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Pokémon Hoenn Battle Royale

Hoenn Starter Pokémon Battle Royale is a What-If? episode of Death Battle by AgentRedhead, featuring Sceptile, Blaziken, and Swampert from the Pokémon series in a battle to determine the strongest Starter Pokémon from the Hoenn region.






Death Battle[]


Next Time on Death Battle![]

Hoenn Starter Battle Royale
Season 0
Season Episode 5
Air date 6/26/22
Written by Salty Gibus
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From the land, sea, or sky, Pokemon can be found anywhere. This Death Battle features Blaziken, Sceptile, and Swampert from Pokemon. TMs and Megas will be used, but no Player-controled training methods such as EV Training or chainbreeding will be taken into account.


A Pokemon Battle Royale! Which of these Hoenn-bred starters will show just which location is the best: Sky, Land, or Sea? Will Blaziken speed into a win, Sceptile blow away the competition, or Swampert drag their foes into the mud?


[Now Playing: (Wiz and Boomstick - Death Battle)]

Wiz: Pokemon. They can be found all over the world, no matter where you look.

Boomstick: And these 3 make that choice way too obvious. Like Sceptile, the lizard with a tree up it's butt.

Wiz: Swampert, the Mud Fish Pokemon

Boomstick: And Blaziken, the firey man-chicken hybrid thing.

Wiz: I'm Wiz and he's Boomstick, and we're here to analyze their weapons, armors, and skills to find out who would win...a Death Battle.

Blaziken burns bright in DEATH BATTLE![]

Blaziken Death Battle Info

[Now Playing: (Trainer Battle - Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Saphire)]

Wiz: 'I fear not the man who has practiced a thousand kicks once, but someone who has practiced one kick a thousand times'.

Boomstick: Luckily for this fighter, they've got experience in both parts of the phrase.

Wiz: Evolving from the Chick Pokemon Torchic, to the Young Fowl Pokemon Combusken, and finally to the Blaze Pokemon Blaziken, this line has trained their entire lives to do one thing, and do it well.

Boomstick: And that's kicking the shit outta people! Seriously, this guy could probably punt you to the moon.

Wiz: Not the way I would've said it, but yes, that is what Blazikens are known for doing the most.



  • Name: Blaziken
  • Species Name: The Blaze Pokemon
  • Ability: Blaze
    • Powers up Fire-Type moves in a pinch
  • Type: Fire/Fighting
  • Height: 6'3"
  • Weight: 114.6 lbs
  • Habitats: Grasslands
  • Fighting Style: Hyper-agressive Close-Range Striker

Boomstick: Well how else are you gonna talk about this guy? He's a big fire chicken that kicks everyone it fights. Pretty straight-forward if you ask me.

Wiz: While it's true, that doesn't mean that's the full story. This species of Pokemon is constantly seeking a challenge, training their leg muscles for a worthy fight. Just to add onto that fact, when their fighting spirit rises, their wrists emit incredibly hot flames to match.

Boomstick: How hot you ask? Well their baby forms can fire fireballs that're about 1800 degrees Fahrenheit, which is hot enough to melt brass. Terrible for chicken farms, but GREAT at roasting your foes.

Wiz: Of course, Blaziken don't solely rely on their firepower to win a fight. No, their legs are shockingly strong, allowing it to jump up 30 stories in a single leap! Judging by it's weight, that's a feat that comes out to about 616,504 Joules of energy.

Boomstick: And get this, he can fire 10 kicks a second, meaning that this flaming bird can get out over 6 Million Joules a second! Talk about leg-power. Not like it needs to jump anyways, considering it can shoot jets of flames from it's feet like some sorta living jetpack.


  • Type: Fire/Fighting
  • Resists: Bug, Steel, Grass, Fire, Ice, Dark
  • Weaknesses: Flying, Ground, Water, Psychic

Wiz: Blazikens, benefiting their nature of firey-tempered warriors, are Fire/Fighting type, which means that they have easy times dealing with the meek Bug Type, can burn away energetic Grass Types, weather the flames of other Fire-Types, melt down the durable Steel and fragile Ice types, and even out-man the tricky Dark types.

Boomstick: 'Course, that also means they're god-awful at fighting other birds, the ground, fish, and dudes who can bend spoons without touching 'em.

Wiz: Grossly oversimplifying it, but fine. Outside of that, it also gives it a slight boost in the power of moves that share one of its typings.

Fire-Type Moves[]

  • Blaze Kick
    • Increased Crit Chance
  • Ember
  • Fire Spin
  • Flamethrower
  • Flame Charge
    • Increases Speed
  • Flare Blitz
    • Recoil Damage
  • Fire Punch
  • Overheat
    • Lowers Sp Atk
  • Heat Crash
    • Power Increases against Lighter Foes

Boomstick: Like the flaming Blaze Kick, which strikes the foe with a flaming foot so hard it might strike 'em critically, or Fire Spin, which makes a flaming vortex that constantly hurts the target.

Wiz: There's also Flame Charge and Flare Blitz, which both involve rushing down the foe while wreathed in flames. The former can increase speed to the user, while the latter puts in too much power and deals recoil.

Boomstick: But if you wanna get all full-contact, then Overheat and Heat Crash are your bets. Overheat strikes the foe with all the user's got before lowering their non-physical power, while Heat Crash is a full-body tackle that does more damage the lighter the foe is.

Wiz: There's also the ranged Flamethrower and the up-close Fire Punch, both of which have a chance to burn the target on contact.

Fighting-Type Moves[]

  • Low Kick
    • Power depends on foe weight
  • Low Sweep
  • Focus Blast
  • Power-Up Punch
    • Raises Physical Attack on hit
  • Reversal
    • Scales in power the less HP the user has
  • Aura Sphere
    • Never misses
  • High Jump Kick
    • Recoils on miss
  • Close Combat
    • Lowers physical and special Defense

Boomstick: But that ain't all that Blaziken knows, 'cause they also got a lot of Fighting Type moves. Like Aura Sphere, a sphere of energy that's sure to hit it's target.

Wiz: It can also learn Low Kick, which trips it's foe and uses their own weight against them. After that is Low Sweep, which strikes the target's legs and lowers their movement speed.

Boomstick: Don't forget about Focus Blast, which can blast a foe so hard their resistance to special attacks is lowered...somehow.

Wiz: And beyond that are the stronger techniques: Reversal, which strikes a foe with a blow that grows stronger the less HP the user has, and Close Combat, and all-out assault that ends with the user's defensive capabilities taking a hit. There's also High Jump Kick, which while powerful, does hurt Blaziken if it misses.

Boomstick: Y'know, i've been wondering Wiz, why do so many of it's moves have backlash? Eh, not like it matters, since this kickboxing chicken thing's also got a bunch of non-STAB moves to cover it.

Misc Typing Attacks[]

  • Quick Attack (Normal)
  • Giga Impact (Normal)
  • Echoed Voice (Normal)
  • Body Slam (Normal)
    • Possible Paralysis
  • Mega Punch (Normal)
  • Mega Kick (Normal)
  • Dig (Ground)
    • Can Get User Out of Caves
  • Bulldoze (Ground)
  • Rock Tomb (Rock)
  • Rock Climb (Normal...?)
    • Can Climb Steep Cliffs
  • Shadow Claw (Ghost)
  • Assurance (Dark)
  • Solar Beam (Grass)
    • One-Turn Attack When Under Sunny Weather
  • Poison Jab (Poison)
  • Thunder Punch (Electric)

Boomstick: Holy sh-that's a lotta moves! Wiz, think we can have a thunder round here?

Wiz: ...y'know, I was thinking the same thing Boomstick.

Boomstick: Aw hell yeah! Alright--Quick Attack strikes first, asks questions later, while Giga Impact is a powerful tackle that forces you to recharge when you use it.

Wiz: Echoed Voice is a screech that powers up with every consecutive use, Body Slam is a full-body tackle that can paralyze the target, and Mega Punch and Mega Kick are strikes that are using raw power instead of technique.

Boomstick: Dig's a tunnelin' move that's great for dodging an attack, Bulldoze completely wrecks the ground and hits everyone around, Rock Tomb slows whatever sucker's struck by the rocks, and Rock Climb lets you climb rocks.

Wiz: Shadow Claw is a ghostly claw swipe that has a chance of critically injuring the foe, Assurance deals more damage if the target was just hurt recently, and Solar Beam is a plant-based beam attack that takes a while to charge when not under harsh sunlight.

Boomstick: Finally there's Poison Jab, which jabs someone with the ability to Poison 'em, and Thunder Punch, literally covering your hand in electricity and decking someone in the schnozz! Hey Wiz, I bet you can do that.

Wiz: Wh-what, why?

Boomstick: Y'know, with your robo-arm! Can't you overclock it or something?

Wiz: Boomstick, that's highly dangerous and irresponsible! Why would I be able to do that?

Boomstick: ...

Wiz: ...i'd at least use a rubber sleeve before doing it.

Boomstick: That's what I thought. Anyways, Blaziken's also got moves that don't directly damage the opponent, but heck 'em over in less direct ways.

Status Moves[]

  • Growl
  • Sand Attack
  • Will-O-Wisp
  • Toxic
  • Protect
  • Substitute
    • Uses HP to Use
  • Double Team
  • Sunny Day
  • Rest
    • Puts User to Sleep
  • Sleep Talk
    • Only usable when asleep
  • Hone Claws
  • Work Up
  • Endure
    • Tanks Possibly Killing Attacks
  • Roar
  • Agility
  • Focus Energy

Wiz: They can debuff foes with moves like Growl and Sand Attack, cause damage over time with Will-O-Wisp and Toxic, and even avoid damage with Protect, Substitute, Detect, and Double Team.

Boomstick: Don't forget buffing, which they can do with Hone Claws, Work Up, and Agility. Hell, Blaziken can even hold off a possible KO with Endure.

