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Harry Potter vs. Percy Jackson. Two teens embroiled in the magic sides of their worlds.


Wiz: As kids, we all fantasized about being members of a secret magical world, until our teen years kicked in and we all became better intoned with reality.

Boomstick: So imagine any teen's surprise when it turns out they actually are part of a secret magical world.

Wiz: Like Harry Potter, the Boy who Lived from the World of Wizardry.

Boomstick: And Percy Jackson, the Son of Poseidon from Camp Half-Blood. He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle.

Harry Potter[]

Wiz: The early years of the life of Harry Potter wasn't exactly a happy ones.

Boomstick: Well duh, his uncle and aunt forced him to live under stairs in a cupboard! A cupboard for god's sake! That's where you hang your coats, not let a boy sleep for 11 whole years! At least when Batman's parents died they left him a butler and tons of money!

Wiz: On the contrary Boomstick, Harry actually did inherent something from his parents. Turns out, Lily and James Potter were a witch and a wizard respectively.

  • Background
    • Age: 18
    • Height: 5'4
    • Half-Blood Wizard
    • Son of James and Lily Potter
    • Student at Hogwarts
    • Famous as the Boy who Lived

Boomstick: So Harry's got magic in his DNA. Neat. All I got in my DNA is 'redneck'.

Wiz: Oh don't go listening to people's insults Boomstick.

Boomstick: What? No, my DNA tests came back as containing 'redneck' DNA.

Wiz:...huh. Weird. Anyway, Harry remained largely in the dark about his magical heritage growing up thanks to his aunt and uncle keeping the wool over his eyes.

Boomstick: But they couldn't keep the truth from Harry forever, especially not once the letter for Harry's next level of education started coming. Just you try it, you can't get away from those notices, they'll find you.

Wiz: These letters were Harry's invitation into the Wizarding World, and with a little help from the friendly giant Hagrid, Harry was finally able to escape to the world he had always belonged to, and to a school known as Hogwarts. There, he would get a fine education in the subjects of magic under the tutelage of such magical masters like McGonagall and Dumbledore. Not so much with Snape.

Boomstick: Most importantly, Harry learned a wide number of different spells. Most notably is the one most fun to say, Expelliarmus, which can be used to disarm an opponent and the silliest to say, Stupefy, basically works like a long range stun baton.

  • Spells
    • Charms
      • Expelliarmus
      • Confundus
      • Stupefy
      • Protego
      • Patronus
      • Accio
    • Curses
      • Reducto
      • Sectumsempra
      • Oppugno
      • Imperio
      • Crucio
      • Avada Kedavra
    • Apparation

Wiz: Harry can also mentally mess with an opponent's mind to a certain degree with his Confundus charm, leaving anyone afflicted with it feeling a tab bit confused.

Boomstick: Since firing spells at someone is also likely to get them firing back at you, Harry also uses the Protego shielding charm to protect himself and with Accio he can call to himself any item he wants within his immediate vicinity. That would be useful if he ever lost his glasses. Apparation as well, since it can take him anywhere he needs without walking.

Wiz: Oh, I don't think his eyesight is that bad. Otherwise he wouldn't be able to cast his spells with as much accuracy as he does, including the curses range.

Popup: Although Harry hasn't personally be seen using many curses, he should still be capable of using them.

Boomstick: Now that's more like it, because the curses are perfect for brutally tearing your foes down. The ruducto is a much more powerful blast than the Stupefy, able to reduce most items to a fine mist or can use the Oppugno to have said items attack someone instead. There's also Sectumsempra, which can deal a slice to something from a good distance away.

Wiz: But throughout the Wizarding World there are three "Forbidden Curses", ones so foul it is a crime to even use them. They are the Crucio pain curse, the mind controlling Imperio and the Killing Curse, Avada Kedavra. Which, fun fact, is actually derived from the pronunciation of Abra-Kadabra, as they are both used to get rid of things. In the case of the Killing Curse, it's people's lives. But of course, Harry needs the right equipment to utilize his various spells.

Boomstick: Right. Otherwise people would think he's a weird kid shouting World of Warcraft words at the top of his lungs. That's why he has himself a wand like any good wizard.

  • Arsenal
    • Wand
      • Length: 11 inches
      • Made of Holly
      • Phoenix Feather Center
    • Cloak of Invisibility
    • Firebolt Broomstick
    • Sword of Gryffindor

Wiz: Harry's wand in particular is described as being 'light and supple', and possesses a phoenix feather inside of it, donated by the pet phoenix of Dumbledore himself. Thanks to this wand, Harry is able to cast any one of the charms or curses we mentioned above.

Popup: Apparation does not require a wand to use.

Boomstick: His wand isn't the only magical item Harry has on hand. He also has his 150 MPH Firebolt Broomstick, given to him by his godfather. And given to him by his father was the legendary Cloak of Invisibility. Not only does it look like it's composed of the nicest of velvety threads, it makes Harry completely invisible to everybody whenever it's worth. It's the ultimate security blanket!

Wiz: And at certain times, Harry can use the Sword of Gryffindor, a legendary longsword used by one of the founders of Hogwarts. Although the sword itself didn't possess outright magical properties, after being coated in the venom of the monstrous Basilisk, it became capable of destroying Horcruxes, the multiple containers of the soul of the ultimate dark wizard, Lord-

Boomstick: Don't say his name!


Boomstick: Ah, you fool, you've doomed us all.

Wiz: Well we couldn't avoid saying his name forever, since Voldemort's the reason why Harry's an orphan. Upon hearing of a prophecy saying that Harry could potentially be his undoing, Voldemort killed his parents and attempted to do the same to young Harry.

Boomstick: But thanks to his mother's love, the greatest magic of all, the killing curse Voldemort cast rebounded from baby Harry and straight onto him, reducing him to a nasty little imp.

  • Feats
    • Killed the Basilisk
    • Caught the Snitch
    • Survived Voldemort's killing curse
    • Took a hit from the Horntail Dragon
    • Repelled a massive swarm of Dementors
    • Came to wield all the Deathly Hallows
    • Defeated Quirrel, Draco Malfoy, Voldemort

Wiz: Not forever however, since Voldemort was eventually able to return to his full form, throwing Harry's entire life into turmoil. But that's like saying his school years before then were uneventful, because they were anything but!

Boomstick: He's had to deal with evil wizards, eviller wizards called Death Eaters, monsters such as trolls, dragons strong enough to smash rock with a single tail swing and the aforementioned Basilisk, and a little house-elf who only wanted to save his life by seriously maiming him.

Wiz: But that's why it's a good thing Harry has such a wide array of spells to call upon in these dangerous situations. Such as a freezing spell which should be capable of delivering 22 million newtons, the usual amount energy needed to freeze a human being instantly, according to the VS wiki.

Boomstick: And with the OG Charm, the Patronus, Harry can unleash a blind ray of light capable of driving away creatures of darkness, like the Dementors. Now that's some magic power.

Wiz: That brings us to the main drawback of Harry's abilities. Mainly, that they're all magic that require the use of a wand to perform. Remove the wand, or any of his magical equipment for that matter, and Harry's the same as any other young boy. Aside from his stylish lightning bolt scar.

Boomstick: Gnarly!

Wiz: But there's a good reason why Harry is known as the Boy who Lived, because he done so every time he has battled with Lord Voldemort, ultimately fulfilling the prophecy and striking down the dark lord.

Boomstick: And then landed himself a job protecting the Wizarding world without his full school qualifications. And let's be honest, he's totally earned it.

Percy Jackson[]

Wiz: Long ago, just sometime after the second world war, the Greek gods received a prophecy that a child of the three most powerful gods would be instrumental in either saving or destroying the rule of Olympus. Not wishing to take chances, the Big Three, Zeus, Poseidon and Hades swore off ever having children.

Boomstick: But taking a vow of chastity was easier said than done, because only Hades didn't end up going back on this agreement. Well, he had already had children before this prophecy was announced, but that hardly matters.

Wiz: True enough, old habits did hard for a god, and Poseidon ended up fathering another son with a mortal woman, Sally Jackson, resulting in the birth of their son, Percy Jackson.

  • Background
    • Age: 17
    • Height: 6'1
    • Son of Poseidon
    • Dating Annabeth Chase
    • Head Counselor of Poseidon Cabin
    • Named after Perseus

Boomstick: For most of his life, Percy was largely ignorant of his demigod side, as it usually goes, but that all changed around the time of his 12th birthday.

Wiz: Following an attack on him and his mother by the monstrous minotaur, Percy was saved by his best friend Grover Underwood, who was secretly a Satyr tasked with bringing demigods to safety, a role known as a Seeker.

Boomstick: This place of safety turned out to a camp known as Camp Half-Blood. Guess most people have different idea of what qualifies as a "safe-harbor", because I remember my camp days as being filled with constant dangers like getting lost in the woods on a hike, getting swarmed by swarms of something or running into a crazed murderer.

Wiz: Oh, Camp Half-Blood was nothing like that. Although there are games fought with real weaponry and there are several monster nests, but aside from that it's perfectly safe. In fact, Percy considers it a home away from home. He even ended up being considered MVP for one of the Camp's most dangerous extracurricular activities; going on quests.

Boomstick: Several of which tied directly to his eventual role in the Great Chastity Prophecy of old.

Wiz: And it was a good thing to, because with Percy on a quest, they were all but confirmed to succeed, because Percy is one powerful Demigod.

  • Powers and Abilities
    • Superhuman strength
    • Superhuman speed
    • Demigod senses
    • Swordsmanship
    • Water control
    • Empowerment within water
      • Heals wounds
    • Weather control

Boomstick: Well duh, he's the son of Poseidon, who's better known as the Earth-Shaker. Most demigods possess some level of superhuman attributes like strength and speed, but Percy has a ton more than your average half-blood.

