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Ichigo Kurosaki vs. Danny Phantom
Danny vs Ichigo
Season 5, Episode 12
Vital statistics
Air date October 23rd, 2015
Written by ParaGoomba348
Directed by Anonymous
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Ichigo Kurosaki vs. Danny Phantom is a What-If? episode of Death Battle.


Shounen Jump VS Nickelodeon! In a duel of East VS West, ghostly teenagers face off two see who is the better ghost killer!


Wiz: Some teenagers are just normal teenagers. Others develop alter egos through the use of superpowers.

Boomstick: But what if their alter egos were a little more... ghostly? Like Ichigo Kurosaki, the Substitute Soul Reaper!


Wiz: And Danny Phantom, the Savior of Amity Park.


Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick!

Wiz: It's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to see who would win... a Death Battle.

Ichigo Kurosaki[]

Wiz: Ghost-hunter. Hero. Shounen Icon. Today, Ichigo Kurosaki is all of these and more.

Boomstick: But he wasn't always that way! From the day he was born, Ichigo had the unique ability to see ghoooooosts!

Wiz: It's funny, you say "unique" now... but anyway, one fateful day Ichigo encountered Rukia Kuchiki, a Soul Reaper. Who was quite surprised to find out that Ichigo could see her.

Boomstick: During an encounter with a ghost monster called a Hollow, Rukia ended up losing a lot of her power. To save herself, she imparted the last of her remaining power into Ichigo, turning him into... a Soul Reaper.

Wiz: A Substitute Soul Reaper, that is. Wielding a large sword known as a Zanpakuto, Ichigo Kurosaki began his career slaying Hollows. And he learned quite a lot about Hollows, Soul Reapers, and another type of Hollow slayer known as Quincies.

Boomstick: But after a terrible loss at the hands of Renji Abarai and Byakuya Kuchiki, Ichigo was forced to learn more about his own powers. And after running up the walls of a deep hole he had found himself in, he discovered a newer, cooler, stronger Zanpakuto - Zangetsu!

Wiz: Zangetsu is a powerful blade, being able to cut through the masks of large Hollows with relative ease. It's also been shown to cut through lesser swords in battle.

Boomstick: Swords cutting swords and making more swords... damn, Bleach really likes their swords. But the strangest ability that this sword has is what happens when you tap someone on the forehead with the back of the hilt. This sends them all the way to the spirit realm for them to live in peace. But if Ichigo doesn't want to do that, he can just kill 'em by slashing them a few times.

Wiz: This... is actually not true. See, when Hollows are slain by a Zanpakuto, they are not "killed" in the same sense which you might think. Their souls are instead purified, or in the case of Hollows which led malicious lives as humans, sent to the underworld forever.

Boomstick: Man... this guy would have made the Exorcist movies pointless.

Wiz: To compliment their fighting style, Soul Reapers often learn a technique known as "Shunpo" - that's "Flash Step" for everyone who didn't know - which allows users to quickly jump and maneuver around their foes' attacks.

Boomstick: Hell, the sheer speed of this technique leaves afterimages behind! Talk about confusing!

Wiz: But it gets even better. After Rukia was captured by the Soul Society and Ichigo and his friends were tasked with saving her, Ichigo picked up a new technique with Zangetsu, known as the Getsuga Tenshou, otherwise known as "Heaven-Splitting Moon Fang".


Wiz: This is an energy projection attack that is basically Ichigo's version of the Kamehameha, the Rasengan, or the Hadouken. Just one of these blasts can alter the environment just by charging it, and when fully charged, it can even shatter large buildings.

Boomstick: Oh yeah, and did we mention that this was only base Ichigo?

Wiz: See, Soul Reapers have two different modes for their blades. There's Shikai, the base form, and then Bankai, which acts very much like a Super Mode. When Bankai is activated, Ichigo's powers increase significantly. In addition to Zangetsu becoming a thinner, longer blade, Ichigo's strength, speed, and durability is increased quite a bit.

Boomstick: Bankai Ichigo can cause large eruptions of spirit energy, rip people in half just by swinging Tensa Zangetsu - yes, it even gets a new name - around a lot, and is durable enough to tank a beating from this Grimmjow guy, whose fists are like giant hammers, and would have been able to slice Byakuya's throat in only a second! But most impressively... it comes with a change in clothes.

Wiz: In Bankai form, Ichigo's Getsuga Tenshou turns a black color and can be fired off in rapid succession. The power of this technique also increases significantly, and at its strongest, can even shatter mountains.

Boomstick: But just in case Bankai isn't working for some reason, Ichigo's Shikai works just as well. In its newest form, Zangetsu is now two blades instead of one! One's just a little shorter than the other. Oh, and by firing a Getsuga Tenshou from both blades, Ichigo can use the Getsuga Jujisho, a cross-shaped energy projection! Now, I'm not a fan of those guys coming to my door to ask about my religion, but if they could do that? I'd be converted in a day.

Wiz: However, there is far more to Ichigo's power than what may initially be suggested. As is the trend with most anime heroes these days, a much darker power lies within the Soul Reaper. After training with the Visords, Ichigo discovered that there was an inner Hollow within him. But instead of letting it take over him, Ichigo decided to harness its power.

Boomstick: Ichigo can do this by pretending it's Halloween and putting on a Hollow Mask. This greatly increases his abilities, but he cannot wear it for too long or else he strains himself. But he's learned to control it a little better, so that's a thing.

Wiz: This mask HAS been broken on occasion, but that's not to say that it's been broken for good. With a sleight-of-hand, Ichigo can repair the mask. However, an even more powerful and more dark force lies within Ichigo as well. In times of near-death or distress, Ichigo can go full Hollow.

Boomstick: And at that point, Ichigo gets to use the Force, because he can control Zangetsu from any distance. Oh, and that's after increasing his abilities even more.