Wiz: There's also Rest, which heals a good chunk of Blaziken's health at the cost of putting them to sleep. In that state, they can only do 2 things until they wake up: deal light damage with Snore, or risk a roulette with Sleep Talk, which pulls out a random move in Blaziken's arsenal to use.

Boomstick: There's also Sunny Day, which somehow changes the weather with magic or whatever. In this light, Solar Beam's instantly charged, Fire-Type moves deal even more damage, and Water-Type moves are weakened.

Wiz: It's ability, Blaze, also powers up these moves, sort of like an elemental adrenaline rush. But despite it's arsenal and firepower, Blaziken isn't invincible.


  • Reckless
  • Previous type disadvantages
  • Higher-hitting moves deal recoil
  • Lack of consistent long-rang options

Boomstick: While it's a fast fighter, it's terrible at strategy, just firing fast attacks up close until it's won its fight.

Wiz: And as said before, Flying-Types, Water-Types, Ground-Types, and Psychic-Types all deal more damage to it. Along with that, its moves like Giga Impact and Flare Blitz, while incredibly strong, are also damaging to Blaziken.

Boomstick: It's also pretty shit in the projectile game, with most of it's ranged attacks either taking too long to charge, or being way too weak.

Wiz: That doesn't mean that Blaziken won't go down swinging, however. When it needs to face a foe stronger than even it can handle, it has one more trick up it's sleeves, one that can turn the tides in an instant. Going beyond itself, beyond its blazing power. Beyond...evolution.

Mega Blaziken Transformation
Mega Blaziken Render

Mega Evolution[]

  • Name: Mega Blaziken
  • Type: Fire/Fighting
  • Ability: Speed Boost
    • Increases Speed overtime
  • Height: 6'3"
  • Weight: 114.6 lbs
  • Gatling Flame Kicks

Boomstick: As Mega Blaziken, the ol' chicken-man takes the kid gloves off, sporting a new 'do and taking its flames to the limit!

Wiz: Along with that, it gains a new ability: Speed Boost, which speeds Blaziken up the longer they stay in this form. But most importantly of all, it allows it to unleash its most powerful attack: Gatling Flame Kicks. A technique where Blaziken rapidly kicks the target, before flying above them and delivering a piercing kick so hard that it causes an explosion.

Boomstick: Talk about going all out. Looks like no matter what kind of Pokemon takes it on, Blaziken doesn't seem like they'll ever chicken out of a fight.

Blaziken Death Battle Closer


Sceptile cuts into DEATH BATTLE![]

Sceptile Death Battle Info

[Now Playing: (Littleroot Town - Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Saphire)]

Wiz: If anyone wants to harm nature, they should stay wary, or else the Guardian of the Forest may just drain them for all they're worth.

Boomstick: That's just a fancy way of saying that a super-sized Geko'll cut you till you're thin as bacon.

Wiz: Evolving from the Wood Gecko Pokemon Treecko, to the secondary form Grovyle, and finally to the Forest Pokemon Sceptile, these Pokemon are best known for the power behind their leafy blades and their blazing speed in their home environment.



  • Name: Sceptile
  • Species Name: The Forest Pokemon
  • Ability: Overgrow
    • Powers up Grass-Type moves in a pinch
  • Type: Grass
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: 115.1 lbs
  • Habitats: Deep Forests, Jungles
  • Fighting Style: Hit and Run, Ninja-Like

Boomstick: Ain't that the truth. Yeah, despite how heavy these guys look, they're shockingly good at jumpin' around tree branches and stuff.

Wiz: That's not all. They're incredibly adapted to the forest environment, using small hooks on the bottom of their feet to cling onto the steepest of surfaces, and even the bottoms of branches with no difficulty. They can also hide themselves easily camoflauge within the forest if they need to stay out of sight. In fact, they're so in-tune with the forest that no other land Pokemon can catch them if they run through the woods, which would reasonably include Arcanine, the Legendary Pokemon.

Boomstick: That fire mutt's a legendary? I mean, it looks strong, but it just seems more like pet material than god material, y'know?

Wiz: No, it's not a Legendary. It's the Legendary Pokemon. And yes, that is confusing.

Boomstick: Huh...well no matter what it's status is, that pup's got some speed. At it's max, it runs at about 250 miles an hour. Impressive, and then you realize that Sceptile can move even FASTER than that! How the hell does it have the energy to run that fast?

Wiz: That would be the pods that grow on their backs. Each one is jam-packed with nutrients, and it can even use them to grow trees if necessary. Though, if it so wishes, Sceptiles can also cut down trees in a single sweep of its leafy blades.

Boomstick: Ain't that kinda counter-productive?

Wiz: Maybe, but sometimes it might be handy. Either way, to pull off a move like this (and assuming it refers to a pine tree, as those are the closest we have to the trees in Hoenn), Sceptile would need to produce a force of about 0.09 Tons of TNT.

Boomstick: Ain't that much, but it can make pretty damn good use of that power with its speed. Plus, with it being a Grass type and all, it kinda needs that speed.


  • Type: Grass
  • Resists: Water, Grass, Ground, Electric
  • Weaknesses: Fire, Flying, Ice, Bug, Poison

Wiz: As a Grass-Type, Sceptiles are naturally able to face down fearsome Water-Types, other Grass-Types, rugged Ground-types, and shockingly strong Electric-Types.

Boomstick: Meanwhile it's got a bad matchup against Fire-Types, Flying Pokemon, Ice-Types that like to freeze people, literal bugs, and of course withers away when shown good ol'fashioned weed killers.

Wiz: While there are a few more cons than pros for the typing, the Grass Type allows Sceptile to pull out even more power from its arsenal of Grass-Type moves.

Boomstick: Oh yeah, we still gotta get through those.

Grass-Type Moves[]

  • Leafage
  • Absorb
    • Mega Drain
      • Giga Drain
  • Bullet Seed
  • Leaf Storm
    • Possibly Increases Special Atk
  • Solar Beam
  • Energy Ball
  • Grass Knot
    • Scales damage to Target's weight
  • Seed Bomb
  • Leaf Blade
    • Possibility to Crit
    • Solar Blade

Wiz: Starting with the basics, Sceptile can launch a flurry of leaves through Leafage, while Absorb and it's stronger counterparts leech energy from the foe to heal itself with.

Boomstick: Bullet Seed's a multi-hittin' attack that's like if you fused a tree packet and a minigun into one weird as hell technique, and Leaf Storm's basically an amped version of Leafage, creatin' a blast of leaves that can amp the user's power in special attacks.

Wiz: Then there's Energy Ball, a move that draws from nature and may lower the foe's capability to weather non-physical attacks. After that is Grass Knot, which uses the foe's weight against them and trips them, scaling damage to how heavy they are.

Boomstick: There's also Seed Bomb, which lobs heavy as hell seeds at the target's head, while it's signiture move is Leaf Blade, where Sceptile slashes with the leafy blades on its arms.

Wiz: Finally, Sceptile can all upon the power of the sun for it's 2 strongest attacks: Solar Beam, and Solar Blade. The former's a beam of intensified sunlight acting like a laser, while the other takes that same principle, but uses it as an enhancement to their already strong Leaf Blade.

Boomstick: Kinda feels like anime attacks for those last two, but hey, that's not all that this lizard guy's got under the hood, 'cause it's got other Types of moves to use on a battle.

Misc Typing Attacks[]

  • Pursuit (Dark)
  • Iron Tail (Steel)
  • Dig (Ground)
  • Brick Break (Fighting)
  • Rock Tomb (Rock)
  • Aerial Ace (Flying)
  • Quick Attack (Normal)
  • Drain Punch (Fighting)
  • Acrobatics (Flying)
  • Power-Up Punch (Fighting)
  • Thunder Punch (Electric)
  • Secret Power (Normal)
  • X-Scissor (Bug)
  • Earthquake (Ground)
  • Brutal Swing (Dark)
  • Hyper Beam (Normal)
  • Cross Poison (Posion)
  • Giga Impact (Normal)
  • Throat Chop (Dark)

Wiz: With Pursuit, Sceptile can dart in to deliver a strike as a foe attempts to flee, while with Iron Tail, they can strike the foe with an iron-hard tail that can lower their defense.

Boomstick: Dig allows 'em to race through the ground and dodge attacks before striking their foe on the return trip, while Brick Break involves the lizard chopping you so hard that any shields you got to protect yourself are shattered instantly.

Wiz: Rock Tomb meanwhile slows anyone struck by the rocks that come from this move, while Aerial Ace is a sure-hit strike using advanced maneuvering around the battlefield. There's also Quick Attack and Drain Punch, with the former always striking first and the latter is a...punch that drains the foe's vitality? I'm not even going to question how that works, we have a lot more of these to get through.

Boomstick: After that's Acrobatics, using Sceptile's supposed agility to deliver a beatdown that's stronger with their hands free, while Power-Up Punch is a punch filled with so much raw, manly energy that his physical power pumps up on a complete hit. Hah, now that's a punch i'd take any day of the week.

Wiz: Sceptile also knows Secret Power, a technique that changes in power and effect depending on what exactly the environment that the fighting takes place is in. Then there's X-Scissor, a crossing blade chop that has the Bug-Typing.

Boomstick: But then there's the REAL powerhouse stuff, like Earthquake. That's right, now on top of running faster than your average sports car and being able to chop down trees, it can freakin' cause natural disasters!

Wiz: It also knows Hyper Beam and Giga Impact, with the former being a beam using all of a Pokemon's power, while the other is a full-body tackle using all their power. With both, the cost is dangerous, forcing them to recharge their energy and leave themselves vulnerable to an attack.

Boomstick: 'Course, that's not all Sceptile can do. With the Brutal Swing, Sceptile swings itself around so much that it strikes all who're even close to it, while with Cross Poison, it can both go for a critical blow AND poison the guy unlucky enough to be struck by the literally purple-glowing blades! Seriously, why do so many Pokemon limbs glow when they're attacking?

