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Homura Akemi VS Dio Brando
Season 2, Episode 8
Vital statistics
Air date April 15, 2015
Written by Derpurple & ParaGoomba348
Directed by Derpurple & ParaGoomba348
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Homura Akemi VS Dio Brando is a What-If? episode of Death Battle, pitting Homura from Puella Magi Madoka Magica against Dio from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.


???: "So Homura you think you are the master of time? ZA WARUDO! MUDA MUDA~! But it is me, DIO!"


Wiz: In Death Battle fanon and canon alike we have had our fair share of time manipulators.

Boomstick: Now its TIME for two of Anime/Manga's most [in]famous time manipulators to go head-to-head, one-on-one, man-to-woman, in a Death Battle!

Wiz: Dio Brando, the egomaniac, master strategist and British Time-Stopping Vampire.

Boomstick: And Homura Akemi, the time-manipulating witch. He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And its our jobs to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to see who would win a Death Battle.


Homura Akemi[]

Done by ParaGoomba348

(Cue Homura's Theme)

Wiz: Armed with seemingly countless weapons and a stoic attitude that lets her approach everything with reckless abandon, Homura Akemi is a dangerous person to know.

Boomstick: But she wasn't always that way! She started out as a weak girl with a heart condition and really bad eyesight, and was just about to transfer to Mitakihara Middle School. Damn, Homura's a walking spoiler, isn't she?

Wiz: At Mitakihara Middle School, Homura met Madoka Kaname, who became her best friend. Shortly after, they ran into a bit of trouble when they encountered the witch Gertrud, and were saved by veteran Magical Girl Mami Tomoe. The space-ferret alien thing Kyubey showed up on the scene, and gave Madoka her Magical Girl powers. Madoka swore to protect the weak and fragile Homura, who still had not become a Magical Girl. They would go fighting witches every day, and it was all perfect.

Boomstick: Yeah, until a giant witch with a name that sounds like a concentration camp showed up!

Wiz: After two months, the witch Walpurgisnacht attacked Mitakihara Town, costing both Mami and Madoka their lives. Even though Walpurgisnacht had been defeated, Homura just couldn't live with Madoka's death.

Boomstick: Fortunately, Homura was lucky enough to have Kyubey be alongside her the whole time, and offered to turn Homura into a Magical Girl. All she had to do was make a wish, and she'd be one!

Wiz: Homura wished to go back in time to save Madoka before Walpurgisnacht's arrival. And then...well, that's when things get complicated.

Boomstick: She kept rewinding time over and over again, trying to prevent Madoka from dying, and then trying to prevent her from becoming a Magical Girl. And every single timeline would end up with Madoka either dying or turning into a witch. So...not her best two months.

Wiz: However, after many different failed attempts, Homura began to improve her abilities, one timeline at a... time. She learned how to use her time-travel to essentially become invisible to those around her, and steal Yakuza and military weapons easily. She also learned how to make homemade bombs that... were surprisingly able to kill witches.

Boomstick: And I'm calling bullshit, because regular humans can't see witches and Homura was only using human weaponry.

Wiz: I... don't know how to respond to that one. I guess that since Homura could see them, she could hurt them? Or maybe she adds her own magic to her weapons? I'm not sure.

Boomstick: Among Homura's vast weaponry are Desert Eagles, FN Minimis, Berettas, Remingtons, Howas, RPGs, fucking anti-tank missiles, pipe bombs, grenades, flash-bangs, C-4's...a bow and a fucking golf club. Oh, and judging by how she was shooting Kyubey, she's got to have some sort of magical ability.

Wiz: Keep in mind, this was almost enough to defeat Walpurgisnacht... who was powerful enough to destroy the planet. But her vast weaponry isn't all she has going for her. The very pinnacle of Homura's abilities is her ability to stop time. She does this with her shield that she also uses to store her weaponry. But anyway, she can use this time-stop ability to fire all her weapons at a certain target at once, bringing loads of destruction to the field.

Boomstick: Did I mention that she doesn't really have a limit for how long she can stop time?

Wiz: Well, it's rather debatable whether she can stop time infinitely, but she's never really shown a true limit to how long she can stop time. She usually only stops it as long as needed, then unfreezes it as soon as she's done unloading all her weapons. It's likely that she didn't stop time infinitely because it would strain her Soul Gem.

Boomstick: And then that brings us to our last part. See that gem on her hand? Yeah, that's basically her life. She can regenerate from any wounds or really anyTHING that could kill her. I mean, she's regenerated from getting shot in the head, she's healed herself from witch battles, and she even cured her own heart disease and fixed her eyesight! But the downside is that she dies if it is broken.

Wiz: Yeah, about that. See, in Rebellion, Homura actually survived the destruction of her Soul Gem. With no repercussions whatsoever.

Boomstick: Wait, what?!