Wiz: Ichigo's Hollow form, otherwise known as "Vasto Lorde", grants him many other abilities. Not the least of these is Sonido, the Hollow equivalent of Shunpo. And to improve Ichigo's ranged abilities, he is capable of firing off an incredibly powerful Cero - a form of energy projection utilized by Hollows.

Boomstick: Ichigo's Cero is powerful enough to dispel Ulquorria's Cero - and create large shockwaves in the air by doing so!

Wiz: And to make Ichigo even more deadly in this form, he is also granted a powerful healing factor that allows him to regenerate entire limbs in a matter of seconds.

Boomstick: But hey, he may not even need that healing factor, because the Hierro - which happens to be an exoskeleton Hollows have - protects Ichigo from damage anyway. One time, it even protected him from sudden death at the hands of Kenpachi Zaraki!

Wiz: But come much later, it was revealed that Ichigo's dead mother... was a Quincy.

Boomstick: M. Night Shyamalan would be proud of that plot twist.

Wiz: As such, Ichigo had Quincy powers to begin with. As stated before, Soul Reapers purify Hollows' souls... Quincies... well, they just outright kill them.

Boomstick: In Ichigo's case, he can use a defensive technique known as Blut, which is an energy that flows through his blood as an ability known as Vene to defend him from attacks that would kill him.'

Wiz: This defended him from an attack from Yhwach, which would have certainly killed him. These abilities have allowed Ichigo to accomplish some highly impressive feats, such as constantly catching swords, running up the walls of a deep hole, breaking through Byakuya Kuchiki's Shuukei Hakuteiken, defeating Renji, Byakuya, Kenpachi, Grimmjow, and Aizen, taking a Gran Rey Cero from Grimmjow without any sort of damage, outmaneuvering the hypersonic Ulquorria, and at the very peak of his known abilities, he can go toe-to-toe with country-busters with far more experience than him, and come out on top.

Boomstick: But that doesn't change one fact... that he's a fucking idiot!

Wiz: Indeed, while Ichigo has been known to analyze on occasion, he usually just goes in swinging Zangetsu. To be honest, the only real reason that Ichigo's survived so long is because of his sheer willpower. Other than that, Ichigo's greatest enemy is and always has been himself. As he does not know the extent of his abilities, Ichigo will very often limit himself in battle, completely unaware of what he's actually capable of doing.

Boomstick: But hey, you know who else does that? Superman.

Ichigo: The difference in strength... what about it? Do you think I should give up just because you're stronger than me?

Danny Phantom[]

Wiz: Daniel Fenton, the son of Jack and Maddie Fenton, was an ordinary 14-year-old boy... who had basically the strangest parents ever.

Boomstick: Jack and Maddie were obsessed with hunting ghosts! Even though in this universe, very few people actually believe in ghosts. So to prove everyone wrong, Jack and Maddie built a portal to the Ghost Zone - a place where ghosts could could run free and do ghost stuff.

Wiz: Sadly for the Fentons... it resulted in failure. When they left, Danny went to investigate this portal for himself. What happened was something that he did not ever see coming - there was an explosion of ectoplasmic energy, rearranging Danny's molecules to infuse him with all of the powers of a ghost. He became a sort of superhero, and gave himself the name... Danny Phantom. Nerdy schoolkid by day, and ghost-hunting-ghost by night, Danny made a name for himself as both Fenton and Phantom.

Boomstick: Deciding to use his newfound ghost powers for the side of good, Danny became the savior of Amity Park, fighting off evil ghosts always attacking the city... for some reason.

Wiz: ...Seriously, it's all in the theme song.

Boomstick: Being a spooooooky ghost, Danny's main power is to phase right through solid objects... like a ghost! He can also turn completely invisible. Like a ghost! He can fly. Like a ghost! And he can fire off blasts of green ectoplasm from his hands as a means of energy projection. Like a gh- wait, I've never seen any ghosts that can do that.

Wiz: Danny can also teleport short distances and even contort and manipulate his body structure in strange ways. With his unique molecular structure, he can even duplicate his own body up to four times.

Boomstick: Who knew Danny could reproduce asexually? Not like he really needs to, considering all the hot chicks who like him! I mean, there's Sam, Valerie, Paulina... Wait a sec. Nerdy human who becomes a badass superhero... got his powers completely on accident... lots of hot girls like him... can't reveal his secret identity to anyone... likes to joke around in battle... are we talking about Danny, or Spider-Man here?

Wiz: Danny also has a "Ghost Sense", which tells him if a ghost is nearby, and can also walk on walls and ceilings.

Boomstick: Dammit.

Wiz: Well, to be fair, the reason Danny can fly and use his intangibility without instantly falling through floors, and walk up walls and ceilings is because Danny Phantom isn't affected by gravity.

Boomstick: Doesn't that mean that he should fly into space?

Wiz: Technically speaking, ghosts aren't affected by gravity either. They exist on an entirely different physical plane, and Danny isn't an exception. This is why normal humans cannot see or interact with Danny when he is intangible. He can use his intangibility to move through solid objects, allowing him to maintain a level of stealth... or, you know, to sneak into the girl's locker room unnoticed. Yes, this actually happened.

Boomstick: He can also use his intangibility to phase through someone's body to possess them!

Wiz: Well, it's called "overshadowing", but it's pretty much the same basic concept. Danny can control other lifeforms by overshadowing them, making this an effective battle tactic. However, powerful foes can resist this and force Danny out of their bodies.

Boomstick: ...You know, the more we talk about this, the more sexual-sounding it becomes.

Wiz: ...I agree, let's move on. Danny can also use telekinesis, and as you were mentioning before, Danny can manipulate ectoplasm and fire blasts of it from his hands.

Boomstick: Or from his ass.

Scene from 'Memory Blank' where Danny fires an ectoplasm ray from his behind plays

Wiz: ...Oh yeah, that was a thing too.

