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A wish came true… A dream became a reality…

This is set to become an actual episode of Death Battle. Check out the Death Battle Wiki’s page for it here.

Homelander VS Omni-Man is a What-If? Death Battle by DBDoctor13. It sees Homelander from The Boys fighting against Omni-Man from Invincible in a battle between dark Superman pastiches.


When the greatest protectors turn against us, we’re all pretty ^%#*ed! But which of these corrupt Supermen is the deadliest?


(Music: Wiz & Boomstick- Brandon Yates)

Wiz: They are the front-line of defense against threats too powerful for mortal men to face. They are the paragons of hope and justice in a bleak, cruel world. But throw back the curtain and you’ll find behind the soft assuring faces of powerful gods who say they’re here to help; they have ulterior motives.

Boomstick: Homelander; the whacked-out-psychotic Super-Powered American Hero and leader of The Seven.

Wiz: And Omni-Man the secret conqueror for the Viltrumite Empire disguised as the Earth’s most powerful Superhero. Both these men have multiple diverse powers and seem practically immortal.

Boomstick: Immortal? Not on this show. Time to see who truly is the more powerful between these two. He’s Wiz and I’m Boomstick!

Wiz: And it’s our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skill to find out who would win a Death Battle!


(Music: Vought by Christopher Lennertz from The Boys: Complete Score)

Wiz: During World War II, the United States government made a deal with the corporation known as Vought American in order to supply vehicles and weapons. Unfortunately, there was one problem…

Boomstick: Their products…they uh…well they really f***ing sucked.

Wiz: Vought American was always about cutting corners and right up until the Vietnam War, none of their weapons or vehicles worked which resulted in the deaths of millions of lives. It seemed that by the Vietnam War, the United States was ready to pull their contract. That is until the creation of Compound V.

Boomstick: Oh, I get it. V as in Vought. Real original. Even I have more original names for my inventions!

Wiz: Compound V was a new drug that granted users incredible abilities. With that, Vought began churning out superhero after superhero and marketing off them.

Boomstick: Some of these heroes included The Deep, A-Train, Queen Maeve, Lamplighter and Black Noir.

Wiz: But there was one hero who stood above them all and was adored by everyone regardless of who they were and whether they were born in America or somewhere else. The leader of Vought’s premiere superhero team and the first to be created by Compound V; Homelander.

([Homelander throws a bad guy into the air.] CIVILIAN: Homelander? [Homelander turns around smiling.] HOMELANDER: You boys okay? [Behind him, the goon falls on a car breaking it and no doubt either killing him or mortally wounding him.])

(Music: River Chase by Benjamin Wallfisch from IT: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Wiz: To the public, Homelander is an alien who fell from the heavens with the intent of saving humanity, raised by a small town couple who shaped him to be the ideal All-American boy. However, his true origin is much more sinister. Though the full history of his conception is a mystery, we know that his mother was a mentally disabled woman who agreed to an experimental drug trial and died giving birth to him. After his birth, Homelander spent most of his childhood strapped to a hydrogen bomb to prevent him from escaping. Finally, when he had been “trained” in right and wrong, Homelander was unveiled to the public.

Boomstick: That is the most screwed-up backstory I’ve ever heard. And we’ve seen plenty of screwed-up backstories for children in Death Battle. So I guess it’s no surprise that Homelander ended up engaging in the worst shit imaginable when everybody’s back was turned away from him. Even going as far as to rape and mutilate individuals just to satisfy his own lust.

(Music: Come Join the Circus, Eds by Benjamin Wallfisch from IT: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Wiz: Homelander has the abilities that make him the most powerful Supe in America. He’s super-strong, super-fast, and has multiple abilities from flight to x-ray & laser vision, to enhanced hearing.

Boomstick: Yeah, if somebody asked me to go down on him and had those abilities, I’d rather not make any arguments with the guy. Anyways, feeling really good about his life, Homelander did his job while satisfying his urges when he could. This included raping a woman married to a William Butcher who I’m sure we’ll NEVER hear from again.

Wiz: Anyways, Vought’s endgame was to sell Superheroes as the next big weapon in the military. Unfortunately, there were obstacles along the way mainly thanks to Homelander. The biggest of which was the events of September 11th.