Wiz: Finally, there's Throat Chop, a sharp chop to the throat that silences any who're struck by it. So striking, in fact, that the target can't even use sound-based attacks in combat after they're struck.

Boomstick: But if you think Sceptile's all-attack no-support, then you got another thing coming. Like all Pokemon, they got a variety of moves to help in its battles.

Status Moves[]

  • Leer
  • Agility
  • Safeguard
    • Only works on statuses
  • Quick Guard
    • Only works on priority attacks
  • Toxic
  • Rest
  • Flash
    • Can light up dark caves
  • Swagger
  • Substitute
  • Sunny Day
  • Grass Terrain

Wiz: For debuffing options, there's Leer, which lowers a target's defense with a sharp glare, and Flash, which creates a blinding light to lower a target's accuracy.

Boomstick: For buffing moves, this 'mon's got Rest and Swagger, which actually buffs the foe but also makes them way too confused to actually fight. Now if it were me, i'd just accept the buff and move on, but you do you.

Wiz: For harsher means of harming the foe, Sceptile has Toxic, an attack that curses the foe with a harsh poison.

Boomstick: And then there's the bread and butter of Sceptile's game: The indirect buffing attacks. Like Substitute, which lets him pull a Naruto and redirect an attack at the cost of some health. There's also Safe and Quick Guard, which protect them from status effects and 'priority moves'...whatever those are.

Wiz: Well that's easy, Boomstick. Priority moves are simply moves that, through some strange law in the Pokemon world, allow a user to bypass their natural speed and always strike first. Like Quick Attack.

Boomstick: OH, I get it...well anyways, Sceptile's also got Sunny Day, and the option that DOESN'T help it's main threat, Grassy Terrain.

Wiz: Right. While Sunny Day enhances the heat of the sun to super-power plant-based power and the flames of fire-types, Grassy Terrain seems to be a magically-induced field of grass-type energy that specifically helps Grass Types. It slowly heals all Pokemon if they touch the ground, powers up Grass-Type attacks, and halves the power of moves that shift the ground.

Boomstick: But like all ninja-lizards, Sceptile's got some pretty big faults.


  • Previously mentioned type weaknesses
  • Relies on set-up to truly push out its full power
  • Somewhat frail

Wiz: Beyond the type matchups we've talked about before, Sceptile's moveset relies quite heavily on seting up to properly be of use in a fight, one they may not get if they're focused down.

Boomstick: And that's not helped by just how freaking frail these guys are when you compare 'em to other fully-evolved Pokemon! Like, I get you're a grass guardian man, but get some meat on your bones or something.

Wiz: Luckily, like Blaziken, Sceptile has a way to go beyond it's faults and into the stratosphere of a true fighter. When the chips are down, it can go beyond into the next stage of its power: Mega Evolution.

Mega Sceptile Transform
Mega Sceptile Render

Mega Evolution[]

  • Name: Mega Sceptile
  • Type: Grass/Dragon
  • Ability: Lightning Rod
    • Magnetizes all Electric-Type Attacks towards the user, while making them immune to said attacks and giving them a boost in Special Atk
  • Height: 6'3"
  • Weight: 121.7 lbs
  • Tail Missile
  • Forest's Flash

Boomstick: That's right, Sceptile can go even further beyond, and stick a whole Christmas Tree up it's arse!

Wiz: Boosmtick, that's not what happens at all! Sceptile's entire body is filled with Mega Energy in this tate, which evolves their body beyond normal power. That includes its tail, which can now detach and fire off like a missle at their target.

Boomstick: This guy can cut himself to blow people up? Not really practical, but I dig it!

Wiz: Don't worry, Sceptile can heal off the damage as long as they have Mega Energy flowing through themself. Anyways, this new form also gives them a new ability, Lightning Rod. With this, they attract all Electric-type attacks towards themself, only to absorb the lightning and buff their special Attack.

Boomstick: And that's not all! With this new form comes a new typing. That's right, this guy can become a part-dragon!

Dragon Typing[]

  • Resists: Fire, Water, Grass, Electric
  • Weaknesses: Dragon, Fairy, Ice
  • STAB-Enhanced Moves
    • Dragon Claw
    • Dragon Pulse
    • Dual Chop
    • Breaking Swipe
    • Outrage

Wiz: With latent draconic power, the basic elements become mere child's play for Sceptile. The flaming Fire-Types, the aquatic Water-Types, other Grass-types, and even Electric-Types will have a hard time fighting this typing.

Boomstick: On the other hand, other Dragons, cold weather, and little itty bitty pixies can take these monstrous foes down. Hell, their moves don't even work on Fairy-Types.

Wiz: Thankfully for Sceptile, when it can use it's dragon power, it uses it to maximum effect. Like the powerful Dragon Claw, the ranged Dragon Pulzse, or even the double-hitting Dual Chop.

Boomstick: But if they REALLY wanna get serious, then Sceptile can also unleash 2 superpowered moves: Breaking Swipe, which hits everyone around and drops their physical attack power, and Outrage, one of the strongest and riskiest moves Dragon-Types know. Thrashing around with dragon-energy or whatever, this move strikes a buncha times before the user becomes confused from fatigue.

Wiz: And if things are really looking bad, then Sceptile can also call upon it's ultimate technique: the Forest's Flash. This move traps a target in a giant cocoon of vines and roots, before then blowing them up with the power of nature itself.

Boomstick: Huh. You'd think they'd use that big tail of theirs...

Wiz: Tail or no tail, there's practically nothing that can stop a Sceptile who's out for blood. So be wary the next time you head out into the forest, or you might be the next victim of the Forest's Guardian.

Sceptile DB Analysis End


Swampert dives into DEATH BATTLE![]

Swampert Death Battle Info

[Now Playing: (Crossing the Sea - Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Saphire)]

Boomstick: Hey Wiz, I heard you liek Mudkipz.

Wiz: What? No I don't.

Boomstick: Wait, really? Then what's with all these notes on them?

Wiz: Well you see--wait, those were in my lab! Boomstick, did you seriously break into my lab!?

Boomstick: ...maybe.

Wiz: Ugh...well at least I know that i need to update security. Anyways... Evolving from Mudkip, then the secondary state known as Marshtomp, and finally to the fully evolved form Swampert, this Pokemon is best defined by its scientific name; the Mud Fish Pokemon.



  • Name: Swampert
  • Species Name: The Mud Fish Pokemon
  • Ability: Torrent
    • Powers up Water-Type moves in a pinch
  • Type: Water/Ground
  • Height: 4'11"
  • Weight: 180.6 lbs
  • Habitats: Lakes, Beaches
  • Fighting Style: Lightning Bruiser in Water, Basic Brawler on Land

Boomstick: Yeah, these guys love mud. Hell, they slather themselves in the stuff to keep their skin wet when they're on land.

Wiz: They're especially adapted for the water, with fins that can accurately predict storms with just the water currents and the sounds of waves. Beyond that, there's also the fact of their eyesight, which is apparently so keep it can see in even the murkiest of waters. How they can do so even in the most murky of waters, I don't know.

Boomstick: But what we do know how how fast these guys can get in the water. They're constantly compared to jet skis, which usually move around 40 to 60 Miles an hour. Shoot, they can even go this speed when hauling large ships!

Wiz: Using a cargo ship as reference for this feat, that would mean that Swampert can pull with a force comparable to 23.8 Tons of TNT. That's frankly impressive, especially since they use this strength to haul around large boulders that weigh tons with relative ease.

Boomstick: 'course, it just ain't Pokemon without the magic typing stuff that everyone's got, and hoo boy does Swampert get a good one here.


  • Type: Water/Ground
  • Resists: Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel, Electric (Immune)
  • Weaknesses: Grass (x4)

Wiz: Now, as Swampert is--

Boomstick: Hey Wiz, wait a sec! I wanna have a go at the resisting stuff!

Wiz: Are you...sure about that?

Boomstick: Yeah. You already got to do it for the last two AND Magikarp back in that one episode, so I wanna switch it up.

Wiz: ...alright, fine. Just don't mess it up like the other ones.

Boomstick: Yes! Alright--as a super strong Water/Ground type, Swampert's got a lotta great matchups. They can weather the sweet flames of the Fire-Type, dampen the sickly Poison-Type, rock out on Rock-Types, they can even take blows from the super-durable Steel-Types. Hell, despite that pesky Water-Typing, they're actually IMMUNE to Electric-Type attacks! Turns out that mud's not as useless as you'd think.

Wiz: That was...surprisingly good, Boomstick. Though there is an Achilles' Heel to this versatile typing: A double weakness to Grass-Types, which causes attacks of that typing that land on Swampert to multiply their damage by 4 times.

Boomstick: Bit of a chink in the armor if you get what i'm saying. But no worries, 'cause this 'mon's also got some STAB-powered moves to really show their worth.

Water-type Moves[]

  • Water Gun
  • Water Pulse
  • Surf
  • Dive
  • Hydro Pump
  • Whirlpool
  • Scald
  • Liquidation
  • Muddy Water

Wiz: Like the fairly straight-forwards Water-Gun, and Water Pulse, which has a chance to confuse targets on a successful hit.

Boomstick: There's also Surf and Dive, which while also being great ways to get around the ocean, are also really good battle moves. Surf summons a whole tidal wave to strike your foes during a battle, while Dive lets you hide in the water before popping out for a surprise attack!

Wiz: There's also Scald, which is a beam of water so halt it might burn the target, and Liquidation, which is a tackle emboldened by water that can lower a target's defensive abilities.

Boomstick: For high-hitting stuff, there's Hydro Pump, which is a super-powerful beam of water that pressure-washes the foe better than my local car wash does for my car. There's also Whirlpool, which locks the foe in a multi-hitting tornado of sheer water!

