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Hinata Hyūga VS Orihime Inoue
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Season 4
Overall Episode 48
Season Episode 9
Air date April 6th, 2020
Written by Shadow7615
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Naruto VS Bleach! Two Shonen Jump heroines come into conflict, with it come kind-hearted allies turned partners in life. Will their sincere natures save them from paying the ultimate price?

Hinata Hyūga vs. Orihime Inoue is the 48th episode of DEATH BATTLE! by Shadow7615, featuring Hinata Hyūga from the Naruto series and Orihime Inoue from the Bleach series in a battle between shonen protagonist lovers.


Wiz: While the protagonist's actions may inspire morale and action unto others, sometimes they inspire other, more sentimental feelings.

Boomstick: And hey, having a girl around is nice. Especially when she never gives up and stays by your side no matter what happens.

Wiz: Hinata Hyūga, Byakugan Princess, and partner to Naruto Uzumaki.

Boomstick: And Orihime Inoue, High Marks Healer of Karakura, and partner to Ichigo Kurosaki, He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick!

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle.


Wiz: In Konohagakure, the village hidden in the leaves, there existed many clans, and each of them possessed a unique trait that set them apart from their peers, the Uzumaki clan were renowned sealers.

Boomstick: The Uchiha Clan possessed these eyeball things called Sharingan, and the Hyuga clan possessed some eyeball shenanigans of their own, though they were featureless white eyes, which made all of them look a little weird.

Wiz: As weird as they appeared, the Hyuga clan were, for the most part, any other clan in the Hidden Leaf, but that didn't stop others from pointing out the lack of normal eyes. Some were judged and even harassed because of it.

Boomstick: The young Hinata was born as the eldest daughter of the clan's leader, making her the heiress. But Hinata wasn't quite ready for the fighting life yet, and her Dad axed her from being the clan's heiress. But she still had every right to become a Ninja.

Wiz: Enrolling into the Hidden Leaf's Academy, Hinata would soon be given the chance to become a stronger person, both physically and mentally, but her father, deeming her daughter unworthy, left her in the care of Team 8 Leader, Kurenai Yuhi. With her now in the care of people who actually wanted to see her prosper in life, Hinata soon began her journey, finding a new role model she would use as a source of motivation.

Boomstick: And she definitely had the right people to help her out, right off the bat, one of her strengths in combat is her physical prowess, especially her clan's signature fighting style, Gentle Fist. Sure it's not Ninja Magic, but it's still an incredible potent style, despite being Gentle, in a nutshell, Hinata can strike vital points in an opponent's Chakra pathways throughout their body.

Wiz: In Naruto, Chakra is the life energy ninja use for their techniques, while it's mostly applied in Ninjutsu and Genjutsu, The Gentle Fist is able to use Chakra as well, using it to essentially block off the pathway system, and causing damage to organs nearby, making it a lethal fighting style, despite being called "gentle".

Boomstick: However, it wouldn't be half as good if it wasn't for the Hyuga clan's unique trait, the Byakugan. These bad boys give their owners almost complete 360-degree vision! By age 18, Hinata could see targets 20 kilometres away using those faded whites! If that's not enough, they can see through stuff, whether it be walls, barriers, obstructions, even stuff that would be blind to human eyes.

Wiz: Byakugan users can also see their opponent's Chakra system, being able to precisely determine where they need to strike during combat. In tandem with her Gentle Fist, the Byakugan makes her a potent close-quarters fighter, true to her clan's traditions. And she's been able to pull off some pretty famous techniques, such as the Eight Trigrams line of attacks.

Boomstick: And this is where the Ninja Magic starts coming into play because Hinata can use her incredible agility to strike you enough times in the span of a couple of seconds! Hinata can strike with either Thirty-Two or Sixty-Four Palms in quick succession, and most people are falling unconscious when it's finished, due to the sheer amount of strikes made across the whole body.

Wiz: By the time of the Fourth Great Shinobi War, Hinata was fast enough to outpace spawns of the Ten-Tails, which could move as quickly as Mach 1,000. Hinata is also able to use the Gentle Step Twin Lion Fist, where she moulds the chakra she releases from her hands into twin lion-shaped shrouds, and this technique can be used in combination with either of her Eight Trigrams techniques.

Boomstick: I mean come on, she's literally putting a Lion's face in her hands, and then using it to beat the crap out of you! And if that's not enough, she later upgraded this technique in particular when she met one of her ancestors on the moon. Ooh, I better find someone who can get me to the moon, I bet my ancestor has some beer up there for me!