Wiz: Madoka Magica lore. But that aside, Homura also has gained some slight reality-warping abilities. She is able to tamper with the memories of others, removing memories and inserting false ones. Even before her full witch transformation, Homura was able to trap all of Mitakihara Town in a labyrinth, effectively wiping the memories of everyone around.

Boomstick: Yeah, except Sayaka and that witch.

Wiz: Well, yeah, I guess there's that... Homura is also fast enough to catch up with a speeding truck, dodge bullets and Oktavia von Seckendorff's wheels of fate, and clear large distances with just a jump. She also has the durability to tank being crushed between two buildings, getting eaten by Charlotte, and the explosion of a large bus filled with many more explosives. Oh, and she emerged without a scratch on her body or even her Soul Gem.

Boomstick: Oh, and thanks to Madoka's Law of Cycles, Homura doesn't even need to worry about straining her Soul Gem.

Wiz: This is... correct. As a result, Homura can use as much of her power as she wants, without running the risk of turning into a witch permanently. What is possibly her strangest and least explicable feat is when she made contact with Goddess Madoka and took part of her... soul... or... godliness... or... whatever it was she did. Madoka Magica lore. However, her true weaknesses aren't hard to find. Homura is stubborn and only really thinks of Madoka, who is her sole motivation. Her time-stop can be interrupted, and if anyone figures out how it works, this technique can actually be useless.

Boomstick: But hey, when you can do the crazy stuff Homura can do... I wouldn't complain about silly things like that.

Homura: Don't forget. Always, somewhere, there is someone fighting for you. As long as you remember her, you are not alone.

Dio Brando[]

Done by Derpurple

(Cue JoJo ASB OST - DIO's World)

Wiz: Dio Brando, born in somewhere between 1867-1868 had been born to a drunk and abusive father would someday later become something else. Something greater than humanity. Before this would happen, Dio's father -Dario Brando- was secretly poisoned by his own son and then died in which Dario's "friend" George Joestar took him in as his own child along with his other child: Jonathan Joestar.

Boomstick: And when we mean by "friend" we mean that Dario tried to rob him assuming he was dead, but George woke up and thought Dario had saved him. Thus they became "friends".

Wiz: Dio felt he had to be superior to Jonathan in everything, in sports, social life/class, and even at relationships in which Dio stole the George's love for Jonathan as well as killing Jonathan's dog and stealing his girlfriend and only friend's kiss.

Boomstick: This pissed Jonathan off and after beating the shit out of Dio they became "friends" almost like actual brothers. Then Dio began secretly poisoning their father, after Jonathan finds out about this he calls the police and then something great happened to Dio.

Wiz: And "something great" is being turned into a vampire. After turning himself into a vampire with the help of a stone mask, a dagger, and the blood of his adoptive father, Dio gained several superhuman abilities.

Boomstick: Such as superhuman strength making him able to kill the average human being with just a flick of the wrist. With this strength he can bend metals and destroy stone walls with ease. He also has superhuman stability or balance, making Dio able to walk up a pillar vertically with great ease and gracefulness.

Wiz: And as a vampire Dio could survive being burned alive while having been pierced in the upper torso area near the hear inside of a collapsing mansion and still regenerate from his wounds. But to fully heal Dio requires blood, however even if he is reduced to nothing but a pile of flesh and blood to what one would say looks like "hamburger meat" he could still regenerate and maintain all of his abilities and wicked stamina.

Boomstick: After Dio regenerated faster than fire and lived, he learned he could cool down his body into an intense cold that can freeze the air and anything he touches. Its so cold that it can stop the flow of blood!

Wiz: Dio has been bisected, beheaded, hit multiple times with the only thing that can kill him -aside from the sun- and survived falling off a steep cliff as just a head. Though if Dio does end up being separated from his body or limbs he can just fuse them back together with ease and even control the separated body parts.

Boomstick: He can also still fire his laser eyes as just a head, and yes I am not kidding he has laser eyes. What's that? How can I make my vampire who can already freeze people and sucks blood through their hands even more bizarre? Give him fucking laser eyes.

Wiz: Yes, Dio's "Space Ripper Stingy Eyes" is a pressurized liquid in his eyeballs that can create small openings in his pupils, eventually creating two fluid jets. It's powerful enough to slice stone and seem to be long enough to reach space, or at least the outer atmosphere of earth.

Boomstick: Among other abilities, Dio has hypnosis though the man is already persuasive and a grand manipulator seeing how he aspired to even be a lawyer. Dio also has teleportation seen in Part 1 when he is first on a tall towering rock and then suddenly in his castle like miles away. And this was before he got his Stand!

Wiz: Dio also has spores, a bio-organic parasite that can brainwash the victim/host who then become under Dio's control. However, it seemed to have made those under the affects to be weakened so he stopped using it. After having successfully stolen Jonathan's body, not long after Dio is released from his underwater casket and shortly after given a Stand.

