He Quickly Picks Up As The Camera Pans Down To Indies Hat Floating In The Water Which Shows A Hand Grabbing It As It Pans Back To Indies Hat It Reveals Indiana Got Up As He Cracked His Whip Causing Nate To Look Right Back


Indie Then Swung His Whip As Far As He Could Right At Nate Who Picked Up His Tau Sniper From The Water And Fired It Right Through The Whip Which Not Only Split Indies Whip In Half But Hit Indie Right In His Gut Causing Him To Clench For His Life As He Grunted As A Ring Was Heard In His Ear As Indie Suddenly Heard The Sound Of A Lever Being Pulled Turns Out While Trying To Clench Onto Something He Accidently Pulled Down A Lever As Indie Looked Behind Him And Saw Something Coming Out Of A Cave Behind Him

A Boulder Rolled Out Right At Him

Nate: Adios Asshole

Nate Thanks To Being Less Injured Was Able To Run Away Indie Who Was Still To Injured Just Looked At The Boulder Approaching Him

Indie: Boulders…Why’d It Have To Be Boulders….

As Indie Said His Final Words The Boulder Rammed Into Him And Crushed Him Into A Pile Of Blood Which Soaked Into The Water As Some Of The Water Went Red Leaving Only Indies Hat And Whip Left

We Then Cut Back To Drake Who Was Climbing Up A Cliff As He Was Able To Escape The Boulder And Climb To A Safe Cliff As Nate Got Up He Took A Minute To Breath In…And Out Before Looking At The Sunset As He Pulled Out The Artefact And Looked At It

Nate: Heh This Thing Sure Does Belong In A Museum Huh…Too Bad It's Coming With Me…

Nates Silence Would Be Cut Off By The Sound Of His Walkie Talkie

Sully: You Good There Kid?

Nate Would Collapse To The Floor Sitting Down As He Looked At All His Bruises And Slice Wounds

Nate: Yeah Never Better…Got The Treasure To…You Got That Spare Plane I Kind of..Made A Mess…

Sully: Good Work Kid You Better Give Me Half The Money For That Plane Heh Where You At?

Nate: Right Here…

Nathan Would Then Fire A Flare Gun Into The Air As It Went Off In The Sky As It Panned Out It Showed The Jungle And Sunset In The Background As Sully's Plane Could Be Heard From Nearby As The Screen Went Black And The Fight Ends.



Boomstick: What Made Jones So Famous Is What Led To His Demise…That's Just Sad Man…

Wiz: Indiana And Nathan Where Both Incredibly Skilled Fighters And Could Hold Their Own For A While But Ultimately Nate Came Out On Top More Times Than Not

Boomstick: To Be Fair Indie’s Variety Of Guns Knifes Explosives Magic Weapons And Other Stuff Certainly Made Him More Versatile In Options And More Unpredictable And His Bullwhip Was A Much Better Melee Weapon Than Nates Sword

His Scuffles In World War I And II Made Him More Experienced Him Being Able To Learn Multiple Languages Made Him Smarter And His 400 Mega Joule Nuke Feat Was Way Higher Than Anything Nates 200 Megajoule Rpg And Propane Tank Feats

Wiz: But After That Indies Advantages Began To Wash Up While Indie Was More Experienced Nathan Was The Overall Better Fighter He’s Shown Being Able To Take Down Brutes More Often While Indie Usually Struggles Against Them And Indies Arsenal May Have Been More Versatile And Unpredictable But Drakes Was Overall More Deadly He Had A Wider Variety Of Guns And Sense He Was Born In A More Modern Time Even Just Looking At There Pistols Drake Has A 4 Times Range Advantage And When We Compare Stuff Like Nates 6 Bullet Grenade Launcher To Indies One Rocket Rpg It Starts To Paint A Clear Picture And Drakes Mysticals Let Him Keep Up With Jones’s Unpredicability With The Staff Of Ayar Manco Being Able To Counter Indies Invisibility Indra's Eternity Counterd Indies Ability To Turn Invincible By Using It To Wait It Out And His Healing Items Let Him Keep Up With Jones While Jones Could Only Really Use His Blue Torch And Dragons Claw To Cancel Out The Wrath Of El Dorado With His Other Weapons All Indie Could Do Was Either Be Outmatched Or Equally Match

Boomstick: Also Nates Shown To Be In Much Better Physical Condition With Nate’s 22 Ton Boulder Pushing Feat Out Passing Indies 20 Ton Statue Feat And That's Not Mentioning The 26 Ton Boulder Feats From The Shambala Guardians Also He’s Shown To Be Quicker Not Only Does He Dodge Bullets More Often But His 19 foot Stand Still Jump Is Something Indie Couldn't Counter Sense Even In His Younger Days He Failed To Make A Smaller Jump And Had To Use A Vine To Climb Up

Wiz: Also While Indie Was Overall More Durable Nate Had The Higher Pain Tolerance And Will Via Him Being Able To Push His Way Through The Snow Storm With The Gun Wound And Wandering The Desert With No Food Or Water And Nate Was Able To Take Down Lazarevic Who Had Years Of War Experience And Had Drunk The Resin Of The Cintamani Stone Which Made Him More Durable Than Drake Making Both Indies Experience And Durability Advantage Pretty Useless


Nathan Drake:

Stronger And Had A Higher Pain Tolerance +

Faster And More Agile +

More Ranged And Deadiler Arsenal +

Could Counter A Lot Of Indies Advantages +

Better Fighter Overall +

His Experience Against Super Natural Threats Let Him Overall Power Through Indies Arsenal +

Luck +

Less Experienced And Less Smart -

Indiana Jones:

More Durable +

Greater Experience And Intelligence +

Better Melee Weapons +

More Versatile Options +

Not As Strong Or Fast -

Pain Tolerance Was Worse -

His Advantages And Weapons Could Be Countered -

Arsenal Was Overall Not As Good Outside Of Versatility -

Crippling Age -

Boomstick: Also This Is Assuming Indie Isn't An Old Man In The Fight Which Would Also Give Nathan The Win Pretty Handily And Even Though Indies Arsenal Was More Versatile Overall Nathan’s Speed And Accuracy Would Allow Him To Just Shoot Jones Before He Could Do Anything And His Experience Against Teleporting Genji's With Fireballs Immortal Guardians With Super Strength Telekinetic Ghost Skeletons And Quick And Nimble Zombies Meant Indies Arsenal Was Going To Lose Its Element Of Surprise Sooner Or Later And His Luck Would Most Likely Let Him Survive Most Of What Indie Threw At Him

Sidenote: Even If We Didn't Give Nathan Multiplayer It Wouldn't Change The Outcome All That Much Sense Drake Would Still Be Physically Superior Have Better Weapons And Had The Experience To Deal With Jone’s Insane Weapons

Wiz: Indie Tried His Best And But Up A Good Fight But Nathan's Overall Superior Physical Abilities More Ranged And Deadly Arsenal And Experience With The Supernatural Allowed Him To Steal This Victory  

A Silence Would Be Heard From Wiz And Boomstick As Wiz Looked Confused

Wiz: No Pun?

Boomstick: Nope Im A New Man Don't Want This Episode To Drake On Any Longer You're Probably Done With My QWhips Anyway-

Wiz Would Then Punch Boomstick In The Face As He Fell The The Ground Unconscious As Wiz Looked At The Camera In Silence

Wiz:...The Winner Is Nathan Drake.

Nathan: What The? I Won Heh Oh Cool I Won Thanks Everybody.....Guess Im Gonna Go Drink My Own Pee Now