Wiz: Doubt it. That being said, Hinata met her ancestor, Hamura, and received his Chakra, and this particular chakra was essentially Six Paths Chakra, the same kind that turned Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha into two of the most powerful ninja on Earth, while Hinata isn't as strong as them, she still received a notable upgrade. Her Eight Trigrams Twin Lions Crumbling Attack being a stronger version of her previous technique when using Hamura's chakra.

Boomstick: And while she hasn't been shown using them, according to the Fourth Databook, Hinata gained the ability to use Fire and Lightning Ninja Magic by the time the big Ninja War broke out, though we don't know to what extent she can use this stuff, best to mention it.

Wiz: While Hinata may have been a timid and shy girl growing up, she matured into not only a skilled fighter, but a woman her younger self, and her clan for that matter, would've been proud of. Hinata became as strong as her cousin, Neji Hyuga, being able to injure spawns of the Ten-Tails that were able to destroy Towns. She also helped destroy the Tenseigan, granted, she required the aid of Naruto, but Hinata's newfound Chakra was also vital.

Boomstick: Then she and Naruto finally got married! Here's a tip, make sure you keep your eye open for the quiet ones growing up, they might just be the one. And don't think for a second that becoming a Momma means Hinata stopped being a tough girl, because that's far from the truth, even before she hitched, Hinata was tough.

Wiz: When she battled against the Deva Path of Pain, although his attacks were casual ones, the injuries she sustained failed to hold her down, and while she would concede the fight, Pain nevertheless acknowledged how much of a fighter Hinata has become. Even before the time skip, Hinata received multiple blows to the heart from Neji, and she was able to continue fighting.

Boomstick: While she won't be beating dudes like Pain any time soon, she's no weakling, even after the loss of the cousin who helped her become one of her clan's best fighters, Hinata honoured her fallen relative, and remained a competent fighter well into her thirties.

Wiz: Even defeating her younger sister, Hanabi, whom the Hyuga clan favoured for heiress over Hinata in the first place. But Hinata didn't reclaim her former birthright, instead, she joined the Uzumaki clan, where she truly felt she belonged. She stood by her husband as he fulfilled his life long dream of becoming Hokage.

Boomstick: All those years of beating around the bush and just being a shy girl ultimately paid off for her.

Wiz: Even now, as a mother, she continues to be the ultimate support to her son, Boruto, where she'll always be reminded of the journey that helped her become who she is today.

Hinata: I never go back on my word… because that’s my ninja way, too!


Boomstick: Now, I know what the rough life is like, but Orihime Inoue certainly didn't have an easy start, she and her brother Sora were the kids of a drunken Pappy and a prostitute Momma, with both of their completely messed up habits being bad for growing kids, when Sora turned eighteen, he got himself and Orihime to the Choppa and got the hell out of there! Okay... maybe there wasn't a chopper.

Wiz: For the next nine years, Sora and Orihime lived together. And one day, Sora gifted Orihime hairpins, while she didn't understand their greater significance, they would ultimately become profound keepsakes, as Sora wound up in a car crash the next day and died... not the best for Orihime, but from then on, Orihime lived on her own. But little did she know a much bigger life was awaiting her in Karakura Town.

Boomstick: One minute, Ichigo Kurosaki was just one of her classmates, the next minute, he's like a Ghostbusting Samurai of sorts. And during dinner, they had themselves an uninvited guest, but not the kind you'd hope for, instead, they were attacked by this thing called a Hollow, a monster spawned from an abandoned human soul.

Wiz: Ichigo was a Shinigami, and one part of being a Shinigami is slaying Hollows, but this uninvited guest turned out to be a transformed Sora, while Orihime was sceptical, once her hairpins proved the Hollow's identity, Orihime intervened in the battle and saved her brother, allowing him to pass on into the afterlife, after this experience, Orihime gained spiritual awareness, and after another Hollow encounter, discovered her powers.

Boomstick: Looks like the hairpins weren't there to look pretty. Turns out there were six spirits living inside those hairpins and all of them were able to offer Orihime different types of skills, some focused on defensive barriers, some focused on being able to heal others, and one of 'em is purely dedicated to attacking. Sounds like Orihime has all her bases covered.

Wiz: The Shun Shun Rikka is Orihime's primary means of attack, defence, and healing. The six spirits that occupy her hairpins are also invisible to all except those who are spiritually aware. Ayame and Shun'ō are in charge of healing. Baigon, Hinagiku, and Lily are in charge of defence, and the last spirit, Tsubaki, was purely geared to offence.