Boomstick: And Dio got two Stands: A Hermit Purple-like Stand and of course The World. After realizing how bad-ass he was, Dio Brando was no more but instead there was DIO. Yes he changed his name to all caps and it means "God" in Italian by the way.

Wiz: How do you-

Boomstick: My mother dated an Italian plumber.

Wiz: Err, right...DIO learned that his Stand could stop time for around only 5 seconds. Though this may seem measly at first DIO can actually do a lot in just those short 5 seconds. For example, DIO was able to destroy Noriaki Kakyoin's 20 meter radius Emerald barrier and then kill Kakyoin in just those 5 seconds. Though DIO likes to take his sweet time due to his extreme cockiness and arrogance which would later be his downfall.

Boomstick: DIO can also increase his time stop by draining large amounts of blood or the blood of a Joestar or strong opponent. This doesn't only increase his Time Stop but let him use his new body and Stand to its full potential.

Wiz: DIO's The World is a Stand similar to Jotaro Kujo's Star Platinum and are nearly even all around. Star Platinum was able to destroy a whole set of car-sized diamond teeth in about over a minute and could go toe-to-toe with Polnareff's Silver Chariot who outran a Stand made of and that travels in light.

Boomstick: DIO could also tank Star Platinum's punches, though he usually needed to regenerate afterwords. DIO was fast enough to dodge and deflect Kakyoin's Emerald Splash which could hit the Stand The Tower which could dodge Star Platinum.

Wiz: This would put both DIO and The World to around Faster-Than-Light to MFTL speed and reaction times. DIO is one vampire you do not want to mess with.

DIO: Why so tense? Are you seriously going to keep fighting? No matter how hard you struggle, human efforts has its limits. Even if you train in Ripple, it's useless! Useless useless useless useless useless! Useless useless useless useless useless! Could a monkey fight a man?

Wiz: Alright it looks like our combatants are set, lets end this debate once and for all.



Screenshot 2015-04-23 at 5.33

Thumbnail of Fight

(NOTE: Demon Homura and Homulily will not be allowed in this version of the fight. A combination of Canon DIO and Homura with AntFish's JoJo Abridged DIO and Madoka Magically Abridged's Homura will be used)


(Cue JoJo OST - Space of a Lone God)

A girl with black hair, black eyes, and a black hairband is walking in Clock Town during around the after-hours. This girl wasn't any ordinary girl, she was a Magical Girl though more so a witch if anything. We know her as Homura Akemi. As Homura walked by something caught her eye.

She swear she saw something, it was fast, fast enough to trick the human eye. It was also yellow for sure, Homura thought of what it could be and suddenly thought it was just Mami Tomoe but knew she wouldn't play around with her especially during a mission to slay a supposed "vampire with a ghost guardian".

As Homura kept her guard up she continued walking through an eerie, fogy, and night-lit Clock Town. Homura begins to hear screams, moans, and groans of agony, pain, and despair. As Homura followed the sounds she begins to see figures in the fog and quickly calls at them.

Homura: "Who are you? Identify yourselves!"

No response, but as they figures get closer they seem pale as if they were sick or...they were undead! The figures were the former citizens of Clock Town! Now zombified! Homura moves away from the zombies and jumps to get higher on top of a mini-game store to see through the dense fog.

As she looks around she looks up and sees a man clad in yellow attire with a green shirt underneath a yellow jacket standing on top of the clock tower. The man face was hidden in shadows but yet he was so alluring, though Homura didn't care how alluring he was (cause she has Dante guys she no gonna cheat Dante on some other man: DantexHomura4Life) she felt an evil presence and atmosphere coming from the man. Homura knew he was the cause of all of this and the one who flew past Homura's eyes a while back.

(Cue JoJo OST - Dark Rebirth)

Man in Yellow: *points at Homura's direction* "You over there by the 'Octorok Shooting Gallery' I know you're watching me...Come out here I sense something great within you...Why don't we be friends?"

Homura felt a small tingle and chill down her spine but her heart and soul were calmed down and soothed by the man's voice. To her this was the scariest part, she knew this man was trouble and is quite terrifying yet his voice was like that of an angel's.

Homura then fired a direct hit at the man's head with a pistol. The man didn't he even flinch or move backward he stood still in silence. Suddenly the man appeared behind Homura without even moving!

Homura: (in mind) "Was that teleportation?"

Man in Yellow: "Allow me to introduce myself, my name is DIO. Now if you would as to be so kind and come to me I will just give you a little assurance you don't betray me." *his hair forms Flesh Buds used for mind control*

Homura fires at DIO once again but the bullets were stopped in mid-air!

Homura: (in mind) "Is this psychic powers, magic or his supposed ghost?"

DIO: *appears behind Homura once again* "How rude of you. Trying to shoot me are you? Bad mistake, and to think that I thought you'd be the perfect follower." *appears on top of the Octorok Shooting Gallery sign* "Oh well, it was sure knife (comedic pause) knowing you!" *holds a shitton of knives in his hands*

Kyoko Sakura can be heard booing DIO's joke from afar.