Boomstick: 9/11?! I KNEW IT WAS AN INSIDE JOB!!!

Wiz: Well, the way it happened in The Boys universe was quite different. Here, while the President did order the planes be shot down, Vought American had their puppet as the Vice President and had him knock the President out once the penultimate plane had been destroyed. Once the President was unconscious, the Vice-President repeated the phrase Vought told him to say; turn the planes around and disengage in order to let The Seven take things from there. Unfortunately, none of them actually knew anything about stopping a plane and instead caused the plane to crash into the Brooklyn Bridge.

Boomstick: …I uh…I think I need to vomit now.

Wiz: This resulted in the United States starting up a war in the Middle East as Vought continued to push for their metahumans to join the army. Homelander’s every actions were monitored and he was forced to read pre-written statements. Eventually, he loathed control and launched a coupe against the American Government. And nearly won.

Boomstick: The key word being “nearly.” See remember that Butcher guy? Yeah, he was still sore about the whole “wife getting raped and dying in childbirth” thing so he came to pay Homelander a visit and end Vought’s Superheroes once and for all. Even then, The Homelander still managed to be one tough S.O.B. He’s tough enough to smash through a plane, able to melt through any steel object or cut through any fleshy parts with no problem and is a master manipulator. Kind of helps when you’re the face of Superheroes everywhere. He was so good at manipulation that he convinced nearly the entirety of America’s Superheroes to help him overthrow the United States Government. Damn! That reminds me; I really need to start taking some public speaking lessons.

(Music: Keen Instinct by Michael Reagan from Twisted Metal: Black Original Soundtrack)

Wiz: He can carry a car with a full family in it or an 800-Pound-Man. He’s fast enough to tag A-Train who can move at 2,300 miles per hour! Another time, he flew from New York to Washington is about 20 Minutes. That would put his speed at 690 miles per hour! More than fast enough to also tear up a ton of soldiers and reduce them to puddles of blood in seconds! He’s shot down an airplane with his heat vision, listened to the neurons of a human brain, and knows every molecule of sweat and smell on the human body to know when someone’s afraid. Yet, The Homelander couldn’t prepare for the ultimate revelation after he took over the White House and confronted Butcher. Despite his crazed personality, it was revealed that he didn’t actually rape Butcher’s wife. That was Black Noir. Who was also a clone of Homelander.

Boomstick: Wait, what?!

Wiz: Yep. You see, Vought American had cloned Homelander in case he ever became a liability. But being so close to him actually caused Black Noir to go insane and create the impression that Homelander was a monster just so he could get the clearance to kill him.

Boomstick: So…Homelander was never really a monster?

Wiz: Well, he did force a young girl to give him, Black Noir, and fellow Seven member A-Train oral sex (in the comics). So no, it's more likely due to the abuse Vought gave him that he would’ve ended up evil anyways, just more in secret and not willing to engage out in the open as much.

Boomstick: Homelander naturally took this revelation quite well.

(An image is shown of Homelander attacking Black Noir whilst using massive amounts of profanity.)

Boomstick: Still, despite Homelander’s strength it turns out fighting someone who’s a genetic clone of you might not be the best plan. Black Noir ended up breaking Homelander’s jaw and splitting his mouth open, before literally tearing him to shreds. But to be fair, Homelander did get some pretty good shots in before he died, tearing out part of Black Noir’s face in the process.

Wiz: It would appear then that Homelander was not as invincible as he thought. Also, as he had assumed that his violent tendencies were the result of a split-personality-disorder, the Homelander is very easy to trick. Should someone clever enough manage to ruin his belief in himself, he can be reduced to a helpless state of insecurity which won’t do him any favors in a fight.

Boomstick: Still, Homelander is one insane power-hungry individual that makes even someone like me piss his pants. If he shows up, just think happy thoughts and do as he says. Trust me, it’s better than the alternative choice.

(HOMELANDER: I’m the Homelander. I can do whatever the fuck I want.)