Boomstick: He can also harness this power in the forms of spheres, waves, disks, and rings. Or, really, just about any shape he wants.

Wiz: He can even manipulate ectoplasm to create reflective barriers. These barriers have been known to deflect lasers, sort of like a mirror.

Boomstick: Or if that doesn't work, how about a whole shield of ectoplasmic energy around his body?

Wiz: But interestingly enough, in the episode 'Urban Jungle', Danny learned that he could manipulate cold air and ice. Technically, this had been available to him the whole time, he just never knew it. He can do this to create large snowballs that explode or freeze opponents on contact, create a shield of ice around his body, freeze his opponents with a touch, or create a sort of Green Lantern Power Ring-type construct of ice.

Boomstick: Oh, and he can even manipulate electricity. Except he rarely ever showcased this ability.

Wiz: In addition to all this, Danny's physical abilities are highly impressive. He's been speculated to be able to lift 30 tons and is capable of ripping through titanium, he can fly at around 112 miles per hour, he can resist vacuums and breathe underwater, and he even has a healing factor.

Boomstick: Oh yeah, one time he was reduced to nothing but a pile of ectoplasmic goo and just regenerated from it!

Wiz: However, his healing factor does have limits. Even though he'd survive, regenerating from a pile of goo isn't very easy for him and can leave him out of commission temporarily.

Boomstick: But if all this isn't enough, Danny carries around lots of badass ghost-hunting gear that he got from his embarrassing parents. The main one is the Fenton Thermos, which isn't something you store your drinks in, just something that captures ghosts.

Wiz: The Fenton Ghost Fisher ties around ghosts using a ghost-resistant resin string, but it has been resisted and even broken before.

Boomstick: And my personal favorite, as well as the favorite of Knuckles', is the Fenton Ghost Gloves, which double Danny's striking power!

Wiz: As Danny can lift with 30 tons, it is highly likely that Danny's striking strength is at least close to that. As the Ghost Gloves double his power, this gives him a striking strength of approximately 60 tons per punch.

Boomstick: Well holy shit. He also has the Fenton Spector Deflector, which acts as a last resort to any ghost trying to get his hands on him by giving them a large shock- oh, goddammit, Wiz, I can't do this without it sounding sexual again.

Wiz: It's... not sexual at all, actually. But Danny has two trump cards under his belt. These being the Ghostly Wail, a sound wave that affects all ghosts in the area. This one-shots lesser ghosts with ease and can do major damage to stronger ghosts. The problem is that it puts a massive strain on his body, but Danny has been able to resist this.

Boomstick: And the other one is the Exo-Skeleton, which is a body suit that is capable of increasing Danny's power... times one-hundred. Now THAT's impressive! Like all the times he beat up ghostly supervillains, beating Vlad Plasmius, defeating future Dark Danny, ripping through titanium, defeating Pariah Dark, and even that time he and all the other ghosts turned the entire Earth intangible!

Wiz: However, that's not to say that Danny is unstoppable. While he's certainly a force to be reckoned with, all of his powers are essentially coming from a finite pool of energy. If he is to use up too much of his power, he will be reverted back to Danny Fenton. He also can be reverted if he takes too much damage beforehand, and... here we go... much like Spider-Man, he likes to joke around in battle, which sometimes gets him in more trouble than he was already in.

Boomstick: But hey, at the end of his series... he finally got together with Sam. Isn't that a happy ending?

Danny: If I hear "Beware!" one more time I'll-!

Box Ghost: BEWARE!

Danny: -sigh- and put my sandwich down.



Danny Ichigo Set

Karakura Town, late at night

It was a late night in Karakura Town. Everything seemed relatively peaceful. People were inside their homes either eating dinner or getting ready for bed, the streets were almost empty, and there was not one person out and about...

...That is, except for Ichigo Kurosaki. He had been brought out because he sensed a Hollow just a few minutes prior, and he was getting close. He slowly crept toward a small house and inspected behind it. His spiritual senses were beginning to overload. Ichigo gripped Zangetsu, his Zanpakuto with determination as he took a deep breath and mentally prepared himself for battle. After a few seconds, he made a berserker-esque run behind the building, only to find... a lesser Hollow. It was not even the size of the house, and it appeared very similar to a giant mosquito. The mosquito Hollow screeched in Ichigo's face, but with one quick swipe of Zangetsu, the Hollow's mask was shattered into pieces.

The spirit of a short, middle-aged man suddenly appeared from where the Hollow was defeated. He seemed to be wearing a face of awe as he looked up at Ichigo... and then his eyes lay upon the gigantic meat cleaver-like sword Ichigo was wielding.

"Don't hut me! Please!" The spirit cried out.

Ichigo smiled at the man and knelt down to his level. "Hey, don't worry. You'll go to a better place." He placed the back of Zangetsu's hilt upon the spirit's head. The spirit gasped - partly in awe, but partly in fear - as dazzling blue light encompassed his body. After a short few seconds of this, the spirit was lifted into the Spirit Realm as his body disappeared.

Around the Corner

From around the corner of all this were three figures of teenagers. After stepping into the light (which was lit up by a street light), it became apparent who these figures were. One was Daniel "Danny" Fenton, a seemingly normal high school student. By his side was Tucker Foley, his best friend who had a reputation as the school nerd. And by his other side was Sam Manson, his other best friend who doubled as a love interest. She was a well-known goth.

"Danny! The radar's picking up a ghost nearby!" Tucker said to Danny as they approached the house.

Danny stopped for a second. He took a deep breath, and exhaled a blue mist-like substance which was known for being rather cold. "Yep, there's definitely a ghost here."

Sam took a look behind the house. She saw a typical backyard - trees, grass, a fence - but nothing that would hint at being a ghost. "You sure?"