(Cue Sono Chi No Kioku Instrumental)

DIO began throwing his first set of knives at Homura who dodged them with ease as the knives strike the spot where Homura once was. As Homura dodged the knives she starts leaning over to the right and unloads a wave of bullets towards DIO in Max Payne fashion.

The bullets once again stopped mid-air or were deflected with ease.

DIO: "This again? Don't waste your time with such measly tools of war."

Before he could monologue any further DIO was hit by a PokeBall

DIO: "Ow! What the-!"

Sayaka: "Eh, worth a shot."

DIO: "I'll give you a sho-!" *is shot in the head*

Homura: "That sure was ironic wasn't it."

DIO barely flinched or blinked as the bullet hit against his skin it simply was stuck for a while and popped out. This onlym further annoys DIO as he teleported behind Homura and kicked her with great force that it sent her crashing against the Octorok Shooting Gallery sign.

DIO suddenly dashes up to a down Homura and strikes at her only for her to quickly dodge and sweep DIO's legs. This then causes him to instead completely destroy the sign and then hit the roof which begins to crumble beneath them. As they fall down towards the inside of the Octorok Shooting Gallery, DIO lands flawlessly as Homura follows behind him and knees him in the back of his head and fires several shots from her Desert Eagle; two straight into the back of his head, one direct directed at his spine and a last one for his heart.

The bullets once again barely phase DIO but he seems to have taken notice of being shot and turns around with a irritated expression. DIO suddenly appears Homura once again and goes for a chop to her head only for Homura to stick three grenades on DIO and kick him through the door of the Octorok Shooting Gallery.

DIO quickly backhands all three of the grenades as he jumps forward to Homura as the grenades explode behind him. As he is about to walk in he senses something off about Homura just standing and watching him so he quickly moves out of the way in a quick flash and his suspicions were correct. Two explosives were placed near the entrance of the Shooting Gallery.

The explosion however manages to cause DIO to be knocked onto his back. As Homura approached him with an RPG DIO immediately kicks Homura in the shin and then sweeps her leg with such force she does a 135 degree flip to her right. As she did her flip DIO raised hand dropped down onto Homura's neck with a powerful jab as DIO began to seek Homura's blood.

Homura struggles to pull out something and barely manages to finally pull out her Remington 870 pump action shotgun and opens fire at DIO. The Remington succeeded in blowing a hole into DIO's lower abdomen, only for it to slowly start regenerating as DIO then begins draining Homura's blood.

DIO then throws Homura up and smashes her smack dab in the face sending her flying back. DIO quickly teleports behind her and punches her in the side of her gut that and he once again begins teleporting and kicks Homura constantly ending it with a final uppercut. However, DIO didn't let go as he was now lifting Homura in the air by the throat.

DIO looks up to what he believes to be an unconscious Homura only to hear her say

Homura: "Did you know they call me Little Caesar?"

DIO: "What?!"

Homura: "Because I'm hot and ready." *has a smirk on her face*

DIO: "Is Dio Brando going to have to choke a bitch? Because I, DIO, seriously believe I, DIO, have not done enough bitch choking since I've been here." *suddenly notices grenades on his back*

(Cue UMVC3 OST - Ghost Rider's Theme)

DIO: "When did you-!" *lets go of Homura to smack grenades off*

DIO manages to get the grenades off only to explode near him. Homura had jumped up to the roof and then away from the building when DIO had let go of her. The building collapses as smoke escapes from the rubble, but that was no the only thing that escaped.

To Homura's disbelief she saw the figure of her opponent standing up like he was just napping - albeit covered in blood and with his back, arms, hands, and legs burnt and partly blown up- as he begins regenerating he throws away his now scorched yellow jacket and charges at Homura.

As DIO was prepared to rush Homura she pulls out a shield and then reaches for something under the shield; it was an anti-ship missile! Homura fired with a smirk on her face as DIO barely manage to dodge the missile, Homura is still smirking as she is attempting pull out more weapons from her shield.

DIO is then hit with a barrage of bullets from Homura's machine guns. DIO is filled with holes and bullets that begin falling off his body, he is then once again bombarded by missiles from Homura's AT-4 and RPG-7 rocket launchers. DIO manages to dodge most but some come close to blowing him up and most of them blasted him off of his feet.

DIO: "Where is she getting all of this shit?" *notices Homura about to pull out another machine gun from her shield*

DIO: "The shield? No way, well I, DIO, have seen more Bizarre shit in my Adventures with the JoJos"

Before Homura could take out her next machine gun, DIO managed to reach up to her and occupies her by attacking her shield. DIO begins furiously punching the shield, Homura then kicks DIO in the stomach causing him to crouch down a bit to hold the pain.

DIO: "You have great strength, great enough to make I, DIO, crouch over in pain. However, your strength is incomparable to the strength of The World!"