Wiz: Percy does have one thing is common with other demigods, and that's his ADHD. Far from being a learning disability, ADHD is in fact a hard-wiring of a demigod's instincts which ensures they are always ready for danger and capable of making use of their explosive energy.

Boomstick:...Oh, sorry Wiz, I was just thinking of-hey look at my feet. That's cool. Oh, there's also an empty beer can over there, that's neat.

Popup: Percy's Demigod side allows him to automatically read Greek writing, although it causes him problems with English text.

Wiz: Thanks to his father's sphere of influence, Percy also has several abilities related to Poseidon's, most prominently of which is his ability to manipulate water.

Boomstick: He can create massive waterspouts and even form a trident of water.

Wiz: It isn't just water he can control but liquid in general, like the poison of the goddess of misery.

Boomstick: And like anyone else with powers related to water, Percy has the ability to breathe underwater indefinitely or even make a giant bubble to survive. And in a super-powered version of a refreshing dip, Percy can use water to empower himself in battle and heal minor injuries. Alongside all these abilities, Percy also carries on hand a few choice items.

  • Arsenal
    • Riptide
      • Length: 3'
      • Made of Celestial Bronze
      • Collapses down into a pen
      • Magically returns when lost
    • Shield
      • Collapses down into a watch

Wiz: The most notable of which is Riptide, a Greek sword made of Celestial Bronze, a mythical metal harmful to monsters, ghosts, gods, demigods; basically any being that isn't a full-blooded human.

Boomstick: It's also pretty famous, because it was the same sword wielded by Hercules.

Wiz: Heracles.

Boomstick: Hercules.

Wiz: No, that's the Roman translation. The original Greek one was Heracles.

Boomstick: Whatever. He's always known as Hercules. Percy also has one hand, or should we say wrist, a magical shield which can take the form of a wristwatch when not in use, made by his half-brother Tyson. By the time he was sixteen, Percy was absolutely unstoppable as a warrior.

  • Feats
    • Caused damage to a massive glacier
    • Battled with Jason Grace
    • Fought through armies of monsters
    • Lifted the sky on his shoulders
    • Central to several prophecies
    • Defeated the Minotaur, Ares, Polybotes, Kronos

Wiz: He has the track record to prove it too. Not only has he gone up against the worst of Greek Mythology's most formidable monsters, he's been able to get the best of Ares, the actual God of War himself.

Boomstick: Not the "God of War" God of War Kratos, but you know, still pretty impressive. And you know that prophecy in which Percy would either destroy or save Olympus. Well once he was done with that biz, he ended up being part of another prophecy, where Seven demigods would unit to battle Mother Earth Gaia, who sorely teed off that her kids got overthrown by their kids.

Wiz: At one point, when influenced by an outside force, Percy ended up doing battle with fellow Demigod and son of Jupiter, Jason Grace. In one battle, Jason was able to deflect a lightning bolt, requiring him to react at speeds of Mach 62 at the lowest possibility (LordKill90908)

Boomstick: Percy is also fairly powerful, having dealt a large amount of damage to Hubbard Glacier.

Wiz: But by far one of Percy's greatest achievements is by replicating the labor of Heracles and holding the sky on his shoulders. For a limited time, but still, the entire sky! That is logically impossible.

Boomstick: Who cares, it was damn impressive.

Wiz: Indeed it was, just like Percy himself. He's even encountered other mythologies outside of Greek mythology. It's led him to even serving as the host of an Egyptian Goddess.

Boomstick: Too bad he didn't get to keep her power. Or any item outside of Riptide honestly, and that's only because it returns to him magically. He once had the coat of the Nemean Lion but ended up giving it away as a tribute.

Wiz: Not being able to keep most of his powers is one thing, but Percy's biggest flaw as a hero is ironically his loyalty to his friends and allies. Namely, he will do anything to save them, even if the process is a costly one.

Boomstick: But Percy's done a pretty good job in ensuring the safety of the world time and time again. Whether it be a godly war or struggles at school, you can always count on the Son of Poseidon to come out on the other side.


Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set, time to end this debate once and for all.

Boomstick: It's time for a Death Battle!

The Battle[]

Inside of a museum, Percy Jackson stood in front of an exhibit; a stone slab inscribed with Greek writing suspended between two panes of glass.

Percy: Ah, here's the next clue to prophecy-of-the-week. Now, to figure out how to get it out from those-

A snap sudden echoed through the air and the glass panes holding the slab up vanished, leaving it free to fall to the ground and shatter into a dozen pieces. Percy looked in horror at the mess and turned to see the source of the snap; Harry Potter, sitting on a bench with a sheepish look and his wand in hand.

Harry: Oh, uh, sorry.

Percy: Oh trust me, you will be!

He pulled his pen out of his pocket and upon removing the cap, Riptide sprung into it's full length. Shocked as seeing a display of magic and realizing it was meant with harm, Harry stood up from the bench, his wand at the ready.


Harry: Stupefy!

Percy: Stupe-what?

However, Percy instinctively brought his other arm up in spite of his confusion, his wristwatch transfiguring into a shield to block the concussive blast, although he was still sending skidding back several steps as a result. The moment he stopped however, Percy charged back forward towards Harry, who fired off another Stupefy. Although this one also hit Percy's shield and pushed him back a few steps, it was to a lesser degree than the first time and Percy quickly recovered and continued his charge towards Harry. In desperation, Harry fired another Stupefy, but Percy wasn't going to fall for the same thing three times in a row, and dodged slightly to the side to avoid the concussive blast, finally enabling him to close the distance between him and Harry. Percy slammed his shield directly in Harry's front, staggering the wizard before the demigod slashed at him with his sword.

Harry then flicked his wand and an invisible barrier - Protego - blocked Percy's sword swing. As Percy's attack rebounded and caused the demigod to stumble backwards, Harry aimed his wand at him again and Percy brought up his shield, only for Harry to act accordingly to this obstacle.

Harry: Expelliarmus!

The shield was blasted out of Percy's grip and Harry immediately went for another spell.

Harry: Avada Kedavra!

As the green bolt was fired towards Percy, he regained his footing and swung his sword to directly strike the deadly spell, dispelling it into nothingness. Harry fired off another couple of killing spells at Percy, whose sword swings worked to dispel them like the first. Eventually, Percy drew close enough to the panicking Harry to grab him by the wrist holding the wand, pull him close and deliver a knee into his stomach. Harry let out a gasp of pain before Percy delivered an uppercut punch to his jaw, sending him flying through the air to land on his back. Harry looked up from his new position to see Percy advance on him, his sword raised above his head. Just as he swung it down, Harry yelled out a word;

Harry: Apparation!

And he suddenly warped away just as the sword came down, slicing into the ground. Percy blinked in surprise before Harry appeared behind him and pressed his wand against the back of his head.

Harry: Confundus!

Percy suddenly went cross-eyed and slack-jawed, and saliva crept down his chin as the charm took effect, and Harry took advantage of this to run back over to the bench he had been sitting on.

Harry: I need to get out of here, and quick!

He pulled his broomstick out from behind the bench and prepared to saddle up on it, but then a shout drew his attention. He turned to see that Percy had shaken off the Confundus charm and was now focusing on Harry once again. Harry kicked off the ground and took flight with his Broomstick.

Percy: Oh no, you're not getting away!

With his demigod physique, Percy ran after Harry as he flew on his broomstick through the large and empty corridors of the museum. Harry looked back, stunned at his foe's surprising speed, before aiming his wand behind him.

Harry: Reducto!

As he ran, Percy instinctively dodged to the side as a section of the floor suddenly cracked apart and exploded.

Percy: Thank you Demigod ADHD!

He dodged to the side again as the same spell blew another small crater into the marble floor. At Harry's third casting of the spell, Percy ran towards the wall, leapt, planted his feet against it and pushed off, launching him towards Harry. With a small swing of his sword, Percy clipped the broomstick's bristles, causing it to spin out of control into a spiral.

The wild broomstick flew into a large room containing the bones of dinosaurs, where Harry eventually crashed onto the ground, his mode of transportation rolling away across the ground. As Harry started to pick himself up, Percy advanced towards him, his sword at the ready. But Harry turned around and fired off a spell.

Harry: Sectumsempra!

Formless slashes erupted across Percy's chest, and he cried out in pain as blood leapt from the cuts. Harry stood back up fully and cast a curse at Percy;

Harry: Imperio!

Percy suddenly stood straight up rigidly and slowly turned his own sword around, so that the point was aimed directly at his own chest. With shaking arms, Percy began to press the sword tip against his chest as Harry's eyes remained open in concentration.

However, the wizard failed to take notice of a pipe on the wall suddenly rattling before bursting open with a torrent of water which slammed straight into Harry, knocking him down and freeing Percy from the curse, who breathed out in relief. Double so when the water drew towards him, with trickles of it creeping up his body to heal his wounds. Feeling his strength returning, Percy thrust his arm up and commanded the water to rise behind him in a massive geyser. Harry looked on in surprise before Percy thrust his hand out, sending the geyser straight towards him. Acting quickly, Harry thrusted his wand out and yelled;

Harry: Reducto!

The geyser was blasted apart by the powerful curse, leaving a gap for Harry to directly see Percy, before casting another spell.

Harry: Oppugno!

The displayed dinosaur bones suddenly smashed their way out of their casings and flew towards Percy, their jagged edges ahead of them. Percy quickly brought his hands together, forming the water together into a barrier into which the bones flew straight into. Once the bones where trapped within the water, they were compressed down by the liquid into a powder-like substance. Once all the bones had been intercepted, Percy sent the barrier of water straight towards Harry, engulfing him before he could react.

Percy: Gotcha! Now then...

He strutted over to the trapped Harry.

Percy: Got any other made-up words to say?

Harry attempted to say something, but only bubbles and gurgles escaped his mouth.

Percy: Sorry, what?

Harry opened his mouth again, and wordlessly cast another spell. This time, from the bad slung over, tumbled out the Sorting Hat.