Danny took a step behind the house, and unlike the other two, he actually saw Ichigo, wielding Zangetsu in place. "Guys, I see him!"

Tucker reached into his red backpack then pulled out a pair of Fenton Ghost Goggles. He put them on his head and was surprised to see Ichigo standing in front of him. Unlike all the other ghosts they saw, there was nothing inherently ghostly-looking about him. "He... doesn't look like a ghost..."

Sam pulled the goggles off of Tucker's head and put them on her own. "...Whoa. That ghost dresses kinda like a goth too..."

"Uh, is there any business you guys have with me?" asked Ichigo. Suddenly, the others stopped what they were doing.

"Guys, stay back. I've got this one." Danny told his friends. Sam and Tucker went behind another house as Danny faced Ichigo. "I'm going ghost!" He shouted as he transformed into his alter ego, Danny Phantom.

Ichigo scratched the back of his head, slightly confused. "Uh..."

"Sorry, ghost, but I've got a job to do." Danny said to Ichigo. Suddenly realizing what Danny intended to do, Ichigo ran into the street.

If it was a fight Danny wanted, it was a fight Danny was getting. But no innocents were being harmed on Ichigo's watch.


Render Danny vs Ichigo

Danny jumped into the air and flew toward Ichigo, both of his fists extended. He made a quick dash toward the Substitute Soul Reaper, but before Ichigo could get hit he delivered a crushing overhead slash at Danny. Danny quickly moved to the side, dodging the swing completely unscathed. He raised his hand up in the air, then fired a small blast of ectoplasm at Ichigo. It looked like the blast had connected - but Danny thought he was seeing double as he say Ichigo "hop" to the side with his Shunpo technique.

"That's the way you're gonna play it, huh?" Danny asked, grinning. "I haven't fought an actually strong ghost in a long time!" As Danny finished those words, Ichigo rushed toward Danny and delivered a horizontal strike with Zangetsu. Right before the sword could connect, Danny's body seemed to completely vanish, with only his outline visible to viewers as he dove right in through the ground.

Ichigo stopped moving. He held Zangetsu in a defensive position as he slowly stepped back, looking around for Danny. "I can still sense his presence..."

Suddenly, Danny emerged out of the ground and flew up behind Ichigo. The Soul Reaper turned to see Danny floating overhead, his hands being charged with green ectoplasmic energy. "I'm up here! Of course, if your sword is too heavy to make it up here-" But just before Danny could finish his sentence, Ichigo jumped up and swung Zangetsu in a diagonal motion. Danny's eyes suddenly widened. "Oh, great." Danny sarcastically muttered. Just as Ichigo's Zanpakuto was about to make contact with Danny, the Half-Ghost caught the blade with both hands. The simple act of catching blades caused Danny great pain as ectoplasm oozed from the cuts in his palms and leaked over his clothing, and onto the ground.

For those who don't know, green ectoplasm is the ghost equivalent of blood in Danny Phantom. Ever notice how you can change the color of blood and suddenly it's PG-rated? I'm sure Final Destination would have been rated "PG-13" if all the blood was pink-and-yellow pinstripes.

But back to the battle.

Danny held back the sword, pushing against the blade with all his strength. He groaned in agony as he pushed back the sword, and then with a mighty shove he pushed Ichigo and Zangetsu down onto the ground. Ichigo landed directly on his feet, unfazed by the fall completely. He looked up to see Danny flying toward him, fists extended. His palms had healed from their wounds in a matter of seconds. Just when he got close enough, Danny delivered an ectoplasm-powered punch into Ichigo's body... and it would have connected too if Ichigo hadn't dodged the strike with Shunpo.

Ichigo was now at Danny's side thanks to the use of Shunpo. He struck Danny's forearm with a shove from the hilt of Zangetsu, causing Danny to stumble a little.

"Did you seriously hit me with the hilt of your sword? What kind of swordsghost are you?" Danny asked the Soul Reaper. However, Ichigo did not feel like answering that question. Instead, Ichigo delivered a hard swing from Zangetsu into Danny's midsection, knocking the Half-Ghost onto his back. A large, horizontal slash wound appeared over Ichigo's stomach, sending ectoplasm splashing into the air and over Ichigo's face and body. As soon as Danny landed on the ground, he disappeared again.

"Not letting you get away from me this time!" Ichigo shouted out. He turned around to see Danny floating behind him overhead again.

"I can see you, but you can't see me!" Danny shouted out, turning his body intangible once more. The look on Ichigo's face was absolutely priceless as Danny seemed to disappear. How so, you ask?

Because he didn't seem to react at all.

Ichigo stood there, gripping Zangetsu. He did not seem amused in the slightest. "I can still see you, you know." Danny's eyes widened as he saw Ichigo jump at him while slashing with Zangetsu overhead. Before Ichigo's attack could connect, Danny fired a ray of ectoplasm directly into Ichigo's chest. Ichigo was unable to block the attack in time as his eyes widened with surprise. The impact of the attack knocked him down onto the ground, and the ray seemed to burn some of the fabric on his clothing, but didn't seem to do much lasting damage.

The Substitute Soul Reaper got back up, then dusted himself off quickly. He saw Danny making a another offensive toward him, and then he held aloft Zangetsu to block any oncoming strike. "Hey sword ghost! You like Frisbee?" asked Danny, manifesting a spinning disk of green ectoplasm about the size of a large pizza pie above his right hand. He threw the disk at Ichigo, and the Soul Reaper slashed at the disk directly, completely dissipating it in the air. Danny threw two more ectoplasm disks at Ichigo, and both of them completely dissipated after Ichigo slashed them. "That all you got?" asked Ichigo, wearing a smug grin on his face.

"Not even close, pal." Danny replied, wearing a similar grin. Ichigo began to run toward Danny, Zangetsu in battle position. Suddenly, Danny flew right through the wall of a nearby house. Ichigo stopped once more, and took a moment to think.