Homura: "The wha-"

The World strikes Homura in the face causing her to break out of her sentence and go flying through a wall and into a bomb shop. DIO walks by and directs his right ear to listen if Homura is still alive or not and hears a heartbeat.

DIO: "Still alive are we?"

Suddenly pipe-bombs are thrown towards DIO to which DIO confidently strikes away, but unknowingly to DIO several of those pipe-bombs were actually flash-bangs and one was a smoke bomb. The flash-bangs go off and blind DIO as the smoke bomb opens up and smokes surrounds the area around DIO. DIO silently stands and tries to listen in on anything out of place that may suggest his opponent's next plan of attack.

Homura takes out her magic bow and begins firing it towards the smoke, trying to pinpoint DIO's general direction while having several RPGs/Rocket Launchers around her. The arrows either flew by DIO or were caught and redirected, which is what Homura had wanted. Homura then begins running around the smoke and begins firing on one focal point; the general direction of her vampire opponent.

DIO notices the missiles and uses The World to redirect the missiles back towards where they were shoot or up in the air. Suddenly after a few last missiles were shot in a very short span of time: DIO hears the sound of the wind and air separating as if someone swung a sword, or what it was really which was Homura jumping up with great force! DIO then takes notice to Homura still wielding her shield and an anti-ship missile!

DIO quickly takes the last surrounding missiles and directs them at Homura as she doesn't give it a second thought and already fired her missile. Suddenly, after less than a second, DIO appeared on a staircase behind Homura and the smoke that was beginning to clear up. The missiles collided with each other and created a blast that was about to hit Homura only for her to turn the hourglass on her shield.

(Cue JoJo OST - Awakening Darkness of The World)

*DIO's perspective*

Suddenly DIO noticed something flashy going on, as he tried to move he barely could and he noticed the explosion stopped moving yet Homura moved. DIO knew Homura had great power within her but he had no idea she could...stop time! This made DIO maniacally laugh as he then stops time to counter act Homura's and begins silently hovering up towards Homura

*Homura's perspective*

Homura knew she had stopped time when she saw the explosion frozen in place, she moved around for a bit; stretched her muscles and limbs and began looking around for DIO, but he was no where in sight. Before she could completely move out of place she suddenly couldn't move she was frozen in place.

*Back to normal perspective*

DIO: "Checkmate..."

DIO throws his knives all around Homura and stands idle and counting down his time stop. As time continues once more, Homura quickly tries to counter and block the knives with her shield only to be hit everywhere else not properly guarded. DIO is beside Homura and uses The World to punch her like no tomorrow. A last punch in the gut and her face causes her to be sent hurling into the Clock Tower.

DIO moves closer to the Clock Tower and sees Homura trapped under rubble, he smirks and grabs a nearby wooden tower and two wooden store stands and throws them at Homura. DIO knowing this would at best pre-occupy her takes out several huge chunks of stone from the wall and streets of Clock Town and begins hurdling them towards Homura's crash zone.

DIO still knows that this would merely occupy her but it would at least slow her down for DIO's main course attack. DIO grabbed several more of his knives and stops time.

DIO: "You know what they say...The first one always cuts the cheapest!" *throws a majority of his remaining knives and another sink for comedic effect at Homura's direction*

DIO: "And that's a lot of firsts!" *Time Resumes*

As the knives fly some of them are stopped from what appears to be the sound of bullets! The smoke clears as DIO sees a Homura trapped under the rubble aiming a Glock 19 and Beretta 92 pistol. DIO teleported above Homura and begins taunting her.

DIO: "Trapped under rubble huh?" *teleports again*

DIO: "I guess you're stuck between a rock and a hard place." *teleports in front of Homura*

DIO then uppercuts Homura and begins punching her to gain momentum for an air combo. As he successfully gets his combo, DIO takes out two knives.

DIO: "Two for the road!" *side throws one knife with his right and overhand throws the other knife with his left*

As the knives were thrown Homura takes out her shield and tries to pull out a gun, only for The World to uppercut her again as one knife manages to hit her left hand (where he soul gem is located) and the other hitting her in the head. The combo sends her through the roof of the Clock Tower as DIO jumps up and walks over to Homura.

DIO: "Hey girl, whatcha doing on top of this roof? You must've fallen from heaven because girl you an angel." *begins to uncontrollably laugh manically*

Homura: (in mind) "Did he just steal my line?"

DIO: "Did you really think I wouldn't know about that gem on your left hand? I sensed it earlier, I assume its your source of power. Oh it also seems we both know that we can stop time. You know, you say the stupidest pick up lines to that pink haired Madoka girl! By the way, I wonder how you'd react if I told you I'm planning to kill your whole team. Especially Madoka..."

(Cue Kalafina - Magia)

Homura: "Don't you fucking dare!"