Sorting Hat: Eh, what's happening?

And out of it came the Sword of Gryffindor, which flew towards Harry onto command of the Accio charm. The hilt punched through the watery container and into Harry's hand, which he then slashed at Percy with, forcing the demigod to jump back to avoid being sliced. This action still caused his focus to waver, causing the water prison to fall apart, freeing Harry, who came at him with his newly handled sword.

The two began exchanging sword swings, either parry to slashing at regular turns. Eventually, Harry blocked Percy's side swing and aimed his wand, held in his other hand, directly at his face.

Harry: Avada Kedavra!

Percy dodged his head to the side to avoid the green blast, before spinning around and slashing at Harry, forcing him to jump back to avoid getting sliced in half. Percy then advanced at Harry, slashing away and eventually beginning to overwhelm Harry with his superior swordsmanship. Soon, the wizard was backed into a corner, and with another swing Percy deflected Harry's swing to the side. This allowed Percy a clear window to strike Harry, which he took by raising his sword high above above his head.

Percy: Gotcha!

He swung his sword done, and it cut through nothing but stone wall. Percy blinked in surprise and looked to the side, seeing that Harry had been saved by his broomstick, called over by a secret Accio, grabbing onto the shaft as it had flown by. Now Harry was seated directly upon it, his sword and wand still in hand. Percy gave his sword a small twirl before preparing for Harry's next move, which came in the form of the Killing Curse.

Percy: Avada Kedavra!

Percy dodged to the side of the attack, but this was expected by Harry, who dived forward on his broomstick, slashing with his sword as he did and slicing into Percy's leg slightly. Percy cried out in pain before Harry turned his broomstick around and charged again, inflicting a slash across Percy's back. Percy stumbled forward but bit back a cry of pain, regaining his footing and leveling a glare at Harry, who had raised his wand again. Before the wizard could state another spell, Percy reversed his grip on Riptide and hurled it straight towards Harry, just as he catch a Stupefy charm. The resulting close-quarters impact of the charm on the sword caused out a shockwave that caused Harry's wand to be blasted out of his hand. But Harry still had his sword and seeing that Percy no longer had his, he commanded the broomstick to dive-bomb towards, the sword's blade held before him.

But what Harry didn't know was that Riptide, upon being lost after interrupting his concussive blast, had returned to Percy's pocket, which the demigod immediately drew out; with a flick of his finger, the top shot off and Riptide sprung into its full sword length.

Riptide and the Sword of Gryffindor clashed together, sparks flying out, and Percy was pushed back, his feet skidding across the ground against the onward motion of Harry's broomstick. The two teens locked steady gazes with each other during the backwards-moving blade lock, but Harry didn't realize that some trickles of water were coming towards Percy, until they formed around the soles of his feet, anchoring him in place. With Percy no longer moving backwards, the strain against Harry's blade increased as the broomstick continued to try fly forward, until finally, the Sword of Gryffindor snapped in two, leaving Harry and his broomstick to suddenly shoot forward, straight into the edge of Riptide.

Harry and his broomstick were both sliced straight in half, with the two pieces of him flying forward for a moment before crashing down with a bloody splat on the ground. Percy looked behind him at the carnage he had wrought and whistled.

Percy: Yikes. Maybe I shouldn't have lost my temper.


Percy pieces back together the stone slab as carefully as he can as the sword of Gryffindor fades out of Harry's hand.


Boomstick: Well, looks like Harry can no longer be called the Boy who Lived, because that right there looked fatal.

Wiz: Harry's large array of magical charms and curses certainly let him hold his own in terms of versatility over Percy, but the thing was, it was ultimately unlikely that Harry would ever get the chance to use them.

Boomstick: That's because like in a magical western dual, Harry actually needs to be fast enough to cast said spells.

Wiz: Harry may be able to react whilst driving his 150 MPH flying broomstick, but Percy can react over several times the speed of sound scaling to Jason Grace, so Harry would be very hard pressed for the opportunity to use his charms, including the Killing Curse and even his mind altering ones.

Popup: The feat of holding up the sky is described as requiring Percy to have an impressive amount of willpower, so he could likely resist Harry's mind-influencing spells to some degree.

Boomstick: And what's more, Percy was far more powerful than Harry.

Wiz: Here's the proof; Dumbledore, who is continuously stated to be the most powerful wizard in possibility all of history was able to draw in a massive fog bank with his magic. A feat worth 13 kilotons of TNT (Spinosaurus75DinosaurFan).

Popup: More directly offensive and readily available spells in the Harry Potter series come out at only 1 ton of TNT.

Boomstick: Whilst Percy dealt significant damage to Hubbard Glacier, which would have needed five more kilotons than Dumbledore's feat to pull off, at 18 kilotons of TNT. Considering that Percy was directly in the vicinity of his own action, I'd say he can also survive a similar kind of attack.

Wiz: Now, the reason why we're using a calculation showing the power of a character clearly stronger than Harry is to show that even then Percy still outranks that demonstration of power. And whilst Harry did battle with Voldemort, who is somewhat comparable to Dumbledore, it was more due to the combinations of Voldemort's sadism and confidence, the destruction of the Horcruxes and the true loyalty of the Master Wand that Harry was ultimately able to outlast him in battle.

Popup: Harry was rather easily beaten by Snape, who is described as a wizard with power and skill below only Dumbledore and Voldemort.

Boomstick: There's also something else to consider. Whilst Harry was born a magical being, physically he's no different from an ordinary person, whilst Percy explicitly possesses superhuman speed and strength, so in all likelihood wouldn't even need a reliable source of water to take Harry down.

Popup: It's possible that Celestial Bronze would have been capable of harming Percy, as although he is a mortal, it's likely his innate magic would have rendered him vulnerable. Even then, Percy would not have not needed to totally rely on it to bring down Harry.

Wiz: Not to mention his training at Camp Half-Blood has made Percy much better at close-quarters combat, and after all he has had experiences with magicians in the past.

Boomstick: So in other words, Harry may have been good with a wand, but Percy had him beat in power, speed and experience. Harry got all Jacked up, Son.

Wiz: The winner is Percy Jackson.

Next Time[]

Scarred by fires

And battling in the mind

Alice Liddell vs. Sebastian Castellanos


  • The connection between Harry and Percy is that they are both teenagers from fantasy book and movie series who possess supernatural powers, have battled against evil entities and been major players in certain prophecies. Both have also attended training locations for those of their kinds (Hogwarts and Camp Half-Blood respectively) and are known for having half-blood genetics due to their mothers who possessed supernatural abilities (Harry was born from a witch, Lily Potter, who came from a muggle family, whilst Percy was the son of mortal woman, Sally, who could see through the Mist and the god Poseidon). Both have also wielded a legendary relic (the Invisibility Cloak and Riptide respectively) and temporarily possessed a means that made them nearly-unbeatable (Harry earned the Eldar Wand, which he destroyed personally and Percy got the invisibility of Achilles, which was washed away by a sacred river). Both have had kinships with winged creatures (Buckbeak, a hippogriff, and Blackjack, a pegasus, respectively) and fulfilled the last requests of their rivals, who had a points betrayed them (Harry took Snape's tears to see the truth of his allegiance whilst Percy gave Luke a knife to finish Kronos, who was in his body, off). Both their blood has also been used to resurrect an antagonist (Voldemort and Gaea respectively).
  • This battle would have been in hand-drawn animation
  • The original music for this battle would have been called 'Half-Blood Heroes', referring to both's statuses as heroes and half-blooded magical individuals, as well as how the term Half-Blood is used in their series

Harry vs Percy again


Harry Potter vs Percy Jackson! These two half-blooded, magical teens take on immense odds almost daily, and have taken down immense foes at just 12 years old. With messy black hair, green eyes and some abusive relatives, both Harry and Percy's powers were disguised from them until they reaches a certain age. They were both whisked away to a place with people just like them, and today, they fight to the death!


Counter: In fantasy, there are many wizards, gods and monsters. It's standard, almost a cliche. Many of them have to learn on the job, or are stuck with powers they have no idea how to use. But sometimes, these heroes get to train with others just like them.

Kaiya: Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Damien: And Percy Jackson, the demigod son of Poseidon of Camp Half-Blood!

Counter: I'm Counter, and these are my partners, Damien, Kai and Hannah!

Hannah: And we've taken over from Wiz and Boomstick to analyse their weapons, armour and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle!

Harry Potter[]

Counter: The year was 1981, and it was the height of the Wizarding World. The Order of the Phoenix vs Death Eaters. Albus Dumbledore vs Lord Voldemort. The Dark Wizard Voldemort was at the height of his power, and everything seemed lost.

Kaiya: But that all changed on Halloween night. Hearing of a prophecy about the Dark Lord’s defeat, he deduced that the threat to his rule lies within a young boy. His name was Harry Potter. On Halloween night, Voldemort invaded their homes and brutally slaughtered Lily and James, Harry’s parents, but when Voldemort turned his wand on Harry, something happened.

Damien: His mother willingly sacrificed herself for Harry and so, granted him ancient, magical protection. When Voldemort attempted to kill the baby, his curse rebounded and destroyed his body. Harry Potter gained a cool lightning bolt scar on his forehead and earned the title of ‘The Boy Who Lived’, being the only person to survive a Killing Curse.

Hannah: But to be protected, Dumbledore had Harry grow up with his abusive aunt and uncle, with his spoiled cousin in tow. He spent 10 miserable years there, until, on his 11th birthday, Harry received some incredible news. He was a wizard and destined to learn at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Counter: Unbeknownst to Harry, he had become a famous celebrity due to what had transpired 10 years ago, but he never let it get to his head. He found being famous very tough.

Kaiya: Harry was prophesied to end up defeating Voldemort, and since then, he had thwarted Voldemort and cheated death every single year at Hogwarts. Long, long story short, Voldemort returned, duelled Harry once, the things tethering him to life were destroyed, he duelled Harry again, kicked the bucket, and Harry became an international hero.