He wouldn't be tricked by this tactic a third time.

Ichigo looked to his left, the direction Danny had gone. He saw Danny flying right toward him, with an ectoplasm-charged fist extended. Although to viewers, only Danny's outline was visible. Right before Danny could hit Ichigo, the Soul Reaper slashed Danny with Zangetsu right across the face. Danny was knocked down to the ground, with a large slash wound across his cheek.

"Alright, I KNOW I was intangible that time!" Danny shouted, frustrated. He turned intangible once more and dove under the ground, Ichigo being left to look for him once more.

Ichigo lifted up Zangetsu again. "Wherever you are, you can come out now! This is getting really old!" Right when he finished his sentence, Danny popped up from under the ground and delivered a hard uppercut into Ichigo's chin. Just as Ichigo went flying into the air, Danny materialized a ball of ectoplasm in his hand and threw it right into Ichigo's stomach. The impact of the blow sent Ichigo flying into the trunk of a nearby tree. The trunk split upon Ichigo's impact, and the top of the tree fell down onto the ground. Ichigo quickly got back up, his face covered in ectoplasm, blood, tree bark, and dirt.

"That's the way you're gonna play it, huh?" asked Ichigo. Now at a reasonable distance, Zangetsu began to charge with blue spiritual energy. Ichigo held up Zangetsu as wind began to circulate throughout the area. The simple act of charging the blade began to cause small tremors and gusts. Rocks and blades of grass were flying freely in the confusion.

Danny sighed, suddenly being reminded of his fight with Vortex, the weather ghost. "Well, at least his voice isn't annoying." He muttered.

Right as Danny finished his sentence, Ichigo's sword was now glowing a pale blue. "Getsuga Tenshou!" shouted Ichigo, the sword firing a large blue beam of energy directly at Danny.

"Get-Sooga what now?" asked Danny. However, right as he said that he saw the gigantic wave of energy heading toward him at a speed he couldn't counter. "I need to learn to keep my mouth shut sometimes..." Danny attempted to move out of the way of the blast, but suddenly the Getsuga Tenshou connected square with Danny's body. The impact of the blast sent Danny flying into the air, sending massive amounts of ectoplasm dripping over the town. Danny regenerated from the attack in a matter of seconds, but coughed up a bit of ectoplasm as a result. "Alright, note to self. Don't get hit by that!"

Ichigo began to charge another Getsuga Tenshou with Zangetsu, but Danny quickly flew around in a circular motion around Ichigo to make sure he wouldn't get hit. "Hey sword ghost! Why don't you... chill out?" Danny taunted, firing a cyan blast of energy from his hands. Ichigo's charging was suddenly interrupted.

"Crap!" Ichigo shouted, quickly sidestepping around the bast with Shunpo. However, he was genuinely surprised to see that the blast had frozen a small part of the ground in solid ice. "...Damn. I'm gonna have to be extra careful about that..."

"Hey sword ghost! Language! There could be kids watching us!" Danny shouted at Ichigo. He fired another ice blast at Ichigo, who held up Zangetsu in defense. However, his eyes widened when his hands felt one of the greatest chills they had ever experienced in his entire life.

Danny froze his hands to Zangetsu.

Ichigo huffed in frustration as he began to charge more spirit energy throughout his body. Purple-black streaks of spirit energy flew around Ichigo's body rampantly as many more rocks and blades of grass were tossed around. Danny's eyes widened in surprise when he felt a large tremor, and he was barely standing still with the wind flying around.

Danny attempted to hold onto the ground as much as he could, then looked at Ichigo directly. "Alright, if I can just stop him while he's charging..." Danny noted. He powered through the wind and quakes as he made a mad dash toward Ichigo and pulled back his arm for a punch. Until-

"Bankai!" shouted Ichigo. Pieces of concrete were hurled into the air. Rocks and grass flew out of position. More trees were uprooted from the ground as a huge shockwave erupted from the ground. Danny was knocked down to the ground as he saw Ichigo, now dressed slightly differently, standing above him.

"Hey, how'd you change clothes so fast? That's something I'd like to be able to d-" Without even perceiving the speed of the event, Danny saw a black katana-like blade mere millimeters from his nose. If Ichigo moved the blade any closer, Danny's nose would be gone. "...Perhaps it's best if I don't ask." Danny rolled out of the way and fired a blast of ectoplasm from his palm at Ichigo's face, but Ichigo quickly stepped aside with Shunpo. As a matter of fact, Ichigo moved so quickly that Danny couldn't even see him move.

Ichigo then "hopped" circles around Danny via Shunpo, eventually going so fast that Danny could hardly see him anymore. "I'm putting an end to this! Now!" Ichigo shouted.

"I wonder if I still-" Danny thought out loud, furiously rummaging through his pockets. Suddenly, he pulled out a pair of metallic gloves - the Fenton Ghost Gloves. With not a moment to spare, Danny equipped the gloves to his hands as Ichigo delivered a stabbing motion with Tensa Zangetsu (the name of his Bankai Zanpakuto) as Danny held his hand up, catching the blade with his palm. "I just caught your attack! "Sword"-a. Ha! Get it? Anyone?"

To be continued...

Part 2[]

Danny pulled back his Ghost Glove-covered fist, then unleashed a powerful punch directly into the face of Ichigo Kurosaki. Ichigo quickly raised Tensa Zangetsu as a means of defense, safely blocking his face but the force of the blow knocking Ichigo backward. Ichigo was genuinely surprised - he was considerably more durable in his Bankai form, and Danny had landed a solid attack.

This was certainly going to be more difficult than Ichigo had first thought.

Ichigo rushed toward Danny and delivered a stabbing motion into Danny's chest. Before he could connect the attack, Ichigo saw a hole in Danny's body that had formed around the sword - and there was no ectoplasm oozing from the hole.