Homura gets back up and aims her soul gem towards DIO

DIO: "Still alive are you? No matter when I'm finish with you...You won't feel a thing!" *fires his Space Ripper Stingy Eyes*

As DIO fired his laser eyes, Homura shot a concentrated beam through her soul gem. One of DIO's lasers hit Homura's causing them to deflect and disperse into light. DIO's other laser is about to hit Homura only for her to take out her shield.

DIO: "No metal can withstand my Space Ripper Stingy Eyes."

Suddenly the beam hit a force field surrounding Homura's shield and dispersed. Homura then jumped high into the air, DIO followed after her as they now were both facing each other mid-air. Homura takes out her magic bow again and begins firing away, DIO easily deflects them with The World. Homura then fired her beam again while firing arrows, catching DIO off guard.

The beam struck DIO in the brain making DIO's eyes widen and to flinch back a bit, while distracted Homura took out flash bangs and threw up at DIO's head. Despite him knocking them away, they went off, DIO became deaf and blind temporarily. Homura made it over to DIO and planted the rest of her grenades, pipe bombs, flash bangs and C-4s on him. Homura took out her golf club and then kicked DIO all the way back down towards the rim of the roof.

DIO: "Did...She just...Hit me...with a golf clu-" *the explosives attached to DIO explode and is knocked unconscious*

DIO's body splits into different pieces, both his legs and his right arm were blown away, half of his skull was split, his back was blown apart, and the rest of his body is in three parts.

Homura comes down with a vicious look on her face and begins to relentlessly shooting DIO's corpse with a Skorpion submachine gun and a DSA SA58 battle rifle. As Homura walks away, at a certain distance she takes out a motor and fires at DIO's corpse. This wrecks his body further but Homura walks up to it anyways to assure he is gone and dead via constantly kicking, spitting and stomping on his corpse; mainly his head, lower torso and area around his heart.

Suddenly DIO's left arm grabs Homura's throat, as DIO's body parts are cralwing back to him, he starts draining Homura's blood. DIO uses The World to hold Homura back and threatens to break her soul gem with a single punch. Eventually after having his fill, DIO throws Homura and uppercuts her.

Homura still has her battle rifle and manages to get several head-shots on DIO. He begins scratching and clawing against his skin while laughing like an insane asylum patient. He manages in making his head bleed violently and removing the bullets that were shot in his head.

(Cue JoJo Stardust Crusaders - Voodoo Kingdom)

DIO: "This feeling, this blood! Its giving me a great high that rival's that of Joestar blood!" *continues insanely laughing*

Homura: "Son of a...bitch, I had enough of this motherfucker! Let's end this right here!" *Homura gets back up holding the wound on her neck that heals in no time*

DIO: "Oh ho, very well then! Hmm, hmm. The wheel of fate is turning, heaven or hell...Let's rock! FINAL ROUND!"

Both combatants stand a couple meters away from each other as rain began to pour on them.

Homura: This time...I'll end it all!" *touches her shield stopping time and begins taking out a surplus of rocket launchers and RPGs to surround her*

DIO stands perfectly still, he doesn't even try to counter act Homura's time stop and just stands still. Homura begins firing a few of her rockets, suspicious to see if DIO would try anything. As Homura's time stop ends, DIO just continues to stand perfectly still as the rockets are coming towards him. The World grabs a two rockets and throw them into the rest, then DIO suddenly disappears.

DIO appears behind Homura and jabs in the back causing her to flinch back. DIO puts her head under his left arm and raises his right hand and drops it down with great force, causing Homura to be blasted down into the Clock Tower. DIO drops down elegantly as Homura begins firing her remaining guns at DIO, who easily deflects them with a single hand. Homura then fires more rockets inside the Clock Tower.

The camera pans outside the Clock Tower as we see the tower exploding in various areas and beginnning to collapse, then we see Homura drop kicking DIO straight through the wall of a collapsing area of the tower still holding an RPG. She aims at DIO's head only for DIO to smirk and suddenly for time to stop.


DIO moves away from the rocket and redirects it towards Homura and uses The World to punch Homura's soul gem. But before his time stop could end or he could connect his punch, Homura stopped time, only for DIO to negate it and successfully punch Homura's soul gem. DIO then teleports, sitting on top of a stone wall next to the collapsing Clock Tower in front of Homura as time continues.


Homura's soul gem was hit and the rocket hit Homura in the face causing her to slowly regenerate than usual. The blast sends Homura crashing back into the collapsing Clock Tower as DIO begins to slowly clap.

DIO: "I'll give you credit, you gave me trouble but thanks to your blood I am as powerful as I can be!" *laughs and then tries to get up but notices Time has Frozen once more!*

DIO: "What?" *Time resumes as several missiles and bullets approach DIO*

DIO stops time only for Homura to stop negate his and resume it. They continue doing this as DIO tries to counter or move away only for a few missiles to hit the wall he was sitting on and blast him off as several bullets hit his left leg. The combined force blows it off.