Wiz: And for a literal meaning on home-field advantage, Swampert can unleash their signature move: Muddy Water. This move causes a wave of mud-filled water to be launched into the battlefield, which can lower a foe's accuracy for obvious reasons.

Boomstick: That's not even the last muddy move this frog-thing's got, cause it also gets STAB from Ground-Type Moves!

Ground-Type Moves[]

  • Mud Slap
    • Melee version of the latter
  • Mud Bomb
    • Ranged version of the former
  • Mud Shot
  • Earthquake
  • Bulldoze
  • Stomping Tantrum
    • Doubles in power if previous move fails/misses
  • High Horsepower
  • Earth Power
    • Lowers a target's Special Defense

Wiz: First off, there's 3 separate Mud moves with different applications. Mud Slap and Bomb are balls of mud that can lower a target's accuracy-

Boomstick: Y'know what they say, Wiz. "I'm gonna put some mud in your eye."

Wiz: Wh-that's not even the right quote.

Boomstick: Who cares? Certainly not Swampert, who's also got Mud Shot. Take Mud Ball, but fire it at the foe's legs, lowering their Speed instead of their accuracy.

Wiz: Gh...anyways, there's also Earthquake and Bulldoze, which are full-area strikes that tremble the very ground that Swampert stands on.

Boomstick: When they get mad, there's also Stomping Tantrum, and High Horsepower for those times when you say 'fuck it' and just wanna wail on the foe with all you got.

Wiz: Swampert also has Earth Power, which involves them filling the earth with Ground-Type energy before exploding it outwards under their target's feet.

Boomstick: 'Course, you can't be a whatever the hell Swampert is without some good ol' coverage moves.

Misc Typing Attacks[]

  • Bide (Normal)
  • Take Down (Normal)
  • Outrage (Dragon)
  • Body Slam (Normal)
    • May cause paralysis
  • Hyper Beam (Normal)
  • Ice Beam (Ice)
  • Rock Tomb (Rock)
  • Secret Power (Normal)
  • Blizzard (Ice)
  • Rock Smash (Fighting)
    • Great at smashing rocks
  • Icy Wind (Ice)
  • Brick Break (Fighting)
  • Power-Up Punch (Fighting)
  • Mega Punch (Normal)
  • Ice Punch (Ice)
  • Darkest Lariat (Dark)

Wiz: First off we have Bide, a two-turn move that involves the user absorbing damage before sending the accumulated power right at the target.

Boomstick: For more power, we got Take Down and Outrage, with the former being a full-powered tackle so strong it even hurts the user, while the other's a dragon-buffed beatdown that ends with the user getting a little too dizzy for their own good.

Wiz: Then there's Hyper Beam, where Swampert collapses all of their power into a single, devastating beam attack. While one of their strongest moves, it's also the most costly, requiring them to take a good amount of time to recover after it's finished.

Boomstick: If that big ass laser isn't up your alley, then maybe try out Ice Beam, a small-ass laser that can freeze foes who're struck by it. There's also the slowing Rock Tomb, taking that red light to more of a yellow light.

Wiz: There's also Secret Power, which expresses itself in different ways depending on what the environment that the battle takes place in.

Boomstick: Don't forget the big hitters, like Blizzard, an icy move so strong it can freeze anyone in it's way solid! There's also Icy Wind, which while weaker, does slow foes down.

Wiz: Brick Break's a technique that allows the user to smash through defensive barriers, while Mega Punch is a full-power punch that uses the user's maximum strength.

Boomstick: Speakin' of punching, Swampert's really good at that somehow. With Power-Up Punch, they can buff their own strength while attacking, while with Ice Punch, they condense one of their Ice-Type moves into a frosty fist that can completely catch an opponent with a bad case of deep freeze if you catch my drift.

Wiz: Finally, there's Darkest Lariat, a move that completely ignores all stat changes to hit a target with the raw numbers. Perfect for those foes who have ways of increasing their defense, not so great when said target's defenses are down. Speaking of which, there's also the matter of Swampert's own buffs and debuffs.

Status Moves[]

  • Growl
  • Foresight
  • Water Sport
  • Mud Sport
  • Protect
  • Endeavor
  • Hail
  • Rain Dance
  • Rest
  • Sleep Talk
  • Captivate
  • Swagger
  • Amnesia
  • Stealth Rock

Boomstick: They got Growl and Foresight, the latter allowing any move that Swampert uses to be a sure-hit, even if a foe's way too evasive normally.

Wiz: Then there's the two Sport moves: Water Sport lowers the power of Fire-Type moves, while Mud Sport does the same, but for Electric-Type attacks.

Boomstick: Kinda useless given that Swampert's already immune, but aight. There's also Protect, allowing them to tank most blows, and Endeavor, which puts both fighters on the same playing field health-wise. Great for getting past conventional defenses.

Wiz: There's also the moves that control the weather; Rain Dance and Hail. Rain Dance causes it to rain harshly, which acts like a Sunny Day for Water-types. At the same time, Hail causes that rain to transform into chunks of ice, constantly pelting all within the battlefield that aren't Ice-Type themself.

Boomstick: For some healing and attacking, this water-monster thing's got the combo of Rest and Sleep Talk, healing off damage before falling to sleep, then choosing a move at random to keep up the fight. Who said that sleeping was a bad thing to do in fights?

Wiz: If you aren't a Pokemon, it is. Anyways, there's also Amnesia, which raises a target's Special Defense. Thankfully, it doesn't work exactly like the real life condition.

Boomstick: And finally we got Stealth Rock, which creates a bunch of jagged rocks that hurt anyone that's just joining the fight. Or, if you wanna go a more old-school style with them, stab your target with every single one for damage over time!

Wiz: Of course, like all Pokemon, Swampert has it's flaws.


  • G R A S S
  • On land, not as fast
  • Lacking technique

Boosmtick: Yeah, outside of a blade of grass sending it to the hospital, it's not the fastest thing on land, preferring the water to anything else.

Wiz: They're also not the best at actual technique, resorting to bashing in other Pokemon instead of more civilized attacks. Of course, like the two Pokemon before them, Swampert has a way to turn the tides of battle when things look bleak. And i'm not talking about their ability; Torrent. This ability goes beyond the boost in water-type attacks, beyond themself. Beyond evolution.

Mega Swampert Transform
Mega Swampert Render

Mega Evolution[]

  • Name: Mega Swampert
  • Type: Water/Ground
  • Ability: Swift Swim
    • Doubles the user's speed in rain
  • Height: 6'3"
  • Weight: 224.9 lbs
  • Oxygen-Enhanced Muscles

Boomstick: H-HOLY SHIT! Pfft--what the HELL-did Swampert just take steroids???

Wiz: What? No.

Boomstick: Then why the hell did it just get so BUFF? Seriously, it looks like it got the Midoriya treatment, but even MORE exaggerated.

Wiz: Funny you should mention that, because outside of it's new ability, Swift Swim, My hero actually holds a perfect example for this sudden transformation. Much like how Yagi Toshinori keeps up his All Might form through taking deep breaths, Mega Swampert looks that big due to many new muscles in its' body puffing up with oxygen, increasing its raw power noticeably.

Boomstick: Huh. Well i'm sticking with the steroids idea 'cause it's funny. Anyways, even while this guy's not the smartest or fastest Pokemon out there, there's one thing that Swampert's perfect at: being fucking strong as all hell, and letting everyone know.

Swampert Death Battle Info End


Pre-Death Battle/Poll[]

Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set! We've run the data through all possibilities.


  • Poll Results
    • Blaziken: 33%
    • Sceptile: 42%
    • Swampert: 25%

Death Battle[]

Location: Generic Forest[]

Within a plain, plain-filled forest, all seemed fine. Swellow were chirping, Ratata were searching for something to gnaw on, and all-around it was a peaceful day. However, not all would be peaceful for long, as one of the trees began to shake with effort. Suddenly, a deep blue berry dropped from the leaves of the tree, landing with a simple thump as the one who plucked it jumped down a second later. Covered in green, a lizard-like Pokemon with a thick, darker green tail would seem to be the one responsible, Treecko about to snack on their fair-gotten gain.

However, another Pokemon would quite literally chirp up as they closed in, confusing the Gecko Pokemon for a moment before they turned to face the newcomer. Said new face would be a small, bright orange chicken with yellow fluff, Torchic curiously looking over the Grass-type Pokemon from a tree or so away. They would then gesture to the Oran Berry in Treecko's hand with their head, the Wood Gecko Pokemon looking down at their hands for a second before swiftly turning around, huffing and crossing their arms as if to say no to the silent request.

However, that wasn't all that Treecko had to contest with, for when they turned, another Pokemon would pop out of the nearby mud. Blue in color with orange cheeks and an odd fin on its head, Mudkip would tilt their head before noticing the berry in the lizard-like starter's grasp. Perking up, the blue intruder would sneak up towards Treeko before then attempting to take a bite out of the berry! More aware than one realized, however, the Wood Gecko would then raise their berry high, a glare from them keeping the two other Pokemon from stealing their snack.

However, that didn't stop a nearby Zizagoon from suddenly leaping out of a bush, taking the Wood Gecko's Oran Berry from their hand before darting off. Surprised, all 3 starters would just watch as the racoon-esque Pokemon left, before each gave the other a glare. This...meant war.


BLAM! Another rock was burnt up as Torchic landed, the chicken-like Pokemon huffing and puffing to themself. How rude was that Treecko, not even trying to share their meal with them? Now NONE of them had a good meal to eat! Angry, they'd jump towards a slightly larger rock, scratching at it multiple times with their feet before launching an Ember at the stone.

Location: Plains, Evening[]

A blast of fire struck the ground as a newly evolved Grovyle darted out of the way in time. Before they could counter, however, a Water Gun would hit their head, courtesy of a rapidly approaching Marshtomp. The Mud Fish Pokemon would then leap forwards, going for a punch that was swiftly dodged by the Grass-Type. Detecting that there was another attack incoming, the agile Pokemon then jumped upwards, dodging a Flame Charge from Combusken before the evolved chicken smacked into Marshtomp!