(Music: Guarding the Good- Noah Sorota)

Wiz: Mark Grayson seemed like your everyday teenager. He dealt with being an outcast, working through school with a job, and girl troubles. But those who knew him really well knew he had a secret. He was the superhero called Invincible and his father was the Earth’s greatest hero; Omni-Man.

(Dark Wing is about to be crushed by a giant military vehicle. Before it can completely crush him, the tank is somehow lifted up. Dark Wing turns to see Omni-Man flying there while holding the tank up with one hand.)

Boomstick: Omni Man is Nolan Grayson; famed hero and husband to Debbie who eventually had Mark as a son. For his actual backstory, Nolan came from the planet Viltrum which is an advanced society of people with cool tech and superpowers to boot! Nolan was sent to Earth as a representative of their planet who would advance human technology and protect it from all threats. Problem was… that story was a lie.

(Music: Nosferatu- Bob Bradley)

Wiz: In reality, the Viltrum Empire was a group of conquerors. They had chosen Nolan to conquer Earth, but Nolan saw the potential in humanity and convinced his people to let him take Earth over in secret and over time.

Boomstick: Fortunately, Nolan wasn’t all talk. He’s more than capable of defending himself and has a bunch of crazy powers. I’m talking flight, near-invulnerability, super-hearing, super-speed, super-strength, and the ability to hold his breath for weeks in space!

Wiz: He’s extraordinarily fast, able to keep up with his son who once flew from North America to Antarctica in 39 Seconds. To pull this off, the two would have to be moving 948,923.08 miles per hour! But that was nothing compared to when Nolan traveled from Earth to another inhabitable planet within a week. Given what we know of the journey, Omni-Man was moving 250 times the speed of light putting his maximum speed in at 167,654,157,250 miles per hour!

Boomstick: But my favorite feat is that he blew up HIS FUCKING HOME WORLD OF VILTRUM! Admittedly, he had help from two others equal to his power. Still, in order to do this, Nolan would have to exert a punch worth 1/3 of 59.44 Zettatons pounds of force! Goddamn! Not even any of my ex-wives would last five seconds with a guy like this!

(Music: Intergalactic 2- Bob Bradley)

Wiz: But while Nolan is seemingly indestructible, he is not completely invulnerable. He does seem immune to bullets, nukes, a dip in the sun, traveling through a planet with a destabilized core, and lasers. All very impressive, but there is one drawback to these abilities. If there was someone who could match or surpass his strength, then they can punch a hole through his body. Like when he went up against the Viltrumites’ own Emperor Thragg and ended up getting impaled by him. Luckily, Nolan happens to possess a healing factor to repair such injuries that his body might sustain.

Boomstick: Although, his healing factor works slow, it is something that does wonders for saving his life.

Wiz: A good example would be his healing factor working to save his life from being impaled. It only took but a few weeks to heal his body entirely. He’s also survived encounters with Kaiju-sized monsters and scales to his son who survived hits from Omnipitous who could rewrite time and the laws of physics themselves. Putting Nolan at equal strength to his own son’s durability!

Boomstick: Y’know, all this talk of father-and-son bonding sounds nice. IF I HAD A FATHER!

Wiz: You okay?

Boomstick: Yeah… sorry… I had a moment there.

Wiz: Okay. Well, it’s no surprise that Nolan Grayson did a lot in his time. That’s also considering the fact that he’s over 1,000 Years Old!

Boomstick: And he looks absolutely good for his age. Probably the moustache. I need to think of getting mine trimmed or reshaped once we’re allowed to leave this building!

Wiz: Oh, his feats are far beyond his moustache. Having lived for so long, Nolan has had plenty of combat training in multiple forms of unarmed combat and skill.

Boomstick: Nolan’s also a keen survivalist and strategist as he helped win a war for his people. Before coming to Earth, he conquered several worlds, and survived a virus that wiped out 99% of his own species. After he came to Earth, he defeated Space Racer whose special gun could destabilize a planet’s core and even pierce the skin of a Viltrumite such as himself! He even survived Ragnar who could rip Nolan’s species to shreds with his bare hands!

(Music: Quantum Float- Dan Weniger)

Wiz: However, Nolan does have some drawbacks. As previously mentioned, someone can be stronger and faster than him and if he’s not careful, he can be permanently put down. Also, his insides are not protected from attacks which would bypass his outer strength. He also lacks long-ranged attacks and has a sensitive equilibrium.