"Looks like there was just a hole in your thinking!" Danny taunted to Ichigo. Danny charged his fist with ectoplasm and delivered a heavy punch to Ichigo's gut - which Ichigo quickly deflected with his sword.

"I'm not going to let you get the best of me!" Ichigo yelled out. He slashed at Danny horizontally, and Danny caught Ichigo's sword with his hand again.

"Keep working at it." Danny told Ichigo with a wink. Ichigo pulled back his blade and swung it overhead toward Danny, who just as easily caught the Zanpakuto with his Ghost Gloves. "Hey, not bad, I almost didn't catch that one!"

Ichigo huffed out in frustration once more. Danny's words were beginning to annoy him. And worse yet, Danny was actually putting up a good fight.

Danny let go of Ichigo's sword and delivered another solid punch toward Ichigo, but the Soul Reaper deflected the punch with his sword. Danny threw a right hook, and Ichigo deflected his fist again.

This process continued five more times, each time with spirit energy and ectoplasm being sent flying. After a few solid strikes, Tensa Zangetsu began to charge with black-purple spirit energy.

"Oh, that can't be good." Danny said aloud, moments before taking a huge swing from Ichigo. The force of the swing sent Danny flying into the pavement, knocking out one of his teeth and filling his mouth with the taste of ectoplasm.

What does ectoplasm taste like, you ask?

You're probably better of not knowing.

Danny spit out the tooth that had been knocked out of his mouth (with a trail of ectoplasm falling behind with it), then pulled himself up onto his feet. He looked back at Ichigo, who was still charging Tensa Zangetsu. "What's he doing?" asked Danny.

"Getsuga Tenshou!" shouted Ichigo, firing a black version of the Getsuga Tenshou from Tensa Zangetsu. Danny jumped back in surprise, then materialized a square barrier of ectoplasm in front of him. Without a moment to spare, the Getsuga Tenshou collided with the barrier - and the blast completely dissipated while the barrier remained intact.

"Whew! That was too close!" Danny said to himself with a sigh of relief. He wiped a sweat drop off of his head, but then he saw three more Getsuga Tenshou's coming his way. "And of course." Danny muttered, deadpan. Two of the Getsuga Tenshou's dissipated upon hitting the ectoplasm barrier, but the third one instead destroyed the barrier, the force of the explosion knocking Danny back to the ground.

Ichigo rushed toward Danny in another offensive, ready to strike with Tensa Zangetsu. Right as he approached Danny, the Savior of Amity Park delivered a powerful uppercut into Ichigo's chin. The sound of bone cracking was very clearly audible as he struck. Ichigo stepped back somewhat, but otherwise didn't let the injury get to him.

"Heh, that was a pretty good hit there." Ichigo said to his opponent. "But I'm not going to lose this one so easily!" The Soul Reaper then rushed toward Danny head-on, and Danny delivered a hard punch with both of his fists at once - only to see Ichigo dupe him with Shunpo again.

Danny turned behind himself to see Ichigo about to swing at him again, and Danny pulled back his fists to ready himself for another punch - only for Ichigo to trick him with Shunpo once more. Danny turned just in time to see Ichigo slash at his arm. The sheer sharpness of the blade, as well as the force of blow completely cut Danny's arm off. Danny looked down in horror to see his arm fall to the ground and turn into nothing but a pool of ectoplasm. "Oh... I might need a hand with this guy." Danny's arm began to slowly regenerate as Ichigo impaled Danny through the chest before he could react.

"Gah!" Danny cried out in pain, coughing up saliva and ectoplasm. His mouth had turned to a bitter, yet sickeningly sweet taste as ectoplasm dripped over his clothing and coated Ichigo's Zanpakuto. Ichigo retracted his blade and readied it for another attack, until he saw Danny teleport away from him.

Ichigo sighed, then raised his blade, ready for another attack. Suddenly, he saw Danny reappear in front of him. "You're making this that easy for me?" Ichigo asked with a smile on his face. He ran toward Danny and slashed downward at him, but then in the heat of the moment he noticed something rather peculiar.

Danny was no longer wearing the Ghost Gloves.

However, Ichigo paid little mind to this as he brought his sword down upon the Half-Ghost. Danny attempted to catch the sword again, but Tensa Zangetsu sliced clean through his hands, sending his fingers to the concrete and reverting them to puddles of ectoplasm. However, Danny just grinned even as his fingers were sliced off, ignoring the massive amount of pain he was in. "Y'know, you're right. I should probably stop. I mean, it's not like there's anyone behind you or anything." Danny said to Ichigo with a shrug. Ichigo raised his eyebrow after what Danny said, but suddenly he felt a huge punch connect with the back of his neck - and not only was it a hard punch, it was also horrendously cold, freezing, even.

Ichigo turned behind himself to see Danny - even though Danny had just been right in front of him. This Danny, however, was still wearing the Ghost Gloves. "If he's wearing the Ghost Gloves, and that one isn't... that just means... he's duplicated himself! Crap, now I have to fight two at once..." Ichigo thought aloud. Before he could finish what he was going to say, Ichigo ducked down to avoid the two Danny's punching him, instead the two of them punching each other. Ichigo ducked further and did a somersault to move out of the way, then stood behind the Danny with the Ghost Gloves. Right when that Danny turned around, he was met with a horrible slice - one that reduced that Danny to mere nothingness with a single strike.

The Fenton Ghost Gloves fell down onto the ground with a metallic "clang!" as the other Danny watched on with an expression which could only mean "Oh, Crap!". Danny was frozen in horror as Ichigo slashed at him overhead, splitting Danny's body down the middle and reducing him to nothingness.