Boomstick: Together, they collectively allow Orihime to perform four distinct, and powerful techniques. Santen Kesshun is Orihime's go-to Defense technique, where her defence spirits quickly form a protective barrier, initially just walls, Orihime later developed the skill to be able to form dome barriers.

Wiz: Soten Kisshun is Orihime's healing technique, though healing doesn't describe it's entirety, essentially, any negative phenomenon that has happened, Orihime can essentially reverse. A wound, injury or anything that would be out of the ordinary for people, is restored to normal. Over time, Orihime's use of this technique allowed her to completely restore lost limbs from nothing, and even resurrect the dead themselves.

Boomstick: Her primary means of attack is Koten Zanshun, which is essentially Tsubaki becoming like an energy saw blade, running through his target, and splitting them in half, perfect for taking out enemies no problem. Though it's definitely not untouchable, because all these powers stem from a very important factor, Orihime herself.

Wiz: Correct, due to her mostly pacifist nature, and reluctance to use lethal force unless absolutely necessary, her techniques aren't always at full power, but they can be thanks to Orihime's feelings. Determination and closely related feelings were what caused Shun Shun Rikka to activate, as a result, Orihime can channel her conviction and other feelings of determination to bolster the potency of her abilities.

Boomstick: She's kinda like a Green Lantern with their Power Ring, The stronger her determination is, the more powerful her abilities become. Only this time its hairpins, so... Power Pins? Sounds about right. Reminds me of her fourth technique, Shiten Koshun, where she raises a barrier in front of her, and when that barrier gets attacked, their strike is repelled back at them. It definitely feels like some Lantern constructs.

Wiz: Though while Orihime is primarily using Shun Shun Rikka in combat, she isn't a frail hand-to-hand combatant, according to Tatsuki, Orihime has the skill of a black belt in karate, thanks in large part to her natural martial arts talent. She's demonstrated this when she incapacitated two Shinigami during a surprise attack. In fact, one of Orihime's most notable skills is her speed.

Boomstick: Yeah, this girl has some pretty remarkable reaction times, time and time again, Orihime has proven she can react to people's attacks and raise her barriers in enough time to defend against them. With how quick people in Bleach are, it's safe to say Orihime's speeds fall into Massively Hypersonic. Though she isn't just someone who can react super quick, she can technically fly around.

Wiz: Granted, that's thanks to naturally occurring Reishi footings under her feet, but it's still a notable development. Since, unlike most of her peers, Orihime isn't a Shinigami. But her accomplishments are certainly worthy of standing amongst the Shinigami around her. Despite not being their intended slayers, Orihime has proven herself capable of defeating Hollows.

Boomstick: She's even managed to intervene in battles between characters we know to be pretty damn quick, like the time she raised her defensive barrier to block Fullbring Ichigo when he was gonna speed blitz Tsukishima. While Ichigo's speed in that form isn't an exact number we can determine, we do know he's also Massively Hypersonic.

Wiz: In fact, it's become quite a recurring feat of Orihime's. Even the most powerful beings in Bleach are likely to have their attacks halted by Orihime's impressive reaction speeds. All she really needs is the determination, and she can achieve some truly remarkable displays of her powers.

Boomstick: She even stopped a direct attack from the likes of Yh-waka waka when he was about ready to kill Ichigo. This is pretty impressive considering Yh-waka waka was able to pretty easily overwhelm Ichigo in his True Shikai form. And considering Yh-waka waka is the final boss of the series, of course, Orihime's determination to protect Ichigo would be at it's highest levels.

Wiz: Blocking such a blow from Yhwach in the first place is thanks to the sheer amount of determination she felt to save Ichigo at that moment, extraordinary circumstances invite extraordinary abilities. But that being said, she only managed to block that attack because of her determination, and the moment Yhwach was able to work around her block, she couldn't hold up, and Yhwach incapacitated her quickly.

Boomstick: Yeah, Orihime never could go toe to toe with anyone like Aizen or Yh-waka waka, but she never really had to, she just couldn't let Ichigo go and get himself killed, and with the kinds of powers those guys have, no wonder she was concerned. The dude is stupid good at being a Shinigami... Hollow... Quincy... y'know what I mean.

Wiz: And for the most part, Orihime is a pacifist and doesn't want to use her most lethal options, while she means well, even to her enemies, this does link to her potency, and some people could simply power through her attacks and defences. Still, when the dust had finally settled, Orihime was able to settle down and have a normal life, she and Ichigo wed and had a son, Kazui Kurosaki. Now able to fulfil all the dreams she had when she was young, it's safe to say Orihime's had a pretty fulfilling life.