Boomstick: Oh, I own that movie too.

Wiz: No, not the movie! I mean equilibrium as in balance. While he has mastered flight better than his son, his flight can be disrupted by certain frequencies. Too much exposure will kill him if not stopped!

Boomstick: Nolan came clean to Mark about preparing Earth for a takeover by his people. Naturally, Mark said “Screw you, Dad! You’ll never understand me!” Nolan left Earth and his secret forever ruined his image in the eyes of the Earth and the universe. Despite this, Nolan eventually had a change of heart.

Wiz: Seeing how pure his son was made Nolan question if what he was doing was right. Ultimately, Nolan turned on his people and even gave up his life to save his son.

Boomstick: In the end, Nolan died a hero instead of living long enough to see himself become the villain. On his deathbed, he named Mark as the new leader of the Viltrumites and Mark would lead them into a new age of peace and prosperity defending the rest of the universe.

Wiz: Even then, Nolan Grayson is one super-powered individual that I would not want to cross for even a second.



Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set. Let’s end this debate once and for all.



We open with the back of Homelander’s head as he stares out the window of Vought America. We then focus on a door opening as a young intern steps inside.


She stops dead in her tracks dropping her clipboard and her jaw. We cut to a view behind her revealing Homelander is butt-naked with his costume on the floor and his hands over his pelvic area. The deranged Supe turns around to look at the Intern. His face is exceedingly difficult to get a read on his mood. It seems like a mix of controlled anger, annoyance, displeasure, and boredom.

HOMELANDER: Can. I. Help. You?

INTERN (Stuttering): Sir, there’s a fruit- I MEAN A SUPE – Here to see you.

HOMELANDER (Uninterested): Why the fuck would I care about a Supe here to see me? I’m the most powerful man in America.

INTERN (Stuttering): He said he’s here to break your balls of lies. I MEAN YOU WALLS OF LIES! He’s apparently ready to rip up the shaft! I MEAN STAFF! HE LOOKS READY TO RIP UP THE STAFF HERE AT THE BUILDING!

HOMELANDER (Annoyed): And security can’t deal with him because…?

(Music: Empire’s Finest- Therewolf Media)

Before the intern can answer, the door behind her explodes open as a large piece of debris lands on top of her, crushing her body into bloody paste. Homelander nonchalantly looks down and raises an eyebrow.

HOMELANDER: Interesting.

Homelander puts his costume on at super speed and watches as a figure emerges from the shadows. It turns out to be none other than Nolan Grayson in his Omni-Man Costume. He glares daggers at the Homelander.

OMNI-MAN: Homelander. I have heard quite a lot about you.

HOMELANDER (Sarcastically): So has the world, Porn Stache. If this is about a job opening, you need to fill out the paperwork-

OMNI-MAN (Interrupting): I know all about your little secrets. Your origin with Vought America’s drug tests. Not to mention your little ‘private activities.’ Rape, abuse, terrorism, mass murder, animal cruelty… I know what you’re planning, you sociopath. It just so happens I have plans of my own. Plans that don't need a joke like yourself making things more difficult than they need to be. I'm here to take you down permanently.

Homelander takes a deep breath in through his nose and out his mouth. He looks at Omni-Man, his eyes turning red.

HOMELANDER: Okay then, boy scout. Take me in. If you can.


Homelander makes the first move, shooting powerful lasers into Nolan’s chest. However, Nolan doesn’t get sliced up. Homelander growls pouring on more energy, but Omni-Man remains unfazed. If anything, he’s amused by Homelander’s failed attempts to kill him.


Homelander fires a giant blast of heat vision which causes the upper floor of the Vought building to explode. Homelander growls as he is surrounded by smoke. It blows away revealing Omni-Man still standing.

OMNI-MAN (Sternly): You finished? Good. My turn.

Omni-Man cracks Homelander across the face in a Bat-Bitch-Slap-like move. Homelander is sent flying into a nearby building. He groans and turns his head to try and get a hold of himself.

HOMELANDER: What the fuck?!