Startled, but not all that hurt, the aquatic starter would flail their arms around to keep their balance...only for Grovyle to smack them with a swirling tail slap, causing them to fly back and into a hole in the grass. Rubbing their head in some pain, the Water-Type would start to stand up, before then realizing. The ground under them...felt spherical. TOO spherical to be natural. Slowly looking down and raising their hand back up, they would see that what they had landed on was none else but a horde of Voltorbs...and all of them were starting to glow with energy.


The explosion that ensued could be seen from over the tree line.


Marshtomp lifted yet another boulder above themself, stacked atop the two that they already held on one hand. They were working out, constantly pumping the large rocks up and down to build up strength. Finally, once they felt like they got enough of a work-out, they'd launch the rocks into the air, getting into position before striking each one into tinier bits. First one was struck normally, the second and third were caught in a double-punch maneuver, the fourth was struck with enough force to dust it completely, and for the final one...

Non-Descript Beach[]

An explosion of energy ripped apart a large stone, as the Mud Fish Pokemon Swampert ran in for a large-swinging punch. Meanwhile, Sceptile was preparing a Leaf Storm, and from high above, whilst Blaziken was readying a Blaze Kick to take the two down in one massive attack from above. Firing all of their strikes, an explosion of energy formed from the Starters' collision! As the dust settled, however...all 3 Pokemon were downed, the final clash leaving their duel a tie.


A large boulder sat in the middle of the woods, clearly not belonging if the drag marks on the ground were anything to go by. It wasn't about to last for long, however, as a clean vertical slice would suddenly bisect the rock, a shining pebble flying up and out of the rubble. Allowing their Leaf Blade to calm down, Sceptile would lift their hand in the air, catching the rock before it could land. Squinting at the strangely glowing stone, a simple re-focus would reveal it to be none other than the Mega Stone Sceptilite.

Final Location: Duel Destiny Island, Beach of Finality[]

Sceptile still kept the Mega Stone with them as they stalked through the foliage, creeping up towards the spot that they were told to go. A beach with pristine sand, a few rocks jutting out around and right by a shockingly calm coast. Squinting, they'd step out into the harsh sun, looking for the two Pokemon they loathed the most. Thankfully for the Grass-Type, that wouldn't take much longer. Stepping out of the water, Swampert would emerge with a glowing Swampertite in-hand, going to stand up on their hind legs as they noticed Sceptile standing nearby. Meanwhile, Blaziken dropped down from the sky with their own Blazikenite, landing on a tall rock and overlooking the two ground-based starters with contempt.

Hoenn Royale Battle


[Now Playing: (Mega Unbeatable - Death Battle Fanon Track)]

Right as the battle started, Sceptile was forced to leap backwards as Blaziken jumped at them, impacting the ground with both legs blazing in a Heat Crash. Spinning back around, they would then slap the bird with their bushy tail, Pounding the Blaze Pokemon in the face and sending them flying towards an awaiting Swampert! Going for an obvious strike, the fish-like Pokemon would pool in energy from the surrounding water into their mouth, before launching a geyser at the flying fire-type!

At the same time, Blaziken was brought back to their senses, unleashing a burst of flame and dodging past the super-effective Hydro Pump at the last second. Not-so luckily, Sceptile was doused by the powerful water attack, staggering back from the off-guard strike. Glaring at the two fighting Pokemon, the lizard would play it smart and turn tail, running back towards the woods with a plan in mind. And thankfully, those two close-range combatants were too busy fighting eachother to notice as the Forest Pokemon snuck away.

Speaking of which, Swampert let out a roar as Blaziken raced around and above them, creating an ice-filled air around before then firing it all around! The fire chicken's leg would start to freeze over, but with a quick flex that ice would shatter, allowing them to launch back in and swing a flaming leg, causing the mud-loving Pokemon to be sent further onto the beach proper. Disengaging their firey feet thrusters for a moment, the Fire-Type would dash towards the recovering Swampert, white light drifting behind them as they blurred from the raw speed they were showing off at that moment! Firing off a Quick Attack, Blaziken would strike a punch true across Swampert's face...only to be shocked as they recovered like they were never hit, the Water-Type's front leg glowing before they struck the leg-based fighter with their own Mega Punch, sending the sky-representing Pokemon flying back across the sand.

Managing to catch themself, Blaziken would skid across the sandy ground feet first, a hard-set look on their face before their hands ignited. Suddenly, jets of flames shot from their wrists, giving them a boost forwards as they transitioned that burst of flame into a longer-firing fire jet from both of their feet in a swift movement. Seeing the red and beige bird rapidly approaching, Swampert would lift one of their back feet into the air before then SLAMMING it down, causing a rock to jut out of the sand. Then rearing a fist back, it would glow with a light brown energy before being smashed into the rock, causing it to break apart. Within the next few seconds, each of the smaller, but still large boulders were then punched out of the air, and straight towards Blaziken as Rock Tomb!

As the Blaze Pokemon continued their flying dash, their eyes narrowed at the rocks coming their way before unleashing a flame-covered punch that broke through the rock. For the rest, the burning bird would disengage their jets once more before landing on one of the rocks, a white aura surrounding them before they shot off it like a rocket! They'd land on another rock, bouncing off that as they continued towards Swampert. It was like a white lightning bolt, although with the last rock, fire would build up around the fire-spirited Pokemon once more before they struck out with an outstretched Blaze Kick!

Not expecting the bird to make it that far, Swampert was forced to weather the blow to the face. wasn't very effective. Barely being pushed back, the Mud Fish would then pull their fist back, before thrusting it right back at Blaziken's surprised face, mud forming and swirling around the blow before they the Fire-Type was struck by the Mud Slap! Mud coated their face, causing the Blaze Pokemon to stumble back slightly and shake to get it off. Seeing as Swampert was about to batter down on the distracted chicken, it must've been a huge surprise that Blaziken, without even trying to wipe the mud off, instinctively reached forwards and grabbed the water-faring starter by the chest.

Just as surprising was the fact that Blaziken then managed to toss their foe into the air, hopping up as Swampert flailed before then pulling in both legs. Raw power would course through them, and right as both were perfectly aligned...the leg-focused fighter struck with two Mega Kicks at the same time, causing Swampert to FLY through the air! Heck, it was a strong enough blow that it sent them sailing through the trees, to which Blaziken swiftly reactivated their fire jets and followed suit.

Location: Duel Destiny Island, Sunset Plains[]

A green aura lightly wafted off the grass of a semi-large plains, fading into the midday sky as a figure began to raise their claws into the air. Sunlight-based energy began to form in their hands, Sceptile all too ready to prepare themself for a Sunny Day alongside their set-up Grassy Terrain. Yes, all seemed to be going well...until they weren't.


Trees were broken down easily as Swampert's flying form was still being shot through the tree-line, breaking into the light and spinning and spiraling throughout the air like some form of ragdoll cannonball. Leering at the incoming Water-type projectile, the Forest Pokemon would merely swerve their arm as if about to bowl, the Sunny Day they were forming absorbing the light off the grass and becoming much more green before being fired off as an Energy Ball! However, right before it struck, a glimmer suddenly shined in the Mud Fish's eye, giving them the awareness to punch the ground and dodge the Energy Ball through their reversed momentum.

As Swampert flew in to deliver an overhead double-hammer strike, Blaziken was flying in, noticing the glowing green ball of energy that was flying out of the impromptu smokescreen that was just created. Rearing back their fist, the firey chicken would allow it to spark, catching fire before then punching forwards and colliding with the nature-based attack. After a second of a struggle, the Energy Ball was broken into two smaller orbs, fizzling out as Blaziken darted into the fray. By the time they were reached, Sceptile had narrowly managed to dodge the large attack from the blue-colored starter, creating a small tremor in the ground from the force of impact.

Suddenly, Blaziken leapt out from behind Swampert, switching targets to the more fire-vulnerable of the two. With wide eyes, the grass-tailed lizard would narrowly dodge backwards from a flaming blast that was shot from the fighting bird's mouth. This was then transitioned into a dash as Sceptile ran away, not willing to gamble its life on a fight against the Fire/Fighting type. The same couldn't be said for the Blaze Pokemon however, as they would flip through the air, a foot landing on the Water-Type starter's face before rocketing off of it, flames leaving behind an ashen-faced Swampert as Blaziken chased after their newest target.

Blinking at what had happened, Swampert would go to shake off the soot from their face, before then calling upon a Rain Dance that swiftly took over the natural weather of the island. Looks like they were gonna take a page out of the Grass-Type's book--and get some free healing from the Grassy Terrain, for that matter.

Location: Duel Destiny Island, Final Forest[]

Deep within the forest, two figures ran with all of their might. Well, one ran, one flew. Sceptile was leaning forwards as they ran, arms held straight backwards as their powerful legs kept them moving forwards, all the while Blaziken chased through the foliage with a Flame Charge boosting their speed. Daring to look back, the lizard-like Pokemon would widen their eyes in surprise before leaping out of the way of a Focus Blast, the fighting-type technique creating a small eruption in the dirt once it collided with it. Narrowing their eyes once more, the Forest Pokemon would spin themself around, thwacking a nearby tree's top and causing it to shoot out a storm of leaves at the Blaze Pokemon.

Forced to stop moving for a moment, Blaziken would hold up their arms as the deceptively sharp leaves battered them, leaving small cuts that began to irritate the already irate bird. Gritting their beak in frustration, the Blaze Pokemon would lift a leg, fire covering it once more as they then unleashed a powerful roundhouse kick, unleashing a wave of heat that spun into a flaming twister! The Leaf Storm was completely engulfed, burnt to cinders as the red-feathered fighter dashed off to find where Sceptile had ran off to. Unbeknownst to Blaziken, however, that Fire Spin had hit more targets before dissipating, catching quite a few trees and even part of the ground on fire, the flames spreading outward.