Harry Potters background

Damien: But he couldn’t have done that without a little help! Due to his magical blood, Harry can do extraordinary things, but he needs an instrument to channel this power. His wand. Coincidentally, it was the brother to Voldemort’s, containing a phoenix tail feather from Dumbledore’s own bird, Fawkes.

Hannah: Constructed out of holly wood, Harry has performed many great feats with this wand and has learned many spells, such as his trademark spell, the Disarming Charm.

Kaiya: Expelliarmus!

Counter: Yeah, that one. The Disarming Charm does exactly as intended and throw’s a victim’s weapon away from them, but he as all sorts of different spells. The Stunning Spell, Stupefy, knocks people unconscious. The Shield Charm, Protego, projects a magical barrier to block incoming spells and attacks.

Kaiya: The Knockback Jinx, Flipendo, flips an opponent through the air. Petrificus Totalus is the Full-Body Bind Curse and freezes people in place, and the spell Impedimenta, well, as you can probably tell, slows people down. Man, these-these names, really give it away, huh?

Damien: Accio is the Summoning Charm and it pulls objects towards Harry, even from a large distance away. At just 14 years old, Harry was able to summon his broomstick from the castle with that spell to escape a dragon! Conversely, Depulso pushes objects away from him at a high speed.

Hannah: He can throw himself up in the air, slow his fall, heal broken bones, and vanish objects entirely. He can shrink and enlarge objects, cause inanimate objects to float, lift people up by their ankles, confuse and confund an opponent, erase memories with the Obliviate spell and he can turn animals into goblets, but that’s...preeeety worthless in a Death Battle.

Counter: Harry has spells that can control the elements, too. Incendio can create flames out of thin air, Auguamenti can create water, Ventus is a spell that can spawn a strong gust of wind to blow people away, and Glacius can freeze a target with ice-cold air.

Kaiya: But no-one wants to hear that boring shit, let’s get to the lethal stuff! Diffindo is a spell that slashes, able to cut through almost anything, even human skin! But if he wants to crank up the cutting a notch, he busts out the dark Sectumsempra curse, created by dear old Severus Snape.

Damien: Sectumsempra is instantaneous and dangerous. As if slashed by an invisible sword, multiple deep gashes appear on the victim, guided by the caster’s wand! If done correctly, it can slice off limbs or ears, and can easily kill someone if don’t get the medical help they need.

Hannah: Reducto is an exceptionally dangerous spell that can reduce a target to dust. Yes. Dust. Harry and his friends used it to take down the Hall of Prophecy and Ginny Weasley reduced a training dummy to nothing. On a similar note, Confringo is a spell that causes a fiery explosion, enough to kill 12 Muggles in one move.

Counter: Bombarda and Expulso also cause explosions, but Expulso uses pressure instead of heat. It can destroy tables and even sent Harry careening into a wall, and Bombarda Maxima was able to destroy an entire wall in seconds. Harry may not look it, but he has some immense power up his sleeves.

Kaiya: But we can’t forget the most dangerous curses, the Unforgivable ones. Just using it is enough to earn a lifetime sentence in Azkaban, and there’s only three of them. Harry has only used one of them correctly, but he’s used one adequately in the past and is implied to know the last one!

Damien: The Imperius Curse is the curse Harry cast correctly, and it allows him to control minds. He’s controlled a goblin with it and has even resisted its effects before through sheer force of will!

Hannah: In fact, Harry was the only person who could throw off the Imperius Curse in his class, a testament to the power of his mind.

Counter: The Cruciatus Curse is the second Unforgivable Curse and it’s a real doozy. Also known as the Torture Curse, it subjects its victims to blinding, white-hot pain. Harry describes it as ‘so intense, so all-consuming, that he no longer knew where he was...white-hot knives were piercing every inch of his skin’.

Kaiya: It doesn’t just cause pain, though. If you’re under the effects for too long, you could even turn insane, like Neville’s parents were. Jesus...that’s heavy stuff, man. However, Harry has never used it properly. The only two times he’s cast it was when he was blinded by rage. He didn’t have the emotion behind it. It wasn’t for evil reasons, he was just angry beyond belief.

Damien: But that’s not to say it doesn’t work even when he’s blinded by rage. It still forces people to crumble up and they’re still subjected to the extreme pain, just not as intense as it would if he meant it.

Hannah: But now we come to the famous Killing Curse. Avada Kedavra. It can’t be magically blocked. Protego does nothing. If hit by the jet of green light, you instantly and painlessly die. For obvious moral reasons, Harry has never attempted to use this curse, but it was a speciality of Voldemort’s.

Counter: But a wand is not the only thing Harry has in his arsenal. Inherited from his father, Harry also owns the Cloak of Invisibility, a Deathly Hallow that won’t wear out no matter how many times it’s used. Under the Cloak, Harry is completely invisible and the Cloak can’t be summoned away from him magically.

Kaiya: It’s not foolproof though. He still makes a physical effect on the environment around him, like footprints in the snow and any part of Harry that isn’t covered by the cloak can be seen. In case anyone tries to invade his mind, Harry is adept as Occlumency, a form of mental defence that prevents mind control and mind reading.

Damien: He’s not an expert at it, but Harry is good enough at it to keep any brain intruders away. He knows how to teleport, and can do it without a wand. He doesn’t really use it in combat, however, and actually doesn’t like it compared to his racing broomstick, the Firebolt.

Hannah: Which can go from 0-150 miles per hour in ten seconds. That’s 241 kilometres an hour, and they let 13-year olds fly it. Either way, Harry is exceptionally skilled on a broom, able to catch the nimble and small Golden Snitch even when moving at top speeds. When he had his Nimbus 2000 broom, he was able to catch the snitch even when being chased by a bludger, which is a ball of iron.

Harry Potter magic

Counter: Harry is an exceptional wizard and has performed many great feats at young ages. He was able to produce the Dementor’s kryptonite of a Patronus Charm at just 13, a spell many Aurors can’t even do. With this spell, he was even able to fight off an army of soul-sucking Dementors and hold his ground against them.

Kaiya: Even at the young age of 12, Harry was able to fight and kill the Basilisk with the Sword of Gryffindor. He was even stabbed with its tooth and poisoned and was able to survive a long time before Fawkes saved his ass.

Damien: And there is an argument to be made that Harry Potter is comparable to Dumbledore and stronger than Voldemort. I know you’re skeptical, we were too, but the Elder Wand is attracted to nothing but power. Harry’s theory about why he got the Elder Wand was wrong. More is explained in this document, but essentially Voldemort became the Elder Wand’s master after Dumbledore died since he was the most powerful wizard, and at the final battle it recognised Harry as the stronger wizard and gave itself to him.

Hannah: I know you’re doubting that, and if you are, take the time to read the document. It goes into far more detail than we could reasonably in this analysis. Anyway, since Harry is stronger than Voldemort, he should have a stronger power output. Since Voldemort was able to destroy Hogwarts’ barrier, he should have an attack potency of at least 160 tons of TNT.

Counter: But this means that Harry is also comparable to Dumbledore, who was able to create a fog around London, a feat worth 4 kilotons of TNT! This is all from Dumbledore’s magical potential, which should reasonably be compared to his magical shielding, which means that Dumbledore and Harry should have a similar level of durability. Dumbledore can fight with Grindelwald, who he was equally matched with, and with Voldemort, which supports his magical shielding being comparable to his attack power.

Kaiya: And this calculation demonstrates that Voldemort can fly fast enough to reach Mach 50, and this should scale to his reaction timing, which Harry Potter would be comparable to, being a stronger wizard and keeping up with Voldemort at all.

Mhs voldemort

Damien: He's taken on Death Eaters like Antonin Dolohov, Bellatrix Lestrange and Draco Malfoy and held his own before, and has taken on huge acromantula, dragons and blast-ended skrewts and has always come out of top.

Harry Potters Feats

Hannah: But let's not get carried away. For as powerful as Harry is, he still needs his wand to channel his magic, and without it he's a sitting duck. He can be slightly impulsive and quick to anger, and he has glasses. It speaks for itself.

Counter: And while Harry's magical shielding is tough, if someone can get past it Harry isn't physically durable on his own, at most able to survive being smashed through walls and would be relatively easy to take out. Still, Harry Potter is the Chosen One for a reason.

("Working hard is important, but there's something that matters even more. Believing in yourself. Think of it this way: Every great wizard in history has started out as nothing more than we are now. Students. If they can do it, why not us?")

Percy Jackson[]

Counter: The stories of ancient Gods are well known in today’s society. The Greek Gods, the Roman Gods, even the Egyptian Gods are well known today, Zeus. Jupiter. Ra. Well-documented and believed to be real for a long time.

Kaiya: But what if we told you that today, these Gods still ruled the Earth and still existed? What if we told you that the gids travelled with Western civilisation, and now resided in New York, on the 600th floor of the Empire State Building?

Damien: Well, this is the universe of Percy Jackson. Percy used to just be a normal New Yorker, going to school, getting kicked out from scenarios he couldn’t explain, and dealing with both dyslexia and ADHD.

Kaiya: Poor kid.

Hannah: But that all changed when he was 12 years old. During a field trip, Percy’s teacher turned into a Fury, demonic monsters who serve Hades, the god of the dead. His other teacher, who later went by Chiron, passed Percy a pen, which uncapped into a sword and allowed Percy to strike the beast down.

Counter: And things only got weirder from there. No-one believed that these events had happened, but whenever he asked his friend Grover, he hesitated. It all came to a boil one day when on a road trip, Percy, Grover and his mother Sally were attacked by a minotaur, which resulted in his mother dissolving into a yellow light.

Kaiya: Understandably pissed, Percy killed the beast and stumbled into Camp Half-Blood, the only place for demigods just like him. A demigod is the child of a god and a ‘mortal’, basically a human. And who was Percy a descendant of? Poseidon! Which kinda screwed him over, since, like, everything wants to kill him now!