Omni-Man flies straight into Homelander, tackling him through the building which crumbles to the ground behind them. Homelander tries punching Omni-Man, but his punches are having little to no effect.

OMNI-MAN: You think you’re really special, don’t you? That nobody can hurt you?

Homelander Retaliates by grabbing Omni-Man by his cheekbones. He starts flying at top speeds around the world. They end up crashing through landmarks such as the Pyramids in Egypt, the Kremlin in Russia, and Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. Nolan is seen looking a bit dizzy due to the speed as Homelander gets right in his face.


Homelander fires his heat-vision directly into Nolan’s eyes. However, Nolan manages to raise his hands and press his thumbs down over Homelander’s eyes, blocking the heat vision. Nolan begins to press down hard. Both supermen scream as Nolan holds back the pain and Homelander’s eyes start trickling with a bit of blood. The Vought-American-grown superhuman headbutts Nolan as the two crash down in a forest. Homelander zips around and delivers a series of fast punches to Nolan’s face. He comes in for another fast punch only for Omni-Man to grab Homelander’s fist and kick him square in the crotch. Homelander gasps and spits out blood as he goes sailing upwards. Nolan crouches down and takes up into the sky. Homelander regains his senses and glares daggers at the Viltrumite who is rearing back his fist. Homelander does the same as the two let out a might battle cry and both fists meet each other. The result creates a massive windstorm that uproots all the trees and sends them flying for miles. Homelander and Omni-Man take deep breaths before Homelander grabs Omni-Man’s neck and slams him into the ground. He begins punching him further and further into the Earth, creating a long tunnel. A shot from the side reveals the two are traveling towards the Earth’s core. Homelander punches Omni-Man with two fists clasped together as the alien is sent flying into the core.

HOMELANDER: Finally. That guy talked too much.

Homelander is ready to leave when he hears something that stops him in his tracks. He looks back down into the ground and looks annoyed.

HOMELANDER: Oh, you gotta be fucking kidding me-!

Omni-Man bursts out of the Earth’s core and punches Homelander through the surface and out onto the streets of Tokyo. Homelander’s head hits a car which breaks upon contact with his head and flips into the air. Homelander zips up, grabbing the car before tossing it at Omni-Man. Omni-Man catches it only for Homelander to use his heat vision to blow up the vehicle as he laughs manically. That laughter is cut short when Nolan bursts through the explosion cloud and socks him in the jaw. Homelander flies back into a billboard before Omni-Man flies in and slams him in the chest. We get a Mortal Kombat X-Ray-like vision where we see Homelander’s ribs break. Homelander cries in pain as he falls to the ground, Omni-Man just stands there with his arms crossed, looking down upon the leader of The Seven sternly.

OMNI-MAN: You’re not a god. You’re just a sad little boy crying for a Mommy who was a disturbed lady just like her son. Your father figure is an abusive sociopath in the world of business who cares more about his money than his employee. I can understand how that can be hard for a person. But that does not give you the right to be a little bitch about it. Don't you get it, you idiot?! You had the power to actually be something more than you are! Instead, you choose to become a liability and a joke. That's all you ever are or ever will be.

Homelander takes a few deep breaths before looking upon his foe.

HOMELANDER: I’m the Homelander. I’m the most powerful hero in America. I can do whatever the fuck I want.

Homelander roars moving at fast speeds in an attempt to punch Nolan through the chest. Time suddenly slows down as Nolan side-steps and karate-chops Homelander’s punching arm off. Homelander realizes what happened and screams in pain while the stump that was once his arm begins to squirt blood.


Omni-Man zips behind Homelander and grabs his remaining arm, pulling it back and ripping it off of his body as well. He than grabs Homelander’s feet and rips them off. Omni-Man grabs Homelander by the head and begins to fly with him into space.

HOMELANDER (Weakly): W-where-?

OMNI-MAN: You’re loosing blood now. But I’m aware how this Compound-V of yours can help bring you back. But I won’t let that happen. Even if you come back without any intelligence, you'll just rally some stupid misguided people as a martyr. So I’m going to take out the trash as it were in a way that you can’t heal from.

