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This was once my home. It was my world. Then the soldiers came. They plundered and murdered... my family... all cut down... and now more have come, stolen from us, robbed our graves... I will hunt them. I will find them. I will take back what was stolen... and they will pay with their lives!
~ Hisako in her trailer

Hisako is a character from the video game series, Killer Instinct, introduced in the second season of the 2013 installment.

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Hisako was a Japanese Onryō who lived during the Sengoku period of Japan. Over 450 years ago, a band of renegade soldiers led a raid on Hisako's village and her father, a former samurai, was cut down attempting to stop them. In her rage, she took up his naginata and took his place, killing many of the enemy troops in the process. Though she too was killed, her sacrifice motivated the other villagers to successfully drive back the invaders. A shrine was erected in her honor, where she was laid to rest. However, in the present, her grave is disturbed by the presence of Ultratech, awakening her spirit, and she ventures forth to seek vengeance on those who disturbed her rest.

Upon reclaiming her father's katana blade, Hisako abandoned her naginata and became a Kami (goddess) spirit called Shin Hisako. She moves as swiftly as her father did in his prime. She projects her spirit into battle to confuse and devastate opponent while delivering light and justice.

Death Battle Info[]

Death Battle Info[]


  • Real name: 千春 (Chiharu)
  • Height: 5'4" | 152 cm
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Age: 464 [Body = 19]
  • Trained by her father
  • Skilled in Naginatajutsu & Kenjutsu
  • Last Astral Gatekeeper

Moves & Abilities[]

  • Shadow Mode: A mode which allows her to do stronger variations of normal attacks.
  • Wrath Meter: Hisako is able to perform certain attacks depending on how much wrath she has (refills after she stops attacking). It also allows any of her normal attacks to be a counter.
  • Descent: Hisako sinks into the ground and reappears behind her opponent.
  • Vengeance: Hisako raises her naginata and counters anybody who tries to attack her.
  • On Ryo Zan: Hisako swings her naginata (usually up to three times), each attack leaving a trail of green ghostly streaks (Shadow mode allows her to do more damage).
  • Air On Ryo Zan: While in the air she can swing her naginata down in an arc, knocking down her opponent and making her drop down immediately.
  • Influence: Hisako places naginata behind her opponent, grabs them, and then pushes them into it, impaling them in the process.
  • Possession: Hisako pulls her opponent close with a ghostly, vacuuming aura and then enters her opponent's body, making their body twist and bend in painful ways.
  • Instinct Mode: All of her normal attacks become counters without depleting the wrath meter.

Shin Hisako[]

  • Drifting Spirits: Shin Hisako can summon Drifting Spirit Orbs. Attacking a Spirit Orb destroys it and unleashes a projectile. It can also be used to enhance the properties of certain moves. Only one Spirit Orb can be active at a time.
  • Eternal Descent: Shin Hisako summons a mass of ghostly arms that follows the opponent and when caught standing, the opponent is dragged into the depths and disappears; afterwards popping back onto the ground with significant damage.
  • Katana Poke: Shin Hisako quickly ducks and stabs forward with her katana.
  • Skin Puncture: Shin Hisako stabs the opponent with her Katana. Causes a Stagger on hit.
  • Ascension: Shin Hisako teleports a short distance and reappears in the air. She can follow-up with any normal attack while falling. If Ascension is done with Spirit Orb in play, she will teleport directly to it.