DIO cackles in response to the pain and dips his hand in his own blood, licks it and then fuses his leg back while staring at Homura. Homura doesn't react with any emotion or expression as she walks away from the rubble that was the Clock Tower.

DIO: (smiling) "Good, you're still alive. That means I can still give you the main course!" *suddenly vanishes*

Homura: "Not again, where is this blond bitch at?"

DIO: "Over here baby!"

Homura looks up and sees DIO bringing down a steamroller!

Homura: "Where the hell did you get a steamroller!" *fires several rockets at it and tries to move out of the way only to find out DIO stopped time*

DIO: "Same place you fell from girl! HEAVEN!"

This aggravates Homura off just as DIO planned as. As the steamroller crashed onto, DIO began doing his famous steamroller finisher. Homura's own rockets kept her company as she reaches for her shield's hourglass, then time began to resume! The rockets exploded under the steamroller and soon the steamroller, with DIO beside the exploded steamroller he quietly watches it burn.

DIO tries moving a bit and notices he can't lift an arm but can twitch. Homura appears behind DIO and walks over to him, instead of expecting him to be in shock and disbelief at her escaping at the last second her opponent is grinning!

DIO: "THE WORLD!" *stops time and nails Homura in the head as it then chokes her*

DIO then quickly grabs Homura left arm and right leg freezing it as The World continues punching Homura relentlessly in the face and chest.

Homura: (in mind) "I have to...steal...his soul!"

As Homura's left arm and right leg freezes up, the rest of her body begins to freeze. DIO snaps her left arm off and begins punching with it along with The World. DIO jabs Homura's left arm into her neck and begins to jab it in her torso over and over again while he punches with his right hand and The World continues punching her head.

DIO does one last strong jab with Homura's left arm striking her in the neck and under the chin going through her head.


DIO: (smiling) "You won't feel a thing!" *fires his Space Ripper Stingy Eyes*

The Space Ripper Stingy Eyes hit Homura's face, slicing her face up and going through her eyes and then striking her soul gem. DIO then drags her left arm out and The World lets go of her as she drops down lifeless. DIO then smashes Homura's frozen corpse with her left arm, further breaking her to pieces. As the left arm broke however, he still has her soul gem intact but badly damaged, he crushes the soul gem and lets it drop onto the smashed pieces of Homura.

DIO then grabs the exploded steamroller and drops it on Homura's smashed pieces and does his signature "WRRRRY!"


DIO sees Kyubey.

Kyubey: "Hey you, vampire. Thanks for getting that girl rid for me, now its time to dispo-"

DIO: "Oh god its a Mew!" *throws a Master Ball at Kyubey*

Kyubey: "Ow! That won't work you idi-wait is that a Master Ba-" *is sent inside the Master Ball*

DIO goes up to it and picks it up.

DIO: "Now off to destroy Canada, they've been nice for two long."

Kyubey: (inside the Master Ball) "I think I might like this guy."

Results []

(Cue DIO's Medley)

Wiz: That was just-

Boomstick: Awesome? Amazing? Fantastic? Outstanding?

Wiz: All of that and was pretty brutal.

Boomstick: Well Wiz that's how it is here at Death Battle, you can't just walk in expecting no brutal deaths.

Wiz: Though Homura was a skilled tactician most of her best tactics come from planning, through long hours of prep time. For DIO, he can just run into a situation/scenario, deadly or not, and easily think of a solution in no time. Though it is usually relied on his time stop or Stand, where Homura doesn't constantly rely on her time stop.

Boomstick: Speaking of time stops I bet some of you may be wondering: "But Wiz and Boomstick! Homura can stop time as long as she wants!"

Wiz: This while true, means nothing to DIO. DIO has been shown to twitch, see, and speak during an opponent's stopped time and can counter attack time stops himself. Meaning even if Homura stopped time he could just stop time again and then when his 5-11 seconds are up time will resume.

Boomstick: And now some of you may be thinking Homura's durability is better. And you are correct in terms of raw durability, Homura could tank two buildings being thrown at her and survived with just a few scratches. DIO's durability is at most peak human but he can be cut with a sword, bleed from a single punch from Star Platinum and such.

Wiz: However, DIO's regeneration is insane. He can be sliced in half with a clay-more infused with Hamon (the only thing that truly kill him) tank a Hamon punch going through his stomach and falling off a cliff at the same time and survive just as a head and can continue to push on. Another vampire that had all the capabilities of Part 1 Dio Brando was blown up by a dozen of grenades and reduced to a pile of flesh but regenerated back into a full body in about over a minute without the use of blood.

Boomstick: With blood DIO can easily heal wounds as fast as the soul gem can. But blood also makes him stronger, especially the blood of strong people or Joestars, both of which DIO can sense with his superhuman senses which can hear a heartbeat by placing an ear on the ground and can sense Joseph Joestar's Hermit Purple watching him from great distances.