Boomstick: It works out for her too, huh? Well, I can't complain, I'm sure she makes a nice breakfast, like Momma Boomstick.

Orihime: Maybe it's impossible to feel exactly the same way as another person, but it's possible for people to care about one another and to place their hearts as close together as they can manage. I'm sure that's what it means to make your hearts as one.


The world knew peace, and life as we knew it seemed normal. Especially with the fall of those who sought to reshape the world to their own meticulous design. An era of prosperity. In this newfound age, many found themselves stepping into entirely new lives, detached from the life they once maintained. For some, it was to ensure the future generations would live in a world where such evil never again causes the dangers they presented. And for others, it was to fulfil the lifelong dreams that had been held onto since the days of their youth.

In the middle of a peaceful forest, however, something big was going on, and it was on an unimaginable scale. Left and right, astonishingly quick blows are traded quickly. Trees are cleaved in half and their leaves burning. While this phenomenon was entirely isolated from any possible casualties, the magnitude could be felt for miles upon miles. And with it continuing to rage on, and the levels escalating at an alarming rate. In time, it could be detected by people who were consciously capable of sensing it.

In a different part of the forest, the tremendous amounts of energy echoed and passed over the observant eyes of a woman looking unsure where she is going. As it travelled by her, she detected the trace of someone she recognized. "N-Naruto?!" With her suspicions only becoming more and more likely, Hinata Hyūga, with the strength she could muster, rushed in the direction of where she could sense Naruto's presence.

As she ran in the traditional manner a Hidden Leaf Ninja would run, Hinata kept her guard up, believing she may be walking into a large scale attack. As she continued to follow the distant trail of chakra, it became much more abundantly clear Hinata was walking into dangerous territory, the amounts of chakra she was able to sense was through the roof. Eager to observe the situation from a safe distance, Hinata leapt into the trees above and stood atop one. From there, Hinata closed her eyes for a short while, before opening them again.

Veins began to bulge near Hinata's eyes, as her pupils became more distinct. With her Byakugan now activated, she could see Naruto in the distance, and noticed he was fighting something, but not something she could so easily perceive, whatever it was, it proved to be an incredible force against Naruto, who, at this point, had tapped into his Tailed Beast Mode. After observing the battle in silence for a short time, Hinata knew she could help, and so valiantly thrust herself forward, willing to go to any lengths to ensure the future Hokage's safety.

Meanwhile, in another part of the forest, a woman with bright orange hair inspected her surroundings, and admired the beauty of the forest, it reminded her of the childlike wonder she still hung onto even now, on the verge of becoming an adult. She surveyed this lovely atmosphere, that is until she detected something unprecedented. Large amounts of energy being output, she gazed up into the skies above, and could see someone dressed in purely black moving at astonishing speeds, but not fast enough for her eyes to miss.

It became all too clear to her who she had just seen. "I-Ichigo?". The orange hair stood out against the black clothing, and this was enough to send her heart into a panic. Orihime Inoue knew something was going on, once again Ichigo had been thrust into life or death circumstances, and Orihime wasn't close enough to intervene. This only inspired her to chase after Ichigo, and without a moment's hesitation, Orihime started running as quickly as possible, desperate to find Ichigo before things could escalate, or get out of hand.

The two girls running toward the same battle-torn battlefield, when suddenly, the sky itself turned pitch-black. The sun still shone, but the sky itself was a pure black shade. This stopped Hinata and Orihime in their tracks, both immediately alarmed by this new development. It almost sent chills down their spines. But their determination remained unwavering, and both swallowed any and all fear and pressed onward, hopeful to find answers really soon.

After a short moment of pitch-black skies, the darkness rose up into the atmosphere where it faded into nothing. But suddenly, something large, exerting an orange-yellow glow appeared, it's a towering presence, and both Hinata and Orihime once again stopped right on the spot, Hinata exclaimed a slight joy, as she recognized the gargantuan being, "Kurama!" But before the relief could settle in, Kurama looked to be unleashing an incredibly potent attack. Hinata and Orihime both could sense the incredible amounts of energy about to be unleashed.

The two rushed as far away as they could, as a huge explosion erupted, slowly, but surely beginning to cover the continent. But fortunately, the girls evaded the area of effect for long enough that the explosion dissipated. As the flames died down and the carnage at an end. The two girls reinitiated their original course, to get as close to the battle as possible. Before long, Orihime arrived at the absolutely desolate ruins of what looked like more of the forest.