Damien: But even the Gods weren’t on his side. Someone had stolen Zeus’ Master Bolt and framed it on Poseidon, Percy’s father. Threatened to be struck down, Percy went on a mission to reclaim the bolt, complete with new friends, and new weapons.

Percy Jackson background

Hannah: Gifted to Percy by Chiron, son of Kronos himself, Anaklusmos is a ballpoint pen, which always returns to his pocket. While that may seem...quite lame, it has a special trick. When uncapped, Anaklusmos turns into a large sword, perfectly balanced in his hands and constructed of Celestial Bronze.

Counter: Which Percy affectionately calls Riptide. Because it’s made out of Celestial Bronze, Riptide can harm and even kill gods, other demigods, Titans, Giants and monsters, but it will pass harmlessly through mortals, because the sword doesn’t deem them as ‘important enough’ to harm.

Kaiya: Which is pretty damn stupid, as it’s even harmed Egyptian Magicians such as Carter Kane. And Percy is a great swordsman, able to keep up with Luke, who was able to surpass children of Ares and Athena during one of his first tries. At just 12 years old, Percy was able to hold his own against Ares himself with Riptide, that’s crazy!

Damien: He can fend off entire armies of continuously resurrecting ghosts with his swordsmanship skills alone, but Riptide isn’t the only weapon in Percy’s arsenal. Hell, he can fend for himself just fine without the sword at his side!

Hannah: In fact, Percy’s brain is hardwired for battle thanks to his demigod heritage. His ADHD is actually just his battle-ready brain always working overtime! He can deduce where people will attack from just by looking at where their muscles tense. His ADHD always lets him get ready for battle and leaves him hyper aware in one.

Counter: And his dyslexia is actually just his brain being hardwired to read and understand Ancient Greek text and speech. He can instantly translate anything in ancient greek, but he struggles to read anything in English.

Kaiya: But that doesn’t really matter when he can just wash you away with a wave of his arms! As a son of Poseidon, Percy can control and manipulate water in many ways, for both defence and combat!

Damien: He can do almost anything with water, like increase its surface tension! With that, Percy can create aquatic barriers and shields to protect him from attacks, and he’s created giant hands out of water that follow his hand movements, which can kill gorgons in one hit!

Hannah: With this water solidification he can create platforms for himself, walk on water, support a chariot riding on top of it and even ride waterspouts. He’s immune to water and its effects, meaning he can submerge himself in the ocean and stay dry. Even after plunging off the Gateway Arch in Mississippi, while being dangerously poisoned and on fire, Percy wasn’t hurt when he hit the water.

Counter: As an extension of this, he can easily breathe underwater and propel himself through it, as well as heal deep, even fatal cuts by just coming into contact with a creek. As well as this, coming into contact with water actually revitalises and re energizes him, allow him to disarm the best swordsmen in ‘300 years’ after previously being exhausted with an unbalanced sword, break a divine time spell cast by Kronos himself, and amplify his strength, speed and durability, even being able to take on and KO at least 4 or 5 of Ares’ descendents on his own.

Kaiya: Obviously, this has some clear combat benefits. He’s able to manipulate 10,000 gallons of water, create waves strong enough to capsize ships, and create whirlpools strong and large enough to incapacitate a forty foot long crocodile enhanced by magic. I get that this is fantasy and he’s the son of a God, but how?

Damien: We can actually compare this crocodile’s size to one of the Sarcosuchus imperator, a prehistoric crocodile that could grow up to 40 feet -or 12 metres- in length. And these crocs are no joke, they could weigh up to 8 metric tons! That’s about 17,500 pounds! And Percy could make a whirlpool strong enough to incapacitate a crocodile of similar size and weight, that was amped by magic! This kid is strong!

Hannah: But he’s not just strong, he’s incredibly skilled at his abilities. So much so, in fact, that Percy can manipulate more liquid than just water.

Kaiya: ...What?

Counter: Percy has a limited control of other water-based liquids and objects. Able to manipulate most water-based poisons -even a whole lake of it-, including many types of venom. Theoretically, Percy should be able to control a many number of water-based liquids, such as blood. He has previously been shown to be able to manipulate tears and remove foreign water from someone else’s body, so it’s a likely possibility.

Kaiya: But Poseidon is more than just the god of water. Earthquakes, storms and horses are all things Poseidon was known to rule over, and Percy has shown proficiency with all of them! He can talk to horses and communicate well with them, even forming a close bond with his ride and best pet ever, Blackjack, a Pegasus, which is a horse...with wings! Awesome!

Damien: While he can’t control it very well, Percy does have some semblance of geokinesis, able to create earthquakes, and...wait, WAIT! CAUSE VOLCANOES TO ERUPT?! Wh-?! How the hell and what the hell? That’s both epic and freaking terrifying!

Hannah: To match, Percy can also summon strong winds to his side to create storms such as hurricanes. Before Damien loses his mind, they’re not real hurricanes. They’re more like...localised areas that simulate the effects of a hurricane, but it’s still very impressive.

Percy Jackson techniques

Counter: In fact, Percy is pretty comparable to Jason Grace, as both are sons of one of the major Greek and Roman gods, respectively, and they’ve fought evenly before. Jason was able to create a storm able to contain Gaea. Lowballing this feat to assume that creating the storm took as much as 30 seconds, the energy needed to create this sort of storm would be over 2 quintillion joules worth of energy.

Kaiya: That’s crazy, but Percy was also able to trigger the eruption of Mount St. Helens, which would release over 24 megatons of thermal energy, and not only that, but Percy was almost in the epicentre of the explosion, and survived! He’s superior to Annabeth, who was able to support the sky -no, really-, and has survived attacks from gods.

Damien: Percy was also able to lift the 10,000 gallons measured before, which should equal about 37 tons of weight. But Percy’s fast, too. He’s comparable to Jason, who was able to deflect lightning, to pull off such a feat, he would have to be moving at, at the very least, Mach 61.

Percy Jackson Feats

Hannah: So, yes, Percy’s fast, strong and tough, but he does still have his fair share of weaknesses. Being a demigod, both mortal and godly weapons will harm him. Due to his battle instincts, Percy is also impulsive and headstrong, as well as hot-headed.

Counter: He can create water using his godly powers rather than just manipulate it, but this drains his energy much faster than normal. Also, if Percy doesn’t have pockets, Riptide can’t come back to him if it’s lost. And his biggest weakness is that he will place himself in harm's way to protect his friends, no matter the cost.

Kaiya: Still, Percy Jackson is one of the strongest waterbenders I’ve ever seen! Don’t piss off the son of the Sea God, especially if you’re about to shower, or have a drink. And, up on your Ancient Greek.

("But if you recognize yourself in these pages - if you feel something stirring inside - stop reading immediately. You might be one of us. And once you know that, it's only a matter of time before they sense it too, and they'll come for you.")


Counter: Alright, the combatants are set. You guys ready to do this?

Damien: Yeah!

Kaiya: Count me in!

Hannah: Of course.

Counter: Then it's time to settle this debate once and for all...IN A DEATH BATTLE!

Harry vs Percy combatants set

Death Battle[]

In the middle of England, small crystals of ice glided through the air, slowly falling into place among sheets of white that covered the ceilings and window sills of the street below. It was the middle of winter, so snow was common, but not this common. If people stood in one place too long they’d sink into the sheets of white, enveloping their shoes, soaking their pants.

But some snowflakes were sent careening in another direction, as pure, jet-black wings flapped through the air. These wings belonged to a pegasus, a winged horse. Riding on top of the horse was Percy Jackson, the half-blood son of Sally Jackson and the Greek God, Poseidon. Percy wore an orange t-shirt, jeans and slightly battered Reebok shoes, completely inappropriate for this kind of freezing weather.

Shivering violently, Percy squeezed his eyes shut and clenched on to the pegasus tighter than he ever had before. Teeth chattering, Percy called out to his winged friend, hoping his voice wouldn’t get lost in the wind.

“B-B-B-Blackjack!” He had shouted through the shivers, “C-Can you l-land?”

You got it, boss.” Blackjack replied, beginning his slow descent to the town below. This town was not like any ordinary town, however. Indeed, the people you’d spot emerging from the buildings would be enough to clue you in. It was Hogsmeade, the only all-wizarding village in Britain.

There was only one wizard in the streets, however. Reluctantly trudging through the snow, the snowflakes gathering on his glasses and nearly blinding him. His messy black hair was being swept up to reveal a faint, lightning-bolt shaped scar on his forehead. He was clenching a cloak around his body and also shivering. This was Harry Potter, the Boy who Lived.

“Blimey!” He exclaimed, trying to feel his numb fingers. “Hermione had the right idea…” He muttered, trudging through the snow just that little bit faster. Reaching into his pockets, Harry pulled out a long, stick-like instrument. His wand. Momentarily considering lighting his broomstick on fire for just a little bit of warmth, Harry pried the glasses off of his head, even more blind than before.

Tapping the wand to the lens of the glasses, Harry muttered a spell, “Impervius.” He watched as snowflakes were repelled by the glasses as they came close. Grinning, he placed them back on his face and revelled in how much more he was able to see. However, he didn’t notice a winged horse land behind him, nor did he notice a boy slide off the horse and dunk his body into the snow.

“Gods, it’s cold! How do people function here?” Percy cried, holding his arms and shaking violently as he got to his feet. Hearing Percy’s shout, Harry turned around. His bright green eyes met Percy’s, before slowly drifting to the pegasus behind the demi-god.

“Err-” Harry began, contemplating what to say. What was there to say? A boy had just descended from the sky on a Thestral.

“Oh, hello. Percy Jackson, and you are?” Harry always hated this question. As soon as he’d answer he’d get gawked at like a zoo animal, he’d be forced to pull up his fringe and show his scar.