"Whew, good to know that's over..." Ichigo muttered to himself. Suddenly, he felt something ensnare around his torso and coil around tightly. He looked down to see that he was tied up in a string very similar to that of a fishing rod. Ichigo suddenly felt a horrible stinging pain coming from the string. He coughed up a sizable amount of blood as the string got even tighter around his waist, his stomach filling with blood and saliva. He felt like his eyes were about to pop out of their sockets as they reddened with blood. Ichigo then begrudgingly turned around to see Danny standing on the rooftop of a neighboring house, wielding none other than the Fenton Ghost Fisher.

"Looks like you're a little tied up at the moment!" Danny quipped to Ichigo. "You're just like a fish out of water right now."

Ichigo groaned in pain - partially from Danny's puns, partially from the massive amount of pain he was in. "Looks like there's just no choice..." Ichigo muttered, sliding his hand in front of his face. When he moved his hand out of the way, there was a powerful burst of spirit energy as Ichigo donned the iconic mask of a Hollow.

"Looks like you're prepared for Halloween." Danny said to his opponent. However, his smugness quickly turned into shock as the burst of energy snapped the string on the Ghost Fisher. "...Well, that's a catch-and-release."

Ichigo let out the screech of a Hollow, then jumped toward Danny at a speed he could hardly even perceive. To retaliate, Danny materialized a bubble-shaped shield of ectoplasm around himself - which, to his dismay, was simply shattered as Ichigo struck it with a slash.

Suddenly, Danny had an excellent idea. He went intangible once more, just barely dodging a stab from Ichigo's Zanpakuto. Then, before Ichigo could attack again, he felt another's will inside his own body. Ichigo grunted in pain as he felt his body being invaded - no, overshadowed. He attempted to fight back, but could hardly do so as he was forced to turn his sword around, pointing it toward his stomach. Ichigo attempted to stop himself from doing this, but then he heard Danny's voice coming from his own body.

"Man! This is much harder than I was expecting...!" Danny sputtered out, struggling to control Ichigo's body. Suddenly, Ichigo's will had been completely overshadowed as he stabbed himself straight through the stomach. A red liquid poured out onto the ground, as well as... a green liquid? "Aaagh!" Danny screamed in pain, suddenly exiting Ichigo's body. "I... really should have thought that one through."

Danny was shoved against the ground by this forced exit as Ichigo stepped on his face, holding his Zanpakuto to Danny's neck.

"Well, this is awkward..." Danny muttered to himself. Ichigo attempted to slice Danny down the throat, but suddenly Danny phased himself through the ground again. Before Ichigo could land his attack, Danny had completely disappeared. Then, Danny reappeared behind Ichigo again and charged more ectoplasm in his hands than he had throughout this entire fight. "Gaaaaaahhh!" Danny shouted out, shooting a giant wave of ectoplasm Ichigo's way. Ichigo trudged toward Danny, tanking the full force of the ectoplasm wave. His body slowly began to dematerialize under the pressure, and before Ichigo could make to Danny the attack ended. Ichigo dropped to the ground, kneeling down. His mask had completely incinerated, and he was beginning to run out of power.

"I need... more power..." Ichigo murmured. He slumped down onto the ground, holding his Zanpakuto down into the concrete.

"Giving up already?" asked Danny. Ichigo looked right up at him and glared.

"You... bastard..." Ichigo said to Danny, starting to get up. At this point, red spirit energy began to circulate around Ichigo. Wind formed all around the two fighters in a cyclone, kicking up dust around both of them.

Danny gave a nervous chuckle, backing up slightly. "Hey, let's not name-call here. Especially not names they wouldn't be able to say on TV-Y7 shows..."

"Good thing this is all TV-14 then." Ichigo told Danny with a grin, as his body began to transform completely. He developed goat-like antlers from his head as he donned a much larger Hollow mask. Also of note, there was now a large, gaping hole in his chest in the shape of a perfect circle.

To say this being looked like the spawn of Satan would be a huge understatement.

"Man, are ALL ghosts here that ugly?" Danny asked himself. But he soon found himself regretting his words after taking multiple stab attacks through his stomach at once. Danny spit out a glob of ectoplasm onto the ground and knelt down, looking right up at Vasto Lorde himself. "I'm gonna need to crank it up a notch if I want to beat this guy..."

Danny suddenly reached into his pockets OF ENDLESSNESS! as he then pulled out his signature Fenton Thermos. "To the Ghost Zone with you!" shouted Danny as he pulled the lid off the Thermos. A vacuum-like energy began to pull Ichigo toward the Thermos.

Ichigo planted his feet harder onto the ground, resisting the force. He grunted in agony as he held his ground, gripping onto his Zanpakuto for dear life. As he got closer to the Fenton Thermos, Ichigo slashed his Zanpakuto horizontally, not only knocking the Fenton Thermos out of Danny's hand, but also cutting it right in half. The top half of the Thermos was knocked onto the pavement, and Danny held onto the other half.

"Oh great. Uh, sword ghost, you do realize what you've done now, right?" Danny asked Ichigo. However, contrary to what would realistically happen, no ghosts were released from the Thermos. "Oh wait, I forgot! I emptied this out just the other day! Well, that was convenient-" but right before Danny could finish his sentence, he felt himself take the full force of a red energy projection from Ichigo's horns - a powerful Cero.

This attack was powerful enough to launch Danny skyward - it didn't really look like he would come back down.

Ichigo continued watching, knowing Danny would just come back. He was a rather persistent foe, after all. As if right on cue, Danny made his return just moments later - except this time, he was wearing a full giant robot suit a la Iron Man's Hulkbuster - the Exo-Skeleton.

"Weren't expecting that, were you?" asked Danny. He threw a much heavier punch into Ichio's chest, too fast for the Soul Reaper to react to. Ichigo felt a few of his ribs crack as he was launched several feet, right into the wall of a building. Paying no mind to the possible destruction this could all cause, he ran toward Danny in an offensive as his ribs healed right back into place. Ichigo swung Zangetsu toward the Exo-Skeleton as Danny quickly materialized a bubble-shaped shield of ice around himself. The ice managed to stop the impact of the slash for the most part, but it still left a large crack in the exterior.