She looked around for Ichigo, but wasn't able to locate him, things simply looked too bleak, but Orihime persevered, knowing Ichigo would be safe, that he could endure and overcome anything. But still, something had done this to the forest. And Orihime could still sense energy nearby. And she then saw a woman with dark blue and white eyes approaching. Orihime initially did not think anything of the woman, but then sensed her energy was akin to the one she experienced earlier.

Hinata inspected this individual standing on the battlefield, the orange hair, and white attire made her look akin to some of her ancestors. Activating her Byakugan once again, Hinata could sense some kind of energy about her, but it didn't seem like chakra. But before Hinata could chime in and converse, Orihime's resolve kicked in. "I can tell you've had a hand in this. And I can't sense my friend now!" Understandably distraught that she couldn't detect her companion, Orihime let off steam. Hinata tried to chime in but was a little intimidated.

"I-I promise I didn't mean harm to anyone." Hinata nervously stated. Orihime approached Hinata, looking to confront her head-on. But in an act of desperation, threw out a palm strike, which Orihime was able to react to in the nick of time, and raised her arm, parrying Hinata's attack. Orihime leapt backward. "Alright, I accept your challenge", now prepared.


(Cue Soundscape to Ardor - Bleach)

The battle begins as the two girls enter their respective fighting stances. Palms upright and focus sharply attuned to their opponent and their movements. The ground around them was flat and didn't have much inclination. Perfect for slow pacing. Orihime took her steps carefully, as did Hinata, the two watched one another carefully, Orihime moved first, running ahead and delivering a traditional karate strike with her hand, Hinata, caught off guard by Orihime's speeds, receives a fist right to her torso. Orihime holding her posture with steady ease.

Looking to even the score, Hinata, still in her Gentle Fist style stances, makes a jabbing motion with her palm, looking to strike one of the many points in the body's Chakra Pathway System where she could efficiently disable Orihime from fighting anymore. Eyeing her foe's elbow pit, Hinata thrust her firm hand forward, but it was intercepted by the agile Orihime's own arm, parrying Hinata's arm away from the body. Orihime quickly followed up her successful guard with another fist to Hinata's torso. This time the combination of parry and counterattack caused Hinata to back off.

Both ladies could tell their opponent was only just getting into this fight, Hinata took a few steps back, wary, but knew she had to see this fight through with her own means. Orihime kept her stance, but knew she didn't have to be stiff, her foe seemed pretty sincere and has a more likely chance to be reasoned with, at least compared to the people she's seen. But the fight continued. Hinata pondered her foe's capabilities, noting that she has remarkable speed. With the gears in her mind beginning to turn, Hinata soon began brewing a new strategy.

To not throw caution to the wind, she remained in her fighting stance, as Orihime retained her own posture. The two remained constantly aware of each other's movements, the slightest were noticed in little time. Before long, the two had danced around the bush plenty, and Orihime made another attempt to strike. This time, Orihime opted for a different attack and went for a foot sweep. Seeing her foe drop to the ground and her leg extended, Hinata leapt off the ground, jumping forward, toward Orihime.

Not having expected it, Orihime almost shrieked out of sheer surprise, but before she could attempt to scream, Hinata collided with her, knowing Orihime to the ground, as Hinata landed gracefully. After being slightly dazed, Orihime recovered her clarity of vision, only to notice Hinata approaching. For a moment, she panicked. But gathered herself quickly, recalling she was not alone in this fight. Hinata pulled back her palm, aiming for a lethal area. Orihime closed her eyes, suddenly, Baigon, Hinagiku, and Lily each launch from her Shun Shun Rikka.

In a desperate attempt to protect their owner, Baigon, Hinagiku, and Lily take action quickly, spreading out and covering a dome shape around Orihime in astounding fashion, as they complete their formation, Santen Kesshun is finally activated, keeping Orihime encased inside a golden-yellow dome of energy. Unable to react quickly enough, Hinata lands her strike on the dome instead of her opponent. The dome did not budge at all, now realizing her attack had been blocked, Hinata feels the pain emanating from her palm. It had felt like she just struck a solid wall.

For a short while, Hinata's palm felt sore, she gripped her other hand around it, trying to subdue her pain. After a few moments, Orihime's Santen Kesshun wore off, and she stood back up on her feet. Hinata still worked to fend off the pain she was experiencing. But it was a daunting realization, one she just couldn't ignore so easily. But without another moment to lament, in a gust of wind, Orihime raced up to Hinata, but not to strike her. Instead, Orihime put her hands outward, as if she were gesturing her arms to Hinata's palm.