“Harry Potter.” Upon hearing the name, Percy nodded, smiled, and turned his back on the boy wizard. Refreshing. Harry thought happily, burying his hands in his pockets.

“Nice Thestral. You can see them too?”

Is he a half-blood, too? Can he see through the Mist? Percy thought to himself suddenly, before twisting around to look at Harry again. “...Huh?”

“Y-Your thestral.” Harry pointed to Blackjack, who jerked his head up in greeting.

“Thes-? Oh, no. He’s a pegasus. You can see through the Mist? Are you a half-blood?”

“Wh- Yes, I am.” The Boy Who Lived replied, somewhat defensively. The Son of Poseidon’s face broke into a small smile and he crossed his arms sheepishly.

“Oh yeah? Sweet. Which God’s your parent?”

“Bloody hell…” Harry muttered, before turning his back on the demi-god and walking away quickly. His feet crunched against the snow. A nutter, he was. Mist? Pegasus? Harry hadn’t a clue what he was talking about.

An icy snowball crashed into the back of Harry’s head and he whipped around with a groan, right hand subtly reaching into his pocket for his wand.

“Hey, pal. Don’t ignore me.” Percy called out, face etched with annoyance. Shaking his head, Harry turned away once more and went to walk away, but the Son of the Sea God had other plans. In the blink of an eye, Percy held out his arms and brought them to his chest, stomach plagued with the sensation of being tugged.

The snow under Harry’s feet flew towards Percy, knocking the wizard’s feet from under him and knocking him onto his stomach. Smirking slightly, Percy crossed his arms and waited for Harry to get to his feet, cheeks red and head buzzing with anger.

With a flourish of his robe, Harry pulled out his wand and held it out like a sword, pointed towards Percy’s heart. The demi-god took a step backwards and pushed his arms forward, launching more snow in Harry’s direction.

Protego!” The wizard bellowed, as a shimmering, silver forcefield emerged from the tip of his wand, defending him from the pile of snow, which harmlessly crashed against the shield and fell to the ground, useless.

The shield dissipated about as quick as it was conjured, but Harry wasn’t yet finished, as he waved his arm wildly and fired a spell in Percy’s direction. Gasping, the demi-god jumped to the side as the spell sailed past him, cracking against the wall of a building. The spell was strong enough to knock the snow on the building’s roof onto the road, and yet no-one seemed to pay it any attention at all.

“Woah! I didn’t know half-bloods could do that!”

Harry vs Percy fr


The two fighters stared at each other...waiting. Harry’s fingers twitched on his wand, green eyes met, Percy’s hand moved a fraction of an inch towards his pocket. Another moment passed...

“Stupefy!” Harry cried, a jet of red light fired out of his wand and flew towards Percy, who let out a gasp and threw his hands up in the air. Along with the sensation of his stomach being tugged, water, extracted from the snow beneath his feet, fired into the air. The sheet of liquid spread out in front of the demi-god, and with the clenching of Percy’s fists, the water’s surface tension increased.

The Stunning Spell cracked against the water, a jet of red light spread throughout the wall, lit up the environment in crimson, but did not break the barrier. Harry’s eyes widened ever so slightly and he took a step back. What kind of wizard could do that? He knew water-making spells, but…

Percy thrust his arms forwards, blasting the water towards the wizard, who let out a small gasp. Holding out his wand, Harry wordlessly conjured another shield. The stream of water thudded against the shield, strong enough to throw the boy wizard off-balance. Stumbling backwards, Harry jerked his wand upwards, firing another red spell towards the demi-god, who dived to the side to avoid it.

Breathing heavily, the boy wizard pointed his wand at Percy’s head and screamed at the top of his lungs, shivering from the biting cold. “Aqua Eructo!”, within seconds, a powerful stream of water rocketed out of his wand, flying right towards the Olympian, who merely smirked, jumping backwards. Almost lazily, Percy flicked his hand to the right, as if trying to smack someone in the face with the back of his hand. The stream, almost as if Percy had caught it, followed his hand, crashing into the building beside the demi-god. The sound of splintering wood met their ears, but neither fighter was too focused on that right now.

Percy’s hand drifted down to his pocket. A pen was pressed up against his leg, almost stabbing into it, but...was it really right to use his sword right now? His battle-ready brain was working overtime, analysing the situation. If he drew his sword now, would things get serious?

But his thinking was interrupted by Harry, who fired a spell in his direction without another thought. It was now or never and instinctively, Percy reached into his pocket. His hand closed around the pen, and in one fluid motion, he swung the pen out of his pocket, flicking the cap of the pen with a grunt.

Within an instant, the pen transformed. Its colour turned to bronze, it grew long and sharp. This was no pen. This was Riptide, his personal, balanced sword. Grunting, Percy swept his sword in front of his body, spell and blade meeting in mid-air. The light glinted off the tip of the sword as the spell reflected off of it, firing up into the air like a firework and exploding in a shower of sparks.

“Woah, watch it!” Percy called out, gripping the sword with both hands.

“Blimey! What kind of wizard can do that?” He pondered this for a moment, before shrugging. “Expelliarmus!”

“Expelli-wha?” Percy blurted out, struck dumb by Harry’s question. Wizard? The only wizard he knew was Carter Kane, but...this kid never wrote down his spells, nor did he seem to be connected to the Egyptian Gods. So, what-

Harry’s spell collided with Percy’s chest with a loud crack. Percy felt Riptide slide out of his hands and fly backwards, spiralling through the air. With a muffled crunch, the sword buried itself in the snow, all the way down to its hilt.

“Wha-?” He began, before another spell crashed into his back, throwing him into the air. The demi-god spiralled through the wind and landed with an ‘oof!’, face-first into a heap of snow. He shook his head to regain his bearings, snow falling out of his tangled hair. Jumping to his feet, Percy took a step towards the boy wizard, who was panting ever so slightly. But his face showed no signs of fatigue.

Grunting angrily, Percy threw his hands forwards, as more water blasted towards Harry. He jumped backwards, meeting the blasts of water with his silver shield. How could he do that? Percy could barely land a hit on him!

“Ventus!” The wizard cried. Suddenly, wind whipped Percy’s face. Snow was dislodged from the ground and pelted towards the half-blood, like tiny, cold bullets. His feet started to slide backwards through the snow, as he fought for control over the wind. Holding his arms in front of his head like a shield, desperately trying to walk forwards.

Groaning, he took a step forwards, then another, and another. Slowly, but surely, Percy began to walk forwards, pushing against the strong gust. He was the son of Poseidon! He this! Breathing heavily, he thrust his arms forward, pushing on the wind, walking closer and closer towards the boy.

“Gotcha!” Percy cried through the wind, snatching at the air suddenly. Harry felt something tight wrap around his legs. Letting out a gasp, his concentration faltered, and the gust of wind stopped. Percy twisted around, his green eyes scanning for his bronze sword.

“What-?!” Harry cried as hands made of snow were gripping his legs tightly, almost as if they’d die if they let go. He tried to wrench his legs out of their grip, but lost his balance and ended up in a heap on the ground.

“There you are!” Percy exclaimed, sliding across the snow, like it was ice, towards the sword that stuck out of the snow. Gasping happily, he wrenched the sword out of the ground and twisted around. Harry was still struggling to escape from the snowy hands.

Smirking, Percy started to slide across the snow again, holding the sword up high, staring daggers towards the boy wizard, who gasped in response. He needed to get free. Now! Desperate, he concentrated on a spot behind Percy, trying not to think of the demi-god charging towards him.

Percy was only mere meters away, brandishing a dangerous blade. Gasping, Harry twisted his body around as Percy swung his sword. There was a loud crack, snow was flung in Percy’s direction, but Harry was gone. Disappeared!

“Huh? Where’d he-?”

“Ahem.” Harry, smiling mischievously, cleared his throat from behind Percy, who twisted around swiftly. The Son of the Sea God sighed, raising his free arm. With a flick of his hand, he fired a bolt of water towards the wizard, who waved his wand wildly.

“Incendio!” He cried. Water and fire met, but the small bolt Percy threw was no match for the fire, turning to steam almost instantly. Percy dived to the side to avoid the blast of fire and charged forwards, holding Riptide out in front of him. Harry stumbled backwards, hurriedly aiming his wand for the demi-god.

“Stupefy!” The jet of light sailed towards Percy, who jumped to the side to avoid it. But he didn’t stop skating over the snow, speeding towards Harry at incredible speeds.


WHAP! In a flash, a stream of water rose from the ground and slapped the side of Harry’s face, hard enough for the smack to echo down the street. Groaning, the now discombobulated Harry stepped backwards, his cheek stinging madly. Percy was meters away from him and still approaching at top speeds. Swearing under his breath, Harry slashed with his wand, his free hand holding his cheek.

“Argh! Sectum-”

“Nope!” With a smile, Percy snatched Harry’s wrist and held his wand-arm up high. Harry barely had time to gasp, and his mind went blank as Percy thrust Riptide into his stomach.

Harry squeezed his eyes shut, expecting to feel blood draining from his body, expecting to lose the strength to stand and collapse onto the snow. He expected to stop breathing and for his heart to cease its beating. He expected all of it.

But none of it happened. Percy expected similar things, but even he was surprised. The sword harmlessly passed through him. It felt like...nothing. It was as if Harry was never even there. The fighter’s eyes widened in unison, but Percy was the first to say anything.

“’re mortal?”

“Well,” Harry said breathlessly, smirking ever so slightly, “I am the Boy Who Lived.” He angled his wand in his hand, spinning it around so it faced the demi-god facing him.

“Relashio!” He cried. A purple jet of light crashed into Percy’s cheek and he felt Harry’s wrist slide out of his grip, along with the bronze sword. Harry jumped backwards quickly, taking a second to steady himself. Percy scooped his sword from out of the snow, but before he could turn his attention to the wizard, blood spurted out of his left cheek, slashed open by an invisible force.