Ichigo swung his sword into the barrier again, this time shattering the shield completely. Then, Danny fired a much larger blast of ectoplasm than he had at any time during the battle. The force of this blast knocked Ichigo through several buildings, each one being leveled to the ground after Ichigo fell through them. Danny kept up the speed by flying toward Ichigo, punching him in the gut continuously.

"Not a fan of that, are you, sword ghost?" Danny tauntingly asked his opposition. Suddenly, Ichigo glared right at Danny and then fired off another powerful Cero, catching Danny off-guard and sending him down to the ground. Danny got back up and attempted to punch Ichigo again, but Ichigo "hopped" out of the way with a successful Sonido.

Ichigo gave another Hollow screech as he fired another Cero at Danny, this time from a distance.

"Oh no, not again!" Danny had to think of something - anything. He had to end this as soon as possible. He closed his eyes shut as tight as possible. He opened his mouth wide as he let all the ectoplasmic energy in his body flow to his head. Then he shouted as loud as he possibly could. This was the Ghostly Wail.

The green sound waves of the Ghostly Wail and the energy beam of Ichigo's Cero collided with each other in midair, resulting in a shockwave that could be felt over all of Karakura town - no, the entire country.

The sheer force of the shockwave stumbled Danny, and the Exo-Skeleton shattered into pieces upon hitting the ground. Danny himself was running low on energy. "Well... at least I had a good run."

Ichigo suddenly was back in his Shikai form, except now he was wielding two Zanpakuto instead of one. The one in his left hand was much shorter than the one in his right. Danny gasped in terror as Ichigo approached.

"You know... It's not like I can let you go unpunished for that." Ichigo said to Danny, holding Zangetsu up to his neck.

Danny gave a nervous chuckle. "Heh... yeah it is... I mean... we're both ghost-hunters and all."

Ichigo ignored Danny's words, then picked him up by the shirt. Danny struggled against Ichigo as the Soul Reaper stabbed Danny through the chest with his shorter Zanpakuto, then threw him back down onto the ground. Ectoplasm oozed over the ground as Danny was just about to revert to his human form.

"No... not now..." Danny winced as he felt his fate approach. Ichigo stood over Danny, holding the hilt of Zangetsu above Danny's forehead. "...Huh?" Danny asked.

"You'll be in a better place." Ichigo said to Danny with a smile. He brought the the back of the hilt of his blade upon Danny's forehead, blue spirit energy circulating around him.

Danny's feelings at the moment were a jumbled mess of things. He was in awe, but at the same time confused, and simultaneously a little frightened. "What are-?"

Ichigo smiled back at Danny as he watched a spectral version of Danny leave behind his physical version. Danny watched his spirit version dissipate into thin air with a look of disappointment on his face.

"Aw... does this mean no more ghost powers?" asked Danny.

"Hey, don't complain to me about it. I know how it feels firsthand." Ichigo replied. But then he remembered one crucial thing.

The sword in Danny's stomach.

Before Danny could say anything else, he was slumped over on the ground with a cold, vacant expression. His eyes were completely devoid of any emotion, and it wasn't hard to tell that he wasn't even alive anymore.

Ichigo sighed as he drew his Zanpakuto from Danny's chest and walked off. The last thing he wanted to do was have to explain to his friends, family, the authorities, and the other Soul Reapers that he had to kill a 14-year-old ghost kid.


"Do you think we can come out now?" asked Sam, she and Tucker still hiding behind a house.

Tucker looked out from behind the house - and he wore the most shocked expression you've ever seen. "D-danny...?" asked Tucker. He could not believe the sight of Danny's impaled body upon the ground.

"Tucker?" asked Sam.

Tucker went back behind the house. "Uh... I think it's best if we stay here and let Danny work things out..."

Of course, she'd find out eventually.

And everyone in Amity Park would learn of this quite quickly.

Amity Park needed a new hero.


Boomstick: Ichigo is best Ghostbuster confirmed!

Wiz: Ichigo Kurosaki and Danny Phantom are both highly accomplished ghost-hunters with many feats under their belts. And while Danny's body manipulation allowed him to get in some good hits, it ultimately came down to who was faster, stronger, and more durable.

Boomstick: In terms of speed, Danny's highest calculated speed is 112 miles per hour. Ichigo, on the other hand, moves at speeds massively hypersonic as shown with his battle with Ulquorria.

Wiz: Next up was strength. While Danny's been speculated to lift thirty tons, Ichigo can slice right through mountains. And don't get me started on how badly Ichigo outdoes Danny in durability.

Boomstick: I know what some of you are thinking. "But Boomstick, what about Danny's intangibility?

Wiz: This WOULD be a valid point, and WOULD allow Danny a bigger chance of winning... but unfortunately, we decided that this tactic would be ineffective. When Danny is intangible, he is invisible to the human eye and cannot be touched by humans. Spirits in Bleach are invisible to the human eye and cannot be touched by normal humans. As Ichigo is capable of interacting with spirits, he could hit right through Danny's biggest defense.

Boomstick: Next up was experience. Which Ichigo outdoes Danny on so badly it's not even funny!

Wiz: While Danny has a healing factor and better battle smarts, both of these are flawed to begin with. Danny's healing factor has limits, and while he was able to regenerate from a pile of goo, it left him incapacitated. And while he is smarter than Ichigo, it's not by very much and as such isn't that much of a factor to begin with.

Boomstick: Danny's best chances of winning were the Ghostly Wail and the Exo-Skeleton, but Ichigo's sheer willpower and the fact that he's that much stronger, faster, and more durable gave him the win. Danny's looking a little weak. Maybe he should get some "exorcise"!

Wiz: The winner is Ichigo Kurosaki.

Ichigo Wins