Ayame and Shun'ō both launch from their intended residence and begin executing another of Orihime's techniques. Soten Kisshun, and with it, the golden-yellow barrier forms, this time, covering Hinata's entire left arm. This sudden development almost sends Hinata into an instinctive retaliatory strike, that is until she begins to feel... relief. Hinata looks down at her arm, and she consciously lets go of her wrist that her opposite hand clung onto.

As the barrier remained up, the pain coursing through Hinata's palm receded, and gradually returned to normal. In mere moments, Hinata was back to normal, and Orihime dismissed her technique. Bewildered by Orihime's actions, Hinata nervously, but with genuine curiosity, asked: "You made my pain go away, why would you do that for me?", while this was a random act of kindness, it still left questions unanswered. Fortunately, Orihime had an answer. "You might be my enemy, but you aren't heartless." Orihime stood up, and put some distance between herself and Hinata.

"I do not take joy in harming someone, and I wouldn't want to strike you unless you could fight back." Orihime's words moved Hinata. Now able to inspect her arm, Hinata gave it a thorough look, and it was perfectly normal. "T-Thank you, kind lady. I will give you a good fight, I promise you I will do my best!" Now filled with newfound jubilation, Hinata now did not have to fear anything, now she knew her opponent was honest. The two prepared once again.

(Cue Shonen Showdown - Brandon Yates)

With a renewed sense of determination, Hinata rushed, charging straight toward Orihime, able to anticipate her foe coming, Orihime raised her arms up. Hinata restarted her offensive techniques with a low kick, but Orihime lowered herself, and raised her arm, acting as a shield, and halting the momentum of Hinata's kick, but this didn't bring a stop to Hinata's abundant energy. Pulling her leg back Hinata perform a spun, which twisted her whole body around and successfully strike Orihime on the other side. Sending her foe dozens of meters.

As Hinata watched her foe catch the ground and slow down, she slowly began to approach her opponent, at the same time, Orihime was gathering herself quickly to avoid being left vulnerable to additional attacks. Fortunately, she recovered in time to notice an approaching Hinata closing the distance. Orihime jumped and rolled to the side, which would hopefully avoid Hinata's attack. Upon rising up, however, Hinata was in front of her and unleashed a jab right toward Orihime's torso. Now, with her foe right where she wanted her, Hinata unleashed a series of quick jabs repeatedly on Orihime's torso and shoulders before Orihime retaliated.

A fist clenched, Orihime risked additional attack to land a blow of her own, which succeeded. Orihime swiftly concluded that she wasn't as the right range to fight efficiently, and so, once again tapped into her remarkable speed, and avoided one of Hinata's strikes, and used it to evade, and then jump into the air. Watching her opposition rise into the air, Hinata readied herself to strike when Orihime touched back down on the ground. As the moments passed, however, Orihime was not descending back down to Earth, as any ordinary person would.

The sight astounded Hinata, Orihime was remaining stable in the air, it was as if Orihime was flying. "Y-You can fly?!" Hinata questioned with absolute bewilderment, her eyes couldn't betray her, she could clearly see what laid out before her. She almost thought to activate the power in her eyes, but she waited to see if anything would come about from this. "Oh, sorry... You're not from around here" Orihime apologized, even though she didn't need to. But thanks to naturally occurring Reishi, Orihime was able to use it to act as footholds, keeping her from consciously falling. Hinata thought, but could not think of a way she could ascend that high to resume the fight.

Her wait did not take long, as Orihime descended to the ground in angelic fashion. Having touched down successfully, Orihime readied herself, knowing an attack from Hinata was incoming. And she was right, as her opponent came right for her, more palm strikes were inbound as well. Able to react to them, Orihime raised her arms and parried each of the attacks where she could. The exchange of attack and parry continued, with each of them keeping up their best offence and defence respectively. Looking to inflict an attack of her own, Orihime watched the next attack carefully, and in doing so, successfully manipulated Hinata's arm, and landed a punch to Hinata's lower torso.

The consecutive attacks now broke, Hinata temporarily lost her stance but would recover it quickly, but just then, Orihime jumped forward, with her leg extended, and struck Hinata directly in the face. Sending her back several meters, and onto a rocky surface, the impact didn't kill Hinata, but it sure didn't tickle her either. Orihime landed on the ground as she watched to see if her opposition would get back up again. A few seconds passed, and Hinata was back up onto her feet, only this time, a streak of red ran from her forehead and down her face, eventually stopping at her lips.