As that happened, Sceptile would keep moving across the branches, experience and skill making itself known every leap. With every jump, every grab of a branch, every step, they were nothing more than a blur to the outside world at the moment. A green blur, one that Blaziken was trying to catch up to with another Flame Charge. Thankfully, it seemed as if Sceptile had given up its chase, landing on one more branch before grabbing their wrist. In the hand that was held, they would then close their thumb, taking a very ninja like stance before slipping around so that they were standing completely upside-down.

Narrowing their eyes, the Blaze Pokemon had an easy target to strike. Powering up their soon-to be punch, Fighting-Type energy rocketed around their hand as Blaziken went in for one massive blow... that phased through 'Sceptile'. Shocked, the Fire-Type turned around to see the image of the ninja-like Starter fading, as if it was nothing more than an illusion. Suddenly getting the faintest idea of what their foe was doing, the red and beige bird would slowly look behind themself, revealing a whole line of Sceptiles preforming various poses throughout the forest path! Narrowing their eyes at the Double Team on display, the fist-fighting bird Pokemon knew of only one way out of this situation.

Suddenly darting around towards the clones, Blaziken would fill one of their arms with Poison-Type energy, effectively decapitating another nearby clone with a strong jab through their neck. After that, it was like a flurry of moves being launched out, different colors flashing through the foliage as the Blaze Pokemon blasted through the Double Team before them. A Shadow Claw ripped one visage into threes, while a Thunder Punch completely dispersed another clone entirely. Getting faster through a repeated use of Flame Charge, the flames around Blaziken's wrists would keep burning more and more, getting more intense as their thirst for battle grew more and more important. This wasn't about the berry anymore, the Fire-Type just wanted to finally sate their thirst for combat.

Finally, it came to a head as Blaziken jumped out into a small clearing, up against a mountain as they darted their eyes around. There were still more Double Teams of Sceptile, getting on the bird-fighter's nerves more and more. Getting into a charging stance, the Blaze Pokemon's body began to redden, their muscles bulging slightly as they worked up power for this next stage of the fight. Finally rearing back, Blaziken opened their mouth...and Roared.


The shockwave that escaped the Blaze Pokemon's mouth was enough to throw most of the Double Team clones away, clearing them and allowing Blaziken the chance to actually pin down the real Sceptile. Standing back up and hunching slightly, the enraged Fire-Type would shoot out sonic blasts one after another, blasting away clones as the cries that created the Echoed Voices grew stronger and stronger, louder and louder. Finally, preparing one last cry to get rid of all of the clones, they reared their head back-


Only to feel unimaginable pain in their throat, causing the bird-like Pokemon to choke out a weak, strangled noise before stumbling back, holding their neck in clear agony. The source of this pain was Sceptile; the real one, having hidden away using their camouflage and Double Team distraction. Slipping into a fighting stance as the chicken-like Pokemon recovered from the sneak attack, they were only stopped as they heard the sound of crinkling leaves behind them. Confused, the lizard would turn their head back, finding the source of the noise. A source that stopped them dead in their tracks.

Fire. It blazed throughout the trees, an extension of the forest fire that Blaziken had accidentally set as they fought. Standing before it, Sceptile was stunned in disbelief. The was burning away. However, that disbelief soon turned to rage. After all, there was only one Starter here capable of such a feat. Turning their head back towards Blaziken, the Forest Pokemon leered at the recovering bird with eyes full of sheer anger. No, sheer rage.

Blaziken had just officially made a true enemy of the Forest Guardian.

Barely recovering from the chop, the Blaze Pokemon had almost no time to react before Sceptile rushed in, just narrowly lifting a hand in a desperate attempt to block the incoming Leaf Blade. Of course, their arm wasn't unscathed from the blow, blood leaking out of a newly formed, and surprisingly deep cut that was now upon their limb. Not given a chance to properly cringe from the injury, the fist-fighter was suddenly forced on the defensive as they dodged and blocked furious cutting attacks from the enraged Forest Pokemon.

Finally finding a crack in the lizard-like pocket monster's assault, Blaziken would charge up a Flame Punch before striking outwards! However, on reaction, Sceptile would actually leap over the fist, spinning around horizontally comparted to the ground before their tail sharpened into a metallic grey. With that, they would smash it against Blaziken's outstretched form, the Iron Tail's power causing the Fire-Type to be sent sailing into the nearby mountain. In fact, its crash was so rough that it dislodged some loose boulders, causing them to fall atop the weakened Pokemon.

Turning back, Sceptile was ready to get to clearing out this fire, fully assuming that their rival was dead. Of course, one should know how these sorts of situations go by now. Before Sceptile could get far, a white glow began to leak from the boulders' cracks, a high-pitched whirr catching the Grass-Type's attention as they stopped. Turning back, their eyes once more widened in surprise before the boulders were shattered with an explosive energy! Standing out of the rubble, Blaziken was all ready to continue, but some things about it had changed.

Their head crest was standing on end, giving the Pokemon a more ferocious look as they narrowed on Sceptile. Their wrist flames, meanwhile, had thinned and extended, becoming a pair of flowing, flaming ribbons on the backs of their wrists. Beyond that, their legs had gained an ash-black color, one leg held up in a crane-stance. This whole new look emanated raw power, as Mega Blaziken finally revealed themself to the world.

A glint arose in the bird's eye, before they suddenly darted towards the bewildered Sceptile. Said Grass-Type was struck directly in the face with a Power-Up Punch, a red aura signifying a growth in power from the Mega Blaze Pokemon before they continued into a rapid flurry of close-ranged attacks. A low kick that caused the Forest Pokemon to stagger, a sweep which brought their legs out from under them, a chopping strike that bounced them off the ground, and finally an uppercut boosted by fire, sending the lizard straight into the sky! As Sceptile flew and began to land, Mega Blaziken would jump from one foot to the other, afterimages beginning to appear from the raw speed building up within the close-combat bird of prey.

As Sceptile finally landed, they would only barely manage to get up before Mega Blaziken was on them again. This time their claws extended with a light glow, before the Speed Boosted Mega then dashed forwards, flying past Sceptile with their once raised claw now swung down, as if having cut through something. Processing what had happened, the Grass-Type would turn to look where the Mega landed...before seeing it. Their tail, tossed out on the ground, cleanly cut off from the Pocket Monster who used it the most. That's when the pain from the attack struck it, causing Sceptile to cry out in agony.

Unfortunately, Mega Blaziken was still in fighting condition, allowing them to dash in and kick the lizard in the chest. Then, in only a single second, 2, 4, no, 10 Blaze Kicks were all launched into the tail-less Pokemon's body, the final one sending Sceptile high into the sky once again! Their limbs all flared up, a powerful burst of flames would send the Mega Pokemon spiraling around Sceptile before ending with the Blazing Pokemon above the Forest Pokemon. Finally, a powerful flaming dive kick was unleashed, Sceptile only barely managing to cross their arms in an attempt to block the attack before the blurring visage of Mega Blaziken had already landed. An explosion filled the air, incinerating nearby trees and leaving the Fire-Type waiting for the Grass-Type's body to land. Perhaps a small snack would be good to recover some stamina...

However, as the dust cleared, Sceptile was still in once pieces. Battered, blood, and bruised, there was only one answer on how the ninja-like Pokemon had survived that attack. Sceptile used Endure! Breathing heavily, the Forest Pokemon would hold their Mega Stone outwards, before focusing on one desire. To win. To survive. To go beyond evolution, for a chance to take down this bird. Mega Blaziken, already knowing what was about to happen, darted forwards in an attempt to stop it...but it was too late.


A crystalized orb of energy surrounded Sceptile, before then swiftly breaking apart as a shockwave of power rolled through the grass, and even halted the fire's progress for a moment. But most of all, it knocked Mega Blaziken back, the bright glow of Mega Evolution dying down to reveal that the Forest Guardian had evolved further into the Dragon Forest Guardian. Still tailless, Mega Septile's chest was covered by an X-shaped leaf armor, their head having changed shape, with the ridges above their eyes having gotten larger and curvier, both ridges adorned with symmetrical, leaf-style cuts. Filled with brand new power, the now dual Grass/Dragon-Type would rush forwards towards their fast foe.

Digging against an elbow strike, Mega Blaziken managed to block the attack with both hands, before then lifting upwards to toss the Dragon Forest Pokemon into the air. Swinging around with this new vantage point, the lizard-like Mega would strike towards the lower one with a kick that was expertly blocked with the chicken's good hand. Continuing this dance, Mega Sceptile would deliver 2 more kicks from above that were blocked before then jumping off, attempting to strike the Fire-Type Mega with a Drain Punch. This one was woven out of the way however, forcing the Grass-Dragon Type to back off as a Blaze Kick nearly tore their head off.

Pulling into a crouching stance, Mega Sceptile would cup their hands above their waist by their side, pooling in Fighting-Type Energy between them. Seeing the move that the lizard was charging, Mega Blaziken tucked their own hands by their side, their stance reflecting a certain monkey-based alien as they charged up their own blast. Focusing hard, both Pokemon were pulling in as much energy as they needed, before finally, with a silent countdown...they fired. Two Focus Blasts shot towards one another, ready to show which Pokemons' fighting spirit was stronger! Close, closer, they were inches apart...

And they missed.

The blasts merely grazed by eachother, a spark passing between them before the flew over their targets' shoulders, creating an explosion of dirt and stone once they landed. Mega Sceptile didn't seem perturbed by this, instead going to cross their arms knowingly whilst shutting their eyes. Meanwhile, Mega Blaziken was furious--how DARE they miss such a final shot! So angry they were, the Fire-Fighting Type charged up a different energy in their hand. Electric-Type, yellow electricity covering their fist until all that could be seen was the outlines of each claw, all the color of Blaziken's good arm washed out by a bright yellow and specks of white. Determined to end this, the chicken would rush towards the lizard, a mere blur of red, yellow and black as they aimed the punch square between Mega Sceptile's eyes.