“Gah!” Percy stumbled backwards, but kept his bearings. “Alright, buddy. You’ve got some tricks…” Smiling, he pulled some water out of the snow beneath him and held it to his cut gingerly. To Harry’s shock, the slash on his cheek closed up quickly, as if it was never there. “But I got some, too!”

“How about this one?!” He yelled towards the wizard, on the verge of screaming. Clenching his left fist, he strained himself and slowly started to lift his arm. As if following his movements, snow gathered into a small hill meters in front of him. The snow rose from the ground, condensing together, as Harry stumbled backwards and watched.

The snow seemed to shape itself into...a fist? Just like Percy’s! Harry’s stomach turned to lead as he realised what was about to happen and he raised his wand in defense.

“Protego!” He roared, a shining, silver shield bursting out of his wand. It stood between the snow fist and the boy wizard, but as the fist drew back and slammed itself into the shining barrier, it stood no chance. While the shield protected Harry from any lethal damage, the fist still smashed through the shield and buried itself into Harry’s stomach.

Yelling, Harry found himself flying backwards, bracing in time to crash through the wall of a building behind him with a CRASH! Splinters rained down on him as he landed in a heap on the shop floor. The building was, thankfully, empty, and so Harry took his time getting to his feet. Groaning, he steadied himself on his knees. Searing hot pain spread across his back as he cried out.

“Ep-Episkey…” He grunted, waving his wand across his body. Almost instantaneously, the pain in his back lessened, enough for him to get to his feet. But now he was faced with another problem. His glasses had slipped off, and Harry’s vision was extremely blurred. Tasting blood, Harry pointed his wand at nothing in particular and held his hand out.

“Accio glasses.” He muttered, feeling the vital key to his sight zoom into his hand. The lenses were cracked, but either way Harry tapped them once and slid them back over his eyes. As the lenses started to repair themselves, he rummaged through his robe. Pulling out a long, silvery cloak, Harry smirked. He draped the cloak around his body and twisted around on his ankles, disappearing with a crack.

“Woah...Uh, are you alright?” Percy called out, stepping towards the building with a hole in it cautiously. Did he…

“Confundo!” Percy twisted around violently, as a pink jet of light crashed into his chest from...nowhere? Percy shuddered, and immediately felt all awareness of his surroundings slip away from him.

“Flipendo!” Another jet of light crashed into his chest, and as if he had been hit with an iron-clad punch, Percy flew backwards, landing with a heap on the ground. Brushing snow out of his hair, Percy’s bearings slowly started to slip back towards him. He turned towards where the last jet of light originated from, but before he could so much as twitch, Harry attacked again.

“Obscuro!” Immediately, a blindfold wrapped itself around Percy’s eyes, blinding him. This was immediately followed by a crack. As Percy stood and ripped the blindfold off of his eyes, he felt his temper slowly rise. Grunting angrily, he threw a jet of water towards the source of the jet, but all it did was fly through the air, crashing into the snow as if Harry was never even there.



“There you are!” Percy cried, twisting around. He thrust his arms towards the floor, blasting snow in all directions from all around him. The snow crashed into Harry’s Invisibility Cloak, splattering over it and rendering it basically useless.

Noticing the snow suspiciously hanging in the air, Percy threw a final jet of water towards it. Still disoriented from the snow, the water washed over the cloak, pulling it off of the boy wizard and leaving it in an invisible heap in the snow.

“Oh, bloody hell…” Harry groaned, looking back for his cloak.


“Accio Firebolt!” At the mention of the word ‘Firebolt’, Percy started to look around wildly, waiting for a ball, a jet, of scalding hot fire to rocket towards him. But...he heard nothing, and looking back at the wizard, his anger grew to a boil. Yelling, he thrust his arms up, high into the air, staring daggers into the Boy Who Lived, who stared right back.

But before Harry could incant another spell, the ground underneath him started to rumble violently. He tried to jump backwards, but all the same, a jet, a geyser of water erupted out of the ground, drenching the wizard and lifting him high into the air. Screaming, Harry waved his wand wildly, trying desperately to stop what was going to happen next.

“ARESTO MOMENTUM!” He screamed. He felt himself slowing down as the water died down, but his heart did not, pumping double time. The fear was enough to almost get Harry to disregard the faint whooshing of a broomstick through the air. Almost. As the Firebolt came to a stop next to the wizard, Harry let out a sigh of relief. Snatching at the wood with one hand, he draped his leg over the broomstick, taking a moment to steady himself, keeping a tight grip on his wand.

“Aw, a broomstick?! Come on, now that’s cliche!” Shaking his head, Percy threw his arms towards the wizard, who felt a strong gust of wind try and throw him off the brain. He felt his grip slide off the broomstick and redoubled it, letting out an impulsive curse out of fear.

“He can control the wind as well!” Harry blurted out, exasperated.

“Black-Blackjack!” He cried, turning back to the black pegasus down the street, who was dozing off throughout the battle. Awaking with a start, Blackjack turned his head towards the demi-god running towards him, who scooped up a bronze sword from the ground.

Yeah, boss?” Blackjack muttered, slowly getting to his feet.

“You gotta get in the air!” Percy cried, screeching to a halt in front of the pegasus.

“Oi! How’s the view down there?” Harry called from above, firing another spell towards the demi-god. Twisting around, Percy swiped at the air with his bronze sword. The spell soundlessly bounced off of the sword, flying right back towards its sender, who gasped. Acting on instinct, Harry gripped his broomstick tighter and leaned towards it. Almost like a bullet, the broomstick fired forwards, sweeping Harry’s hair back, an iconic scar almost shining from the light of the sun.

The pegasus rose into the air, the flapping of his wings throwing snow into the air. Percy held his sword high into the air, eyes tracking the wizard who was currently hovering in the air, down the street.

“C’mon, Blackjack! Get him! Chaaaaarge!”

Got it, boss!” Blackjack called back, flying through the air, maybe not gracefully, but fast. Harry gripped his broomstick tight in response, and within the blink of an eye both Percy and Harry were flying towards each other at breakneck speeds. Harry pointed his wand towards Percy’s heart, while Percy held his sword out in response.

“Impedimenta!” Harry cried. A turquoise blast of light flew towards Percy, who wasn’t phased. Grinning, the demi-god deflected the spell off his sword, which flew right back to the boy wizard, who barely had enough time to incant another spell.

“Woah-Protego!” The silver shield managed to defend Harry against his own spell, but mere milliseconds later, Riptide crashed against the shield, shattering it with ease. While the sword harmlessly passed through the wizard, the sheer strength of the impact was enough to send waves of pain down Harry’s arm, knocking him off-balance, but not yet off his broomstick.

Groaning, Harry turned his head to look back at the demi-god, firing a random spell towards him, the waves of pain echoing around his body. With his free hand, Percy wrenched a wall of water between the spell and himself. Blackjack twisted around, Percy momentarily losing his balance. His temper grew...and he started to feel an urge unlike anything he had experienced recently. An urge that he had hoped to lock inside and never let out ever again. An urge that convinced him to choke someone with their tears.

“Get back here!” Percy shouted, his face bearing an expression that would intimidate everyone but even the most strong-willed of fighters. Harry twisted around on his broom as well, a wall of water separating the two teens.

Thrusting his arms forwards, Percy threw the water at Harry at once. The wall shaped itself into a bolt of pure, solidified water within in an instant and blasted towards the wizard at blinding speeds.

REDUCTO!” Harry’s temper had also grown to a boil, and as the blue light followed his bellow and crashed into the jet of water. The explosion that resulted nearly knocked both fighters to the ground, coating the ground in dust.

“Woah…” Percy muttered in surprise, watching the dust settle on top of the snow. With his opponent distracted, Harry bellowed another curse, pointing this one directly at Percy’s head.

CONFRINGO!” Percy’s head flicked back up to the wizard in time for the jet of fiery orange light to explode in his face. Literally. A great fiery explosion threw Percy off his pegasus, throwing him to the ground like a ragdoll. Percy’s impact on the ground kicked the snow and dust back into the air from which it came from.

Blackjack fell to the ground near the demi-god, slightly burned, but otherwise okay. Shakily getting to his feet, Percy looked up towards the wizard pointing his wand at him.

“Not this time! Get down here!” He bellowed, throwing his arms up in the air. A coil of water, almost like a headless snake fired towards Harry like a bullet and wrapped around his Firebolt. Harry got a good look at it, before Percy yanked the broomstick out from his grip, and used it to whack Harry back towards the ground.

With the crack, much like from a whip, Harry disappeared into thin air, reappearing on the floor, dazed but safe. Percy closed his eyes and sighed. Harry was too tricky to keep up this pace...he needed to channel his father’s power. Raising his arms in the air once more, Percy started to swing them around in a circle above his head. The snow, the wind, it started to follow his movements.

“Huh?” Harry let out a noise of confusion, but it was lost to the wind, which was picking up at an alarming pace. Heavy rain started to fall, but it was repelled by Harry’s glasses. He could still see clearly, and what he started to see was snow circling around the two of them. The rain only got more intense, and arcs of lightning started to streak across the sky.

A hurricane! Was he crazy?! Streams of water started to snake around Percy’s arms, and as they locked eyes Harry knew instantly that this was someone that would not stop until he won. This was someone that wanted to kill him. He knew this from experience.

He needed to get Percy to stop the hurricane! Pointing his wand at the demi-god, he screamed the only spell he thought would work at this point.

IMPERIO!” Immediately, Percy felt his anger slipping away. It was a wonderful sensation. Despite the biting cold, he felt a deep warmth inside his body. He became only dimly aware of his surroundings, but one voice cut through the bliss, almost whispering into his ears.

Stop the hurricane.

Huh? But why would he do that? He needed to win.

Please, stop this bloody hurricane.

But without it, he couldn’t win...but, without it…

Stop the hurricane!