Omni-Man closes his mouth and holds his breath. Homelander’s eyes begin to roll into the back of his head due to the lack of oxygen as his body seems to freeze up. Then a bright light appears as it’s revealed that Omni-Man is taking Homelander into the sun. Omni-Man grabs Homelander’s cape and swings him around before releasing him as Vought’s most profitable hero goes flying into the sun where he burns up upon impact. Omni-Man takes one last look at the sun before flying off.


Omni-Man is seen getting the other detatched parts of Homelander and chucking them into the sun as well before flying off.



Boomstick: Ah, he barbequed him. Like a true American Hero.

Wiz: This was a fascinating match-up. At first glance, both seemed to have equal powers though Homelander did have a few more powers than Nolan. However, it wasn’t enough to overpower him in the end. Keep in mind that while Homelander’s laser vision was deadly, it wasn’t enough to take down Nolan who survived flying through a planet with a destabilizing core and equaled his son in strength. Remember, Mark fought and survived hits from essentially a god of pure magic, and Nolan was more than a match for him.

Boomstick: Yeah, Homelander never had to deal with shit as crazy as that. But he didn’t just loose for that reason. Compared to Nolan, Homelander was able to deal with more Earth-based threats. Legitimate space-threats were never a thing he head to deal with. Also, Homelander had no real combat experience while Nolan’s was over 1,000 years’ worth of combat experience.

Wiz: Homelander did have a small chance if he knew how to fly fast enough to put Omni-Man’s equilibrium off-balance, but that too was not a viable option. Given Homelander could travel at maximum about 2,300 miles per hour; his highest feat as seen by tagging A-Train and more than enough to obliterate a human into mush.

Boomstick: But that’s where it started going downhill. Because Nolan ISN’T human. Plus, not only was his top speed of 167,654,157,250 miles per hour, but he survived much crazier shit than Homelander. In addition, Homelander’s strength came nowhere close to Nolan who was strong enough to act as 1/3 of power needed to obliterate a freaking planet with his bare hands! Don’t forget, Black Noir was a clone of Homelander and the original HL lost to Black Noir. Nolan’s son was just as strong as his Dad and Poppa Omni-Man ended up being just fine after their battles.

Wiz: Answering the most important question of the fight; could Nolan’s strength overtake Homelander’s durability? The answer is yes. Homelander was grown specifically for Earth while Nolan was born and raised to take on anything the universe threw at him. All of Homelander’s feats of strength and durability came nowhere close to the level of planetary-power that Omni-Man had at birth, meaning that he could take whatever Homelander had to throw at him until he made a mistake and Omni-Man could land a killing blow. Homelander might have been an all-powerful human, but it wasn’t enough to overpower the might of Omni-Man.

Boomstick: Looks like Homelander’s chances of victory were Omni-ated and went up in flames.

Wiz: The winner is Omni-Man.


  • The connections between Homelander and Omni-Man is that they are both analogues to Superman with a darker edge to them while they pretend to be heroes. Homelander is a secret mentally unstable human with dreams of being god, while Omni-Man is secretly an alien soldier sent to prepare Earth to subjugation to his alien empire. They also both happen to have a series on Amazon Prime.
  • This fight would ideally be in 2D Sprite Animation.
  • The soundtrack, Empire’s Finest, is a reference to how both characters serve an Empire. Homelander serves the corporate empire Vought American, while Omni-Man serves the Viltrum Empire. It is also a pun on the term World’s Finest which is used for the team-ups between Superman and Batman by DC. Finally, it alludes to how both are considered the finest heroes of their world.
  • The song would ideally have a heavy emphasis on electric keyboards and electric guitars. The tone would be action mixed in with a military-like drumming and a demonic-styled chorus in the background emphasizing the true destructive and controlling nature of these two supposed saviors.
  • Omni-Man slaps Homelander in a style similar to the infamous meme of Batman slapping Robin.
  • This is the first of DBDoctor13's Death Battles to become an official battle as of 2022.
    • Coincidentally, the official Death Battle of Omni-Man vs Homelander had a setup that was the inversion of DBDoctor13's Fanon Version. Where the Fanon Battle had Omni-Man taking the fight to Homelander, the Official Battle had Homelander taking the fight to Omni-Man.