Suddenly, the aforementioned lizard opened their eyes, the fist mere inches away from their face...and watched as it stopped. Not due to Mega Blaziken's own efforts however, the bird Pokemon looking confused before trying to thrust their electrified fist forwards. Struggling, their electricity seemed to start pulling the other way, beads of sweat appearing an then evaporating on the heated Mega's face before their effort broke, suddenly yanking the Fire-Fighting Type away! Flying through the air, Mega Blaziken would land with a crash, their still electrified arm caught onto something that decidedly wasn't ground.

Turning to look, the firey chicken Pokemon would be shocked to see that it was Sceptile's own tail, which seemed to have undergone Mega Evolution along with the rest of the Dragon Forest Guardian. Acting as a lightning rod, it held Mega Blaziken's good, Thunder Punching arm against it as the leaves that crossed into a pointed X on the back of it lowered, growing more areodynamic. Suddenly, a flare began bursting out from the severed part of it, giving the Blazing Pokemon an idea of what was about to happen before firing straight forwards! It dragged Mega Blaziken against the harsh ground, dirt and small rocks hurting the baffled Mega before then jerking straight upwards, spiraling as it did so.

Jerking around, M.Blaziken would attempt to yank away from the tail missile, before getting an idea. They would diengage Thunder Punch, which actually disconnected the bird from the natural missile...


But didn't save them from the explosion, being shot towards the ground at a meteoric pace. Landing with a crash, the dazed Mega would hold their once good arm as they got up, the now broken limb having taken the brunt of the blow. Taking a few measured breaths to ignore the pain, the Blaze Pokemon only had one set of wrist-flames burning, even if that set was still burning as bright as ever. Gazing upon a slowly approaching Mega Sceptile, their beak curled in frustrated anger, that feeling giving them enough power for one more attack.

Leaping into the air, Mega Blaziken prepared for one of their most powerful strikes. Fighting-type energy built up around their leg as Mega Sceptile stopped, allowing their tail to grow back as they waited for the incoming blow. their face twisting into sheer power and grit, the high-flying Blaze Pokemon would then jerk their only working arm upwards and behind themself, creating a flaming pillar that shot them down towards the Dragon Forest Guardian for a super-powered High-Jump Kick! Meanwhile, said lizard-like Pokemon was simply crouching, gathering energy in their claw.

Both Starters closed in. Only one would survive.


A burst of purple energy and dirt clouded the area for a moment, but as it subsided, one could see that Mega Sceptile was in the air, their had raised up as if slashing. Meanwhile, Mega Blaziken was on the ground, their leg damaged from the landing. In-between them, was the arm that the Blaze Pokemon was using to propel themself, slashed off with two very noticeable splatters of blood. Managing to stagger upright, the Fire Starter couldn't even hold onto the energy needed for their Mega form, reverting back to normal as they cried out in sheer agony. Not like they were about to last long, anyhow.

A shaded figure would land behind Blaziken, turning around after a second as a dark aura rose off their hand. Suddenly, Mega Sceptile shot a damage-enhanced Assurance straight through the Blaze Pokemon's chest! Still struggling even as blood seeped down their body, Blaziken attempted to kick away the Dragon Forest Guardian, but to no use. A green glow surrounded them, before the last bits of the Fire-Type's vitality had faded away, Absorbed into Mega Sceptile's own health. The burns and bruises from their battle started to fade; not completely, but enough that they were simply minor. With that out of the way, Mega Sceptle would look upwards, finding that there was a rain storm that was washing away the forest fire. Tossing away the husk of Blaziken, the Mega Pokemon would then turn towards the direction of the source, taking off in a burst of speed.

Blaziken: KO

Location: Duel Destiny Island, Sunset Plains[]

Mud was tossed upon the green grass haphazardly, the rain doing nothing to assist the ground as Swampert made itself a muddy base within the plains. While the other two Starters duked it out, the Mud Fish Pokemon was setting up their own little base of operations and taking some light healing from the now vanished Grassy Terrain. Rolling around with Mud Sport, the blue-colored Starter had no clue just how vicious the fight was getting. But they were about to, as a figure stalked from the edge of the woods, undetected by the Water/Ground Type.

Suddenly, they darted out of there, a green blur suddenly racing by Swampert and leaving a gash across their cheek. Flinching from the pain, the amphibious starter would manage to overpower the pain, looking around to see that their assailant was Mega Sceptile, Leaf Blade already dimming. The grassy lizard was already going for another attack, pulling in energy from the nature around them to toss an Energy Ball at the startled Mud Fish. However, it seemed like Swampert was faster than it thought, the creature slipping past the ball of Grass Type energy with surprising gusto. Surprised, the clever reptile was honestly left in a small state of shock.

That state was broken however, as they noticed the headstrong Pokemon charging towards them, white energy leaking from their body as they raced forwards. The Mega would barely manage to get out a Sunny Day, the now evening sun shining bright and dispersing the clouds, before being tackled, taking them both down to the ground for a moment. Rolling backwards and back up, the Grass-Dragon Type would then allow two of their nutrition pods to pop of, landing beside it within the mud. Within seconds, trees were already beginning to sprout around the two Pokemon, a sign that Grassy Terrain had taken effect.

Dashing right back in, Sceptile nearly sliced Swampert again, only narrowly missing as the brawnier fighter decided to reverse the situation, getting up on their hind legs and calling upon Mud Slap. Leaping forwards, they kept trying to strike at the now evading lizard. Getting annoyed at this repetition, the Dragon Forest Guardian would grab onto the next punch coming their way, a grassy knot locking the two Pokemon together before the lizard then threw them overhead! Not letting this chance slip by, the Mega Pokemon would then raise a claw, their Leaf Blade now splitting into 4 seperate blades that formed an X-shape similar to their tail from the front.

Dashing past the Mud Fish Pokemon, M.Sceptile left a nasty gash on their side with the blaes, causing Swampert to cringe once more at the pain. Swerving back to face the now bleeding Water-Type, the Grass-Type's eyes narrowed before they dispersed the swift blade, instead pooling in natural energy and smashing their hand into the mud! Suddenly, vines and roots shot out of the ground, making their way to the wounded Pokemong before digging deeper. The next moment, they exploded out from under them, entrapping them in a cocoon of sorts before squeezing. Of course, Swampert wasn't letting that last part happen, pushing back against the vines as best as they could in an attempt to escape. Yet, it seemed like they were only delaying the inevitable.

Grunting with effort, the Mega Stone that the Water/Ground Type had taken with them to this fight began to glow...before, in a sudden burst of defiance and energy--


The cocoon exploded, throwing the surprised Mega Sceptile back from the sheer force that was exerted. Landing on their feet, they'd watch as Swampert landed on the ground, the glow of Mega Evolution still wafting off of them. With arms thicker than tree trunks, a much thicker and top-heavy build overall, and more air pockets on the back of their hands, it was clear that this was no longer Swampert...but Mega Swampert. Sending a glare towards the Dragon Forest Guardian, the newly evolved Mega would dash towards them, only narrowly missing a punch that no doubt would have decimated them. Jumping back into the trees, M.Sceptile knew they'd have to get more crafty to face down this threat.

Not like they would get much time though, as the Mud Fish Pokemon was already running towards the tree they were in; and after tucking in like a cannonball and rolling towards it, completely broke the trunk of the tree, sending it crashing down! Shocked, the gecko Pokemon would leap out of thier cover and leap onto another tree, only for the same thing to happen. On the third attempt, Sceptile shot out a line of Bullet Seeds, yet they didn't seem to do much against this bulldozing Water type!

This would go on for 3 more trees, until finally the Forest Pokemon was down to their last tree. Knowing they had to do something different, they'd start charging up power in their Leaf Blade, before jumping down as Swampert rolled towards them! Something in the air pressure seemed to warn the fish about the incoming attack, however, as they swiftly uncurled, a hexagonal shield forming over their left arm which they blocked the strike with. With their other hand, they'd grab the long-necked guardian by the...well, neck, squeezing slightly and breaking the Grass/Dragon type's concentration.

A somewhat sinister grin appeared on Swampert's face as they swiftly flipped the in-trouble starter around, before then begining to smash them against the ground multiple times! Each time, the force of the blow cracked the ground, causing some parts of it to jut out or sink. By the end of this puny god maneuver, they would then toss the dazed Forest Pokemon high above, rip two massive rocks out from the ground (along with the ground), and then smash the two together, an easy clapping move that literally Rock Smashed them!

There, no way they could have gotten out of that one!

Substitute: KO


Realizing that something was wrong, Swampert would un-clap the boulders, watching as what at first seemed to be Sceptile's mangled body land on the ground. But on second glance, one could tell it wasn't. Instead, it was a stick and vine-dummy made to look like the Forest Guardian! Shocked at this twist, the Mega Mud Fish's mouth dropped before turning their head to look behind them. That would be where the ACTUAL Dragon Forest Guardian was, their tail aimed towards the Water-Type and a clever satisfaction in their eye.

In the next moment, the tail missile fired, spinning through the air with Mega Swampert as its' target. Barely able to drop the stones and push their hands forwards, the missile was only barely stopped from drilling into the top heavy Pokemon's stomach, a struggle ensuing to keep it that way. Sweat dripped down from the brawnier Pokemon their legs shaking from the effort to stop the missile. Finally, in a burst of exploded, engulfing the bipedal fish in a grassy explosion.