Percy felt his head clear as he kept refusing, he became aware of the snow currently whipping his face, Harry watched his eyes seem to clear, and Percy felt every sore spot on his body, every aching joint begin to return to normal. His anger, frustration and pain returned at once, nearly knocking him down to his knees. What was that?!

That didn’t matter now! What did matter was the wizard standing across from him, fighting the wind and rain, witnessing the lightning crash down to the ground around them. The streams of water wrapped around Percy’s arms slowly started to unwind from his arms and hover around him, like water tendrils.

“Sayonara, shorty!” He cried, throwing the tendrils of water towards the wizard fighting the wind. Eyes wide, Harry jumped to the side to dodge the first tendril, but the second shot towards him like a bullet, smacking into the side of his cheek. Stumbling backwards, Harry’s temper grew past the point of boiling. Another water tendril caught him around the legs and pulled them out from under his body, throwing Harry into the snow.

Standing up and groaning, Harry shook the snow out of his hair, eyes ablaze and knuckles white as his hands clenched. As he pointed his wand at Percy, his searing anger almost radiating off of his body, he heard a witch’s voice in his head, a witch who took away the one parental figure Harry had left.

You have to mean them, Potter!

CRUCIO!” The jet light arced towards the demi-god and struck him in the chest. Immediately, like white-hot knives were slicing through every atom in his body, Percy let out a blood-curdling scream and fell to the ground, blinding pain erupting over his body. He screamed again, the noise reaching around the street, invading Harry’s ears.

“What-?!” He said to himself, ending the curse with a quick flick of his wand. “What am I doing?” He asked himself, glancing down to the snow, his heart overflowing with regret.

“Episkey.” He said, pointing his wand at Percy’s quivering body. His body felt very hot, then very cold, but he found the strength to stand and face his attacker.

“You-” Percy clutched at his chest and slowly regained his breath, looking back up towards the wizard, his anger now radiating off of his body. He was surprised that the snow around him wasn’t melting around him. The Son of the Sea God slowly got to his feet, and as the lightning cracked to the ground closer and closer towards the two, the water wrapped itself around Percy’s arms once more, the wind was more intense, almost throwing Harry into the air. The Son of the Sea God pushed off the ground and floated upwards, but he didn’t come back down.

The water was underneath his feet and the wind lifted him further and further into the air, His eyes met Harry’s, and he stuck his hand out, as if reaching towards the wizard.

SECTUMSEMPRA!” Harry cried, slashing his wand wildly. The words were lost to Percy, carried away by the wind, but the meaning was clear, and Percy’s chest burst open with several large gashes, his blood carried away by the hurricane.

Percy let out a scream, felt his consciousness slowly leave his body, but his hyperactive mind could only focus on one thing, and with the dwindling strength remaining in his body, Percy threw his hands forward, roaring with the combined anger and frustration, coupled with the stinging pain from the slices spreading throughout his body. He threw the entire weight and power of the hurricane towards the wizard, who held out his wand in defense.

“Protego...MAXIMA!” He shouted. While a silver shield was conjured, this one was different. It arced around his body, almost anchoring itself to the ground as it created a dome-like shield around the wizard. Harry’s arms shook with the effort, and braced himself as the weight of the hurricane crashed down upon the shield.

The shield glowed silver as the hurricane slammed into it, water, wind, and a bit of Percy’s blood all trying their hardest to puncture the shield.

Harry’s arms shook more violently, he was afraid they were going to snap...they burned with the effort, and he could feel his strength leaving his body…

Percy’s hyperactive brain desperately plunged into the depth of his memory, searching for something specifically. Anything! And he had the idea in the blink of an eye. He remembered the water-based poisons...choking Akhlys with her own tears...If he could control poison-

The lightning-bolt scar on Harry’s forehead. That was the key! The hurricane started to overwhelm the shield, Harry started to yell with the effort it took to maintain the shield. Percy focused his eyes on Harry inside of his shield, imagining the blood pumping through his body. Clenching his outstretched hand, Percy brought his right fist to his stomach.

Harry’s scar started to burn, but this wasn’t like anything else he had experienced. It was worse than Voldemort’s rage, it was worse than the Cruciatus Curse. This must have been death...But as Harry’s scar burst open in a sea of blood, ripped open by the boy floating above him. He knew that it wasn’t death. This was worse than death. This was Hell.

Screaming with the unbearable pain, Harry brought a hand to his torn-open forehead, blood leaking out of where his scar used to lie. His concentration left him as a new concern presented himself, and in that moment the shield disappeared from around him. This was death. Harry knew it and sucked in a deep breath, watching the weight of the hurricane hurl towards him with his one open eye. He thought of Ginny’s lips meeting his own…

The weight of the hurricane threw Harry onto his stomach, he heard a loud ‘SNAP!’ and red-hot pain spread throughout his back. The hurricane continued to batter him, and closing his eyes, Harry felt his strength leave his body, his only thoughts being of Ginny.

After what seemed like several sunlit days, the hurricane stopped its assault and Percy collapsed onto the snow. Harry desperately reached out with his arm for help, his forehead bleeding, his back broken. His wand slipped out of his hand and Harry slipped into the eternal peace of death as Percy was left to lament the battle.

His gashes started to heal as the snow touched his body, and with the adrenaline leaving him, Percy sighed, muttering one last thought as he felt his strength return to him.




Kaiya: That seemed like it hurt.

Counter: Indeed. Both Harry and Percy were unique and powerful combatants, but unfortunately, in the end...the winner was pretty clear cut.

Damien: Yeah. Physically, Harry couldn't do anything to match Percy. Even when you scale him to Dumbledore and Voldemort through the Elder Wand, he still only peaks at a destructive potential of 4 kiltons of TNT because Dumbledore created a fog over London. It's impressive, but Percy can trigger volcanic eruptions, worth about 24 megatons of thermal energy, which is far higher than anything Harry could do.

Hannah: Percy was faster, too. While Harry can react to Voldemort, who can fly at up to Mach 50. Now, that's pretty incredible, but Percy can scale to Jason Grace, who deflected lightning at Mach 62. Based on the numbers, it's pretty clear that Percy would be able to react much faster than Harry and would be able to block or dodge any spell that came his way, while landing any hit of his own.

Kaiya: Percy and Jason can fight evenly, and he's superior to Annabeth, who survived the sky falling on her. This should grant Percy a durability around the same as his strength or power, which means that Harry can't really harm Percy. Since Voldemort and Grindelwald have both fought evenly against Dumbledore, Harry should gain a durability through magic shielding around 4 kilotons of TNT, the same as his Attack Potency, which means that Percy can not only get past Protego, he can annhialate it entirely.

Counter: Now, let's not get ahead of ourselves. Harry did of course hold a few key advantages. His versatility obviously outclassed Percy's, he could keep Percy at a fair distance, and he has two years of experience over the demigod, going from age 11 to 18 through the series, while Percy was 12 at the start and 17 by the end.

Damien: Also, Riptide couldn't really hurt Harry. While it is true that Riptide can harm magicians like Carter Kane, the laws of magic and, well, reality are different between the two series. Carter Kane is connected to the Egyptian Gods, while Harry is not. In addition, while Harry's magic boils down to concentration and wand movement, the magicians in Carter Kane's series have to write down spells, or get a hieroglyph tattooed to their tongues. And while Carter has a limited resovoir of magic, Harry doesn't. It's difficult to assume Riptide would deem Harry important enough to harm because the only way Carter and Harry are the same is that they're magicians.

Hannah: But Harry does have a few key ways to win. He can wipe Percy's memory, or kill him straight up with the Killing Curse, right? Well, both arguments rely on spells that Harry hasn't used before. Hermione did all the memory charms in Deathly Hallows, and he's never actually used the Killing Curse. Implications are not confirmations. In any case, Percy can easily block or dodge the Avada Kedavra curse. Not really a strong argument for winning.

Kaiya: Actually, Percy could block or dodge most of Harry's spells due to his superior speeds. Some spells could definitely result in a win for Harry, such as the Sectumsempra curse or many of the explosion curses. Problem is with those is that Percy has healed from deep slashes before with water, and has been in the epicentre of a volcanic eruption and come out fine. In addition, like we said, Percy could just kinda...block most of them.

Counter: Harry could certainly slow Percy down with some spells, but Percy has used water to break free from time spells cast by Kronos himself, so it stands to reason that Percy could do the same to some of Harry's spells, although this is up for debate. Most of those spells are temporary anyway, so it's not too solid of a reason to tip the scales in Harry's favour.

Damien: Harry was certainly tricky to deal with, but Percy's greater speed, strength, durability and his skill with water turned the tides in his favour! Ha!

Kaiya: When you water it down it's easy to see that in the fight, Harry could do Jack...son!

Hannah: The winner is Percy Jackson.

Percy winner

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Harry Potter vs Percy Jackson is an episode of SoMaShadow's Death Battles. It features Harry Potter from the series of the same name, and Percy Jackson from the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series.

Harry Potter vs Percy Jackson
Season TBD
Season Episode TBD
Air date TDB
Written by SoMaShadow
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Harry Potter vs Percy Jackson! The legacy that follows these magical, half-blooded heroes cannot be denied, but when J.K. Rowling and Rick Riordan's children of legend face off, which one will claim victory?


Wiz: Within modern literature, fantastical worlds filled with magic and monsters are abundant. But to truly understand both sides of the coin; both the mundane and mystical, a saviour born of both must rise up.

Boomstick: Whether it be the child of a wizard or a god, these teenage heroes of prophecy have left their enduring mark on both the worlds they live in, and the minds of each reader. Becoming legends in their own right, it's safe to say their stories will never be forgotten.

Wiz: Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived and hero of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Boomstick: And Percy Jackson, the Demigod Son of Poseidon and hero of Camp Half-Blood. He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick!

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armour and skills, to find out who would win... a Death Battle.

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