Wiz: DIO is also way faster than Homura, easily able to outrun and deflect or redirect anything she can throw at him. DIO was able to easily deflect Noriaki Kakyoin's Emerald Splash at point blank range while sitting down and this wasn't luck, he proved this again not shortly after.

Boomstick: While Homura has been shown to easily react and dodge Mami's gun fire (which is better than that of regular guns), Mami's bullets are considerably slower than Kakyoin's Emerald Splash which could tag a Stand that even dodged Star Platinum's fists who is FTL-MFTL.

Wiz: The Emerald Splash is precise, fast, and powerful enough to shatter through stone and car metal with ease. Its almost akin to a fast firing machine gun or shotgun but with the additions of the previously mentioned attributes. And DIO was surrounded by a whole 20 meter radius of Hierophant Barriers which could fire Emerald Splashes when triggered by a Stand or its user.

Boomstick: DIO's Stand The World could also punch faster and stronger than Star Platinum at times, and this is the same Star Platinum who broke through car-sized teeth in under a minute, caught a bullet point blank, and could go toe-to-toe with Silver Chariot who outran a Stand comprised of light.

(The part below can be ignored and just goes more in depth with calculations and can be considered inaccurate, mind you these are taken directly from NarutoForums so take it as you may)

Wiz: And Silver Chariot was able to intercept multiple beams of light from the Stand "The Sun." And before you ask, yes, these are actual beams of light, not "magic light" or anything. Anyways, if we take the head measurements of Polnareff and Silver Chariot and the forearm length, divide it by the angle of his head multiply it by the circumference you get the speed of Silver Chariot's arm, a.k.a his attack speed, you get 76.3548884c.

Boomstick: Now we find how strong Jotaro's diamond feat is. When you find the volume of High Priestess' teeth you get  899.2 m^3. That's 899200000 cc, just to violently fragment a rock is 120 j/cc. Now normal diamond is easier to smash than most industrial materials, but this wasn't normal diamond, made clear by the fact that it wasn't outright pulverized by Jotaro's weaker punches, given his feats of casually smashing rock. 

Wiz: Continuing with the calculations: 899200000 * 120 = 107904000000 J or 25.789674952 tons or 25.8 tons. Now while it was one last punch that did it in, the teeth were most likely weakened regardless they are at least around 25.8 tons per punch. Multiply this by the speed feat: 28633083150 *25.8 = 738733545270 tons or 738.73354527 gigatons per second. DIO can stop time for 11 seconds, and Jotaro 5.

Boomstick: So since we're focusing on DIO, we do 11 *738.73354527 equaling 8.126 teratons! Just 5 seconds would equal to about 3.69 teratons, still country level.

(Calculations and in depth analysis end here)

Wiz: Compare that to Homura's explosives which can at most destroy cities, and mind you all of Homura's weaponry can't even truly kill DIO as he can regenerate from it with ease. The closest thing Homura has to beating DIO is stealing his soul which she uses as a last resort unfortunately.

Boomstick: DIO and Homura would also eventually figure each other's time stops, but DIO can sense great power within others as well and would be hard for him not to notice a purple gem on Homura's left hand.

Wiz: In the end Homura just can't react or handle the speed or destructive power of The World. Sure she can regenerate, even becoming able to almost impossible to waste her soul gem's energy anymore. But several time stop barrages can make it hard for it to constantly regenerate.

Boomstick: And if DIO drank ample amounts of Homura's blood it can be considered the end for her -unless she uses her soul hax- but The World is just too fast and too strong for her and her soul gem to handle. Homura just wasn't properly armed against DIO, she froze up and couldn't pull herself together.

Dio wins

Wiz: The Winner is Dio Brando.

Advantages & Disadvantages[]

Done by Derpurple & ParaGoomba348

Homura Akemi[]

+Can stop time for as long as she wants

+Does not mess around in battle

+Near Infinite Weaponry

+Can re-arrange DIO's memories

+Can steal DIO's soul (is a last resort)

+Cannot die unless Soul Gem is broken

+Technically the better strategist (mainly with prep time)

+Could see (and likely harm) The World

=Can negate each other's time stop

-Can't react to The World's punches (if so only barely)

-The World prevents close range attacks and abilities to connect

-Soul Gem is not too durable and uses up energy for healing and magical powers

Dio Brando[]

+Destructive Capability is insane compared to Homura's

+Regeneration can help him come back from just a pile of flesh

+DIO is FTL in reactions

+The World is FTL-MFTL

+Easily overpowers Homura

+Easily speed blitzes Homura as well

+Can redirect, dodge, and block all of Homura's weaponry

+None of Homura's weapons can truly kill DIO or even incapacitate him

+If he drains ample amounts of blood its as good as over

+Technically more battle experience

+Better Fighter

+Wide range of abilities/powers to use

+Superhuman senses (can also sense great power/spirit energy)

=Can negate each other's time stop

-Raw durability isn't great

-Cocky and arrogant

-Weaponry isn't great for killing Homura

Trivia []

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