Sceptile watched the white-green explosion with a suspicious stare, already knowing how something like this was going to go. And try as they might to have any form of hope of the opposite, as the smoke cleared, Swampert was still standing. Sure, they were battered and bruised, the cuts from before getting reopened from the power of the blast...but they still stood, taking deep breaths to steady themself. A taunting smirk crossed their face as they took one more breath, silently challenging the lizard to try harder than that. A tic mark appeared on the Grass-Mega's head as they noticed just how confident that their foe was, falling hook, line, and sinker as they held up their arm once more.

Their Leaf Blade would absorb the light around the area, the still shining sun speeding up that process fast as it grew and sharped. Soon enough, the Leaf Blade had evolved into a Solar Blade, Swampert taking a deep breath as their hands began to be coated in a frosty aura. Without a word both Pokemon lunged forwards, Swapert going for an Ice Punch that blocked Sceptile's sun-based sword! They would struggle for a moment, before the Water-Type then uppercut their foe with their other hand, causing the Dragon Forest Guardian to spin-out in the air.

Regaining their balance, Sceptile's leg coated itself in a white aura, dropping right back down to deliver a Mega Kick at the Mega Pokemon. Meanwhile, the blue starter's whiskers would twitch, alerting Swampert to what was about to happen. Quickly punching again, their own fist was covered in white energy as they countered with Mega Punch! The shockwave from their collision would blow back the mud that was packed atop the ground, along with the last tree that was still rooted into the ground. A second passed, before the Forest Guardian was forced to jump back from the impact.

As they landed, their tail would regrow, now covered in a wild and malicious intent. Meanwhile Mega Swampert's own arms would be shaded with a dark force, both Pokemon ready to strike again. Bouncing back into the fray, Sceptile spun in a front flip as their tail literally grew dark, swiping downwards with a Brutal Swing! That however was countered by Swampert unleashing a Darkest Lariat, a tornado of blows stopping the attack from properly connecting. Flung back, the Grass/Dragon Type would burst forwards the second they hit the ground, swiping forwards with Iron Tail. Yet, Swampert had them matched again with their own Iron Tail, sparks flying off the two steel attacks colliding before the force separated them.

Both Starters skidded to a stop, staring back at eachother. This was it, their last clash. Both of them ready to end the fight, they'd charge up their own attacks. Mega Sceptile's tail spun up as draconic energy swirled around it, while Mega Swampert took a deep breath, their air pockets glowing a chilly blue. Charging up, the area directly around the two would start to shake from the forces at play, before finally...both fired their ultimate attacks.

A blast of a draconic purple swirled around the just-shot tail missile, signifyig the Outrage that had been put into the attack. Meanwhile, the Mud Fish had quite literally roared out a Blizzard, both massively powerful attacks coliding in-between the two! At first it seemed like a struggle was taking place, the dragon-based energy keeping the tail from just being tossed back by the force of the high cold winds. Focusing even harder, the screaming fish would roar even harder, unleashing a torrent of ice that finally overwhelemed the attack and overtook it. Shocked at the sudden burst in power, Sceptile could do nothing but screech as they were engulfed.

As the winds died down, Swampert was forced to take a few shallow breaths, feeling their lungs nearly having frozen over from how much cold they were producing. But it wasn't without results, as when the smog of fog vanished, it revealed the Forest Guardian, frozen as still as a statue with their mouth wide. Slowly walking up to the iced over reptile, the Mud Fish would nearly uppercut them to finish the fight...before getting a better idea. Stopping just inches away, they would instead form their hand into an ok sign, with their palm facing up and slightly tilted towards the now Scepticicle. A small ball of mud appeared between their finger and their thumb, as the unfrozen Mega gave a smug smirk.

Sceptile had just lost the game.


With a single snap, the ball was shot through the ice scultpture, blowing up the icey 'statue' in a shower of blood and ice. The only things that remained were the orbs that used to be on Sceptile's back, which Mega Swampert gratiously decided to pop into their mouth. Hmm...a little cold, but surprisingly tastier than most berries.


  • Ending Screen A: Swampert, now back to normal, sleeping in the mud. Behind it, Sceptile's tail explodes, leaving no trace left of the Forest Guardian besides the orbs from its' back, which are sat as a pile next to the Mud Fish.
  • Ending Screen B: Blaziken's cut-off arm, which finally disignites on the ashen battlefield.


Boomstick: Damn, no need to give 'em the cold shoulder 'mon.

Wiz: Ugh...this was a surprisingly close match, at least for Sceptile and Swampert.

Boomstick: Yeah, Blaziken was just kinda out of luck on this one. Sure they're cool, but there's no way they could take down either of the other two before going kaput themself.

Wiz: Their penchant for using self-damaging moves aside, Blaziken had no calculatable speed feats in the games, and while their Speed Boost could make up for that, their power and dodging skill made that almost a moot point.

Boomstick: Even if Blaziken was faster than all the rest, its' still way too weak to actually fight the others. Like, that 30 story feat that got it about 616,504 Joules? Put that in TNT terms and you got about 0.00014796096 Tons. WAY weaker than the other fighters here.

Wiz: Beyond that, there's also the point on strategy. That being, Blaziken had basically no good strategies or options. It could face down the behemoth that is Swampert or risk its' chances with Sceptile, who can Mega Evolve to shed that Fire-Type weakness that suppossedly puts it at a disadvantage to the Blaze Pokemon. Along with that, their range power is the weakest of the three, negating their ability to blast off thanks to the fact it can't make use of that distance reliably.

Boomtick: That's not even considerin' that Sceptiles can react faster than an Arcanine, so even if there were options outside of Aura Sphere, it wasn't like they could hit 'em.

Wiz: However, that doesn't mean that it's a nonfactor here. Because they do have a superior hold on martial arts compared to the other 2 Starters, and with how agressive it is, it could easily stop set-ups from taking place.

Boomstick: Okay, so we know that Blaziken gets stomped by the others, but what about Sceptile and Swampert? How come Sceptile didn't win with how fast and smart it is? Heck, Swampert's x4 weak to Grass Type moves!

Wiz: Type matchups aren't everything, Boomstick. See, Swampert in this case was just much, MUCH too much for Sceptile's power to handle, physically speaking. They may be slower and less strategic, but their power and bulk are nigh-impenetrable.

Boomstick: Yeah. Sceptile can unleash a Leaf Blade that hits with about 0.09 Tons of TNT, Swampert pulls entire ships in base with a force of 23.8 Tons. And that's just casually.

Wiz: Actually, even with all their buffs, Sceptile still can't make a dent in putting Swampert down. Using the best combination of stats for Sceptile's power (Solar Blade % increase, Grassy Terrain, x4 Weakness, x6 Attack Boost), that still puts it at around 2,593,279,852.8 Joules, or 0.62 Tons of TNT, lower than Swampert's own normal strength. Their Mega Evolution also makes it vulnerable to a part of Swampert's move pool that it very much can exploit without drawbacks.

Boomstick: Yeah, good luck strategizing your way around a tank that can schmoove before it even Mega Evolves.

Wiz: That doesn't mean there aren't situations where Blaziken or Sceptile don't win, but their sheer agressiveness and clever strategizing just weren't enough to conssistently take down the Mud Fish Pokemon.

Boomstick: Blaziken and Sceptile weren't chickening out, but at the end of this tail, it was a mud-bath.

Wiz: The winner is Swampert.

Swampert Win
  • Swampert (Winner)
    • + Way Stronger
    • + Way More Durable
    • + Like seriously, WAY more durable
    • + Ice-Type Moves can deal with Mega Sceptile
    • + Naturally more attuned to protection-esuqe moves, due to naturally learning them
    • + Works best close or long range
    • + Possible Home Field Advantage
    • - Dumber
    • - Less Skilled
    • - x4 Weakness to Grass
    • - Slower
  • Sceptile (2nd Place)
    • + Faster
    • + Smarter
    • + More Ways to Set-Up
    • + Possible Home Field Advantage
    • + Mega Evolution Negates Fire-Weakness
    • - Mega Evolution Adds Ice-Weakness
    • - Weaker
    • - Less Durable
    • - Most Likely Target for Blaziken
    • - Worse at close-range
    • - Relies on Stealth, not Skill
    • - Less Skilled
    • - Weak to Fire-Type Moves before Mega Evolution
  • Blaziken (3rd Place)
    • + More Skilled
    • + Negates Set-Up with Aggression
    • + Can get more speed through Mega Evolution
    • - Weaker
    • - Slower
    • - Not as intelligent as Sceptile
    • - Fire Type is useless once Sceptile Mega Evolves
    • - Weak to Water-Type Moves
    • - Reckless with Self-Harm Moves
    • - Less Durable

Next Time[]

In the dead of midnight, an outhouse sits all on it's own. It creaks open after a moment, allowing two figures to be seen--a large, furred one, and a smaller one that doesn't initially seem to have a head. As they're about to step out, another set of figures begin walking up to them--a large, burly man-like creature, and a quadruped-like creature. Angered at the first two figures, the man-like one cries out.

"What are you doing in my Swamp!?"

Shrek & Donkey vs James P. Sullivan & Mike Wazowski


  • The connection between these combatants is that they are all the Starter Pokemon of the Hoenn Region, a rivalry that exists between all core Pokemon game starters. Along with that, all 3 represent the main elements that play into the story of the game they come from: Sky (Blaziken), Water (Swampert), and Land (Sceptile). They're also the only Pokemon Starter Trio that isn't the Kanto Starters to have the ability to Mega Evolve.
    Mega Unbeatable Cover

    Cover Art made by Salty Gibus

  • The name of the battle soundtrack would be 'Mega Unbeatable', using parts of most of the Pokemon Anime Openings for the Ruby and Sapphire era of the show stitched together by the main Pokemon Battle theme. The cover art would be a red, green, and blue Mega Stone, with flames jetting out the sides, two Swampert-like fins poking out the top, and a tree-tail swept to the right of the image on the bottom.
  • The battle would be sprite animated, with hand-drawn closeups.