Although despite appearing injured, Hinata was fine, she had not wavered and retained all her conviction. She entered her fighting stance once more. As she had them dismissed earlier, Hinata once again began to tap into her family's unique gift. Veins once again began bulging near her eyes, as her pupils became more distinct. Reactivating her Byakugan. With her vision enhanced, Hinata took the opportunity to inspect Orihime for chakra pathways. But to her surprise, she did not see chakra of any kind, which only made the Byakugan Princess ponder.

Still, the Byakugan was here to stay, its enhanced vision afforded Hinata plenty of benefits, and should Orihime attempt striking from behind, she would be able to detect her before an attack could be made. Determined to keep fighting, she kept herself in her stance, ready for whatever else would come her way. Keeping her mind focused here and now, where it belonged, Orihime braced herself for even more, what she'd seen up until now wasn't the whole show. Both still had more to show. The two ladies approached one another, picking up the pace as they began to approach one another. Deciding she could use her spirits to her advantage, Orihime thought of something.

Shun Shun Rikka's services were once again called into use, this time, Tsubaki launched from his residence, and begins racing forward, as he does, Tsubaki changes his form, into a golden-yellow blade of energy, with her Byakugan sensing the energy manifesting, Hinata knew she needed to act quickly or face dire consequences. Without fail, the offensive technique, Koten Zanshun had been cast. And the sawblade-like shape drove its way directly toward Hinata, getting closer and closer. Narrowly, Hinata managed to jump out of the way. Tsubaki then returned to the Shun Shun Rikka.

Most definitely counting her blessings now, Hinata was beginning to wrap her head around Orihime's powers, whatever they were, they had range on their side, something she did not have herself. The only victory she could possibly obtain is one accomplished in close quarters combat, and achieving that will require the best she has to offer. Orihime had all of her spirits ready, in case their services are needed again in the future. Orihime figured she would most definitely need their help.

Taking action immediately, Hinata charged ahead, Orihime almost called upon Shun Shun Rikka but chose not to. Hinata, figuring that the regular vital points in the human body were still suitable targets. Making her intended targets more varied than just the torso area, Hinata's attacks were more spread out, but still within Orihime's ability to intercept. Strike after strike, Orihime parried them away or negated them outright. And on one strike, Orihime grabbed Hinata's arm and pulled her over her head, and onto the ground, where Orihime held Hinata, restraining her movements.

Immobilized, Hinata could not move. She struggled for freedom, but Orihime would not budge. Despite that, Hinata persisted, moving what parts of her body she could. Eventually, the two began moving as one and they rolled for a couple of meters before finally, Orihime loosened her grip, and Hinata was able to break free from the gripping lock. Hinata climbed to her feet first, as Orihime still recovered from the tumbling ride. With Orihime not adequately prepared to combat her, Hinata knew she needed to bring one of her better options to the table. She entered a relaxed stance and closed her eyes.

She opened her eyes, her Byakugan still active, as her hands began to glow purple, its transparency began to fade, as the purple glow turned into energy manifesting around Hinata's hands. Orihime elevated herself off the ground and noticed Hinata's hands. They were harnessing a type of energy, it was intriguing, but this wasn't the time to think about such things. She gently lowered herself so her feet touched the rigid ground. Finally, Hinata's charka had completely finished manifesting, the purple heads of guardian lions covered Hinata's hands, this sight caught Orihime off guard, almost scaring her.

But she had to be brave and swallowed her concerns. Immediately after that, her emotions were put to the test, as Hinata raced ahead at remarkable speeds, both of the lions invoking strong auras of intimidation. Confronting that danger head-on, Orihime quickly called her spirits into her play, the trio of defence, Baigon, Hinagiku, and Lily all covered a dome around Orihime, performing Santen Kesshun. Now protected inside her dome, she watched Hinata's attack incoming. Without hesitation, Hinata slammed her pair of Lions against the dome barrier repeatedly. Determined to break through the barrier by any means necessary. At that moment, Hinata hatched a plan.

Hinata upped her speeds, as she began to strike the barrier from multiple angles and doing so at shocking speeds. "Thirty-Two Palms!" Hinata shouted as she rapidly attacked with her lions, the purple energy constantly making strikes against the barrier. Striking it a total of thirty-two times in total. Seeing that the initial wave of strikes had not broken through, it was time to double the pressure.

"Sixty-Four Palms!" Hinata roared as she once again commenced her attacks, starting with two consecutive strikes. She moved to another part of the barrier and made two more consecutive strikes. Keeping it up, she shifted to another part and stuck with four consecutive strikes. Covering more of the barrier, Hinata attacked again, this time with eight consecutive strikes. Orihime watched cautiously but overwhelmed by the sheer number of strikes being inflicted onto Santen Kesshun. Extending her reach to cover the entire of the dome barrier, she unleashed sixteen consecutive strikes. Which only brought a sense of unease upon Orihime.

Unleashing a shout from deep within, Hinata carried her the finishing touch of her attack, thirty-two consecutive strikes, for a grand total of sixty-four palms. And with the mightiest blow, Hinata shattered and broke the barrier protecting Orihime. Without realizing it, she had compromised her ability's potency, allowing her foe to overwhelm and take down the barrier. She looked up to see Hinata towering over her, the Byakugan making her look terrifying. And the double lion heads also contributing to the imagery.

(Cue Emotion - Pokémon Black and White)

Orihime then reached into her mind and remembered the face of who she treasured most, Ichigo. She was doing this all for him, and she wanted to see him again. Burying her panic deep down, Orihime looked up to Hinata, seeing her raised her arms about to strike with the lions directly. With a combination of conviction and desperation, Tsubaki, Baigon, Hinagiku, and Lily all acted to Orihime's wishes, forming a barrier that simply acted as a wall directly in front of her, Shiten Koshun. As the Byakugan Princess' hands came crashing down, they collided with Shiten Koshun, immediately, the resultant force was dispersed and manifested as a concentrated blast that impacted against Hinata, launching her back.

Standing up once again, Orihime looked to see if she could locate Hinata, and she could. Hinata was bleeding across her arms, her head, lots of bruises, out of sheer desperation, Orihime rushed over to Hinata. But by the time she reached her, she could see her opponent's injuries more clearly, and they were fatal. One of her arms torn from her body, and the other bloodied and broken. And she was impaled through the stomach, and one of her legs. Hinata wanted to reach for Orihime, but physically could not.

Overwhelmed by the fact she had done this, Orihime couldn't bear to look but did not want to shame her adversary. Hinata looked at Orihime, but instead of being angry, smiled at her, sensing that she was genuinely distraught. Hinata died with the happiest of thoughts.



(Cue Orihime's Line - Shiro Sagisu)

Boomstick: Woah! I wasn't quite expecting a win for Orihime!

Wiz: Fortunately, your thoughts aren't unfounded. Hinata has more experience, given she started training at the Ninja Academy at 13 years old, which puts her at least 2 years ahead of Orihime. And she went through superior training, considering she aspired to be a Ninja, and attained the rank of Chunin.

Boomstick: Definitely getting the edge over Orihime in those areas, but Orihime's got stuff where it counts, and I ain't talking about the melons. Her versatility gave her more options, and she could definitely hold herself in a fistfight, I mean, she's a black belt, after all, Hinata might've come out on top if it was a martial arts contest, but Orihime has some crucial advantages.

Wiz: She notably held the speed advantage, as she's been shown to constantly react to people's attacks throughout the series, even Ichigo and Yhwach, Massively Hypersonic characters. And being able to not only react, but cast the technique before they strike is remarkable, and is definitely faster than Hinata, while she did outpace and defeat spawns of the Ten-Tails, that isn't enough to get past Orihime's quick speeds and reaction times.

Boomstick: While both could only take so many physical attacks before being overwhelmed, Orihime had a way around that thanks to her spirits being able to cast dome barriers, those little guys are able to put the brakes on Hinata's best bet in this fight, her close-range fighting style. Which can only mean bad things for Hinata.

Wiz: While the Gentle Fist style bypasses defences to make attacks on the Chakra pathway system and nerves in the body, this was difficult for Hinata, since Orihime's speed put her ahead, and the barriers were solid counters. Not to mention, thanks to naturally occurring Reishi, Orihime could always go into the air and use the foot holding to keep her there. Which left Hinata with very little options.

Boomstick: And while Orihime's varied techniques relied on her determination, she always had it on her side, much like Hinata in fact, both these girls have faced incredible odds, and they both had the balls to intervene against people who they really couldn't contend with, like Pain and Yh-waka waka. They're just not the kind of people who'd want to drain their opponent's determination.

Wiz: Hinata and Orihime are among the most sincere souls in manga history, but seeing them put their best feet forward is a wonderful sight to see. Hinata certainly had the experience and training to make the fight interesting, but Orihime's superior speeds, durability, and versatile techniques gave her the leg up she needed.

Boomstick: Looks like Orihime wasn't as Gentle as we thought she was.

Wiz: The winner is Orihime Inoue.

Original Track[]

An Original Track for this fight would be titled "All-Seeing Allies".

The title refers to the combatants’ role as an ally to the protagonist and Hinata's enhanced vision.